Sue Falkner-Wood

Sue Falkner-Wood is a retired registered nurse living in Astoria, Ore., with her husband, who is also an R.N. Sue left nursing in 1990 due to chronic pain and other symptoms related to what was eventually diagnosed as relapsing polychondritis/mixed collagen disease, a progressive inflammatory condition involving the cartilage and connective tissue and leading to degeneration of the joints. Unable to practice nursing anymore, Sue turned to writing to vent her pent-up energy, and she has been very successful at it. She wrote a humor column for six years for her local paper in California, and has published articles and poems in the Fresno Bee, Nurseweek, arthritis, lupus and chronic pain newsletters, and a college literary magazine. Sue takes a glass-half-full approach to her disease and says she tries to do something useful every day. She wrote a weekly blog at everydayhealth.com for the past seven years on chronic pain and is continuing that journey of writing about life’s challenges. She welcomes you to this community and encourages you to share.

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  1. Its wonderful to see these honest-no holds barred words about Life with Chronic Pain. I live each day with Chronic Pain–fell out of a tree many years ago and fight to have Life in spite of severe Pain. I found Sue through the Facebook world and was very impressed with her frank approach to Pain. If you go through the many pages of Facebook, its heart-breaking to also learn how many young women suffer wiith Fibromyalgia–yet they too push ahead. Many have blog sites–I have one–its a way we can be open and share with the world what its like to live with Pain. Thank you Sue–I will be dropping in often to read your blog. My one goal in blogging is to let others who suffer in silence–to know they are NOT alone! I see this in your words Sue, and give you a huge Texas hug!! martha

  2. I stumbled upon your writing today and was truly blessed and encouraged. You as well will be in my daily prayers. Lupus, costochondritis, 2 past bouts of the big C word, and multiple ill effects of one or the other, especially joint and nerve pain leave me with more questions than sound doctor advice these days. We are so fortunate to know for sure God in His infinite wisdom has everything planned, provided for, and is just waiting for us to lean on Him. I hope to find my way back to your future doses of stamina and read of your future road to recovery soon. Many Thanks.

  3. hi, i am a student of a normal school, i am in 8th grade
    i am studiying your poem gaining victory
    so i have a question that why did you write this poem ?
    your poem is so nice but , sometimes sad

    • Hi Pranshu, I know I’m very late in answering this but here it is…I wrote it because I’m in pain every day and wanted others who suffer to be less alone. Sue

    • Ngobesing, Just saw this entry. Welcome to journey with me. I appreciate your blessing and wish you many of the same. Sue

  4. Glad I found you. What a lovely blog. And, I also used to live in Astoria and have similar health issues, RA and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Thank you for your kind welcome 🙂

  5. I just want you to know that today I was at Church for CARITAS (women in need of a place to stay, eat, shower, uplifting and God). I was in such extreme pain I was wondering what on earth I was doing there when I can’t even help myself. I wandered into the Church library and started looking for a book on how to keep your faith when in constant pain. I just started to cry. My husband asked me what I was looking for and all I could do is cry and say you won’t find it here.

    I got the car keys and when I got in the car I search for just that topic. Of course there were tons of ads for what to do if you are in pain, but then I saw it, your message. It made me cry, laugh, and feel hopeful.

    It allowed me to get up and go back in to serve and visit these women, some in no better shape than I. I felt happy and blessed. Pain was not gone, but everything overrode it.

    God sure was with me. I truly want to thank you and God for giving me exactly what I needed when I needed it.

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