It’s Not Just You


I know you feel alone

Isolated by your pain.

It keeps you locked away

Nose pressed on the windowpane.


We are much like children

Missing school due to the flu

Except this disease or pain

Is a room without a view.


There’s cloud that hovers overhead

Insisting we’re alone;

It whispers, “No one cares for you,”

Droning on in monotone.


Deep within our minds

We begin to think it’s true

As hope seeps through our fingers

We face our Waterloo.


Self-doubt, self-pity and remorse

Become our constant guests,

Each day we are more convinced

We’re under “house arrest.”


Those we love grow weary

Of our legitimate complaint

Because our pain fills our minds

And we lose all restraint.


We forget they truly love us

They’re at a loss for what to do

They share your grief and anger,

Just not as much as you.


The ever widening circle

Grows with each passing day

Your family, job and friendships


All seems flushed away.


You and I both feel this,

The daily hurt and pain,

As gradually that cloud does shift

Losing all, we now have much to gain.


There are many solutions

As the cloud begins to lift

Hope is in the offing

And we can see the gift.


There’s wisdom in our future

It’s either that or bitter fruit.

As each of us decides

We must win in this dispute.


We’re still breathing

Therefore we’re alive

In spite of pain and change

We will survive.


We finally stop complaining

Find good medical care

More light is coming through

Each day there’s less despair.


We find we still have much to give

And we are not alone,

As others also seek their way

We’re in the same “pain zone.”


We begin to stop our self-filled days

And learn to create or lend a hand

Life is still vital for you

Although it is strange land.


Give it time and add some hope

Never suspend belief,

As we form a human chain

We can stop the grief.


There’s a strange power in this

As other victims understand,

You can sense and feel it

As you reach your own Homeland.


You’ll reach out your hand

I’ll meet you with mine

A mystic power is present

As our lives thus intertwine.


Sue Falkner-Wood