Sue’s Terrible, Horrible, Could Have Been Worse Day

Welcome back to all of you who have followed my blog on for the last seven years. This will be the new site, for now and it’s wonderful to have a place to chat and share our lives…once again.

We are currently having our streets and sidewalks torn out; down to the dirt for new sewer lines and new gas lines. It’s not exactly exciting but one of life’s necessities that you certainly miss when you don’t have them. I’ve been fighting bronchitis all summer and I am determined to survive all the digging, dumping and construction noises with my nerves intact. The construction lot is directly across the street from our lovely old Italianate Victorian home so we have been living with beeping, diesel and large burly men with hardhats for most of the summer as they work their way around our little town here on the Columbia River in Oregon.

Testosterone fills the air along with the diesel fumes, dust and enough noise to cause a teen who normally listens to rap music to say, “Huh? I can’t hear you.” We recently added the cacophony of house painters to our repertoire. I know it sounds like madness but with the rain fall here on the Oregon coast, we have to strike while the wood is dry. We now have the bass sounds of truck engines accompanied by the screaming soprano of sanders, hammers and drills. My chronic pain level has risen and all of my joints are screaming as well so, needless to say, it hasn’t been boring.

Three days ago I was lying down with my new adorable Yorkie puppy, George, when someone started pounding on the front door. It takes me a bit of stiff movements to get downstairs and the kid at the door was about to pop the glass out of it. I said, “Stop that, you‘re going to break the glass.” When I opened the door, a very nervous, anxious young painter screamed into my face, “Come on, you have to get out. Your house is on fire!” With a great desire to be left alone I said, “Are you serious?” He assured me he was and kept trying to grab my arm to drag me out. I whacked back at him and while it began to sink into my drowsy brain, I grabbed for my shoes by the door, pushed a hat onto my head to protect me from the sun and searched, very quickly, for the dogs’ leashes. Jake, our schnauzer was barking and I had to drag the pup out of his kennel. I fled out to our deck which is just an impressive way of saying our old garage roof where my potted plants were abiding while the painters were working. I looked for the closest patio chair and plopped down, sore, as usual rear end pain and all. I was surprised to see my hands were shaking. Oh, I forgot to tell you I also grabbed my purse. I now know my priorities in life: my dogs, my purse and a hat to protect me from sun allergies.

The blessed burly men in the street had called the fire department but I thought I had to call them also, not sure why. The nervous young painter dialed my cell phone for me. I tried to call my husband, after dialing 911. He was out washing his new Camaro. The world would have ended if he had waited one more day to clean it from all the road work. His new “baby” has been parked a block away as we have hiked from our cars through “Beirut” for the last couple of weeks, enough stress filled exercise for us old folks. My husband didn’t have his cell phone with him and a neighbor volunteered to fetch him. The long and the short of it was that the painters had set the ancient redwood on our 123 year old house ablaze using heat guns. Indeed, the house was on fire. Smoke poured out as the painters hit the fire with my garden hose while I watched over the fence. Neighbors arrived along with my poor daughter who had the flu, along with my fresh from the bathtub granddaughter, wearing her pajamas. The construction workers had stopped to watch the blaze because every little and big boy loves a fire, don’t they?

Two huge yellow fire trucks found their way into the war zone here and descended with all their bulky jackets and equipment and helmets. They began to chop away at my house, each chop more and more painful to watch. I know…they were trying to save the house and they did. They marched through the house in their wet boots, helmets dripping with water, spreading their masculinity into my small, old-fashioned home. They crawled into the attic, slid under the house and kept chopping wood; which I should explain, was still attached to the house. Three hours later and the fire was out. You can now see our basement from the outside, the painting contractor is still in danger of having a heart attack from the stress of it all and we are striving to breath in a smoky house that smells of burnt wood. Tomorrow we’ll be going to a hotel with our pups while they place ozone machines in the house to kill the odor. There really is little problem upstairs but the downstairs is still a bit fragrant. It has the odor of a barbecue “gone bad.”

I forgot to tell you the firemen found a dead rat in the attic. They left it there. Why? I do not know. We spent $300 this summer trying to catch that rascal. The painter has volunteered to retrieve him. The picture is complete. We have now had fire, flood and pestilence; if one dead rat counts as pestilence.

I am exhausted, in pain and still using an inhaler but we are all basically fine and very thankful. No one died. The house can be fixed because we had the foresight to hire an excellent painter who works with a good carpenter and we will have a bit more nailing than originally planned. Noise? We can take it. “What? What is that you just said? Yes, we are counting our blessings here on the north coast of Oregon. It’s raining now and the tarps are covering the gaps and all will be made right. Now, if only my health could be mended with a saw, a sander and a few nails. We will eventually enjoy a newly paved road and a lovely old Victorian in leaf green, with forest green trim, highlighted by a lovely deep rose with white. I’m looking to the future because it always helps.

58 thoughts on “Sue’s Terrible, Horrible, Could Have Been Worse Day

  1. Hi Sue:
    Great to see you on here agin ! So sorry you had a bad day and I thank GOd that you are safe and your home is standing !!

  2. Oh my goodness Sue! How scary all that must’ve been I’m so glad you are all in one piece and your precious pups are ok. Your summer makes mine sound like a walk in the park!
    They’re re-doing the water meters at my apt complex so the entrance closest to my apt is all dug up, and its anybody’s guess each morning as to which entrance/exit you will be routed to for your morning commute. Bright side: I know my way around the complex really well now! At least we can make it back around to our own parking lots and don’t have to park a half mile away and hike in.
    I’m SO glad you’re back with a new blog and that your cheery self will be greeting us each week with a new thought provoking, poignant, or just plain hilarious entry. You’re a huge blessing to all of us (in case no one has told you lately! I hope they get your repairs done quickly and all the construction completed soon so things will get back to (somewhat) normal for you. Lots of love, Annie

  3. Sue. Great to have this back.
    Your blog was good to read and showed your humour so well,amongst all that you are going thru at the moment
    Ill leave this a short one untill it gets thru the system .
    But so good to have your blog back
    Hope things improve on the hoe front now for you

    • Chris, Hope to hear more about how you and your DH are doing in Jolly Old England. Hope that colorful Dad of yours is well and behaving but think you’d probably settle for the first condition, right? It is wonderful to be back together. Let us know how you’re feeling and your daughter, okay? Sue

  4. Sue, welcome to your new home! It may have been longer in coming than you or others may have liked, but good things come to those who wait. 🙂 So sorry you had to go through so much this summer. Thankfully, all seems to be back on course now – at least for the moment. Little George sounds like a firecracker. He’ll keep you on your toes! What a cutie. I do hope he and Jake are getting along. Looking forward to more postings from you! Hugs, prayers, and blessings. Lyn

    • Lyn, Wonderful to be back even though we have kept in touch on FB. So how does it feel to be empty nesters? Personally, I was pleased to have my kids out and on with their own lives; not that I didn’t miss them but guess I’d been preparing for it for years. Hope both of yours are happy in their new situations, or have I misunderstood and is your DD still living at home? Have you completed all of your concert schedule for the summer? School started yet for DH? We’re settling in to the old routine since Jim went back to work last week and his new knee is doing well. Still noisy here but today’s rain slowed some of it down…mud everywhere as you can imagine, especially in the streets. Take care and wonderful to chat like this once again. Love you, Sue

    • Janet, wonderful to be in touch…so how is my TX friend doing? Are you doing okay? I’d love to hear from you. Sue

  5. Sue, you are amazing! I love you and Jim!! Glad to see that you’re writing again. 🙂 Congrats! TG that no one was hurt, the house is still standing and that yes it will be fixed. Now take a rest!!

    • Hi well just trying again to see if the post goes straight on this time
      I wonder if I have to fill in my email each time as it looks like it
      Anyway hope all are well

    • Oh dear Ruby..good to hear from you. So much I’d like to ask about your health but may be too private, not sure. How are those beautiful grands and how are you settling into Atlanta? Slightly different from the Islands, huh? How’s your Dear Dad in Holland? Oh I sure wish I could get in that rest you mentioned but we’ve had guys here 7 days a week. Summertime here in the “wetlands” requires so much from the construction profession. I thought it was painful to see the firemen chopping at the house but so much of the wood is so old the carpenters can poke their screwdrivers right through it and dig around in there. Keep waiting for them to turn up some money but none thus far. Hope you’re well dear girl…Love, Sue

  6. Hi. Glad all is well. They’ve been replacing the sewers in our neighborhood since last fall so I know all about it. The constant beeping sound along with the fine dirt drifting onto my window blinds is enough to drive me crazy! Looking forward to your next blog issue. Take care.

    • Hi Joyce, get it. We had the electrician out today for a GFI plug the carpenters blew and I told him to bring new smoke detectors. Our worked fine but were about 20 years old and badly needed to be replaced. They actually worked fine but the authorities recommend new ones every ten years for these that are wired in. I hope your project in the street is finished soon. Today a firetruck arrived along with the gas co. and apparently there was a problem because they’re doing our sewers and our gas lines. Scary stuff but seems to have worked it out today. I certainly didn’t want to add “blown up” to my litany of problems. Come again and do take care…dusters in hand…me too. Sue

  7. Good to see all these posts on here ! I like the way you can reply to each post separately ! It has auto spell correct as well 🙂 Good for me. I pray you had a better day today ! I bet George cheers you up each time you look at him. He would me. I have 3 chickens laying now. Found two little brown eggs in the nest. I cleaned the nests out, put fresh straw in and they STILL use the same nest. Had a good night at church tonight. One of the ladies turns 80 tomorrow and we had a surprise party for her tonight. I baked her a red velvet cake with the original icing. we had mucho food and good time. She was overwhelmed which made it so much worth while. Well I will get off here and I am so HAPPY that we are back online again !!Love to you all !

    • Oh Tonie, I’ve always enjoyed red velvet cake with the cooked, butter and flour frosting. It seems to bring out the flavors more than the cream cheese. I know you aren’t a cream cheese lover. I love it on carrot cake. I add crushed pineapple to my carrot cake along with the nuts and carrots and it’s so good I have to stop talking about it..yum. Heard the party for your friend went’re such a good friend you dear thing you…Love, Sue

  8. Hi Sue!!!!! How wonderful to see you back with your own blog again!!! I, for one, really missed reading your weekly uplifting messages. I look forward to being able to read and laugh and be inspired by your writings again. I sure hope things have settled down a bit in your home!! Holy cow..what an eventful summer you have had. Glad you’re back! I won’ t even complain a little about mine after reading about yours!

    • Jo, wonderful to see you gal. I loved your “older”pic of yourself on FB. You’re a beautiful young woman. No, I can’t say anything has settled down except the fire. I opened a cabinet in the kitchen today and the odor of burnt wood hit me in the face. We had the ozone machines but don’t think they opened the cabinet..who knew??? Did I tell all of you that I went to put in a spray air freshener in the bathroom downstairs and the only one I had in the house was one from Christmas called “Crackling log fire..” I just stood there and laughed..then went out and bought a lavender one..Life is laughing at me, I do believe. Love, Sue

      • Sue, I just saw your reply. I hadn’t checked back before because I knew you were having some glitches in replying on this first blog. Oh, thank you for the compliment. Wish I still looked like that young Jo back in 1973high school picture, but more importantly, I wish i felt as good as she did back then. No pain, no injuries, no illnesses!! I wonder did I appreciate my good health back then?? That is too funny about the name of your air freshener. It does seem that life is laughing at us and taunting us at times doesn’t it??? So happy to have you back and I am going to try to be a little more regular this time. I get so much fr om reading everyone’s blogs. Hope things have settled a bit and that you are enjoyed your new puppy, George!! Now, that is one adorable little Yorkie!! I had a yorkie named Bengie when I was a teenager. Loved him sooo much. Love you, Sue. I will be back!!!!

      • Jo dear, Just saw this today. Indeed, don’t we all wish we looked like we did in 1973…pr at least most of us. I was pretty cute because I was fresh from a divorce that was miserable and it was the beginning of 6 years alone with my kids and on to nursing school for me. That was before I met Jim. I guess, if I was totally truthful, all of our lives are fluctuating everyday. Sure wish all of those changes were positive ones but sometimes we have to turn the negative into as positive an experience as possible. Dark times, happy times…they’re still all a part of life. We just have to figure out what the other dark factors are for each of us and try to get out of them…there is so much more than just health to deal with sometimes but it sure doesn’t help. Good to find this…don’t know what happened to it earlier…Fondly, Sue

  9. Auntie Sue, so glad to see you here! hope the rest of August goes much better for you. George is such a sweetie and I’m sure hs presence in your life will bring you joy! Mummy sys she doesn’t know what she would do without her pom kids. She thought that she was posting a comment but since I was logged on to FB it turns out it was me instead … something to remember for the next reply. She tried to send you pictures last night but FB wasn’t cooperating so she will try again. Great to see all the gang here … Tonie, Chris, Ruby, Janet, Lyn, Annie …. most of the old gang are already here!
    Sending love and hugs to everyone!

      • Teddi and your Mama Brenda…we’ll take and love to have both of you on here…picture of your gorgeous little face or not. Haven’t a clue why your pic is there but you’re the handsomest Pom I know who chases ducks…Have hope Mommies fingers and shoulder are made better by that very gorgeous new hot tub. Still at the cabin? New grandbaby in the family is pretty exciting stuff. He looks adorable and know his sisters will love him, etc.Hope the coming seasons are more same for you and for me. Good to have you here…Love, Sue

      • I think it is GREAT Teddi that we are all on here together. Don’t know how your cute little face got on here, must have carried over from FB. Good to c Mum typing away again !! Hope Big brother is doing better now. Love you much

  10. I think I’m getting it now…how to get the individual replies etc…also my email address pops up now
    Tonie those fresh eggs must be great I still ain’t got me around to doing a plain boiled egg!
    Infact I shall do it today now.
    5.20am here and I’m wide awake ,gonna make a cuppa
    Be back Chris

    • Chris:
      I couldn’t sleep most of the night, was still awake at daybreak. Needless to say I am very worthless today and it is the FIRST sunny day we have had in a week !! 😦 Oh well. Have to work tomorrow and have to get Judy’s friends pics printed out for Sat Party. I am doing the pics at that as well. My gift to their 50 years together. Such sweet people. I cannot imagine being married for 50 years. I never made it past 10 !!! I am firmly planted in bachelorhood with my fur boys !! Hope you had a good egg ! I am going to make me some custard maybe later on. Just enjoyed my breakfast (at 1:30 pm) and had a great garden grown tomato !! Yummee. Have a good one

      • Yea I had the egg and soldiers! Well 2eggs actually hadn’t had them for too long a time.always reminds me of my childhood. Hope you have a good time,I’m sure you will Saturday
        Now homegrown tomatoes mmmm

      • Okay, what are SOLDIERS ?? 🙂 I Love home grown tomatoes on a sandwich with Mayo, salt and pepper. I spoke to Jennie on FB. She can’t get on here right now, probs with her computer and something about her son coming to visit ?? Prayers for her to get it all solved out. I think I am going to take a nap ! Have a great evening !

      • Well soldiers are what we call bread and butter cut into little slices!! But only called that when u have them with boiled eggs….or another name is dippers ….same language huh??!😀

  11. Dear Sue, you didn’t make a careless, casual remark about possibly having a boring summer, did you? I wonder ! Following the tale of your adventures by jackhammer, paint bucket and rearrangement, I am so grateful that we have a Creator
    Father with ample room for you, your pups, your husband, and even the apprehensive young painter, to climb up into His lap and be soothed and healed by His compassion and reassuring “I’ve-got-this-under-control-love !”
    It’s a tough way to get refurbished but you are going to delight in your green-on-green exterior and your restored serene interior. God bless you and all who dwell within !

    • Dorothy :
      Welcome to the NEW page. Poor Sue has been thru the wringer the past couple of years, but it has all had a reason that no one understood at the time. God is wonderful like that ain’t He ? Hope you come back and visit !

    • Dorothy, how kind of you to pass on a blessing at a time when it is so greatly needed. Be sure to read this weeks blog because I explain the feeling of peace I’ve had through this whole ordeal. HE is in control…I know it. Please come again, soon…now that we’re getting some of the kinks smoothed out. Sue

  12. I can not even imagine getting my critters out efficiently while remembering leashes, hat, purse phone etc… I would have ended up in jail for disturbing the peace probably or the psychiatric ward for going insane. Just the small mess from having a window replaced makes me upset. I don’t like change much.

    • Dearest Bobsled Laura, well, first of all, you have five dogs and I have two. I really didn’t care for the firemen chopping away like they were making firewood, instead of putting out a fire but I knew they had to do it. I did vacuum this weekend but probably futile BUT it made me feel better..mentally. The Roomba did most of the work. Raining now so we might get a quiet day tomorrow except for the road all covered with mud. Oh how did those pioneers do it???? Sue

  13. Hey all:
    I talked to Sue and she is still having a hiccup trying to get on the site to remark. There is a secret password and no one has told her the secret yet ! Hang in here and she will be up on here with us as soon as she can !! Love to all

      • Yes, bless her heart !! shE CAN read all the posts, but she can’t reply to any. Hope all are doing well this am. I have NO idea what day it is anymore 🙂 I am working today, which Is off center anyway, I work on Thursdays. But for some reason when I wake up I have to stop and remember what day it is ! Anyone else like that ? Made me coffee, a fruit smoothie and a FiberOne Brownie. I love those things and only 90 cal ! THey make a lemon one as well that is good.
        I got an apt with a podiatrist for 2 weeks from today (yeah) Now maybe I can find out what is going on with my feet. I sat with an icepak on my rt one for most of yesterday. I KNOW I have Plantar Fasciatis in it, but there is more going on with the pain in both of them. Course overweight has a lot to do with it also I think. I have been trying to be better with eating and also am doing more to MOVE ! My son gave me a TotalGym and it really makes me feel better. Not a big workout or hard on the joints. And I am trying to walk up and down the big hill next to me. Little things ! I think that makes it up to a BIG thing !
        Take care all and have a great day !


  15. Do you guys sleep all night, good sleep, yet wake up to feel so exhausted ? 🙂 Just thought I would run it by. I miss my old Rheumy, maybe I could do long distance visits via SKYPE ??? My body was in much better shape under him. Hope all is well with everyone. Have a BIG prayer request, problems with daughter, just pray okay ?? Love you all

    • Tonie
      I’m tired all the bl..dy time!
      You have been doin such a lot of late,maybe it’s caught up .and you will catch up with it all.
      I know you said about your foot,lets hope that appt comes quick in 2 weeks and gets sorted
      Thoughts for you and your daughter ,I hope all will be well tonie,thinking of you ,as you sound a bit down
      Can’t have that! Not our Tonie!😄

      • Chris and Tonie..add me to your list of noctournal haunters.Sometimes it’s pain and other time it’s jumpy legs. I keep grapefruit juice in small bottle in my upstairs tiny refrigerator. It contains, in that small can, 7& of the days requirement for potassium and it helps jumpy muscles. I also watch a lot of movies into the night. Love you both…Sue

    • Prayers for your daughter, Tonie. I hope whatever it is she is going through works out. Tonie, I never sleep good…wake up at the same time every night…3 a.m. and can’t go back to sleep!! I am always fatigued!

  16. I keep putting stuff on here, but judging by the way other folks are not commenting on anything I write obviously means no-one can see them but me x

    • Dear Jennie, I just saw several entries from you. it’s good you got on. Sue has a new entry, maybe will see you there. Janet

      • Seeing you on here Jennie Poo, I haven’t been on since yesterday so I didn’t see it all.
        Janet, Chris, Jo and all thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It is so bad when you are always tired ain’t it ?? Chris I have been busy but just pusing myself cause I NEVER really feel up to doing what I do. I would rather sit around and read or be on here 🙂 But gotta do sum as Jenn would say !! It will sort out. Summer is going down the tubes quickly here. Fall is coming on fast !! It is already in the 58 or so at night !! Well see you on the next blog !!

    • Jennie, thanks for your patience. This would not be a complete blog without you, our dear friend from Yorkshire who now lives in France. You know how fond we are of you and your family and attitude. Hope your gut is better and DH is getting over his health problems. Loved the pics of your gorgeous garden. Much love..Sue

  17. Dear Sue, as a relative newbie to your writings, I must tell you, I love what you do and am hooked. I’ve been following you on facebook and now am clumsily trying to navigate my way around your new blog page. We shall see if this reply successfully posts or if it sails into the black hole. Anyway, once again, it is very refreshing to connect with others, with whom I can relate with chronic pain, while still seeing the glass half full. It reminds me of the old saying, “Misery loves company”, but in this case it is very good company. Love to you.

    • Karen, well dear…you’ve got it. I’m all about making life worthwhile under difficult conditions. Tick, tock…another hour of your life passed, whether you are in pain or not. Love life…I do. Good to have you here…Sue

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