It’s Not Just You


I know you feel alone

Isolated by your pain.

It keeps you locked away

Nose pressed on the windowpane.


We are much like children

Missing school due to the flu

Except this disease or pain

Is a room without a view.


There’s cloud that hovers overhead

Insisting we’re alone;

It whispers, “No one cares for you,”

Droning on in monotone.


Deep within our minds

We begin to think it’s true

As hope seeps through our fingers

We face our Waterloo.


Self-doubt, self-pity and remorse

Become our constant guests,

Each day we are more convinced

We’re under “house arrest.”


Those we love grow weary

Of our legitimate complaint

Because our pain fills our minds

And we lose all restraint.


We forget they truly love us

They’re at a loss for what to do

They share your grief and anger,

Just not as much as you.


The ever widening circle

Grows with each passing day

Your family, job and friendships


All seems flushed away.


You and I both feel this,

The daily hurt and pain,

As gradually that cloud does shift

Losing all, we now have much to gain.


There are many solutions

As the cloud begins to lift

Hope is in the offing

And we can see the gift.


There’s wisdom in our future

It’s either that or bitter fruit.

As each of us decides

We must win in this dispute.


We’re still breathing

Therefore we’re alive

In spite of pain and change

We will survive.


We finally stop complaining

Find good medical care

More light is coming through

Each day there’s less despair.


We find we still have much to give

And we are not alone,

As others also seek their way

We’re in the same “pain zone.”


We begin to stop our self-filled days

And learn to create or lend a hand

Life is still vital for you

Although it is strange land.


Give it time and add some hope

Never suspend belief,

As we form a human chain

We can stop the grief.


There’s a strange power in this

As other victims understand,

You can sense and feel it

As you reach your own Homeland.


You’ll reach out your hand

I’ll meet you with mine

A mystic power is present

As our lives thus intertwine.


Sue Falkner-Wood


65 thoughts on “It’s Not Just You

  1. Thank you Sue. Right on the money as always. Having some real rain this evening and the temperature is dropping. Life is good right now. My best to you and yours. Janet

    • Janet, Guess that means we have a lot in common as we travel this road. Rain in Texas sounds wonderful..know you’re enjoying it. I miss that certain odor that arises from the ground in a hot climate, when it rains. Don’t get that here. We’re supposed to have rain tomorrow, which as you all know is not that unusual here. Painters worked until dark. New toilet installed today..I don’t like it. Liked the old one more but they don’t make them like they did 80 years ago..oh well. Very bad day today so tomorrow must be an improvement. Hard to rest with all these plumbers, painters and electricians coming and going. I hope life remains good for you dear lady. Fondly, Sue

    • Chris, I’m so sorry. Personally, I don’t feel very inspiring today. So many places hurt and the pain pills…the strong ones only make my gut stop. I guess we are in a choose your misery type of life. One thing helps you while another hurts. Love you, hope you can get back to sleep. That early morning awakening and being unable to move is a bitch, isn’t it? Sue

    • Hi Chris, not sure if you got my e-mail address yet but I still don’t understand why my e-mail to you didn’t work. I have a cousin who lives in England and I’m able to e-mail her???? Hope your pain lessens as the day goes by.
      Godspeed. XXX

      • No email at all Suzanne .getting all other emails so can’t make out what it is.are they comming back to you as returned unable to deliver? That’s what they usually do if they don’t get to the email address
        Could Sue send me your email when she has time do you think? Try it that way
        Oh a cousin over here……I wonder will have to email me….when you can

        Looks like we are all having a bad day!
        Good days ahead eh…?

  2. That hit the spot for me Sue. Always so inspiring. So sorry to hear it’s not a good day for you Chris and Sue. You can add me to the list. But as I told Sue early, I did see my GP today and she finally seemed to hear me. Said she would call a Rheumy to make it go faster. It’s been 2 years waiting so I’m praying that I will see one soon. Once I get into the system, then I think I will be taken good care of. Needing lots of prayers so this can happen sooner than later. God Bless you all.

    • That’s heck of a wait 2uears already….I certainly hope they put it thru quick when they see how long you have been

      Tonie how’s you then?

      • Hey Chris: I am here.
        Sue great poem and wonderful advice. I suppose we all feel this way one day or the next. I have been so tired of late. Not sure if it is the weather changing or what. My days not working I can’t seem to get going til lunch time. But…today I need to cut apples up to make applesauce. That tree is still hanging full. They are so yummee. Hope your dh is doing better Chris. Suzanne I am praying you get in to see the Dr before much longer. Hopefully I will get a new Dr soon myself. One who will do something for me.
        Sue I think once this hoopla is over you will start to feel better. You have so much stress on you right now and we all know that is not in there with feeling good. Sorry you don’t like your new toilet. I hope it grows on you (no pun intended) Fall is indeed falling all around us. I had intended on going to my highschool’s homecoming game. But not unless I feel a lot better. In this area, everyone is into the school team sports, and the local colleges as well. To VPI,UVA,Va,NC,UNC, and UT are all the hot tickets. We SOutherners take our sports seriously !
        Chris I was reading a book a relative had written on the King family (my mothers) and was reading about the names and where they came from. Seems we can’t really pin down the name King. The first record was in the rolls and it is spelled Kynge. I have to look again and see where he seems to think we came from. I would like to do some more tracing back on my own. Hope you all have a wonderful day

    • Hi Happy 59,
      Good grief, what a wait, I do hope that you will soon be seen and then life will be more comfortable with the right treatment.
      Chris and Sue……Hope things pick up for you both this weekend.
      Janet……..ah!!! thats nice, I like to hear one of us at least is faring well.
      Sue forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the blog, and by the way, the kids now have a landline, so can’t wait for all their news this weekend. Love to you all ……. Jennie xxxxxxxx

    • Suzanne,, that is good news and all of us are happy for you..At least they can eliminate a few diagnoses and perhaps find the right one and you can finally find a degree of relief. Sue

  3. Sue
    What you got to be sorry for!..I meant the words were inspiring to me…..did I put it wrong .i hope it said what I meant. It’s like texting ,sometimes it doesn’t mean what you say
    Hope you are getting a decent sleep

  4. Morning Everyone!
    Sue, I love this poem. It seems like the connection of all our hearts & souls. You are Blessed with such deep meaningful writing, and we are Blessed to be reading it! Thanks for understanding us all.
    Well, today is friday- payroll is done, the sun is out, and our a/c went into overdrip in the garage last night…so I will be cleaning up a mess shortly. I had just last minute thought I ‘d better put DH’s work clothes in the wash, and as soon as I opened the door, I heard the dripping (more like pouring) I had a plastic waste can in the right place, but it had already filled up and was overflowing. Nice thing to have to do at 10:30 at night, pail water and move some boxes. But hey, what else was I gonna do besides laundry and go to bed…. this way I got in some extra exercise…(how’s that for positive thinking? 🙂 )
    Take care, love, Theresa

  5. Tonie
    I am very interested in genealogy..anything I can help with…if its close to where I am and you find where they are from I can go and take pics and email them to you
    I’ve gone back to 1400s .the Mormons site is a helpful one as they do so much family research apparently
    I bet your kitchen smells lovely with the apples
    Praps you have just been doing soo much of late it’s caught up

    Well I went to drs and I explained to him what happened and he said I had a oesophageal spasm and its bruised and prob scratched like this for a few is quite sore.just take Gaviscon
    Hey ho another odd thing to happen
    Be back later Chris

    • When I said I was sorry earlier, I was reacting to your statement about feeling lousy. I find it interesting that so many of us are into genealogy. I knew Tonie was and am not too surprised with all of your DH’s interests to find you also into this aspect of history. It is our very personal history, which makes it even more interesting. My DD and a cousin are into Ancestors .com and have found out a lot about my family. and her husband’s. I went through a great deal of this several years ago when a genealogist was trying to find members of my family to receive a small inheritance from a great aunt. There were so many of us it panned out to be very little for each family but the process of finding us was fascinating because one cousin who lived close to her had told her attorney there were no other folks in our family. Apparently and fortunately, they didn’t believe him. He died before the estate was settled.
      I am sorry you’re having esophageal spasms. I can understand the pain from the spasms or choking but how did you scratch it? Was it a sharp vitamin, etc.?I hope it gets better quickly as you rest it with soft foods. I know many of us have to be careful when swallowing. I have chosen capsules versus pills for several years for this problem and have learned to never turn my head while swallowing. My goodness but life can get so complicated. Do take care as I am also attempting to do. Love, Sue

  6. Sorry Tonie, wrote my post before I saw yours sweetpea, glad you are sorting your apples out, us too, got most of them pulped and in the freezer now, also doing the same with the pears. I am glad you don’t have to cut up logs this Winter, my DH will have to, we were thinking about switching to gas, but its not piped here, so the amount of work involved to the house, and the high cost of the gas, is not worth the while. By the wy I loved your deadpan humour regarding Sue’s new toilet……………!!!!!!!! sure hope the gaviscon helps you petal………..Love ya, Jennie poo xx

    • Hi Jennie, It must have been apple day for all of us yesterday. I only did one constructive thing all day and that was to make an apple pie from some apples that were quickly sliding over the hill. I had to go to the store today…we were out of so much and the newest crops of apples are filling the store.My pie was a bit dry due to the age of the apples but with a slab of sharp cheddar on top at 2 AM it was delicious. Hot from the microwave, of course to melt the cheese. George tried to steal a bite from me but only the humans in this house get the food that’s bad for them…got to watch Jim, though…he sneaks human food to the pups. Everyone in the family knows it because the dog’s in the family always sit on the floor next to him. Dead giveaway.
      Speaking of apples do you ever dry them? I have to agree with Tonie about the propane tank. It is so much easier than the piped in gas for heating. Do take care and I’m so pleased the kids are now able to call you and be called on a land line. Hope all is going well with their home and know they have much to do. Love ya, Sue

  7. Chris:
    I haven’t been to the Mormon’s site, but I know they have the most extensive in the world. The original mother’s side was ALLEE (from France) later changed to Alley. WHo married a King. He says the biggest population of Kings was in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Suffolk and Wiltshire. It is in the Hundred Rolls he says the first 2 Kyng’s are found. As we can’t trace Smith King before 1840, I have no idea where to go next.
    Jennie, I haven’t started the apples yet, been doing other things. I need to borrow my sisters big cooking pot and she ain’t home. So Been doing some laundry and straightening up. TOok a bag of old videos to the Goodwill and got a bunch more things for yard sale ready. I am going to use a tank for the gas. Can’t you do that there ? The heater runs off natural gas or propane. You can use the tanks instead of the natural. Might look into it. Today I have the ac running. It got hot again.
    I have an apt with the new Rheumy next Thursday same as the back Dr. THey called me today. A lady Dr, new to the clinic. So maybe she will have better treatments than this guy.
    Chris you may be right, I may just be pushing too much. I sure am tired of feeling like the old flu bug is on me. If I sit still long, I go to sleep. So we will be finding out more soon I pray.
    Have a good un !!

    • Tonie, we’re having much the same weather as you and I’m in a fatigue wave, too, complete with foggy brain. I’m not enjoying it. I have been enjoying the days in the 70’s, though. We are to have more with a dip into the 60’s Sunday and Monday, I think. Rain on the horizon tomorrow.

      Sue, I enjoyed today’s entry but will have to reread when my head is clearer to fully absorb. 😉 I was spoiled with few fatigue/foggy brain bouts this summer. I guess now they’re baaaaaaaack. ugh. What don’t you like about your new toilet? What it looks like? Or it’s height?

      Hi, Janet! Happy 59! Chris! Jennie! DH will be home soon with dinner. I was out with my Mom today – love spending time with her – and too pooped to make dinner. Just the two of us tonight, so he sprang for a pizza and is picking it up himself.

      Oh, DD had her first phone interview today for one of the jobs she applies for! Here’s hoping for many more. It sure would be great if she had her pick of jobs. 😉 Well, a girl can hope, can’t she?

      Have a good weekend, all!

      • Hi Lyn,
        Best of luck for your DD, I will say a prayer for her, something good will come her way eventually. So glad you enjoyed your Mom time……..Love Jennie x

    • Tonie
      The Mormons site is called Family Search.its worth a look round before you actually search for someone,so you get used to it…..,It’s free
      They have births ,marriages ,deaths..census.if you have some date or some name to trace you can get far beyond 1840 ..or someone might have already done a tree on it
      I’m not far from one of thse counties.
      Ill have a think about it and scout around the sites
      Talk about falling asleep DH fell asleep waiting for me in the dentist waiting room…!!embarrasing!
      Ok gonna try and get to sleep myself…cant do it easy. Chest still blimmin hurts as well

      • Chris:
        Thanks I will check it out. Lyn, I think we are having the same weather, it is supposed to be cooler here Sunday as well. We had a rainshower this pm. I just took a hot shower and am ready to go back to sleep.
        Good night all

    • Tonie…….I don’t like the sound of you falling asleep all over the place, has this kind of fatigue happened before?
      I pray for some good results from this lady doctor for you my friend, you didn’t ought to feel like that.
      We looked into having the gas Tonie, but the house is not geared up for it, and would need cutting into the walls, had my share of mess over the years, also bottled gas here is twice the price of logs, so I guess we soldier on with the logs. Let the apples wait till you feel up to it sweetheart, they are not going anywhere, enjoy the sunshine, and get as much rest as you can. Love and hugs…Jennie x

      • Hey Jennie:
        Yes I get this fatique quite a bit. Especially when I feel so bad. I peeled quite a few apples yesterday and made a couple quarts of applesauce. I will do it a bit at a time. It is so lovely and the apples are so good. You just feel an accomplishment of creating that beautiful can of whatever ! Judy and I are going to can some soup. It is so good and healthy that way. Besides the fact that condensed soups have gotten so pricey ya know. Long as DH is up to cutting them logs up I guess you will be ok. We call “sawing logs” what you do when you sleep really sound or maybe snore ! 🙂 Love ya

    • Tonie, such good news about seeing two specialists on the same day!! Know you’ll be exhausted but will be worth it..thinking the best at this point. Love, Sue

    • Hi All, long couple of days of pain here. As far as the darn toilet, it was one of those days I needed to lie down and the guy was two hours late. He then had problems getting the heavy old toilet down our stairs and since he had come alone, it was a challenge. It seems, once you have a hole in the floor from one toilet, in this case it being 80 years old, at least, the design has changed a bit as in all things. New toilets stick out in a different manner in front and our new toilet is not up against the wall like the old one. We now have a throne that sits 15 inches out into the middle of the floor. Height is inconsequential…I was far more concerned about whether ot not my rather large husband could do his duties on there without being smacked in the face by the opposite sink. I called Jim to come home and “try it on for size: but he declared himself too busy and couldn’t come. By the time all this came about the plumber had to leave to take his small son to Karate class. You can see how I lost the whole afternoon until 6 PM due to a toilet. It ended with me placing a five year old in front of the TV with a Disney movie. We had rain the night before and the painters had to wait until later and came out and painted until dark because a new storm moved in yesterday. The boys are still playing in the street with their huge loads of gravel, scraping the roadway and generally making as much noise as possible.
      There is so much more but since this is a pain blog…let’s just say I had a bad day and felt it all in my back and tush.GRRRR!! Now you know. I’m awake at 2 AM because pain pills have disruptied my IBS and I’ve been struggling with cramping and the whole basic idea of pooping. Noise, dirt, dust, late workmen, etc continues. This will officially be the summer of Sue’s almost total collapse of body and mind. The house is bright and cheerful but I fear instead of classic rose and leaf green colors I am faced with more of a Disneyland color motif.
      Jim gets to escape to the peace and quiet of a jail…There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m a bit dull at the moment. I’ll try to chat with each of you as life pounds along as I’m dragging my tail behind me. Love, Sue

      • Blooming heck Sue, how the hell are you still breathing after all that? There has to be better times ahead, its a pity Jim has to work the hours he does, its important to make home choices together, but what can you do. Maybe when this is all over, you and Jim could get away for a long weekend, somewhere peaceful, put the dogs in the car and rent a cottage or something, you really need it. No good telling you to ease up is it, I am worried you are spreading yourself too thinly again. Please take care of YOU for a bit. Love you, Jen x

      • My dear sweet friend, you are ever in my prayers. There is light at the end of the tunnel for sure. But getting you there in one piece is the problem. I say leave Jim at home, take George and go check yourself in a motel where it is quiet and peaceful, order room service and watch tv !! God bless you and praying you have a restful day today

      • Oh Sue, I don’t know what to say. Keep hoping and praying that things will get better for you and they only seem to get worse. It’s hard to tell you to think positively when everything seems go wrong. If it helps at all you know you have an great many people pulling for you. Eventually most of this stuff will be over and then things will quiet down. I know I was going thru a real bad patch and the sight of a little rain made my whole day bright. You’re the one who taught me to look for the good things among the bad. praying for you. Love, Janet

      • Oh, Sue..I a m speechless for all you have had to endure with the house. There is a light shining at the end of this tunnel and it is getting closer. You have truly had a very trying Summer from Hell. I agree with Tonie that you should get away for 1 or 2 nights at a nearby hotel alone (bring George ), order room service, rest and watch some good movies and let your body, mind and spirit recharge. Oh, by the way, I loved your poem. Don’t know how you come up with one good blog after the next!! You sure have a gift for writing. Please take care of you…better days have to be ahead soon…Luv, Jo

  8. Oh Sue
    How can it all go on and on.once one thing goes its us I suppose
    I don’t know what to say..indeed there is nothing to say but I feel so badly for you and wish it could all be different and go away
    Can they make the toilet better than it is,where it is at all
    Thinking of you…maybe the paint colours will seem different when the road is all done etc

  9. Morning all:
    Had a good nights rest and am feeling summat better (as me Brit friends say). Made me some buckwheat cakes for breakfast with some good strong coffee. Think about living alone, I make a batch of pancakes, I have enough left over for a couple mornings and can freeze them. I need to go and shovel some wood chips in the dog pen and work the cakes off. It is cool, overcast and windy today. I put a nice bloody movie in called Ironclad. Got it in the Dollar Bin. It is a good movie about the MagnaCarta and the fight between King John and the Barons. Of course there is a love story in there between a Templar Knight and a lady ! Love me some historical movies. Paul Deamont (sp) stars as King John. He pulls off a semi English accent. Praying you all have a grand day and a wonderful weekend.

  10. My dear friends, so many ideas to come to my rescue but there is no escape. I did make it to the store today and let Jim unload and put most of it away. After pushing the cart around the store I was in so much pain thought I was going to puke so came right home and laid down. We must eat. We are already liking the colors of the house more as it all comes together. This is it and we will like it. Period. No painting for two days due to rain. Still no road just lots of mud. Hopefully, we’re in the last week or so of painting..porches left to do and a bit of carpentry. So much depends on the weather and now with Fall approaching…tricky. Usually we are fairly moderate until the end of October. Seems to always turn cold for the children for Halloween. They should all dress as polar bears but haven’t seen one yet.
    The only way to change the location of the toilet and get it against the wall is to bore a hole in the ceiling of the kitchen beneath it….NO WAY! I told the plumber to not even go there in his mind, that I will not consider. It was wretched enough just being in this body that has so many problems but with this summer and the compression fracture in my back…well, that’s just evil showing off. I do get in a lot of down time here and George has been a joy as well as dear old Jake, who will also be glad to have his backyard back. It’s a burden for both of them having to bark at all these strangers all the time. I’ve been tempted a few times to do some barking and biting myself from tie to time. Just think of all the nice new friends we’ve made…electricians, plumbers, painters, firemen and policemen. Oh yes, and the cement man. His work is yet to be. I didn’t even mention all the hardhats out in the street, especially the one who called the fire department for us to report the fire.
    Jo, glad you liked the poem and Janet, you’re always there along with all of you who are so dear to me. Love, Sue.

    • Dear Sue:
      I know your poor body is in such a twist. I know I said to get away. But I also know that is it SOOO much better just to have your peaceful home back together. Going away, it is so much better to be in your own bed and relax huh ?
      I made some wonderful banana bread last night. Had some with some coffee. Wish I could give you some. It calls for just applesauce and honey instead of sugar. Used frsh applesauce and local honey. Fresh eggs. I guess now I just need to grind my own flour 🙂 You know they used to do that here, until just recently. Mills all over the place. I remember going as a child with a farmer and his daughter (not a joke !) to the mill to get corn ground.
      Sue I know you are getting happy with your house and the improvements. I was looking at pics of what mine looked like last year this time and it made me feel so much better. I am looking forward to the holidays this year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I plan on spending them with my son and his family and not shoring up here in the mtns and brooding like I did last year.
      I can’t wait to see the finished product pictures when you get the house back together again. Fall flowers with the new colors on the porch. I know you Jake and Georgie will be enjoying little trips to the yard.
      Prayers dear one

      • Tonie, it is sometimes difficult for me to comprehend what a sweet, dear and very close friend you have become to me; considering we have never met. I do greatly enjoy our phone conversations. Funny, isn’t it as we go through life we meet so many folks but so few who are true friends. I thank you for that. The internet has been such a blessing for so many of us.
        I know time will take care of all around the house as I find patience to deal with all of it. I wish all of the workmen who come in for ancillary services followed the same credo as our contractor. He is a man of great character and work ethic. He and I have been surprised by all the many problems but, thankfully, each is taken care of in its own time. I only wish I could feel better than I do but so many of us share that wish. Onward and thankfully, upward. We each know what bad times are and help each other get through them. I agree with you about the coming holidays and although modified a bit, do look forward to them. I enjoy the holidays so much and always have sort of gone overboard. I’ve already got some items stashed away for the children. I always like to shop early to save a bit of moolah.

        I saw your new website/store site and think it’s good. I can hardly wait for you to fill it with other items. Would you and Carol consider selling some of the small and large antiques available in your area, like the old jars you once spoke? What about your washcloths that are woven from cotton? Do you have access to items in the forest to make Christmas wreaths? I would buy one for certain. You’re so creative, I think you can come up with many things. Praying the doctors visit prove helpful. I believe they will. You can’t get a worse rheumy than that Mr. Do nothing you’ve been seeing.
        It is storming here today and frightening little George a bit. He is such a handful, I must find the strength to bear down on him a bit. He’s impossible to clip nails, etc. I can comb him with my fingers and love No More Tangles. Sure wish our groomer had not closed her shop. She was wonderful but there is another example of RA striking and changing a life.

        You’re correct…I do prefer being at home. I’m more comfortable here and with workmen coming and going we do allow the painters to use the back bathroom and that means leaving the house unlocked. I do trust them but so often there are decisions to be made. Then there is the matter of the pups who will both be glad when it all is completed and they have their yard back.
        All of your canning sounds wonderful. Made me hungry just reading about it but I do know it’s a lot of work. What kind of apples do you have? Back to being lazy for me..always thinking of you..Love, Sue

  11. Tonie
    Your web site is gonna be sooooo good.i will enjoy looking at it.
    All those things sue says…..Halloween stuff …to all sorts of arty farty stuff it’ll be great
    Sue I think home is best too…if I go away I’m planning on comming back…own bed,every thing where I want it to be etc
    Well just recorded Downton .it was on for 90mins…so gonna watch it now

    • Hey Sue/Chris:
      Sue you have so become my sister as well. If we could all sit down and have some coffee together, the tales we could tell !! Carol is inventorying her goodies. I just wanted ot put something up there and get it started. Yes, I have a bunch of the old blue Mason jars to put up. They sell for $5 ea, it is just the shipping of them. I have some grapevine wreaths I have made I need to decorate. Lots of other things to put up. I hope we can get it finished soon. Carol has the crud right now and isn’t feeling good. The apples are Stamens. Such a good golden rich pulp on em. I need to get more of them peeled and done. Just got off the phone with my friend Spock. Another example of changing people who get struck with pain. Boy has he changed, always complaining and moaning and such gossip. He says I have gotten “uppity” and don’t want to talk to him, I told him truthfully it is because he is always complaining, putting guilt on me It depresses me ! WHy do people do that ?? THey told him to take NO MORE Ibuprofen, his liver is getting toxic. Put him on Celebrex and he doesn’t like it. I love Celebrex, I am so hoping this new RA Doc will put me back on the track I was beforel \
      I am snuggled under the warm blankies drinking coffee at 9:30 (lazy me) waiting for it to warm up some more outside before I get to doing what needs done.
      Little Georgie 🙂 Makes me smile to think of him, My boys were mad at me cause they had been out in the wet morning and I wouldn’t let them back on the bed 🙂 Ceasar is such a whiner. They have had their breakfast and are snoring with me on the bed now. What would we do with out our wee ones ??
      I am working on a throw for Ms Alice’s daughter, it is a beautiful Teal color, then I have to make another on for her in Purple, and she wants me to do a baby blanket for her as well. So my hands are busy right now. I am excited for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar for the youth at church. I LOVE Christmas and just a few little things like that makes a difference. Making crafts and selling them. Of course, more than the youth are involved. We are making applebutter next month to sell. THat always pays the expenses for the church thru the winter. I sold my first dozen eggs yesterday. One main thing I have to do today is put up my sign .
      Well I have run on at the mouth this am, Love you all. Chris, I will have to put something Halloweeny up online as well !!
      GOd bless

      • Oh Chris did I miss something here. How do I get on your site? Would be interesting to see what you have. Guess the shipping to Canada would be too much. Still would like to see what you are making and selling. Halloweeny would be good right now. Gee, it would be so much fun if we could all get together. Here I go dreaming again. I just feel so close to all of you here.
        Love you all big. Thanks for all the loving feelings I get from all of you . God Bless

    • Chris, okay, I confess to be very jealous of you and Jennie. We’re not getting the fourth season of Downton Abbey until January.( I like we’re being punished for the American Revolution.) It will be out on DVD two weeks after that and I have already pre-ordered it on Amazon. I must make due with the first three seasons and have been watching them today while being very lazy due to bad gut.
      I agree Tonie’s new sales store site looks filled with possibilities. Hope DH is staying awake in public..poor man and hope you’re getting a bit of sleep when you should. Much love to you. Raining here today and yesterday so no painting but the street crew is still out there playing in the mud. Sue

      • Ms SUe:
        You must have been up late (as usual) cause it shows you posted today.Well, got a lot accomplished yesterday, and today off to make some money. 🙂 Put a couple more things up on the shop, hope to get more up as it goes on. I have some DVD’s and CD’s I need to post on Amazon and see if I can sell them. Great way to get rid of your old movies and music you don’t want anymore. Purging gets to be fun if you can make money at it. Any who… all quite on here last night, Everyone must have been out enjoying the day. Got the wood chips in the dogs pen and in the little shed I put up. I have most everything pulled out of there so I need to have another big yard sale. I think Ms Alice’s daughter is gonna have one I can join in soon, so that will take care of most of it. Wow I could sit here and go back to sleep, so I gotta get with it. I have a lot of apples still to do, I peeled somemore and cooked them. Had some in my oatmeal (yes it is that time again) this morning. GOOOOODDDD ! as Andy Griffith would say.
        I have never watched Downton Abbey so I don’t know what I am missing 🙂 . But I do love the BBC. So many good shows, I miss those channels in not having dish. Otherwise, I watch a few things like BOnes, NCIS, Elementary, and the new show on FOx “Sleepy Hollow” is right cool. A new take on the old legend. I hate to get involved in shows and not want to miss them. But here I go. !!
        Okay everyone have a great day and GOd bless.

  12. well I don’t know if this will be posted or not, tried a few minutes ago, and got asked for my password, then they refused to acknowledge it, so who knows.
    Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone had ever had burning pain in front of thigh, starting with itching? Had it awhile now, at a loss what to do, just can’t face the doc’s again. Hope everyone ok, Sue, Tonie, Lyn Laura Janet and Chris, my love to you all, a bit sleepy, leg been keeping me up…………love you all….jennie xxxxxxxx

  13. Well, sue
    Watched the prog but recorded it so I could wind on the adverts. But the beginning for me was marred by the music being louder than the speech I rewound couldn’t hear it.then just listened on till I got it.thenthe music was softer. But nice to have it back on a sunday night. Why does it take that long to get to over with you? No reason for that…o yea the revolution !!
    Well gotta get up its nearly 8.30 we are off to take GS to Silverstone back later Chris

    • Tonie, this time that is displayed it way off. I figured that out a month ago and yet we haven’t been able to fix it yet. No, actually, I got to bed early last night. Sounds like you’re on a roll my girl. Making money is always good and to make money on something you paid for and no longer need: even better. I’m sure we’ll all be some of your best customers on your new site. As far as shipping…just charge the customer. That’s what most folks do or up your prices a bit and ship for free. Maybe you could get a stack of those priority mail, one cost per size boxes and make your wreaths according to the size of those? Congrats on getting so much accomplished. Love, Sue

      • Sue: I have a lot of those boxes already. I need to get more from the post office. Oh yeah, go the frt thing down. I hate to overcharge though. So I will figure out the costs. I am severely tired tonight and ready for the bed soon. Long day today. Got a lot to do tomorrow still but will take it easier due to being on the road most of the day Thurs. It is about 80 miles away to the Dr apt, so long day. Take care my friend and hang in there
        Love Tonie

    • Chris, I am sorry to hear about the sound. Do you think it was the program or your recorder? See…I told you it was the Revolution. We’re being punished. I did go ahead and order season 4 which will be available on AMazon the end of January, ’14. Enjoy your day. Love, Sue

  14. HELLO,

  15. Well back after a long day.quick look into Silverstone where they have the Grand Prix.then went to the heritage motor museum. Took our time there andGS really enjoyed it. Not only cars from 1920 s but all sorts all up to today and racing cars .also the cars on James Bond films so he took loads of photos .it was a pleasure to,see him so interested in it all….if it wasn’t for him I would have been sooooo bored. Had big out and then sandwiches took ages for them to see it all and me well intermittently I was having coffee…..
    Rest and reset tomorrow !
    I think it was the sound on the tv with the music,they often over here put it louder than the voices…why!
    They get lots of complaints about it….but it seems that’s the modern way. Huh?
    Gonna layin tomorrow ,hopefully

    • Tonie, It’s not overcharging if the product is worth it..Sweet girl, we all pay shipping on everything…most of the time. It would b e difficult to put a value on the antique items and remember they are harder and harder to find. Also, please take into account some of the things you look at everyday are not common or even available in other part of the country or world. Get some sleep and know you and Jim will both be going to the docs on Thursday…just at different ends of the country.Sleep well…Love , Sue

    • Chris, wow, what a day. You have beautifully described how I would feel after such an outing and have in fact had a few of those at car shows and Reno. It’s all so ho-hum to me but it is the catnip for my man. He has collected model cars since he was old enough to mow lawns to pay for them and is still car nuts. We have three cars. Why do two people need three cars you might ask? Well, my spouse has an old twenty year old Lincoln Towncar that he had, then sold to his sister at one time, then bought back. It’s filled with memories and now sits and grows dust. I don’t get it but I have some old family quilts that serve no purpose and try to relate that way. Car guys speak a whole new language, at least new to me.
      Do take time for yourself tomorrow. Feet, legs and all must be so sore. It does sound like a wonderful day with the guys though, especially your GS. I didn’t feel up to having the grands here today and missed them. Rained again today and apparently until Friday and Sat then more rain. Painters will probably be back on Friday morning. The street guys, more mud play today. There was so much noise today it scared the pup, George. It’s the sound of scraping the road that has asphalt with the large shovel on the caterpillar…especially since it’s the good road on the side of the house where they’ve piled gravel and huge piles of dirt/mud. At least it used to be a good road…Life is often a mystery to me, especially if it involves an area of life seeped in testosterone. Rest dear lady, Sue

      • Sue
        Your so right with your description of men and’s a parallel universe they are on.
        But our precious items we have well they are always in our hearts and minds …but men live and breathe their stuff ain’t the same….bless em?
        You must be so sore ,ill and very sad not to have the grands today.but I think you deserve a break and rest.i hope you feel better but I expect you won’t till all is sorted and you can recover from the assault on everything
        Hope the rain stops so the painters can get on…must be a hard thing for painters outside this time of year over there with all the rain. They must be wishing for inside jobs to make their money
        Well it’s nearly 9am gotta take my pills so gotta get up

        You have a good day at coast today.
        I’ve been off my diet 3 days daren’t weigh ,so back on it today.just life gets dull when you go somewhere and can’t look at the menu and eat!!
        Hey ho
        Well getting up now back later

      • Sue/Chris:
        The people I work for have 5 cars ! New Avalanche truck he just bought, a 77 VW Beetle, a PT Cruiser, Tahoe and a Corvette. They have no kids 🙂

  16. Mornin (well afternoon) all:
    I am being worthless today. Just getting a few odds and ends done today. I should be going to a funeral of a neighbor today but not up to it. I just found out the Dr’s I am going to say they don’t have my finance aid sheet !! Had to fill it out again and resend it. The apt is tomorrow, hope they are not wanting me to pay huh ?? Funny I called and checked on it before we made appt, was told all was well. Of course I didn’t get the name of who I spoke with !! But all will be retried so no biggy. Just another speed bump in this exciting life we lead right ??
    Still looking for THeresa on here. She said she posted comments on the last blog , did she show up ??
    Chris, I LOVE cars and things with motors as well. I was looking at lawn mowers and tractors yesterday when I picked up chicken feed. I want one !! I want a garden tractor with all the attachements ! 🙂 Along with a hundred other things LOL !
    Take care all and have a great day !

    • Tonie, I am wishing and hoping you have a good experience tomorrow with your new drs. I am off of Facebook for awhile, so I couldn’t message you, but I wanted to order a couple of items from Shaklee. Can you send your e-mail address to me? Mine is I hope you find a great new doctor tomorrow as good as the one you had here in AZ. I am looking forward to my appointment with your old doc in November. Seems so far away.
      Thinking of you all on here….Good night.

    • Tonie
      Thinking of you .hope all goes well at drs
      I can imagine you with a tractor! I bet you could fix it all if it went wrong too?
      5 cars…..that’s an over abundance of stuff….I’d be scared to have so much that could go wrong. But then if you have the money it’s another story..

      Hope all goes well for Jim at drs too today

      Have to ring pace dept today johns heartbeat is irregular..but he feels ok.just tired.prob have to go there today
      Meeting with drainage board too fr photos… bak later

      • Tonie, I concur with Chris and Jo that we love you and send you our prayers for a safe day, good journey and hopefully, at long last some much needed answers. The vision of you atop a tractor is so easy to envision. Now as far as today just be yourself and tell them and ask them whatever you feel is important. No stone unturned…I will especially pray the financcial end of this will be made right. Much love and support even from a distance. Sue

  17. Chris, I don’t like the sounds of DH having an irregular heart beat. Hope they get that straightened out soon. Has he had any fainting or light headed feelings? It may be related to his B/P. Does he have a history of atrial fib? Hope you got in that reset today and didn’t dream of cars all night. Feeling better? Well, to sleep over here…had to take George in for a shot and he was hideous. Also had his nails cut. Took three humans to hold a screeching 4 lb. pup…It was humorous to all of us but George. Very tiring day for me with more back pain tonight. This too shall pass..eventually. Love, Sue

  18. Josephine, good to hear from you. Miss you on FB for now. Let’s all hope the time until November moves quickly. How are you feeling? You are always a bit understated and you certainly don’t have to do that with us. Share if you want to. We all are very fond of you…Sue

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