It has hung on that wall for over one hundred years.  Each new owner of the old, dignified and somewhat decrepit house has agreed to leave it where it is; hanging in the entry hall.  Day in and day out it chimes the hour, tick tocks the moments and gathers dust.  Some of the dust, deep in its walnut crevices is as old as the clock.  The wood has been both buffed and nourished with bee’s wax, lemon oil and in more recent years, spray bottles of Pledge.  The keys have been turned by hands young and old; clean and soiled; caring and dutiful.  The etched glass of its cover was finely detailed with tiny holly leaves and berries with bits of Christmas ivy intertwined.

The humans who live with the clock have long sense taken it for granted.  It is there. It ticks.  It chimes.  It marks the days, hours and minutes of their lives, as it does what it was designed to do.  The clock is aware of the passing of time as it reverberates with chimes each hour but the humans who live in its house often forget time is fleeting.  They foolishly assume they and theirs will live forever.  The clock knows that is not true and tries to remind the human with each tick tock and each chime.

Except for an occasional draft blowing in with the opening of the ancient front door, the clock knows little of the weather.  Neither does it understand what the home’s inhabitants are experiencing.  The clock knows no pain.  It knows no suffering or need.  The clock has no need for money or pain from lack of it.  The “health” of the clock as it chimes the days away, is unchanging.  It’s ticking is the rhythm, the pulse, of the house.

The occupants of the house experience love as they marry, moving into the house as newlyweds, giddy on wedding wine and love’s expectations.  Through the years they wilt into comfort and expand their love to include running children, crying babies and scampering pets.  Sometimes life is good, as the clock ticks on the wall; sometimes life displays signals of pain as with the sobbing of a young mother, worried about a sick child.  At other times the clock knows joy as the house is filled with the raucous laughter of revelers for a family gathering, an anniversary or a birthday party replete with hats, horns and burning candles.

These mere mortals who inhabitant the home with the clock experience times of pain when Jimmy breaks his leg; when Dad loses his job or when an elderly grandmother is suddenly left a widow.  Sons go off to war and most return safely home. The clock doesn’t understand the meaning of all of this as it ticks away the hours, keeping time in this house of humans, who are frail and expendable.

During the holiday season the home is filled with the fragrance of pine sap, rich and pungent.  Early on, harpsichord music filled the air with “OH, CHRISTMAS TREE,” to be replaced years later by the lilting scratches of a record player with its megaphone speaker.  Stereos, then CD players filled the home with the rhythms of the season. Sometimes the songs were silly like “I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS” and “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH.”  The clock felt a kinship to the music, the rhythm and the tone.

Some of the humans who lived in the house celebrated the season by baking delicious breads and an eight armed candleholder called a menorah.  Some of these candleholders were ornate brass or gold while others were simply made and modest.  All were accompanied with ceremony, emotion and respect for the season of Hanukkah.   

The inhabitants came, they lived for awhile, and then they either moved on or were no more.  Someone always kept the clock wound so it could do its duty, keeping time, chiming the hours of the lives of those who chose this house with the Christmas clock.

Illness had often entered through the door, its days passed by the chiming of the clock.  One young father fell to the floor clutching his chest; another small child limped her way through life after a bout of polio.  The tapping of a cane, replaced years later by the squeaking of the wheels of a wheelchair was often accompanied by the sobbing of those who suffered or those who helplessly watched and loved.  Yet,  in spite of the sounds of human suffering, joyful sounds and laughter still rang louder throughout the walls as the clock continued to tick, tock, tick, tock.

The frailty of human life with its beginnings and its ends was observed by the clock, yet it did not change.  Time marched on as did illness, injury and suffering; always it was accompanied by joy, hope and caring.  It all began to mix with the chiming as life passed by to the tune of the beautiful holly etched, walnut clock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

150 thoughts on “THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK

  1. Sue
    What a great story ,blog
    Just fits my mood with my previous post on old blog
    It doesn’t matter how you feel time still marches on relentless,with its empty space ready to fill
    How do we choose to fill it is sometimes dictated to us by our health.but fresh time it is just waiting

    • Chris, you’re so wise. We each deal with what we can and learn to live with the rest. Sometimes that’s a difficult choice to make, however. I am in the throes of healing and waiting for pain to subside and doing exercises however small to make it happen. I feel warped, twisted in body and less than I was and must resolve to conquer all of those challenges. Life is just so friggin’ hard, isn’t it? You’re right. We have a new year to fill. Pray it’s a better one for each of us. Love you, Sue

      • Sue, well, you have done it again dear friend! What a wonderful blog. I so enjoy the sounds of an old clock as it’s chimes break the silence each hour. You can also hear the the one little chime that lets you know that half of that hour is already gone. Such a beautiful sound. My DH has one that he loves. It has a beautiful sound. He keeps it going for a long time then gets tired of winding it up and it stays silent for a while. I like what Tonie said below about hearing it in the middle of the night and feeling comfort. I hope you are feeling a bit better. I pray that this New Year coming will bring healing and blessings to you and for all of the special friends we we have on this blog. I am praying that this is the year we are all going to feel better and will be able to do a little more than we have this year. Even though we are still getting older each year, we need to believe we are getting healthier. No way will I think another year to get worse as we get older . No, it is going to be, yes, another year to heal and do more and enjoy life more! That is what I am going to believe for. Believing that for all of you as well!!
        HAPPY NEW YEAR SUE! Love you my friend!! Donna
        I am going to try and touch base with all of you shortly so as you read, I am not going to repeat myself to each of you. You can see what I have written about myself especially to Sue and Chris.
        HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!!!! Donna

  2. I remember my great grandma and an elderly great aunt both stopping all the clocks in the house that could be heard ticking. They both said it was like listening to their life tick away. Even so, I always thought of the sound as bringing a new day and new hope.

    • Linda, interesting how so many folks view time. I like the chiming of our clock and find it reassuring. I also left an entry for you on the last blog dear girl. Love, Sue

    • Hi Linda, I don’t know you very well yet but looking forward to learning about you. I do agree with you about the sound bring a new day and a new hope. If we don’t have hope we are in trouble. God Bless! Donna

  3. It’s funny..years ago I bought a battery clock as it made no noise I liked that…a few years ago I bought a wind up one that I liked to hear the tick tock soun and the chimes ..And I liked to wind it up. Times change for us!!

    SAd news DD little dog died in the night GS doesn’t no yet,or just finding out.he had her when he was 3 and he is now 18

    • Chris, I am sorry to hear your GS and DD lost their elderly dog but it was her time, poor old dear. Our pets come into our lives for so many reasons and teach us so much. May she rest in peace. Love, Sue

  4. Hello,,,,,,,a beautiful story Sue, I so enjoyed reading it, we have an old bell outside our house, its a family heirloom, and it too has seen plenty of action, it was in Barry’s family, handed down from generations past, and I always think it a bit odd, that I an outsider seem to get the most pleasure from it now……me and the wrens who come and nest in it year after year, whoever thought it would end up in Spain, then to France…………….keep well my dear friend, I love you……………Jennie xx

    • Jennie, thanks for sharing about the bell. I loved it. Just remember dear lady, they are also your family and it is your bell, too. I loved to envision the wren’s nesting in it during it’s off duty months. Glad you liked the clock tale. Love you and hope the eye is less painful. Love you, Sue

    • Hello My dear friend. I sure hope your eye problem is clearing up. I pray for no more pain and problem causing the pain to be healed. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and didn’t overdo. I think the bell belongs to you as much as anyone else. I am so glad you have it in France with you. That is where it belongs because you care about it so much. I use to always let my DH family make me feel like an outsider. We have been married for 15 years and I made a decision last year to stop it. I might be the second wife but I have been married to him a lot longer than the first wife ever was. We moved in with his mom and dad as soon as I finished my cancer treatments. I could have never done it before that. I took care of his mom and he took care of his dad. Pop died about 18 months later at 97 years old. Mom had quit driving before he died but she still cooked his lunch and dinner every day. She basically took care of her house until she felt like she couldn’t do it anymore. That’s when my DH and I stepped in. I loved her like my mom and still miss her very much. We were able to keep her at home until my husband saw I couldn’t do it anymore. None of the family helped. I did it for 8 years. We put her in a nice rehab assisted living place. I went everyday to see her until I fell in some ice and broke my leg. Then I would go when I could. On her 94th birthday I took her some cake and ice cream and we had a party. 15 days later she died. That was 3 years ago. So, I decided right then and there I was not an outsider. I was my DH wife and I did belong and this is my home with him now and they can all leave me alone. As Sue said you aren’t an outsider either. I have been nice to all of them and I really don’t get how they feel and act. You enjoy that bell my friend and get better soon please. There are prayers going up for you my friend. Donna

  5. Beautiful, Sue! It always amazes me how you can bring things to life, such as that clock, and then so easily apply a life lesson along the way. I really enjoy your writing and the encouragement it brings! Time is passing whether we like it or not. We can choose to live those seconds to the best of our ability or throw in the towel and allow those seconds to slip through our fingers forever.
    Great job!!

    • Brenda, thought of you often and wondered how your Christmas was with things unsettled in your marriage. I know the best for you should work out. Life is too short for conflict. Indeed, I see life lessons everywhere. I think I got overdosed on Sunday School when I was a kid and see stories in all of life and lessons. Cherish your life dear girl. Love, Sue

    • Hello Brenda from Texas, I am sorry I don’t know you very well either. I do read everything you post on here. I have said some prayers for you and your family. I hope you had a peaceful Christmas. I pray that this year the Lord will give you wisdom about decisions you might have to make. I will continue to read your posts and get to know you better. Donna

      • Hi Lyn, I hope you are getting to rest some after such a hectic Christmas. Will write more later. My hands are starting to give up on me. Mind is willing but fingers aren’t. (Rheumatoid Arthritis). I pray you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Donna

  6. This topic was spot on. I love all clocks, old and new. I just love old things. I splurge a couple of times a year and indulge in “my walk back in time” through my favorite antique stores. Clocks are as different as people and yet they are the same on the inside. Some have a few more fancy parts. Some clocks live longer than others and some continue on with broken parts, just like us.

  7. Wonderful blog Sue. I have 2 clocks in my bedroom that ticktock. I love to hear it in the middle of the night, it is soothing to me. Like the heartbeat of someone here with me. I pray you are feeling better my friend. Keep pushing on.
    I went to Ms Alice today, and am very tired and a bit out of it, so early sleep for me.
    Love to all

    • Tonie dear, I have to agree. There is a reassurance about the sound of a clock. I actually have a lovely one…not expensive but still lovely, that Jim and I bought for each other on one of our anniversaries but I seldom wind it because it’s so sensitive I can’t find the perfect wall for it to run properly. Some chiming, pendulum clocks are so sensitive to angles that our old funny slanting house is a challenge for them. I still love to look at it but like us, sometimes, it’s not functioning completely.
      Sounds like you’re still pushing yourself but realize you are often needed with Ms. Alice. Please be good to yourself dear girl so you can heal.
      My younger grands are coming over today for a few hours. Good to see them and now that they are 9 and 11 they’re pretty much self care. Looking forward to it. Later…Love ya, Sue

    • Tonie, I hope this post finds you feeling better and getting your strength back a little more each day. You are still going to have to try and rest some each day. I just don’t want you to overdo and end up in the hospital. I know MsAlice needs you so please be careful ok. It has not been that long since your surgery. I know you also take Methotrexate as I do so it makes your body heal slower. My Rheumatologist just told me or reminded me last month to be careful when sick and not take it until I am healed of whatever I have been dealing with. We are not trying to nag you sweetie, we just want to see you get well and feeling better as quickly as possible. I love you Tonie. I am going to have to stop now. Not only are my hands and fingers hurting now my shoulder on that same side has started to hurt. I pray you have a very good and blessed HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Donna

      • Thanks Donna:
        Just so ya’all know, I don’t really DO anything for Ms Alice except make her lunch and get her coffee when I first get there. We sit in the sun porch and read and talk a bit. I usually crochet. But I am resting, I have no choice really. That is what I did most of the day yesterday. I was so tired. Do take care and have a blessed New Year yourself.

    • Chris, such a short note means you’re not feeling well or you’re very busy. Hope it’s all okay with Dad. Concerns to DD and GS as they grieve for their old, dear pet. Hard times when we lose them after such a long time. Love, Sue


  9. Jennie, you may not be feeling well but I see your sense of humor is still intact. Happy new ear, body, head and everything else to you in the coming year. Much love, Sue

  10. Yea
    With leanings to jens post happy new body to all
    Yea you know me well Sue..a bit tentative with the new pills I’m taking for the pain and cough,hoping they work
    We will be off to bed shortly and try to escape from the general bonhomie. Gonna read a book and then redesign the garden in my counting sheep!
    Thinking of you all

      • Chris, first of all, I will be praying for your DD and GS on the passing of their precious pet. I know how hard it is going to be. My heart hurts for them and you because I know how you must hurt knowing what they are going through. I also pray for you dear friend. I pray that the new medicines you are taking will heal you quickly. Feel better real soon. Please try and rest. As for me, I have been waking up every morning with my throat sounding froggy. Can hardly talk. It starts to clear up later morning. This morning I woke up with an earache as well. It is better this afternoon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Donna

  11. Donna
    Thankyou for your prayers
    Do hope your cold clears up..
    Well it’s 2015 here as usual I’m awake!
    So mite as well get in the mood.DH had some red wine and me a cup of tea….?oh dear!
    Happy new year all..fireworks going off everywhere

    • Chris, Hope the New Year brings more joy and health than the last. Only 4:30PM here, No noise as yet. Hope you rest. Sue

  12. To All, Hope you are resting up, enjoying or otherwise happy with your first day of the New Year. I remember a couple of blogs back many of you were talking about getting seat warmers for traveling. I want to share with you that I saw one in the catalog for $34.95. You plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car. Sue


      • Jennie, yes it is good to have a warm bum; especially if your back is having a bad day. I am better in small tiny steps. Shoulder and left arms are still very painful. I wasn’t prepared for it to get so much tighter and worse after radiation therapy. I do exercises for it twice a day but see little progress. Back is better but now I need to build up my staying power so I can stand for more than 15 mins. I haven’t been able to do my own grocery shopping since late Sept. and miss it. The nausea is much better.
        I hope your eye pain has backed off a bit as you wait to get into the doctor. Hope DH is good. Has he seen his doctor yet to check on him?
        Truthfully, I am bored and lonely. I long for the day I am able to function better and get out more. Jim is off today since he worked New Years Day yesterday and he has a bad cough and cold. Poor guy. Please keep him in your prayers for recovery. Love you dear lady, Sue

  13. Sue:
    I got me one of those seat warmers, actually got it off Amazon for $20. I also bought one for my brother and his wife for Christmas. It is wonderful. And Wednesday I went looking at trucks and BOUGHT one !! I prayed beforehand that I would find the right one, and all would go thru smoothly. I did and it did ! It is a Chevy Colorado, mid size 4 x 4 with a club cab and covered bed. Very good condition with low miles. My brother drove me up yesterday to pick it up and we had breakfast together. It is silver, not red 🙂 But I like it just the same. The back seats will lay down and I can cover them with a blanket so the boys won’t mess up the seats. Now I have to clean out the Honda and give it back to Sean. He already has someone else who needs it. I was so tired yesterday I didn’t get it done. Going to Ms Alice’s today and it is supposed to rain for the next couple of days so not sure when it will get done 🙂
    Baby is in the big pasture now and very happy. She has lots of room and more grass and 4 mares as neighbors across the fence.

    Praying for each of you that you have a very wonderful New Year. God bless each of you.

    • Tonie, great news! Now you should be set for getting around this winter. I wonder if my son would like one of those set warmers… He’s not sure his heater even works in his Jeep. He has a rag top so, it’s pretty cold in there with or without a working heater. And I’m so happy Baby is doing so well! Finally a home with love she so deserves.

      I’m resting a bit before taking Sadie for a little walk. My back and joints have been acting up and I was just practicing which aggravated my back a bit again. I have a little concert coming up this Sunday (dress rehearsal Saturday) and could use a prayer or two to get through. Still recovering from all the holiday festivities and the weather changes. Not fun, as you know. How are you doing with your recovery? I hope you are remembering that slow and steady wins the race. 😉


      • Lyn dear, I can imagine that your cup is a bit empty after all the performances and family gathering of the last week. Of course, prayers for extra strength and stamina as you share your talent and perform. Hang in there dear girl. We all will hold you in our thoughts. Love, Sue

      • Will say a prayer for you Lyn. A nice present for the boy would be a hard top from JC WHITNEY (online) That is where I got mine, easy to install and is such a good thing. Yeah I am TRYING to remember the slow and easy. I am NOT doing that much but staying so exhausted. I so need to clean up around here, but no energy to do it. So I guess it will just have to stay that way until I get the UMPHH to pack up some things. I hurt my back bending over to put cans in the fridge yesterday, not fun. Do take care and have fun at the concert


    • Tonie, I’m so happy for you to have an attractive, practical and reliable set of wheels. How fun for you after all the waiting years. Enjoy! Bet Baby is in clover…well, tall grass anyway. Hope you are resting and enjoying some of life along the way. How’s the pain or is it your stamina that is bothering you? We each understand both. Take care dear girl. Glad you got a warm seat. It’s hard to beat Amazon, huh? Love, Sue

      • Sue:
        Pain if I am up too long (sitting or standing ) and mostly stamina. Doc talked to me on my way out today to take it easy, not lift heavy things, and just let stuff go. 🙂 He never talks to me like that. Told me have a surgical hernia was no small thing and I need to be very careful. A MAJOR thing done to my body he says. Yep I know, I jsut always think I sjould get better quicker than I do
        Hope you are continuing to feel stronger as well

      • Tonie, I think that’s true of each of us, whether married or single, old or young. It has to start with self love. Love ya, Sue

      • Tonie, hope you got sufficient rest this weekend and are not having abd. pain. It just takes time as we each know but find hard to apply. Thinking of you and all your plans for this year. Hope you’re enjoying that new silver truck. Love you, Sue

  14. Tonie, I know someone who had an incisional hernia and the repair was far more difficult than the initial surgery so please take it easy my friend and Happy New Year !!! I’m sure Baby is very happy with all her new friends!!!!

    • Pommum:
      I have no intentions of getting one of them things ! I am being good, in fact if I lift anything and it pulls in my belly, it gets put back down. Yes, Baby is happy with her friends and her new digs. In fact she is happy she is closer to the porch than she was so she can get my attention when she thinks it is time to be fed 🙂 SHe is a big mud ball right now where she has been rolling around. I went to look at some saddles today. Found one I like, we’ll see. Not gonna be riding anytime soon, but soon enough. I REALLY want to get a wagon or cart for her to pull. I understand she is broke to it. Have a Happy New Year as well

  15. Sue, I really enjoyed this blog and it reminded me so much of my dear Grandmother. She had a clock she carried with her as she visited her family so she could hear the chimes throughout the night … said she couldn’t sleep without it! I also can’t sleep if there is dead silence but we have an electric noise maker to make white noise throughout the night and we sleep well knowing that the two Pomeranians on guard duty will alert us to any kind of ‘different’ noise!
    Wishing each of you a Happy New Year! Love ~ Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum, Your grandma sounds a bit eccentric. I love that. I have a feeling she did many wonderful, colorful things. I think we grands should be memorable and fun with our grands and know you do also. Yes, those little four legged burglar alarms are wonderful. Hope you’re seeing some healing each day dear girl. Thoughts are with you always. Sue

  16. Hi all
    Went to shed to have a look on Friday had a coffee and snack out then came back
    Got diver again..but did bleed a I thought well I’ve only just had a scope.but was worried and then my piles came am treating those,so I think it was those that bled…and the diver was coincidence
    No more blood from then as of today
    But been quiet as have been worried.i usually do that I sort of go into a shell
    But been on a liquid diet for 2 days and just had a milk drink tonite
    The tabs for diver and reflux dry my nose and mouth and looks like my chest too
    So am breathing in from humidifier thruout the day
    Hey ho new year ….just another day! Still coughing
    Well hope all okish….
    Back later

    • Chris dear, what a relief to hear from you. I knew something had to be wrong for you to be quiet for so long. I am sorry to hear about your many problems, all separate but still related. I use a humidifier in the bedroom 24/7. I can tell such a difference in my swallowing and nasal passages when it runs dry. As far as the bleeding, if it was from diverticulitis it would usually be dark, digested blood whereas blood coming from hemorrhoids is fresh and bright red. I hope you’ve discovered the wonders of Preparation H wipes with witch hazel. They help so much in that area. Do take care sweet friend and know you have been missed on here. Love you, Sue

  17. Thankyou sue
    Yep it was bright red ..relief…
    I’ve got some proctosedyl ointment and suppositories…..ugh
    Yep my nose is bleeding its so dry….blimmin annoying
    Hope your nausea is improving

    • Thanks Chris, yes the nausea is better so it must have been the chemo drug.I’m still having trouble being upright without back pain at least for any length of time and my IBS has also been bad. Lots of potato soup and plain spaghetti with butter. Sue

  18. That’s good..but not the back tho’ .is it improving at all?
    I love plain spaghetti with butter..I think ill have that in my next few days of soft food
    Im Fed up with my back siting up to sleep becos of the reflux it ain’t helping the back at all

    Well you know my aunt we were going to see but hadn’t yet,well she passed away in her sleep a few hours about . She asked to see me too as best she cud as she was weak…and I didn’t get there…
    My cousin just emailed me from Canada .so I’m feeling sorry for myself really .seems sometimes that to live in the past is safer than looking to the future…..a whole lifetime just gone
    I’m just maudlin

    • Chris, it’s okay. Death makes everyone maudlin and losing someone you love can be a painful reminder of the slick track we’re on as we age. I’ve thought about dying much more this year than ever before although I think since we’ve both lost our parents these last few years, one realizes we could be next. I think the other side of that coin is to try to enjoy life and boy howdy…isn’t that a challenge.
      I’m sorry life didn’t allow you to see your aunt before she passed but please accept it as the way it was supposed to be. You’re always doing for others even in the midst of your own problems and there is only so much of you to go around. Regrets can take a toll on you so please put them to rest dear friend.
      My back is mending very slowly and I pray I will eventually strengthen it enough to overcome most of the pain on standing. I am doing modified exercises and hope it works. It takes discipline and I’m often short on that especially when my gut hurts. I love to use a bit of olive oil with the butter and a dash of parmesan in the spaghetti and often put in some sauteed fresh mushrooms. Enjoy it…love you, Sue

  19. Well I got up and made a rice salad for tomorrow and cooked some salmon I had in packets in the freezer to cook and tumbled it ontop
    Now what to do!
    So here I am back in bed and now gonna read
    I went out for a bit in the garden and just smelt the fresh air.felt, i dont know just basic or something
    So it’s now just gone 2am
    That blimmin clock is ticking!

  20. Yea just caught you post sue
    Yep positive thoughts
    Yep Im Gonna have that spaghetti and butter with some white pepper the rice is for DH …to many veg in it for me at moment


  21. Thinking of so many of you today as life gets back to “normal”, whatever that is. Tony, hope you’re healing each day. Jennie, so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain and Chris, how are you today? Laura, Pommum, Lyn and those of you in the south and east, we are aware of your weather challenges. Stay safe dear friends. We are just saddled with rain as usual, no snow thus far this year on the OR coast.

    Our son is traveling for work and should be able to rent a car and come down to see us tomorrow for a day or two. Looking forward to it and trying to uncover our guest room from all the Xmas stuff so he’ll have a bed. I’m still very limited in movement and stamina but I do believe gradually increasing and trying more stretches, etc. Life is such a hard climb at times for so many of us but we each understand and that matters. Love to all…Sue

    • Sue
      So glad you are going to see your boy for a few days. I know that makes you happy. I am healing but still so weak. I could just aly around all day it seems. But can’t do that. Tomorrow I have to go pick up some hay for Baby. Then tomorrow afternoon, I am riding down to the airport hotel with Ms Alice n family so I can drive the car back for them. About hour and a half drive. Going to stop and visit with my brother and rest for a bit before I drive home. I am very tired today. I am so glad to hear you are feeling some better. Prayers are going up for you.
      Love you dear friend

      • Tonie, my first reaction is, “Who is going to lift that bale of hay?” Can’t you get it delivered? I’m glad you’re taking a break to visit with family on the drive home. All of this healing business just takes time and there is no rushing it. Last night I took a spill and landed on my hip and it really shook me up. I’m a bit bruised but nothing serious to make me that shook up. I guess we sometimes can only take so much and that’s it. Do take it as easy as you can today. Love you, Sue

      • Hi Tonie, I see you are still fighting the fatigue. I guess it is your body telling you I am not ready to go back to normal. You better listen to it. There is a reason for it that’s for sure. I do feel the same way Sue does though. How are you going to handle the hay? You do know you can cause a hernia lifting something too heavy. Your doctor just told you that not long a go. I pray you have made arrangements for your truck to be loaded and unloaded when you get home with it. I know your animals have to be taken care of but so do you.Please be careful. So many things are happening to people in this group. Now I see Sue has fallen again. Pommum is having major problems with her neck. Jennie and Chris are hurting and in pain with one thing after another. Lyn is trying to get over her concerts and just added another one she had to do. I am praying that you don’t get hurt. I look around at all of you and I guess right now I feel blessed. I have been having some anxiety issues and panic attacks for some reason. Maybe just to much excitement over the holidays and getting things done. I am going to see my doctor and see if she will try a different anxiety medicine. I too am so tired all the time. I have been sleeping better at night but still tired and sleepy during the day. I have been trying not to complain and try to stay positive. I have no idea what is causing mine. You had surgery. I see my oncologist tomorrow. I see him every 4 months. I just love him so much. Most patients 13 years out from cancer wouldn’t be seeing their oncologist still. He keeps a check on me. I am so glad. I am still on an anti-estrogen pill to keep the cancer from coming back that could be why.
        I forgot to tell you how happy I am for you on getting your truck. I have a question for you about the seat warmer. Which one did you get on Amazon? I saw one for $19.99 with ties or elastic to attach it to the seat. I need to get one pretty quickly. Did it take long to get it? Wish I would have ordered sooner. We are getting ready to have some of our coldest weather on Thursday. Highs Around 20 degrees and lows around 14. I have 2 appointments on Thursday so I might cancel and reschedule those. I guess I will close for now. Stay warm. I am sure you will be cold in your area too. Take it easy Tonie and be real careful. Donna

        I f I have made any mistakes, please forgive me, I am not going back and check because if I touch anything it seems like I always lose it. Don’t want to do that.

    • Sue……hope you get everything fixed for your Son’s visit, I am sure you will, won’t that be great, I too have just got the bed made up for Tim’s visit in a couple of weeks……….enjoy love, you deserve it…….Love Jen x

      • Jennie, I actually just cleared a path to the extra bed. It’s a twin size and I always have to allow foot room for our son because he’s quite tall and his feet stick out the end. It’s usually occupied for GS’s visits so it’s surrounded by toys. I’ll have him help to make it tonight. I have so many limitations on movement and lifting. I know you’re anticipating Tim’s visit and am happy for you. Hope the ear and head are better. How is your eye pain? When is that visit with the specialist? Think of you often with love and care, Sue

  22. Sue
    Sound like good steps on the up and up. It will be great to see your son too.two good things to happen
    Yea I’m ok…no more bleeding…fingers crossed…
    Stopped diver tabs and reflux ones to undry my mouth for a day or so.nose and chest
    It’s seems to be keeping at bay about 70pc ish
    I’ve come to terms with my aunt…life just takes over ..perhaps it’s meant to
    Weather dull foggy cold
    But…..I’ve good books to read,housework to fit in
    Mammogram tomorow

    • Yes, it will be good to see our son. I haven’t seen him since he came out in June to spend a week with me in Portland when I was undergoing radiation therapy. He is an RN executive and travels a great deal, has four busy kids in HS, college and out. His sweet wife is a teacher so back to work today for so many in schools.
      Chris glad you have some good books stashed and pleased to hear you at peace about your aunt. No bleeding is wonderful to hear. I have found with my IBS and diver. that I have to have regular bowel movements to keep things rolling along and if I don’t I get into trouble. I’ve discovered the benefits of frequent stool softeners, some juices and of course good old MOM. I used metamucil for years but finally got to the point I could no longer choke it down. I also try to eat fiber whenever possible but not in excess or it causes cramping. My word but life can be complicated. I still remain faithful to the idea that it is worth it.
      Lyn, how did your final chorale performance for the season go? Bet and hope you are resting today in your dreadfully cold weather. Love to all, Sue

      • Sue, yes, still trying to recover. This weekend’s rehearsal and concert weren’t with my usual Chorale, but with a friend’s group in a nearby town. It was a little rough physically. The church was hot and dry inside. Saturday my back started bothering me, and Sunday it was my left ankle and the whole second half my ears were closed. Not as enjoyable experience as usual, fighting those extras along with the usual suspects. I’m just home from our regular Chorale rehearsal and ready to get ready for bed! I think a muscle relaxant is in order for tonight! Temps have dipped and we are expecting snow tomorrow. Just 1-3 inches, but could still make life interesting. Sadie should love it. It’s supposed to be light and fluffy variety. I’m looking forward to watching her run around in it. So happy for you to have time with your son! Enjoy it!!

        Tonie, everyone else, keep recovering!

  23. Lyn……hurry and get better honey, I know how much your singing means to you……xxonie… are you feeling love? you still got the rain, or have you shifted to the white stuff?
    Donna Pommum and Suzanne….thinking of you all xxx
    Much love…..Jennie xxxx

  24. Lyn, it sounds like your body rebelled and said, “That’s it, I’ve had enough.” I hate it when mine does that. Sorry it wasn’t as good an experience as you usually have; a bit too challenging. I saw your pics our walking Sadie in the snow. You’re brave and love her I know but please do it cautiously. I worry about you. You had quite a wild run during all of the holiday celebrations with various branches of the family and know you enjoyed it all but now, it’s Lyn time. Love you, Sue P.S. Yes, it will be great to see our son. WIsh he didn’t have such a long drive down from Seattle but he wants to do it. I am concerned anytime my adult kids are on the road in wet weather. Can’t help it.

  25. Hi My Peeps, hope everyone is getting rested up after a busy holiday season! I am thankful that my back is slowly healing. I attempted to post several days what happed January 1st, only to have it disappear, and as I wasn’t up to typing it over at that time, I will attempt to do so now! I awoke in the small hours of Jan 1st to the feeling that my head was stuck, and when I finally got my neck to turn, I felt an upper vertebrae grind back into place. I have had this happen to a lesser degree before, so I took some pain medication and went back to sleep. I arose several hours later to find my arms were tingling and numb; with a pins and needles feeling in my hands. I may have been a bit unsteady on my feet, but that was hard to determine as I sometimes feel a bit unsteady when I first get up. X rays taken at the ER showed that all the vertebrae were in place and the numbness was resolving, so I was very happy to get back home hours later to rest my sore neck and head in bed. The next day I was called by the ER to come back immediately, that the radiologist wanted a CT scan of my neck to be done, which also confirmed that the vertebras were where they belonged but I was told that they concurred with my PT therapist that the problem was probably at the C2 level, but a MRI was required, for which I was already on the waiting list. Since this incident my neck in that area feels more unstable and although I have had no further incidences severe enough to cause numbness, there are numerous smaller pops each day resulting in pain in my upper neck and up the left side of my head ….so I await to be called for the MRI and fear that surgical intervention will be required to solve this potentially serious problem! The only place I can find comfort is resting my head in bed so the days are long!
    Hope everyone is getting rested up after the holiday season and please take care, especially those whose outside world is covered in ice and snow! Love and Prayers ….Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum, Since you and I have communicated on FB I won’t be repetitious except to say you’re in my prayers and let us all hope that MRI comes quickly. I know it’s difficult not to worry about the future when you’ve been through all you have but one positive is that they can stabilize vertebra much better now than in years past. My sister actually lost two of her cervical vertebra and had them replaced with screws and rods at Stanford U. Take heart dear and take it one day at a time. Love you much, Sue

  26. Goodness we are all having such problems!
    Sue do be sure footed when moving ,that must have been a shock
    Yea when I read about Tonie and hay bales..what ya doin doin all that girl! I thought the same as sue….
    Don’t we all put ourselves out? Headstrong we are…
    And Brenda I do hope you get that scan soon
    I went for a mammogram today…it’s a 3yrly one??but one is sore,results in two ish weeks
    Hope that head pain is better. Dull day here winds tomorrow …..DH wants to go and photo the Humber bridge…can’t say the drive excites me…been there and done it

    Lyn and hope you are resting!!


    • Chris, I just hate this feeling of vulnerability I’ve had since the fracture. More than the cancer, it has affected how my daily life is led, although losing a breast still makes me feel a bit clumsy and awkward because of the arm still being so painful. Life, huh? Is three years typical between mammo’s in England? Just remember breasts can be sore for many safe reasons, like hormones, etc. Sounds like a trip with DH you don’t want to make. Bet you’ll do it anyway…Love, Sue

    • Chris….weather is wicked, thick fog and damp……hope the mammo went ok, its two yearly here in France, so I am due this year too…….hope you are not too sore……love Jen x

  27. Sue. So much has happened to you out of your controll….feeling vunerable must be the follow on .whats needed is improvement and that tickin clock..time. Just take care for now. Falling is so easy when your mind us ahead of you
    Yea it’s every 3 yrs..?but I did have one last May and an ultra sound they were ok.
    I have had this pain and irritation before around the front it seems to come and go..but I don’t take anything as ok till proved
    And that trip ..well it think I may have a friend in the weather ..some winds are due so I vote for a trip to a little market town not too far away that had some nice unusual shops and tearooms. That’s if I get my calls for my dad cleared early .he has got worse and I want a Parkinson’s nurse to go see him earlier like now!.other than wait till when due in feb.
    My cousin has come over from Canada to sort out my aunts affairs…however the bad news is the cremation can’t take place for three weeks….a backlog…he’d already booked tickets and just leaving the house for airport when I emailed him .he can only stay a short while as his wife works still ..
    Back later chris

  28. Chris, your poor cousin. grieving and being inconvenienced. That’s a shame. I am also sorry to hear your Dad is worse. Hope the nurse makes a call. Winds, huh? We’re still just wet but have some enormous winds at times. Hate it when they shake the house. We have a huge, 90 ft. monkey puzzle tree out front. Pray the roots run under the street won’t it will never blow over. Take care and sounding good for that short trip. Love, Sue

  29. Well, I’m finally resting. Been taking my muscle relaxant all day today and will take one again tonight. Yes, I did walk Sadie this morning, but just for a short one. My back, ankle and feet dictated it so. She loved it. Thankfully, she entertained herself running around our back off and on the rest of the day. Unfortunately, our replacement stove element arrived this evening and DH wanted to get it installed. It takes two to do it, so… Now I’m sitting with my heating pad and Lily on my lap. I’ll not be moving the rest of the evening.

    Pommum, I pray you get that MRI soonest and that your spine is easily stabilized. Rest. I know, you’re tired of it, I’m sure.

    Sue, we mommas always worry. It’s our nature.

    Chris, so sorry for your cousin and that your dad is not doing well. May all settle a bit for you very soon.

    • Lyn dear, sounds like you’re doing all you can. Do stay warm and still for a couple of days and let those muscle relaxants work. You deserve it.
      Had a lovely evening with our son Jeff and Beth and her family. Had pizza and chocolate bought. Good to see our son. Kids performed for their cute. Now Jim and Jeff are visiting downstairs and I’m on the heating pad. Just a bit bruised. Nothing serious. Fell off an ottoman onto the floor on my left hip. Slipped. Shook me up more than hurt me.
      Do be self indulgent dear girl. Love, Sue

      • Sue what the hell were you doing on an ottoman…….I can see I will have to come out there and watch you like a hawk…..hope the heat pad works its wonders, just behave Mrs……don’t you go worrying us all again….love you big….Jen x

  30. Hey all:
    Okay, first, Sue and Donna, the hay was loaded by the son where I bought it , and unloaded by my brother. I DID roll a couple off the tailgate, but no lifting. So all done. I had a good visit with my brother and SIL. Would have been better if the hubby DR had been ready to go at 2 like we were supposed to leave instead of 3:30 !!! He always has something he waits til the last minute to do. I would strangle him were he mine. She has a lot more patience than me.
    Sue so sorry you fell. Hope you are only bruised and not battered ~!! I know you will be happy to see your son. Take care and have nice visit with him.
    Going to sleep now, long day.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, good girl. We do worry about you knowing how independent you have to be and are by nature. Know it was a long tiring day for you. Yes, I’m just bruised and shaken but okay. With so much hurting, the getting up is the hard part and that’s also a darn good analogy. We all have to get up to keep going, right? Rest dear. Love you, Sue

      • Good girl Tonie! Should have known YOU would not do it yourself. Please forgive me for nagging you so much since your surgery. We love you and we are worried about you. Don’t want anything to happen to you and things get worse. Glad it is all done now with the hay . Did you remember to check on the seat warmer and which one it was?
        I had a horrible night last night. Was feeling so much anxiety. Took my ativan and two hours later another pill that helps me sleep. I finally fell asleep at 8 AM and slept til 11:AM. Missed my oncologist appointment for oversleeping. Got it rescheduled. It is going to be 9 degrees here in the morning. 20’s for highs tomorrow. I think I might cancel 2 appointments in the morning. The second one is my hair washing and Don’t want to go outside after getting my hair washed. Oh well that’s the way life goes. Keep warm and continue to get better. Everybody else stay warm and dry. Sleep well .
        LOVE YOU all and please stay safe!! Donna

    • Tonie…..glad you got the unloading done by strong fellas, after what you have been through with tat painful shoulder huh??? yes I think I would strangle him too……..take care of yourself sweetpea…….love Jennie x

  31. Donna, if you join Amazon prime you get free shipping on most items and get them in 2 days. It’s great. I’m so glad you have such a wonderful oncologist looking after you. Sure does make a difference, huh? I know you’ll check with him about the fatigue and then think about vitamins, diet, maybe more high protein and some exercises…just mild. Love to you as you trudge on. Love, Sue

    • Donna:
      I was SO tired last night I forgot to answer your question. I got the one that was $19.95 and secures with loops. It works great. I also got my brother one for Christmas. You take care dear friend

      • Good girl Tonie! Should have known YOU would not do it yourself. Please forgive me for nagging you so much since your surgery. We love you and we are worried about you. Don’t want anything to happen to you and things get worse. Glad it is all done now with the hay . Did you remember to check on the seat warmer and which one it was?
        I had a horrible night last night. Was feeling so much anxiety. Took my ativan and two hours later another pill that helps me sleep. I finally fell asleep at 8 AM and slept til 11:AM. Missed my oncologist appointment for oversleeping. Got it rescheduled. It is going to be 9 degrees here in the morning. 20’s for highs tomorrow. I think I might cancel 2 appointments in the morning. The second one is my hair washing and Don’t want to go outside after getting my hair washed. Oh well that’s the way life goes. Keep warm and continue to get better. Everybody else stay warm and dry. Sleep well .
        LOVE YOU all and please stay safe!! Donna

    • Sue, thanks for this information. I just love this blog. You learn so much from everyone’s comments about where to go or buy something you might have not known about. Will be getting the seat warmer Tonie talked about. Sue, please be careful. I don’t think I would sit on the ottoman anytime soon. I hope your bruises heal quickly and the hip. So glad nothing was broken.Take care and love you , Donna

  32. Sue maybe as you are getting about more now you are just a bit wobbly ..hope you didn’t hurt your back with the fall….careful
    Well got nurse to see my dad but in two weeks time…but he does seem better today.his new rollater came.the other one broke so he can move a bit in his place
    It’s like a pusher with wheels seat brakes.etc
    You ok?
    Well enjoy your days all if you can.and sue yours with your son

  33. Ok, this is to everyone. I noticed that one of my posts decided to repeat it’s self. Could not figure out how to delete one of them so had to leave it up there twice. Sorry. I also wrote a post to Sue and it disappeared for some reason. At least I am not the only one this happens to. I have heard others of you mention it before. I just wanted to inform you. Across the country we are getting ready to have some very different weather. Here in Charlotte NC area we will have some very cold weather. It is going to be extremely cold. In the morning our lows will be 9 degrees and daytime highs only in the 20’s. The schools will be on a 2 hour delay. My DH drives a school bus and I am glad he doesn’t have to leave until 8 AM instead of 6 AM. So stay warm, stay dry, enjoy the sun or enjoy the snow and be grateful for the heat. Whatever it turns out to be. Have a Blessed day and know you are thought about and loved very much. Donna

    • Donna, your poor husband. Let’s hope if the schoolbus gets into dangerous icy conditions they will cancel school. That severe cold is obviously taking a toll on you. Glad you got to reschedule your appt. with oncologist. I see mine next week. Sorry about your computer problems. One never knows when these quirks will occur. Take care and get that needed rest. Love, Sue

    LOVE TO ALL………………………JENNIE X

    • Jennie dear, looks like you’ll be living a day at a time. Prayers for the be-wreathed families in your beautiful country. Love, Sue

      • Jennie:
        Do be watchful and our prayers are with you and the country during this time. I pray that they get these people and the hostages are not harmed. Cowards !!

  35. Sue, Sue, Sue, can’t leave you on your own, can we? 😉 Please rest that bruised body and be more careful! Glad your visit with your son is good. 🙂 Of course it would be.
    Tonie, good for you. Continue to let others do when you can.
    Jen, just horrible what’s going on over there. Frightening.
    Donna, oh dear, do take care!
    Yes, we are very cold here, as well. This morning it was 8* out with a wind chill of -6*F. It was cold yesterday, too, but not as cold as today. Sadie was in and out all day yesterday, but doesn’t stay out long today. She was antsy for a walk today so I ran to the pet store to pick up food, toys, and treats and also picked up a jacket for her. Once home I slipped her light sweater and the jacket on her and we took a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood. I may take her on another short one later, but neither of us should have stayed out any longer. Does make me concerned for those without proper heat and animals trying to survive outside.

    • Lyn, I’m pleased Sadie is so active even in sub zero weather but don’t you also worry about frost bite on her feet? Glad she wears her jacket. George loves his sweaters and will actually whine until he gets one on if he’s cold. He loves the snow and wouldn’t come in last year so this year I bought a 30 ft. leash to haul him in for fear of frozen tootsies. That Sadie has proven to bring you so much pleasure it’s fun to observe.
      As for me I am still very shaky and weak. Don’t know how long it will take to build my stamina but am working on it…not today however. Beat from having short visit from our son. It was a wonderful time and we all got to spend some time with him. He’ll be coming on a regular monthly or every other month basis now with his job taking him to WA state. He also goes to many other places in the states on a regular basis for his job. Interesting job.
      Hope you’re resting. Got a kick out of your pic on FB. Didn’t even recognize you but you looked warm enough for Alaska. Love, Sue

      • I am concerned about her feet, Sue. I haven’t had her out long enough to be an issue yet, but am planning on trying booties for her. Not to mention once we get all those chemicals in the roadway…
        What great news – you’ll see your son with some regularity!
        I’m laying low tonight. While at a Board meeting I was hit with pain rather hard. Sitting with my heating pad now and trying not to have a pity party. Not sure whether to whine, cry, or what. Feeling wimpy…


    • Jennie, of course your Mom will be in our prayers. My word but she is a tough lady. Since we have chatted on message FB I won’t go into much more but reassured; any escape to come see us would be welcome.
      Hopefully Nikki’s friend is getting the best care possible.
      You guys stay in and locked until they catch those low lifes who are running around the country shooting people. How hideous. I just saw some political cartoons on FOX news and they are very blunt. The satirist and the reporters are going to come back stronger than ever. Freedom of speech will not be taken away by this behavior. if anything it will be intensified by the decent cartoonists, reporters, etc. in the world. That’s the only way freedom can win.
      Take care my friend at this difficult time for you personally and for your nation. Love you much, Sue

    • Jennie dear:
      WIll be in prayer for ALL three of those events. It is always so hard when you are far away from the ones you love. Prayer for you as well sweetie. One day at a time.

  37. Jen my DH has tinnitus all the time becos of his Menieres .he has about ten distinctive is awful,if you have it. you can have a hearing type aid with white noise in it to help
    Hubby can’t as he can only hear with aid in one ear ,other one is gone completely .but they do say it helps to sleep at nite .you get them from the mite help. No more things happening..ok
    Spoke about your poor mum…she must be in pain

  38. Lyn dear, there’s nothing wrong with feeling wimpy. I’m so sorry you got hit by that old shovel of pain today. What would we do without out heating pads, huh? Prayers and hugs. Hope you can lay low tomorrow and rest where it hurts. Is it your knees, hands, back? Loving thoughts dear girl. Sue

    • Sue, I was getting zapped in my elbow and knee deep in, you know where nothing will touch it to help, sincere aching in my back and hands and ankle. Today aches are making the rounds to various body parts. Muscles/soft tissue in my back/shoulders are/is trying to fully release thanks to the meds and heat, but hit that really painful part of trying to release last evening and still there today. As a result, I’m lethargic this morning. I use my heating pad every day. Best investment I could have made. It it’s just a small area, I use my Bean that DH got me, but most of the time I need fuller coverage, so heating pad. Thankfully, we are warming up. 20’s today with wind chill in the teens, lower 30’s net week, I think. Winter itchy dry skin is hitting – broke out the lac-hydrine at bedtime last night. Just ordered a lighter lotion formulation to try as I don’t like the feel of the lac-hydrine. I also use argon oil all over, but it isn’t intense enough for this winter business. What I ordered has colloidal oatmeal, so I feel good about that. As if the RA and OA weren’t enough… But I know so many of us on here have far more that that to contend with. In so many ways, I am lucky. As I type, I feel it in my joints. Another day of “iffiness”. I’ll have to decide if a trip to the movies today with DD is in the cards or not. I really want to see Into the Woods. She really enjoyed it and would be happy to see it again. I thought tonight might be a good night to order a pizza for dinner, and I am leaning strongly in that direction at the moment. DH must eat early and may not be eating with us, so I may take the opportunity to order the kind he doesn’t like, but the rest of us do. 🙂 I’ll have to see who all is home for dinner tonight. If it’s just me, I may just reheat leftovers. More than you wanted to know – haha! Thanks for your love and support!

      • Lyn:
        I do pray you will feel better soon. I also love my heating pad. I actually have two that are in constant useage. One in my place on the couch, and one in the bed. I had to have them get me one in the hospital for I cannot sleep without them 🙂 I say give em PBJ’s for supper ! 🙂 Or as we used to have at my house “Fend for yourself night”. WHen I felt like you do. I have found I must go out to the bank I need to make a deposit. SO I shall venture out to town, which means getting dressed etc. However, I think I will reward myself with some Chinese from my fav resturant. THey make incredible egg rolls and I have been craving em. So I will take the boys with me and stop and order some to go. I got a doggie sling for the backseat of my truck so they can try it out. Keeps them off the seats and out of the front. Mine are in their sweaters, well Brutie is, Ceasar is in a baby onesie shirt. I can get them from the thrift stores and just trim some off the belly and WAHLAH ! Instant and cheap shirt !
        Do take care love and praying for you

      • Lyn dear, Here I am Suzy come lately being out here on the west coast. It’s only 9AM and look at all the communicating you’ve all been doing. As far as the diverse areas in your body where you’ve been hit with this episode, please just let go for today and put yourself first. Sometimes we just have to let it all rest, stay warm and heal. You are always so very conscientious already thinking about dinner for your family. I say let them fend for themselves. Does that go completely against the grain for you? Your elbows and knees are just crying out for rest right now and now the back and shoulder? Oh dear. Hope you find a comfortable position and stay there. A little extra napping would be helpful, also. Sometimes I forget how connected it all is and even diverse parts can be related by our changes in movement. Certainly the weather has contributed to your current condition. It sounds ghastly. You might want to look into getting a TENS unit for your neck and back.
        I am sorry you have dry skin issues, too. It seems to go along with all the arthritis involvement so often. I like Genes Vit. E creme a friend introduced to me. It just takes a small amount and it dries into almost a powder feeling after a few mins. It’s filled with healthy natural ingredients and isn’t all that expensive.
        Just remember how much each of us understand because we are going through something similar. What a wounded band we are at times but we have much power coming from what we have experienced because none of us let it get or keep us down. Much love today and always, Sue

  39. Lyn
    Do rest as much as you can for a few days.and try not to get too cold if you have to go out

    Sue such good news to see your son so regularly now
    Jen. Take care still
    Strong winds forcast here
    later Chris

    • Chris, Thanks. Yes it will be fine to see more of our son. I don’t like all the driving he has to do, especially in the winters here but he’s willing to do it. You take care in those strong winds. Will you be making that shopping trip out to the area you wanted to? Love, Sue

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