things that go bump in the night

When you think about it, all we really have to consider is the foot in front of our face. I know. That does sound anatomically incorrect but I promise, I will explain if you’ll just stick with me. As we all know, a foot is measured as 12 inches. That isn’t very far but it is the tiny bit of life we can moderately control. Everything else, beyond our grasp, is truly not in our control. Rain, earthquakes, and wind are all out of our control. The need for trust has to be displayed by us every day of our lives when we send our children off to school, drive a car or cross a street. Without a certain amount of trust, we would be totally immobile and would never go anywhere or do anything in this life. Even turning on a light switch is an act of faith and trust.


As we pause to think about it just simply put, we’re in the dark and we need to be enlightened. We trust that light switch will lighten our way and when it does, we take it for granted, much like we say a prayer during a difficult time yet never think about it when the prayer is answered. I’m not saying we should go around saying “thank you” to light switches and lamps because you would definitely be locked up for that, but a simple thank you to a loving God would be good. It keeps the line of communication open with someone who truly cares. How much of life we live by faith and don’t even realize we are doing it.


Much closer to “home” we have issues going on in our own bodies that we cannot stop but can merely feel, observe and for which we pursue a solution. The only control we have regarding our health is to check out and educate ourselves as to how our own human body works. We can control our diets, our exercise and our daily activities, all to some extent. We can and do go to the doctors of our choice or who are referred to us. In this current age everything is a specialty. It grows so tiresome and I so often miss the old-fashioned family doctor don’t you? Certainly, I realize as a retired RN how complicated the world of medicine is today and am allowed to grieve for what once was while also appreciating modern advancements. Once again the trust factor enters the picture as we trust our current doctor’s judgment in referring us to some stranger.


It’s very difficult for each of us to know how to gauge a new physician. I think it’s a little easier for those of us who have worked in medicine but even we do not know what and who we are dealing with. The criterion for choosing a new doctor is a bit simpler with the internet as we can read critiques from other patients. One can’t base a lot on those however without knowing the whole story of each patient. But the biggest gauge of all is whether or not any new physician helps and communicates with us. Going to a new doctor takes trust. We each know that feeling of expectation and anxiety with each new visit. I truly hate starting from scratch with a new physician. Are they going to help? Why do I have to fill out fifteen forms? Can anybody help and will I like him? My dear Mom used to choose doctors by whether or not they were sweet to her. He or she could be as stupid as a stick but if they were kind to her, patted her on the hand then she loved them and that was a good doctor in her opinion. Bless her.


I have been at war with my body for thirty years while having to also remain friends with it. Since it’s the only one I have I had to take the friendly position many years ago. I’ve had much to fear in my life, particularly when it comes to my health. Certainly, like many of you I have had hard times financially, family trouble as well as marital problems. We are human beings who are each vulnerable to the rocks in the walk of life. Along the way we stub our toes, step on sharp objects and walk through grit but we still have to get where we are going. Once again, we cannot remain immobile, even when we have health problems.


I know that feeling of being trapped inside one’s own life. I know what it is to be near death and that amazing feeling when you realize you have defeated death. I’ve been through that three times, thus far, in this life and it has a way of making one realize how wonderful life truly is and also acts as a dramatic reminder that heaven isn’t ready for you yet. To me that always acts as a reminder that I still have much to do on this earth and that is the lesson I took from each experience. Those are the experiences that made me who I am but we are also, each of us, shaped by the small daily twists and turns of life which we traverse each day. The interesting fact about each crisis life brings our way is that we usually have been surprised by them. We usually have no control over these times, great or small.


Often, I am confronted by individuals who are ill who have great burdens of worry on their shoulders. Worry and fear are those intangible items which do go bump in the night. Being full of fear is a monster each of us has and do face. Often each of us has been in the position of waiting for a procedure, waiting for a report from the doctor or hospital or some other worry regarding our health. If you have faith in a God of love you should be reassured but that reassurance does not always come easily. Our minds take off in a specific direction and we wonder “what if” and worry about what is coming down the road. Things that go bump in the night can also prowl around during the daylight. Ideally, those of us with faith in God should not worry but it can take some time and much soul searching to create the positive juices it takes to trust during hard times. It seems we can have faith in a lightbulb but not in a loving God. There is always the possibility He will allow us to travel down a painful road and of course, who would want that? In this whole faith department, we are in for a penny, in for a pound. Either we believe in a plan of love and growth for our life or we do not. It is often easier to have faith for someone else but when you are the one with the imagination and cancer is looming in your mind, or some other horrible event such as being an invalid for the rest of your life, then it is more difficult. Remember those of us who embrace Christianity are given a pattern to live by but we aren’t the finished product just yet. I’m not saying you need to be a Christian but I am recommending that you have faith in a higher power outside yourself. Whatever your belief, be consistent in it and embrace its precepts to allow your life and those you love to be enriched.
I think it is only human of us to worry but we don’t have to move in and live there. There are many times I have been caught in a cycle of worry, peddling away with my mind filled with some horrific “what if” when I have had to have a chat with myself. A firm scolding would be more accurate a way to define it. I know each of you understand what I am expressing when you recall tossing and turning, fighting the monster of fear and unable to sleep; things that go bump in the night.


What do I do when I’m overwhelmed by worry and fear? First of all I pray. I give the whole situation over to One I know loves me and tell Him, or rather remind myself, that He is in charge. Then I try to learn as much about the situation as I can. Education and information always bring enlightenment and none of us want to be in the dark. The next step for me is to remember to take the whole situation one step at a time. If I look at the whole picture of a scary situation, it is too overwhelming. Nothing is built that way and a step at a time is a doable project.


This list of what I do to handle worry is longer than I thought as I think back on it. I also try to get myself busy. For one to lie around consumed with fear of the “what if’s” of life leads to nothing that is good. If I can handle movement I do stretching, walk somewhere, even a store or I find something in my home that needs cleaning. Come on, we always have something that needs to be done. Right now I have too much to handle so finding a chore is not a problem. I may talk to a friend, make a call or enjoy a TV show with my husband as company.


For those times when I don’t feel up to much activity, because the body is unwilling, I go online, read a book, or pick up a needlework project. I have a needlepoint pillow I’ve been working on for years. When I first became ill, thirty years ago, I was cranking out counted cross-stitch pieces at an almost alarming rate but now my energy is less and my eyesight is not what it was then. In the early days of being disabled I was a massive mess of frustration and pent up energy. Now I have eased into the role…still don’t like it, but have learned to shake hands with it.


Lastly and perhaps the most important thing I do when I am filled with worry or fear is to look outside myself to someone else. We can each become so consumed with ourselves and our own small world, we quite forget there are millions of others beyond our doorway who also suffer, love, hate and grieve for parts of life lost to them. It also doesn’t hurt to tell someone I love them. That act brings a magic quality to one’s life, don’t you think? Tell someone today that you love them.





Get up, clean up, cheer up, telllsomeone you love them


  1. Sue……I guess it will be awhile before you read this, but I had to let you know, my thoughts and my prayers are with you and Jim, I only just learned Jim was in the hospital, he will be in safe hands, so relieved your Beth is with you… good saying don’t worry, but know that we are all in your corner…….love you….Jen xx

  2. Hello all;
    As I corrected my ipad mistake above, Jim coughed so much he had such chest pain. He is in ICU. He has a blood clot that is being watched closely. Today he has a catscan and other testing to make sure things are right. Beth is with him now and says his color is better. Sue spoke with him and says he sounds better but still so weak. She has her doctor appointment today, but I feel she will be in hospital as well. As she should be where they can give her the fluids and nutrition her body needs. We all know she tries to take care of herself, and Jim, but there are times you just can’t do it. She, of course is worried about George. She said he watched the door for Jim all night whining. I told her to stick him in her purse and take him with her. He would be the life of the party. But Beth will take care of him I know. The kids will be happy to have him to look after. But please remember them in your prayers. Rough times and they need to get their strength back. Will post more as I know. I asked her to please call me when she gets done at the Dr.
    Love to all

    • Tonie….thanks for the update, that is devastating news and very upsetting….I will certainly be saying extra prayers for them both….its times like this when we maybe all wish we lived close and could help out in any way possible…please keep the updates coming sweetheart…….love to you and to all, especially Sue and her lovely Jim….God bless…xx

  3. This is awful news….I’m devastated to hear this.prayers for sue and Jim
    How did this all happen ..I’m so sorry for them both…..
    So good of you tonie to keep us informed…..
    I can see Sue laughing at tonies mistake!
    I’ll keep checking in and praying for them both

  4. Hey all
    Just heard from our fearless leader. She is home from the Dr, has a very bad, nasty , evil bacterial infection. Her Dr says pneumonia in her left side, our nurse says “Naaw”! If she isn’t better in a few days she has to go into the hospital. RX for antibiotics and cough meds. Understandably she is worn out from the trip, and is going to rest. Jim, is still in ICU….on cumadin, rest and fluids. He says he is coming home tomorrow ……right. So still pray, she says the best thing we can do for them. Yes, Jennie, I wish I were closer to her, I would go baby sit.
    So…that’s all for tonight, just keep praying for strength and healing.
    Love to all

    • Thanks, Tonie, for the recent update. I pray Sue won’t have to go into hospital and Jim can can get released soon. I feel so bad for these two strong people. Prayers to our God for strength to see them through this latest crisis.
      Jo x


  5. Tonie
    Thankyou for updating us all
    What a strong couple they are. Prayers for them both and that Sue won’t need to go to hospital.
    And that Jim stays there until they say so!!!!
    They are both on my mind And in my thoughts

  6. Hi all
    Have to go to shed for one last time and will be away tonite.
    No wifi over there now for us so I’ll be back on tomorrow nite
    All keep safe
    Esp our Sue and Jim
    Leaving to do some stuff with banks see the padre about funeral and then off

  7. Well all
    Went to shed and the site men had gone thru a drain and water was the manager about 20 miles away was going to give us the chq tomorrow so he said come now for it as we probably wouldn’t stay the nite now.went back to get things and water was we decided to stay. So far so good…..DH went for a rest his bp was up ..I went for a shower and put heating on…lol…gas had all waited till DH woke up and packed the car to the hilt and back we came..still out there to be emptied in the morning ..goodness knows where to put it.the garage is to empty it before we go to town to deposit the chq
    Hope Sue and Jim are pulling thru this now and feeling better
    You watched Granchester Jen..I am on plus one
    Thinking of our Sue

    • Hi Chris…….wow, its all happening at your end huh? Yes watched the last “Granchester” it was so good, can’t wait for it to come back on again…..good luck with all your stuff…..went out today for the first time, feeling a bit better but didn’t want to be too far from home……upset tummy with the meds…..x

  8. An update on my mom and dad: Mom has pneumonia and has some abnormal lab work but is still at home and trying her best to eat and drink and get better. My dad is still in the hospital but is much better and is trying to get blood thinners leveled and start eating again. My mom says thank you so much to everyone for the kind words and wishes!
    This was posted by Beth on FB. I will try to call her tomorrow and see how she is
    Chris, bless you. Hope you get things done ok. Hey I watched last seasons Grantchester. I Love that show. I a, watching now, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Have you guys seen it ? I love it too, up to season 3
    Well, long day and very tired. Hip injection early am. Then hopefully get to come home and till the rest of the garden. Using my brothers large tiller, and it is much gentler to use.
    Please be good to yourselves.
    Love to all

    • Tonie
      Thankyou for that as you know I don’t get Facebook
      No haven’t noticed those mysteries
      I think the first Granchester was the better
      Just watched the last of this ones and the last couple were a bit grusome I thought.but still watched as we go to that village a few times a year. They have a tearoom in an orchard with all deckchairs and the apple blossom falls where it will and it’s pretty
      Watch yourself doing all that work tonie
      I went to the rheum. clinic and they are putting me on those disease modifying drugs forget the name I’m not sure if I want to start many side effects
      Had about 20 blood tests
      Also she said I had torn a shoulder tendon gotta have a scan and physio for knees and somewhere else..I lost.count after all she said! Had an X-ray for my hands
      Hope our Sue feels better by now and her Jim .its a little difficult to get the levels right at first for the blood thinners .it did with DH and with most I’s so dependent on meds and the food you have
      But it gets there and it’s then monitored regular
      My prayers for them both
      I’ve gotta bank that shed check today.i think that’s all unless something turns up! Saw the vicar yesterday it was a lovely meeting..I was so angry for my dad and he said some comforting words that reassured
      Ok gotta get up now back later

    • Tonie….thanks for that, saw it on f/b earlier, glad you too like “Grantchester”, I love going back in time and being able to see my Mother Country, with all the little villages etc. Not seen Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Tonie….is it an English programme or USA??
      Hope the injection went ok, and you are getting your rest now. …….xxxx

      • Jennie, it is an Australian program I got off Netflix. I really enjoy it, no cursing, a little sex , of course, but tasteful. And I love the costumes….I love the fashion from that era all glitz and glamour. It is amazing that there are still programs out there that are not so laced with profanity and sex scenes that you feel like you are watching porn.
        When I think of England, I see it like in those movies..still in those innocent times
        Love ya

  9. Chris
    Are you talking about the biologics ? I don’t want to go on them either. Once you do you cant go back. I know some people need them, Laura is on one, but I don’t thank goodness. My MTX is keeping it from progressing. If it stops working, then we will have to look elsewhere. Do you take it ? Methotrexate ?
    Well, ladies, I must get dressed and go for my injection. It is rainy today so no tilling of the ground for me. I will come home and vegetate most likely with a good book

  10. Tonie
    They are hydroxchlor. Something or other cant remember and they are downstairs now.ill get name again..but not keen .no I don’t take the one you only on anti inflammatory ones..but can’t take them with side effects .no I don’t fancy the others like you
    More going on today and another lot tomorrow..I mite go see my dad don’t know what to do ..or not
    Hope you got onto what you wanted to do
    We emptied the car..then I vacuumed it and dusted it .so all back to normal there
    Jen hope you are continuing to improve .weather turned colder and rainy here
    Thinking of our Sue and Jim

    • Chris, just read your entry. Hydroxychloroquine is an old malaria drug. THey found out in WW11 taking any of those helped the soldiers with arthritis. I recommend it highly. I’ve been on it for over 20 years without any side effects. The only one to worry about is color vision and I’ve just had my eyes checked twice a year and never a problem.
      Hopefully Jim will be able to come home tomorrow. Tomorrow his oxygen levels were too low but he’s planning on tomorrow. Poor Beth, we’re about to work her to death and she’s missed her real job. She’s been up to see Jim each day and spent the last three nights with me. My pneumonia is getting there after only three doses of antibiotics it’s slowly improving. I’m so bored and depressed from feeling a burden to my daughter. I still have trouble eating due to infection in my stomach as well as sinus. What a thing this has been.
      Glad you’re finally out of the beach place and know you will be glad to finally be moved into your lovely new place. Won’t it be find when your Dad can finally rest in peace? Hope everyone reads this. Just too tired to write more. Love to you, John and all the rest on here. Sue


      • Dear Sue, Great to have you back. Just take it easy, one step at a time. Prayers and positive thoughts for you, Jim, Beth and your whole family. Love, Janet

      • Sue, it truly is wonderful to see you back here again. I’m still praying for you and Jim and your whole family. It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope Jim gets to come home asap. Continue to improve and taking care as best you can. Prayers for all here on the blog going through your own challenges.
        Wishing all a good weekend.

    • Yes, Chris, it is, but not a biologic. I’ve been on it for years and have had no problem at all. Like Tonie, I am refusing to go on to the biologics until absolutely necessary because of the increased risk of cancer. I’ve had some skin cancers removed as well as abnormal cells elsewhere. My aunt also has had a very aggressive form of cancer and though likely I wouldn’t get it, I am not taking any chances.

  11. Hi everyone, I have been reading and keeping up with all the news. I just have not felt like writing. I hurt everywhere. I just want to h in bed wrap up and sleep or watch TV. We have had cool windy and rainy weather here too! I will be so glad when it gets warm and stays that way.
    I did great the 3 weeks I was in Wilmington at my daughters. I slept good and ate good, hardly any pain.

  12. Here we go again,I almost lost what little bit I have written. I enjoyed my time with my great granddaughter! I could only hold her when she was asleep because she is such a wiggle worm.
    I like the rest of you have been worried about Sue and Jim. I have been praying for them to get better real soon. Chris and Tonie, my Rheumatologist wants to put me a biologic also. I told him there were too many side affects plus it can also cause cancer! I have already gone through breast cancer and do not want to take a chance on getting Lymphoma. He said he had only had one patient to develop cancer so far and I told him one was too many. It is very expensive so he wants me to try and get it from the drug company. I don’t think we will qualify for it. I am not going to take it anyway! I will just stay on the methotrexate and other meds I take for the arthritis. Most of my bad pain is from my back anyway.
    I am starting Physical therapy next week for my back. I will be getting in the pool one week and land therapy the next. There is a treadmill in the pool. I have done it before and it feels so good in the water. I am going to try it for a while and see how I do. Since I have the Scoliosis my left hip is higher than the right one so my therapist is asking my doctor to write a prescription for a lift to go in my shoe and make me more even! I think that will help alot. I need to stop as my back hurts and I need to go lay down! Praying for all of you and will write more again soon! Sending love, hugs, and prayers! Love, Donna
    P.S. Chris, you have been and are in my prayers sweetie! I know all of this has got to be taking its toll on you! I feel like your Dad is at peace and you will have some too when you get moved into your own new home. Congratulations on how quickly everything has happened and fallen into place. I pray it continues that way for you and your DH. I know you are working on some health issues and God will work it all out. Remember, God will give us the peace that passes all understanding! He loves all of us and is keeping us wrapped in his arms as we go through hard times. He will never leave us or Forsake us! Amen! Donna

  13. Hi all Ive just written a long post and pressed the wrong button and lost it
    Thankyou for that help with the helps knowing how someone has been with it.i think I will trial it after the funeral.get that done with first…I’m stuck on my dads speech I seem to be avoiding doing it
    Your Beth would want to help you both and would have it no other way .i know like me you are independent but you have given Beth the chance to shine again and she has and you must feel special. How lovely to have a daughter in times like these .you rest and get better now . Some sunshine and warmth wouldn’t go amiss when it comes and you are up to sitting out in it for a few moments wrapped up. I know when it comes!
    How lovely and good to have Jim home you both will feel so much better then.time must be going so slow for you but maybe that’s natures way of healing somehow.
    Yes what an evil bug this is was it the flu itself with the added complications ?
    Anyway you rest now and take all the healing time you can

    Thankyou for your prayers.i think Ive said before I love those few words of peace I find them stilling and resting
    Your Drs do seem to be looking after you well.i think you have made the right decision about those meds
    Yes I feel my dad has found peace
    And I’m so over the shed now all the coming and going was getting too much for me.
    All seems to be going ok so far with Both the buyer and seller of the houses so hope it continues
    I hope your back feels easier
    Hope all are ok

  14. good morning all;
    Sue, so wonderful to see you on here. Don’t you worry about Beth….she will be okay. It is good for her to help you out sometimes. She wouldn’t have it any other way…you are her mama and she loves you , and Jim. GLad to hear you are perking up some. Prayer can heal all things, and I am still praying for your deliverance from this sickness and for restored strength.
    Chris, take care and rest some too. Donna, the water is the best thing for your body at this point. I cant walk very far right now because of my hip and back problems, but hopefully this will be fixed in time. Meanwhile, swimming is the most wonderful thing for me. It has taken me a year of swimming to build up to the 1.5 miles I am swimming. And Lord knows I am not going to win any races, just slow and steady. But I feel so relaxed and wonderful when I am done. THEN I get my ice cream cone for lunch !!!
    I had my hip injection yesterday. He speaks against me having the bursa removed, says there is a chance it will just be the same. Told me to give him a chance to get it settled down, get my back fixed and see if that works out. May 17th and 30th, I get my ablations done on the back. Actually looking forward to it, however, he has given me a RX for steroids to be taken before and after…..ugh !! I hate how those things make me feel.
    Well, gotta get going and swim swim swim.
    Love to you all
    Sue so glad to see you on here !!

  15. Sue, I will join the band happy to see you on here again. Keep doing what you’re doing – it seems to be working! Been praying for you, Jim, Beth, and the whole family as well as all here who write in and those who don’t.

    Chris, I did comment above, but you might not find it. I am on hydroxychloriquine also and have been for years. No problems. Yes, a DMARD, but not a biologic. I won’t do those until and unless doc starts seeing joint destruction, and then, grudgingly. Have had skin cancers and other abnormal cells removed elsewhere as well as a very aggressive cancer my sweet aunt has been fighting. No thanks.

  16. Lyn
    Thankyou For that.its good to know the confidence in the drug…makes me more happy to take it..I will try when over this period
    Yes I like you would not take this other drug it does sound a bit edgy.
    You are having a lot done lately .good to have it all done before the home coming!
    Hope things are better again and Jim improving
    Good things are improving ..nearer to your son coming over now
    Ok gonna get some sleep

  17. Hello…..Not too good today…..chest hurts and coughing bad again….last day of meds, don’t want to see the doc again, so getting on with it. Nasty back pain thrown into the mix, yuk.
    I wish you all a good weekend, thinking of everyone……tired going for a rest…….God bless xx

  18. Hello all
    Have had a day of it. Woke up with snow covering the ground and very cold icy wind blowing ! But…I heard from my FM. He is released to come back at the end of the month for his granddaughters wedding, so I will see him earlier than expected. Happy about that. Spoke with Sue…she sounds a lot stronger, says she is feeling better but is still not able to eat very well, so keep that prayer going. Jim is home and has been running errands already. Hopefully Sue will be gaining more strength and maybe able to eat after a few more days on antibiotics. However, she has gotten yeast in her mouth from them, has her mouthwash so hopefully it goes away soon. One step forward two back.
    My son visited for a few hours, along with my daughter and a few grands, the two youngest chose to stay the night, so I have monkey butts in the house. Hopefully warmer weather tomorrow of which I will be happy ! Take care all

  19. Good news about Jim home and our Sue being stronger .bummer about the yeast infection in the mouth..can’t take anything without something to follow….hope it takes a hike soon
    And for you tonie good news Too. Will he come over for good now or just the wedding ?
    What weather this year we are all having. Keep warm and enjoy your grands

  20. Chris
    FM will be here for the summer now, they excused him from work early. So he gets an extra month. I haven’t gotten all the details for his retirement yet, he wants to talk face to face on that end, so not sure how long he needs to return for.
    Cold this morning, very light frost so I hope my lilac is still gonna bloom. It is warming up today so it will be better this week. Hopefully winters last hurrah ! Right Lyn ? I saw your pic on FB. Looks like you got a lot more than we did. Still it was a shock to see it on the ground huh ?
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Me I am off to church with the Grandkids.
    Love to all

    • Sorry, I’ve not been on here for a while. Yes, we got 3 or 4 inches of the white stuff Saturday. Sadie enjoyed romping in it. I stayed inside. Hopefully the last hurrah! At least it melted quickly and didn’t make the roads a mess. They got slushy for a while, but by afternoon had melted.
      Good news on your personal French front! I’m sure he wants to save all the talking of retirement details for face to face rather than the impersonal, and easily misinterpreted written word. How are conditions where he is? Any improvement?
      Off to PT for my neck.

      • Oh Lyn…….more snow….bummer, hope the warmer weather gets to you quickly now as it has for us…..AT LAST !!!!!
        Good luck with the PT, hope its helping…….Jennie

  21. Hi Lyn
    Snow….what weather your having
    Hope the pt on the neck went ok
    There for the summer..that sounds so good.when he’s there discussion will be so much more easier
    I had a busy day… all day in town with various appts then Drs for DH.hope to go to collect some things from shed tomorrow if they can meet us there to open up
    Nearly finished my speech for Monday for my dad
    The royal British legion are going to be there with their flags
    Hope all is well for you and Jim
    Hope the back improved

    • Chris……been thinking of you all week, and hoping the speech is sorted out by now…….wish I could be there for you.
      The British Legion are great, my Mum and Dad were members in Holland, and masses of them turned out for my Dad’s funeral, because they were also all in the American Marines together, so lots of tributes for him.
      Weather turned here in France at last… is it for you?
      Back still a mess and lots of muck still on my chest, but getting there…….God bless….Jennie

  22. Sue…….with you in my thoughts dear friend, been praying for the recovery of that dreadful virus that hit you and your Jim, also the pneumonia that has hit you, is now on the wane…….Love and God bless you both……Jennie xx

  23. Morning all:
    Been a busy couple of days for me, working outside in the garden, the yard and various other activities. been tired at night and HUNGRY !! I have cooked two nights in a row !!! Up early today and getting ready for another busy day. Lyn, things are much the same in FM’s corner of France. Still with soldiers and all around the border, doesn’t look to change anytime soon.
    Chris, prayers for you dear friend as you go about all the busy tasks , sad and also proud of your Dad’s going home. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and peace.
    jennie, hope you are feeling better. My back and hip have eased up since the injection some. Hope it stays that way. I am having to stop and sit for a while or else it gives out.
    I will try to check in with Sue today and see what is going on with them. She did post on FB on sunday, all the same I shared here with you.
    Well, off and running. Have a wonderful day all of you
    love to all

    • Tonie
      I love those words going home ..feel very much better with that
      You are doing a lot ..heard of resting???
      Be waiting to see how sue and Jim are
      Well Gs is going to stand with me for my words and just found out DD will be too so I’m not sure if that’ll make me better or not I think I mite get worked up more cos I appreciate it if you know what I mean…On my own I could do it but with a squeeze of the hand the knowing they are with me it’ll make me ..well you know..but I do love that they would do that with hope for the best
      Filled in all sols stuff today for house sale.more of my dads stuff.
      Be back chris

        JEN XX


  24. Dear Friends, I have tried to keep up with your notes but not clear that I did…missed a few days. Jim and I are coming along but very slowly. Still bad coughs and for me, stomach still sensitive. I’ve lost a few pounds as has Jim. He can afford to. His pulmonary embolism is much dissolved but he will still have to keep on the anticoagulants and has been having blood work every other day. Guess this wretched stuff is just going to take time to finally clear out for both of us. My back and SI’s are very bad right now from the coughing.
    Chris I will be thinking about you on Monday and agree with Tonie, it will be wonderful for your father and your family to have him finally officially and beautifully at rest. I believe he’s been in his heavenly home since the moment of his death…from this life to that one. He is now free of all those many restrictions he suffered. Just do what you want as far as the family standing with you. It might be wonderful to have a hand to hold but only you know for certain. The arrangements sound like something he would like very much.
    Jennie, sounds like you’ve had bronchitis and hope you’re better now. The pics of your garden are lovely as always this time of year. Your DH has such an eye for detail…every little pot is planted. The colors are magnificent. You take care and I hope those tumors on your foot are tolerable until they can be seen.
    Lyn, glad to see the snow is gone in the pic today of Sadie. What a slush you must have had. And those poor daffodils. Oh my. We’re still just chilly and rain off and on…had an onslaught last night. Hope your neck is improving with PT.
    Tonie, well dear, won’t be long now until love is reunited. So happy for you, you know. Hope the injections do a world of good but do be a good girl…okay? Rest and give them a chance. I know you have much to do with spring but you have to come first.
    Everyone else, wonderful to hear from you each and will write later. Love, Sue

  25. Sue
    Great to hear from you
    I don’t suppose the antibiotics helped your tummy’s the mouth?
    I do hope you now keep on improving and slowly does it…..
    Also l hope Jim stays at home and doesn’t go into work!!
    Yea I’d like my dad sorted now it seems such a long time ago somehow.
    Raining here Jen and colder
    Been so busy again with sols for a variety of stuff
    Tired and head muddled !
    Jen what you mean where’s home for dad? He’s c of e if that’s what you mean to ask. Or maybe he’s just with my mum…
    Did you watch Scott and Bailey last night? I recorded it so still to watch it.i liked the last series

    • Chris……I got muddled, thought you meant you were having Dad’s funeral where he was born and bred, lots of people want to be buried/cremated where they come from, should they have moved elsewhere……not sure where you said Dad was from…….he will soon be at rest, and you can go over your lovely memories you have of him with your family…be brave my friend, you have support from both sides of the pond….love you….Jen xx

  26. Hi all
    Sue so glad to see you felt up to posting. You have been missed. Still praying for you, do everyday, but special ones. Well, I finally got the yard mowed today. Went to SAMs for my bread and almonds. I had to clean up a fire pit full of branches and sticks before I could mow. My granddaughter is graduating next month, and she came by to get some pics for the senior slide show. My other God is in track, so Mon I have to go see her run, but Sunday is her last choir performance, so…..
    Chris I hope you get things ready to your liking. Don’t worry about getting emotional, it is to be expected. Just say and do what you want and need to. It is your Dad.
    Jennie, take care. Yes, won’t be lone now until FM is here. He will be in the States by the 25 th in time for the wedding…then we will see.
    Well off to sleep for me.
    Love to all

    • Tonie….I’m a bit behind with replies, so sorry about that. Yes that time is coming for you, and so much for you to look forward to love.
      Good luck for you GD’s graduation, will you be going? Great to see Sue back on here huh?…….love ya….Jennie

  27. Sue, you must be slowly improving, good to see a post from you. I do wish you both weren’t still working your way back, but just happy you’re in the upswing. I can imagine your back and SI are very unhappy campers with all that coughing. I wish I could switch with you if only a short time to give you a break! Hang in there! And do what you need to do. You, my dear, do not need to lose a few pounds, so do what you can to build that strength back up. I know it is very difficult with a tricky tummy.
    The neck PT is coming. Presumed pinched nerve recurrence. This time I couldn’t shake it on my own, so I called my Rheumy. He took xrays of my neck and upper back, but no MRI at this time (thank heavens – I HATED the last one). PT is working to strengthen postural muscles and tuck that bulging disc back in. Thankfully, my RA seems to be taking a bit of a break (just occasional tweaks), and OA is doing pretty well (maybe the warmer weather of late), so my main discomfort (ok, pain) is from the neck and sore and tight muscles. PT did give me stretches to do in hopes of breaking down some of that muscle tension. HA! Little do they know those puppies have been active a LONG time and don’t respond well. But we’re trying.

    Chris, I agree with Tonie and Jennie. If you get to the day and would feel better standing by yourself, I’ll bet your DD and GS will understand. But wait and see. I can understand feeling ready for it all to wrap up. I think many of us believe as Sue, your Dad is already happily situated, whole, and happy. Prayers will continue for you. I am amazed at all you have taken on and wish you well.

    Jennie, how are you feeling? I have enjoyed your pics as has Sue. 🙂

    Tonie, good to see those ablation dates on the horizon. Wish they were sooner, but they will be worth the wait, I bet. I know SB feels that way. I have to say, and think you will take this as intended, I had to laugh at what I assume was an autocorrect mishap in your comment. Wouldn’t think twice, except knowing you. “My other God is in track”. Well, it was early, so I did a double take first, then chuckled to myself. We all know what you meant, but also know you have one God, but more than one GD. 😉 Thanks for that chuckle. Or, I should thank your computer. You should see me on my hone! Ha! There you go. Not even on the phone and my finger missed the p. Anyway, I routinely miss certain letters on my phone and have to proofread carefully. On my tablet, it is usually autocorrect that gets me, especially in email. It corrects the strangest things… Anyway, I hope you are enjoying some of the same beautiful weather we are currently enjoying. We have several days coming and I can’t wait! But, do take care not to overdo!

    Blessings to one and all!

    • Lyn
      I am TERRIBLE at proofing when I type on the tablet. I hate that autocorrect on it and the phone. because I am looking at the keypad and not the screen, on the computer, like now I am watching the screen. Yes, it is my gd in track not my God !! LOL !! I didn’t even see that. I cant wait for the ablation to be done. sometimes I stand up and that nerve hits and all I can do is grab something to steady me and holler !! Has sb had to redo his or is it still doing good from the first time?. THey tell me this is the only nerve in the back that grows back. Lucky me !!!
      Well, time to go swim and stretch the back out.
      love to all

      • Tonie, he has had to have his redone, but they seem to last a while. The first round (both sides) lasted almost a year, the next round lasted a tad over a year. And I have the same problem – too busy watching what I think I’m typing rather than what is coming up. Today I was a trip on the tablet (and I have a keyboard for mine!) and my phone. Ugh. Time for a bedtime drink – maybe some hot tea tonight – and some reading time. Sleep well. If you got a swim in, you probably will. 🙂

      • Tonie, we all get a kick out of ribbing you over your typos but love you much. I enjoyed chatting with you live today on the phone. I’m so pleased about Nikki turning her life around and am so thrilled and happy you have your FM coming for the summer. It’s amazing how quickly all of our grands have grown. I, like you, look forward to the ablations so you can get some relief for your back pain.
        Jim went to Costco today and came home pooped…of course. There is no holding this man down. He does worry me. We’re both coughing and slowly improving. Glad you got your swim in. Have a great weekend, okay? Hope the weather is good. Love ya, Sue

    • Hi Lyn……Blessings to you too……yes I agree, its lovely to see Sue back with us, she has been very much missed by us all…..I feel for her with the coughing, we just finished a Bible study, and I coughed through most of it, felt awful, but couldn’t be helped, only glad it was at home and not in the church.
      I hope the PT works quickly for the relief of your neck pain, does it hurt to turn your head, I have to do gentle rotations, and I dread it, it hurts so, but if I don’t it just gets stiffer and more painful……the joys of getting old….are there any???
      The warmer weather always helps, unfortunately for us we don’t yet have any, but getting there…..take care…Jennie

      • Hi, Jennie, yes, turning my head is an issue, however lately my bulging disc has been pinching the nerve and causing fun and games in my right hand, wrist, elbow, and arm. I was hoping doc would suggest PT, and panned to if he didn’t. I do think it is helping, so will stick with it. I think MRI and injections were next on the list. No thank you, if I can avoid it. 😉 Sorry for your blasted coughing. 😦 I hope it runs its course soon.

    • Lyn, so good to hear from you but sorry to hear about your neck pain. I know about that but also know we are each individuals with our own set of torture. I hope the PT makes a difference for you and they can do something new that you aren’t able to do on your own. Getting everything aligned sounds like a good start. The only advice I have from my experiences with neck pain are to sleep in a pediatric cervical collar, use heat and ice alterations and go to PT. Like Jennie I have had problems for many years and know the importance of consistent rotation as taught by PT. The cervical collars don’t dig into the chin as much yet also keep the neck from coiling up in the fetal position during sleep. Even a hand towel rolled and pinned around the neck can help. I know you don’t want an MRI and totally understand so let us hope. Hang in there my sweet friend.
      Jim and I have a good day, then a bad one. Terrible combination this virus with pneumonia and for him the added concerns of the pulmonary embolus. He will be on blood thinners for the rest of his life. Good news is that he has a retirement date. In six weeks he will be a man of leisure. I can hardly wait. Since he’s been working less for the last three months to use up all his vacation time, the transition should be easier. Do take care and keep us informed, okay? Much love, Sue

      • Hurray! Jim had his retirement date! Now, what will he do to fill his time… I kow my DH is already thinking ahead in that regard. He gets antsy on a simple snow day!
        I’ll keep the collar in mind. Doc did suggest I ask the PT about a home traction unit. He says he doesn’t recommend it for everyone sick you can misuse them and hurt yourself, but he how “analysis compulsive” (his words) I can be and feels sure i’d be fine with it. I told him it seems we both speak the same language. He chuckled and agreed. 😉 We’ll see what PT says. I know my entire spine felt relief when both doc and PT put slight traction on my skull.

  28. Sue
    Good to see you back again
    You both must be so worn out after this you will need time to build up .but so good to see you two on the mend
    I will be still having DD and Gs standing with me .i would not say other to them as they are so proud to be doing it..I will just take it as it comes. I’ve got it typed up and rereading it so I have it as I want to say I’ll just see how it goes
    Went and got a new mattress yesterday the other was 18 yrs old so we thought with moving and all..we have had a topper on it for a few yrs. it comes on Thursday . But I’m sore from trying the beds.and my shoulder ultra sound of both shoulders middle of May
    Going to have my hair cut and blow dried this morning and scone and tea out for breakfast

    • Chris……wow! that is a long time for a mattress, bet it was a really good one, I am glad the kids will be standing with you, I am sure the speech will go well…….glad to see you are treating yourself to a nice bit of pampering at the salon, you deserve it my friend. Hope you enjoyed your tea and scone out……have a quiet Sunday if you can, and conserve your energy for Monday…..everyone is with you……love you….Jen xx


    • Suzanne…..a whole week disconnected?? sounds like heaven and peace and quiet, but then again, its always nice to get back and catch up with everyone isn’t it? I was getting better, but since the antibiotics finished, I seemed to be up for round two….coughing till it feels as if my ribs are cracking……just want some sun and I will feel better….how is your Aunt now, are things the same as they were? Thinking of you……Love Jennie

  30. How strange I put a post on and it registered it ok then disappeared .so short note now
    Hope all well.
    I have my words all sorted now.i wil be feeling all your presence on Monday at 2 pm here
    Sue so good to have Jim at home you can plan for the summer now.i hope the coughs are going
    Back later

  31. Hello….wrote a long post earlier and it got wiped, so not writing much in case it happens again.
    Just to wish you all a happy Sunday……..hope the traction works Lyn
    Blessings for tomorrow Chris
    Sue……progressing well I hope….love you
    Tonie….take care of yourself, want you in one piece for next month.

    Love to all….hope this goes through xxx

    • Dear Friends, Yes, Chris, we’ll be there with our best selves; our spirits and love. Feel what you feel as you say goodbye to your dear Dad and try to envision him at your mother’s side.
      Jennie, pray you are better and coughing less. We are but still have those painful spells with shortness of breath. Jim is out washing his car and making noises about going back to work next week. We will see. Six more weeks and he’ll be home with me in retirement. We’re both looking forward, especially in light of recent health issues. Do enjoy your beautiful garden sweet lady.
      Lyn, I think traction along with PT to strengthen is a good idea and yes dear, I know you will do it well and correctly.
      Suzanne, good to hear from you as it’s been awhile. Do take care.
      Tonie, are you being good?
      Jo, are you in Chicago now? Thinking of you. To all others, miss your dear voices on here. Much love to each and all, Sue

      • Sue, it is so good to see you back here. What an ordeal you both have been through. So glad you both seem to be on the mend. What great news about DH retiring very soon. I’m sure everyday life will be much easier having him home to help a d also to enjoy the summer. I’m sure it can’t come quick enough, huh?
        No I’m not in Chicago . I ended up.not going for a few reasons.(long story) But 24/7 care was found for my mom so she can stay in her home as my dad would have wanted . I’ve learned these kinds of crises bring out the worst in my siblings:( I am planning, along with Mike, to go visit her and my MIL in May.
        Keeping you in my prayers, Sue. So good to see you back. God bless you and everyone else on here. Love, Jo

      • Hello,
        Sue what great news, six weeks then you can be together, and when you feel more like it and have recovered, you can perhaps go out a bit, and enjoy the Summer……we have not been able to enjoy much time in the garden as of yet, its just not been warm enough, but a couple of days this week are meant to be warm, then things slide back to cold for the weekend…..oh joy. Just got back from the hospital, got to have an MRI in June on the tumours in my foot, my DH has to have injections in his knee at the same time…..ah well, could be worse…….love you xx

  32. Sue
    Yes I will think of what you said at the time…I will feel so much you are all there
    End of day here and I’m ready for tomorrow . So many people coming to see him off
    hope all is well
    Hope you getting better still
    Well going to close off and read a book try and sleep
    Back at end of day tomorrow

    • Chris, I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Courage and strength for you. You got this. What a wonderful tribute it will be for your Dad.
      Jo x

    • Chris….had you on my mind all day, hoping by now its all over…… ordeal for you, but I am sure you and the family will have done your dear Dad proud…….good thoughts and prayer coming your way my friend…….love Jen x


  34. Good evening all
    Wow, looked on here yesterday morning, nothing….now you have been busy. Lyn, I hate to think they grow back that quickly. But, any relief is good. I know I won’t be able to ride unless I can get this back situated. Sorry about your neck. Mine had been some better since I am swimming more, I think it has to do with the rotation of my head and the stretching out of my arms and spine. Does that make sense ? I worked outside yesterday, and hope to do so tomorrow also. It is supposed to be 80′ here tomorrow ! And high 70’s the rest of the week. I hope it stays that way !
    Chris, my dear, my prayers for your peace and tranquility tomorrow . I am glad you treated yourself. A new mattress is indeed a treat. Especially as expensive as they are. I am need myself, just putting it off. You will probably rest on it for a week once you get through all this activity !
    Jennie, hope you are feeling better. Suzanne so good to see you here. It is hard for me to not be connected to the Internet. I use it all the time. But, it is good to disconnect every now and then. Is it any warmer up your way ?
    Jo, I hope you and your mother are doing well.
    Sue, we had prayer for you this morning, for your ability to eat and to gain your strength back. Could you all add my friend Millie to your prayers. The Dr has told her that she has an aneurysm on her lung and that it can take her at any time. But we know that God can remove it , don’t we ? She is having a rough time right now. I would like to see her again.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, I understand the length of respite varies from person to person with the ablation. One nurse SB had had to have her neck done every 6 months. Some people never have to have it done again. SB seems happy with the duration of his. It’s better than nothing, which is what he had. 🙂

      • Yes, I understand that. I am just tired of Dr’s and procedures, blah blah blah. You understand I know. It seems everything with my back problems is short term and I want a forever fix. Not sure it is out there. Thanks for the updates Lyn. it is nice to know someone has good things to say about the procedure.

  35. good morning all;
    Well, beautiful day to be alive here in the Commonwealth !! My college sociology prof used to say that every morning. Well, got maybe my last phone call from France until I get one in the US. heehee !! One more week and he is leaving for the state. He will be here before the 17th, so he can go with me to get my back ablated. Only a few more weeks now. Unreal. He has a funeral to go to on Thursday, lots of family to contend with. He is not happy to have to see all these relations who have opinions and suggestions on his living her in the US.
    Chris, thinking of you this morning. Praying all goes well for you. Finishing my last cup of coffee and then I must go and swim. come home and do something outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.
    Pray you all have a great day

    • Tonie…….ooooh!!! getting close now, so excited for you…..I so wish his family would back off a bit and let you both be happy, surely they would want that for their Dad……I know my DH’s family were the same, but I was determined to ignore it and make their Dad happy, I think I have done that, I just don’t let it bother me anymore, and you must take the same attitude, its your time now, its nice they are concerned for him, but enough already.
      Glad your weather has perked up, wish ours would, just getting the odd day here and there, still coughing well and could use the sun, can you send some please??………………….love Jennie x

  36. Hi all
    It all went so well
    The service was beautiful,everyone said.lots were there and the press too!
    The cannon and the vicar said such lovely words
    Mine ..I managed to say the lot.with a few silences but got thru it..DD And GS standing by me tearful
    The flags and all were lovely to walk thru
    People said so many nice things
    Thankyou to all of you. Again you are all so my support team
    Tired now long day
    Not long now then….
    I like the words a forever fix ..I want one

    • Hi Chris, I just wanted you to know that my thoughts were with you today! I haven’t been able to get on the blog for a lot of days. My password was messed up again. It was a real pain to reset password. It kept not going to the page I needed to be on. Finally after an hour of this I was able to reset my password and get on the blog. I am so sorry I didn’t get on here earlier. I saw where you posted that everything went well. I am so glad that God brought you peace! Now try and get some rest before you have to start going full speed ahead on the buying and selling and moving in your new home. I hope everything went through okay with no hassles or problems. I will continue to be praying for you and your family. I hope your DH is doing well. Love you dear friend! I need to go to bed so I will be rested up for my physical therapy tomorrow on my back. Sending love and ((( hugs ))), Donna
      To everyone else, thinking and praying about you all. I tried to send a post a week ago but it wouldn’t send it through. After trying almost every day since to send one, I finally was able to change my password, once again, so I can send posts.
      Sue, so glad you are back on and getting some better. Also glad Jim is better and retiring in a matter of weeks. Will continue praying.
      Jennie, praying for you to get better and stop coughing as well.
      Jo, hope you are doing better and glad you will be going to see your mom in May.
      Tonie, so happy for you and your FM. It won’t be long now! I know you are excited. Take it easy so you want be in bad shape when he gets here. He will help you when he is here. I know how you feel about doctors and procedures. It gets old doesn’t it? I will be praying for you. Exactly what is ablation if I may ask? Anyway, good luck with that.
      Lyn, I hope the PT is helping you. We have to really push ourselves through so many hard things. I will be praying for you!
      If I missed anyone, I am so sorry. Will catch you next time.
      As for me, so much going on but for now will keep it short. Maybe if I feel better tomorrow I will go into more detail. I will be in PT for the back and hips. I will also be getting in the pool and doing some walking on a treadmill. Yes, a treadmill in the pool. It feels great! Because my hip on the left side from the mastectomy and the Scholiosis is higher than the right side, I will be fitted for a lift to go in my shoe to try and even me out some. As far as the bending over and not able to stand up straight, I have been considering having my right breast removed so I will be more even weight and maybe not getting bent over any worse. Ok, goodnight, love you all and hopefully will chat tomorrow. Sending all ((( hugs ))) and love, Donna

      • Donna….nice to see you back I was getting worried….cough not much better, its wearying. That’s a big decision to have your breast removed love, please make sure you get advice on that.
        Hope the PT helps your back and hips.
        Take care ……x

      • Donna, I am sorry you’ve had so much trouble getting on here. WIsh I knew more about how it works. Sounds like many problems continuing and I’m so sorry about that. I agree you should think that bit about getting a breast removed long and hard. Do you really have the health for that? Now that you’re back we hope to hear more from you. Love, Sue

      • Donna
        glad you are doing well, good to hear from you. An ablation is a kind of burning, or searing of the nerve, just burns it away. It will, unfortunately , grow back. I was told it was the only nerve in the back that will grow back. The facet joint nerve

      • Donna, thank you. It will be good to go see my mom soon. Sounds like you’re benefitting from your water p.t. I loved it when I went too. It seemed to help me with my back and hip issues. Hope you continue to feel better.

    • Well done Chris…..proud of you and your family. Gorgeous weather now, is it in your neck of the woods?? My DH knows I have been having a few off days, and brought me a duck egg with toast soldiers this morning…..its the little things…!!!!! xx

      • Jen, what a thoughtful man you have. I pray you will soon start to feel better. I totally understand and can hardly wait to do the same. Sorry it’s been too cold to enjoy the garden. Mine is a mess and will have to stay that way for awhile. Supposed to have rain tomorrow but hope it holds off as I’ve called the yard guy out to do the winter clean up. I feel like I’ve lost so much ground with this virus and pneumonia. Jim says he is better. Yes, we’re looking forward to his retirement. Must make this short. No strength here but hoping it will come. Much love, Sue

  37. Donna I agree with Jen,it’s one big decision to do that
    Thankyou for your kind words and it went so well
    I feel my mum and dad are together and there two plots side by side feel right now
    Egg and soldiers last time I had that was in hebden bridge in one of those cafes you said to go to
    Lucky you .yep,it’s the small stuff
    Lovely weather here too…good innit
    Done some sorting out in the garage with my dads stuff and some stuff on Shelves .it’s a start.things for charity too

    The vicar mentioned dad going home and it echoed what you said I liked
    My dad I feel so strongly now is with my feels better going to the graves somehow
    Well I did A stir fry and I dont normally drink alcohol but had two glasses of fizz.and feel really heady but good.i feel it’s the end of my mum and dads story somehow and now it’s my turn….odd innit
    Hope you are still improving
    Hope all goes well for your mum and for yourself to cope with family
    How you going now with your aunt?
    How’s your DD doing now did she change the type of job she was doing .i know she preferred one part of it
    Well I’m gonna sleep this off

    • Chris dear, what an enormous relief to know all went well and you are feeling at peace about your Dad/ The service sounds so lovely and celebratory in a way. I know you would do well and like the others, prayed for you. I awoke at four in the morning our time said another prayer for you and went back to sleep. Yes dear, this is your time to gather the strength to move into your lovely new home.
      Yes, Jim and I are getting there healthwise. He is going back to work today and I think it’s a bit soon but that’s his nature. I am still coughing and feel as though my chest and throat are full of mucous. This has been a terrible time for us and just a bit too much for me. Our weather is also wonderful and spring like. Yesterday we drove down by the river and enjoyed the ships, birds and tourists walking by. I’ve never seen so many backpacks in my life. Then it was home and that was enough of an outing for me.
      Do measure your strength for all you must do. Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        I do wish this mucus would get a shift on
        Just rest and some sunny dry weather ……
        I’m so pleased you got out amid some nice scenery it does wonders for the soul…
        Jim back to work that sounds about right doesn’t it!!! But not long now till you can do stuff together’ll be your time
        They put my dads service sheet in the cathedral for all to see that go for services there..the canon rang to tell me today that’s what he thought they would like and also the local newspaper rang me to ask for info…he would be tickled pink about it I am proud
        Sorting the stuff I got from my dads flat out today and also starting on the garage tomorrow ..but all done taking it easy .camt do too much until the exchange is more secure
        Thankyou for your prayers..everything went just so great

    • Chris………ah yes Hebden Bridge, remember it well, two dippy dips and big toast soldiers dripping with butter……
      Its a hateful job clearing out your parents possessions, so many memories you will find there….hope its not too hard for you love. What happened to the weather again, hit 19c today, but not without that old enemy that east wind…nice while it lasted though………………….take care Jen x

    • Thanks Chris. So happy for you with all the exciting changes in your life. Moving is so stressful, so pace yourself. In the last couple days, we sold our house. Then the buyers escrow fell through on their Oregon home yesterday. Now today the deal is on! I feel like a yo-yo. Who knows what tomorrow will bring . Take care of yourself while going through all this busyness.

      • Jo, I’m so pleased to hear you sold your house and let’s all hope and pray this deal works out. Small wonder you feel like a yoyo after all of this. I know you have a lot going on right now with the pending sale and thinking of going to see your dear Mom. Thought of you so often lately and wondered how things were going. I haven’t been on here as much due to weakness form the pneumonia and frankly some depression from coping with so many problems. Pray the sun begins to shine more brightly for all of us. Love you, Sue

      • Sue, so good to hear from you. I think of you so often too, and wonder how you’re progressing.. I was hoping you were gaining some strength back and have been able to eat better. With everything you have been through, Sue, I am not at all surprised there is depression. You’re only human after all and a very strong one at that. You have dealt with so much these last couple of years. .I know you dread your trip into Portland and the care rides are difficult with your back. I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to give you the strength you need. I will pray for Jim also for his full recovery. I am hoping this new pain clinic will have some new ideas and treatments to help alleviate some of your back pain. There are new treatments out there in the field of regenerative medicine. I know personally that even a little relief is so appreciated.
        I am still in limbo with the house sale. The price is agreed upon, but the buyers want us out in 30 days. I just can’t do that. It’s just not enough time to pack up a house i have lived in for 17 years and get a bid in on another house I found, which means those people need to be out even sooner. It’s too much. .I’ve vacated my house in Chicago in less than 30 days, but I was much younger, and I don’t have that body anymore!!!!! So, that’s where it’s at right now. I am not budging on wanting at least two months. I don’t think that is unreasonable. Plus I have the trip to Chicago on May10th to see my mom and Mike’s mom.
        I’m praying for that bright sunshine, too, Sue, for us all.
        Love you, Jo

  38. Good morning all:
    Chris, so wonderful it all went well. Now, it is your time, but their story never ends as long as you pass it on to the next generation. I feel that is so important. So many kids today know nothing of their family. Or know each other. I always push my nephews and nieces to come out to the family reunions and meet their kin. Family is a wonderful thing. Their is bad , of course, but always good.
    Sue, glad you got out. Don’t surprise me that Jim has returned to work. Keep on keeping on my friend, it will get better.
    Please pray for my friend Coley. A longtime friend, just a couple years younger than me. He had a gall bladder attack, had surgery, and they did an xray of this lungs. Well, they found some nodules which had been confirmed cancerous on one. He was of course, a long time smoker. They are doing a pet scan to see if it is operable, and then go from there. He is very calm and confident in the lords will for it all. He has a wife, couple of daughters, and grandchildren, and a heart as big as a mountain. He is the owner of those St Bernard s that I send you pics on FB Sue.
    Well, must be off and running. Today is swim day. Yesterday finished up Judys garden tilling, and we planted a bunch of strawberry plants she bought, then tilled up the chicken pen so they can scratch n dig. I put the little widdies out with the big chicks this morning, and I think Juliet is sitting !!! If she is still there when I get back I am going to put some more eggs under her.
    Take care all and have a wonderful day
    Love to all

    • Tonie…..prayers for Coley on the way, hope it works out better than you think……
      Well done for completing Judy’s garden, and planting up……you are such a hard worker…..won’t be long now !!!!
      Love ya……Jennie x

  39. Sue…..yes I do have a thoughtful man……remember Mark my Son’s alcoholic friend? He fell off the wagon again, so I have invited him and his lovely lady over to France for a break, and hope to nudge him closer to seeking a solution….do you think I am taking on too much? He thinks of me as a Mom, so what could I do, would I not do th same for Tim if he needed me…..or anyone??
    You must be so looking forward to Jim being at home, and when the guy comes to clear the garden, it will be a place you can plan for together, and sit and watch the sun go down….with a “Sundowner”……..meds permitting……love you…Jen xx

    • Jennie, Yes dear, you are taking on too much and I think it’s lovely. Just don’t set your heart on positive results; but somehow I know you are not that naive. I know you will just be yourself and smother him with kindness, great food and love and it can’t hurt. When Mark is ready to stay sober, one day at a time, he will. If he continues to stay self destructive, then he will. Free choice can be an awesome yet terrible thing. Hope you enjoy the coming, week and a half away, visit with Tim and Claire. Also, I hope spring is popping out all over your area. Much love, Sue

  40. Good morning all:
    Nearer to afternoon and I am still lazing around in PJs. We have storms coming in and the clouds and rain forming have me feeling off today. Jennie, just be careful, you want to help I know, but you may invite trouble into your home with someone who is battling those demons. Take it from someone who has tried to help over the years. They will only change when they make up their minds to do so. Doesn’t mean you stop loving them, or supporting them….just be careful, they will bite the hand that gets between them and their drug of choice.
    Chris, my parents have been gone for so many years….over 35, and 40, but my sister still holds on to so much stuff that should be gone. See she still lived at home and inherited the house. She has given all of us things, but she holds on to so much. She wants to clean it all up, but cant bring herself to let go of things that belonged to my mother. she says we can throw it away when she is gone !!!
    Sue , hope this finds you still feeling better, on the road to recovery.
    Me, I need to get going and go plant some plants I have to get them in the ground before it rains, and a couple of other light things around outside. Tomorrow or when it is raining, I will clean the house. UGH !! I hate housework.
    Monday, my FM boards the plane for the States. Yipeee !

    • Tonie, we’re all so excited for you and your FM. Sorry to hear you have a storm moving in however, so do we after a lovely few days of spring weather. I have a lovely spring bouquet sitting here in the bedroom that was just sent to Jim and I from our son..full of roses, lilacs, mums, etc. Lovely to bring spring inside. I must sniff it everytime I walk by.
      As far as the housework…you have a couple of weeks until HE arrives so don’t do too good a job. You’ll just have to do it again. Love ya, Sue

  41. Jen
    Like Tonie…I’d be wary ,but you know them…..but are you well enough to cope?
    It’s a delicate situation for you with how you are feeling
    Tonie i understand your sister Being like’s the same house etc.but I thought my mum would only keep a few things so I’ll do that too
    I gotta live my own life and keep just some..not live in a shadow..there always with me anyway,
    Fancy FM here so soon it’s come round quick it seems. Praps not for you tho..when will you see him
    Had new mattress delivered at late clearing up all dusty with moving .

    • Chris, Isn’t it interesting how each of us and each of our family members have different ways of hanging onto the past and coping? My DH hangs on. I am more of a practical approach type. We have his Mom’s, sister’s and uncle’s cedar chests, each with mementos in them. I have a few things of my Mom’s including a couple of antiques I bought from her years ago when she was going into a retirement home. I cherish those things and use them.
      I find the older I become the less appreciation I have for all of these things I will eventually leave behind however, I do like it when my kids, I know, will cherish certain things more than others. I do have to confess there are a few sentimental items I’d like to take with me one day but since I’m not a pharaoh, etc., guess I won’t.
      I’m getting so excited for you and your move to the lovely new home. Hang in there dear girl…Love you, Sue

  42. Chris
    I have so many mementos of different people. But some most important. I have my Grandmas old water dipper and potato masher hanging on my wall, along with my other Grandmothers crumb tray. I also have a butter printer that was my Grandmas on a shelf. My mothers silver and various dishes that she treasured and I use them , enjoy them. I also have old crockery from my mother and Grandma. These are the most precious things to me, there are other things, but it is so good to see them and know I am still getting use from them all these years later. And when you get to your new house, you will find new treasures to bring in. It will be another adventure.
    My FM will be here before the 17th , he is coming in time to take me to have the procedure on my back done. But we will certainly be talking more.
    Sue we need rain very badly . The wind has dried the ground out so bad it is like a crust. I just heard a bit of thunder, I hope it rains tonight so it will be a nice fresh morning. I put the little widdies up with the big chicks and they are so cute. I had to go run the, inside a coup,e of times and reacue one who got squished between fences, but they are doing well so far.
    Well, bedtime. It is a swim day tomorrow. Hope you all have a good night. Sue your flowers sound lovely. My lilacs are still closed up, hope they bloom soon.
    Love to all

  43. Hi all
    How lovely to have someone to depend rely trust .its going to be a good summer
    Thinking about your grandmas things…..I had a thought when reading your post ..when clearing out my dads stuff I kept the wooden tools used to plane wood..they would look nice tidied up and on a window shelf in new dad must have collected them from my grandads house.
    I have some other things I have kept but not sure if I’d use them.but I do have old plates and dishes which I love to use
    Had the mattress last night and it’s lovely my back is easier this morning..I’ve dusted out place was dusty
    Doing my dads probate stuff now it’s so complicated I’ve got sols to do it but still got to get it all together
    Going to have a bath now

  44. Good morning all !
    Chris, that is a good idea on those tools, plus it is a bit of family passed on down to GS. I LOVE old dishes. That is all I use, an old set of china that is faded and worn, but I love it. Whew ! I had to run out to the chicken shed and see what the ruckus was about. Evidentally Baby leaned against the outside wall and moved the laying nests, upset them all. AND my little widdies were out roaming and I had to herd them back in. At least they know where to go when I start pushing at them. They are so cute.
    Well, it is a swim day. raining a nice soft gentle spring rain, warm and sweet. I am hoping my check is here that was mailed from California on MONDAY, and was due on Wednesday. Cause I am poorer than Jobs turkey as my Mother used to say. I miss the weekly pay, that is what I lived on day to day, and then my social security was for bills.
    Well, have a wonderful day all, many blessings to each of you.
    Love to all

  45. Tonie
    I love the old China and they don’t have to match I don’t like too much matchy stuff
    Well I hope that check is in by’s a worry when you are waiting for it.can it be late like this..can you ring up and see about it
    Well them choocks sound mischievous ……Aussie language
    Just incorporated shed clothes with clothes here can’t move them but there in and can be taken in one lot

    • Chris
      I got a msg that the check was returned to sender eaten up by the postal sorting machine. She is resenting and I will have it on Monday. All is well

  46. HELLO ALL.




    • Jennie
      The lilac hasn’t opened yet, but I have seen a few I. The area already open and beautiful. Maybe it is because mine is still so young. I have two that are not even having blooms appear year, probably another year . Yes, it will be wonderful when FM is here, to do,things together. The widdies are doing great ! They get out of the pen, but stay right around it and come when they hear me calling. I couldn’t find them once yesterday and called and called. Finally I hear the peeping and they were in the shed calling to me.
      Hope you have a good visit with Mark

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