So Long Christmas, Hello New Year, Hello

I love Christmas and admittedly, get carried away with all of it; the lights, the decorations with tiny trees and Santa’s all over the house and love the shopping. However, with the onset of two crippling arthritic diseases and now cancer, I find I have modified all of it. Like our dogs who got smaller as we got older, our Christmas’s have also become smaller. I shop mostly online for the convenience and ease to the body. Instead of two nativity sets, we now use one. Our trees are shorter and slenderer. When I think of past years and all the “T’was the night before Christmases” I spent sewing, wrapping and baking, I wonder how I did it? One year I was framing counted cross stich, quilting and even made a Dolly Parton pillow for one of my nephews. What is a Dolly Parton pillow you might ask? Let me share. You make a large pillow, stitch two big boobies you can fill with extra stuffing, Dolly amount; then add some laces beneath the boobies to stitch her up, old saloon girl style. I guess I watched too many old westerns as a child but I’m old enough to recall that was about all that was on TV in the “old days.” Take a memory of old westerns, add Dolly and there you have it. I love giving wanted, surprising and fun gifts.

Early in December twelve years ago, when my youngest granddaughter was born, my son-in-law and I were in the labor/delivery room with my daughter and things progressed quickly. I left during the delivery and joined my husband who was walking the hallway and waited. In a very short time my daughter, who a half-hour before was screaming, “Don’t touch me,” when I tried to rub her back was sitting up exhausted yet beaming. Her proud husband at her side. I need to insert at this point in my narrative to tell you my son-in-law was never in danger of becoming a doctor. He becomes squeamish during any medical conversations and when it comes to bodily fluids, well, just don’t go there. Boy, did he marry into the wrong family or is this just another of God’s clear signs of His sense of humor? That little explanation aside, after the birth, he handed me a pair of disgusting socks my daughter had on during the delivery. He said, “You might want to burn these.”
As a nurse who used to work in obstetrics, a little birth fluid had no effect on me so I took those white socks home and washed them. A couple of weeks later, I placed those now clean socks into tissue paper and a nice Christmas box, wrapped them and gave them to my son-in-law for Christmas. Being quick witted, he picked them up, looked at me dubiously and said, “Are these…?”

I replied, “Yep, those are the official family birthing socks.” I never saw anyone drop anything that fast; unless it was on fire. Now that I think of it, I don’t know what happened to those socks. I was going to frame them just for fun.

The after-holiday letdown is now more of an exhaustion filled, eating leftovers experience. I love to see those post-holiday days come but now, due to chronic pain and age, like old fish and hang on company, I like to see them go. Suddenly I am finding dust in places I haven’t noticed all year and still in the throes of exhaustion, find my dear spouse and I gradually hauling boxes filled with holiday cheer back down to the basement from whence it came. That dusting and cleaning will have to be in step with my tired and always hurting joints and back. It is a shame adrenaline and enthusiasm have their limits when faced with rheumatoid fatigue. The hourglass of my energy level is low and the sand particles are few. I have been brought back down to reality by the arrival of the credit card bills, my aching body and the challenge of remembering where everything goes that was previously moved. Let’s see, I think I put the pictures I took down in the hall closet, or was it the enclosed back porch? Oh well, all will settle down in time, as soon as I resettle the dust into a new location. Isn’t dusting the silliest and most worthless of all household chores?

Now we are in a new year that has never existed before. While my Roomba works on the floor I am resting and cogitating on how to approach the new year. By my very positive nature and my faith, I think the best approach is to count my blessings which are abundant as compared to enumerating all of my problems. The world is in trouble but that is nothing new; our country is divided and half of it is literally frozen. How about joining me in looking at some refreshing aspects in life and choosing a few of our favorite things. Naturally, my list will be different than yours so you may want to make a list of your own. Here are a few of my favorite things. Sorry Julie Andrews but as well as singing about them you are also one of my favorite things.


A compassionate doctor with a smart mind and a good memory.
A physician who looks at me when I am in his office and not just his portable computer screen.
A gynecologist with a warm speculum and small hands, preferably attached to a female doctor.
A kind receptionist who doesn’t require me to bring out my ugly attitude; it upsets me to be rude.
A doctor’s office that doesn’t keep me waiting forever while sitting on my painful tush.
Easy access to reports of all types for my medical files; I paid for them, they are mine.
Lab technicians who did not attend the Marque de Sade school of phlebotomy or bloodletting.
A clean office or hospital in which there is no blood on the floor or the doctor’s shoes.
Physicians and nurses who wash their hands; it instills a sense of confidence in me.
New magazines in the waiting room that were published sometime after 1975.
Those weekly pill containers for prescription drugs and daily vitamins.
Capsules or chewable pills or vitamins.
Aloe Vera gel, cortisone creams and lidocaine creams or ointments for rashes and/or painful joints.

My day is not happening without a long talk with the Lord asking his blessings and guidance on that day.
I adore my Roomba and Neato vacuums. Can’t imagine the amount of dirt I would have on my floors without them.
All Swiffer products, for floor or dusting.
Good old movies on TV, DVD or computer for times when I must rest each day.
A good book on a reader or large print for these damaged old eyes of mine. I especially prefer books about someone who has overcome…anything.
Potted plants on the front porch or sprinkled all over the house. I have a preference for all types of geraniums outdoors and African violets in.
Any herbs I can grow for our use in a sunny window or on a porch. This includes my bay tree for their wonderfully fragrant and practical leaves.
I confess I have a particular fondness for funny signs, small porcelain animals, collectibles and anything about the house that make me smile.
Framed family pictures everywhere. I have a staircase full of them because they remind me of what was and those I love, many of whom are now in Heaven. Family photos keep me grounded, even though many of them are directed downhill and inch or so thanks to the sloping of our funny old Victorian.
I love lace curtains, soft blankets and flannel sheets and all heating pads. Never met a heating pad I didn’t like.
I adore feather pillows for all purposes of sleeping and support of sad, painful joints. I prefer goose down but it is expensive. I know the goose sacrificed a lot but I simply can’t always afford to pay for that sacrifice.
There is nothing as wonderful as crawling back into a warm bed after a midnight trip to the bathroom although I frequently have to fight George, our little Yorkie for the warm spot.
I love the riotous colors of wallpaper. Our old house is very “loud” as it speaks to me but I don’t mind. I like the company.
I love our small refrigerator upstairs. With bad knees and neuropathy, I know it has saved me from a fall down the stairs and particularly comes in handy at night for a yogurt or apple to take with pills. It’s also a lifesaver in the morning for a cold Ensure to take with my handful of AM medications and vitamins.

Well, my dear friends, I’m certain I forgot many blessings in my life but for the new year, how about joining me in seeing your favorite aspects of life and don’t slide into that slimy pit of self-pity that often accompanies our way of life? Continue to take life one step, one day and one week at a time. Try not to fear the future and live for today. Let us open our eyes to all that is good, beautiful and endearing in our surroundings. Avoid negative folks, fight your depression by “walking away” from it with a prayer, a good book or positive company. Give away what you can whether it be a dollar to a charity, a phone call to a friend or the most valuable gift of all, your love.
I look forward to another year with all of you as we face the ups and downs of a life with chronic pain.

72 thoughts on “So Long Christmas, Hello New Year, Hello

    • Phyllis, you are always too kind. I often wish my body could follow the precepts of my heart and mind. Pray you have a wonderful, healthy new coming year. Love, Sue

  1. I so enjoyed this sue….I’m gonna have to read it again
    Yes a new year never lived treading gently in new snow
    I’ll have to do a list of my own and hope that my likes succeed my don’t likes!
    Very cold here..but not a patch on what’s over there .

    • Chris, pleased you enjoyed. I felt well this AM although my worst knee was bad when I got up but as day progresses having a painful one here. Rain continuing but not that cold here. Back east and south they are freezing. Just saw on the news that fish are freezing and washing ashore in Florida…can you imagine? Record breaking freeze in the Northeast. Saw pic of folks in S. Carolina using air boats to get around…like skiing. I told Jim and he said, oh but trying to stop.
      Do hope you are also warming up in England. What a wind you had..scary. Love, Sue

  2. Sue, what a wonderful message for the new year and especially for me tonight!
    I wish you a new year filled with all of your favourite things!!!
    The weather has been bitter cold which makes me hurt and I always have a fear of falling. I am having my right hand reconstructed on January 26, so the winter months will be spent resting and healing and maybe reading a book or two on my Kobo because I can do very little with my left hand!
    About my favourite things …It is hard to be sad when living with three Poms. Having said goodbye dear Kodi, we had settled in as a two Pom family, until we lost Korry to a tragic tracheal collapse in early summer. Teddi became very depressed and quit eating so Kora was quickly sent to us by Teddi and Korry’s breeder, being flown to my good friend in Pennsylvania, who then acted as the now required Nanny to bring her across the border to Canada, and then on to her new family patiently waiting at our cottage. Kora was a beautiful older puppy and it was as if Korry had returned, they are so much alike. Her breeder said Kora was bred to be a show dog, but she was too big, but she felt Kora was very special, just like her mother was special, so she couldn’t sell her. As soon as she heard the news about Korry, she said that she then knew why she hadn’t sold Kora … she was meant to come and live with us! Now, we had never planned to get another puppy! Kora settled in and bonded with Teddi and lifted his depression, but then one day I received a call from a local Pom breeder who had just had a litter of puppies and she said I was at the top of her wait list. I explained that we had found a Pom during the summer and no, we didn’t want another. She then said she would call again later because we needed a puppy …… to play with Kora and let Teddi rest in peace during his senior years and to be a lifelong companion for Kora. I’m sure you have all seen on Facebook what our final answer was! Abby arrived at ten weeks and is a little doll! She has so much fun with Kora and they make us laugh, but the big surprise is how Abby has bonded with Teddi, she just adores him, and I know he is very pleased. I must stop now but I will try to come back with my favourite things. I hadn’t planned to talk about Korry tonight, but my Poms are one of my favourite things, and it just led into a story I have been unable to tell. Korry is watching over us and laughing at Kora and Abby chase each other, just like he chased Teddi. They had so much fun and Korry had a very happy life being Teddi’s brother!
    Happy New Year all and gentle hugs to everyone. Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum, Have thought of you often this past few days with the deep freeze you are getting in eastern Canada. Hope you are leading your daily life in safety. SO, another surgery. You are one of the most courageous women I know…and I know many. Loved your sharing about your beautiful Poms after following their pics on FB. Ii admire your ability to get new ones after your losses because many do not. I agree with you it is just another place in your heart for a new pup to live in. Many years ago my sister and her DH lost a beloved Great Dane and said they would never have another and they didn’t. That always made me so sad. We will always have one or more dogs. SO much daily enjoyment and love.
      Thanks always for the effort you make in writing to us with two fingers and will pray for you specifically on the 26th. Be safe and recover quickly. Much love, Sue

  3. Sue, I had to chuckle at your December, 12 years ago story. Love it! I share much of your Medical Favorite Things, and you know how I feel about negativity and being positive. What a wonderful thing to ruminate about in post holiday quiet moments. Like you, I spent much time post holiday recovering. Still am a bit thanks to that cold weather Pommum Brenda is also “enjoying” (sorry for you, Pommum. It is nasty, isn’t it? Thankfully, you have the pups to serve as a pleasant distraction.) I should take down the remaining tree today. Think I’ll take a page out of your book and do what I can. Rehearsal night tonight, a little snow (an inch or less) and sleet on the way for today. Thanks for giving me – and all of us – another blog to ponder. Take care!

    • Lyn, I think you are more nuts over the holy day season than I am! Thankfully, we have a small, highly stuffed house so I have my limits. Oh yes, my poor SIL always gets something goofy from his MIL. I saw your note and Laura’s about the darkness after all the Christmas lights and agree so much. I would leave up the fence lights but Jim won’t. Looks like we will be shopping the used hardware stores for an antique standing light for out front. I like the old ones better than the new. Now, to find it, an electrician who can also tell us how they will get electricity out to it.
      Please don’t over do today. Hope that temp back in PA doesn’t drop too far. Love ya, Sue

      • It has certainly been cold here, Sue, but starting tomorrow temps are to rise. In fact, 30-35* over the next few days to the low to mid-50s on Friday! I hope the rise won’t bother me as much as the plummets do.

  4. Hi again Rose ,hope you have a good year this year
    Got gastro later today will see how that goes diver been playing up a bit.still have pain
    I do wish that knee of yours would see to itself
    When you say you’ve walked the trail …is that a special,walkway?
    Glad it’s going to get a bit warmer with you and hope it feels better that way around for yourself

    • Chris dear, concerned about your recent visit and hope you got some good ideas for relief. Let us know when you can, please. Love ya, Sue

      • Have returned you email sue
        But for all
        I have to have another colonoscopy in April .just to check
        Also he altered my meds
        See how it goes
        Also you remember that smell in my bathroom…’s back after 9 mths!
        So going to bed to forget about it ,up early as DH has a hearing appt.early

  5. Hello all
    Read all the remarks this am, but now have time to remark myself. Since I put only minimal decorations out, it was easy to remove. However I have to go retrieve the tree from my sisters tomorrow. But….I still have my blue rope lights up around the porch. B said Judy would think we had a disco here. Be up here with her short skirt, high heels and lipstick, haha ! If you knew my sister…..
    As to you favorite things, Sue, I am getting to like the comfortable chair these days also. I had to sit on a hard wooden chair for an hour the other day and it really really made it miserable for me. I also like my two week pil containers, heating pads, and the warm bed after a midnight bathroom trip. I have heating pads all over the place and don’t drive very far without my heated pad for the car either. I will add heated swimming pools to my list. The other day I was swimming and they were working on the heaters, so the pool was getting colder and colder, and my body was reacting being more tired. I could barely finish. Today it was up and heated. I did well. Then we had our lunch and coffee, went shopping , had our Frosty, and home. It rained today and it had started freezing coming down the mountain. We had a couple of slow gear downs and a few slides. But thankfully I remembered the places where it gets slick. Ice is not something 4 wheel drive doesn’t help.
    But, warmer tomorrow ! Yeah !

    • Tonie, so glad you’re getting a warm up. My goodness gal, so good that you know those mountains and how to drive on ice. Whew. I know you two are enjoying a few days of goodbye until B goes back to France for his surgery. Please reassure him he has many friends here in the states who have some, albeit small influence with the Almighty and will be praying for him to have a smooth flight, with little misery; a safe and medically well done surgery and no, absolutely no complications as well as rapid healing. I know he is motivated to get back to you and his new home.
      The picture you painted of Judy is a hoot and made me laugh. Much love as ever my dear friend, SUe

  6. Hello all
    Sue, B says thanks for the prayers and he hopes all will be answered. Me, I am trying to stay in this moment until I say goodbye at the airport. Walking away is the hard part. Not being there with him as well. But, life is as it is. I have lots to keep me busy, especially with the new baby coming. We have decided she is not going to have him until next month. Hopefully even in March. Would be better weather. So, there is that and all the care and training I must do following the birth.
    Doing something while I wait on B to finish his “gym”. My nails. Up until I was in my 30’s I always kept my nails long and polished, regardless. Always liked my hands. Now, with the drugs making my nails so fragile, I don’t bother so much. So they were in bad need of filing and I use a nice clear gel coat for strengthening. I have never been much for makeup, but find myself now using some foundation to smooth out the discoloration. Work more to make it look like I am not wearing it, haha. I have found some that is very light, and there is the mineral based ones as well. I know you wear lipstick Sue. I have always been more gloss or clear. For Christmas I wore red polish and red lipstick and B was thrown for a loop ! But with the swimming polishgets chipped and gone to quickly to bother. I do my toenails. Although they look awful now .i have never been to a manicurist always liked doing my own nails. I take biotin everyday a it seems to help. If I could have anything done I would have the top of my hair thickened. I have lost so much and it is so thin. I use some sprays to make it look thicker.
    Well, so much for the beauty regime. But don’t you guys think we need to make ourselves feel better ? I love the way I feel after washing my face and moisturizing, even with no makeup. Always a little mascara. Lyn’s comment on FB one day. ” Mascara and coffee”. So go do something for yourself today.
    Love to you all

    • Enjoyed your post long do you think B will be away
      Am tackling the smell in bathroom could be due to a few problems,so working thru them,,sore from it tho…it looks now as if one of the probs is a leak from the cistern handle when flushed which is behind a cupboard. Have a plumber coming out Monday hope it’s a small job and not all have to come out again
      Today dh has an inr and then dentist for first stage of crown for a broken tooth..
      His bp has shot up so may have to go back on the extra med for a few days , he has a cardio appt next week
      Have a fella coming to take some soil away from a wall outside which has caused some damp .that could also be one of the problems with the bathroom bit awkward as that is on next doors boundary. But we are good friends and I want to keep it that way so have to keep an eye on it
      Ok gonna get up its only 6.30am but i wanna eat! On a diet !

      • Chris, small wonder DH’s blood pressure is up. I hope this plumber finds what past ones have missed and like I mentioned in my email to you, some of that paint on waterproofing we have used might keep some of your neighbor’s dampness out. Out deck is our garage roof and after these 128 years it had a few cracks and we stopped some of them with that stuff. We’re having more liquid today with strong winds but not those 100 mph thing, thankfully.
        Pleased to hear you are going on a diet but not because you need it but because you wanted to. You’re like me in that you want to shed a few pounds before they become more than that. I am also carefully watching, trying to lose ten I gained gradually since going on Gabapentin over a year ago now. I have no rear and carry any extra right around my waist. It makes it harder to breathe since my surgery. After my mastectomy, I looked like a stick. Now I look like a potato. Prefer the stick.
        Let us know how this all goes for you and hope DH’s B/P goes down. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, Hey, what’s brought on this beauty surge? I think it’s great but just curious. You don’t want Bernard coming home to a different woman, do you? The top of your head should be easy to fill with a small attachment. Mine is thinning right in front so I have become a comb forward old lady. For me, mascara was never very important and now with severe Sjogren’s with the dry eyes and hardly any lashes left due to the chemo drugs, I use a cream eye shadow. I love it to emphasize the eyes and it doesn’t flake off. I also use lightening on my cheeks…have for years and yes, I love lipstick. Due my hair because gray makes me look sicker than I am. I use a very light brown the gray gives me natural highlights. I still believe good skin is the key and use good soap, lots of cream day and night. I do note when I am dehydrated, which I have to watch, I have more wrinkles. Hydration is terribly important for so many other reasons. Haven’t worn polish in ages due to poor nails. Just keep them all short. I do have a problem with dry feet and have to watch them closely so use that little machine and Kerasol cream at night with socks. Hate to sleep in socks and always take them off after ointment has had an hour or so. It’s good stuff. I do have one sweet office receptionist for my rheumy who always tells me, “Sue, you always look so put together…every time.” I like to think I always look my best because I do try.
      I know Bernard is departing for France soon, is it tomorrow? Prayers for good weather back there so you can get to and from the airport. I also wish you could go and be with him but know with all you both have to look forward to all will go well. You’ve been here before and kept busy and I know you will again. I ache for you but hopefully it will go quickly for both of you. So much love and prayer for him…so much.
      Still very wet here with strong winds. Am confused about mare’s time but know you two are the experts. Hope she is behaving herself, and not acting pregnant. Oh those hormones. Much love to all, hey to Judy. Sue

  7. Chris
    We are not sure. He gets a blood test in arriving back which takes three weeks to determine results. Then they go from there. So could be a few months. Hopefully not but expect the worst. Poor dh he has a lot going on always. Hope you get the stink cleared away without too much $$$$$ spent out. Rainy here but so much warmer. The ground was so dry it was cracking. Slow soaking rain so should be good.
    Diet….hate that word. I have just adjusted my eating to a healthier diet, but still have my “pleasure”. Since Christmas is over watching my sugar intake. Hope you get all taken care of.

  8. Oh, goodness, Chris, I’ll second Sue, not much wonder your DH’s bp is up. Poor fellow. I do hope the ideas/changes from your last appt help you. Now for that darned smell! I do hope you are finally on the right track there. How unpleasant for you, and frustrating. As for the Trail I often mention, we have something over here called Rails to Trails. Unused railroad beds are converted to biking/hiking trails. We have a stretch not far from us that pup and I walk. It is nice and rather picturesque.

    Tonie, now you know why I can’t comfortably swim in the pool near me! The water is just a few degrees too cool. I can’t comfortably swim as long as I prefer to swim. To add to the problem, the whirlpool is also just a few degrees too cool to do the trick after. Disappointing. I am with you. I’ve only been to a nail salon once, just before our wedding I had nail tips put on. Hated it. Of course, one came off before the big day. Never went back to one again. I rarely paint my nails, maybe once or twice a year. I do like my toenails painted during sandal season. Glad to hear the birth may not be until later. Gives you time to prepare. Yes, I too am trying to cut back on the sugar post-holiday. No weight per se to lose, just know it is better for me.

    The weather report was just on the news. High of 60*F Friday, 20-something on Saturday. Something tells me my body will not be happy about that. Best to all!

    • I will have a look for that paint.i shall google it and look it up. Prob should let it dry first sounds a good idea
      Dh bp went down with the extra tablet ,but as usual it affects his flow and so it goes on..cardio Tuesday
      I can’t wear any makeup…none around my eyes.. sjogrens,…and years ago in the tropics I had a bad cold sore on my mouth…my gland swelled up under my chin so much from it they were going to take the gland out…so..I can’t wear lipstick as it brings it out again ..I never really used any anyway freckles were colour!! although some powder on the nose
      Those trails Lyn do sound a good idea a good use of the rail track …I too paint my toe nails in the summer
      Ok gonna get back to sleep 3.30 here

      • Chris, I’ll check tomorrow on the brand of waterproofing we used and let you know so you can see but I’m sure the local hardware store there would have the English equivalent. I understand about the makeup and that’s why I was so excited to find a subtle eye shadow in a cream. I say good skin is the best make up for any of us. I just try to look healthy. Do you remember I talked about the artist here who quilts her pictures first? You can find her online at Ronni Harris, Astoria, I think you’d be interested in her work just to see it. My SIL’s brother is on one of her posts, all covered in snow. So unusual. Back to sleep gal. Tell DH Jim has the same problems so to hang in there. Love, Sue

    • Lyn, oh dear, the thermometer sounds ominous. SO sorry. We are just wet, wet, wet. Sure beats ice or snow. I, too do not go to manicurist or pedicurist. My DD and GD do. I just feel it’s a waist of money, but of course, I also don’t go to the beauty shop. Can’t bend my neck back for the shampoo part. Looks like most of us use a bit of nail polish in sandal season, although it is usually cool here so I usually wear some very bright socks. I never wear skirts or dresses so I’m okay with pants all the time. Ankles and legs have been much too ugly for many years now so hide them. And to think I use to get compliments on my legs, such is life and the ways of rheumatoid disease…any way it wants. Stay warm dea lady, Love, Sue

  9. Hello all
    Sue, yes, getting ready to take him to the airport, trying to be strong.
    Lyn, same here. 62 today and 30 tomorrow. It was 55′ at 12:30 this morning. Crazy ! Not looking forward to it.
    Poor B he is on his 5th bathroom trip this morning. I will be glad for him to get repaired, but you know I am sad he has to leave to do it.
    He is very anxious about it. But I know he too wants it done. For 35 years he has lived with it getting worse and worse, I think he finally got scared.
    Chris, your dh. Prayers this will keep his be regular for a while. Be nice if they could find a fix.
    Sue, sometimes I become a girl. I have always done my nails. I will let them go and then one day look at them…..ugh ! So off we go to the polish and file. If I am at home, no worries, but if I go to the store I like to look presentable, and the Dr. I was looking at people at a funeral we went to the other night. People just look terrible anymore. Pants falling off, tshirts, sweat pants. The sister in law of the deceased was in sweats, ahhh well. It is what it is. All we can do is take care of ourselves, right ?
    Sue I may try to find something for the top of my hair one day. I do comb it over, it is very very thin. Hats are wonderful ! Haha !
    Well, must run. Off the Roanoke Airport….again. Prayers for all.

  10. I looked at the artists work..I love it.i had seen it before as you had told me before that you had some of her work yourself
    She is so talented and I do like that kind of artworks myself
    Also,I saw the scenery where you live and the town itself all the houses in the hills it’s so lovely
    It looks like that dripping onto the concrete floor mite be the source of that smell as I had the hairdryer on it and am now collecting.water in a was a kind of damp smell and there all the time..not like on occasions when I had it before….but still all I can say is it’s not there at the moment and it was yesterday and is drying out…so,fingers crossed …that’s the fault of having all works hidden like that
    Like you I also wear trousers all the time.leggings mostly with a long top and boots
    Like B I too am in the bathroom in the morning ..have to schedule it in the day but 35 years is along must have been so awkward when he was working . Best to get it all fixed and be free of all that
    Right off to sleep again I hope

    • Chris, first of all I must tell you the stuff we use for cracks is Quikrete. It’s a sort of liquid cement. I’m sure they will have something similar over there. Let’s all hope this is the end to that stink.
      Yes, Ronni’s work is very unique as is she. She had to take a job with the city as a parking maid of sorts because she lost so much in the gallery down in the Caribbean, St. Thomas I believe, with the hurricane there. I think that is why she sold us the original quilted work of Greg’s house when she heard who I was and that I wanted a tile. Yes, I have the Christmas tile of downtown Astoria framed and on the wall by my bed. I love CHristmas all year long. Jim is just now taking the lights off the porch. It’s the first dry day we’ve had and more rain coming tomorrow. Yes, it’s a lovely somewhat rustic little town, Astoria on the Columbia with all it’s old homes and the influence of the boats and ships passing through on their way up to Portland.
      Hope the week is a good one for you with problems solved which should make both of you feel better and DH’s B/P to go down. Love, Sue

      • Thanks sue
        I will look for that and try to get that or similar..plumber comes in morning and smell gone now cement is dry
        I’ve had a Hairdryer on it!
        You are liuky to,live in such a nice place
        Right up early so gotta get to sleep ..huh !
        Try at least

  11. Hello all
    Brrr back to very cold again here. 9′ this morning. Having my coffee before braving the outside to feed. Yes, I miss B very bad. Poor guy, he is very sick, and so tired. The flights were all screwed up. He would miss one flight due to delays , so they put him on a later one. Well, that would have been good. Then he called me from Atlanta, very angry, no seats on that flight. So he had to fly to London, then get another flight to Switzerland, a later one. No luggage. So he is trying to sleep it off.
    Having a bad time here. Brute is getting sicker. Yesterday I thought I was going to loose him. Then he rallied. This morning he is bad again.
    Chris, hope dh is doing better. Glad you found the culprit in the bathroom. Now it can be gone. Nothing worse than an odor like that.
    Sue, prayers you are feeling better. Everyday my friend. Lyn, I know you are going through this weather change as well.
    Hope all of you out there are holding up in this weather. Wherever you are.
    Love to all

    • Oh Tonie
      What a tale I hope he is back in France at least by now
      At least he can now get to a dr.and for that you will be more settled
      Then when he’s left something happens with Brute I hope he’s turned it around again for himself
      Amoungst this do look after yourself,keep warm and just take your time with everything…you’ve got too

    • Tonie, Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear B’s trip was such a nightmare. Just read on FB he has arrived. Horrible. Flying, I know, is a nightmare for him anyway with his gut issues. That’s terrible. Hopefully he is at his Sister’s resting up and gaining strength after that nightmare.
      I do hate to hear Brutie is still not well. What do you think is going on? Gut, heart, ??? Please keep us up to date. Prayers for that sweet pup. I know how much he means to you. Hope the PG member of your little ranch is doing okay and will be a good girl for you with papa away. Loved the pic of him on FB…
      Been laying low here due to health. Yesterday awful so moved my methotrexate up day and better today. Eye and gut bad along with all the knee and back pain…all seem to go together.
      Love you much dear friend and have thought of you so much since he left. Prayers for him of course, and for you as you manage the place with this cold spell. Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        Brutie has a problem with his breathing. He coughs no wheezes and has shallow breaths. He has always had a problem there, but was pronounced good by the vets. Me, I think it is Valley Fever. A condition in Az. A fungal infection from the dust. People and pets can get it, and it never goes away. The meds are very very expensive. But I have been giving him steroids, which help. He has been good yesterday and today.. I gave him a bath and fed him some soft food and yogurt. Then he was great. I have noticed he breaths easier when I run the humidifier.
        As to the PG one, all is well. Except, she poos at least 4 times every night in her stall ! B. Gave me some insulated riding boots and I have my Carhart overalls and jacket. Judy gave me a wool face mask, so I am quite the sight feeding in the cold ! They were calling for snow here today, but now it has changed to tomorrow. Which is good as I have to take Judy to Roanoke today.
        I am so sorry you are in such pain my friend. My heart breaks to think of you suffering that way . Surely there is something, somewhere that you can take. Has to be .. I think of you often as well.
        Settling back into the routine around here of animal care. I love it though. Old Mr Red is doing very well indeed, as are the chickens. If is do what they are spoiled to now, taking them a bowl of warm water every morning !
        Do take care my friend. You know I love ya.

  12. Tonie, Oh yes, I kow all about Valley Fever. We lived in the the San Joaquin valley of CA. It is very prolific there, especially with the drought years. My sister had it several years ago and had surgery for it. Can they do a skin test for it like they do on humans. I know, the meds arre prohibitive. Poor little guy. I don’t have any ideas except to keep him hydrated and as warm as possible.I’m pleased the snow is hanging off from you until your trip with Judy who I hope is well. What is the latest news from B in France? I do hope he got some rest and has had the lab work drawn that will take three weeks. Hopefully his trip back to you, home, will be a more pleasant one after the surgery. Prayers continue for him. Please tell him he can question the two Wood nurses with any questions as they come up.
    I hope you are managing in the extreme cold besides looking extra “interesting.”
    Another bad day today. It is a see=saw situation with me. Had to go in for INR due to coumadin med yesterday and lots of walking. Had GD with me, off for MLK day.. She is twelve and loves to hang out with her Nana. SO glad she does. It gave us time to visit, laugh and gave her some insights into what I face. Then we came home and watched ICE PRINCESS and played some games together. She taught me how to win at tic tac toe. GS was here in the AM but went home to be with pal who was coming over for the afternoon. At fourteen we are lucky to see him at all. Both great kids.
    Still raining here with an occasional clear today, half day. Rain tonight. Jim shopping for us today, kind man. I get to rest until Friday when I have oncology, long visit with IV Zometa. Next Monday to Portland very early to see knee guy. Dread leaving here for trip at 7 AM.
    Prayers for Brutie..Watch for any blood in sputum…vet can analyze that. Much love, Sue

    • Hey Sue
      All is well with Judy. She is getting injections in her back. My appointment was to have been yesterday as well to get the facets burnt again. However, insurance says I must go through the rounds of injections again prior to this. So $40 each time per side, $240 plus the gas and time to get there ! So angry with this procedure. Seems they would want to save the money they have to spend knowing the diagnosis ? But what can I do ?
      Brutie eats and drinks well. Goes out with me to feed usually. No blood, all clear. He and his brother have their jackets on sleeping in front of the heater. We have snow today, but okay cause tomorrow it will melt. I can take that.
      B is doing better, his luggage caught up with him. And he did his “housewife” shopping , as he calls it. Always makes his salads and meals himself, seldom eats what his sister fixes. His bil tells him only “cows eat what he eats” haha !
      I was telling Judy about your pain situation yesterday. She was telling me about an old old med they prescribed for Mary for the pain she had in her face and ears. She has a list of meds and is going to get the name for me. You never know. Besides that, you know we pray for you. Glad you got to be with your mini-me. That kid is so much like you !
      The weather is playing havoc with my body now. Lyn, I am sure you are as well. But, getting out feels good. I fed everyone, including the birds. Threw out some cracked corn in the chicken yard for the little ones. The cardinals are all over the feeder.
      Well, I must go and clean the stalls . The Queen of Poo has left me about 5 big presents, she was so pretty to watch strutting about in the snow, snorting at it.
      Please take care
      Love ya

      • Tonie, Oh shiver, shiver. 8 degrees is beyond the comfort zone or this old gal’s imagination. The Queen of Poo is a new title for your incubating mare..poor thing with all that pooping and poor you for having to shovel it up. I hope Brutie is doing okay and holding steady with his cough and other symptoms. Is he grumpy at all? Any signs he feels lousy? If it’s valley fever, fatigue is a big symptom. Hope not. Treated a lot of cases in CA with Amphotericin B as I recall..lengthy treatment.
        I agree with Chris being curious how B is doing and it sounds like he is eating well anyway. That’s kind of humorous that he doesn’t eat his sister’s food she prepares. Hope his lab work is in progress. I hope you two are able to stay in touch often. Rough time for both of you. I know you are overly busy with your home, animals, etc. Glad Judy is well and you two work together, like sharing hot soup, etc. I need to fill our cupboard with some beans and peas next trip to the store. One of the FB friends was talking about pea soup with sliced rounds of smoke sausage. Sounds so good but don’t know if I could get Jim to eat it. I love the yellow sweet.
        As I told Chris, lots of rain, hail and wind with thunder here. I haven’t been anywhere but INR lab and tomorrow oncology for IV and shots in tush. Mon. into Portland very early to see knee guy. So sick of all of this and feeling housebound stir crazy.
        Thoughts and love, glad you’re warming up a bit on Friday. Wow, quite a difference. Crazy year for the east and south. Sue

  13. Chris dear, anxious to heat how it went with problems with odor at your home. Since the hairdryer helped, would it help to put a small heater in there? Hope you are both doing well in spite of this frustration. Boring life here I’m afraid. Question about scones. DO you use a scone pan or just cut them in pie shapes?
    My INR went down again after this past ten days. They still think it’s the long life of the amiodarone medication.Weird. Hope Dh and you are well healthwise. Love, Sue

    • Hi sue
      Your grand children sound a delight
      The scones you cut into small rounds of about 2 to 21/2 ins and put on a flat baking sheet slightly apart from each other for raising,I put baking parchment on the sheet and the scones on that .
      If you eat them when warm they are nice. I like lots of grated cheese in them when making. And always sprinkle some on top before putting in oven
      The plumber came and the pipe from the cistern to toilet was dripping .he tried to seal it again and we left it before flushing a few hours..but still leaking.he is coming again on Thursday we will prob need a new cistern .it is all concealed so it’s going to be awkward to do it……ugh! He said instead if using sealant they used cement!!
      That blimmin woman and her cheap skate plumbers….she just got the cheapest
      There is a radiator in the bathroom I have on all the time,also I’ve left the bottom board off so it all airs in
      I looked for the quickrete,they sell a similar product here and it will be very worthwhile putting that on
      Warfarin as we call it here is so dependent on any changes in food during that week ,Or even other does Dh get on with his inr ,over Xmas is a changing time for it
      My dh went to cardio this morning,he got thru ok but has to have a ultrasound of the heart and will no more then.itll be in a few weeks they just did an ecg and the cardio said it was typical of a paced one.and seemed quite happy ,,but wants this scan
      Anyway we got him a exercise bike out walking is difficult for him with his balance ,,so whatvwith uneven ground and the rain we thought this would be the answer to get some weight off and bp down
      We had to move the spare bedroom about and disposed of the old bed in it. Luckily I rang up thr council and they will collect the bed tomorrow
      So it was a busy day
      Tomorrow is a free one …hopefully!

  14. Chris, Just wondered as I have seen scone pans for sale with little compartments. Well, the good news for you is a new cistern will probably do it plus sealing the neighbor off BUT the bad is also the new cistern. We bought our house from a very cheap couple also.It was a quick fix up by all their friends so they could move into town from the country because the high school wanted their two tall sons to play sports for the HS. Wallpaper corners not pushed in all the way, heating unit put in upside down, paper used in some spots instead of plaster..and of course our big plumbing issue five days after moving in. Some folks do things on the cheap or just don’t want to spend it if they know they are moving. Our sellers moved back to the country after the four years was up.
    Yes, we call it warfarin over here, also. Jim’s is holding steady now. I may at too many fruits and vegies. I’ll also have to check and see if my Ensure I drink every morning has Vit K in it. Thy say dairy doesn’t matter nor types of meat. I don’t know and don’t get it at all. I think it’s a med issue. I’ll talk to my oncologist about it this week.
    Exercycle sounds good. Hope it helps him. Will you use it? Yes, of course I think my grands are wonderful…all of them.
    Very rotten day with my body today. Did too much yesterday and slept terribly. Resting again tomorrow. SO sorry about all you problems in the house. Still love it though, okay? Love, Sue

    • Sue/ Chris
      When I make scones, I roll them out into a round. Then in the baking pan, I cut it into pie shapes. After it bakes you just take them apart. Easy.

  15. Chris
    Glad and sad over your analysis of the plumbing problem. By cistern do you mean the septic line ? Here we call a cistern is like a hand dug well to hold water. Perhaps the can reseat the toilet and seal the line with quikcrete. I think the exercise bike is a grand thing. Good for him ! I need to do some strength exercises today. Wanted to go swim, but weather prohibits, so I think I will do some sewing instead.
    Maybe make some more potato soup, this time with some cheddar cheese in it. I am on a roll with that stuff. So good in the cold and easy to make.
    The other thing I do different with my scones is using buttermilk instead of cream. But, I tend to tweak things after I do them by the recipe the first time. Do you do that ? I will add or leave out.
    Well, I REALLY need to finish my outside work. It is piling up snow and Red needs a drink.
    Take care and tell dh to carry on

  16. Yep I will try to use the bike tentatively first
    Hope you are better after a restful day sue
    Well Tonie the cistern is being replaced tomorrow.go for appt to dr with dh for alterations to meds then they should be here
    What it is …well there is a small tank behind the toilet that is connected to the mains water.and when you flush it empties and refills
    In our case it is behind a wall of bathroom cupboards …blimmin thing…supposed to be all modern…huh!
    I love pot soup or even cauliflower soup with lots of cheese
    I too alter the scones adding a little caster sugar and grated apple ..pumpkin ..raisins
    I alter savoury stuff a lot but apart from scones I’m not that confident with cakes and things to do that
    I do hope your weather will warm up so you can get out easier to see to all
    How you Lyn?

  17. Oh yes forgot good idea to just roll scone mixture into a round if you have no small shapes to cut
    Just mark it into pieces and bake .i haven’t done it but I think I will next time

  18. Chris
    That makes sense now about the cistern. We call it the tank. Ours look like they are one piece but actually are two. So you can replace the bottom or the top. Funny how that was overlooked by the last plumber. But at least you are getting it done now.
    Very cold here tonight. 8′ right now. Lots of time out in the air today though. my soup turned out good. took a jar of it to my sister. Sure warmed me up tonight. Supposed to be in the 50’s here by Friday. YEAH !
    Take care

    • Hi, Tonie, Chris, all, yes, I am experiencing pretty much all the same as Tonie… But, luckily, looking forward to the same warm up this weekend. It has been a chore some days to get pup walked. I try to get her out while it is snowing because it is fun for both of us. If I have to be cold and a bit miserable, I might as well have some enjoyable aspect.
      The round cut into wedges is what I have seen in scone recipes also. I really must make some myself. I have saved several recipes. Maybe when our latest cookies have depleted a bit.
      Cistern/tank makes sense. I’m not sure why anyone thought it would be a good idea to put those behind the walls. I hope that does the trick for you, Chris!
      Sue, prayers continue, glad you had a good day with GD. And, yes, it is good for young ones to see and get a glimpse of understanding.
      Time for me to have a little breakfast and start on my day. Best to all!

      • Lyn, hang in there with the weather. What a roller coaster ride for your body and joints. Hope kids and DH well and staying far away from the flu. Thanks for the prayers. Love ya, Sue

  19. Hi all
    All got fixed seems ok.bit of a dirty job as some drilling required and dusty too
    Also last nite we had gales of about 87 mph and some guttering came off the garage and landed up in another place to find
    Garden in some chaos so I tried to get that sorted before the plumber came..dh had two apps at Drs. ..One an inr test
    So it’s all been busy today
    Hope the weather does warm up for you Lyn it’ll be a treat after all that cold
    How’s sonny boy with his back in this cold and your dd with her it ok now
    Isn’t it rotten that anyone could leave a house that covers up its problems
    You did have a lot go wrong for you….how could they put in a heating unit upside down..what’s wrong with some folks
    How are you feeling today?
    I had such an awkward day I just heated some breaded fish with baked potatoes for a meal then yogurt to follow
    I give up with what plumbers get up to
    I’ve got to have a new kitchen tap shortly..see what fun that brings
    Hope you are not getting too cold going out to your mini farm there..heard from B at all,how is he
    Ok gonna get some shuteye hopefully another day tomorrow

    • Chris, Fingers crossed that the plumbing was the problem and the stench will be gone forever. Enough of this nonsense for you two to have to live with. Yes, we had wind, also yesterday but nothing like yours. Ours was only 40mph. Pured yesterday and today but today we also had hail and thunder. Typical for us however not cold enough to do too much damage to plant life. My geraniums on the porch are still blooming…maybe not as much as usual but not frost to speak of. Hope it stays that way. Glad you didn’t have any damage form flying gutters. Boy, those winds.
      I wanted to ask you about your scone rounds, what do you use for leven…to make them rise. Do you use the flour that already has it in there? Thinking about trying them and just wondered about that. Have a corned beef in the oven for tonight…smells so good. Hope you are now resting. Love, Sue

  20. Yes sue the raising agent is in the it’s called self raising with or plain flour without it in
    I love pea soup with German sausage in it,it gives it a lovely smokey flavour
    Gonna get back to sleep

  21. Chris, you are so kind. Never use the self-rising but many cooks in the South do. Thanks so much for answering me. WIll try the soup because it sounds great. Hope no more wind today for you or the gutters. Loud, pouring rain here with occasional claps of very loud thunder. Sleep peacefully, Love, Sue

  22. Chris, when will it end? I guess it never really does with houses, does it? We enjoyed some good years with our new build, but now everything is slowly needing replacement. Flooring is finished downstairs, upstairs is in need, but DH and I decided we would prefer to update our kitchen counters and backsplash first. It is exciting looking at possibilities. We went inexpensive when we built and now want to upgrade to quartz. Unfortunately, we seem to have expensive taste. I think our favorite so far is the most expensive. We’ll see how bad it is when the estimates come in. SB and DD are doing well. SB still has back issues, but is starting to come around more to my way of thinking. Now, to get him to actually do something about it. Maybe I should lure him into some yoga with me. DD ended up needing a new battery in her car. So far all is working well, knock on wood.
    Chris and Sue, we’ve had some wind recently, but closer to Sue’s 40mph rather than Chris’s, thank goodness! Yesterday was great for walking on the Trail. There is still some snow on the Trail (Sadie and I like walking in it, although I have to be a bit more careful), yet it was warmer and more comfortable. It is warming for this weekend, so there will be melting now making the Trail messy. We may not be back over for a while. DH is walking the pup today, I am going to see my Mom and walk with her in her new neighborhood. Looking forward to girl time!

    • Lyn, We upgraded our counters about the time you did and I have wished since we had gone with quartz. More wind for us last night, kept me awake along with a couple of other pain things. Seems to have passed now, thankfully. Hope you enjoy your walk with your Mom. How are they enjoying their new home and neighborhood? Take care in this whacky weather year. Love, Sue

  23. Morning all
    Beautiful day here in the mountains. Was yesterday as well, but muddy and messy from the snow melt. I had a bad day yesterday, from the weather changes I guess. But, I still had to clean the stalls. THen I just laid around on my heating pad and rested.
    I heard from the Frenchman this morning. He says he should be hearing this week some results from the testing. They are hinting at Crohns Disease. But we will have to wait. I have thought all along that was what it seemed like, but he kept going back to his family’s genetic disorder of the bowels. Men and their fear of doctors ! Anyhow, we should know something soon.
    Lyn, I hope you enjoyed your day with your Mom. Chris, so glad you have this over with , again, and that this time it works. Like Lyn said, it is never over with homes. Sometimes you think it is better to rent then you are not responsible for the repairs. Sue, so in hopes (and prayer) that you are feeling some better , that your pain is reduced.
    Well, I must go and feed the animals. Then get ready for church. Tomorrow is swim day, then Tuesday I go to Roanoke to get the first injection in my back. Oh joy ! It doesn’t help, but is necessary in order to get to the part where the nerves are burned. Just hate the drive and all the time and money spent. Shutup Tonie and stop whining. I hate whiney women, don’t you ?
    Love to all
    Have a wonderful day

    • Tonie, Here’s where we can whine and complain and everyone understands. I try to avoid it as much as possible in my everyday life, but my DIL will ask and we’re off to the races. Besides you have a legitimate complaint. Prayers for you and Bernard. Love, Janet

    • Tonie dear, there is a distinction between being informative and whining. When one goes on endlessly about only themselves…that’s my idea of whining. On here, we share, give and take style. I am sorry you aren’t at your best and know you still face so many responsibilities. I’d loan you Jim if we were closer but I don’t know if he knows how to muck out a stall. We used to have a St. Bernard so I think he has a pretty good idea.
      As far as B is concerned, it has always sounded and acted like Crohn’s disease and that is familial like so many of the autoimmune diseases. That does make sense and I know treatment in this country is wonderful for that…but there is always the old insurance issue. with the use of biologics today they are doing less surgery. It used to be they would just keep removing areas of the bowel but not so much anymore. I do wish you were at his side but in many ways you are.
      Terrible night here with high winds, George wouldn’t settle down after a bath and my knee..also jumpy leg syndrome last night. Hate nights like that. To Portland tomorrow for knee doc. Long trip to other side of city…much traffic.
      Hope you are able to stay warm and rest after your animal duties. Hope Brutie is better or at least stable. Love, Sue

  24. Dear Blog friends, for those of you who are not on FB with me, latest problem here is strange nodule among many normal ones on my thyroid. Oncologist wants to biopsy but can’t while on coumadin. Will see an endocrinologist on March 20. Left knee bad so back into Portland to see knee guy tomorrow. I may ignore the thyroid and see how it goes but will see four docs I love on Feb 1 in Portland so answers will come.
    Pleasant day with Jim yesterday for his birthday. Will do dinner later in the week but did manage to get to furniture store to buy him a present..a lovely new mahogany leather recliner. I love it and he fits it well. Get to throw out the old dirty cloth one. Hurray…they will haul it off for us.
    Sorry, new blog will be later in the week. Love to each of you, Sue

  25. Sue
    I am lost for words,how can it be…such worry when it could all be ok and no need for it
    I’m glad you had a Good day with dh for his birthday and the chair sounds such a good idea and it’s such a relief when they can take the old one away
    Thinking of you sue and prayers that all will be well
    Love Chris

    • Chris, I didn’t mean to upset you…when you have metastatic breast cancer as I do, you learn to not be surprised. I just truly hate the approach and don’t want to go through the coumadin bit again…trips to the hospital, etc. I have two benign cysts in my remaining breast and have two small cysts, also benign on the bottom of my left foot. This may also be one of those. I’m in no hurry and will weigh all options. Frankly, I am just feeling overwhelmed…knee, coumadin regulation, pain, gut, ca treatment…so much I just needed to take some time off from myself. Hope you are both doing well today. Love, Sue

  26. I understand what you say sue ,it must be as you say just all too much
    When my dh saw the specialist the other day the subject came up,about ops and warfarin ,he said although that would need to be stopped there was something else you can take that is ok for that time
    We are okish dh bp is up and down
    Later on today my dd and gs are coming over .its his 21st today and I am doing an easy meal tonite . I hope this diver Settles down by then.i did some bending which seems to have upset it
    Maybe FM won’t need an op and meds mite be in order and he can be back sooner .and for Tuesday well ..
    Just get it done and over with
    It seems your mum has settled in. That’s so good for you to know
    Well try to go back to sleep

    • Chris, hope the birthday celebration went well for GS. Wow, 21 already? Where has all that time gone as we all grow older. Hope all is well for him and your DD. Is she getting excited about her upcoming wedding in the spring?
      I hope DH’s B/P is behaving and there are no more problems with your house.
      As far as your diverticulitis, is that common for movement to upset it? Have you ever been checked for a hernia? Hope the eating is going better and a bit more exciting for you.
      Saw the knee specialist on Monday and he says I need a new knee. Now even more to consider so will chat with a few doctors and get their opinions. Injection only helped for such a short time, it appears I live with pain and instability of that knee or get a new one. It’s okay unless I’m on my feet too long, then it “sings”. More to consider. WIsh this merry go round would stop but it just doesn’t. Rain and hail here this AM. Flower pots on the deck full of hail. Cold here but not like some in the east. Take care…Love, Sue

  27. Hey everyone
    Busy week here. Got my injection on Tuesday, so one side of my back is a little less painful. I go back on the 7th for the other side, then again to get the nerves burnt. Only one set of shots, so good for my wallet.
    Not much news from France, he got back one test, but is waiting on the remainder to see what it all says. Here, the weather is cooler again but all the wind dried up most of the mud, good thing. Lots of sunshine today. But I am tired and really must clean this house ! And I think I will get started on Mother’s quilt. I found the pieces I want to use for a border, then I have to buy material for the other side. I think I will get a pattern so I can reverse it if I want.
    Sue, hope you are feeling better,recovered from your Portland venture. Chris, so much going on at your house, hope it is now calm again.
    Well, I need to get moving. Much to be done. I foresee a nap in the near future maybe.
    Take care all

  28. Hi
    Well it’s been busy
    At the start of GS Meal DH had chest pains ..called dr who said call ambulance. So they came and took him to hospital. They kept him in a nite and he came out next day…but waited in departure lounge 4 hrs… his bp was 170/139 when they took him in They put him on more bp meds
    Then yesterday it happened again amb called ,hosp, and given the spray to use.and came home..he has an ultrasound tomorrow
    Went to pace maker check this morning and inr this afternoon then the dr later
    So I’m tired and my back is very sore as driving doesn’t help it either along with sitting in plastic chairs
    It was sad when I came back on my own about 11 pm as the meal was all laid and decorated too so had to tidy up
    I told DD to get back as she came by train from London to here and GS picked her up then they had to get back home about 40 mins drive with London in the morning again
    Oh it’s November DD getting married. And she’s got this vintage wedding dress and all very unusual stuff ..but looks nice
    A new knee …wow…wonder what you will decide
    Gonna end as tired and achy

    • Oh Chris, so much for both you and DH. I do wish they could give him some answers that help as far as his blood pressure. Chest pains can be so scary alone but then to have the dinner ruined for all of you during a birthday…so sorry and know he must feel badly, too. I had the wedding in my head for spring…sorry,guess I was just thinking of my GS”s wedding. I know those plastic chairs are just right up there with torture. Driving, also stressful and physically exhausting. I feel so badly for you both and hope you get some helpful advice soon.
      DD’s dress sounds very beautiful and it’s good she is an individual with her own ideas for her special day. Looks like Jim is going to go to GS’s wedding. Our DD is going with her whole family, DH and kids to have a week in Washington DC. So much to see and do. I hope J. goes for the whole week but he’s, I think, afraid to leave me alone that long. Guess he’s afraid I’ll run off with the mailman…Much love and prayers and keep me informed, okay? Sue P.S. I don’t have a clue about knee decision and am waiting to see what works out.

  29. Chris, my goodness. I hope things have settled down for you and your DH since your last.

    Sue, if Jim is up to it, I hope he considers joining DD and fam for that DC trip in addition to the wedding. I am sure it will depend upon how you are doing at the time.

    Tonie, hurray! One side done! SB is overdue for his ablations, but is, I think, trying to avoid it and maybe look for some other relief. Probably a good idea, something less invasive and not involving medication would be nice. He’s only 22. That is a long time to continue ablating. I’d love to see him try some gentle yoga with me and see what he can accomplish. It probably won’t completely alleviate the pain and discomfort but could be a start. So, some progress on B’s front, but not all answers yet. Not surprising. I do hope he finds the help he needs.

    Too busy here, in my opinion. The weather is doing a number on my body as well as this nasty business with muscle tension, spasm, and stiffness. I was hoping HRT combined with the yoga and Feldenkrais would alleviate it. It is better, but still with me. I have no idea what to try that I haven’t, or who to see. The yoga and Feldenkrais are helpful with my arthritis, so I will keep them up regardless, plus I feel better overall since starting them. Every little bit, right?

  30. Hey all
    So sorry about your dh, the ruined bday and you. So much all the time. I do pray they will find something to get his body regulated. Like Sues pain, it is so hard for him to find something.
    My Brutie is having a very bad day. His breathing is very bad, and he is suffering . Not sure what to do. Now he is barking at me, so I must go and see if I can comfort him.
    More later
    Love to all

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