Stairs, Flares, and Musical Chairs




We live in a three storied home, without an elevator, therefore we havemany stairs. When we moved here twenty years ago, many folks asked me, “With your disabilities, why did you choose a house with so many stairs?” The simple answer is we love the house. Its simple, ordinary Victorian charm appeals to both of us. Each time I come home, I feel it welcoming me with its crowded, cluttered, wall papered warmth. When we moved in I did so with a broken toe; Pyrex lid, direct hit. I had a small taste of the challenge and my other joint problems told the rest of that tail, ‘er tale, although that hurt, also. I guess my credo was and is: “welcome home” charm is hard to find and when you do, hang onto it with all your sentimental might.


My husband also had bad knees and has had both of them replaced while we’ve lived in this home we love. He managed quite well being the stubborn warrior he is. When asked about his po-operative recovery period he simply said, “If I have to go up and down those stairs on my butt, I will.” I don’t think he ever had to. As for me I just keep remembering all of our grandparents who lived in old, multiple storied homes and made it through life, so why not us? I trek them slowly and with always one hand free for the banister, going up and going down. I also try to remember to put a phone in my pocket when dealing with our stairs, especially on those bad days, which we all have. As far as my terribly arthritic knees, I often whisper the credo for all bad knee patients, which is “The good go to heaven, the bad go to hell.” Of course, that means you ascend with the better knee of the two and descend with the worse one. It is embarrassing when others hear me. I had one orthopod with no sense of humor think I was trying to convert him. Seriously, he asked me to repeat it, what I said and when I explained the expression his own face filled with relief. Wonder what soul secret he’s hiding?


There are many hundreds of metaphorical stairs we climb and descend when we live with chronic pain and illness. We must be more careful with many of these changes and challenges than with the literal stairway. I have often said to myself, “Oh no, I can’t go through this…not another challenge. No, I can’t do this.” When I’m at the bottom of another stairway, that is when I need the most help. I pray, I get outside and enjoy my flowers and the colors of the skies and the Columbia River and wait. I know the courage and the strength will come but first, there is this feeling of doubt, despair and rebelliousness.


Another stairway can be new medications to adjust to and then, of course, the dose or the medication is changed or some dire warning comes out i.e. you can burst into flames if you swallow this one. Daily scheduling for drugs is so important. I love and use those little weekly dosage containers. I hate them once a month but love them every other day. When I get around to swallowing my pills upon awakening in the morning I am not all that trustworthy and I know it. I learned not to put my prn or take as needed drugs in the bathroom in my tiny jewelry dish I used to keep in there. Swallowing a gold earring was a valuable lesson for me. Did you know a heavy metal can take four to five days to “retrieve?” Yes, of course I still wear them…I know how to clean jewelry and all manner of items. I’ve also discovered swallowing one of the dog’s vitamins does me no harm.


That leads me into my next stair which is cleaning. All roads lead uphill when it comes to cleaning yourself, your home and your yard when you are physically compromised. It all stinks. I love a clean and sparkling house but that’s one stair that is just not worth the climb. We live in civility of cleanliness. That means I give dirt, dog hair and tiny insects the right to be here until we are having company. After that, it’s everyone for himself. I attack what I can with my Swiffer duster, Roomba or Neato vacuums that propel themselves and my battery-operated moping device which is now on the fritz. My eyesight is poor thanks to one of my drugs I took for many years, and it can be a blessing when you can’t see those corners of the kitchen very clearly or cleanly. If it moves, smack it. If it stinks, squirt it. If it is sticky then spray it and step on a paper towel over the sticky part or you can call in the dog in lieu of spray it. When it comes to a clean car, well, that’s where my husband shines as well as the car. So many stairs to climb in this compromised life, the old adage still matters: one step at a time.


The changes that confront as disease encroaches, age approaches and there are no life coaches, can confuse us as to which stairs to take. When in doubt, wait and think. When tormented, seek help and when frightened, pray. We are never on any staircase by ourselves, not ever.



Anyone who lives with chronic pain and disease knows about flares. Whether you have a flicker or a complete burnout, flares are usually unexpected, of dubious origin and totally unwelcome. As to the causes of these days that bring about more fatigue, often more pain and grumpier attitudes, we each have our own answers. For me it is usually overdoing it the previous day or two, too much sun or my forgetting to take a prn medication I could have used. Stress is another known contributor and each of us handle stress in our lives so differently. Grief is one of the heavier forms of stress and has no answers as each of us handle grief differently. The normal passage of time, trusting our beliefs and warm memories have often helped me.


When accosted by flares that don’t go away, it may be your body’s notification it needs help. Time to get out the doctor’s phone number and have things checked out, labs drawn or just a reassuring visit. I think each of us have doctors we delay seeing for one reason or other, but the ones we like, in that case we reach for the phone with less trepidation. Drastic increases in pain, fevers, bleeding in stools, vomiting and excessive nausea are all good reasons to see the doctor. After many years of this way of life, most of us learn to see the signs when something is wrong. It’s difficult at times to be totally honest with ourselves but we need to develop this habit for our own protection and peace of mind.Denial is not your friend or mine when it is about our health.



This is one item I had to include because it has affected my life so drastically. The inability to sit was one of my first symptoms. I was a Director of Nursing in a small hospital in California and after several years of being on my feet more often, I was sitting more due to meetings and conferences. I would find my legs losing much of their sensation. Not that I ever had sensational legs; don’t want to confuse you. They just felt like they were not going to do their job which is to keep my feet flat on the floor and hold up the rest of my body.


I also had a longer drive to work of about a half hour. I loved the drive in my new blue Mustang convertible, top down, even in the winter with the heater cranking away. I know. You don’t have to tell me it was stupid. It was an indulgence for sheer pleasure. I found myself gravitating toward softer chairs, avoiding the old plastic styles you find in all institutions and businesses. I still made rounds with the doctors each day, sat through long patient conferences on the alcohol/drug rehab unit of the hospital and stretched in between. It finally got to the point when, after a 10-12-hour day and the half hour drive, one night I couldn’t get out of my car. My husband came out and I started laughing and said, “Honey, I’m having trouble getting out of the car.” He smiled and said, “It looks like it.” I finally managed, with his help, got in the house and reclined, feeling too ill to eat dinner. He and I would often meet for dinner on days we both worked because I was working the days and he, the nights. We had a favorite restaurant which was a converted Victorian style home. Those dinners became less pleasurable as the weeks passed. Sitting anywhere became a nightmare and affected my sleep and my bowel habits.


I finally had to take a leave of absence as I was seen by several local doctors and was diagnosed with many things from ankylosing spondylitis to stress. One orthopedic doctor put in bed for a month, thinking it was back strain. I tried to work from home but finally had to resign my nursing job. I was a mess and all because I had pain in my sitter. I was angry, frustrated and weepy. The only condition I had ever come upon in nursing that involved the buttocks was hemorrhoids. I knew that wasn’t my problem.  I had taken a hard fall a couple of years previously and bruised my tailbone and torn a couple of intercostal muscles in my chest. How? I slipped on a wet floor at the hospital.


Three long and dreadfully frustrating years passed without a definitive diagnosis and we decided it was time to seek better medical care than I was getting locally. I was working part time during those years but only a couple of days a week. It was difficult but we needed the money and I needed to work for my own self-esteem. My husband was in nursing school while working full-time nights as a respiratory therapist. Our two children were in high school and life was otherwise normal. Each of them had part time jobs for the special things in life they wanted while doing great work in school. We had an enormous and loving Saint Bernard, a big yellow cat with attitude named Ozzie and all appeared to be good except for my inability to sit comfortably.


I made an appointment with a doctor my eldest sister had seen at UCLA and we drove the three hours down to his office in Beverly Hills. After my first exam, he literally pin-pointed my problem; in this case it was a ballpoint pen. I showed him where it hurt, he poked the area right over my sacroiliac joints and I assured him it hurt. No, I didn’t yelp. I am the stoic type. He marked the area with a pin as I was sprawled out on my stomach, and called in his physical therapist. They talked about me behind my backside…had to throw that in. Each time he touched that ink mark, I had the same reaction. He then injected me with the longest needle I have ever seen. Standing above my head he injected steroids into my SI joints. All the way home, all three hours I sat there in the passenger seat feeling like a new woman. That lack of pain lasted for about a week; but at least we had a diagnosis. Sacroiliitis with lupus-like-syndrome because of the rashes I was getting from any and all sunlight. We began treatment: steroids, methotrexate and NSAID’s. My life was improved but I was never well enough to return to nursing and that’s why you are reading this. I began writing and having articles published, as well as a monthly column in the local newspaper.


Sitting is why this segment is called musical chairs. Each time we go anywhere, I have to first find out what kind of seating there will be. When I get stuck in a hard chair, I get my soft foam cushion out of the car, well, actually my considerate guy does. I cannot travel on airplanes or other forms of public transportation. I have lumbar pillows in every chair in our home due to the SI joints as well as two crushed vertebrae. We do go out to eat occasionally but rest assured, I know what the seating is like, beforehand. I have missed out on my events involving my children and grandchildren because of my bad bum. I have learned every word in the English language for buttock. The irony does not escape me nor do the jokes. Of all things to go wrong…


I hope the sharing of these three challenges, stairs, flares and musical chairs has enlightened you, put a smile on your face or in some other way allowed you to identify with me.


34 thoughts on “Stairs, Flares, and Musical Chairs

  1. Now, I can relate to so much of that. Especially forgetting and taking wrong pills. I remember the earring episode, we laughed ourselves silly (Er) over that one. I get distracted and move on to other things and never remember what I was doing. For two days I have forgotten to take MOM pills ! Not a good thing to do. Remembered this morning and did so before I forgot again.
    Now, as to cleaning when you are getting company. There will be none of that when I come to visit you. I don’t care.
    My sweet man is seeing to it I get to go visit our Sue in October. I am very excited. But….no extra cleaning. Well okay the bathroom and sheets, but nothing else.
    We went to the flea market today. Walked up and down or down and up, a big hill each way (the town is Hillsville). Looked at about a third of the places. Some, sauntering through, others stopping to look and inspect. Saw some guys making bear out of wood with a chainsaw. Gave my number to a local hunter who wants to rid me of some deer, bought a cheap pair of sunglasses 🕶, and some coffee. We decided that there needs to be a tent with all horse items. Maybe next year ??? But, I was feeling good. Until I got home and took a shower. Then, it was over.
    So, take care of you. Rest those eyes, shoulders, back, butt, and everything else that hurts.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, what a wonderful way to spend a spoon (if I recall that correctly). I am so happy B is making sure you get to visit Sue! Also a bit jealous, but in a good way. I do hope to be able to visit my niece out there someday and make a side trip to see Sue. We shall see.

      • Lyn, I’d love it and have thought of it, your visiting since your niece moved this way. I read about your paint project and thought it sounded like something I did about ten years ago. I must confess i took on all the woodwork in the downstairs level and still only have it half completed…half still the old worn ivory, the newer color a pale green. Just remember with walls how wonderful those long painting poles are and that you can take as long as you like. Please rest in between. Sounds like great fun, actually but will be hard so take it easy….no contest here.
        I can completely understand about the need to change cars. Nothing lasts forever as we all know. I am sorry to hear SB’s new car has been struck twice. He alright with his tricky back?
        Oh my dear, how awful for your dearest friend who is already going through cancer treatment to now to know her Mom has it. Scary disease that one. I pray they both have the best care available to them. I think a beach trip sounds very therapeutic. I am pleased you liked the blog this week. I think if you repeat that diddy about up and down the stairs it will really help you remember. I’ve never had knee pain as pain as my tush pain so no up and down on that poor thing for me, and both of knees need to be replaced but fat chance of that. Just had the right one injected last week…he went in under the knee cap. Oh joys but it is better now. I now face a very back neck. Active disease on the X-rays so now scheduled for CT scan. I hate those due to the hard tables but must I guess.
        I’m a bit paranoid. My eldest sister had no neck in her last 15 years of life. She had such bad disease her head was held up by screws, nuts and bolts. Oh my how she suffered, poor sweet lady. She was the glamorous sister. Before she died, she sent me a lovely little notebook and wrote in the flyleaf…”To Sue for all those beautiful thoughts of yours.” It means a lot to me. In retrospect, I wish I had understood her suffering more than I did. She lived in San Fran and came down to the hot central valley of Calif. to enjoy the heat. She had several problems but mainly psoriatic arthritis. She was twelve years older than I. Sorry this got so long, love you, Sue

    • Tonie, I am so looking forward to meeting you as is Jim. I’m afraid you will find us a boring old couple but we’ll try to do something interesting while you’re here. You mean I have to clean the bathroom? I hate to break it to you but the guest bathroom is down and the guest room up. You can also use ours off our bedroom. Jim sleeps so hard he’d never know. I could bring up our potty chair for you from the basement. It’s never been used. So excited. I am concerned the trip will be very hard for you…the airplanes, layovers, etc. How very kind your man is. You will also have to deal with a three hour time change so don’t we waking me up at the crack of dawn. Just kidding sweet friend, for you, I’ll do it but don’t guarantee I’ll be very good humored at that early hour. To those of you who don’t know, Tonie and I met on my first blog when I wrote for who incidentally still is posting several hundred of my blogs. She has been my editor for the last 2.5 years on here, posting for me because I am so ignorant of computers. Twelve years? It’s time we met. If I had my way we’d all have a huge gathering, with all my friends on here and on FB.

      Sounds like you did have a good day but woof…exhausting. I’m pleased you could identify with much of this blog. I love the idea of a horse booth or tent. You have a year to get ready…Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        No need for the potty chair. I can stumble up and down a flight. Grew up that way. Boring ? It will be nice to sit still for awhile. And I am not a happy camper in the morning either, so we will be good. I only have the slight layover in Charlotte, so no biggy.
        The best thing. is we can talk eye to eye instead of the phone. No entertainment necessary porchsitting is fun.
        Now, I must go and help Mrs Blair today…….was sorta hoping it would rain, lol. But, I will muddle through. Just keep her on the list.
        Take care

  2. Sue, I love it! On so many levels. I would add ladders to the stairs. I’ve never heard that saying before, but I like it. I must remember it, sometimes I forget which foot to lead with and, well, you know. I don’t mind sharing, I have actually gone up and down stairs on my backside when it was too painful to walk them. 😉 I’m proud of you for enjoying every moment of that Mustang. As you know, I have done the same with my dear little Audi TT. That chapter also is coming to a close. I will likely be selling or trading it this fall. My lease on the Rogue is up and I need to just purchase 1 vehicle. It is time. I still love my little blue car, but driving a 6 speed on bad days is not that fun. Thankfully, having another vehicle has helped in that regard, but I now know what I want (pretty sure), so it is time. SB bought his Jeep, although he has had two people run into it… so we shouldn’t need an extra anymore. I’ve been trying to be more aware and present with every little trip in the TT this summer knowing. Sadie may be sad when it happens, though.
    I’ll probably touch off one of those aforementioned flares. I have taken on painting our family room/kitchen area, which is rather large. I am splitting it into bits and pieces, but even so. It is much harder than when we first painted the area. I should have followed my Mom’s advice and hired a painter. Somehow I will muddle through. SB said he would help, but he has been working night shift lately, so that’s not really an option. He is sleeping when I am painting. On the upside, I love the new color!
    I debated mentioning, but I don’t think anyone who knows them will see. My friend with cancer’s mother also has cancer. Not sure if I shared, but don’t think I did. Of course, we all suspected when we heard of the hysterectomy. Scary and sad. I am hoping we will all be able to make a trip to my friend’s house in the Outer Banks in September. All could use the beach therapy.
    Time to rest those stiff and achy hands. Maybe a little reading. My DH is watching a movie I am not really into. Thanks again for this wonderful installment!

  3. Wow that is news
    Sue and tonie meeting up,
    I look foward to hearing all about it only a month away.i would love to be on that porch
    Great blog sue ,I loved it and laughed
    Having had a fractured sacrum I understand very well seating arrangements!
    You’re sister giving you that notebook ……..such lovely words for you
    What a long haul it has been ..and eventful….for you
    Well I’m laying on the bed and tired today..been doing a lot and it’s catching up
    We all know…
    Lyn lots going on around you ,may all turn out well

    • Chris, Glad you liked the blog and laughed. My eldest sister, Norma, was a beauty. She did a bit of modeling and was a fashion buyer for a large upscale department store until arthritis, progressive and destructive knocked her down. She had many joints replaced, hips, knees, and all those neck and shoulder problems. Her husband had trouble accepting the changes and suffering she went through. She was very active in Easter Seals in the bay area and very instrumental 35 years ago to get handicapped parking passed in the state of California. The night my Dad passed, she was getting an award for her volunteer work from a senator in the state. She had seen Dad before but not there at the time. I understood. She had a bad time with death and dying…it frightened her more than other people. She had a big heart, four kids, many grands. She took all of her disabilities with grace and style. She painted a bit, especially pictures of old barns. She was always busy…and years later a great example for me. She did cut corners on her prednisone and take too much most of the time and that was part of the reason she actually lost bones. After 2 or 3 knee replacements, she got an infection in the femur and actually had no knee the full year before she died. She was always great fun. Because of our age differences and living in different parts of the state as well as both being handicapped, we didn’t see each other as much as I would have liked. Norma and my mother died on the same day in different parts of the state. I have always been thankful, because of her fear of dying, my Mom was there to be with her as they both passed from this world. I’m glad you’re resting after all your play with DD. Love you, Sue

  4. Dear Sue, When my husband passed I closed off the upstairs portion of my house. I got tired of trying to keep it clean and I got tired of going up and down on my sitter. Where I am now is a single story, which is much better. Really enjoyed this post, especially the funny parts. I look for humor and positive things more than ever. There is just too much hate and negativity in this world. I find myself looking to my furry friends more and more, there is so much love to be found in them. There is so much beauty to be found in nature. My son and DIL took me to Galveston a few weeks ago. Got to put my feet in the water. I didn’t realize how much I missed the ocean. Before coming to Texas I had always lived a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.
    Hands are giving out. Love you guys so much. Janet

    • Janet, I am so pleased you have grown used to and love your new home in southern Texas, with your son. I recall you did live in N. California for many years, then TX. I think we each just have to make these decisions as the situations in our lives change due to age and disease. Fun you got to touch toe in the ocean. There is just something about sand and that ocean wind in your face that are so refreshing. We don’t get down to the ocean as often as we should. I do love just driving by or sitting and enjoy watching the huge ships and the Coast Guard cutters right here in town.
      You know I obviously agree life is serious at times but not to be taken too seriously. Also agree our furry ones help to keep us on the lighter side of life. I would love to get a kitten for us and for George but just don’t know about the whole catbox situation in this house. We used to have one in the basement for our last cat, Ozzie but just don’t know. Have to give that some thought. My DD and kids took me out to their vets last year on my birthday and tried to talk me into one but no sale. Have to be practical, all the cleaning, etc. Having a hard time keeping up now. George is the most loving little guy but it’s hard to get others convinced because he tries to be so fierce and does nibble an ankle or two. I think he just has a real problem with everyone and everything else being bigger than he is.
      Always love to hear from you and know how difficult it is for you, like our Pom Mom Brenda who types with two fingers. Much love to you, Sue

  5. Hello all
    Having a slow day. Much needed, as I have way way overdone things this summer. In the heat for three days straight, especially Sunday. I have now a terrible headache around my head like a “crown”. I was given goo d advice to do yesterday. Rest, hydrate, lay low. Of course I got too involved in pushing myself and ended up exhausted at the end of the day. “A hard head makes for a soft tail end” my Mother’s sage words. My B decided after our slow workouts at the pool, to thin off a few of my old hens who were needed in the freezer. I didn’t participate in their demise, actually cried with the first one. But ended up helping pluck the feathers (in the shade and cool breeze). However, humidity levels had me , once again, sweating profusely. Then I had arranged for some song practice with a very talented man in our community. So I went to that. Which was very relaxing and helpful. But then I had to return to ready and freeze the said hens who were waiting in my kitchen. By then I was in tears. But someone insisted I eat at least a alas before bed after my third watering of the day. I was awakened about 3 am with a fierce headache, he wanted to take me then to the Dr. God and I had about a 2 hour conversation and I eventually went to sleep again.
    So after that long dissertation, I am going to be a good girl today, and for the next few until I recuperate. I promise, Sue. I do need to drive to the bank, but back to stay in the cool of my bedroom to mark some items for a sale on Saturday. Hopefully I will be up to it.
    Janet, so glad to see your post. What would we do without our furry four legged friends. My Ceasar is “being sick” with me as we speak. Yesterday on our way home, we picked up some great pallets that were being disposed of after the flea market. b is outside tearing them apart to build something. He has worked on the barn and chicken lot for a week. The animals are always his first priority.
    Take care all and remember me in your prayers, even if it is for more wisdom in my behavior, lol

  6. Tonie, Hope you’re even better in the AM. I knew you were in serious trouble when you called. Heat exposure isn’t fun and could be very serious. Also all the walking at the flea market didn’t help any. PLEASE rest up tomorrow, drink more than usual and know you are loved. Sue

  7. Sue
    Feeling much better today Woke up without a headache. But…..went to pick tomatoes early while cloudy. Just walking down the yard, the sun came out and instant headache, so I know that’s the cause. Resting today. Getting some more crochet things for a sale on Saturday. It is inside a building so I am okay there. Supposed to be rain, so more than okay.
    B. Was getting concerned ready to take me to ER last night because I was so sick from RA flare as well. Boy did I get my much delayed payment for pushing too hard. As you said, my body was “cursing” at me. Still is. So drink drink drink, and resting in my cool bedroom.
    Hope your mouth is recovering from your dentist visit. The second day is always worse for me, hope not for you.

  8. Do hope you are better now Tonie do keep an eye on how much you are doing .its not worth getting like that for
    Hope you got on ok at Dentist’s the bladder going
    As for us both dh and I …his field test at the opticians no good has to go to the glaucoma clinic
    I was ok but when she put drops in my eyes to see how the dryness had affected them it scratched my eye that’s sore
    The specialist had written to her that he thought mine was a diabetic bleed
    Anyway I’ve got that clinic for it on Tuesday and see what my reading will be.then
    Ok gonna fin8sh as my eye is sore and very blurred with the amount of drops

    • Chris, so much going on for you. DO let us know how it turns out. Dentist for me, fair. Eyes, very bad, especially online. This screen really gives me a headache. Bad shot in the rear yesterday with my chemo shots I’ve been getting for over four years…left leg numb from it. Laying on ice. Hate this. Bad nurse I fear. Shot was supposed to be given over 2-3 mins but she just shot them both in, took about five seconds. It’s a large, shot,5cc each. Recovering. Love ya, Sue

  9. First chance to read this post. It was so appropriate for today. Celebrated “Grandparents Day” at my youngest grandchild’s school. It has been raining in Chicago for a couple of days but I still dragged my fibro pained body to an 8:30 A.M. Mass. After that I hobbled across the school parking lot, down a flight of stairs to stand in line for cookies (hubby got my tea) to sit on a cold steel chair. Filled out a form comparing my childhood to my eight year old granddaughters and a friend whose grandfather had to leave after Mass. Then up 119 stairs to the classroom to see what has been accomplished in the first week of school. Back down 119 stairs and off to a pre-birthday brunch with my hubby. I hurt from head to toe but I would not have missed it for the world.

    Thank you for always writing the best essays.

    • Hi Marilyn, good to hear from you. What a wonderful Grandparents Day for you. I wish you could have had another body to do it in…and bet you do, too. Thanks for reading…Fondly, Sue

  10. Oh sue
    I do know that some injections you have to give slowly how could she do such a thing..hope all is getting better now
    My eye is improving but still,sore
    Have the prediabetic clinic tomorrow..see how that goes
    Went to the museum today and dh and the curator worked on the computer and all his photos was interesting for me as I listen in and know when dh is not getting what’s being said but as well I’m looking at all around me and all the things everywhere
    Hope everyone is okish

    • Chris dear, sounds like a lovely day for both of you. You must be incredibly patient to be of so much assistance to your dear guy. I do hope the diabetic clinic gives you big fat zero for that problem. Oh, can’t the eyes be a mess with SS. I am also having so many vision problems must get back to the doctor very soon. Had to get tetanus shot today for accident yesterday. Got a couple of wood screws into my hand, nothing serious but did bleed so knew I had to get the tetanus shot.
      I love your ongoing curiosity, as well as you DH’s and know that’s what keeps us older folks young, to love and be interested in life. Much love and do take care of those eyes. Sue

  11. Hi sue
    Well the clinic was ok
    The reading in USA would be 5.2pc a drop for 6pc
    So quite pleased with that
    In ukmitbwould be 39 hb1c fro 42
    So she was surprised as it wasn’t the full three mths for the blood cells to renew it was done end July
    It is now a 9 mth course weekly for 8 weeks then monthly
    Full of what to eat and exercise..hope I can keep to the programm with how we are….
    My goodness what were you doing to have the wood screws do that ..I expect it’s sore today
    AND I’m not always patient..believe me….
    Rainy here yuk.
    Right gonna make a hot drink and lie on the bed

    • Chris dear, good news for you. What are the courses regarding? Preventing diabetes? Good, good. I was just walking down our front steps when the post at the bottom of the stairs came off in my hand and my hand fell down onto the very sharp wood screws that were sticking up. How they construct something like that I have no idea. Day before yesterday I had to cover it to keep the mailman or anyone else from being hurt. I put the ball back in the place after brushing off all the “age” and rust, dirt, etc. and put wood Gorilla glue on it. Then it rained, so now I have to do it again. Think I’ll use the regular Gorilla blue. May have to find new holes for it. Such rusty nails I knew right away I had to get the darn shot. Wound is nothing now but since it bled?
      L “cheek” is still numb all the way down to the knee back. Got call from oncology, caring and told me to tell them if it doesn’t get better in another two days. Have dreaded CT scan on Friday afternoon and will have to cancel if it’s still this bad. Quite frankly, I have had it. Right now, I break down into tears over everything. We watched a long tribute to the 17th Anniversary of 9/11 and it was so horrendous and so terribly sad. Also, right now, S. Carolina, N. Carolina and Virginia are facing the worst hurricane IN HISTORY, a category 5, to that coast and inland if the rains come. They expect this thing called Florence to stay over all three of those states, and now Maryland, for several days which will mean flooding..horrendous flooding. Please pray for all in those states. I will call Tonie today. Her kids live in those states as do many of my readers and FB friends. Loce you, Sue

      • Oh good heavens it’s all bad news
        Sue no wonder you feel so down
        I hope the leg is better for Friday,but think maybe best to change day of scan if would be all too much
        Seventeen years it’s gone by so quick.looking at it must seem like a horrendous yesterday
        Yes my prayers for all in those states.ive just seen it on our news. It sounds awful and frightening
        What is happening to our world

      • Sue
        regarding the glue for the banister. Get you some GOOP glue next time from Walmart. It is the best stuff ever. We even use it on the horses hooves when they crack.
        The kids are fine. They left and went to my son’s who is next to Charlotte, NC. Way inland. Just pray their home is ok. I did see a restaurant in the town they live still had power yesterday and was starting cleanup. So…..Here we are beginning to see the rain and just a little wind increase. Supposed to hit this evening and last until Monday. Here We are in the mtns, and on a rise, so no danger of flooding or washout. Always wanted a flat yard, but in times like this I am happy to be above it all.
        Love ya

  12. Sue
    They say to just get out in the garden and fresh air lifts the spirits…it sounds too simple for how you are ,but it might help a little
    And to look over your landscape there . Lost for words to help but if thinking could put it right for you, you would be good

    • Dear Chris, oh yes, yesterday was a day of memory for our country. So many acts of nobility, loss, tragedy, all relived and remembered. What saddened me is how quickly history is swept away and how many lessons, sweet lives and acts of courage are forgotten. Thousand are contracting different types of cancers now from all the debris that was in the air. At the time Jim and I both remember, as nurses, thinking how dangerous all those tiny particles folks were inhaling would and could be. We often do not give our lungs credit for all they must do and cannot do when filled with tiny particles of wood, cement and other construction and yes, human tissue particles. There was one man who was one of the many relatives who read the long list of over 3000 names who gave a very moving speech. He asked the various politicians in this country to stop using the 9/11 memory as fodder for their various causes and using the victims as political tools. He had lost his mother who at 76 still worked as a receptionist and maternal adviser for many young business people. There were other moments such as an American Bald Eagle landing and sitting on the ladder of a firetruck during one of the ceremonies.
      Yes, I am leaning more toward rescheduling my CT scan until this problem heals. I hope you are taking your sweet advice and enjoying your terrace. I’m afraid mine is too sunny for me most of the day. We had to roll up our awning on the porch for now due to a week of wind and off and on rains. George and I did get out for a bit in the late afternoon to dead head some flowers. We bought a small Scotch pine tree to put in a large pot on the huge stump left from the felling of our huge monkey puzzle tree two weeks ago. It will grow. Love you, Sue

  13. Dear Blog Friends, please say ongoing prayers for our dear friend Tonie who is going through a painful flare right now with her RA as well as feeling sick all over with a fever. She’s having a rough time of it so please send her your love and prayers. Thanks so much, Sue

  14. I posted last night and it said it was posting for a long time then didn’t go on
    So hopefully this will
    Just a short one and I’m back to sleep
    Yes prayers for Tonie and for her health to improve

  15. Hi
    Do hope all are ok and Tonie feeling improved
    Did you get your scan rescheduled sue
    Sad events last week
    I’m going to my dds today to her final fitting of her wedding dress.then lunch somewhere..well prob just a piece of toast for me ,that’s usually my safe bet out..
    Diver a bit picky this morning it had been ok..but I stretched round to get my sun hat to Shade me in the car and I stretched that it feels funny there
    All have as good a weekend as you can

  16. Hello all
    Well, I think I am finally getting back to the land of the living. Ugh, what a week ! Of course, I brought it on myself. Too much sun for too many days in a row. FInally a trip to the ER on Monday, not much done, a shot for pain and a RX for high dose of prednisone. That caused heart afibs. Increased my Magnesium and it seems to have settled. Cant shake the headaches though. Wasn’t able to eat but a bite here and there for a week. Yesterday we went to the gym and I got in the water and just kicked around for an hour. It was lovely but really tired me out. Then to Taco Bell where I actually ate something. Made me feel better. My ortho appointment was timely because my right shoulder on Sat last week was ultra swollen and bright red. He confirmed RA flare of it, gave me a shot of cortisone and a return appointment for two weeks. Worst flare ever in my time with this parasite that infects me.
    Sue I hope you are feeling better my friend. Thank you all for your prayers, please continue.
    Chris, good news on the diabetic front. My sil told me yesterday she has brought her levels down (glucose) 150 points. No bread, no processed grains, no sugar, blah blah. But her goal is to get off insulin. Good for her. My brother , on the other hand…… He goes to the new store in town and gets sweets and all that she won’t allow in the house. No exercise. We took him a chair up yesterday , a lift chair. He held it for two or three steps and I thought he was going to collapse. So keep up all the good stuff.
    Well, the light is hurting my head, so going to stop. Just good to be feeling better some. Love to you all

  17. That was so lovely to read although so sorry that life has been so full of discomfort . I laughed when you mentioned the possibility of bursting into flames on taking a tablet. My body is hopeless with side effects and i alnust expect instant ignition when popping in anything new. Continue climbing those stairs ..take care x

    • Alison, I love hearing from you and indeed, humor keeps me going up and down those stairs. I just read your blog about conkers. Thanks so much for the education. I had never heard of them. My great grandma would not like that…she and my great grandpa Reed were from England. Pleased to hear on the last blog that your son is doing well and becoming social with your ex and other relatives. Fondly, Sue, P.S. Haven’t gone up in flames yet here in Oregon.

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