An Ol’ Gal’s Musings



The older I get the more I lament,

If I know anything at all.

Each day presents me with queries

As pieces of my body appall.


One day it is this, another it’s that

But always it’s some foul thing,

Awe come on, say I, talkin’ to self,

About then the phone’ll ring.


Why is it these solicitor fellas

Think we grow stupid with age?

Keep calling boys, retribution is sweet

And you’ll soon enough reach this stage.


Some of us have more problems than most

Though trouble comes packaged all ways.

The secret is balance ‘tween sweet and sour,

When thorns tear at your flesh, make a bouquet.


That very fine line may take some waitin

While the crud continues to flow,

Just grab your panties whether Jockeys or silk

Life’s just one big game show.


Sometimes you win, sometimes not

But you always get back up.

Just keep remindin’ yourself

The ground’s no suction cup.


It helps if you’ve got smarts

And aren’t too close to ugly,

Just walk, crawl or swim

Put your nose in the air quite smugly.


Whatever the load you carry

Whether of body or heart,

Remind yourself as you must

Your spirit’s a work of art.


If you feel as if you’re losin’ your tush

Just check each time you flush,

And if a leg is falling off

Check the ground each time you rush.


If you have a rash or a curve in a bone

If your breath comes harder each day,

Pour on some cream, go see a doc

Don’t let it your true life delay.


The body is just a wizened vessel

Meant to carry you hither and yon

Yet love, thoughts and memories eternally live

When you’re floatin’ in the great beyond.


Don’t expect to die intact

After all, we’re not still pups

Our parts aren’t guaranteed, so

I urge you my friends to use it all up.


Beware the scent you leave behind

That whiff that’s left with others,

To rest a bit of yourself in other’s hearts

Is kinship deep as brothers.


All the troubles you may suffer

They needn’t leave a mark;

You alone can make that happen

By livin’ an honest heart.




13 thoughts on “An Ol’ Gal’s Musings

  1. Sue
    Using it “all up” is my mantra. I want to be happy with what I have now. Not lament on what I used to could do. Going forward each day with hope. Can’t always do what I want but doing the best I can with what I have.
    Had my hand surgery on Friday. Much better today, not so sore. Right in the palm of my hand, so I get reminded not to use it regularly, lol.
    Thinking of you this am as you will be with your new Dr early . Praying all willbe well and you like each other.
    Chris, things are going by quickly. Judy is doing better. Pushing herself a bit more as the weather warms up. It has been colder here, but hopefully spring is around the corner.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, That must be so sore. Sorry but I don’t recall that you were actually having the surgery either. Funny how we take our hands for granted every moment of the day. I pray you heal quickly…Friday, huh? Our weather is also warming up out here in the NW. We were in the high 60’s today with clear skies, a bit of wind and nights in the 40’s.
      Had to be at the new internist today at 7 AM and you know I’m not even usually awake by then. He is going to be great. He knew right away about my rare condition of relapsing polychondritis and that is thrilling in itself. He is young, very current on all meds and we changed a few, fine with all my pain management and boy…what a relief. I took him one of my old goofy poems so I know he has a great sense of humor because he cracked up at it. Apparently I was in A fib while there and he wants me to see a local cardiologist and we will start looking for one and a rheumy which is a harder find.
      I hope you will ask for some help with your chores right now and please take care…Love ya, Sue

  2. The idea of thoughts and memories with their own life is good to think on
    And to leave a fragrance of it a wonderful thought
    I too like to use it all up…..
    Yes I am thinking of you sue at the Drs as well
    And tonie I didn’t know you were having surgery on your hand …….
    Glad time is going by and also Judy picking up now

    • Chris dear, Yes Chris,, the new internist is up to date, bright, sunny and very interested in helping me. Pray you and DH are holding each other up and getting in those cheese scones. Love, Sue

  3. Hey all
    Sue, so glad you like your new Dr, and warm weather too ! This morning it was 20’ here ! But warming up next week.
    I am currently working with WordPress trying to get this issue of posting taken care of. They can’t seem to duplicate the problems, so hopefully we can get them a fix so they can see what is happening. Until then, please go down to the bottom and make sure you are logged 8n before you post your comment so you don’t loose it.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I know you’re doing all you can. We just have to remember to enter our info before we hit send. Thanks again because as a writer who knows zip about computers, I appreciate you so much. Love ya, Sue

  4. Hello all
    Well, another busy week, and this one as well. And the WordPress guys, after two days of looking at everything, found that it is changes in the browsers we use causing the need to log in always. Nothing can be done, unless you try a new browser. I know one site I use suggested using Google Chrome, so maybe try that. Safari, on the iPad and phone, it is one of the culprits.
    So make sure you are logged in below before you post.
    Well. Stitches are out of my hand, getting better each day. I also found a help for my back pain. It has been so severe the past couple of weeks. One of the people I housesit for has been using the inversion table. So….I found an inexpensive one (made 8n the US) on Walmart site. Used it for two days, twice a day and Wow ! Judy used it twice and she says her pain is just gone for now. So yeah yeah yeah !
    Okay, now for some rest.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, Interesting and I will definitely look into the inversion tables…Hope hand is healing well. Love, Sue

  5. Short note
    Have diver again with temp of 100 on antibiotics
    Have a pelvic ultra sound tomorrow..ugh
    The chair sounds good tonie
    What was the op on the hand
    How’s B
    How’s your grands sue haven’t heard about them for a while

    • Chris, oh dear. I am sorry to hear your diverticulitis is back. Most unwelcome visitor. I have had a two month battle with my gut, lost 8 pounds and no regular food except hot jello and soups until two days ago. Better now. My kitten walked across my computer a few days ago and put me out of business..back online now. Little scamp. Now I have a squirt bottle handy to train him to back off of my keyboard. Mean Mama here. Hope you feel better very soon..Love, Sue

  6. Sue, your poems are always a hit. So glad you found this wonderful young doc! May you have many years working well together.
    Tonie, I hope your hand is healing well now.
    Chris, I hope a day has made a difference and you are feeling better by now.
    Life marches on here. Never a dull moment, and a bit too much going on. Someone slow the merry-go-round, I want to get off!

    • Lyn dear, you sound busy and I hope healthy. That clock continues to turn. Hope kids and DH are all well and Sadie and kitties, of course. Love ya, Sue

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