The Puzzle And The Phone Call

My life lies scattered ‘bout me
Puzzle pieces all about.
No game did this, it happened
When my life was just in route.

Each day I ’wake with pain,
Is it possible you do?
It may not be a comfort, but
There are millions who do, too.

I’ve never understood the why,
The wherefore, just the who;
But I do know, without a doubt
No one has a clue.

It makes me wonder,
About the direction of life,
The meaning of pain,
And the purpose of strife.

All I formerly knew as routine
Is now known as “yesterland.”
Life is more of a challenge
Then I had ever planned.

I wonder if real life
Is a ship without a rudder?
Are we cast adrift in the sea of life?
If that’s true, O Brother!

I know it feels like war
But I can’t decide,
If I’m winning or losing
Or just on some goofy ride.

I fear I know
It’s a war to the death.
Each day should be cherished.
Each hour, each breath.

Where have all the answers gone?
Is there any meaning to strife?
Is this is a reality show
Called “Do you bet your life?”

After all these years
I don’t have a clue
You’d think by now
I’d at least have a few.

I’d like to startle and amaze
I’d like to spew forth knowledge
But alas I find I can’t
My life on razor’s edge.

Most days I can only spew a bit
And that is while I gaze,
As I behold this body in pieces
Now just a puzzling maze.

I’ve decided my earthly form
Is the vehicle for life’s trip,
As it seeks its own destination
I can’t give it “the slip?”

Okay, I get it
Life makes no sense at all
But I persistently have hope
One day I’ll get a call.

“Hello Sue, this is the great Physician
And I know the why of this.
Like some puzzle that is painted,
This isn’t hit or miss.

“You’re supposed to gain knowledge
And share all you find, as you
Examine your life while
Struggling to keep your mind.

“So far you’re doing fine
But there are days you do worry,
Remember you have just so much time
Thus, you’d best not tarry.

“You’re spending too much time
On complaints about what’s changed,
Too much time on ‘poor little me’
Girl, life’s all prearranged.

“Stop looking for reasons
Shut your mouth when you must
Just gain knowledge and insight
And stop making this fuss.”

My puzzle didn’t come in a box
I only imagined what it should be.
It came along in pieces,
No directions to see.

I think I’ve joined a club,
The Pain of the Month it’s to be,
And the “packages” arrive promptly
Like a wild spending spree.

Then one day the phone rang
And it was once again toll-free
And a deep voice said, “Hello,
Yes, It’s really Me.

“I’m called many names,
The Almighty and Lord
And you’re wasting much time
Which you cannot afford.

“Enough is enough
I’ve heard all you say
But don’t you get tired
Of living that way?

“Answers are there for you to find
My promises are true,
I assured you I’d be there
Specifically, for you.

“I can multi-task like you cannot
Watch over you and keep you safe
But you must have faith, and trust;
You’re not some orphaned waif.

“I gave these doctors knowledge
I will lead you to their skill,
You just be my good child,
Rest your doubts and trust my will.”

Thinking I was smarter,
I’ve done jigsaws before
And know they fall apart,
Therefore, I was still a bit heartsore.
Once again, the phone did ring.
And all He said was
“P.S. and don’t worry about that jigsaw
It’s one of mine, like you;
Just be sure to remember
I invented glue.”



12 thoughts on “The Puzzle And The Phone Call

    • Caryn, Glad you appreciated it. I realized when I wrote it it was a bit unusual but I have always believed our Lord has a wonderful sense of humor. Indeed, where do we get laughter and joy if not from Him? Love ya, Sue

  1. Brilliant sue
    Terrific ending..I love it
    Yesterland……can we go back please nicely!
    Clever wording too
    Shorty ,tired these few days…dh had his two eyes done and been busy with hospital and doing stuff…ice and drops for eyes and all manner of doing stuff… of course my hips playing up…..bit worried he’s on warfarin and be up for occular bleeding ,so wary of it .so got all my stuff I might need on standby to go to hosp
    But all good at moment tho

    • Chris my dear, pleased to hear your DH is recovering well from his eye surgery. Sounds so very painful but once healed will surely be better than having those lashes constantly irritating his eyes. Do remember when are able to be good to yourself. I know it to be true that marriage is never 50/50; there is always those times when one is called on to carry a heavier load for the other. Do take care of you while caring for him. When can he come home? Much love and prayers, Sue

  2. That was beautiful Sue! I can totally relate! I suffer from pain so much that the days are crazy. Yes. it is like a jig saw puzzle. You are so clever and so good with words. Thank you for this. i really enjoyed it. God Bless You

    • Dianna, sorry to know you also have so much pain…awful isn’t it? We havve to look at the lighter side to make it don’t we. Yes, I do love words and am always pleased when others can relate, like you, a dear FB friend. Do take care and remember to look for the joy in this day. Fondly yours, Sue

  3. I think I must have mislead you and put it wrong.
    The op was under day surgery
    I also meant I had all things ready to go incase I have to rush him to hospital with a bleed
    Things seem to be progressing ok just his bp is very high …don’t know why that is just another worry!
    Hope you are better than have been and all the family

  4. Chris, Here is hoping his blood pressure is better now and healing is progressing. Yes, I’m afraid I did think you were making trips to the hospital. No worry. Hope all continues to improve for you and for him and you both are getting some rest. Love, Sue

  5. Sue
    Beautiful and so true. We “give” over things for God to do for us, then constantly fret and try to fix it ourselves. But, He is so good. His promise to always be with us and never leave us is a true one. Sometimes it may seem as if He is not there. But if you be still and listen for that small voice, you know He is right there.
    I know I could not do the things I do without Him. Of late, I have been so tired. And Fibro aching so much. But trying to rest more.
    Really hot here and dry. No real rain in months. Calling for some this weekend. Meanwhile , I need to water my tomatoes and peppers.
    My chicks are growing so quickly. The first ones I got are laying. Sometimes. The heat is affecting them as well. The smallest ones are now ready for the “big house”. Ahhh, the joys of being a mama , lol.
    Judy is doing good. And the work has lessened some for her, but still a lot to do.
    Hope you are doing well. And do as well.

    • Tonie, hate to tell you but we are getting a rainstorm in that will last through the weekend. Wish I could send you some. Those chicks are anxious to grow up, huh? Typical kids.
      Sorry your pain has been so bad lately, with that aching all over. Pleased Judy is going better.
      I had both knees injected yesterday and so much better today, even went to Costco with Jim. I hadn’t been in a year and now not much worse…back another story. Also went by the cable company with us, SPectrum for our internet, TV and home phones and figured out a way to save $60 dollars a month on the bill. Good for us. Finally got onto prime TV and Netflix. Like both so far. Prime free which is great.
      I know we share our faith in an everloving and constant God. Wonderful to have a good friend such as you to share the important things in life with. Much love and prayers for rain. Sue

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