A Funky Christmas originally published 12/2017

I know we’re all overly tired, overly shopped and soon to be overly baked. Thought we’d liven up the blog this week for Christmas so let’s get funky and get out your rhythm fingers and stick out that pointy one and get down with me. Time to have a bit of fun!

You can wrap a package
You can tell a tale
But you’re in big trouble
If you wrap a whale…
Get down.

Wrap is colored
And wrap is striped
Wrapping is work
And can make you wiped…
Sit down.

I love tinsel
I love twine
I hate shopping
And standing in line…
Lay down

I’m online
It’s all changed
It’s so much simpler
Now I’m rearranged…
Slow down.

No frilly aprons
With Santa’s jolly face
Treats in the mail
I’m out of the race…
Run down.

I’d rather cook
Better give than take
But body went south
Let’s eat cake…
Fat down.

Chocolate rules
Whether liquid or gooey
Hard to kill chocolate
Messy hands? Phooey…
Melt down.

I love silver
I love gold
On a tree it rules
Never gets old…
Sap down.

Garland should swing
Garland should swag
It should glitter and
Dance a mean rag…
Hop down.

Bells go ding
Sometimes dong
But whatever,
You can’t go wrong…
Chime down

One holy day
Out of a year
Still packs a wallop
You’ve nothing to fear…
Calm down.

It’s just one day
Put it all away
Pain and sorrow
They are yesterday…
Peace down.

Songs from the heart
Have the most tone
Remember that Baby?
He’s still on His throne…
Kneel down.

Lives always change,
Our bodies, too.
The real values, well
They never do.
Look up.

Thank you, sweet Babe,
For all your pain,
You died for us
Then rose again.
Rise up.

Blessed and Merry Christmas to all.

90 thoughts on “A Funky Christmas originally published 12/2017

  1. So funny sue and clever too
    You could be a good rapper….
    It certainly made me laugh and go with the rythym of it
    Yes a happy happy Christmas to all and the best of new years

    • Chris, so you got rhythm? I thought this would be fun. Have a more serious blog coming next weekend just for the special holiday weekend. Hope it brought a bit of joy into your day. Love ya, Sue

    • Thanks Janet, you are always so kind. Thought this would give us all a bit of a break. An old lady like me rapping, that’s funny enough. Hope you are getting some rain down in S. Texas. Those darn wildfires are still going all around Santa Barbara. Montecito where I went to college at Westmont and it’s so gorgeous there and so many palatial estates that are old and timeless…Oprah, and many others have moved in there. So awful. Those old estates up there look like 30’s and 40’s movie sets. Do stay well and enjoy the season. Love, Sue

  2. I needed that today……I’ve wrapped zero gifts and sent not one card. Haven’t made it to choir practice but may sing at up to 6 masses in less than 48 hours. I’ve been over emotional this past few weeks having cried on as couple friends shoulders for no particular reason. Maybe that’s why Remi stayed in bed with me all night ….. very cozy a mastiff and a fat woman in a regular twin hospital bed. I feel terrible I got on dad a little bit for not once asking how I was the pad t few weeks even though he’d been told I had an infusion and also fell…not to mention my general health issues. It’s my job to care for him at this point of his life not his to care for me. Ugh

    • Laura, you made me laugh out loud at just the mental pic of you and Remi. I think if anyone got pushed out it would be you! I think Christmas melancholia strikes many of us. I know if anyone understands you it is your Dad but I do know how you feel. I always feel guilty when I get snippy with Jim when I feel terrible. When I told my new wonderful knee specialist I wrote a blog about living with chronic pain he said it was such a good idea because so many people wore out those folks they could vent to or didn’t have anyone to listen to them. Don’t feel guilty about just being human. I’m hoping the singing and mass will fill you with the Christmas spirit. Just take care of yourself and do all you need to do to make that happen. Love, Sue

  3. Laura
    Your not forgotten by your dad..as sue says your human as is your dad.i think back and there was similar in my relationship with my dad .it happens
    Christmas makes everything have sharper edges sometimes
    some I know can’t wait for it to be the new year and back to normal..

    • I do remember what you went through with your dad, mine is no where near as self absorbed. He opens doors for me, will drive instead of me always driving when we go places at times and we have many special memories. Dad is still driving for an auto auction near here and has been for 17+ years. I’m very fortunate at how well he’s doing at 83 years old. I’m sure part of my emotions are the season and stress regarding medical care issues.

      • Laura, I agree with you. SO much for our bodies and minds to cope with when we feel like crap, are having insurance issues or are in constant pain. Your Dad sounds remarkable indeed. Just take in the whole picture. This season can be overwhelming as can everyday life for each of us with our own issues. Hang in there and find what fills you with cheer…as long as it isn’t in a bottle. I know, that was a joke. Love, Sue

  4. This is so cute, Sue. I can just picture a bunch of us just busting some moves, pointing the finger and getting down. I also laughed at the visual of Remi and Laura sharing a twin sized bed. Sometimes there’s my hubby, me, Gracie and Max, but we have a king bed. It still equals one adult and one large dog per twin side. Lol! It get’s very cramped. On a more serious note, I know you used to work with alcoholics. My 47 y.o. cousin was admitted to the ICU on Wednesday due to liver and kidney failure from alcoholism. He’s in an induced coma while going through detox and, today, they were able to remove some of the fluid (in his stomach, I think they said). The doctor isn’t offering much hope to the family at this time. Much love and continued prayers for you.

    Karen Thomas🎄

    • Hi Karen, I’m guessing you’re relatively new here, or it’s just that I’m on here so infrequently these days. But a big Texas Howdy! And welcome me to our “Motley Crue” LoL

    • Karen, Please forgive me, I just saw this this evening. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. Sound like ascites and perhaps his liver is gone. I am always so saddened by the ruined lives from intemperance. Usually there is some deep loneliness, lack of fulfillment or deep sorrow that makes them have to escape. I’m not an expert but know what I have seen. At other times it is a habit they get into socially and are an alcoholic before they know it. Prayers for him and a change of lifestyle if he pulls through.
      I am pleased you enjoyed the Rap. I thought it sounded like fun. I do have a mental of what you described. I have another one being posted this weekend as a revisit of Christmas memories. Hope all is well for you and the pups and hope Max hasn’t started chewing on your beautifully re-decorated kitchen.
      I hope you can breathe okay where you are and those fires aren’t traveling up to you in N. Cal.if. Love ya gal, Sue

    • Karen
      So sorry about your cousin. Prayer changes things, so will be praying for him.
      Now welcome to our group, please do come back again

  5. I’m sure you are right.i still have fond memories of my dad and when he was well he was so kind and generous . It was his illness that became him and overtook all but he was still my dad and I miss him
    Your dad sounds kindly and you sound as though you realise he knows how things are for you .he also is doing well from what you say
    Xmas brings on so much nostalgia which turns to sadness…that’s what I feel this year..like part of me isn’t here
    So I’m looking for it somewhere…..
    You have some good friends and loyal too…that is magic in today’s world .
    I know you have a great deal of medical issues .i hope your dad just says the right thing for you at the right time

    • Chris, absolutely. Your poor Dad was such a victim of his many years and changes to his body and mind. I am going through that right now with one of my dearest friends an it is so tragic to feel and experience with someone you love. I think you did a noble job as a daughter with all you had going with his neighbor as well as your own health. I think in time those many memories will be replaced by those from years gone bye. I would imagine with all you’ve been through in the last two months you are just keeping up, let alone getting into the spirit of the season. DId you feel up to going out with your DD today? Love ya, Sue

      • Well dd came over today …we didn’t go shopping I was too tired and had a sore throat..my voice just went. Anyway she came and stayed the day.i made lunch .then gs came over later on for a while
        So am tired now and have been asleep already it’s only getting on for 9 pm too
        Voice came back…strange..but that’s sjogrens
        I must admit my thoughts are getting further back with my dad..like I’m holding them somewhere special
        Hope your weekend is going well

      • Chris, Glad you got to see DD and GS. Good time for families. We are so connected with many memories especially this season. I understand completely about the dryness of Sjogren’s I frequently come very close to being unable to swallow or speak. It’s usually in the middle of the night and I wake up so dry. I keep two bottles of seltzer at the bedside ALL the time and another bottle downstairs in the living room when I eat breakfast with Jim. DO you also find you cough in the AM and it isn’t pretty some days? Too many times I have choked on dry egg yolks or dry buttered toast and learned hot tea or coffee is not the answer. This whole swallowing, choking bit is what most folks don’t understand about Sjogren’s.

        Sorry you didn’t feel like going out but know what that is like, as well. I had such plans for this weekend but since the trip on Thursday I have been feeling terrible. I woke up Sat. morning and both cheeks were hot and sunburned and the passenger ear also red and swollen. Everything is very painful from the feet to the neck. Even this winter sun can do this and I hate it and am waiting and resting until those darn cells that went berserk in the sun are dissolved into my system. Funny because it always takes a day to chime in. Well, the knees feel better, thanks to that wonderful knee doctor. Forgive my rant…I’m just so frustrated this close to Christmas with much to do. By the way, I love bags for wrapping and bought 18 new ones on QVC last month. I truly believe I am the world’s worst wrapper…maybe not rapper.

        I know how very tender this year is for you and do so wish you could get better. This jugging act they’ve been putting your DH through is and has been a nightmare, I know.

        My son’s youngest son just graduated with his BS degree in nursing from Texas Tech yesterday in Lubbock. He’s a wonderful and very smart kid. He’ll be a fab nurse and already has a job in their trauma units where he trained. I’m sending many hopes and prayers that next weekend will bring you healthier days. Love you, Sue

    • You are actually rather smart about my dad I’ve been thinking about some of our conversations and dad actually feels rather guilty about my health issues. He blames himself because of the asbestos at the shop he owned and we all worked at (I have some pulmonary fibrosis). My psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylosis are genetic. He has both but not active. My problem is that my immune system is a jerk and won’t shut down. I called him today after mass just to chat. I feel contented. I started wrapping gifts yesterday after setting up medication well….I started putting gifts in gift bags and under my tree.

      • Oh to feel contented..that’s the best..beats all else
        I’m glad you rang him ..those unexpected out of the blue phone calls are the best. They surprise and delight you
        Yes he sounds a kindly welcoming dad and has you in his mind .
        Maybe your Christmas has begun Laura ,when least expected ..life eh,
        I hope some of your pain is absorbed with that spirit that comes
        Good to hear someone else uses gift bags ..

      • My Mom used to feel guilty about all of my sisters and I having DNA troubles but we told her not to and anyway, it was Dad’s side of the family that carried all the rheumatoid crap. Sue

      • Bobsled Laura, sounds like you are perking up. Let the spirit of the season pull you along and I am so pleased you feel things have resolved right now with your dear Dad. Love, Sue

      • Laura dear- Dads can be so frustrating and so dear at the same time, no? Mine was a real pill, but he did have a few shining moments.
        Hope you and Remi are doing well. I see a lot of your adventures on Facebook but wanted to say hi on here as well. ☺️

      • Remi seems more fascinated with the tree this year….delayed second puppy stage? She’s a very serious dog much of the time. My dad can be a great companion when we talk about nearly everything. We danced with our Scottish country dancing group and traveled to Scotland together with friends in the past (before I got sick) I have a ton of memories that my sister never got to make. I’m the spinster sister that lives around the corner from dad, my sister lives 3 hours away. She helps him more in the summer as they have a caravan closer to here and come every weekend.

  6. Sue
    Nursing truly does run in your genes..you must be very proud of your grandson,I would be.
    I have a permanent dry cough. My throat is so sore right now and voice croaky again
    I hope your skin heals quick now …good to have those knees better ..sounds a clever keeper of a dr.

    • Chris, I have recently found some relief from the dryness with an actually good tasting gum I got online. Cheap and tasty. 100 pieces for $8. Besides drinking constantly, what else can you do for that seriously parched throat. It is so tiresome and uncomfortable, I know. I can actually feel my lips parching when I don’t drink constantly and can see many more wrinkles in my face, also…not important but interesting. Oh my but I do wish you lived around the corner so we could chat together…live. Love you, Sue

      • Sue. I have trouble finding gum with no sugar substitute in it ,they all seem to have it in..I can’t it makes my gut worse
        Still lost my voice and nose bleeds a bit with being so dry
        Yea to live round corner would be good
        Hope your skin is better by now

  7. Sue, beautiful. I love it! I’ve not read all the comments yet, will go back. I just wanted to leave my initial reaction here. This is the perfect ending to my LONG concert weekend. Thanks for the smile and touch of heart, just what was needed.

    • Lyn, I’m so pleased you liked it and it came to you at this time after your tiring weekend with beautiful music. I’ sure you gave it your all as you usually do. I hope you are able to rest now.
      Forgot the devastating effects of sun on me…feet swollen and painful, short of breath, cheeks burning, and tons of joint pain. Wish they made the sun visors in cars larger. It was overcast and sometimes that’s worse. So much to do with wrapping, bagging, planning dinners, desserts but can only rest. This will pass but hope it hurries.
      Glad you got through the weekend and hope you get a chance for rest tomorrow. Love ya lots, Sue

      • How awful for you, Sue. I wish the sun didn’t affect you so. I need to rest a bit and regroup and plan. I still have some shopping to do, lessons to wrap up before Christmas break, and of course, wrapping and a bit of baking. The house needs a cleaning, that doesn’t magically disappear, though I wish it did. Thankfully, my DH will help with the cleaning and some other chores as well, if asked. I need to organize so I know when and what to ask for his help. 🙂

    • Glad you made it thru your 🎶concerts Lyn! I’m sure your singing was lovely as ever! I miss my choir something fierce but just couldn’t manage it anymore 30-45 min drive into Dallas at peak traffic time for weekly rehearsals on top of all the work changes and chaos. Just too much. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday prep as much as possible. I’ll probably keep up a bit better on Facebook ❤️

  8. There, I’ve had a run through comments, albeit a tired one. My heart goes out to you, Chris and Bobsled. You had/have such a wonderful relationship and bond with your fathers. Mine was complicated. He is no longer with us, and that makes for some mixed emotions at various times. I confess I was relieved and pleased to see an uptick in your later posts. Does my heart good. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sue, I am so sorry you had too much winter sun on your latest trip. Happy about the knees, though. Sending you healing hugs.
    Guess I, too am a bit over-emotional at the moment.
    Tonie, that FM of yours and I have something in common. I can’t leave the sweets alone at Christmas time, either. Eek! I love all he is doing around your place. You were so fortunate to find one another.
    Winding down a long weekend here with lots of Christmas prep yet to accomplish. Blessings to one and all.

  9. Whew ! What a weekend ! Not a moment to myself to read all this with a clear head to understand. I will read it all later when I plan to rest a while. Dr appointment this morning with the pain clinic. So must rush. Waiting my turn in the bathroom. He takes twice as long so I let him go first.
    Long day yesterday. Have to sing at a funeral tonight so must practice for that. A lady from church lost her son to cancer. He was only in his forties, not married. She wants me to sing “Rise Again”. Beautiful song I usually sing at Easter, but of comfort now for sure.
    So much sadness at the holidays to loose someone. Three deaths in the community this week. Why do they always happen in 3’s ?
    Later I will be back.
    Love to all
    PS, love the blog Sue. So much so true, and I am in the midst of it !

    • Tonie- so sorry to hear of your losses. One of my high school friends list both his parents in a horrific accident Thanksgiving Day this year. Such a tragic loss for many in my hometown- they wee like Mom and Dad to all us band kids, and many at their church. I’ll pray extra comfort and strength for you as you comfort your friends this season.

  10. Lyn, I think each of us are now trying to figure out the best ways to enjoy this holy season without being too grouchy, too tired or too sick. Many of us have had to compromise in many ways but I keep telling myself to remember the reasons for the season and to take it easy and to spread out the chores. Yes, I have had three hideous days. Cancelled an appt with eye doc today and saving energy for oncology visit and treatment on Thursday. Beth and I went over our list for Eve and Day so we can only cook once. I know I must be careful so will rest, work, rest, wrap, etc. I love this season so much. I know how much you do, also and wish you a wonderful experience…Love, Sue

  11. Chris, sometimes you have to compromise with one remedy/ med to get results even if affects you badly. Don’t you find this whole way of life is a trade off? I think we each know what that is like. Yes, this gum does have Xylitol in it. When I woke up this AM I was totally dry with a painful throat and had trouble swallowing…per usual. I drank a bottle of seltzer, left my humidifier going an extra hour, then chewed a piece of this gum. I like it. It’s not an easy life and I am so sorry and saddened you are still having so much trouble with your nose. I use a small amount of coconut oil in each nostril or a dab of Vaseline.
    How is your Christmas looking? I pray your DH has not any other bad episodes. He has so much courage and goes through so much. I am having trouble getting my INR up due to the Amiodarone being so long lasting. What a pain in the A.. these weekly INR’s are. Well, time to get to work. Much to do and have to remind myself to take it easy. My thoughts are with you and I’m always here for you. Love, Sue

    • well I’ll tell you a secret…..I’m 70 tomorrow ..and if all ok we are going to Go to coast…another bacon sandwich !
      I did once use Vaseline wasn’t sure if it was ok to or not then…the coconut oil you said I’ve got the fat in a jar..would that be ok?
      Gaviscon liquid seems to ease my throat a bit
      Still lost my voice
      Yes I know and feel I can ask you sue
      Thinking of you for Thursday and all goes smoothly.its a great place to go to by the look of it in photos
      DD came at the weekend and GS
      Didn’t go out as felt tired
      So had a meal at home
      She is coming over Friday nite as well and is going away for Christmas to the Lake District .

      • Chris, Well, wishing you a very enjoyable birthday. Hope you get over to the coast and have that sandwich and hope it agrees with you. Pleased you got to see the kids and had a good visit. I’ve only seen the Lake DIstrict in films but it looks so lovely. Well, my oncology building and new facility is lovely…all glass and views. Makes for a more pleasant visit for those who must be there. It will be a long visit because I have to get my IV for bone density every three months and it’s time. I will also get the usual shot in the rear on each side…oh joy.
        Yes, the Vaseline is fine and the coconut oil always hardens but will begin to melt as soon as your warm skin touches it. On both, a little dab will do you. There are some idiots online who caution one about ingesting anything into the nose like these oils but good grief, anyone with common sense know not to pour it in or overdue to. Chris, it’s terribly important to keep those mucus membranes moist like the nose and mouth and throat for those of us with Sjogren’s. For me, the role of the sun in my disease, well, it is either the sun or the relapsing polychondritis but it just gave me an awful time. Better by a bit yesterday and hope more so today. I got a bit of wrapping left…found some wonderful bags that look very festive and tie at the top. I can’t stand all that long but it does feel good to have a start on it. Have my dinner menu planned and Beth and I are beginning to see our way. Big rain storm here…pounding yesterday morning so hard woke everyone up.
        Once again, happy birthday sweet friend. I wish you a year of better health. Love, Sue

      • Chris, just now reading this but Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎉 Hope your 70th year is full, prosperous, and lovely with an extra helping of good health! ❤️

  12. Yea we got to coast and to a museum which I’ve been wanting to go to for a long while..had a light lunch and did a small last food shop for Xmas on the way back..hopefully!
    It’s odd but I like to hear the rain falling..it sounds great on the conservatory roof..but in this one storey living you can’t hear anything not even the wind..it’s odd
    I’ll try the coconut ,at the moment I’ve got a spray I fill with water and today started that
    Got some manukau honey for my throat
    Thinking of you tomorrow sue

    • Chris dear, Thanks. It will be fine, I hope. Probably get the results of where and how much the mets are into the bones. Cancer is such a scary business and add it to all this other crap everyday and it’s often overwhelming. I have been as grouchy as an old bear with a thorn in her paw lately. Poor Jim. I’m charging my Kindle so I can just lie down and read in the afternoon while there.
      I am so pleased you had such a lovely day. Not familiar with that type of honey but adore all honey. My Dad used to have hives and it was always such a thrill to see the combs and chew on them. Bees are truly amazing. Just be careful with spraying water in your nose. Not sure it will help nearly as much as something more viscous.
      I can’t imagine all the fascinating old places you two find to visit. As far as the rain on the roof, obviously your house is constructed very well. We can hear wind, rain and have so many places for the wind to come in it occasionally slams a door for us. We are sunny and blue today and that means a cold night for us. They are forecasting 28 F tonight which is below 0 for you, isn’t it? More rain tomorrow will warm us up. We still have to finish shopping for food so should go today. In the AM will be too cold for me. Long list made out.
      Prime rib, roast chicken with stuffing, baked potatoes, squash casserole, corn, jello, relish plate, salad, rolls. That should keep seven of us in food for two meals. No one like the same things so B and I try to please them all. Hard to do. Well, probably go shopping pretty soon so hope to get a spell of wrapping in. Having some irregularities with the heart today, ever since that last trip so will rest for awhile.
      What a wonderful birthday for you.Love, Sue

      • Sue dear, I am prayer my extra special prayers for you. I love that your beautiful heart stilll wants to make Christmas so special for your family even though it is a Herculean effort for you in your condition. They are blessed indeed to have such a loving mother and grandma making precious memories with and for them. Praying for your appointments to go smoothly too. Much love, dear lady. You’ve blessed my life in so many ways!

  13. What a lot on your plate sue no wonder you are grouchy and you know your DH understands .i always feel when you talk of him he takes it all in his stride and he has broad shoulders just for you
    All that food sounds so good
    Did I say GS is having Xmas lunch with his dad but is coming round to us afterwards. So looking forward to it and to us just by ourselves for lunch …sad with remembering my mum and dad..but sort of cosy with just the two of us.isnt it funny that life has always two ways about it running together ,always pulling….
    Those af episodes of af I’m not surprised with all going on for you.at least you are on warfarin now.they are an awful feeling
    Tell me about the water I’m spraying in my nose..you don’t sound too happy with it……
    Yes I did enjoy my day…..gonna do a bit of research into the ways of the time back then for folk ..Trade unions developing etc. And life in general for them . I keep thinking back on the day..dh bp stood OKish as well

  14. Sue: Christmas 🎄 Rapping Level: Genius! I love it! And Santa 🎅🏼 would definitely approve.
    Well I’m on Day 4 of TamiFlu and got a post-influenza “burst of energy” – LoL. So my big burst of energy translated to: Clean the litter box 🐈, 2 hr nap 😴, and then a hot shower🚿; nap 😴 #2 on couch. Strip bed 🛏 and put sheets in washer with hot water 💦and bleach. Sleeping bag on bed. Pretend I’m camping. 🏕 Listening to Christmas 🎶 I’m clean and kitty’s happy – guess that’s a win 4 today. Need to venture out for a few 🍐🍇🍒🥦🥕🌽🍗🥔🥩 groceries /TP 🚽 tomorrow and put comforter/shams/pillows through the big washers at apartment laundry. Never feel like they get clean in my “high efficiency” washer.
    If that doesn’t totally wipe me out 😴 I want to go see a movie 🎥 🍿Can’t believe my first week of break is half over. But yeah, flu 😷🤒 🤧 will make you lose some time for sure.
    Well, if I don’t hop back on here before Christmas, I hope you all have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas 🌟Hanukkah 🌠Festivus 🎩Kwanzaa or whatever holidays you observe. Stay warm, hug your people, and count your blessings. You guys are right up there on my list! Even if I don’t get on to chat much these days, I know I have a group of loving supportive friends wishing me well and cheering me on!
    Love to all, Princess 👑 Crabby 🦀 Pants 👖

    • Annie, wow, what a delightful surprise. I think you are bored out of your head. SO much the better for us as we read this comment full of pics and fun. I am sorry we don’t hear from you more often but know you’ve had a new job this year. I think you are perfectly matched to be a school nurse, with your background as peds nurse and favorite auntie. How frustrating and miserable for you to lose half of your vacation to sickness. SOrry you had it so fiercely and I know you must be feeling depleted although I can see this burst.of energy from last night.such fun. No travel this year has turned out to be a good decision for you…Do be wise, do all the things you know to do, okay? When you feel like being this creative then you are on the mend. Enjoy your friends and your sweet cat and have a Merry Christmas. Much love as ever, princess….Sue

    • Annie
      So sorry you got the flu. I forgot to get my shot at the rheumy in Oct, was supposed to see my Pcp but they cancelled and so no shot yet. Hope you enjoy your break and day.
      Merry Christmas 🎁

      • I do hope the shot works for you. Apparently it wasn’t a very good match here in Texas. They event shut down a whole school in Sunnyvale a couple weeks ago due to high incidence of flu.

  15. Belated Happy Birthday, Chris!

    Sue, self-care, dear lady… You, too, Annie, Princess Crabby Pants.

    Surviving here so far, but sore and tired. I’m looking forward to dinner out tonight to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Pup just hopped off the couch to lay by my chair and remind me she’d like a walk. Unfortunately, it will need to be a short one today. Best to all!

  16. Thank you for your good wishes
    Got the diver pain back so I’m off to lay down with wheat bag I think I’ll go on liquid diet tomorrow

  17. Hey all
    Caught up finally. Yesterday was working and shopping day, so very tired. Still very tired but going to get in the water for a while. Not sure how much I will swim, but still need to move.
    We shopped for Christmas food yesterday. Got fresh shrimp, but thinking I need to freeze it until Monday. Gonna make rice and have cheeses. But having an egg casserole ( did you know that means “pot” in French?) for Christmas morning with bread and fruit. Then late dinner, just us. But Sunday with my family here at my sisters. I have to make potato salad and help her organize all. And some little smokies. Have a plate full of candy there already. Then Tuesday I have to drive her to Roanoke for her back injection. Hopefully Thursday go see my son and his kids for the day. I am already tired and this makes me tireder! New word.
    Sue I am praying your visit went well yesterday and you are feeling better. I got FM a Kindle Fire for Christmas and am charging before wrapping. All I have left to wrap.
    Nikki gave me a big nice crock pot and I filled it with veggies from this summers garden to cook yesterday. Was wonderful. Now I will leave it on warm today so we can have leftovers tonight. I use a lot of spices and some red wine in it. Lots of flavor.
    Well, must be getting ready.
    Love ya’all

  18. Merry Christmas everyone of my dear blog friends. I will make a short entry now and be back later. Have much to do right now like all of you do, I’m sure. My PET scan of a week and a half ago confirmed I do have mets to the bones in various places. The reason they didn’t show up on the bone scan is because they are “osteoblasts” and apparently they just don’t show on those scans. The good news is they are not advancing at this time and my tumor markers have both gone down three points since last month. In short, those huge shots of Faslodex which I get in each butt cheek each month, had two yesterday, are keeping me pretty safe for now.
    Must wrap, clean house a bit and will chat later. Love and value each of you so much, Sue

    • Well Sue, I hate that there are bone Mets for you but is does sound like you’re in the best shape possible for now. Hurray for no advancement! Have fun wrapping 🎁 and rapping! 🤶🏻🎅🏼 🎶
      Love u!

  19. Finally able to take a few moments to catch up here. It has been an unusual and stressful holiday season this year. Both of your poetic posts, and their humor, are more than welcomed and appreciated here. The house has been decorated for a while, thankfully, and the baking done in 2 rounds – pre and post-concert weekend. We had our first family Christmas gathering Saturday. Both sides of our families decided this year not to exchange gifts, just give to the littles (school age and pre-school kiddos). The day was just lovely. Lots of eating – tons of food! We all provided something, or several somethings – and catching up. Watching the kids open gifts was sweet. They loved and appreciated everything they received. I foresee the day with the other side going just as well. Of course, that will be at our house as usual, so a bit more work for us. We were going to exchange gifts in our immediate family, but both kids are not in a place to do so easily, so we decided to just enjoy being together on Christmas. DD’s BF is smoking a couple of hams – one with his special hot sauce (more smoky than hot) and the other without. DH is making potato filling (basically mashed potatoes with bread stuffing, onion and celery included then baked), and I will heat up some of the corn I froze this summer. There are, of course, plenty of Christmas cookies for dessert. We are all looking forward to the day.
    Merry Christmas blessings to those who celebrate!

    • Lyn dear, your holiday seasons are always over the moon; concerts, family, decor and tons of food. I hope and pray this is a good season for you and you are remembering to be good to yourself. Rest dear, rest and let others help you, Love, Sue

  20. Enjoyed this again sue
    Just a shorty as johns brother died today in oz ..he had been unwell but still a sudden shock
    So it has changed Xmas for us
    But I hope all are together with who they want and enjoy the few days to come
    Best wishes to all

    • Chris, I am sorry to hear about your brother-in-law’s passing. Well, we are of a certain age. I don’t know if you are going to be going down under but if so, travel safely. It’s so hard when we start losing our siblings, as I have experienced with two of my sisters and a third who I tried to talk to this AM on the phone who is hanging on and surprising everyone. She doesn’t hear well and gets confused. She keeps asking me where I am and why am I not there. It’s difficult because she lives about 1500 miles away down in CA. My daughter has seen her last year and told me it wouldn’t be worth the horrible trip for me because of the bad communication from my sister. Life can hurt so much sometimes. Please tell your DH I send him prayers of comfort and condolence. Love, Sue

  21. Hope all had a good Xmas
    No sue dh can’t travel by plane has been advised never too
    He would lose with the pressure the only little hearing in one ear he has left as well as be ill when he got there
    So unfortunately we would not be able to go to oz
    Thankyou for you condolences and we had an ok Xmas
    Saw our gs for lunch yesterday and the day rolled on as it does
    So we are well into Boxing Day here and its wet and cold .lots of left overs ..the type I can eat too

  22. Hello all
    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Lyn, this year I was a little like you. Three concerts with me s8nging two so,is in one, solo and duo in two after, one on Christmas Eve. But all went well, except a hiccup 9n the last one with two dead keys on the piano which threw me off a bit. Lol. Dd is c9ming up Friday with kids, so I get to see them. B and I spent a quiet Christmas Day here together. Leftovers of Christmas Eve dinner with Judy. Spent the day rearranging my jewelry 8n the new cabinet he bought me thathas drawers galore and big ones for my intimates. It is white, slightly distressed and really brightens up the bedroom. I am passing along my oak jewelry armoire to my daughter when she comes.
    Got to go work this morning. Rest tomorrow.
    Love to you all

  23. To all of you dear friends, so good to hear from each of you. Alison, Chris, good to hear you are seeing some of your family and enjoying the Boxing day. Not too up on English customs, unfortunately. Here in the states we’re still seeing family or just enjoying gifts, feeling fat and pigging out on leftovers. My Jim is working on upping his cholesterol with all the leftover rib roast, me on ham and DD and family sharing half, of course. DD gave us a kitten for Christmas. She knew how much I was pining for a gold and white tabby with green or yellow eyes. This is the first period of a few years we’ve ever had without a cat in our home. Jim is worried George will not be friendly but I am hoping and trusting in time it will work out. We have had other tabby cats and brought them home to even larger dogs. We have seen his picture and will pick him up today after he has his fix it surgery.
    I cooked with DD’s help on Eve and we all gathered for leftovers. With my SIL’s brother’s sudden passing last Jan., we were all sad but soldiered on.I frankly found the teen grands harder to shop for than when they were little. No more dolls, trucks or action figures. Alas, life goes on.
    I see Tonie’s DD and kids will see her soon, so she is spreading out her holiday…more fun. Lyn, hope you’re getting in some rest stops. Love to each of you as we face a new year with hope, thanks and anticipation. Sue

  24. Have no fear, Sue, I am getting some rest time in as well.
    Tonie, glad all went well despite the piano. It sounds as if you had a nice Christmas. Your new armoire sounds very nice. We had a good day here as well. One more gathering to go! This one, at our house. I’m doing little bits toward that end each day. The guys will help as well. SB said maybe he could get his buds to help move furniture. DH has a NYE gig, so the furniture would need to be moved before he goes. That could be cutting it close to complete between when SB gets home and DH has to leave. Hoping SB gets help from his buds. Time for a little more of that rest, or at least change of position. I was sitting on our loveseat too long. It doesn’t fit me well and it is painful if I sit there too long. Can’t sit, stand, or lie down (sometimes) too long. Makes for an interesting day.

    • Lyn
      I definitely can relate to sitting, standing laying, moving, breathing….problems, lol. Sometimes it seems too much, yes ? Rest is needed. Hope all went well with your family get together. We do ours on Christmas Eve, somall is done. My Dd came by and we had a good visit. Happy New Year and rest some now.

  25. Hi all
    Well it’s nearly the change of year .i hope all and families have a peaceful one
    I went to the sales yesterday and I’ve had my eye on these curtains I wanted since we moved in the house three years ago.and there they were half price.and they fit and look good . They were only for the spare bedroom so I didn’t want to really buy them before but they were just there at the right time..I don’t usually bother with the sales as I never see what I really need. Also two cushions half price same pattern for the bed
    May go out for a cheese scone for breakfast today and meet up with a group we usually see there but must start to loose a bit more weight for the prediabetic clinic.i think from testing the sugar I seem to be good.but you never know with this blood test they do at the labs
    Hope all going good

    • Lyn, I think we each understand about painful sitting and so many positions. What a very large family you have but all that wonderful food sounds exciting, although lots of work. Have a wonderful time if it has not occurred yet and if it has, stay down. We are due for cold nights in the low 30’s and clear days for three whole days. That’s unusual for us. Yesterday we had blowing rain which turned over a chair on our porch, in it’s might.
      Our kitty situation is sort of at a standstill. George is so enthusiastic he scares little Clancy. The kitten is so good and uses his new litter box and purrs every you get near him, and so sweet when he’s cuddling. I guess it will just take time and some growth. Happy New Year…Love ya, Sue

  26. Tonie dear, hope you are enjoying your new chest, cupboard, armoire…and know you are. Hope the visit with your DD and family is going well and you aren’t pooping yourself our, painfully. Glad you have DH there to watch over you.
    Just had a long talk with my last living sister, and she was very with it except for all the repetition. Bless her heart. It is just so painful for me when she asks me a dozen times, every conversation why I am not going down there to see her. She always forgets and so does her sweet spouse. It breaks my heart that I can’t make that trip to CA but it is what it is. I had a Faulkner cousin pass away in Missouri yesterday and please, would you pray for her three sons and one grandson who will all miss her desperately. Her Dad was my Dad’s favorite brother.
    I hope you are eating, playing, chatting and loving. Love you, Happy New Years, Sue

    • Sue
      Of course I will pray for your family. So sorry for your loss. I do understand about your sister. I see mine going down a litttle more each day. I can’t imagine that not being able to see her. So wish you could.
      We had a good visit. Short, but nice. We have been busy everyday. Always something needs doing here. B built me two more shelves in the kitchen and extended the island for more counter space. It’s like a new room ! Lol. I cleaned out a box of things I don’t use any more, for my great nephew. He will be a state policeman next month, and moving out on his own. And…of course, starting from scratch. So, I get more room and he gets some nice things.
      Swim today, first time this week. Looking forward to it. Ceasar woke me up at 5:30 and there was no going back to sleep. However, I had been asleep since before 10 last night, so all is well.
      Take care and love that little kitty. George will come around. His pics are so sweet.
      Love ya

  27. Happy New Year, everyone!

    Sue, I am sorry for your loss and bittersweet conversation with your sister. Prayers, of course. Time and patience with the furries. That kitten will, in time, grow to same size and larger than little George. They may come to an understanding before that time.

    Chris, terrific buy!

    Tonie, I hope you are enjoying your fam visit! I think I am as ready as I can be right now for tomorrow’s family gathering. This one is at our house. Time to rest for the evening so I can make it through the day tomorrow. The weather is not helpful. I hope it is not rough down your way. It may have been and now past.

  28. Hi
    Just a shorty
    Got eye problems .the optician booked me in for Monday at the hospital .i have a floater really black one in front of the eye and I saw arcs in the day before it happened..I wasn’t sure about the arcs as it was by the oven which had all foil going around in it ….
    But she saw no tears so just have to wait till then
    Also dh has eye trouble too his bottom eye lids roll in and the lashes irritate his eyes all swollen and red.he is being referred to hospital and at the moment tapes his eyes across the bottom eyelid when he sleeps and when at his desk .that seems to help with the ointment at night
    So that’s it hope all doing ok

    • Dear Chris, When it comes in twos, how awful for both of you. That sounds so discouraging for you and frustrating and poor husband, how painful and awakening that must be. I pray tomorrow will bring you both some relief. You do have a tendency to get the rare things. Like so many of us who stand out from the usual, we must all find a better way to go. I hope you can read this. I am so behind with my answers to you few, my sweet faithful friends. Been recovering from the holidays, tree is still up. Glad it is artificial so it won’t shed. My DD and family are over in eastern OR and expected back tomorrow and unafraid of snow storm moving in over there but I am concerned. Those passes will be very snowy. I think the two grands would love to be snowed in and miss school Mon and Tues. We mothers never stop being concerned about the safety and whereabouts of our children, do we. Prayers and hugs. You will be in my thoughts for good results my dear friend, Love you much…Oh, I have also been so busy spending time with our kitty who is not quite used to our Yorkie yet. It is better each day but time consuming for us. Our new kitty is such a darling and so friendly and sweet but still very adventurous as they always are. Georgie had his teeth cleaned yesterday and is a bit sore last night and today. Raining here, no surprise there, Sue

  29. Sue, I’m finally making it over to reread a classic. Thank you for the chuckle, smile, and reminder. At Thanksgiving, I knew this Christmas would be here before we knew it and it still snuck up on me. All the shopping and wrapping is done. That had to be done early as our niece and family were in from your neck of the woods in early December this year, and my Mom’s gathering was this past Sunday. Today, DD’s BF is making us leg of lamb, and smoked ham and pork. His only request, we make green bean casserole and my husband’s potato filling. They and SB will be coming over here to share a meal. No one is exchanging gifts again this year and it is kind of nice our gift to each other is time together, the most priceless of all. Christmas day I am trying out a new (to me) recipe for cinnamon rolls which only makes 4 rolls for DH and myself, and for dinner, I am going Italian, making lasagna. We invited SB to join us when he is off work if he likes. His roommate will be out of town. We’ll see what he decides. Then it will be time to gear up for my husband’s family on New Year’s Day. Each year I dread the prep and try to come up with ways to make it all simpler, and each year I am thwarted by someone. I suppose I should get myself some breakfast and start with today’s to-do list.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, one and all!

    • Lyn dear, I overlooked this comment. I am so sorry. I guess this is a lesson about not sharing old blogs with all the older remarks gumming up the works. I pray your Christmas and entire season was as good, tasty and full of family love as you had planned and hope. Are you recovering from all the work? Sure hope so and hope your weather is not that fierce. We are in the midst, for several days, of rain and wind. Dark days, day after day. Please forgive this oversight. Love, Sue

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