Attitude Is Your Launching Pad


Note: please allow me to share an older blog with you which I wrote several years ago. It seems appropriate to this very strange and sad time we are currently experiencing. Enjoy, keep your chin or chins up and take life one day at a time.




I frequently cared for individuals in my past as an RN, who thought they were the only ones who were suffering. That attitude still appears to be thriving, today. What is this whole living with pain business, some morbid contest to see who’s suffered the most?

It’s far too easy to slide down into that “hole” of depression and self-pity and think you’re the most unfortunate, the most tortured and the most miserable of them all. If that’s your approach you’ll get a prize for certain; all you have to do is win. Your prize is a life of darkness engulfed in pain and suffering. Your attitude will stink. Your friends and family will eventually resent you and remember, it can get awfully dark down in that “hole,where you will be all alone.

I have many goals and hopes for my life but the big one is to avoid this whole contest idea. I know as a former RN, many individuals crave attention and love to talk about their health. It’s the old bit that roughly means, “Do you want to see my scar?”  

Sometimes it gets worse with age as many elderly are lonely and feeling bereft but there are other individuals who just love the attention they get from describing and embracing any health problem that comes along. I love to quote the wonderful actress Rosalind Russell, who suffered the effects of rheumatoid arthritis for many years. She says in herautobiography, “There are people who love to tell you how sick they are. Ask them how they feel, and they bore you with the details. They’ll write it out for you, carve it in granite. They want the attention.”

It was very difficult for her to come to grips with talking about her painful bouts of arthritis in her book but she finally decided it might help someone. That’s basically what I also decided to do. She finally succumbed to cancer and when asked why she didn’t mention cancer in her book she said, “One disease to a book is enough.” I love that.

Let us all look for answers, solutions and a better way to live. Attaining a positive, cheerful attitude is not always possible but it is a worthwhile goal. To quote Ms. Russell once more, from a prayer her husband found tucked away after she died, “Keep my mind free of the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips onaches and pains. They are increasing, and the love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by.” As an actress, she never wanted to bore her audience.


Please let me share with all of you some of my personal ways to work on my own, often sagging, attitude.

1. Don’t concentrate on your pain day and night. Fill your mind with another thought either from a good book, a conversation or a positive movie. You may have to concentrate on doing it but if you’ve done everything you can, taken your medications, been seen by the best doctors then it’s up to you. Life’s a’wastin’.

2. Move your ass. Don’t lie around all the time. Certainly, we need to rest but also need the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a task or indulging a hobby. It’s very satisfying to make a room sparkle, pot a flower or complete a day of work which you may have to do to feed yourself and your family. Paint a fence or a picture. Either one offers satisfaction. Congratulate yourself. Remember the importance of movement for your body as it helps you to remain strong, be healthier and look better.

3. Fix yourself up. Shave your face or your legs. Guys or gals, choose one. Get a haircut. Wear fresh deodorant every morning. Put on a dab of make-up or lipstick. Again, guys or gals it’s up to you to choose. Put down that cupcake or chocolate candy bar. You don’t do this for other people, although they do have to look at you; it’s for you and will help you feel better about yourself. Maybe it’s time to throw away that ratty old bathrobe? How many holes does it take to make a rag? (You see, I don’t have to spy on you. I know what it’s like for me.)

4. Look for inspiration not an audience to complain to. Pick up a new book, talk to a cheerful friend and for your own welfare, and please stop complaining. It doesn’t change anything. From your brain it flows out of your mouth and causes others to flee from your presence. I complain, of course, but I have tried to cut it down to a minimum and save the major moaning and groaning for the big stuff. Save your complaining for someone who truly understands so you can get some constructive answers, some empathy and comradeship. Your family and “healthy” friends are tired of hearing it and don’t really understand. How could they?

5. Make life an adventure. No, going to the hospital doesn’t count. Give yourself something to look forward to. Plant those seeds. Take a drive and look at something beautiful, like a river or a mountain. Time is passing and you can lose years if you’re not careful. Life is to be cherished, whatever our circumstance.

You’ll never get off the ground if you don’t find a positive attitude so don’t let a bad one ground you when a more pleasantly expectant, hopeful attitude could be your launching pad. Always remember: It’s what lives in your head that counts.



25 thoughts on “Attitude Is Your Launching Pad

  1. Sue, thank you for your inspiration. I am trying to not dwell on my pain and illness but sometimes it seems to much even after taking medicine.

    I have several crafting hobbies and try to get outside as much as I can and work in the yard. I may pay for it the next day but it is worth it.

    The other day something happens that really think about other people and their problems. One if my best friends just found out she has a cancerous tumor in her colon and my husband has to go in Friday to the hospital to have a stint put in his heart. The worse part is she is 3000 miles away and I can’t go in with my husband because if the corona virus: he has never even had a broken bone before and it is usually him in the waiting room for me.

    It got me thinking about all the families that are cut off from their loved ones during this time and all the people risking their own lives to save ours.

    I make greeting cards, and not to brag but they are pretty nice. So my friend and I decided to make cards for people in nursing homes that are cut off from their families and the brave people caring for us. I made about 40 Cards and I feel awesome. I stopped thinking about me all the time. I hope it gives them some happiness, even for a short time.

    If anyone does some sort of crafts, please think of a little something to give to others. It will make you feel great and them too.

    • Cindy, I wrote you a reply and see now that it got lost. Frustration. I am sorry to hear you have a close friend who now has cancer. It’s a scary situation, I know. Are they going to remove it surgically? I will remember to say a prayer for your husband regarding Friday and hope all will go well. It is a relatively safe procedure so do tell him to try to relax. I know, easier said than done. Will he be staying in the hospital overnight or for a day or two? I know you want to be there but as long as he has a good cardiosurgeon all will go well.
      Wonderful idea to do for others with your cards. They do sound lovely and you are so right on. It does nourish one’s own soul to give to others. Twice blessed; those who give and those who are on the receiving end. It is an inspiration to share your talents like you are.
      These are such strange times and we all pray it will begin to turn around, this hideous virus that is attacking so many of the most vulnerable among us. Thanks for sharing all of this news and thanks for finding ways to get out of your own problems. Fondly, Sue

      • Sue,

        My friend Crystal will find out more on Monday or Tuesday. They did an MRI this last week. They are checking to see if it has spread and how to best remove it.

        Richard is actually doing pretty well about the procedure, and he has an outstanding surgeon (I researched him). They are going in to see what all is going on in there and possibly putting in a stint if needed.

        I know God will take care of both of them and I am actually calmer than I expected about all of it.

        Thank you for praying for them.

        As for the cards, my friend and I have 90 between us. That will cover one of the large homes. We are checking on 2 others. I encourage others to look into care homes as well.


  2. Yes sue
    It’s what’s in your head that counts .if your able to be in a more relaxed mood helps too…I know difficult most of the times
    Read a good book transports you out of yourself..difficult with sjogrens and the eyes
    Always a problem….But others have worse I know
    Cindy well done with the cards you have made and best wishes to your husband and to your friend at these so worrying times

    • Chris dear, yes I agree with you about reading. I’ve been reading a series of books about WW11. I also have to remember, as you do, to put the book down when my eyes get tired, especially now with the glaucoma. It’s a real pain with the drops all the time.
      Hope you and John are safe and cautious. I know it certainly gets old. Do you have any cases of the virus in your area? We have had only 7 cases in our whole county thus far. Pray it goes away soon and that they come up with a way to protect the rest of us, in time. Do take care. Hope you and your dear man are well as can be in these troubled times. Love, Sue

      • We are ok and hoping all stays the same
        60 cases of it in the town where we live and 4 have died in the hospital
        Is it Great expectations that’s starts… it was the worst of times it was the best of times….
        For now the worst is this awful virus and the best all those who are helping to try and contain it and all the medics and those just keeping life going
        We have had to stay in the house now for three weeks and looks like more of the same to come,it’s not a hardship as we have the garden just miss not being able to see the family
        Stay safe

      • As always, right on time. Trying to stay normal in this time is like trying to act normal everyday ! I have started to start out my day with some tinted moisturizer and some mascara. Even if I am working outside. Makes me feel better. Next I have to polish my toenails.
        Been very busy here. I try to not dwell on this craziness any more than I have too. B says I am not taking it serious enough. I’m just not afraid. But I am careful. We both have masks for when we have to be out. He lost a bf in France a week ago. Now his niece has tested positive. He has been very upset and is frightened for me. And he is worried for his family there. We are still only 5 people in the county that are positive, but we never know, do we ? Better safe than sorry, my Mother used to say.
        Cindy , great idea on the cards. Trying to help all I can. Chris, take care of you and that “Oz bloke”, lol. I know you miss going for your scone, as we do our swims and Taco Bell. We actually had travel plans, but now……
        Everyone be safe and very careful. Prayers for us all that we can get through this stronger.
        Love Tonie

      • I love the fact that i live out in the country. If not I think it would scare me more. My husband does all the shopping because I am high risk.

        I had to quit my job in 2014 due to a car accident so I didn’t go out much, so I am pretty familiar with being isolated as it is. Funny thing is now that they say you can’t go anywhere it bothers me more… I know, crazy right!

        My husband, Richard, had to go to 2 grocery stores and walmart for grocery shopping yesterday because of all the hoarding and empty shelves, even weird things were gone. I worry about him being out so much, especially since he is going to have a stint put in his left ventricle on Friday.

        That is the 3rd bad news in one week. Best friend just got told that she not only has a cancerous tumor in her colon but after numerous tests the informed her she has stage 3 colon cancer. Just received a call that my brother in law has only a few days to live. Then Richards news. Wow, I pray that is the last for a long while!!!

        They say bad things happen in 3s, so it is all uphill now??

        I pray for our country everyday asking for God to guide us, especially Preident Trump and the task Force. We are all on God’s hands!!

    • Lyn, I thought so. That’s why I chose this blog. Crazy times, and a stress on the best of attitudes, certainly. Hope you and yours are staying safe and well as are we. Love, Sue

  3. Cindy, It’s okay to be afraid. We’re only human. Just remember the ultimate decisions are in God’s hands. Fondly, Sue

  4. Sue, this is a time we will never forget! I can only imagine how frightened the front line doctors and nurses must be!
    My 94-year-old MIL has cancer, and her life expectancy, four years ago, was one year. Now, we have Covid-19 and a lockdown at all senior’s homes, and she has become very ill! The immediate family has been allowed to visit, one at a time, because of her prognosis. My husband spent six hours with her yesterday, which was wonderful, but I must confess I was nervous! We have been in self-isolation since before we were even told we should self isolate, and I have been told by my rheumatologist, that I would be at high risk for complications if I became infected with Covid-19. This morning, my husband felt he might be getting ill so he is staying home, and in fact, he is wondering if he should be going into the senior’s home at all! There have been three residents tested for the virus. One resident has been cleared by the Public Health Department, but two residents are in isolation, waiting for their test results. My MIL has five children, four children live close, and my husband is the eldest. His siblings don’t appear to be concerned about the virus, but they are all healthy! I had two major surgeries in 2019, and I do not wish to return to the hospital!
    I hope everyone is staying safe and well! Gentle Hugs … Pommum Brenda

    • Prayers and many positive thoughts for you and your husband. I’m 89 and have also isolated myself way before it was required. Take care and we will get through this. Love to you and your furry friends. Janet

    • Pommum, Please tell your DH it is a good idea to stay away from those elderly folks for certain but if he suspects he has the Covid 19 virus he should look for a high fever or respiratory problems first. Otherwise, he might just have another virus. I know that it so difficult with his Mom near death, poor dear lady. Difficult, for so many families to be parted right now.
      Indeed, all of us with other health problems need to beware. Prayers for your MIL at this time and for your family. Love, Sue

  5. Chris, good of you to keep in touch. Do take care our dear friend. Sorry there have been so many deaths in your city. Good that you have your lovely garden to escape into. Jim is actually out cleaning our front porch right now. Spring comes and does bring with it winter;s dirt, spiders, etc. Can you believe someone stole a pot of pansies off our front porch yesterday? Rotten folks. Stay well and careful. Love, Sue

  6. Cindy, thinking about you. Do keep praying and all will work out. Good thoughts for your DH and friend, also. Fondly, Sue

  7. Tonie, good to hear from you. Nothing wrong with lifting your spirits with a bit of make up. Sorry to hear about B’s niece. Prayers for her. How badly ill is she now? Continue to beware, as I know you will be. Many folks, like your DH are frightened right now. My DD had a fever yesterday but not a high one. Other bugs are still floating around and it is spring with so many plants blooming, at least out here. Do take care, Love ya, Sue

  8. Tonie, A bit confusing on your entry to CHris which I assume was for all of us. I saw your pic of your church meeting outside in cars; what a great idea. Glad you are staying safe but do understand where your DH is coming from on the fear angle. It has hit him so personally, poor man. Glad you’re so isolated, also. How’s your sis doing these days and your new cat? Still have him? I’m trying to type over the cuddling cat in my lap right now. Jim’s been out cleaning off our porch. Weather nice her in the forties at night and 60’s during the day. Had on air cond. due to how hot it gets upstairs in our ancient house. Do take care my dear friend, Love, Sue

  9. Cindy T. Yes, I actually understand what you mean about being confined. I am home almost all the time but this seems worse for some reason. So sorry to hear about your BIL. How awful. And now they have found colon cancer in your friend. Oh dear. Poor lady. They may do chemo before surgery now. Hope she has a wonderful oncologist. Prayers for all three. Fondly, Sue

    • Sue, your words and stories you tell are not only helpful at this time, but always appreciated.  You make me laugh which is good for the soul as well as the body.  Thank you. Just a quick update on my situation.   My brother in law passed away Friday morning.  He is now at peace after 15 years of fighting. Richard (husband) is at home.  He made it through the heart procedure.  His artery had 95% blockage and required 2 stints, but he is doing well. Thank you to all for praying during this time. Cindy

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • Cindy, thanks for the update and thank the Lord your DH is doing well. That was a blessing to find those blockages. I am so sorry about your BIL. What sad times these are for so many folks. Fondly, Sue

      • Sue,

        It is indeed a sad time for many during this time. We would keep everyone in our prayers and ask for God’s guidance. Many have died needlessly and families separated frm loved one that makes this even more horrible. I pray this is over soon.


    • Patti thanks for your kind words. I thought they were also appropriate. These are sad times yet I am proud of all the citizens who are doing what they should be doing. Courage in these hard times is welcome. Thank you, Sue

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