Our beaches here in Oregon are so naturally beautiful and expansive. We are still able to drive out onto them although that is only for those who hopefully know what they’re doing. One young woman got caught a few years back with a baby and a toddler in her car while a sneaker wave surrounded her. She had to be rescued by a big truck and a lifeguard. While walking on our beaches which have lustiness about them due to such sneaker waves the maxim is, “Don’t turn your back on the ocean.” Huge logs often roll in after one of our great storms and have been known to trap curious individuals who want to walk on them. Guess they’re pretending to walk a tightrope only those logs can roll and crush a person in an instant. Even the flying Wallendas would have a challenge with those logs.

As individuals who live with chronic pain we are walking along the shores of our own lives and need to be aware of sneaker waves and sharks. No, we don’t usually have sharks in Oregon as they prefer warmer bathing but in our personal lives we still need to be on the alert. Sneaker waves for us can rush upon us in many forms as we traverse the rocky soil of chronic pain. There are daily aspects we must be careful to never turn our backs on. As all of us know, there are certain days we are not at our best and actually are far from it. We can be distracted by chronic pain as well as the side effects of some of the medications we are taking. There are days we have to take extra precaution in driving a car, walking down a flight of stairs or maneuvering our way through paying our bills or shopping.

Pain alone can be very diverting and distracting and cause us to look away and in that moment, we are at risk, whether driving, walking or speaking. I confess on some days I carry a phone in my pocket around the house, just in case. We live in an old Victorian with stairs everywhere. Simply coping with chronic pain can burn energy and interfere with clear thought. We also have to stop being so judgmental toward ourselves. We are not who we once were and that is okay. It has to be. Acceptance of change is difficult but we need to develop new habits, i.e. check the stovetop, the oven, and the medications we’re taking and when we take them. We need to check for slippery rugs, objects that stick out and can obstruct a walkway or lifting that plant that needs water. Remember once you’ve put that dry beauty into the sink and watered it, she will be twice as heavy as in the drought stage. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of watching where some little four footed rascal has gone. Don’t want to splatter him/her nor do we want to practice our sprat falls. Don’t we have enough pain already? We are accosted all day long by those sneaker waves which can come up and grab us and we’re on dry land.

Shoes and the kind we wear can take on a whole new importance in our lives. We want to be fashionable but need to be smart, cautious and comfortable. They don’t have to be ugly, just sensible. This chore is often easier said than, well, you know. For instance some of us with foot problems have to wear special inserts or a wider size. Always, the bottoms and the traction control have to be considered. No, not your bottom; the bottom of the shoes, although…

A powerful sneaker wave we have to beware of is that old undertow, addiction. There are some patients and even some physicians who would say, “Who cares if you take this addictive drug all the time? You’re going to have pain the rest of your life anyway.” I actually had an internist who said that to me after telling me it was okay to take six Zanax each day. He’s dead now. I didn’t do it.

It is appealing, just the thought of being totally free of pain, I must admit. If only there were a pain pill which had no side effects, was not addictive and made us feel heavenly but also down to earth. The unfortunate truth is there are always side effects to addictive behavior, sink holes, both psychologically and physically. They run the gamut from constipation and gastrointestinal bleeding to personality changes and disruptive behavior. I can’t speak for you, although I do occasionally try to, but I want to be me. I don’t want to be someone else, some robotic human, goose stepping my way along the shore of life. That’s why I am always flapping my sail about other forms of therapy such as physical therapy, water therapy, TENS units and other alternative therapies. I know each of us is an individual and we will each ultimately reach our own conclusions in our lives with the help of our physicians but I do caution you about those massive holes that can make escape difficult such as taking your pain medications too often, mixing them with others or with alcohol. For the sake of your liver, your gut, your social behavior, do be cautious. Save the strong drugs you have on hand for those truly bad days when you must face a trip, a chore or a quarrelsome relative. Just think about it, please.

Thus far we’ve chatted about sneaker waves which we may not totally avoid but at least we can try by never turning our back on the ocean which represents our lives. Now I’d like to talk about those nasty sharks. I know, they’re God’s gorgeous creatures but we don’t want one in the living room. Sharks represent those events over which we have no warning, no way to watch out for them and yet, here they are.

One of the sharks in our lives is all those nasty or well-meaning individuals who place themselves into the middle of our business. That relative, friend or neighbor who questions the very fact you are ill or in chronic pain. They say well intentioned things like, “But, you don’t look sick,” or one of my personal favorites, “You just need to think more positively.” I think Dr. Norman Vincent Peale would be appalled if he could see how that simple phrase of his has been misused, misshapen and abused. Heaven help you if you stretch a bit and try to have some fun, go out to dinner or the worst one of all, take a vacation. In their minds you are surely not sick at all if you can go to Hawaii, the town next to you or Kalamazoo. Now please repeat after me. I DO NOT NEED JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. I AM HARD ENOUGH ON MYSELF. Did you repeat it? Good. Sometimes this kind of behavior from others leads to separation and that is a pity. You can try to educate them yourself and occasionally that works but most of the time it takes an anvil falling from a great height to push the point and by then, who cares?

Another type of individual we have to often cope with is the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m the sickest one of all” type. Whatever you are coping with they have had it not once but every Tuesday. They had it worse than you with bows on, almost died and were brought back to life at least thrice. What is it about human nature that causes these individuals to want to make a sick contest out of life? I guess it’s just another I caught a whopper story to go along with our seaside analogy and you definitely don’t want to stay around for that conversation or see the pictures. You are tempted, or perhaps I should say I am tempted, to say a few salty remarks like, “Oh good, I’m so glad you came out of it alive, now show me how fast you can run along.”

One has to wonder what kind of sick gratification one gets from putting down another with buckets of negativity, demeaning what someone else is experiencing or feeling? Do they leave the conversations with us smarter, taller or more superior? Well, that’s just sick and I don’t mean the chronic kind with physical pain.

Sometimes in this weary coastline we’re traversing, we do have to cope with a huge shark and there is very little we can do about it except to do our best to escape and seek help. Sometimes that shark snaps its giant jaws around us and tries to take us down in the form of a heart attack, a stroke or in my case breast cancer. Those sharks can come out of the blue. It is not your fault or mine if you get attacked.  Is it fair? Don’t we have enough to deal with? Oh, I gave up on that one a long time ago because it leads nowhere. Is survival imminent? I sure hope so because life is good and all we can do is perform all those actions we have been doing and that is to seek the best possible medical care, follow the rules laid out and keep loving life. The human attitude can be a powerful harpoon against a shark attack. Don’t think you have a harpoon? I’ll bet you do and it will be there when or if you need it, like a magic sword.

My friends enjoy your walk along the shore of life. Beware of those sneaker waves. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and be sure to wear your sunscreen. Wiggle your toes in the sand of your life, open your eyes to experience the beauty around you and be faithful to yourself, your family and your body. Take care because we know there are dangers such as sharks lurking out there but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the walk. If you get attacked by a shark, learn from that courageous young woman surfer Bethany Hamilton who survived a shark attack with grace and most of all courage. Only a fool ignores the dangers and remains uninformed but you can’t let fear rule your world or before you know it life and time have passed and been wasted.

Enjoy yourself as best you can, but remember to wear a hat because there are seagulls out there and you know what they like to do.


  1. Chris..thanks for saying that. It’s hard to accept but it is what it is. None of asked to have these troubles with our health, so we have to be our own best friend. Easier said than done! Sounds like you had a fun day with crafts and ice cream!!. Enjoy rest of your weekend!

    • Jo, how right you are. If only we could separate all the demands of life from how we are feeling at the time of the demands. I guess that’s what being an adult is all about but there are days I’d like to grab a blankie, forget the rest of the world and do just and only what I want to do. Every day is a challenge..Love, Sue

  2. Good morning all:
    It is COLD here this morning ! The overnight low was in the 30’s on down to 29 !!! Just for today, then it gets warmer again. But we have a light frost out. And like you Lyn, I am feeling this change. My hands especially.
    I went to a flea market yesterday and did a lot of walking and standing, and I am going to pay for it today. My back is throbbing this morning. But, I had fun.
    Chris, I am feeling the upset with you over this lady being in the know with all your private stuff. Something needs to be done with her for sure, but what ? I am at a standstill with my weight right now, I am going to have to get more workouts in of some kinds to start it up again. That is the way I am made. But yes, it does feel so good to get new clothes, in a smaller size !
    My gd and gs went to the dance last night. She looked so much like her mother ! So beautiful, and gs was so handsome in his suit. He was so excited about the dance, I can’t wait to talk to him about it.
    Prayers for you all , I know Donna, you and your daughter need them. And Lyn, and Jo, and everyone on here.
    Love to all

  3. Blimmin wifi off and on today…
    Yea tonie I’m working on this lady..I feel she feels she is in control ..but as you say how to do it
    I think this amytrip is holding onto my weight I’m not losing any..mind you it could be the ice cream BUT I WONT GO THERE,
    It’s good to see the grands growing up and doing all new things..and seeing them enjoying life

    Well we went out again today ,another craft fare but not very good..but had a cheese scone and tea somewhere a creek you could see outside and the sailing and stayed an hour and read there Sunday papers
    But it’s raining and dreary now
    Was it Jo or Lyn who DH won the iPad …anyway how’s it going?
    Got a hosp appt Tuesday ,so we were going back tomorrow ..but we could stay Monday and go back early Tuesday and straight there…watch this space!

    • Not my DH, Chris, must be Jo. 🙂
      Ah, yes, the plateaus of weight loss/management. Gets even more fun the older we get, doesn’t it? Last summer was really frustrating for me. No matter what I did, no budging. This summer, better. Yes, Tonie, exercise is a must to get anywhere, isn’t it?
      Tonie, my hands are very unhappy today, too. Lots of joints I’ve not heard as much from over the warmer months now piping up. Oh the joys of cooler weather coming on. 😦 Sad. I enjoy the cooler temps, except for the aches and pains they bring. And fatigue. Plenty of that creeping in again. Tuckered out from a long day, and weekend. I’ll say Goodnight and head up to bed soon. Think I’ll read a little before going to sleep. I have plenty of books waiting for me. 🙂
      Best to all!

      • Good morning my Peeps:
        Lyn, this weather really makes itself known. I am the same, I like the cooler temps and dread the blasts of winter that seem to stay forever. Hope this day finds you better. We are warming back up this week to real Oct weather, thank goodness.
        I must get moving. I need to stop at the store before work. I would rather go there now then wait til the afternoon when all the bodies are there.
        It has been an interesting weekend and start to the week. Hopefully the trend continues and all will be as it should be.
        Sue praying for you, as always. And prayers for all of you who are suffering at this time as well.
        Love to all

  4. Dear Friends, I know many of you are experiencing extra pain with the weather change and I’m sorry to hear it but not surprised. Let us hope that changes as the fall and winter seasons progress. I know we love the more free atmosphere of spring and summer and I also hate to see them end although I love the weather changes of the coming seasons…to watch and to be cozy inside. I’ve been fighting a virus that started on Sat. with a sore throat and an overall achiness well beyond normal. No, I don’t believe it has anything to do with the new, most recent IM injections of chemo. I’m feeling a bit more human today and simply must be better by Thursday to go into Portland for another injection.
    We’ve had rain here for a few days but are supposed to dry out tomorrow. No real big news to report. My son will be out for a visit after a work visit to Tacoma, WA this week. It will be so good to see him and visit, if just briefly. I already told him he would have to put up with a cluttered, dirty house, knowing he could care less. Just habit I guess, on my part. I still want everything to be perfect but wow, am I a long way from that dream.
    I think of each of you each day and pray for your well being and as much comfort as possible during all that life brings along. Do take care and enjoy the season. Love, Sue

    • Sue
      Like you could do with a virus now!
      I do hope its easier for the trip..been wondering how you were
      Weather nice here colours great to see ,but DD is over in Portugal and weather very bad there today we are supposed to get it soon
      Things the same here and back home now
      Going to a lecture again tomorrow …..And wear my boots !! Did I say I went and got another pair in beige ,I had the first in black . Never known any to fit in years,as you know
      Anyway hope you have a better trip to Portland this time
      Live Chris

      • Chris, so happy to hear about your family maintaining and hope DD gets a dry day or two to enjoy her trip. I’d love to hear what brand your boots are. I ordered some Hotter brand shoes and like them but have to return them for a smaller size, so will try them again. You sound more relaxed; so glad. Love, Sue

    • Hello my friends, I like everyone else is dealing with the aches and pains of cooler weather on top of the hip pain. It is a little better I must say. I hate the ice packs but if they help, so be it. I have no choice until I can get back to the doctor for an injection. Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying as I will for all of you. I got my daughters mammogram day mixed up so it is this Thursday. So please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Racheal. She is in a lot of pain and she is very depressed. I haven’t been out of the house since last Wednesday because of taking so much pain medicine. I don’t drive when I have to take a lot of the pain medicine.
      It is suppose to get warmer here tomorrow so I hope that helps. This up and down with the temperatures is really not good. We go through this when Winter is turning into Spring. Oh well, such is our lives. Not much else going on. Love you all. Will be praying for you on Thursday Sue as you travel to get another injection. I believe you said after this one you only have to go once a month. I hope this trip doesn’t wipe you out. Love, Donna

      • Donna, is your DD having pain in the breast? Of course, she is in my prayers. Thanks for your thoughts and I am pleased your hip pain is even a little bit better…many little bits may equal a lot. I know what you mean about traveling with strong pain meds. I don’t really take any except on rare occasions because of my IBS but understand when I do and lay low. Do hang on and know we’re all there for your DD as well. Love, Sue P.S. Yes it is supposed to be just monthly after this one. This is a vital part of recovery and if that trip makes it happen…no question of doing it.

  5. Sue
    My boots were from marks and Spencer’s…I looked at the hotter shop here but they didn’t have them all in. These are similar looking to those in their catalogue tho,calf length and suede as they always fit me better..softer I suppose .yea I suppose I am more relaxed…change of place all the time I think !
    My DD just sent a pic from Portugal and she was wearing a long mac and it was pouring down.such a change the other day when she was at the shed with us she was sitting out on the beach having coffee and listening to a Jazz band . Apparently her and her friend went to look for food …self catering …and got lost coming back and had a four mile walk! In the rain ….decided to go for a swim as they were wet anyway and it was freezing in the pool……. Do hope it bucks up for them
    You must be so worried .prayers for Racheal now and on Thursday. And hope you can get that appt for the injection soon

    • Chris, thanks for answering. I can’t wear boots due to my achilles and ankles but love a sturdy winter shoe. I even have trouble finding socks. Yes, it makes sense that suede would have more flexibility. So sorry to hear DD had such a soaking experience. Sounds like she had fun anyway. Oh, the young. Hope you enjoy the lecture. Love, Sue

  6. Sue…always look forward to your new blogs. You’re worth waiting for. Wishing you a safe and not too exhausting of a trip into Portland for your injection this Thursday. Love, Jo

    • Jo, How sweet you are. Looking for inspiration for a new idea or redoing an old one. After a thousand blogs, there are few new subjects but I have to remember there are always new readers or old readers who forget or missed an earlier idea. My son is coming on Friday to visit for a couple of days, which is the day after Portland. My sweet daughter, Beth is taking me to Portland. I just can’t drive that long distance anymore. I look forward to spending some time alone with her catching up. Wish I felt up to shopping but probably not…darn. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue, to answer your question about Racheal being in pain, yes, she is in extremely bad pain. I am afraid she is going to have surgery to clean out the infection like last time if it isn’t cancer. I sure pray it isn’t? She was devastated last time as they had to take part of her breast to get all the infection. The scar from last time has opened up and it is oozing pus and blood. To be honest! I don’t know how they are going to do a mammogram. They have already done an ultrasound and found 2 masses and that is why they need to get the mammogram. I will keep all of you informed as soon as I know anything. Love, Donna

      • Sue:
        Enjoy your trip with your daughter. The moments are rare when you are alone. Make the most of it. I know you will be hurting on Friday, but enjoy your son as well. I haven’t seen my son since June. It is about time he comes to visit. I think !
        Do take care of yourself.

  7. Donna, oh your poor daughter. So much pain for quite awhile now. I had hoped it had cleared. I can see why you are worried, with your background, especially. THey could do the other kind of mammogram where the patient lies on her stomach and the breast goes through a hole in the table. Prayers for all concerned. Love, Sue

  8. Sue
    Never mind about a new blog as joe says we can look forward to look after yourself and will be thinking of you .,
    What started all this off for Rachael. It sounds so painful for her. Why have the hosp left it to get so this for her.please do keep us informed as you say .my prayers for her and you
    How’s the iPad going?
    And are you feeling any better? Hope so
    Will you still be going to see you mother? Or making it later

    Well gonna try and get back to sleep

    • Chris, Hope you’re still at the beach estate..don’t you love the sound of that? It is so good for you. Thanks for the well wishes and I will try to work on the blog this week in bits. With my son coming this weekend, I will still have down time while he visits with Jim and Beth. Dreading the trip tomorrow but think there’s enough of the virus gone I can have the shots. Doing all those things today one has to do before going to the doc; you know like shaving my legs, doing my nails, filling my pill dispenser, etc. How was the lecture? You are so knowledgeable about history I am very impressed. It’s so fulfilling for you to live in the midst of so much of the past and England’s great heritage.
      Hope your DD got some sunshine and didn’t have her trip spoiled. Thinking of you, Sue

      • Well the lecture was good.the lecturer was one i liked.he keeps going off topic with interesting was about the 1500c
        Me knowledgeable! Well a little bit maybe! Blowing my own trumpet.but I keep learning as I’m forever finding out new things
        Well the sun is now shining in Portugal ,so I’m told
        Yea get this tomorrow out of the way and back to your normal. Have any of us got a good normal?!
        Hope you have a good rest tonight before you go and be thinking of you tomorrow. Will you have a nice meal out with DD..or feel like it.?

    • Chris…still learning I-Pad. It’s so different but I think i will like it. I’m still feeling the same with the back and all, so trip is up in the air. I probably will postpone it and let my brother take over the interviewing caregivers . I feel bad but knew this was a possibility . This is our life as you said. I can’t control how I’m going to feel day to day. Good thing is Southwest Airlines charges NO fees to cancel and credit is good for a year to use which i will try to do. Sounds like you’re feeling better? I hope so.

      • Jo, hard decisions but they often have to be. What we want and would ideally have happen so often is sent on a side road. It’s okay. You must do what works for you in order to survive. Love, Sue

      • It is different but is so easy when you know how. I do not use the desktop at all now. It would feel strange
        That’s how it is one day at a time can’t plan at all. We used to go away to this hotel before we had the shed and we could cancel even on the day. That was so good and we actually got way sometimes!
        Yea I’m better 50pc but still on amytrip,but I bumped my head yesterday in car and it’s back a bit more….stupid me
        Maybe it’s the change in the weather with your back ,..but I know you’ve only got to sit for too long or do something different and off it goes ..but I hope it improves soon for you

  9. Tonie, I hope you’re off today, resting but knowing you, even if you’re off you are busy with one or more project. Yes it will be good to see our son and to spend the day tomorrow with Beth. Sure wish I felt like a shopping spree but do not. Long day but better than so many other treatments, etc. Love, Sue

  10. Sue…how wonderful to have this time to spend with your daughter.. precious time to really talk and catch up and also have her support on this dr. visit. I’m so happy for you that you will also be seeing your son, too. It’s good for the morale and spirit. Safe travels fortomorrow….get it behind you. Love, Jo

    • Thanks Jo, yes it is always a relief to get these trip over and the shots, literally, behind me. Love ya, Sue P.S. I know you understand that particular sitting pain..and that somehow helps both of us.

  11. Sue just thought what you said before….winter shoes particularly lace ups are very on trend here now with thick socks too…..
    Oh I do like the sound of the beach estate…but not there I’m at our other one sadly

    • Oh Chris, You banged your head again? Hope it wasn’t seriously hurt this time around. Sorry you’re not at the estate…you know, you British. Over here we assume you’re all royal, or at least you are to us. Glad you liked the lecture. You know more about those centuries than you think you do. Glad weather better in Portugal for DD.
      I’m afraid I’m not terribly trendy with shoes but do like them cute. No old lady shoes for me. I don’t know…I guess it’s pride. I have noticed they are making more and more comfortable shoes for most of us who don’t wear the very high, expensive heels. Thinking of you…Love, Sue

  12. Well it does seem that comfortable is back in fashion for shoes
    Nope it wasn’t a hard hit for anyone appears I feel pain more so, so the Dr says , it goes with the territory we all have I just seem to make the neuropathy worse. But it’ll go..
    Our Sue in cute shoes!
    Love Chris

    • That’s right, Chris. I don’t want to offend anyone however you won’t see me in clunky white tennis shoes. Think I had to wear boring nursing shoes for too many years.
      Hope you rebound from this latest knock. Love, Sue

  13. Donna, oh I can’t imagine all your daughter has been and is going through. How awful. I do hope they can get to the bottom of it and take care of it soon.

    Sue, been thinking of you and Beth today. Mother/Daughter time is so special, even if it is mostly in the car. Do enjoy your son’s visit – I know you will.

    So many in discomfort and pain. I wish I could take it away, or at least relieve it for a while. Perhaps a little laugh would help. I had a Murphy’s Law kind of day yesterday. Wishing to take advantage of the lovely Indian Summer weather yesterday, I set about trying to find the paint and stencils I had purchased a bit ago then “put away” and couldn’t seem to find. Thanks to that lovely foggy brain, I just simply couldn’t remember where I’d stashed them. Finally, yesterday morning it came to me and I found them! Armed with 2 colors of paint and my 2 small pieces I wished to paint, I set up outside and set about mixing the paint. It comes in powder form and you need to mix it with water. I also had to ad a bonding agent so it wouldn’t chip or peel. There is definitely a trick to mixing milk paint. I’m not sure I am through the learning curve quite yet. Definitely wasn’t first thing and managed to spill powder and mixed on our patio and a bit on the step – red, of course. Ran around like a chicken for water (hose is put away since we had our first frost already) and a brush. Managed to get it cleaned away – whew! The paint is very thin, reminding me of skim milk. I was painting a small plant stand and a small table. The paint ran and dripped. I spent more time going over previously painted areas than applying new. So frustrating. Oh, and due to its thin quality, multiple coats were needed. Thankfully, it dried quickly and I could go from one piece to the other and not have to wait for drying. Needing a 3rd coat on the little table, I realized I needed to mix more paint. Couldn’t find the pouch! Now, I’d only been in the kitchen and back patio. Didn’t see it either place! How does that happen?? Looked at the clock and realized I had a nail trim scheduled for the dog at 2:00. It was 1:42 and I had to change and wash my face and apply at least a touch of make up. The mad dash was on! Made it out of the house with the dog, safely to the pet store, and in the door where cute little pup promptly pops a squat. Really? Cleaned that up and back to the groomer, Had planned on gassing up the car while she got her pedicure, but gal said it would only be 5-10 minutes. Not enough time. Wandered the store, and heard what sounded like our girl yipping. Peaked around a corner to see them applying the “cone of shame”. Poor pup. Paid, and saw there was just enough time left to drop her at home and get the much needed gas for the car before having to pick up SB, whose car is still out of commission. Gassed up, and decided since I’d not been having the best day and missed lunch, I’d grab an iced or frozen coffee treat. Crossing the lot I almost tripped, and ended up stubbing one of my very arthritised big toes. (Thank heavens I didn’t fall!) Got the frozen treat and made it down to pick up the boy – best news of the day was his, he was promoted to Manager at the hotel again (had been, but was not rehired as manager). Told him on the way home he needed to help me locate this pouch of paint that had to be in plain sight! Indeed, it was. The boy found it right away leaning against the tissue box on the counter.
    Hope you all were able to get a chuckle or two out of my “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”.

    • Dogs are the best at making their humans humble. Cone of shame for a nail trim? Oh heck no. I do wish I lived nearby and I’d do her nails myself. I do nails on a 110# puppy who would rather not have them done. This is the dog who can preform marvelously as a service dog but nails??? Any groomer worth their weight doesn’t need muzzles or cones. Please find a different place for her nail care. I winced at the toe stubbing. My toes are more diseased than my hands. They hurt anyway, stubbing them is just ugh… Milk paint? You are very ambitious. I’m lucky to get out any paint including watercolor or acrylic. You go girl! (I am doing spinning again)

      • Hi, Bobsled! Yes, I think I may just spend the extra and take her to the vet’s office for nail trims. I’ve tried doing them myself on her and she is far from cooperative, very “mouthy”. Not sure what the big deal is. I do all the cats’ nails. I did used to take the greyhounds to the vet’s office as Star’s nails were dark and VERY hard to see her quicks. I did accidentally knick one and felt so bad I took her to the office thereafter.
        Yay for you spinning again!

    • Oh Lyn, Thanks so much for sharing your horrible day. It couldn’t have been fun to experience but was funny to read. Sounds like like more than Sadie dumped on you. Hope all the paint eventually turned out well and maybe next you’ll buy a pre-mixed bottle. I love stenciling but wow do you have to have the right and a sure hand. Oh, by the way, how’s the red paint outside? Did you get it off? Cone on Sadie for a nail job? Is she really so vicious? I’ll bet not. Love, Sue

  14. Lyn
    That certainly sounds a bad day. Something like a children’s story to read again to them!
    I hope you don’t have any bad effects from it all. Did you manage to get the patio and steps cleaned up ok? It’s funny how things hide from myself too I’ve only been in two places …so where Is It?
    Hope tomorrow is a better day and not so frustrating.
    However you did ‘have the cherry on the top with that news from your SB. They can always make a bad day seem good . How is his back these days?
    Early morning here not light yet,try and get back to sleep

  15. Dear Friends, well we survived the trip to Portland. It was a lovely, if chilly day. There was a bit of frost along the sides of the highway going in, in the morning. I guess fall is more than here. It was nice to have the day with Beth and to catch up on all the family news without a spouse or child in sight. I have a great oncologist who is very personable and extremely intelligent, both qualities desirable in a specialist. I got two more injections of chemo and this time they were a bit worse than last but not terrible. They’re large at 5 ml each and that is why they have to be divided. There were some tiny dots on my Cat scan which may indicate I have some mets in the bones of my spine and hip and because of that we are going to step up the dose of my bone building injection I received every six months and will now be on an every three month schedule. The current chem will also attack bone mets if they are there, thus the fight goes on. When you are my age it’s all about getting more time out of your life and having more life in your time, right?
    Then we stopped on the way home for a shrimp tostada which proved to be a bad idea that night, into the next day. Therefore, I am recovering slowly, have a bit of gut upset, sore “cheeks” and hope the medication will get rid of the mets or at least keep them from spreading. I feel fairly miserable all over but expect it to pass with time. Just wish I felt a bit better for my son’s visit but still wonderful to see him. He got in last night after driving down from WA state where his business had taken him. He is an RN who works as a consultant for a large company who helps hospitals with their problems. He is an Emergency Room specialist. He lives in Dallas, TX where they are getting a great deal of rain right now. He travels several days a week, all over this country and really loves his job. He gets a great taste for the different regions of our wonderful America.
    It’s a strange feeling to have this interloper, cancer but here it is and apparently I will always have metastatic disease; it is simply a matter of controlling it to get more mileage out of my life.
    I hope each of you are having a good weekend and think of each of you so often. Much love, Sue

  16. Sue
    Glad to hear you and know you are back ok
    Well it’s not news I wanted to hear from you..but you are right in what you say and that it’s keeping it all at bay and maybe it’s not there too
    At least you got to enjoy the meal on the way down ! Well half way down!
    I hope the effects have worn off now
    It’s good to spend time with your daughter and son too all In a few sorry you felt rough that day,but your son must have been so pleased to see you .his job sounds so interesting and important
    Let’s hope the trip effects wear off soon and you can get to do your pots outside
    I’m back on the amytrip.scalp pain got worse. I was coming off them ..and also nightmares .i could cope with those by not sleeping ..done that before..but the head was not too I got concussion all the time and shooting pains in scalp like I just hit myself there on something ,or metal fingers scraping it
    Hey ho….made a curry today thought it might be too hot for went and got some yogurt to put on top
    Have it tomorrow .sweet potato.leek ,chick pea and coconut.
    Well try and get to sleep
    Live Chris

    • Chris, good to hear from you but so sorry to hear the head symptoms are back. I wish they would change your medication. There have to be better choices. How does the doctor expect you to heal if you can’t sleep? So saddened to hear you still have the pain. That whole situation is crappy. Hate it for you.
      As for me, I knew about the suspicious dots on the scan but didn’t take them as seriously as the doctor did but needed to remember he’s the doc. We’re doing all we can and so far it’s just making me feel a bit awful for a couple of days then no symptoms. Pray it stays that way, please. Love, Sue

  17. Hey ho, hi everyone. I’m back.
    Chris, I join in Sue’s sentiment and hate that you have yet to escape that awful head pain. You would think with your ongoing problem with the med that they might try something else.
    Sue, as Chris said, not the report we wished to hear from you, but if it can be controlled… Praying this med works!
    I’m glad we could all enjoy the humor in my rather interesting day. I don’t recall if I said it was SB who walked in and found the paint packet in short order. It was leaning against the Kleenex tissue box. Oh brother. Sue, that particular paint doesn’t come premixed. If I use it again, I’ll have to mix again. But, I’ll have a bit more experience. Oh, the paint that spilled, I did manage to get it cleaned up. Whew. With all the running around to gather water and brush I wasn’t at all sure it wouldn’t have set. Thankfully, it didn’t. The pieces? They turned out nicely. I planned on keeping the little red plant stand, but thought I’d sell the black table. Well, that is until DH saw it today and liked it. Probably will still sell, though. But it is cute. Recovered? Pretty well. Although this afternoon I made a cake and some dog biscuits for Sadie. Was a bit sore from all the standing. Was thinking afterward how nice that floor we saw at the flooring store that had cork under and vinyl or laminate over felt on sore joints. It was amazing the difference you could feel. Alas, we are thinking wood, though. We both like the look of Brazilian Pecan. We’ll see. Plenty of time to decide. Must save some as the flooring in the entire house needs replacing. 😦 Time now to curl into a movie with DH. Hope everyone is having a restful weekend.

    • Lyn, the cork floor sounds interesting and comfy. I’ll have to look for that next time we do the floors. I forgot to congratulation SB on his promotion. I thought of that when our son was here…just left for the airport. It’s a fine thing to rear children who make us proud. Hope the measures are keeping his back in line. Will be interesting to see if you keep the black table after all. With us it’s becoming a matter of, where the heck would we put it?
      I have hopes for the new meds and complete faith in my oncologist. He’s the best. Hope you’re having a good weekend. Love ya, Sue

  18. Happy Fall Yall, just a note to let you know Racheal had her mammogram and it showed 2 spots on the infected breast a one spot on the other breast. They will be doing biopsys in a few weeks. They are trying to get the infection cleared up before doing the biopsys. She is also concerned that Racheal might have ovarian cancer because of how her periods are. She did a pap test. So we are back to waiting again and still don’t know anything. Please keep praying?

    Sue, glad the trip is behind you for a month. Sorry the injections were so painful. I hope you will feel better quickly. I am so sorry about the spots on your spine. Are they saying you are now stage 4 because of the mets? I hope not. Do you know what chemo drug you are getting? You are certainly in my prayers. I love you and this all makes me sick for you. I hope this drug doesn’t cause you to lose your hair. Did they tell you? Anyway, try and get some rest even though your son is there. Glad you had some time with Beth as well. Chat later.

    Lyn, you had a day didn’t you. Glad you were able to get the paint up. That could have been a real job. At least you got the pieces finished. So happy for your SB to get a promotion. How is his back holding up? Ok, will write again soon.

    Chris. So sad your head is not any better. I think I would go back to the doctor and see if there isn’t a different medicine you can take besides the Amitriptyline. I know what you are saying about bad dreams when you stop taking it. I have had my share of those. I have not been sleeping well myself. Now on top of the hip pain, my hands are broke out and bleeding with the excema. I am using my prescription cream my dermatologist gave me. I get this problem every fall. My skin is so dry from the Femara I have to take to keep the cancer from coming back. Sometimes the skin splits open at the tip of my fingernails. That really hurts..I will not even tell you how bad my feet are.
    ok, I pray your head gets better and both of us can get some sleep without dreaming weird things. How are things with your dad? You haven’t mentioned him in a while. Hope they are good.

    Hope things are going well for everyone else? I love all of you and I am praying for all of you. Love, Donna

    • Donna, prayers for your Rachael, of course. You both sure have been, and are going through so much. I’m trying to get ahead of my “winter hands”, too. Thankfully, it is not eczema and they don’t usually crack, although have. I hope what you use controls it as well as possible. How awful it must be on hands and feet.
      SB’s lower back is a bit tight, but pain free thanks to the ablations. His mid back and upper remain issues, but not much he can do there. We massage him (mostly my DH as my hands are easily set off now that it is cooling off) and his doc prescribed a muscle relaxant, but he said it doesn’t help much. I suggested he take it solid for several days so it can have a chance to actually work on the problem. He tends to take it just at night. I have to be careful when I take mine for longer stretches because it can put me on my can sometimes. He said his doesn’t hit him that way, so he really could. But he still plays soccer every week or so, often 2 games back to back. He really should run in between, and knows it, but doesn’t. Oh, youth.

    • Donna, first of all let me say how sorry I am to hear that your DD is having so many potentially serious problems. It is a shame they have to wait for the infection to clear up before they can confirm or deny whether or not she has cancer. That is so hard on her.
      I am a bit shocked and concerned by your remarks to me about my cancer. You all have known for the last month I have mets to the skin and the bones is still an if. I guess what shocked me the most was your gross insensitivity toward me, your rude prying and your ignorance. Of course I know what medication I’m on. Remember this is a public forum and not a private message here on the blog. If I had stage four cancer I’d be in bed on an IV morphine drip. Please think through your comments before you write them in the future. Sue

  19. Hello Peepss:
    Been a few days, but back on here. I have been reading, but not enough umph in me to comment til tonight. I have been having a nice week. Yesterday went on the BLue RIdge Parkway to see the fall colors. Hadn’t been on there for about 40 years. I am OLD !! Then today spent the day in the Grayson Highlands Park seeing the wild ponies there. Took so many pictures. It was such beauty and wild there.
    I have a new friend, male friend. He is here visiting with me. Very nice man and we are getting on fine. He is from France, moved here to be near his daughter in Fla. So, I will keep you informed how things go. He is as in love with horses as I am, so it is almost meant to be. He has been working with Baby, and I cannot believe the difference in her. He grew up with horses and showed and trained Dressage horses in France and Europe. He is a retired teacher.
    Anyway. I am praying for you all, Donna , your daughter and you as well. Sue pray you are feeling better today. I know you are worried over this news of late. The Lord be with you my friend.
    Love to all of you

    • Well, well, MS Tonie, you have been busy. Driving the Parkway sounds lovely. And seeing the wild ponies? Priceless. A new man in your life? Well, please just take it slow and see where it goes. He likes horses and is good with them, that’s a plus. I must confess, though, that you make me nervous with men from outside the country. Where do you meet them?
      Well, time for this gal to grab a bite to eat and get ready for church.
      Happy Sunday!

    • Tonie, it’s good to have a special friend to make a girl feel special and the fact that he’s so into horses is a major plus. Glad it’s going well and happy for you. Sounds like you’ve been showing him so much of your beautiful area. Enjoy, take care of your body and watch for fatigue. Love you much, Sue

      • Sue:
        Had to take the day off today. Very tired after all the activity of the last few days. It is special and he is the most gentlemanly man I have ever met. More so, Lyn, than any men I have met lately who are from here. He is close to being a citizen so no worries there. Maybe I should have just kept it to myself, but I thought I would share as usual.
        Sue been praying for you, I know you have a lot on your plate. Rest easy, so glad you got to see your son. I haven’t seen mine since June.
        Love you

  20. Sue, good to get an update from you. I hope you are feeling a bit better each day after your trip for your injection. It sounds like you and your daughter got to spend some quality time together. I’m happy you get to see your son also. His job sounds very impressive and interesting. Both your children have successful careers in the health field and that must make you feel very proud.
    Nothing new with me…cancelled my trip to Chicago but will try to go in December instead if doing better with my back and sitter. Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. Love, jo

    • Jo dear, good to hear from you. Sorry you had to cancel your trip to Chicago but totally in empathy about it. Hope your brother is able to pick up the slack with the healthcare workers. Yes, I am proud of my children. My son, Jeff, loves his job and is apparently very good at it. He just got an award from the company after only one year for Quality care. He’s a very personable, caring nurse. He gets to see many parts of the states all week and home on weekends. They only have one child left at home and she’s a HS senior. The three boys are, let’s see, two in college and one out with his Masters degree and working as a drug rehab counselor. One of the ones in college is working on his Masters in history and the third is going into nursing after he gets his degree. Proud of every one of them. I cried when he left this morning but that’s nothing unusual for me. You never get over missing your kids no matter how old they are. Do take good care of yourself, much love, Sue

      • Your statement “You never get over missing your kids” …that’s why I feel sad I can’t make this trip to see my mom. She tells me all the time she misses me and when am I coming to visit. It’s hard, but beyond my control. And she just doesn’t understand why I can’t just come!
        Such an accomplished family you have and the grands all making something of their lives. Wonderful! I’m proud of my niece, who is an attorney, and my two nephews, an engineer and an accountant. My nephew here in AZ is going to school to be a pharmacist. Take care…Jo

  21. Jo, are you familiar with the poetry of Kahlil Gibran? In one of them he speaks of our children being like arrows shot from the bow. We are the bow and that is our purpose and we fulfill it by sending them into life, air, etc. Part of it with your Mom is her age, I’m certain. She doesn’t understand what you deal with. My Mom didn’t either. It hurts I know and creates a certain amount of guilt. Just remember what a worthless emotion unwarranted guilt is sweet friend. It’s like regret…worthless and destructive. You must be true to yourself. Love you, Sue

    • Thank you for that, Sue. I know you understand. I have heard of the name of this poet, but not too familiar with his writings. But I will be now for sure. Love, Jo

  22. Hi all
    Still at home.went for a ride out today to see the country and its colours. Had tea well I did ,dH has coffee
    Trying the amytrip again taking a whole one this time see if it helps at all if not I’m back to the dr
    May go to shed tomorrow
    My dad is the same and he seems to like the new carer,so,I hope that continues
    Glad SB is doing ok..and just let the guilt go you can sort it all out when you can go to see your mum. Easy to say I know. But true
    Good times ahead ..nice to gave someone to share that with
    Such a worry for you and your daughter in such pain
    Hope you are improving still.are you managing to eat more than you used to at all?
    Our weather here was warm today hopefully it will continue
    Am watching Downton at moment will love it
    DH is converting photos from old glass plate negatives on the computer and today we went to the same village and tried to work out what was what from about 1890. The village we know well..Then went for our drive
    Still on my diet lost some more weight another 2lbs and I’ve lost a stone…think that might be that I’ve lost 12 lbs .dont think you have stones in weight over the pond
    Trouble is the amytrip makes me hungry!
    Back later Chris

    • Chris…it is hard to let go of guilt! I’m a work in progress. Been this way all my life!.
      Sorry you have the concussion symptoms back. If the amtryp doesn’t help you, ask your dr. to try Topamax next time. Have you ever tried that yet? That’s what my neurologist gave me. I had tried the amtriptyline and neurontin and Topamax has helped the most. Worth a try!

    • Chris, reading Jo’s comment just reminded me. The migraine med that helped SB was Maxalt (rizotriptan). Just FYI, if it’s helpful.

    • Chris, congrats on the weight loss. That’s hard to do. Yes, I am trying to eat more but still sticking to the small amounts because of the IBS> I hope the suggestions given to you by Lyn and Jo will prove helpful. Why stick with a med that gives you nightmares if you don’t have to? So sorry you’re struggling with so much.
      Had a great visit with our son although it was far too short. Beth’s family came over last night and all had Chinese food for dinner. It was good for Jeff to see the kids and his sis and BIL. It felt like old times for awhile. He had to leave early this AM to get back up to the SEATAC airport in WA to fly home to lots of rain in Texas. We enjoy him even more being a nurse because we all have so much in common. Two of his kids are going into nursing and that’s fun, also.
      I felt like crap all weekend…must be the new shots. Hips sore but it’s more than that. It’s an all over feeling of weakness which I pray will pass soon but still have that virus with sore throat a bit.
      Glad your Dad is in a calm place in his life right now. You’ve had more than your share of drama, huh? Sounds like such an interesting day looking at old pics and recalling a village you both know well. Interestin indeed. Much love, Sue

    • Chris:
      Good deal on the weight loss. It is so hard to do sometimes. I lost another 5 in the last two weeks, but I had gained 8 while the kids were here. Amytrip, I take it every night. Can’t say it does make me hungry, however, my vitamins do ! But lots of fruit, almonds, and try to stay away from the junk. I do however, have my ice cream cone most nights. I am glad to hear your Dad is behaving. Hope it continues.
      Well, going to sleep now


    • Jennie, I meant no offense to any man from any country, there have just been so many instances of people being taken advantage of by men (and women), particularly met online. We all need to be cautious. It is simply more difficult if we are in different countries. I believe Tonie met her last potential male friend online. Not sure where she met this one, and I do hope it goes well this time. Not feeling my best lately, so at the risk of making a misunderstanding worse, I’ll end here. I’ll have to read back to see what was said to Sue. If I am involved in any way, I sincerely apologize. I am one who usually goes out of her way NOT to be hurtful and am one of the least prejudicial people you’d meet. I do, however, care a great deal for my friends and am rather protective of friends and family.

      • I have read back and found the comments to and from Sue. Also found a response from Tonie to me that I hadn’t seen yet. Tonie, happy to see your words and wishing you the best as always. Of course you should share good things in your life if you wish.

  24. Hi all
    Well what can I say.
    I agree with sue,s comments and Jens ….but I think lyn was only trying to look out for tonie.she didn’t mean foreign people generally..but coming into the country immigration etc and wrong reasons….
    However I think tonie has been aware of all that and everything looks good. I certainly wish her all the best and know that she is enjoying life at the moment along with sharing it with someone.
    Tonie….please keep us Informed of your new life ,,i would love to hear all you’ve got to say and what you do..praps I’m nosey!! But we get to know each other more so than others do on this blog
    Good to see you back ,weather good here
    How you?
    Well,off to photo this other old house..going to shed tomorrow now
    Back later
    Chris 😄

  25. Good morning peeps:
    Well gonna get cold here in the next few days with a lot of rain from the hurricane that came up from Mexico. We were going to go and visit a old ruin of Indian village, but not sure with this weather today whether it would be worth it. I rested yesterday, fell asleep on the couch after church. My friend went with me to church and liked it very much, so that is good as well,
    Lyn, no problem, I did understand what you meant, and you meant it out of concern for me. I appreciate it anyway.
    Baby is coming right along in her training. Amazing what can happen when you have the right touch. I am learning right along with her. Hopefully we will go riding soon.
    Sue, you are on my mind this morning, I so pray you are feeling better. I know this has to be so hard on you, and your family. But hang in there and know that you are filling up my prayers of late.
    Jennie, thanks for the congrats. I feel this is a good man and we are getting to know one another very well. He is a joy to be around
    Love to all





  27. Hopefully this will be the last… I really don’t care where anyone is from, and my concern is not linked to immigration, but in fact in very small part for scams that are run on people all over, including within the States. Perhaps one shouldn’t assume such has been reported in recent years as it has here in the States. Point in fact, my thoughts to take it slow are for anyone with anyone they’ve recently met, regardless of where they are from and was completely separate from my second thought/question. The second, I was simply curious where she was meeting guys not from her area. I really don’t care, just curious. Tonie knows me well enough to know I only want the best for her and that I do, in fact, hope she does find someone she can share her life with and would be pleased as punch if this is the one. I know she’s not always been so lucky and don’t want her to have to go through any more difficulties. I’ve been friends online with Tonie for more years than I can count, and Sue longer still. I think if you’d look back should at my posts throughout the years, you’d find them to be supportive and kind in nature. I’m probably one of the more open and accepting people you’ll ever meet, unless I find someone to be hurtful. I am, however, at this moment sick and tired, and, ok, I’ll say it, a bit offended. I say, basta.

    • Lyn, for what it’s worth, I do think you were misunderstood. My first reaction was exactly what you just stated…there is plenty to be cautious about when meeting folks on-line. You hear about it in the news all the time, and I personally have a friend (she’s a lawyer…very smart) who met someone on-line and it didn’t turn out well. It’s sad but it is the world we live in. You just have to listen to your instincts. I also have friends who met the love of her lifeon a dating site
      Hope everyone is having a decent day!

  28. Hi lyn
    I hope I haven’t offended you with anything I said .it wasn’t meant that way at all
    The immigration comment I made was for those wanting to get to know people to get into the country easier.
    Not any other reason

  29. Oh my goodness my dear friends. All friends have misunderstandings from time to time so let us all let this cool a bit and calm down. So often, words can be taken the wrong way, far differently than they are intended. We’re all just human and we’re more than that, we are humans who have become friends in this strange type of forum without actually meeting each other yet have been so intimate with our hearts and lives. Perhaps we all need to think a bit before speaking but more than that to realize we are all damaged in some way. That pain and living with it each day is what has brought us all together and it is also the glue that holds us together. Speaking for myself I often overreact to a situation when I feel rotten; and do feel rotten so often lately. When I think I’m going to say something even a bit controversial, I sleep on it and give it a day. I do the same thing with the blog. Write it and then let it ripen and do the re-writes.
    You all know me fairly well and know I usually tell the truth. That’s the way I want the blog to be, as well. Love each of you, Sue

  30. Good morning all:
    Rain rain rain, for the next couple of days, thanks to the hurricane. But we need it. At least it isn’t snow right ? That will be here soon enough.
    Sue I pray you are getting stronger. I know that trip takes so much of it. Chris, your Dad is behaving, so we will hope it continues. I hate to think of him landing in a home. Lyn, prayers for you feeling better. THis weather changing is getting ahold of me as well. It seems to just throw us in a flare up when the barometer is spinning.
    Jo, prayers for you as well for feeling up to snuff. Jennie, my friend, you are doing good right now, hope it stays. Donna, prayers for you and your daughter as well, keep us posted.
    Well, back to Ms ALice today. Yesterday was a couple of hours spent in a flea market of antiques, and then to an Indian Village recreation that was very interesting indeed. I learned a lot, So much in my backdoor I have never seen.
    Have a wonderful day my friends, my supports group, my sisters in this pain filled life we share. God bless

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