Our beaches here in Oregon are so naturally beautiful and expansive. We are still able to drive out onto them although that is only for those who hopefully know what they’re doing. One young woman got caught a few years back with a baby and a toddler in her car while a sneaker wave surrounded her. She had to be rescued by a big truck and a lifeguard. While walking on our beaches which have lustiness about them due to such sneaker waves the maxim is, “Don’t turn your back on the ocean.” Huge logs often roll in after one of our great storms and have been known to trap curious individuals who want to walk on them. Guess they’re pretending to walk a tightrope only those logs can roll and crush a person in an instant. Even the flying Wallendas would have a challenge with those logs.

As individuals who live with chronic pain we are walking along the shores of our own lives and need to be aware of sneaker waves and sharks. No, we don’t usually have sharks in Oregon as they prefer warmer bathing but in our personal lives we still need to be on the alert. Sneaker waves for us can rush upon us in many forms as we traverse the rocky soil of chronic pain. There are daily aspects we must be careful to never turn our backs on. As all of us know, there are certain days we are not at our best and actually are far from it. We can be distracted by chronic pain as well as the side effects of some of the medications we are taking. There are days we have to take extra precaution in driving a car, walking down a flight of stairs or maneuvering our way through paying our bills or shopping.

Pain alone can be very diverting and distracting and cause us to look away and in that moment, we are at risk, whether driving, walking or speaking. I confess on some days I carry a phone in my pocket around the house, just in case. We live in an old Victorian with stairs everywhere. Simply coping with chronic pain can burn energy and interfere with clear thought. We also have to stop being so judgmental toward ourselves. We are not who we once were and that is okay. It has to be. Acceptance of change is difficult but we need to develop new habits, i.e. check the stovetop, the oven, and the medications we’re taking and when we take them. We need to check for slippery rugs, objects that stick out and can obstruct a walkway or lifting that plant that needs water. Remember once you’ve put that dry beauty into the sink and watered it, she will be twice as heavy as in the drought stage. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of watching where some little four footed rascal has gone. Don’t want to splatter him/her nor do we want to practice our sprat falls. Don’t we have enough pain already? We are accosted all day long by those sneaker waves which can come up and grab us and we’re on dry land.

Shoes and the kind we wear can take on a whole new importance in our lives. We want to be fashionable but need to be smart, cautious and comfortable. They don’t have to be ugly, just sensible. This chore is often easier said than, well, you know. For instance some of us with foot problems have to wear special inserts or a wider size. Always, the bottoms and the traction control have to be considered. No, not your bottom; the bottom of the shoes, although…

A powerful sneaker wave we have to beware of is that old undertow, addiction. There are some patients and even some physicians who would say, “Who cares if you take this addictive drug all the time? You’re going to have pain the rest of your life anyway.” I actually had an internist who said that to me after telling me it was okay to take six Zanax each day. He’s dead now. I didn’t do it.

It is appealing, just the thought of being totally free of pain, I must admit. If only there were a pain pill which had no side effects, was not addictive and made us feel heavenly but also down to earth. The unfortunate truth is there are always side effects to addictive behavior, sink holes, both psychologically and physically. They run the gamut from constipation and gastrointestinal bleeding to personality changes and disruptive behavior. I can’t speak for you, although I do occasionally try to, but I want to be me. I don’t want to be someone else, some robotic human, goose stepping my way along the shore of life. That’s why I am always flapping my sail about other forms of therapy such as physical therapy, water therapy, TENS units and other alternative therapies. I know each of us is an individual and we will each ultimately reach our own conclusions in our lives with the help of our physicians but I do caution you about those massive holes that can make escape difficult such as taking your pain medications too often, mixing them with others or with alcohol. For the sake of your liver, your gut, your social behavior, do be cautious. Save the strong drugs you have on hand for those truly bad days when you must face a trip, a chore or a quarrelsome relative. Just think about it, please.

Thus far we’ve chatted about sneaker waves which we may not totally avoid but at least we can try by never turning our back on the ocean which represents our lives. Now I’d like to talk about those nasty sharks. I know, they’re God’s gorgeous creatures but we don’t want one in the living room. Sharks represent those events over which we have no warning, no way to watch out for them and yet, here they are.

One of the sharks in our lives is all those nasty or well-meaning individuals who place themselves into the middle of our business. That relative, friend or neighbor who questions the very fact you are ill or in chronic pain. They say well intentioned things like, “But, you don’t look sick,” or one of my personal favorites, “You just need to think more positively.” I think Dr. Norman Vincent Peale would be appalled if he could see how that simple phrase of his has been misused, misshapen and abused. Heaven help you if you stretch a bit and try to have some fun, go out to dinner or the worst one of all, take a vacation. In their minds you are surely not sick at all if you can go to Hawaii, the town next to you or Kalamazoo. Now please repeat after me. I DO NOT NEED JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. I AM HARD ENOUGH ON MYSELF. Did you repeat it? Good. Sometimes this kind of behavior from others leads to separation and that is a pity. You can try to educate them yourself and occasionally that works but most of the time it takes an anvil falling from a great height to push the point and by then, who cares?

Another type of individual we have to often cope with is the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m the sickest one of all” type. Whatever you are coping with they have had it not once but every Tuesday. They had it worse than you with bows on, almost died and were brought back to life at least thrice. What is it about human nature that causes these individuals to want to make a sick contest out of life? I guess it’s just another I caught a whopper story to go along with our seaside analogy and you definitely don’t want to stay around for that conversation or see the pictures. You are tempted, or perhaps I should say I am tempted, to say a few salty remarks like, “Oh good, I’m so glad you came out of it alive, now show me how fast you can run along.”

One has to wonder what kind of sick gratification one gets from putting down another with buckets of negativity, demeaning what someone else is experiencing or feeling? Do they leave the conversations with us smarter, taller or more superior? Well, that’s just sick and I don’t mean the chronic kind with physical pain.

Sometimes in this weary coastline we’re traversing, we do have to cope with a huge shark and there is very little we can do about it except to do our best to escape and seek help. Sometimes that shark snaps its giant jaws around us and tries to take us down in the form of a heart attack, a stroke or in my case breast cancer. Those sharks can come out of the blue. It is not your fault or mine if you get attacked.  Is it fair? Don’t we have enough to deal with? Oh, I gave up on that one a long time ago because it leads nowhere. Is survival imminent? I sure hope so because life is good and all we can do is perform all those actions we have been doing and that is to seek the best possible medical care, follow the rules laid out and keep loving life. The human attitude can be a powerful harpoon against a shark attack. Don’t think you have a harpoon? I’ll bet you do and it will be there when or if you need it, like a magic sword.

My friends enjoy your walk along the shore of life. Beware of those sneaker waves. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and be sure to wear your sunscreen. Wiggle your toes in the sand of your life, open your eyes to experience the beauty around you and be faithful to yourself, your family and your body. Take care because we know there are dangers such as sharks lurking out there but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the walk. If you get attacked by a shark, learn from that courageous young woman surfer Bethany Hamilton who survived a shark attack with grace and most of all courage. Only a fool ignores the dangers and remains uninformed but you can’t let fear rule your world or before you know it life and time have passed and been wasted.

Enjoy yourself as best you can, but remember to wear a hat because there are seagulls out there and you know what they like to do.


  1. Brilliant sue
    I do love the way you write the way you put things.and I’m sure everyone would say we could learn from you
    Great analogy with the sea and those sharks.i know they’ve been to you.and big time.and we could all do well to follow your way of dealing with it all
    My prayers for you Wednesday and a wide ,cool and simple shoreline

    • Thanks sweet friend, Chris, for your kind remarks. Yep, feeling a bit shark bit today. Went out to finally get fitted for a mastectomy bra. Oh dear, all those mirrors and flab with all that old skin. I always am amazed by how stooped I look since the last fracture of the vertebra. Have to double down on the exercises now that I’m not officially going to PT. Washer is supposed to get it’s new part tomorrow. Wahoo.
      How are you doing? How is the head feeling after your concussion? Do you feel the need to check in with the doctor? Is your nausea a lot better so you can tackle all of those leftovers? I’m assuming you’ve arrived home with our time differences.
      Glad you liked the nautical blog. Great pic Natalie picked, don’t you think? Take care dear friend, Sue

      • They are always good pics that Natalie chooses she seems to have the knack to do it
        Going to get a Drs appt for my head..the nausea seems to be there on and off still
        You are very brave facing up to trying on a bra will get easier I’m sure..and even I am surprised how awful I look .to me I am just the same until I look In a shop mirror.they are worse than the ones at home! And even worse those 3way mirrors I mean really what’s that hump on my back! It always looks older than me!
        Yep I’m Home and in bed most of day sleeping
        That blimmin washer! Let’s hope it likes the new part
        It’s past midnite here so gonna try to get done up at 8 to try and get a Drs appt
        Live chris

  2. Chris dear…glad you’re live…know you meant love but got a kick out of it. So pleased you’re going to get rechecked by the doctor. Do be good to yourself. Love and live, Sue

    • Sue, awesome blog. Really makes one think about their life and the responsibility to take care of it and keep those sneaker waves away from us. It is hard to get up each day and know what you are `probably going to face. Bathing, getting dressed and deciding what to eat for Breakfast. Then you have to decide if you are going out to do errands or if you hurt and feel so bad you stay in and put off errands for one more day? If I don’t push myself to go out and do what I need to do, then it can become a vicious cycle. My oncologist made me feel so good the day we had the cancer survivor’s day gathering. He put his arm around my shoulder and looked at me with a smile on his face and said, I knew you would be here, you always push yourself to get out and get involved. I never knew he paid attention to things like that about me. A real eye opener for me! I mean my friends are always saying simular things. Really I just do what I feel like doing. Trust me, I hurt and have missed a few things I wanted to do. We have to take care of ourselves to keep those sharks at bay. Got to keep moving. If you don’t then you get stiff and make it worse. Some of us have 1 or 2 chronic issues going on and some of have multiple issues going on but it doesn’t matter, chronic pain is chronic pain. 1 or 20 things we are hurting most all the time. We know what we can and can’t do. I am just grateful we have you Sue to share on your blog and get ideas and wisdom from some or all of the friends on this blog. It would be so lonely if I didn’t have all of you to chat with. I am getting sleepy so I am going to sign off for now. Will write more later. My pain meds are wearing off as well. Love all of you, Donna

      P.S. Chris, hope you get in to see the doctor. Good luck sweetie. Praying for you and Sue and everyone on the blog.

      • Donna, How sweet and encouraging that you have an oncologist who is so personal. They’re rare. Glad you liked the blog and got something out of it. You walk the walk like many of us…a bit shaky at times, always in pain and often with much effort but you know. That’s why so much of what we share is like an inside joke but it isn’t that funny…however we all have to keep our sense of humor. So important to have bright spots in the darkness.
        I suspect you’re still eating some delicious leftovers from your husband’s cooking over the weekend. Hope the rain has stopped and you can get out without fear of slipping and falling. You’re a wise woman, you know. Love, Sue

  3. I’ve had a few sneaker waves already this week and it’s only Monday. Yesterday I actually tripped over a …. Sneaker. Yep I fell getting ready for mass over a shoe. No major injury. Today I had a text conversation (hate those) with a friend who does have major pain issues and significant stress as well. She is taking more of her pain medication than is prescribed (which admittedly isn’t very much as pain meds go) and running out before the next possible refill. I tried empathy, tried pulling out the substance abuse nurse and even the liver damage issue. Nada. I can’t fix it but believe me my meds will be locked up when she comes here. I did get some awesome news. My dexa scan came back very NORMAL!!!! It was as good as it can be. I think it has saved me fractures from my falls. This is also where a little (ok for me a lot) of extra weight can help. I take calcium with extra minerals and additional D3. The scan was much better than the one in 2008 where there was evidence of demineralization. I have no hormones or replacement, take methotrexate and prednisone (abet rarely as I hate that stuff). I should be fragile but finally something is NORMAL!!!

    • Laura, stop that girl…tripping over sneakers is bad for you. I’ve done that myself and that’s why I talked about floors today. It’s not always a rug…sometimes it is something we dropped in place due to fatigue. Occasionally it’s a cord to an appliance, heater, heating pad, etc. We have to be so careful. I find I do what many of us do and that is not always picking up my foot as far as I should when my legs are hurting.
      That’s good for you to know your bone density is staying in a good range. I count my calcium intake everyday so I know that feeling. Once a bone in the vertebra is broken, life is never the same. Wise of you to stay on top of it. Sometimes a change can happen very quickly. My doctor took me off of the bone building drugs several years ago due to the possible side effects then bam. Life is full of surprises and as each of us know, those surprises are not always good.
      I know I speak for all of us when I say we’re glad you didn’t get seriously hurt. Let’s face it. All this pain makes us clumsy and we have to be extra cautious. Do take care now. Love, Sue

    • Laura, they never did a bone scan on me. The doctor told me that my fat protected me and fat women just didn’t get osteoporosis. After I lost a lot of weight, they decided to do one. Well, it came back with osteopenia in most places and osteoporosis in my hips and hands. I’m very glad they did one, and have a baseline. \

      • The weight does help by putting stress on the long bones which helps with mineralization especially femurs. I’ve had osteopenia but it has reversed with supplements. The doctor I saw yesterday gave the standard “you need to lose weight” lecture totally disregarding the 35 pounds I’ve already taken off and the exercise I do. She wasn’t 5′ and probably weighed less than my service dog.

  4. Hey Sue:
    Turning your back on those waves is treacherous. Or can be. I believe it takes (unfortunately) years of experience with chronic pain to avoid them, and sharks ! I think you at first think it is temperary and it will stop. Then you realize “hey this is always gonna be there” and you learn to avoid them like the plague !
    RA appt went well. She thought my hands looked puffy, and probably were after 2 hours of holding the steering wheel 🙂 But I think we have finally reached a good combo on meds. My blood work is good, and I will be feeling okay once I rest up.
    I went into a store today to try and find a black pencil skirt and a nice white blouse. 4 min later, ….I bought some underwear. There were no skirts in the store (Kohls ) except for mini skirts, and a couple on clearance from summer. No white blouses, just button up silky ones ya know ? All I wanted. I had to stop and get a runner rug for the front door at a store, and the grocery store, and get gas, and get a present for my grandson’s birthday tonight. So i didn’t go look anymore. I will look online. But I really need to try it on . I have in my mind what I want, or something close. And that is all I will have. Ever get that way ?
    Oh well, time for sleep Been a long day
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I can’t remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing that wasn’t online or from a catalog. Sorry you didn’t find what you want but I know you can find those two items at either Eddie Bauer or LLBean…betcha. Sahalie, Northstyle and Orvis may also have them. Sahalie is a little more funky. I always go for the sale stuff first but most usually have a free return policy. Sounds like your appt. went well. Good thing. Hope the weather was okay for you. Has the rain paused at all? Swollen hands make sense, as you say, gripping the steering wheel. Glad all your errands are over and hopefully you can have some time at home to get some of that settled in now. Rest well dear friend. Thoughts for you that you will be able to sleep. Love, Sue

    • Toni, have you considered goodwill or the salvation army shops for modest dresses and skirts? I find some very nice Pendleton jackets and suits there at times occasionally with the tags still on brand new and never worn. It’s worth a try. Sometimes the resale shops have treasures.

  5. Sue, great blog once again and I love the nautical references and of course the picture!
    I hate to try on clothes in a store! Those big mirrors and bright lights always show me that I do look as bad as I feel, but I keep on trying!!! I was brought up by a mother who wouldn’t’ go out without her lipstick on and she was right … a bit of colour makes our face look just a bit brighter and does lift the spirit!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers this week as you have been in the weeks past! Much Love …. Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum, that’s such a humorous co-incidence, I just told the lab tech today who drew my blood, after she told me I looked so good, that it was the lipstick. That’s my one constant when I go out, along with one spritz of my favorite perfume. Oh yes, those ghastly mirrors do not lie. Sure wish they could.
      You don’t say how you are doing dear girl. Are you still at the cabin? I believe you are from your FB comments. Must be nearing the time to pack it up and move back home. Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and have your pain under a bit of control. I know some days that is must be awful but knowing you, you know how to find joy. How are those fluffy bits of Pom joy? Think of you often. Much love, Sue

  6. Good morning peeps !
    Hope this finds all well and happy. I would like to snuggle down for another hours sleep, but must get moving. I have had 2 cups of coffee and my smoothie. Must go feed the chickens and get dressed. The bed is SSOOO comfy though. There is a nip in the air this morning, but hopefully the sun will take it away.
    BSL, so glad you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell. I stumble around so much, I call it a new dance step “the Grace” . Always tripping over something of my own doing, or one of the dogs under my feet. They love to trip me up when I am in the kitchen.
    Well, time has gotten away from me, must get dressed and go. Ms Alice awaits.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, hope your day with Ms. Alice is going well and she is content. How are all of her imaginary friends? Poor dear soul. We’re all heading there so guess tolerance is called for. Have you had a chance to do any shopping online for that two or three special outfits Ms. Sexy? I can hear the lift in your voice. You, Chris and Jennie all getting so trim. Congrats to each of you.
      Hope your day got more sunny. Fall is definitely in the air here. Yesterday was bright and sunny, today more overcast. Trying to be more disciplined here with moving more. So hard to do with pain sometimes. Well, onward and upward. Love, Sue

  7. Hi
    Went to Dr. He says the bang on head has caused cranial neuropathy . Another thing..oh joy.
    Hope all ok..thinking of you on long trip tomorrow Sue

    • Hi Chris…i have that too!! One or more of our craniall nerves are damaged most likely from head traumas. I’m so glad you went to the dr.and got checked over. Did he prescribe any medication for you? Thanks for the good wishes for selling my house quickly. It was hard to tell whether those people that came yesterday liked the house…they were poker faces.
      I hope your head starts to feel better!! It’s an awfully weird feeling ..I know.

      • Jo, fingers crossed for you. Maybe the poker faces are just trying to keep the price down by appearing nonchalant. I’m sorry you deal with so much. Hope you gather strength for the coming trip and can look forward to it although you are facing some unpleasant tasks. Are you still getting info about caregivers? Jo, I’m sorry you deal with so much.
        Looking for joy today. Occurred to me yesterday I’ve been getting lazy so was looking for my 3 lb weights last night and can’t find them. More mind farts I’m afraid. Now must look under the bed. Always fun getting down and back up again. Hope you have a good one today. Love, Sue

      • Sue, i forgot to answer your questions. Yes, i have the names of a couple ladies/caregivers for my mom that I will meet up with when I go to Chicago.. one lady is from my old church and the other a friend of mine recommended. I am hoping I will find the strength at the last minute to make this trip. It is the almost 4 hour airplane ride that is the worse part for me. and of course, all the waiting around and lines at the airport. I save my stronger pain pills for times like this.
        Did you find your weights under the bed, Sue?? I have two pounders that are heavy enough for me. I have to go find them too!! Thanks for reminding me.

    • Chris, did you ask the doctor what that means for your everyday life. I pray the headaches ease and it means you will have a bit of a reminder of this concussion. I’m sure Jo can help you know what to expect. Don’t be too discouraged because it will surely get better if it doesn’t completely go away. Remember our maxim to live one day at a time.
      How are things with your Dad? DH doing okay?
      I’m waiting for the washer repairman to replace the last part we can replace on the washing machine. Oh joy. Here’s hoping. Later dear friend, Sue

  8. Jo. I’m sure these people as sue said do it to be non there is no relationship between yourselves
    Well the Dr. Said to take amytripiline for the nerve pain.i have had it before not as bad as this.i used to get pins and needles over scalp and face. But this feels like nausea ,pain in head and scalp ,hair hurts and burning sometimes ,along with heavy head and to horrible to move it
    Feels like permanent concussion
    Only thing is the meds dries me up and doesn’t help the sjogrens and I get awful dreams on it
    All good !!
    Sue I didn’t ask as he said it could just go I closed up after that..he’d just seen DH as well. His bp was up again But the extra tabs will not kick in for a bit and he’s to go back for a 24 hr ECG if he gets anymore odd beats
    My dad is having rows with the carer..and the carer was a bit off with me today…oh dear…
    My dad says he still lifts him wrong and he smells fausty….it’s gathering problems
    I can’t ring the NHS again to see how the change is going.i only rang the other day.i would make a nuisance of myself
    I’ll leave it till end of week
    It’s so hard to listen and make out what my dad says as there seems no connection .there is but youve got to work it out,it doesn’t help,my head!
    Jen how’s you . Lewis is on tonite if you like that. rotten weather today my hair goes all frizzy in it!

    • Oh Chris, please don’t give up hope that some of those damaged nerves could get better. There has to be some edema, swelling around them along with some broken blood vessels and that could all improve with time. It sounds like some of it will remain but not as severe as now. I’m convinced that doctors sometimes don’t try as hard with older patients. I know that’s now very nice of me to point out but with your medical system, can you go to a very good neurologist with a great reputation just to follow up. Two opinions is usually best if possible.
      I’m sure the whole thing with your Dad is not helping any of your symptoms. What a pain…truly. Hope by the end of the week they have some answers for you. I know one of your fears is that they think he’s too difficult and may want him to go into a convalescent setting but surely there are many agencies. I don’t know how it works over there. It seems that the very first woman you had from Nigeria was the best and most efficient, wasn’t she? Here you are home a day or two and smack in the middle of all this. Hope DH gets on okay without any more irregular beats. Oh dear but your plate is full. Prayers and hugs my dear girl. Love, Sue

  9. Thank you, Sue. As usual, a very meaningful post. We are at our son’s in Charleston, South Carolina area. We flew in the day before the rain and have spent most of our visit inside, so far (6 days). But we are okay. Some of our son and daughter-In-law’s friends have not fared so well. What a disaster! The sun is trying to come out though!

  10. Yea here’s hoping.that the meds improve did help last time.but it wasn’t from a bang on the head that time it just appeared along with the peripheral one
    I will see how it goes and then go back and ask for a referrals to a specialist
    I’ve had to give up,on the breathing and holding my awkward with this head
    Well they are ringing around to get an agency for my dad they are all so busy
    This current one he says is lazy..well he certainly doesn’t jump to attention I can see that
    I wonder if your washer bit has arrived yet!!?

    • The washer part was the wrong one. I felt so sorry for the nice repairman. He felt worse than I did. I told him compared to cancer it’s not that big a deal. He’ll reorder of course. Last week we bought a new range hood from them because ours is 22 years old and greasy and ugly. They brought it out and we found out they are a standard width but the depth was different. Had to send it back so today this nice guy said he’d fix our cabinet to make it work. He took off some of the cabinet trim and took it home to fit. Now we can get our new range hood. So…not all bad.
      I also hope your new meds work. And I’m glad you’re going to see a specialist. This is just too important.
      No, a lazy caregiver is never good. I know it’s a big job 24 hours but still…they should at least make a pretense at making an effort. Hoping for the best for your Dad and you dear girl. Sue

  11. No you are right it’s small fry on the scheme of things..but’s those things that cause a short circuit or blow a fuse..I hope the washer stil works till the new bit comes in…..well a new cooker hood to compensate..poor fella,he must feel it

    • Chris, yes, I think he was frustrated and tired of seeing me. He now calls me Mom. We’ll be getting the new hood Thursday and we’ll see when the washer part comes in. Life, huh? Love, Sue

  12. Sue, this was just so excellent!!! You sure do have a way of telling it like it is. I don’t know how you do it time after time.
    And I have repeated this several times just today. ” I DO NOT NEED JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. I AM HARD ENOUGH ON MYSELF.” I AM my own worst enemy sometimes, as I am sure we all are .I am continually working on acceptance of how my life and body are now and trying to stop wishing I could go back in time to my “old self”. I am constantly vigilant in how I am moving so as not to set off my back or hip or whatever the” body part of the day is” that’s acting up. I have removed all the things in my house that can contribute to my tripping and falling like area rugs and electrical cords .. My balance isn’t the best so when I walk I am usually walking with my head down to make sure there is nothing in the way. Now, if only my little Ava would quit following me around and being under my feet constantly.
    Sue, you are probably right about the people that came to view my house. I haven’t head back from them yet, so we will see. I am starting to think I may just give up on this whole moving idea.
    Sue, I will be thinking of you tomorrow when you make your trip into Portland for your first treatment. I hope it all goes well for you.
    Love, Jo

    • Dearest Jo, I felt your pain so much and your frustration, your notes made me cry. I’m not feeling well, it’s pain pill time and it’s late in the afternoon. Thanks for being you and sharing of yourself. So many of us can identify with the practical nature that you and I both have. My balance isn’t great either since my last fracture. I must be more faithful to my exercises. The cardio lab had me do too much and it kind of burnt me in that it hurt my already sore right shoulder and back. You’re right. In the mornings we could get up, shoot a dart at an old pic of ourselves full body and be right part of the time; “today this part will hurt.” We have to find physical movement somewhere between lying down all the time and overdoing it. Hard place to find, but must.
      Thanks for your thoughts. I am dreading tomorrow but anxious to get it over and done for two weeks. Next injection in two weeks then every month thereafter. Jim and I both see the cancer surgeon tomorrow for a follow up as it’s been 6 months since she checked both of us. Lucky us…seriously having the same doctor who is a specialist in breast cancer for me and malignant melanoma for him. We really like her, too. She’s a feisty little thing and full of fun. One would almost have to be that way to survive with so much cancer coming at you all day long. I also have an appointment with my cardiologist as well as the first shot from the oncologist. Full day for Jim, George and I. Think we’ll put George’s kennel off to the side of the backseat so I can lie down in my seat in between visits. We always have to remember to give him his Dramamine because he gets carsickness. Watch little Ava. I know what you mean. Love ya, Sue

      • Hi Sue, just wanted you to know I will be praying for you tomorrow as you go to Portland. I hope all goes smoothly and quickly so you can get back home and rest. I will keep this short as I had to get up early to meet the guy who brought my pump for my arm. I am sleepy. I have to put my arm in it twice a day for an hour each time to keep the swelling down. It actually feels good as it moves up and down the arm massaging it. Two hours out of the day fun fun. I shouldn’t complain as it is better than having my arm swelling up and having toSorry girls there not Aussies guys I can tell if there are drive into therapy 3 days a week for wrapping and manual drainage. My DH and I ate the last of the leftovers tonight for supper. They were so good. Praying for a safe trip for you and Jim. Love you,Donna

        Chris, sorry for the problems with your head. I pray it gets better soon. Amitriptyline always helped me sleep. Maybe it will help you especially if you take it at night. I too am glad you have decided to get another opinion. Hope and pray your DH blood pressure gets back under control.I hope things get settled quickly with your dad. You have so many things on your plate. Try and rest. Love you, Donna

        Jo, you too have a lot going on. So sorry. I pray your house sells quickly with no problems and you get what you are asking for it. I also pray for your mom’s situation and you are able to get a good caregiver. Peace for you my friend. Love you, Donna

      • Dear Sue, I know you can feel our pain and frustration as if it were your own.
        I hope you were able to get through all the appointments you had today and were able to lie down in your car inbetween all the appts.. So, George needs dramamine?? George and I have that in common. I take it when I fly….in the airplane. How did the injection go? Does it take long to administer ? I pray you can tolerate it and don’t get harsh side effects. Sounds like you really like your dr. It takes a special kind of person to to be in her specialty.
        I’m sure your exhausted and hurting from the day. Hope you can rest well tonight . Love, Jo

      • Donna, thank you for your kind words and prayers. Getting good care for my mom is top priority at this time in my life and hers.
        I know you deal with a lot also. I wish you peace, too, and my prayers for you. Love, Jo

    • Do you still get the neuropathy in the head,or does it come and go for you?
      I have the peripheral one as well and kind of lost all feeling in my left heel
      Is your balance because of it?
      Talking of how we once were
      I have a problem with healthy friends and our place on the coast.altho I dearly love them to visit they all have to book dates in the diary. About two weeks in advance …..well with how we are and my dad we can’t. The best I can do is say are you free tomorrow . Well that doesn’t go Down well.we try are best to fit in but we both never know how we will be and end up cancelling so many. There then begins a distancing from them. I only know how we are at the moment things change …like those sharks!
      It seems we look ok and they are all healthy. How would they know with their lives full of enjoying and planning
      Ok complaining over
      Not long now till your trip to see your mum ..looks like all your planning will make it all easier for you,hope so

      • Hi Chris, You described how I feel to a “T”. with the heavy head, etc. I do still get it from time to time. So, it does come and go. It seems like if I am coming down with a cold or very stressed out, it will bring it back on. I also have peripheral and sensory neuropathy in my legs and feet. My balance is off I believe from my head injuries and damage to my cerebellum. That is what I just learned from my new neurologist and the brain MRI/MRA with contrast. It shows all the blood vessels in your head I don’t know how your insurance works there, but if you can get in to see a good neurologist, I bet he will help you. and maybe could order an MRA with contrast for you. It does get better, i can tell you that. My hair on my head has hurt so bad sometimes, that I have cancelled hair appointments because the thought of having my hair worked on made my eyes water!! I took amitriptyline for awhile. Then I went on gabapentin (Neurontin) for awhile, too. Now, I was given Topamax a few weeks ago.
        I am having the same problems with my healthy friends and family, too. I have a lost a few friends in the past ten years because when you have to cancel plans over and over, they don’t ask you anymore and like you say, distancing begins. I have to plan things more last minute depending how I feel that day. How many times I have heard that i look really good, so therefore, I must be okay. They just don’t get it and sometimes it makes you feel a little jealous that they can live really full active lives.
        Yes, a couple more weeks until I see my mom. hoping to make it and accomplish what i need to and have some relaxation thrown in there, too.
        Just take care of yourself. i know it’s hard to relax with all the things on your plate.

  13. S ue, I don’t know what my I Pad did but it put a line in my post to you that makes no sense. It says (sorry girls there not Aussies guys I can tell if there are) it is suppose to be (having to drive into therapy 3 days a week for manual drainage and wrapping.) I have no idea why that little blur jumped in there. I looked it over and it was fine. After I posted it I was reading it again and there it was. I couldn’t find any way to edit it once it was posted like you can on Facebook. Hope you or anyone reading it can figure out what I was trying to say. Donna

    • Donna, don’t worry about the computers doing things. No big deal. I’m so glad you have a way to take care of the lymphadema. That must be a terrible discomfort and inconvenience. Glad you don’t have to have someone else do it for you. Oh, those leftovers still sound awfully good. I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich for dinner. Lazy today. Jim had a frozen pizza. Glad he’s easy to please. Thanks for your concerns for tomorrow for us. Just have to get it behind us. Love, Sue

    • Donna
      My iPad is churning out all the wrong words and even changing never used to be that bad..I think it’s all these blimmin always correcting everything on it
      Yep the Amytrip made me sleep..but I can only take half of the smallest dose and when I come off them I have to do it so slowly as I get nightmares of snakes crawling about.i even stay awake do I don’t get them!
      DH bp seems ok
      Just got a call from hosp for him to have a small procedure on His ear tomorrow .
      He has them quite regularly
      Car in for servicing
      My dad… well, on going

  14. Sue
    Quick post
    I slept till 6am from 1 am on the meds !
    Very dry tho and I only took half a tablet
    Anyway this is too say I will be thinking of you today and it all gioes smoothly .such a busy day for you both
    Love Chris

  15. I almost hate to comment, as bad as most of you feel. But, I, for a change, had a wonderful day! I got my Entyvio infusion, then Keith and I went out to eat, I made up a grocery list for Keith, and I swept my floor. I haven’t been able to do that in ages, so I was thrilled. Funny how the little things can make me so happy now. I made a hair appointment and I’m going tomorrow. I see my neurologist Thursday…since my pcp handled all my meds, I have to get back to these doctors now. I also have an appointment with a new GI doc, not new to town, just new to me. I’ve looked into pcp’s and there just aren’t that many here now. I did see a family practitioner that I liked her credentials. I wish we could make appointments to interview doctors, just to get a feel for them and decide if we may be a good fit. This lady is a DO, and I think I like that. This is a small rustic area and a lot of doctors won’t relocate here due to the lack of cultural venues. I want to ask someone if they’re going to stay here. I love this area, but I can see why others may not. I hope and pray to have a few more days like today. I’m very grateful to God for giving it to me.
    You know what? if I didn’t have all this pain and all these problems, I may not have recognized what a grand day this was and not have been so happy and grateful. So, being “sick” isn’t all bad!

    • Hey…good for you Linda
      That sounds like a really good day . May you have another tomorrow.
      Yep it’s the little things that make life churn around

    • Linda:
      We rejoice in the good days also !! So happy you have had one. THey are so far flung anyway . Wirte em down on the calender so we can look back at them and smile !

    • Oh Linda I’m so glad you had a nice day and did something that made you feel that sense of accomplishment. I like to do that too. I’m in transition with rheumatologist yet again as the one I saw yesterday told me she’s only temporary filling in until the hospital hires more. I wasn’t thrilled with her anyway and she makes 6th rheumy in 8 years not including the PACs I’ve seen. Only 2 were my “firing” 2 retired and one moved. Oh well. It’s good my issues are fairly stable and my meds are the same as they were 4 doctors ago.

    • Linda, that is wonderful news. We all know how we feel when we finally have a “good” day. I put a smiley face sticker on my calendar on those days so I can remember when I look back. I hope you have many more to come…..Jo

  16. Morning Peeps:
    Well it is Thursday already, my Friday. I would like to ask you all to pray for Ms Alice. She suffered another stroke during the night on Tuesday. She can hardly speak, has to be fed. But suddenly she says entire sentences. She told me “I am going” and made the sign of the cross, We hugged and cried, and she asked me to pray for her. She looked scared and I talked to her about it, and she said
    I will laugh” Meaning, she would be happy to go. Oh my I cried all afternoon. I have gotten so attached to her. And remember her daughters as well. I am not sure what I will find this morning, but I need your prayers.
    On a lighter note, I am settling in to having my house back, trying to get things done. I worked outside yesterday evening, cleaning up, mowing, etc. Looks better now. My gerber daisies are going nuts from all the rain. I must plant all the bulbs I got from Judy. First I must put this house in order, passably at least. It is nice and quiet. The sun has been shining and it has been in the 70’s . Last ngiht I had to turn the ceiling fan back on, was warm. I have no screens on my windows so I cannot open them. I found some kits where you can make your own pretty cheap so I am gonna invest in a couple of them for my window and one in the living room.
    SUe, I pray this finds you stronger and in a good frame of mind.
    Love to all

  17. Jo
    Thank you ,that post was helpful and it was comforting to know it does improve and that you feel the same. I don’t feel like I’m battling it on my has eased slightly with the amytrip. did you have shrill noises in your ears with it too?
    Like Tonie I am wishing you well and not in pain from the trip
    Not heard for a bit..
    Back later

    • Hi Chris…Yes! I do get high pitched noises in my ears. It bothers me more at night when it’s quiet. It comes and goes. Not sure what causes it…i had a very bad sinus infection some years back and started to notice it afterwards. My dad used to have it too. How is your head…any better?


    • Sue, well, glad you got your first shot behind you. What an ordeal..12 hours. And the pouring rain on top of it. I hope you both are doing ok today. I know what you mean that you didn’t think the shots in your hips were painful. When you have other body parts screaming at you all the time, it drowns out other pains . It’s like our brains can only take so much How do you feel today after the shot?

      In less than 2 weeks, I go to Chicago. That woman I have suspicions about is still there,
      but won’t be for long if I like one of the other caregivers I interview. I am also looking into buying Dropcams. Have you heard of those? They are little cameras that you can sync with your smart phone or tablet through an app. You need wi-fi. You set the little dropcam in inconspicuous places in the home. I would set one in mom’s family room which will video the kitchen too. Also upstairs in the hallway and bedrooms. I can then watch what’s going on and see everything she’s doing AND the caregivers even when I’m back
      in AZ..
      The poker faces that looked at my house called with an offer! It was a low ball offer and we haven’t responded. Sue, we are trying to sell by owner for awhile before getting a realtor. I think the offer was low because they’re thinking we don’t have a commission to pay by owner.
      I hope you are resting up after yesterday. Time for grocery shopping for me..Uugghh!!
      Love, Jo

      • Hi Jo, the dropcams sound like a brilliant idea. One has to be so careful and that would be all the proof you need. I think you’re planning so well that all should go well now that you have a back up person or two.
        Indeed, when we sold our house in CA, 17 years ago, we didn’t think we had the money to pay a realtor 7% and tried to do it ourselves for well over a year then one day a realtor came along and got our price plus her commission and sold it for us. We only listed with her for our sale, a one time contract I think they called it. She was stuck with all the paperwork and it was great. I think you’re right about your lookers and their attitude.
        Yes, Jim and I are fine but exhausted. Still sore for me. It’s been 48 hours and I’m doing fine with the shots thus far. Each of the cancer doctors kept saying they didn’t think it was anything to worry about for the last year when the first tumor showed up because it is such a rarity for mets to go to the skin in a location far away from the operation site. Don’t you just love being rare///not.
        You’re right of course, pain is relative, depending on where it is and its intensity. I think we have many pain receptors but the most painful ones, as far as intensity, win the contest. Hope your sitter is among the living. Mine is tired and reeling a tiny bit from a shot in each hip, but not nearly as painful as they thought it would be. Later dear lady, Love, Sue

  19. My goodness sue what a day.i hope Jim is ok after his battle with the car. What a thing to happen in the rain as well. Hope he was ok too after his appts. I hope he didn’t get really wet for the day.that was def. a shark attack!!
    Well good so far with the injections and I hope things get easier now when you rest some more .
    It’s only just before 4 am here,so gonna try and get back to sleep.
    Poor Ms Alice I can think of no one better than you to have with her at this time.

    • Thanks Chris, yes is fine and was after he dried off. He came out clear for any further melanoma so we’re both relieved. I know my doctor, the surgical oncologist that we both see, felt badly that she didn’t move on the first growth I had last year. Four doctors looked at it and all said it was a lipoma…and here we are. These were all four good doctors but human. Since this is so very rare to have mets that are on the skin, I understand.
      Chris, I hope those dreams have calmed down so you can get a truly restful sleep. Do you have the extreme tenderness of the scalp that Jo described. So sorry my dear friend that you are still suffering. Sleep well now. Love, Sue

    • Chris, hope you got back to sleep this AM. Had the grands today and was pretty lazy, just had to get up a bit earlier than usual and pretend to be awake. Hope you’re doing better. How awful this concussion had been for you to endure, oh my. Sleeping better? Thinking of you and hoping you are gradually going to improve. Washer fixed, we hope. Time will let us know. Hope your Dad’s care concerns get addressed very soon. Love, Sue

  20. Morning Peeps:
    First off, Sue, you know you are in my prayers. Strength, is the main thing I pray for you always. Chris, hopefully your head is starting to be better/ Jo, I know you are looking forward to seeing your mother, but dreading the trip. Just don’t stress and rest up before you go.
    Well, life is pretty much back to normal. My house looks so much bigger without all the people in it 🙂 The spare room is cleared out now, so I can start on it. I am putting my exercise equipment in there and maybe make it into a sewing room as well. If I have company, well, I just don’t know.. I am thinking of a futon or sleeper sofa in there. I have pictures to hang, but I hate to as I am going to have to paint soon. THey painted here with flat paint, which shows a fingerprint as soon as you touch it, so you can imagine what 3 little boys do to it, not to mention the adults. Today I am going to clean the couch. And I must start peeling apples as well, just gonna freeze them until I am ready to can them. But first, I am off to swim. Ms Alice was doing much better yesterday. Her memory is really off, but she is calmer, and steadier. Said she guessed she wasn’t going yet !
    Love to you all

    • Tonie, How nice to see the kids, spend time getting to know them all over again and getting to know James but how good to get your privacy back. Imagine that…an empty room. I say don’t worry about company. They can find a motel like our guests do or sleep on the couch(with a cover on it) or floor. Live in your sweet new home for the 95% of the time you are the one there. Did the kids take the chicken and young rooster they were going to take. How are the horses doing?
      I know what you mean about the flat paint. Cheap and shows it. Got to have something that will take a sponge. Your apples sound so Fall and so delicious. Glad Ms. Alice had a good or should I say better day. I had the kids here all day today and we had fun. It was a school holiday that’s why all day. We played games and watched movies. Stayed in due to rain and strong winds. Big tropical storm off the coast, hoping it won’t come ashore.
      Jim still working too hard but needs be for now. Washing machine repair guy brought out and installed the last replaceable part on the washer. All new now so let’s all hope it works. Later dear friend, Sue

    • Tonie..I try not to stress but it seems to be my nature:( I should take up meditation. It must be peaceful to have your home back to yourself and catch up on projects.. There is something to be said for peace and quiet when you’re not up to par.

      Have a good weekend to all.

  21. Hi
    Well tonie my head was easing but it’s a bit worse now .i think i had a busy day gardening and hey!! I got some boots..not up to my knee..can’t by those anyway I haven’t got that much leg..but sort of calf I’m looking at them and wore them inside to see..and they seem ok
    Fancy Ms Alice being chirpy,that’s good
    Sounds like you are really gonna be ready for winter with all you are doing and the shoe cupboard too
    Hope all still going well with all
    The dreams only happen when I come off them..even if I do it slowly it’s still those frightening snakes
    Yep I have the scalp pain it a sh.t
    Have inc it to a whole tablet tonight I was on a half one..they dry me up
    Back later chris

  22. Sue, what an entertaining – and truthful – read. I was reminded several times of another piece you did years ago (starting to show how long I’ve been here with everyone…) in which sneaker waves were featured, and which I also enjoyed greatly. You may recall it. I love the mental pictures you’ve created. Of course, once again it has been a few days since I’ve gotten on here and spent a good deal of time reading to catch up. That was last night By the time I finished I was too tired to comment myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to address everyone today. 😦 I am soon heading out to a furniture show of sorts. I’ve not been before, but my friend who has done some beautiful pieces for us – takes antiques paints, distresses and waxes and recreates them into beautiful pieces. Love the idea of reusing! She’s also now dabbling in other techniques as well Anyway, she will be there and I’d also like to support her as well as see what others have to show and sell. This is the friend who taught me to do the few small pieces I’ve done. Oh, we checked out available dogs at the Human Society and none are a good fit for our home, so we’ll keep checking in. If we find one, great, if not that’s fine, too. It would have to be just the right fit. Yes, foremost in our minds is also the impact on me since I am the primary caregiver of the pets. 🙂 There have been several adorable ones, but they have to be the right size, temperament and good with dogs and cats. Tall order. Kids are doing fine, pets fine, DH is fine as well. Now, I must really get dressed and ready. I’m looking forward to my little outing, then it’s home to the mundane – some housework, a short store run for some pet items and a few groceries, and then my treat – some downtime reading. We had a short but really nasty storm here last evening. Lots of trees and limbs down. I tried to get out to the stores last evening after, but power was out in that area of town, some roads closed, so I danced my way around it all and back home empty handed.
    Happy Saturday, all! Have a great weekend!

    • Lyn:
      You must message me on what type of wax she puts on them. I am getting ready to restore my Mothers original table she started “housekeeping” with. It is covered in paint, and I want totake it down to the wood. I usually use a sealant, but I am interested in other ways of topping it off.

    • Lyn, just saw on FB that you found a dog you think will fit in with the family. He’s so sweet, your new dog, Bear. How does Sadie feel about her new roommate? Hope you enjoy him and I know he will have a wonderful home with all of you. I’m sure it will take the cats awhile to come around but hopefully time will take care of that.
      Yes, I recall one of close to a thousand blogs I have written I also mentioned sneaker waves, or maybe more than one or two. Remember where I live and what I’m surrounded by. I find them very appropriate for our life circumstance, those of us who live with chronic pain.
      Of course, I think we all remember your friend who redoes or recycled wood furniture. I remember the pieces you bought after seeing them on FB. I see you’re fascinated with that look. Hope you had a good time today. Did you buy a new piece? Bet you found something you wanted. Hope all is well with you physically and glad to hear the kids and DH are doing well. Love ya, Sue

  23. Good morning peeps !
    Being lazy this morning ! It is almost ten and I am still drinking coffee and playing online ! I must get going, I have tons to do. Still getting the house in order. I did get all cleaned and rearranged a bit, so gave me more space. I need to get a TV stand, I am using an old table right now for it. But way down on my list of things to spend money on.
    Sue, the horses are great. Full of cockleburrs and I must get them groomed. THey look like punk rockers out there 🙂 The chickens are still here. DD is so busy getting the house in order and changing schools, etc. She will get them soon. Every morning, I let Juliet out, she waits for me to open the gate for her, then feed her. Romeo gets out on his own. The kids have the perfect out building for their roost. It has a concrete floors and can be washed out if needed. Just put a pole up for them to sleep on.
    I have to finish organizing my bedroom today, paint the bathroom door, and organize the kitchen. I did start peeling apples yesterday, But can only do a few at a time. Really hard on my hands.
    Nathan is coming to spend the night with me so he can go to church tomorrow. He will probably sleep at Judy;s cause he loves staying with her. She spoils him more than I do 🙂
    Chris, I hope your new boots work out. I really have to get me a shoe rack. Right now I have dumped them all in my closet floor. I am trying to thin the herd down to what I really wear. I have gotten rid of a lot of them, but still have a few that I “might” need one day. No heels that I can wear, yet I hang on to two pair. Not high heels, but a couple of inches.
    Prayers you all have a great day
    Love to all

    • Tonie, that’s quite a list of things to do. Hope it all goes well. Love your horse and chicken tales. Have fun with the sleep over tonight. Can just envision how you’re doing getting all settled in, finally. Love, Sue

      • Sue:
        Well, I got my bedroom squared away. Painted the bathroom door, and did a little in the kitchen. That ended about 4 pm. And I am tired !! But feel better about the way things are coming together. Main thing I gotta do now, is sew the bridle back together so it can be used. I need to ride ! That is if it stops raining for a few days. Supposed to be nicer starting tomorrow. Maybe I can get the horses groomed. Nathan is camped out on the couch, a happy camper. Hope you are doing well. Hailey is going to the homecoming dance, and I already provided a black dress and jacket of mine. Tonight we were pulling out jewelry for her. You know all my vintage and reproductions line. She still hasn’t decided. Thinks she will be overdressed. Nowadays the homecoming is like the prom was for us. Nathan is so excited !
        Take care

  24. Hi
    Well Jo my head seemed to get easier then it all came back ,but not as bad ,but the noises in my head are loud again
    I keep my shoes in my wardrobe( they say here) floor. And so many shoes I can’t now wear still there

    Well we went to photo an old big manor house today 1650 . Inside and out..of course I was mesmerised with its history
    But one thing that stood out ( this would be in about 1850) was this cupboard that opened up from the inside to outside.amd the owners used to stand there to pay the workers..but they could see their faces thru a window and bars..BuT these workers had to put their hands through holes in the wood to get paid
    There were enough holes for two people. Their hands were then in a sort of box that these owners neednt touch…….fancy treating people like this?well they weren’t people to them…just poor workers .imagine that happening now…they wouldn’t be able to,do it..mind you I think some of them would still like to be like that today
    So Im gonna try and sleep tonite going over today
    Today the owners still live a different lifestyle to us….very,very rich and have never struggled.but you never know someone’s whole story….but we’ve been invited back for a BBQ so that’s good. think they were amused by our down to earthiness!! And DH accent!
    Ok prob back later

    • Chris, that is interesting and sad to hear about the bars and the payroll window but maybe we’ve come further than we think we had. Sounds like a fascinating day for both of you and now a BBQ? Bet it will be delicious. Sorry life is still so miserable, physically for you dear friend. The noises and headaches, must be getting you down and that would be understandable. I wish more could be done but do understand that some things take time and wish they didn’t, oh how I wish that for so many of us. Hope you’re able to sleep tonight. Love you, Sue

    • Chris, sorry I keep forgetting to comment on your new boots. What a relief to know your search is over. That’s no small feat…’er feet. Ha. Happy for you. Sue

      • Yea..good one sue!
        Yep they’re looking good…but still got price tags on…will wear them out in a few days when I’m convinced
        How are you?

    • Chris:

      Send pics !! That is a cool story, but awful the way upper and lower class was defined. Money makes people think they are above it all. Thank goodness God is no respector of persons huh ?
      We call em wardrobes here where I am from as well.

      • Yea will send pics. Only took outside yesterday as the light was good. So he spent time doing that. We were there 3 hrs but spent a lot of time talking about it and looking at deeds and maps
        Had a tour inside and have to go back to do that bit at a later date. But will send outside when DH has processed them . Could be tomorrow
        Yes your right about money and also sometimes education does the same thing.altho this fella was a professor of pharmacology,he was nice. He had a year doing something at Yale lecturing .at one time. He had a cellar full of apples.quinces all laid out on shelves.loads of them. She gave me a jar of quince jam and some unusual should have seen their pantry…well next time we’ll do photos and I’ll send the inside

  25. Chris, still recovering from trip this past week but okay. Probably feeling better than you at this junction of life. Nothing screaming at me, flailing, broken or throbbing, just dealing with the sitting problem and IBS. Hope you’re able to rest dear girl. Sue

    • Sue
      Well awake as the amytriptiline has dried me up and am constipated. Took some stuff from chemist but still no joy. Didn’t take Amy last nite .
      Good you are ok ..well only two probs!!
      Oh yes that lady yesterday had all different types of tomato laid out Some PRussian blue ,I’ve never seen…apparently they are less acidic …and drying in the aga .the kitchen smelt so nice.
      They are self sufficient they said….well that’s apart from the help they pay for I suppose.They forget about that bit! When we were there they had a delivery at the BACK entrance…trade only there…. .its another life!
      I think I could b part of any uprising in times gone by!
      Even today I think!
      Ok gonna get back to sleep it’s nearly 6 am

  26. Chris:
    Interesting to hear of all the fruits and tomatoes and stuff they have. So many people are reviving ages old heirloom roots of apples, tomatoes, etc. The old way IS the best. More flavor, etc. There is a website that sells new root stock of apples that have been gone for generations. A lot from England, from which we in the Americas got a lot of our apple stock. Some of the fruit is strange looking, but the taste is supposed to be awesome. The blue tomatoes, however, hold no attraction to me. Neither does that blackish one, the Cherokee, I want my tomato bright red !! 🙂 I say again, I envy your entry to all these beautiful historic places. I must live vicariously through you and hubby !!

  27. Good morning all:
    It is another overcast day here, but soon to be sunny and bright again. My Nathan is here with me this morning, so I have made him a big bowl of cinnamon oatmeal with toast. He loves it. He is quiet and doesn’t bother me, so not a problem to have around. Just have to feed him 🙂 His mother found a tablet laying in the parking lot of a strip mall. It was password locked so she could get no info to return it. She drove around trying to see if anyone would look for it. Felt bad, but no way to return it. So she has given it to Nathan. He loves it. I think the games and such are good for him. And he can type and read the things he wants to find.
    Well, I must get ready for church. I am teaching this morning. Good lesson, from Corinthians, about the Body of the Church. How no one member is more important than the other. But we all provide something to contribute to the cause. SOmething that made me think…Can you name anything in the body that has no use ?
    Love to all,

  28. Chris, what an interesting history lesson. I bet you have some great pictures. Those fruits and veggies sound interesting, too.
    Tonie, you were busy! It’s a shame about the tablet for the person who lost it, but a boon for Nathan.
    Yes, we did adopt a potential playmate for Sadie. He is a miniature poodle mix we had our eye on a while back. He is a senior – I feel badly for them when they’ve spent their whole lives in a home then end up in the shelter their last years. Anyway, he was quarantined for a while and we weren’t sure he’d even become available again and pretty much gave up on the idea. The shelter called me yesterday morning and said they felt comfortable adopting him out if we checked out when they called our vet. We could bring Sadie for a meet and greet. So, after I went to the show (I only picked up one piece of wall art, a wreath made with very old hymn pages) I came home, had some lunch, and the boy and I went to check him out. Turns out our vet gave us a glowing reference which really impressed the shelter people and the meet and greet went well, so… we left with our new family member, Bear! He is 10 years old, but acts like he’s 4. So far it’s going well. The cats are avoiding him for the most part and scram when he sees them, which is not the best maybe because then he wants to pursue. We don’t think he’d really been around cats before. They were the same way when we brought Sadie in, so given time all should be well. I bathed both dogs this morning and took them for a walk this afternoon. I’m a bit tired right now. Time for a rest.
    I hope all are having a beautiful weekend!

  29. Lyn
    Sounds like Bear has found a good home to be in
    The wall art sounds interesting and sounds like something nice to have at Xmas

  30. Lyn
    Sounds like Bear has found a good home to be in
    The wall art sounds interesting and like something nice to have at Xmas

  31. Had a difficult day the amytrip made me so dry and constipated too. Hadn’t been for five days .im a twice a day problem usually . So it was impacted at the bottom.took stuff to soften from chemist three lots then a glycerin supp. ..well success but am so sore there can’t sit .and my. Chest is sore from being dry and coughing Just took half a tablet and missed yesterday’s one
    And the thing that was so funny was as I was trying to deal with things after success ! my dad rang twice to talk about his tablets and that this carer is trying to poison him.going thru his meds .the carer came on phone and I went thru tabs with him and my dad was cursing him ..oh dear talk about not knowing which way to turn .DH can’t hear on phone so he couldn’t take.over. Well I can’t make out my dad there are lots of silences until he says a grunt. I looked it up and delusions are part of the Parkinson’s meds as well as the illness still I’m on to the NHS regarding it today and new carer. ……and my dad is ringing the Dr to come around to see his meds
    Sorry for the graphic descriptions…..
    Tonie…Yea I too like my tomatoes red…that’s if I could have them to eat…seeds a problem For me….hope the lecture for you went well I’m sure it did and the subject on importance of all people is right up my street after seeing what those poor people almost being untouchables in his big house
    Well try and go back to sleep hope you ok sue .youve probably got a thing or two to tell me about my latest malady .i know you have the problem too .

  32. Well hereI am again
    Went out doing another house today and those hand in the walls holes would be alive and kicking in this house!
    They wanted ,with the museum ,to have the house photographed from the outside and that’s where we were was a cold but sunny afternoon and DH did the outside and I had to sit in the car. Wouldn’t let us further then the back entrance A nice cup of tea or just to sit on the warm. Nope !
    A lady came with those boxes to fill up for Xmas to send to children and when she phoned he told her to leave it on the back porch…as she said it’s like a parallel universe here!
    We have to go back to show her the pics so I hope we get further then! I’m feeling quite militant ! Mite even enjoy it
    My dad now has a new carer. Mmmmmmm see how it goes this time he says she is good .but only here till Friday as it was done quick to fill in .
    Tonie they had Victorian stables so will send when done

  33. Morning Peeps :
    Well, a catch up this morning. I was quite lazy yesterday, but had to hit the floor running. I had my follow up mamo yesterday regarding the syst on my left breast. All is the same, so no worries says she (the Dr) come back in 6 months and we will look at it again.
    Getting my house in order is harder work than moving I think. My sister and I got my mother’s old table out of the basement yesterday and brought it up. I haven’t time to strip it yet, so just cleaned it up and tossed a tablecloth on it for now. Looks good and felt so good when I sat at it yesterday. I remember playing UNDER that table and playing with the designs on the borders. I have to repair the chairs so using some of mine til then.. No worries, just another project. I love projects.
    Still peeling apples, a few at a time.
    Chris, I am looking forward to the pictures. Some people are just born jerks. Whether they have money or not. There used to be people like that around here, I remember. They had money, lived in their old Victorian farmhouses, and if you went to their home you were supposed to go to the back door. Not my mother !! She went right to the front. Said she was just as good as anyone, so were we and not to forget it. And I never have. If I start to feel intimidated by someone, I can hear her voice and see her face. 🙂
    Jennie, hope you are doing well. And Sue. Praying for you girl. Well , must go to work. I have Ms Alice’s elder daughter with me today as well. Oldest I mean , she is in her later 60’s , but a work now.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, that is just awful (re: the Victorians’ treatment of others). Good for your mother! As for your table and chairs, I hope you enjoy these projects as much as I’ve enjoyed those I’ve taken on. One thing I’ve learned, hard as it may be to work on them in stages, I need to force myself or I pay the price. 😉

    • Tonie, I see what you mean. Settling in is always more precise and more time consuming than just moving everything into your new home. Give it time. I can feel your love for your Mom’s table and that has to be a good feeling. I know you have a million things you want to do. YOu’ll get it done, slowly perhaps, but the way you want it done. It’s no contest.
      I’ve been away from the computer for a day and a half because it was overheating and I had to have it worked on. Working much better now. Apparently it was full of spyware, whatever the heck that is. Weather is cool here and I need to do so much but feel like doing so little. I do need to bundle up and get some pruning done on some pots out front. Summer’s blooms are beginning to droop and fade. Kind of ironic as it sort of matches my mood and body right now. Will have the grands this afternoon after school. Right now at 10:30 I’m still hovering in bed waiting for the chill to cease. Hope your day goes well with Ms. Alice. Love, Sue

      • Sue:
        Oh dear, I can imagine . I hate chills. Hope they pass quickly. The day went well. Ms Alice other daughter is a maniac. She wants everything nice and neat, and goes beserk when she is there trying to clean and organize a house that will never be that way. Her name is Alice as well. Oh well to each their own huh ?
        Spyware is junk that piggybacks to your computer when you visit some sights. Just clogs up and causes ads to pop up on your screens. Like a virus.
        I know, I need to finish up my gardening. Cutting down and pulling out the old plants and tilling it up. Cover it in horse poop and leave it for the winter. It is supposed to get down to 35 overnight lows Fri and Sat nights, so all the plants need to come inside now. Where to put them now. I have all winter to do inside projects so not worried now. I still have things I want to put out, but need some shelves put up to do so. There were a bunch of long glass shelves in one of the closets. So I think some L brackets, felt pads, and wah lah !! Free shelves. Up high around the back wall above the couch. And I can put out some old glassware of my Mother’s and things of my grandmothers. We shall see.
        Do take care, know I love you

  34. Good morning, folks. Hopping on for a quick update, and request for a few prayers for strength from early readers. In about 15 minutes I’ll be leaving to take sweet Bear back to the shelter. Never in my life have I EVER returned a pet, and I’ve had them all my life. What looked like could be a good fit and great news for a sweet senior pup – Bear – is turning out not to be a good fit after all. The initial meet and greet with Sadie went well, and the short “cat test” in the shelter seemed to go well. However, he is jealous when Sadie gets attention and even when he’s on my lap and Sadie’s playing with a toy. He has growled, bared his teeth and lunged for her. To his credit, he does stop immediately when firmly told “no” and knows he’s done something wrong and does stop. He has also growled and lunged at the cats as well as tried to give chase. Chasing I can deal with, the lunging and baring teeth? Not to much. He’s also growled at 3 students, 1 he also lunged at after greeting calmly earlier. I do think the other 2 he was wound up a bit by the fact that Sadie barked. She barks a friendly greeting. He, however, takes that as alarm, I think. We’ve diminished Sadie’s barking, but she will always do some as greeting, so… All 4 of us agreed that much as we love him, this is not the best fit for him. We think he’d be best off in a home with someone who can devote lots of time to him and has no other pets. He is so fixated on me, that it drives him to distraction. But he can be such a sweet and is a very loving dog. Right now the 2 dogs are curled up on either end of the loveseat, making me feel guilty. But I know it is best. Time to get ready to go. Wish me luck and strength.
    Annie, I know you’ve been there not too long ago with your latest kitty. 😦

    • Lyn, I can only imagine how painful this experience is for you. Certainly, there will be another family or home for dear Bear where he can be king of the roost. You tried. Don’t beat yourself up over this. It just didn’t fit but the important thing is you are dealing with the problem. Just keep reminding yourself that all relationships are not forever. I’ll be thinking about you today. Love, Sue

      • Thanks, Sue. I felt really awful and depressed for quite a while, even knowing it was for the best. I’m starting to feel a bit better now. It’s not an easy decision or follow through. I did stress to them that he really needs to be in a home without other pets and that he is a sweet little guy who would be a good pet in the right home. Sadie has been napping pretty much all day. I think she is pooped from the stress. The cats have yet to venture downstairs, but will when they figure out the coast is clear.

    • There are so many dogs that will be a better match for your life. Please don’t beat yourself up about near going back to the shelter. Safety for your animals and the people come first. No question that when teeth are bared and growling occurs that the dog isn’t a good match. You do not need the anxiety it causes and aren’t in a position to deal with aggressive behavior. Be good to yourself.

      • Thanks, Laura. Perhaps we could have worked with him to come around, but there is no guarantee. Meanwhile, he could be in another home more suiting to his current needs. It is helpful that all 4 of us discussed the situation and are in agreement. I just hope he is put back out for adoption. I know they would put stipulations on the type of home.

  35. Lyn, I’m glad this episode is behind you. Sounds like you all need a rest now. It will work out and you’ve done the right thing. Thinking of you today with love, Sue

  36. Blog friends I need support and prayers. My dads birthday is today and his only sibling my dear aunt passed away this morning. I have pulled up my big girl panties to be his support (usual state of affairs) but it will be difficult as I am grieving too, am in increased pain due to cold damp windy weather as well as having lost sleep expecting this happening. My aunt was 89 but golfing still at 88. She had cancer and had gone to a family wedding. The flight proved too much with the air pressure. The cancer (breast) had metastasized to her chest and pleural effusions occurred due to the flight. She was comfortable and surrounded with love. I have to look at potentially delaying my infusion, driving dad with both dogs to Wisconsin for the funeral (board Nessie? Not happening). Dealing with my detached sister who now wants to be the one to drive dad to the funeral. It is insane….

    • Laura, first of all, I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I know you loved her dearly. Second of all, it sounds like everyone needs to take a step back and a deep breath. It’s going to be an emotional time for all of you. I hate to see you miss your infusion knowing how much you need them. This situation sounds so stressful for all of you, especially your Dad. Maybe the dogs would be a good distraction but also add to your work load. Only you know the answer to what is the best scenario. Is it possible your sister is just trying to be helpful? You have my prayers and concern. Love, Sue

  37. Good morning peeps:
    Well, here it is Wednesdays again ! Time sure is flying by !
    We are taking Ms Alice to get a haircut today. Fun time, I have to ride with the sister who has not driven the big SUV but once. Talk about scary !! I have found a nice shop that just opened in the town I work in. “Label Seekers” is the name of it. FULL of clothing, the most expensive thing is $40. All brand names. I found my skirt, but must exchange it, it is too tight. And a cute little top for under $30. So I will run by there this morning before work and get it done., I need to get home tonight and repair the chicken coop. I found an opening where a critter could get in. Hopefully I can get to it from the outside. I also need to clean the stinking thing out 🙂 Gotta add Lime to my shopping list.
    Anyway, I could just go right back to sleep and stay here all day I think. MORE COFFEE !! OK all, have a wonderful day.
    Prayers for all of you

    • Tonie dear, my first thought about today is why you aren’t driving today. Hope all goes well. Love the fact you found a clothing store you like and so reasonable, too. Any luck shopping online. You can always order two sizes and get free returns on the ones that don’t fit or keep them until you lose another ten pounds.
      Hope you don’t get any curious critters although one has to wonder how the hole got there, huh? Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Nathan and also hope the kids are all getting settled into their new home and schools. So many changes. Yes, I think in many ways settling in is harder than moving. Hope those shelves work out for your plants that need to come in. You can always get a grolight it they are not near a window. I love shelves on the wall. Our house isn’t all that large and I have shelves all over the place, even one over a door for books.
      The computer guy suggested I get an Apple. I tried an Apple Ipad but couldn’t get used to it but it was when I was going through a great deal with my health so may try again. I need a keyboard due to all the writing but wonder if any of you have successful made the change to Apple from the standard type which is what I have now?
      Hope today went well for you and you’re safe. Later dear friend. Sue

      • Sue, I have used both PC and Apple. I’m comfortable on both, but they are different. Is anyone in your family locally comfortable on Apple to give you a good tutorial and support?

      • Sue, how are you feeling after your first injection? My DH won an Apple iPad at his work and I’m just learning now how to use it . Never used Apple products before. This is very different from what I’m used to using. I’ll let you know how I get on with it. The weather here today was dark, windy and rainy and I loved it for a change! I never thought i would say i’m sick of the sun shining everyday.Hope you have a good night.
        Love, Jo

  38. Sue:
    I don’t have an Ipad, but have an IPhone, which is just a mini version. It took me a little while and readjustment of terminology (MS vs MAc) but finally have come to really love that phone. So I would say try again. I have been thinking of getting one, my brother and sil have one, and they swear they will never go back to MS.
    It went fine today, this daughter is a very take charge person, so she HAS to drive. Ms Alice looks good with her natural hair color and new cut. She was worn out afterwards.
    I got me some mums to plant by the porch. If you leave them , don’t pull them out of the ground when they die, they will return even bigger next year. I have some blooming now that are 3 years old. The cold is coming in now. Even colder tonight, Tomorrow and Friday it will be heater on weather.
    The horses are demanding feed now that the weather has turned. 🙂 Hoping to ride this weekend.
    Take care

    • Tonie, glad you made it through today, safely. Thanks for the advice on the computers. I’ll give it some thought but valued an opinion from all of you.
      I cleaned out some dead plants on pots on the porch today, prunes a couple of small Japanese maples in pots and trying to get ready for winter. Once our weather turns and gets cold and wet it’s hard to do. I also repotted three African violets that were root bound. I now have them all over the house. I have a green thumb for them apparently. I now have 10 of them in the house…lamps or windows for their pleasure. Sleep well after a busy day, okay. Love, Sue

  39. Hi Lyn, Yes, Beth has an Ipad that Apple but doesn’t really have to time to tutor me. I do know of someone I can hire if I decide to go that way and need a tutor. Her husband works for SIL and she does it full time…computer tutoring. Thanks for your input. Love, Sue

  40. Morning all:
    Well it is officially cool weather. Baby is outside nickering for some feed ! Not gonna happen, she still has plenty of grass. Animals !!It is Thursday, my body says so ! I must make it to the hardware store today to get some things to finish up preparing for winter. Like you said Sue, once it gets cold, it ain’t nice to be out there doing it. I must find a space for all my plants soon as well. I have a christmas cactus in the bathroom sitting on my Daddy’s milking stool. A plant in the window of the kitchen , one of the counter. I still have a spider plant, fern, and a couple more to bring in. Oh and my Amarylis as well. I really need to repot it, it is offically rootbound as I can see them sticking up in the pot. Or do you pull it out and trim them off ?? Not sure on some of these.
    Well, I pray you all have a great day. Sue, still praying that strength up for you. Love you
    Love to all

    • Officially Fall-like weather here, too, Tonie. Refreshing, but can feel it creeping up in my bones. 😉 I soon won’t be able to take as long walks with Sadie, at least not as often. I really hope I can have one really good feeling day to take a really long walk. I want to try to see how long it is with my walking app. It is a route we used to take years ago with Star (our first greyhound.) Sadie can make it, but can I? 🙂

      • Lyn, hope you and Sadie get to take that walk in the gorgeous fall foliage. If anyone can do it you should because you’ve been taking care to walk so often. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, it always surprises me how crowded Amaryllis can be and still bloom. You might find two bulbs when you get it out of the pot. I don’t know about trimming too much off the bulb but probably won’t hurt it. Hope you get some shelves for your plant babies. I’m doing the same thing here. My geraniums have been so beautiful this year I hope we don’t have a severe freeze or snow this year to do them in. We, so far, don’t have the severe forecast they have in the East. Hope Baby lets you ride her and that you get to enjoy her for yourself and for the grands. Take care of yourself, okay? We’re all like squirrels getting our nuts ready for winter. Love you, Sue

  41. Chris dear, I’m worried I haven’t heard from you. Is your concussion giving you a bad time? Is your Dad and DH and their situations stable. Just worried…Love, Sue

  42. Hi am at home got here late last nite for ear appt at hosp for DH and went straight to bed. Seem to be tired on this amytrip
    All not too bad
    Can’t seem to get wifi at shed so can’t get on to post. Queried it but no go somehow
    But had a wierd few days. My dad fell out of the wheelchair he was on so we were at shed and came back to see him.ambulance was called he was ok but a small cut on head .so after some time with him we went back to shed
    Then yesterday I found out he was going into His bank and getting money by them making out their own chq for him as well for cash as well as me getting his money for him .When I told him on phone I knew I heard him say to carer ( he doesn’t put phone back properly) ” my bloody daughter making bloody trouble”
    So feel a bit sh.tty with my head and the amytrip. I’m on and annoyed with my dad And a bit uncomfortable going around to see him today
    We will go back to shed later today and hopefully wifi will be fixed so I can post
    If not I will be Back home in a few days and back on here,sorry to worry you sue
    Gonna try and get back to sleep Chris

    • Thanks Chris, Sounds like time to tell your Dad you’re tired of the games and name calling. You don’t deserve that. Darn it. I could smack him after all you’ve done. Hope you get your Wifi fixed. I miss your input. Sorry the amytryp. making you so fatigued but glad you’re getting rest. Prayers, hugs and indignation all on your behalf. Love, Sue

  43. Ta sue
    Yep still awake
    I mite as well have breakfast and stay up .DH ear appt is at 8am so will have to be up about 7 am Got back about 11 ‘last nite and went straight to bed so had some hrs sleep
    Just fancy some tea and toast
    Love Chris

    • Chris, no one call juggle all those balls in the air forever. It’s good you get to rest and get away from it all. You might think about Tonie’s suggestion about taking over the legal stuff, including money, from your Daad if he’s giving it away. If he already is complaining about you what have you got to lose? Sue

  44. Well it’s been on my mind
    When I spoke to NHS about changing carers….oh that’s another story that’s been going on…they said to me they won’t change carers again they will think about putting him in a nursing maybe that will happen with his money soon. As he is due for that long inspection again…or I will be for him…that he had to prove he needed carers for his health…it will perhaps fall into place after that
    Haven’t caught up with everyone’s posts yet..but hope all is well

  45. Well wifi back on.just came on now been off most of day
    Hope all things worked out as good as possible and all went as smoothly as possible.
    John still works on his desk top with windows and his laptop. The iPads are apple and he would prefer to work with that,but it is too late to change for him with both his printers and other stuff.i found working with Apple so easy and don’t go on the other comps now
    That was a big but right decision to make for the rescue dog .
    How are you
    You still losing weight .ive lost another two pounds.dont you feel good when your clothes get looser on you.and it makes you want to try new stuff……not good! I’m still wearing my new boots…..rock n roll!!

    Well going to go to a craft fair tomorrow and have an ice cream..on the grounds that the stuff makes me go to the loo!,..have it instead of lunch
    My dad rang today and said he was sorry…..well it was a bit awkward he got the lady next door to do it .but it did make things easier to go on with things. He can’t speak himself. But it’s all very sad.
    And I wish it was better .but will go on as if nowt happened the last few days.ive been angry and now I’m not I’m sad.strange to hop from one to another
    Well that’s it ,hope all not too bad

    Oh if I don’t get back it will be the wifi gone again.

    • Chris, I don’t think you can rely too heavily on what your Dad says when he’s upset. I’m sure he’s sorry because he loves you. Makes me a bit nervous to have the neighbor involved, though. Yes, the whole situation is sad but please remember to be good to you and DH and tend to what you must like getting well, staying sane, etc. Glad you’re back online. Love, Sue

      • Yea the neighbour made me cringe a bit when my dad gave her the phone
        And yea …we are going to enjoy ourselves tomorrow doing just bits we like
        Love Chris

    • Chris, boy, I hope you can get things with your dad figured out . How is your head? Any better than it was? It takes time to feel normal after a concussion.. I’m not doing too good with my back and sacrum issues lately. If i don’t get some improvement this week, I will have to postpone trip to see Mom on the 28th. We’ll wait and see…..praying to make it ..i have much to accomplish with her care. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  46. Hi everyone, a note to tell you I am here. Been reading blog. I’m in so much pain it is hard to sit and write for long. Went to Dr. and he thinks it is bursitis in my hip. I had x-rays so we know there is no fractures or unusual spots that could be cancer. I can’t take anti inflammation meds because of being on the Coumadin. He wants me to ice it as much as I can stand it. If no relief then he will inject it. I think I am going to have to call him and set up an injection Monday. It is my fault for not getting it on Wednesday. He gave me the choice to get it or wait until after the x-rays. I was stupid and chose to wait and now I have to wait until Monday. So please keep me in your prayers as I know you all do. Also my baby daughter is having trouble with her breast again. It has opened up where she had surgery and leaking blood and pus. The doctor found 2 masses and she drained it with an ultrasound. She thinks it is infection again. She is getting a mammogram. I’m waiting to hear from her. Please pray with me that it isn’t cancer. Thanks and I love all of you, Donna

    • Donna, so sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time with your hip. We use them so much. It seems like we rarely appreciate some part of our bodies until we have trouble using it. Hope the injection helps you. Hope your daughter gets on some antibiotics soon. Sounds completely miserable. Yes, prayers that it isn’t cancer, of course. Love, Sue

  47. Donna, I am so sorry you and your daughter are in such pain. I pray you both receive the treatment and relief you need.

    Chris, my heavens, I certainly hope all is sorted out your way, and soon. It seems to be one thing after another.

    Sue, I’m not sure about the walk. Summer is my best time and it seems to be into full Fall now. We’ll see. The past 2 days I’ve been drained by “normal” and under normal walks. 😦 But first day of abundant energy that I have time, I may try it.
    Return of the rescue, Bear, was a good one. Our home is much more relaxed and back not only to normal, but the pets seem to be thanking us each in their own way. Interesting. Well, time to rest. I’ve had a busy day. Didn’t get all done I wanted, but it was productive none the less. Prayers for everyone.

    • Lyn, I’m so pleased and feel peaceful about your decision to let someone else adopt Bear. It just feels right, doesn’t it? I am sorry to hear the season is hitting you so hard, kind of like the wicked witch of the Fall has landed on top of you. Do take care. You have good judgment and will work it all out for the best, I just wish you didn’t have to hurt so much. Gentle hugs and prayers of support. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue, the pain isn’t awful, just more present. It’s always an adjustment into season it seems. 🙂 How goes it with your washing machine? Speaking of a pain… 😉

  48. Donna, my prayers for both you and your daughter. I pray you both can get some relief soon from the pain. Hips can be so painful. I have problems with them, too, along with the low back. I may try to get an injection for the trochanteric bursitis I have in both hips, if my dr. will agree to it. God bless, Jo

  49. Well it’s raining here and dull
    But not too bad this Morming so went to the craft fair and managed to buy a birthday card for a friend who loves teashops it is all done up with cut out tea cups with ladies Who dine! So that was ok,then went for a walk around shops and coffee…AND the double ice cream which we both ate in the car on top of the cliffs..wind blowing and cold we were good but the surfers looked as if they would be blue….came home to some Soup I made yesterday.had a shower and washed my hair….that’s my day..later I shall do some washing
    I’ve been thinking about this next door lady taking over my dad talking to me ..he must tell her everything that’s even personal .needs some thinking on there I think. It’s like she’s taking on a roll of something

    Jo I hope the Dr agrees to the injection. Then maybe you won’t have to cancel going to see your mum
    But it’s like we said before ….in our lives we have to cancel and that’s how we can live..I know In this case it’s difficult ,but your body is still the same,just the situation is different .
    I know it would play on my mind too .its no use making yourself more ill than you are already tho
    Well that’s it and hopefully the satellite wifi will be on all the time now

    • Yes, Chris, this business with the neighbor is more than a bit concerning. Wish you knew just what was going on there. Your outing sounds lovely, as does the card you found. Oh, and hurray for the boots! I keep looking for a cute pair of ankle boots – they are really in style right now – but just can’t find any I’d like that feel good enough. I know you know what it’s like. Oh well.

      • Lyn, regarding our washing machine; so far so good. Last part replaced and it’s worked…thus far. Know what you mean about the shoes. What a pain it can be and how difficult to part with a pair you love. Wishing you felt better with the weather change. Sue

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