I miss my mind.

I miss my firm, former body that didn’t hang down, jiggle, wiggle or rebel against me at every turn.

I miss one of my breasts.

I miss good posture.

I miss a day of shopping without sore, screaming feet.

I miss sitting over a leisurely lunch with my attention on my companion and the food instead of being on the pain in my sitter.

I miss being carefree.

I miss having a body that was user friendly.

I miss heavy lifting.

I miss reaching items on high shelves.

I miss many of the shallow, self-centered people who I can no longer tolerate.

I miss having one day without some degree of pain somewhere in my body.

I miss sexy shoes.

I miss sexy clothes that actually looked good on me.

I miss making sexy moves.


I miss…no, I’m not going to say it.


I miss my profession of nursing.

I miss slim, pain free ankles and a firm buttock.

I miss strong arms and shoulders.

I miss having only one chin. Now I have two, thanks to prednisone, but I can still only wear one necklace.

I miss traveling without a suitcase full of pills, heating pads, an ice pack, TENS unit and large bottles of Metamucil and MOM.

I miss leaping…anywhere.

I miss vigor.

I miss the ego-centric life without a care in the world.

I miss independence.

I miss traveling wherever I want to, whenever I choose.

I miss running on the beach or romping in the sand with my grandchildren or my dogs.

I miss wrestling, scuffling and rolling on the floor with anyone.

In the midst of all this missing, I have found a few things along the way.

I found a new me and I think I like her more than the old me.

I found a greater empathy for others.

I found a love for life and cherish each day in a savoring way that I never had before.

I found you can buy anything online from the convenience of your home.

I found it is necessary to rely on God.

I found He is even better at supplying my needs than the internet.

I found it is wonderful to rely on those who love you and other, new friends and old.

I found my own mortality.

I found a new awareness of the fragility of life.

I found this new awareness is not a bad thing.

I found my own opinions more deeply rooted in truth as they arose from my suffering.

I found a better way to express myself.

I found the impetus to express those feelings through writing.

I found a way of connecting to others through that writing and interchange.

I found survival, often against insurmountable odds.

I found peace in places and ways I never previously imagined.

Most of all I found hope amidst the missing and all that was left behind.


I found hope sustains me.














198 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND

  1. Sue
    Hope the injection went ok and you are not sore from it all and it starts to help quick
    Glamorous diseases..well I don’t know but some can romanticise then like Robert browning and his Elizabeth Barrett …well maybe not!
    Rang my dad and all ok .the carer seems to be coming up good.he has till Monday to decide the agency will ring to see if he wants to keep her.i think he will as they are both trying now…but it’ll be his decision! I’m not getting into that
    Looking forward to GSand his GF tomorrow . They usually stay all afternoon when they come.she is a great chatterer and my quiet GS has turned into one with her as well..apparently he sings in the car with her…unheard of!!
    Ok hope all well ,tonie hope the swim went good
    My DD gone in her campervan away for w.end to where the snow is.its the first trip in it..!!

    • Chris, hope the visit with the kids goes well and expect it will. They sound as if they are good for each other. Hope he gets things straightened out with his Mom soon. Family disagreements can be so painful. I know.
      The injection in my shoulder yesterday was fine and has already helped but don’t think I’ll do the other one right now. It was a miserable day waiting for an hour in a chair and then trying to lie down on the X-ray table. They had trouble getting me to lie flat enough. Much pain and misery afterwards and all night in the rear and back. Also, two very sore spots on rear from shots and it was methotrexate day. Bad all around I’m afraid but will be good to have should better for chores, etc.
      Pleased your Dad is getting along with caregiver better, at least for now. Enjoy your visit. Later, Love, Sue

  2. Well I am on here I think……but can’t see anyone else on here, all yesterday’s posts have gone, so I cannot make any comments.
    Got the kids coming at the end of April, so excited, its been so long…….hope you are all ok and have a good weekend resting and hopefully better weather…….love to each….Jennie xxxxx

  3. Good morning all
    Sue glad to hear the drugs are not the problem but sorry the problem remains. Yesterday was a busy, productive day. And mtx day. So today I am tired, achy, and swollen. This weather changing to cold and colder is getting to me I think. But next week is supposed to be up to 70 ! Looking so forward to that. Today I am resting, watching Ten Commandments , that time of year.
    Suzanne, so sorry for all your snow and aches. I had a preacher stop by the other day for eggs. He is 87 and breaking up with his girlfriend because she won’t marry him. So I guess it is relative. Here I am almost 60 and have just met the love of my life. You just never know.
    Jennie, glad your kids are coming to visit. I hope to see mine soon. They are only 110 miles always yet I see them so seldom.
    Well, I must stop typing now and rest some. Talk to you later

    • Tonie, I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to say kids were all of 110 miles away…if so, I am surprised. Thought they were closer to you than that. Sorry you had a bad day. Know what you mean about the methotrexate day and the day after as I’m there today.
      I’ll be so happy for you when the weather warms up and then we can complain about the heat but then perhaps the pain won’t be so bad. We’ve had wind and rain with occasional sun breaks. Lots of wind yesterday when I went out to hospital. Got pretty wet with the rain, etc. Do take care for now, Love, Sue

    • Hi Tonie……blimey, I didn’t know your kids were only 10 miles away, thought it was more than that.
      He he!! love the preacher story, life in the old dog yet huh?
      Mother’s Day here today, missing my kids, but got cards, and a message from Nikki, and spoke to Tim earlier, so not too sad.
      Hope you enjoyed the “Ten Commandments” and sticking to them….only kidding sweets.
      Have a good Sunday….love ya …Jennie xx

  4. Hi all
    All went great today..Drs appt early and DH got new meds to try when chemist gets them in on Monday .
    Then saw GS and GF.enjoyed their company and she is such a small eater and GS he ate the lot and hers too! They are excited getting there new home..it takes you back….
    DD enjoying her time in van away.hope all will be ok when she gets home. Faults on both sides and oh dear…wish it would be OK
    So pleased you are seeing your son it won’t be long now.do you all good
    Isn’t it a shame just to have the shoulder good for chores!! After all that pain and chores to follow.
    I was saying to Jen that the other day I was dusting my airing cupboard out…..well what happened there ..what a life I’m missing out somewhere! Felt a real Cinderella . All life going on and me missing out cleaning an airing cupboard…
    I do hope all the tender bits are easier now
    Roll on that warmer weather for you
    It’s all the election news from over your side of pond on the news here .
    Tired tonite..up early and long day



      • Sue
        You could never be negative ,did I say something to give you that impression ? I certainly never thought that .
        But I love speaking to strangers too. I often wonder does it come with age. But I loved the comment and then the cheering..you must have made an impression and cheered them up

    • Chris…….hope you have lost that “Cinderella” feeling by now……we are just about to have yet another storm, supposed to be milder this week, well I spent half an hour just looking at the beautiful patterns the frost made on my bathroom window this morning, yep! I was that bored…..lol
      Hope all is calm with your Dad, and any news with your DD?????
      Have a lovely Mothers Day love…………………………………………………….Jen xx


    • Suzanne…….Yes I am longing to see Tim and Claire, wish I could see Nikki my daughter too, but sadly its not to be, she has no passport now, and no intention of renewing it, so I doubt I will see her again now, she has serious financial problems so a that will be the last thing on her mind.
      Glad you are having some sunshine, it makes everything seem so much better doesn’t it……..keep well sweetpea
      God bless……Jennie poo xx

    • Suzanne, know you are hanging on waiting for spring. Hope it comes soon. You’ve certainly had your hands full with your aunty and you’ve been a trooper through it all. I like hearing that you also talk to strangers. We humans are all so much alike, truly and it is a connection that we all share. I think there is strength in sharing, even if it’s a brief conversation. The nice thing about getting older is that it has a freeing quality. I think we don’t care as much about what others think of us and also have an appreciation for time. Hang in there dear girl. Life changes so much from day to day. Love, Sue


    • Suzanne, we each know about the happy face bit. I’m so sorry you’re not getting more help in helping out your aunt. Hopefully it will end soon. Wow, so much snow. You poor thing. I know how much you love your garden and hope you get to see it soon. Love, Sue

  7. Hi all………….well another Mothering Sunday come and gone, nice to talk to Tim, and know he and Claire will soon be on their way here, wish I could say the same with Nikki, but can’t have everything in this life I guess.
    Not heard from Lyn in a while, getting a bit concerned, so if anyone knows anything????????
    Suzanne….the photo’s you sent were lovely, thank you, I have replied to you.
    Sue and Tonie…..how are your weather conditions? we had a slight scattering of snow this morning, but now the sun is out, but my is it cold.
    Chris…..you ok??
    Thinking of you all………………………much love………Jennie xxxx

    • Jennie, pleased you made it through your less than favorite holiday…Mother’s Day. I do hope the weather takes a turn for the better for Tim’s visit. So glad they’re coming. As far as our weather we are still having rain. It’s been raining off and on for two weeks with an occasional sun break for a few hours. Hope the foot is not giving you too much trouble. Love, Sue

  8. Yep I’m ok ..ish Jen ,ta
    Did you watch dr.thorn last nite?
    Cold here minus whatever ,Snow over by the shed..so pleased we haven’t commissioned it yet
    Gives snow for Easter too
    Yea how you Lyn ?
    Just been to town got a few things.got bp machine for DH in the car…we have one at shed and one at home! Be handy now he has to be off meds till he starts the others.we can decide wether to continue with any days out or head home .as it suddenly goes up especially if he’s been talking to anyone .its the listening as he cant get the gist of what’s being said .if it’s too high we can go home
    Got a new m & s in town so went around that
    Hopefully I got a free week this week ,so doing a few things .like wash the arm chair covers etc..all stuff that’s been left till I felt like it ….well I don’t but it had to be done
    Hope all well..ish
    Love Chris

    • Chris, good to hear from you. Snow at the coast may be an inconvenience and a pain but I must confess I always find it beautiful when we get snow by the ocean. I hope it clears soon. You already know there will be snow for Easter? Well, that’s not good and not at all like spring. Hold on, as we are, I feel certain spring and summer will arrive eventually.
      As far as the B/P machines, I have a suggestion for you and DH. How about getting both of the machines you have in the same place one time and take the blood pressure with each and see if they are the same. I say this because Jim and I bought an automatic cuff and found it very unreliable. We went back to the old stethoscope and manual cuff and get more accurate results. It’s a thought.
      I suspect you have some spring fever with all the chores you’re doing. Good to hear it. I’m still plugging along. To doctor today to talk about meds, etc. Take care and don’t over do, okay? Love, Sue

      • Yea..we’ve done that with the bpmachines at shed and home and they are roughly the same .the new one for travelling is a wrist one and they are not so accurate ,it reads a bit low..but knowing that we can count up so many .its just for an idea when out. I know the old way is the best but I wouldn’t know how to do those ones.our practice use the old ones too
        The long range says snow for Easter ..but that could change. As it gives it warm for the w.end
        My eyes are burning from in car with the salt on the roads.putting more drops.and iced water on cotton pads.cucumber slices..still burning..face too, been like it for a week or more now
        Hope the meds discussion went well
        Rest day for me today as went shopping last nite and ache so much ..walking on hard floors
        My dad…the agency txt me to say about him insinuating the carer had taken his money! He’d given some to GS and forgotten …so more apologising to carer and telling my dad he’s now got to have someone to write in a notebook the money going out or receipts .his carer is quite good
        Still awaiting scan results and ent appt.

  9. I thought perhaps we might all enjoy my Sadie walk musings from today. Sorry for it’s length. Kind of like a blog in itself.
    As I walked Sadie this afternoon, it occurred to me what a study we all are in resiliency and adaption. If we wish to continue to participate in this thing called life, we need to find new and creative ways to do it. We learn new ways to use our bodies to avoid aching body parts, ways to deal with unwanted side effects from necessary medications – those that insult our physical systems and those that fog our thinking, even creating new issues to find our way around. We create new ways to spend time with friends and family, and we find new friends, sometimes in the most unlikely places. We learn things about ourselves we might never have known otherwise. Sometimes we simply learn just how resilient and adaptable we are. Our situations and challenges, our levels of resiliency and adaptation are just as unique as we are, and there is no road map for our journeys. We must try to find our own path. Sometimes, often, when we stop to really take a look, we are surprised at ourselves. We each must choose the path that seems most right for us, and there is no right or wrong choice, just whatever is right or wrong for each of us. If your approach is working for you, great! Keep it up! If it isn’t, take courage! Choose another. Sometimes it is the road less travelled and we are better for it. Sometimes it is where others have forged before us. What launched this philosophical insight on what might normally have been a short but necessary walk to please and exercise the dog? As I walked, I began to think about all the changes I’ve experienced over the years, how my body has been effected, and my response to those changes. I realized some might be (and in fact one recently voiced that they were) impressed by what I simply take in stride as what I need to do. A simple walk with the dog. The dog needs it, if I can, I find a way to make it happen. Sometimes, sadly, it can’t be with me. Today, for example, I knew I needed to take a medication that would leave me at least temporarily foggy brained and loopy. No way around it, so there I was walking the dog in my loopy state and what do I start but an insightful, introspective monologue which evolved into basically a short blog. Too bad I didn’t have a way to record my thoughts. Surprisingly, they were quite well composed. My walk and shower thoughts often are, and when put to paper later, less so. Sorry. I’ve kind of always written that way. When the creative flow starts, don’t stop it and get it down! Some of my best papers in school just flowed out and through my fingers straight to the typewriter. Final draft. My worst paper was one in college in which I needed to follow the prescribed set of steps with more than one draft or edit. I know that’s how it’s supposed to be done, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. But that’s a whole other subject. My take away for today, take time to take a look at your own situation. Where are you on your road? How much have you changed and adapted? Is it working for you? If not, what can you do to change your direction? Who can help? How can you help others? Our Sue is a prime example of today’s lesson. We all are. Take a look and you might find out just how adaptable and resilient you are. You might be surprised at what you find.

    • Lyn, thanks so much for sharing your musings from your walk with Sadie today. I agree…always write from the heart and others will know it. I’m sure each of us know or identify with some if not all of your thoughts and comments. We each travel our own journey indeed and isn’t it wonderful that we do? Even in the trials of life we have the joy of individuality. It’s all about our reactions and our choice, don’t you think? I’m sure your remarks will speak to many.
      Sorry for those days the walk with Sadie is so rough for you but I understand when one of the kids have the privilege…You have such a wonderfully understanding family but like all of us, they can only identify to a certain degree. Love, Sue

      • Thanks, Sue, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind the sharing. While my insights originated out of my own experience, I couldn’t help but reflect on those friends I’ve found here as well. Thinking of you a lot lately, friend.

      • Lyn, of course. Sharing our thoughts is what this blog is all about. So pleased you spoke up as we haven’t heard much from you lately and I’ve been concerned. Hope all the floors turned out just as you wanted them to or better. Be good to you on your journey…you have to be your own best friend. Love ya, Sue

  10. Woohoo Lyn
    Wow you are back well and truly,..well done.i did enjoy that it was great….what a lot of thought went into that .i will Go back and reread it as there is something for me there,I knoW
    Clever ol you.it was a really good read..all that thinking going on when your walking!
    Anyhow I hope you and yours are all well
    And good to have you back

    • Hi, Chris, Glad you enjoyed my thoughts. I’ve been checking in from time to time since my last comments, just haven’t written. Everyone’s been in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  11. Chris, Hope for the best for B/P with DH. Sorry you had sore legs after shopping. Remember all those joints can be affected by the Sjogren’s just as the mucosa can, especially the knees. It sounds so gruesome putting up with the salty air. I always thought it was the wind at the ocean but the salt is probably part of it for me as well. Sounds like the roads have a much higher concentration of sodium than the sea? It often feels like sand is in the eyes doesn’t it. I know. Hope you have plenty of good eye wash and some soothing eye drops. I always keep a bottle steroid drops on hand for emergencies when the eyes hurt too badly to sleep.
    Sounds like your Dad is just forgetful right now and hopefully not hostile to the idea of keeping an eye on his money. Might help with that neighbor you often suspect, huh?
    I had the grands after school today and we had a good time. Yes, the doctor appt. went well and it helps Jim and I as we change our insurance plans for medical care and medications. Sure hope Jim’s retirement papers come through soon. I told the doctor also that I am making arrangements for a pain clinic visit at the larger hospital in Portland and will coordinate it with one of my oncology visits. They will have such better resources than the smaller hospital closer to home. I’m hopeful for getting rid of some of this back pain so I can at least go out to eat now and then without being miserable and unable to eat while there. Do take care of those eyes sweet friend. Love, Sue

  12. Just a quick post
    Good news…my chest scan..the nodule is same size and not grown. The secretary just phoned
    So another one in a years time then I’m off the surveillance
    Soo pleased. Just the ent now to go
    Chris…back later

  13. Good morning all:
    Short note, have to go and read everyones entries. Just to let you know I am alive. Been a busy week, and have to run today back to Roanoke to get my injection on the back (yeah) so just telling you all hello, have a wonderful day. I will write you again tonight once I settle in.
    love to all

  14. Hi
    I hope the pain clinic appt comes thru easy and matches the other apps you have.
    There seems such a lot of sorting out for you to do
    Hope your day went ok and the injection good
    What happened..hope it’s easier by now
    Well my dads up to tricks…playing the one carer he has for the two hr break against the live in one
    I’m trying to keep peace between the two ..then my dad!!
    I’m going to bow out now for a while with them …DH had asked me too,it’s building up all the time .we have no life….so I’m just going to stop it for a few days to distance things and see how it goes.i think DH sees me going down with it and my health .i don’t make any inroads to any problems really so l hope leaving it for a while may help somehow
    My dads accusing people of all sorts…but not the one person who could be. The carer also has her suspicions now ….oh bum..I’m not even talking about it now
    Gonna have my hair cut and done tomorrow ..not Had it done for 8 mths!.head was too bad ,but going for it tomorrow
    Gives it a sunny day

    • Chris dear, glad you are distancing yourself from your Dad for awhile. It will be good for both you and your DH. You can give until you are empty, my dear, and it won’t help your Dad right now. Be true to yourself and DH and you’ll both feel better. Hope your hair turns out looking smashing. It will definitely make you feel better. Look for the joy in life, okay? Love Sue

      • Yep I know you are right Sue .ill try it for a few days. The carer can always get in touch. My dad doesn’t seem to register if I ring or not. I rang to tell him my good news and he just umphed and put the phone down. But it’s just he’s gone on times and not there. Then on times he’ll be back but less and less. Unless he gets mad and he’s really with it. It’s hard not to have him on my mind all the time. But when I see him it’s such a sad sight..his head is dropped all the time on his chest,as if it’s stuck there,can only umph unless he puts his full force to it then a few words. But he swears bad and tells the carer she talks too much bu..er off. That’s when she’s trying to say she hadn’t pinched things
        Well I had to laugh at the term ..smashing..that’s a real English one! ..and yea l hope so!
        How are you Sue?
        I expect your g.kids are growing up quick now.
        I’d like to see you go out for a meal and enjoy it ,it’s been a couple of years now.i used to like hearing where you used to go.there was one down by the river you liked
        Well it’s nearly 3 am will try and get some shut eye

  15. Chris, Interesting night for you to ask about us. We’re having a windstorm. Winds of 75mph shaking the house. Power has gone off three times thus far. Jim’s at work but will try to leave early he just said over phone. I hate it when the bed shakes from the wind hitting the house. Rain fairly heavy with it.
    One of my son’s old childhood friends is in town with his wife. THey are thinking about moving here and are looking around. Hope to make the effort and have the body to get to one of those restaurants down by the river tomorrow. I’ll see.
    I know your heart is torn about your Dad and only you know what you can live with. No regrets later on but also knowing your limits. He’s in a bad way but that doesn’t mean his orneriness has to be endured. Hope you’re sleeping now and read this later. Love ya, Sue

    • Sue
      I hope Jim got home and all was well..did your generator come on as soon as the electric goes out?
      Fancy the bed shaking,it must have been wild.it is scary .l hope no damage has occurred
      That pleased me to hear you mite go out now for dinner. Even that you mite consider it
      lifts the spirits
      Just woke up but didn’t sleep well. Just thinking about my dad.i think I will just give it a break for 24 hrs. I can live with that and appreciate that break
      Well gonna get up and weigh managed to stay same weight of and on since Xmas ..so now want to lose 2 lbs ,not much but so difficult
      A slice of toast for breakfast and one very light meal a day on a small plate and that keeps me the same weight.so losing is hard…..lack if exercise I know ..but have to try walking just hips hurt so and just going shopping is enough.but maybe when weather gets better
      Hope your weather us calm. And Jim home safe

      • Chris, your plans sound good. A reprieve from your Dad and getting your weight where you want it to be. I know what you mean about the walking. It hurts my hips, also. That’s why I now stick pretty much to stretching and that is also the advice of my rheumy.
        AS you can see we made it through the night. It was windy all night but worse in the early part of the evening. I actually saw the soap dispenser move across our sink at one time…now that’s wind. It’s when the bed shakes that it scares me or when I’m certain one of the ancient windows is going to come blowing in on us. Apparently we have two storms converging. That even sounds scary. The winds out on the Columbia R. last night hit 92 mph. Glad we weren’t on the bridge at that time. Have a joy or two today for yourself, okay? Love, Sue

  16. Well that’s some storm Sue
    I did have a joy or two..had hair done it went good.difficult as I have to stand up and sort of bend forward ..can’t do these back basins.but had to give all these instructions not to press to heavy on my head etc.I embarrass myself.
    But it was ok.then I went to a shop I went to the other day to get some tops I saw and thought about..and they were in the sale half price….SO IT WAS A GOOD DAY
    Had a sandwich out at usual place and home
    How you going?
    Hope your bath helped

    • Chris, Sounds like you did have a fairly good day. I know what you mean about the beauty shop shampoo chairs. That’s why I haven’t been to a beauty shop in about 20 years or more. Always feels good to get something you like on sale. I’m going through my closet pitching out clothes that I don’t wear or are too big and can’t wear, to give away. Feels good to do that. Had a good lunch with old friends from out of town. THey’re thinking of moving here they like it so much. It is beautiful. Boy, they got a full dose of our weather last night. We survived the gusts of wind, Jim came home a bit early. It was quite fierce. There was time in the bathroom when it shook the house and I saw the soap dispenser move across the top of the sink. Whoosh. Lots more rain today. On the heat now after a long lunch. Couldn’t eat much but the oysters and mint tea. Good to get out and watch the storms on the river with all the ducks bobbing up and down in the waves. Yes, the Columbia River has waves. Hope you’re resting now. Love, Sue

      • So pleased you went out and it sounds like you really benefited from it…but I hope the pain is at a low threshold for you . It does sound like you enjoyed it.i love watching wild weather..but only when safe. It must have been a wild wind to move that in your house. The area you live in does seem special and I hope you can feel you can get out and in it again soon
        Well I did ring my dad yesterday ..and he wants to change careers again. I said to him that it would be difficult as the people are getting awkward about it now and really the carer is good.she is as well .it just the one who comes In for a few hrs to give her a break ..well they don’t get on and they are from different agencies . The one makes trouble for the other.
        The permanent carer ..I spoke to her..is going to talk to this two hr carer today….oh dear!
        My dads got this plastic surgery on his nose next Friday and will need care I’m sure it will all be sore as he will apparently have a big piece taken out and skin from face put there to help.
        It’s all a mess really..as my dad keeps telling her to …. Off!
        Hope all ok

  17. Well guess what’s happened
    My dad says the carer has her 18 yr old daughter living with her….well it’s impossible now not for me to know..so I had a word with her on phone . And then I was back to him and he said..Bulls..t..she has
    So I was mad he wasnt believing me
    So later on she rang me and said Chris….. She has had cevival cancer and lost her hair on drugs and chemo.a year ago..I was so sorry for her to be in this position with her three young children in Nigeria
    Anyway she wears wigs or a bandana.but at nite time when he cries out she comes to,see him and doesn’t put anything on her head..so he thinks it’s another person. Mystery solved
    It’s his processing gone wrong
    I quite happy with her,she is good.so I hope she stays as I’m sure she doesn’t need all this hassle
    Dh on new bp meds ,day three early days but seems ok…touch wood!
    Me …huh
    Hope all,ok

    • Chris, your poor Dad. Indeed it does sound like his caregiver has a lot of heartache. I would believe if she has done this job with others he is not the first difficulty she has run into. Good news about DH. Got to take it one day at a time.
      Yes, it was good to get out yesterday. Paid the price all night. Later, Sue

  18. Hello…..just had my hands in hot water, so not as stiff, thought I would post a quickie, yesterday, my bag was stolen, and my whole life was in it…………..the stress is unbelievable, as those who have had it happen to them will know, I know I keep on about this, but its so much harder when you live in another country. In my bag were my spare door key, bank cards from two countries, my drivers licence, my medical card, and private medical insurance papers, plus money…..you have to carry this stuff around by law here…..got all the bank cards dealt with, got a copy of the insurance contract, the tricky bits are the licence and medical card, no-one seems to speak English on the helpline, without the med card I cannot get my meds except to pay for them, and the amount I need in meds and cash, is enormous……meanwhile, the insurance company rang round and found a locksmith, but heyho, they never showed, so last night I didn’t sleep for fear of a break in……..got bolts, but its just hearing someone outside, it would freak me out….now got a whole weekend of this, then Monday morning got to try and find someone o help us with the other stuff…….the state my muscles are in with tension, you can imagine………….so sorry to winge on, and I know you all have stuff to deal with, but this has undone me…….love to you all….Jennie xxxxx

    • OH, my heavens, Jennie! Prayers headed your way! I am so, so sorry you have to go through this! I do pray it gets sorted out quickly so that you may have some peace of mind.

    • Jen, I’m so sorry you had a bad night and disappointed that locksmith didn’t show up. Since we chatted via PM yesterday it sounds like you have accomplished a lot. I know the language difference must be so frustrating when you’re this upset. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this crap when you always have pain. Much love. Sue

  19. Chris, Sue, my wonderful hair stylist has the BEST wash chair! There is actually a padded support that supports your head and neck while you are lying back! What a heavenly idea! Now I just need help occasionally with the rising and laying back part. SOOOOooooo much better!

    • Lyn, so glad you have someone who can comfortably take care of your hair needs. It sounds like a good solution. I can’t imagine it for me since my fractures. I know she does a great job on your hair. I love it short. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue/Jennie, yes, my son and his kids are 110 miles from me. Nikki is just 20 or so. Had a good trip and visit with them ,they needed a Mama/ Keekee fix.
        Jennie, I am so sorry for all the bad things. Prayers for you darling. Never had my purse stolen, but had my home. Broken into, so I can relate a bit. Chris, so,glad you got it figured out for your Dad. Lynn, nice read. I know you enjoy your time out with Sadie.
        I a, hoping to get in a ride on Red this week. Maybe between rainstorms. It has been so beautiful. I enjoyed my short visit it’s the kid we mad chocolate peanut butter eggs. I think I am good on chocolate for a bit. The tasting andlic,I got,y fingers. Haha. I did t even bring one home with me,
        Didn’t sleep much last night. Just don’t sleep good in a strange bed. So when I got home, the dogs Andy napped for a couple of hours. Fed all the animals and me.
        Sue hope you get to feeling better, I know how hard it is on you
        Suzanne, more snow ? It was so beautiful in South Carolina. Everything in bloom, all green, very warm. It is warm here til next week, the. Back to normal temps for,this time of year, my lilac bushes are getting leaves, so good sign.
        Take care everyone. Don’t forget to set your clocks up one hour tonight, we really should do away with this stupid rule.
        Love to all

  20. Hi……feeling calmer, took some serotonin, slept better…..tomorrow is the biggie, trying to see to the door lock, trying to apply for a new med card, and driving licence…….not as easy as it sounds.

    Chris……easy mistake to make with your Dad’s carer, hope he is ok with her now, I know you like her.
    Lyn……your stylist chair sounds wonderful….oh such comfort, every salon should have one.
    Tonie…..Thank you for your prayers, it will all be ok, no-one died, just a pain to get fixed, my home in Spain was broken into too when we lived there, we were in the UK at the time, trying to help Tim with his MS symptoms…it was a horrible time.
    So glad you had a good trip my friend, always nice to see your kids. Spring is here at last huh?
    Sue……its frustrating more than anything, but it will all be ok. getting through it, bit like a flipping minefield…..gorgeous day here, hope it is for you too, and you are feeling not too bad…..love you xxx

    • Hi Jen, you do sound a bit better today. I know some will be better when you feel more secure at home. All the other stuff will fall into place after driving you crazy. Life. Pleased your weather is better. Ours is still very wet and the wind has started gusting again. Hope it passes soon. Love, Sue

  21. Hi
    Lovely day here too Jen..so warm and sunny
    You do sound more at ease ..just do it one step at a time tomorrow .and forget it now ..easy said I know
    That chair does sound good..l would look forward to that
    Hope you have recovered from the trip. Did the injection help at all

    Well my dad Is very weak.one word only or nothing and sleeps all the time now ..this op on the nose on Friday I’m wondering if it us worth the pain for him.when they saw him he was better than he is now..and it us an in situ basal cancer…..they said if they left it his side of nose would need to go..as it is there will be a hole…I’m gonna get there early even tho the carer is going.. to see them to ask all this before they do it
    Dh bp is good no side effects only small ones…
    47 yrs anniversary next w.end ..the shed will be commissioned for us the following Monday..they are busy.
    So we might go away for the night somewhere quiet..rural
    Have to see what pans out at the time. As my dad will have the op on Friday ,so it’s a bit iffy as we would need to go Sunday nite till Monday

    • Chris, hope you get to go away someplace nice for your anniversary. That’s a long time so I congratulate you both. Glad his B/P is behaving for now.
      As far as your Dad, my only comment would be how large is the skin cancer and how big a hole will it leave on the side of his nose? Will it have an affect on his breathing? I hate to see someone with his age and all his problems go through that. I’ve seen that surgery many times and often it is done with a skin graft. Do I assume from what you said they will not be doing that? Take care dear friend and enjoy as much of your week as you can. Love, Sue

      • Yes they are doing a skin graft..and they are sending him home in the afternoon ! I’m not sure how large it’s going to be ,but I’ll make to see the surgeon before to say my fears.he is mot very good tonite ,very weak
        And thank you for your wishes we will do something . Even if it’s delayed or we mite just go out for a meal
        Do wish your weather would Buck up

  22. Tonie, sorry for the mix up about the 110 miles to the kids. I thought you were talking about Nikki…So pleased you got to go down to see Sean and hope he is doing better. I’m sure the children were all so happy to see you. He certainly has his hands full but he’s used to it, I know.
    Did you get the injection to the back? Did it help? I’m guessing it did for you to make the trip. Must have been wonderful to see spring actually bursting out all over. Hope you get to witness it at home very soon. We’re having more wind and rain. It’s been going on for days with some breaks in between. We are indeed waterlogged but used to it. Later, hope you’re resting up. Sue

  23. Good morning all;
    I hate daylight savings time. it takes me weeks to let go of that one hour !! I think we need to vote it out ! well, once we get all the other things in our country settled. lol ! it is almost 10 am and I am still trying to get going. Another cup of coffee and then maybe. I fed everyone extra rations last night so I wouldn’t have to run out early this morning. Loving this warmer weather, which is to be short lived. Later this week it is turning cooler. In the 50’s, 30’s at night. Hope it doesn’t frost and ruin all the budding flowers. My lilac bushes are getting leaves on them. Flowers pushing up. I bought me some red peonies to plant in the front yard. I can do that next week. My garden is plowed, so that is done, ready to put plants in the ground. I got some onion and shallot sets ready to go. Sean gave me a bunch of organic seeds when I was there. Oh yeah, I checked my odometer and it is 154 miles from his house to here. Still that is closer that Az .
    Sue I hope you are rested and feeling better. Yes, I got the injection and yes, it helped. But still need to get the bursa injected. I have found out I can get that thing removed and it will grow back new and improved. I am thinking on it. It seems to stay inflamed, and all these shots cannot be good. So on the 23rd I go back for my 2nd set of injections, then another apt for the followup where we will set up the apt for the ablation. I will be happy !!
    My FM took his sister and niece shopping in Strasbourg on Sat. He said her husband is not patient with shopping and they cannot go alone because it is not safe for them. He says that city is so full of immigrants and poor people lining the streets. his heart is really touched by people in need. Regardless of where they come from. I really hit the jackpot. 8 or 9 more weeks. Now we are into WEEKS. sorry, I am worst than a teenager !!
    My widdie count is up to 10. I lost two to sickness and two fell out and became doggie treats. But these are so cute and peeping abounds. They really smell bad though, I wish I had a shed I could keep them in instead of my spare room. But , soon they will be outside. I am making my list of spring things to get done. How about ya;all ? Do you have a lot of things to get done ?
    Well, I must go check on the house, pick up veggies and go swim. I really missed that last week. Back to “normal” Dentist tomorrow, for to fill two cavaties. UGH !!!
    prayers for you all

    • Tonie, sounds like a wonderful visit – chocolate peanut butter eggs and all! I’ve been eyeing those eggs in the store and at the local dairy. I prefer dark chocolate, though, so I would probably be more inclined to make a special trip in to the local candy maker. Expensive, but so delicious. Last year I got opera fudge eggs for everyone for Easter. I have also gotten peanut butter eggs from the dairy up the road. Also yummy, and hand made. Hurray for the shot! I am curious, and assuming the bursa in question is in your hip? How would they go about removing it? I know the one and only shot I had in a joint was my shoulder and that doctor then moved the needle around in there. I think he said he was bursting the bursa?? Does that make sense? All I know is that I was fighting with all I had just to stay conscious and not cry or scream. It hurt unbelievably. I told my husband never again! Was also wishing I’d had him come in with me so he couldn’t caught and/or held me. The doctor clearly wasn’t going to make any move in that direction and I was sitting on the table, I believe. I’ll be interested to see what you decide and how it goes.
      Your FM sure sounds like a keeper! In my opinion, you have earned the privilege of as much excitement as possible. So happy for you! With so much to do in the spring, the time will pass quickly, I’m sure. I’ve not gone up close to our lilac yet but thought I spied buds from afar. I keep thinking I’d like to plant more edible plants, but would have to invest in some raised planters, I think. Rabbits have their way with many of our flowers as it is. I did have a couple of small planters I keep the few in that we have grown. I’d need more and bigger ones. Hm…
      Sorry you lost some little ones. An unfortunately reality, though, I’m sure. We are all for getting rid of that time change here, too. The original purpose for it simply no longer exists and it plays with every ones’ internal clocks. I slept in til 10 today also. It was needed. Enjoy your swim! I really do miss it.

  24. Jennie, you do sound so much better. Thank heavens. Been praying for you. I hope all continues to fall into place for you.

    Sue, I know. I’m sorry I have no solution for a wonderful hair spa day for you with your back. If I did, I’d hop a plane and bring it to you in person! Wish this lovely chair would have exists years ago when you could have taken advantage of it before getting to this point.

    Chris, I’m relieved all seems to have gone well with your dad’s surgery. Will continue to pray for him and you.

    Well, I must agree with Tonie, I do not like going through the time change and frankly don’t think we need it anymore. I wish we’d just get rid of it. After a long day yesterday, I, too, slept in today until 10! The weekend was a good one. A fairly quiet day Saturday with a fun evening of Bunka (which may not have been the best idea the day before my Sunday what with all the dice rolling and keeping score, but I did just use simple hash marks to keep it to a minimum.) Sunday was fun and exhausting. My DH and I judged auditions for music scholarships all day. He heard a variety of instruments, I heard all vocal performers – middle school and high school. I was rather exhausted by the end and we won’t talk about my hand from writing. But a good day overall.
    Have a great week, everyone!

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