True Grit Rides Again

I love that phrase. Each of us who live with chronic pain and illness every single day of our lives have to find true grit to survive. According to the American Slang dictionary, “grit” means to have courage or nerve. We need that and we need a lot of it. Heaps of grit needed here.
I am often inspired by reading stories of others who have been struck by illness or adversity. I find it uplifting to see how they survived and what tools they used to do it. I have often been inspired by the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his amazing life after being struck down with polio. His son, James Roosevelt writes:
“That very Christmas, only four and a half months after polio-Father was getting down on the floor to exercise. ‘You think you can take the Old Man?’ he challenged me. ‘Well, just get down here and try it.’ His grip was so strong he could make me yell, and he beat me every time. We went from Indian wrestling to more vigorous form of rough-housing.”
James goes on to say, “I still don’t know how he did it, bur Father kept us almost completely at ease. Even the first Christmas, when he could move only the upper half of his body, he gave the impression of mobility.”
Another outstanding example of true grit is exhibited by Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas who became a paraplegic after an accident 32 years ago. He states, “Our lives are not defined by our challenges. Instead we get to define our lives by how we respond to those challenges.” He governs from a wheelchair and every time I have seen him he has a smile on his face.
Other examples of courage, true grit and strength are right before us in the form of thousands of fine young men and women who are among our wounded warriors in this country. Beautiful, young, strong, active bodies struck down with the loss of one or more limbs or head trauma. Due to the increased triage on the field of battle more and more of them are having their lives saved and many continue on with artificial limbs. I have been so struck by the courage they show, knowing as a nurse and patient, how much pain they have and continue to endure as they “soldier on.”
I think we often see others and do not relate to them and what they have suffered because we are so enraptured by our own suffering. This is like being hungry and turning down a meal. There is much we can learn from each other, example after example is out there for us to see, learn from and be strengthened by. Among my favorite pics on Facebook are photos of some of these brave young warriors. One is a photo of several lovely young women sitting on a couch or standing in a group with long flowing hair on each one, many wearing shorts but all with a leg or an arm missing. They are wearing their new ones made out of light weight metal of one form or other or perhaps a new plastic and they are all in shape and smiling. What courage. Another video I love is seen each year as former President Bush takes disabled young soldiers, sailors and marines on a bike ride on his ranch. Nothing slows them down. You and I who have had pain and suffering know it was not an easy road for them to get to that bike riding stage of their lives.
I love a quote by Elbert Hubbard in which he says, “No one ever gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” What impossible task do you plan to accomplish today? I plan to sand by hand another post on our indoor stairwell that needs painting. One post at a time.
When faced with the arrival of daily pain into our lives, we each begin to analyze the true meaning of grit and courage. Is it only to be found in the young soldier who carries a gun into combat for his country? Is it only to be found in the courageous act of a young woman who rescues a child from the pathway of a speeding car? Perhaps, we need to take another look at the essence of courage. Courage walks among us every day. Courage is found in a young mother who lifts her children although her back is hurting. Courage exists in a middle aged man with ankylosing spondylitis who gets out of bed and goes to work every day to support his family. Courage exists in a mid-age woman with arthritis in her hands and knees who insists on carrying out her own groceries because she considers it her exercise for the day. Courage lives in a suffering individual who smiles when he/she would rather cry but doesn’t want to discourage the family but knows tears will come later. Courage takes many shapes, ages and circumstances in life.
True grit exists in the day to day behavior of those individuals who face overwhelming challenges but still insist on sucking the marrow out of the bone of life and refuse to accept only the scraps life tries to offer them. Courage is speaking up to a doctor who hasn’t a clue what is wrong with you but can’t admit and instead tells you it is “all in your head.” It takes true courage to walk into a new doctor’s office after facing a put down like that. Courage is the individual who, after a restless, pain-filled night still reaches for the alarm clock when it sounds, gets out of bed and stumbles or limps to the bathroom to take the morning medications, in order to face a new day.
Courage, valor and hope lie deep within us and we will find the seeds of their existence if we have the grit to look and don’t bury ourselves in denial, a bottle of liquor or an extra, dangerous dose of pain pills. I personally believe if we make the effort, the essence of life or God meets us half-way, giving us the courage to go the rest of the way. Courage is not the absence of fear, no, it is walking into the face of fear and smacking it in the face. Courage is not always grand. Sometimes it is quiet and very personal. It is still courage whether you get a medal, accomplish some great feat or simply move yourself one painful step at a time. True grit tackles life the hard way if it must, not the easy way. It is still courage. Courage is knowing, deep in your being what is best. Courage finds a way to go forward whether it is on a cane, a crutch, a walker, wheelchair or a crawl. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “There are many ways of going forward, but there is only one way of standing still.”
Times a wasting my friends. Today will be gone in 24 hours. Do you want to experience that deep frustration and borderline self-anger that comes from standing still or shall we move forward? I’m for moving forward.
Many years ago the great Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “Whether a man accepts from Fortune her spade and will look downward and dig, or from Aspiration her axe and cord, and will scale the ice, the one and only success which it is his to command is to bring to his work a mighty heart.”
How’s your heart today my friends, how’s your heart?

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  1. Perfect as always. I think back at watching my dad who would walk as I termed it “with his back in a S curve” at times and he would say it was stress. Well as a grown woman who inherited his AS, I know it was far more. He rarely admitted to pain but I learned by watching him that it helped to lay on the floor with feet and legs in a chair. He’s nearing 82 and frustrated by his decreased strength but still works 30 hours a week when he can get the chance while I am happy when I’ve gotten dressed. I wish I had half of the courage he has and a 10th of what he had while raising me.

    • Laura, your Dad sounds like a remarkable human and father. You’re so fortunate to still have him. Growing old is hard to do. For those of us who are closer to old age than you, we know what it is to feel young inside and not have the energy to do things we once did. Now you have the illness side of it and have those same feelings, I know. I’m sorry life can be so hard for you. Ii pray you have some occasional good days.
      Glad you liked the blog. Love, Sue

  2. Wonderful blog Ms Sue. This picture is of my horse Red, blind in one eye, 25 years old, (110 in people years) loosing his hearing. Yet still he is rideable, loves attention, runs around the pasture on his own. He does depend on Baby to help him along, using her as his guide when he feels lost . That is True Grit to me. But most times we have to depend on others along the way for a little help, a push or just a shoulder to cry on. I sometimes cry on their shoulders as they graze around the pasture, just leaning on their sun warmed shoulders, so strong, inhaling their smell which comforts me.
    Well, Romeo has a new home,like the Muslims, he is going to Paradise with SIX virgins though ! FM showed me a new trick with him. He caught him, put his head under his wing and lay him down on that side just for a few seconds, then when he came up it was like he was drugged ! I told him I bet he did that a lot as a boy, and was given a big grin of just that little boy !
    Well, break time is over. I need to finish my floors. And laundry, and put away laundry. I had my sons oldest and Devin over last night. They rode the horse and roasted marshmallows. Fed them fresh corn from the garden, and pancakes this morning.
    Well, off to labor. Lovely day for the,porch, had our breakfast put here.
    Love to all

    • Tonie dear girl, when I asked you to use a pic of a horse I had no idea you would come up with such an inspiring role model for us humans. I’ve never hugged a horse but can only imagine the innocent love that is returned. I can’t believe all Red does at his age. Remarkable. Pleased to hear ROmeo is moving on to greener pastures so to speak. I truly believe we all have a purpose to fulfill and so does he.
      Glad your wonderful friend is full of tricks for you to learn.. I thought you knew them all…NO? Thanks again for posting this and do take care. Hope it stays cool back there for you. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, love our telling of your FM’s trick and boyish glee. I can just see it. Glad Romeo found himself some new Juliettes. Red sure is an inspiration and the perfect choice for the photo.

  3. Really great Sue. Right on the money as usual.
    Tonie, There is nothing like hugging your horse, I miss that.
    Jennie, Prayers
    My thoughts and prayers are with all on the blog. Love, Janrt

    • Janet, thanks for your kind words. Hope you’re doing well as can be. Are you still having extreme heat? Sue hope it is cooling down where you are. Very lovely and cool her with wind. Time for us to have some rain or I will have to water outside. Wish you could see my front porch. It’s so full of blooming plants and looks lovely even if I do say so myself. Do be good to yourself. Love ya, Sue

    • Lyn, Indeed there is courage available everywhere. It all depends on one’s attitude and what our eyes are allowed to see. Hope you’re getting some much needed rest. Love, Sue

    • Jennie, Please remember we are all rooting and praying for you, your health and particularly your house situation. “Dear Lord, please send a buyer for Jen’s beautiful house.” Love you much, Sue

  4. Good morning all
    Beautiful morning here in the Va Mtns. Today will be a bittersweet one as our pastor is retiring. We will have a nice luncheon ( dinner we call it here) after service and we have some nice gifts for her. No idea who we will be getting in her place, but they have some shoes to fill. It was really time for a change, she was here 12 years. But sad to see her have to go due to her health.
    Waiting my turn in the bathroom, letting him go first this am. We had a very nice dinner at an old mansion here locally. It was a plantation house, and now it is open to tours and they use the old kitchens for the resturant. Everyone was sitting on the balconies and we had the dining room to ourselves. Very intimate and romantic. Sad….but wonderful at the same time. Uncertain timing and future hangs on what they do about his retirement. He and other teachers have a lawsuit in to allow them to retire now, that is done in October….so we have no idea. The headlines say the next president there will have to change the retirement due to the debt and no workers enough.
    Anyway, prayers all around for you all. Jennie, in my thoughts. Laura, I know you have a brought time, I think of you often and follow your escapades on FB.
    Janet, I know you appreciate horse hugs and aromas. Nothing like it. Lyn, men are still boys in their minds eye and it comes out sometimes. I told him I bet he got by with murder growing up with both grandmas in the house with him and those big brown eyes !
    Well, off to get ready for church…long day ahead with teaching and setting up and tearing down.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, Dinner at a plantation sounds like such fun…romantic, too. Hope it was delicious or did you two not notice? It does sound like your friend might have been very well loved as a child. Isn’t that a good thing?
      I know how much you are going to miss your pastor. Hope today was a lovely day for her but know it was full of some sorrow, too. Hope her health improves with rest now.
      Hope you’re doing okay. RHeumy visit wasn’t very productive. Hope the new lower dose of methotrexate works for you. Love ya, Sue

    • Tonie….bet you will miss your Pastor big time……I hope she likes all her gifts.
      Love the idea of the old kitchens, bet the atmosphere was great there, how long is it till you FM goes home? I know you are going to miss him so much……patience love, it will all come good.
      Love Jen x

      • Hey Jen, good to hear from you. Hope the weather today suits you. Tonie’s FM leaves on Wed. this week, Aug. 3. Prayers for you to sell your house and prayers to bind Tonie’s wounds of discomfort. Thinking of you Jen. Love, Sue

  5. What a beautiful writing! Thank you so much for your encouragement to keep on and not give up. Every day, I have to make that choice to get up and go forth. There are many losses I have had to face; from the pain of arthritis to the death of my son. I think that my training as a critical care nurse has made me a responder and not just a reactor when bad things happen. Life must go on and we are survivors.

    • Brenda, good to hear from you. It’s bee n awhile. Are you still working in nursing? Physical pain is so personal and intimate but I think the pain of losing a son would almost be internal, gut wrenching and difficult to ever get over. I guess one doesn’t; one just learns to live around it and with it. Yes, dear, we are survivors. Otherwise we would be losers and there is much to lose in this physical battle. I hope life brings you some joy today. Fondly, Sue

  6. Hi all
    Well I’m sitting in the conservatory and it’s raining sounds nice ..and DH study is next to it with doors open so it feels good
    Went out for coffee for a break this morning and hospital appt later.but they saw me early so I came back and done doors in kitchen only cupboards to do.dH cleaned down the radiator for me it was thick with gunge .
    But I’m aching shoulders hips and more! Will have to take InflamsAnd already got ibs. Stupid me
    Hosp says it’s a cyst on my finger from the joint ..tends to come to people with arthritis .they could cut it out but might come again best to wear gloves if doing dirty work as if it breaks its open to the joint the black spot in it is a blood vessel
    Great blog again and to accompliah anything is such a great boost in our means we are doing our own stuff..a little bit not reliant on others and to do it the way we want it done .i know we all achieve some of what we want just we have to juggle with it…..well I know I go full into it and regret it. So maybe not so clever
    I love the sound of the place you went to eat….I wanna go
    Well tired so hot choc time clean teeth and bed
    DH got inr appt in morning and ent at hospital at 2 pm
    Lve Chris

    • Chris, so good to hear how you are doing. Is the cyst on your right or left hand? Is it affecting you cleaning you’ve had to do? Are you relieved surgery is not in your future? How’s the hip?
      I feel badly that the former owner left such a mess for you. Someday soon you will have it the way you want it…hang on until then. Yes, you are doing a lot but that’s the only way you seem to be able to settle in and I understand. Your conservatory with the rain coming down sounds so soothing. Yes, accomplishment of any amount is to be commended and to be self reliant is so important as we age or become more ill. Independence is everything. I hate to see folks sit too much or become reliant on others when the may not have to as yet. It’s the opposite for you. We have to worry about you doing too much. I know you must be sore with your hip acting up and all the ups and downs of cleaning.
      Jim gave me a new Scooba and used it yesterday for the first time and love it. It’s so much better and easier to use than the old Scooba. I cleaned my floor three times yesterday. Didn’t realize how dirty my kitchen floor was with just using the little Swiffer mop after my old Scooba died.
      Love picturing you in the new setting. Hope INR appt. goes well and he’sfeeling better today. Love, Sue

      • Well the cyst us on my left finger just on the joint behind the nail. she asked me to bend my finger joints as did the rheumy and of course I can’t .also the nail bed had dipped where the cyst is swollen on the nail doesn’t really hurt sometimes it gets bigger then I can feel it.but it’s not a big problem at all..and nope it don’t stop me at all.
        And I’m pleased she didn’t recommend surgery she said only if it got much bigger to have plastic surgery
        Had ice pack on hip and wheatbag on shoulders so they feel easier tonight also took an anti inflammatory ,perhaps not a good idea with the cramps today ..but needs must
        I’ve nearly finished now just cupboards and then it’s just normal feels more like ours getting.she did leave a gas oven I was going to get a new one..but hers was expensive just needed a good we did that and I’m happy with it now
        In bed now it’s 1 ish and my minds agoing sorting stuff out.still waiting for my dads will to go thru
        So going to read I think
        Lve chris





    • Jen, I guess you keep your cool now because you’ve reached that “BOING!” point with this whole house business. One can only take so much frustration and then you go nuts or give it up. Fortunately, I have found when I give it up that’s when things happen. Pray that is the case for you.
      Thanks for all the birthday greetings. Yes, we have dinner out planned with the family at my favorite restaurant overlooking the harbor and the Columbia R. Their food is excellent, the only problem is the comfortable booths only seat four so we will have to sit in chairs. I’ll take the most comfortable cushion I have. Have a couple of errands to run today but plan on watering plants on the porch and in the house, talking my DH into taking me to lunch and answering FB friends and my dear friends on here. Love you much, Sue

  8. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader ! Sue, I wish you the happiest of days, forget about the number and bask in all the happiness and comfort of your life. God blessed you with strength, power and love of all around you, now just hold it in your arms and smile !
    I love you much

    • Tonie, what a lovely birthday wish and comment. I asked Jim how it felt to be married to such an old lady and he said, “Same as it felt last year.” Isn’t he just a silver tongued devil???
      I’m thinking about you much today and tomorrow. Please, safe driving on the way to and from the airport. WIsh FM a safe flight home and a good one. Love and prayers for both of you, Sue

    • Hi Sue, wanted to say Happy Birthday and pray it will be a wonderful day! I don’t know what your plans are but I hope whatever it is that you will have the best time and I pray you are going to be out of so much pain! Hope you have many more, God Bless! Love you my friend! Donna

      P.S. I am going to try and write a few paragraphs over the next few days to let everyone know what is going on with me. I have been reading all the posts and Sue’s Blog. I will try and begin tonight. I love all of you very much! I am still at the beach with my daughters right now. Plans are to go home Sunday, August 7th. Love and Hugs, Donna

      • Donna, good to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful summer at your daughter’s house. I have found the Lyrica, very low dose is giving me some relief from the pain. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love to you, Sue

    • Thanks Chris. Hope you get to enjoy that lovely, clean kitchen and the rest of your new place. I plan on doing little today and pampering myself. Who am I kidding? I do that everyday. Love, Sue

  9. You have a good day sue you deserve it
    I forgot to say the horse is looking at you hopefully there..
    Bitter sweet time for you and FM….you must fill and plan your time now

    Blimmin internet co just suddenly switched us off this morning .when I spoke to them they said they would take a week to,put it on…..huh….so I pleaded and sounded sorry for myself and it came on later today! Why do it it’s the buggeration factor it just finds me
    Took an hr when we were planning on doing nowt…and the workshop and Garage tripped the meter in garage and they are coming back tomorrow it goes on and on…..if they think of coming to do anything in the house the Garage can stay blimmin tripped!
    I’d like a day with nowt to go and sort out that’s not of our making
    Hi look forward to your posts
    Ok that’s it

    • Chris, I’m so sorry you are being so buggered. Surely it will stop. I can feel your frustration…it’s palpable. Good for you if whining does it, do it. Sometimes life just sucks and makes it really hard to find some pleasure. Sorry. Love you, Sue







    • Jen, wrote you last night but must have screwed it up because it isn’t here. Hope you enjoyed your meeting with the other ex-pats. Yes, I get a kick out of our language interaction, also. So much of it is familiar to me because of Mom being brought up by her ENglish grandparents. We have always said varying forms of buggered. Usually it’s, something bugged me or something like that or being bugged. You’re so right in that we do all feel like sisters.
      My birthday was lovely, all day. Lunch out with Jim at a pizza lunch bar and he had pizza and I ate salad from the salad bar. Then a couple of errands and home to rest then out to dinner with the family. Lovely. I’m still doing so well on the low dose Lyrica and am so grateful. I forget to mention I have been having kitten fever. We’ve always had cats but when our last one died we didn’t replace him. He was very special orange tabby with lots of personality. I mentioned this to my ten year old GD and the afternoon of my birthday, about an hour before dinner the kids called and wanted to take me someplace mysterious. As it happens it was to their vets office where there were four or five kittens needing homes. The children were so excited and wanted me to pick one out but I just couldn’t. I knew Jim was against it because of George. We weren’t sure how he would welcome it because he’s very jealous. We also live on a busy corner and it is hard to keep a cat inside all the time but it was so sweet to see the children react with them and try to talk their mother into another one for their home. THey already have two. Lovely little outing even if we didn’t get a kitten. If I ever find a gold tabby I will be tempted, I know.
      Jen, I pray you are happy for now and physically as well as can be. Much love, Sue

  11. Haha ! Hello all, made me laugh all the ” buggering” and “life sucks” ! Waiting for the FM to get ready, then we leave for the airport. Raining cats band dogs ! So it will be a long trip.
    Thank you all for the encouragement. Been holding back the tears so far, but know they are coming. Along with the pay of separation. But….prayers and faith it will not be as long as we ” foresee” as he says.
    Donna, good to see you here again. Sue, Jim is the man ! He makes me laugh. Chris, I just had FM to change out some plugs so I can use my air compressor without throwing a breaker ! When I run the AC I must turn off the water heater. ( which, by the way, FM. Showed me if I turn it off for a few days, then back on when I need to reheat, my electric goes down. Was $25 cheaper this month ! ).
    Well, please pray for a safe trip driving for us and me to return. And for him to France.
    Love to all

  12. Hi all
    Well all ok so far today!! Yesterday got sorted without any collateral damage…….and today we go for my first big shop to stock up.we can then eat good and I can start to loose the weight I daren’t find I’ve put on..but can feel
    Thinking of you there.. you will feel better when you have heard he’s back safe. You keep busy remember you promised him.
    How you feeling after the meal out.i do remember you saying a long time ago you going there and the place where it was sounded lovely and the food…..and you used to take a cushion . It’s good to know you got back there to enjoy it .that was one of the places I wished you could go back too

    Well gonna start today…..hopefully no buggeration factor today! I’m prepared for it tho !

    • Chris dear, HURRAY, a whole day without trouble. I hope you got to go shopping and are settling in. Wish you were closer and I would give you a welcoming plant. Are you an indoor plant type person? I’ll bet your solarium is a lovely place for ferns. We have them all over up here. THey just pop up everywhere but I still like the house type of ferns as well.
      Yes, I did have a fine birthday as you can read above. It was the same restaurant that is becoming my favorite. That’s the same place where we took our friends who visited from CA. I did pay a price with the back and a chair but the cushion helped a bit. The waitress brought me a small bowl of delicious vanilla ice cream with vanilla bean and Happy Birthday written in dark chocolate on the place holding it. Lovely.
      It is truly wonderful to feel just a bit better. The timing is perfect with Jim’s retirement. I felt like crap on the larger dose of Lyrica and went back to the low dose. Much better. Joints still bad but I didn’t expect a miracle. I just wanted to be able to leave the house without crying. Just getting outside is so good for depression. Thinking of you and your new digs. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        I am so pleased things are as they are for you it brings a smile to my face as I read or think about it. It’s those thoughtful touches that make family occasions only as they can be ,just memorable …along with it be icecream!
        Well when is the next outing? I’m looking forward to it….I’m so happy it is as it is for you now

        Shopping done and put away in right places….
        The day went well.have to get two new doors for side of garage and workshop…and a window…had a man come out to quote and two more today..Also have a patio table being delivered .it was in a sale and is just right for the area…looking forward to that .as our other one was too small
        At the moment I’ve no plants in the house…when I was in a previous house I had was a lot of upkeep so when we moved to our last place I thought I wouldn’t have any..but I compensated with ones outside…so that’s what I have one empty one I’s a big one ..I thought I’d grow some cut and come again some seeds to plant just have to get the soil.
        Might do that inbetween things today DH has to get bits of wood ..he is doing stuff to his workshop
        Yes I like ferns had some in last garden..but all stuff here is different to what I’ve had before
        I’d like that welcoming plant ….
        How you?
        You too?
        How you feeling….it’ll be better when you hear from him.i wonder if a holiday for one of you might be coming…..
        Ok it’s only 6 ish here and neednt get up till 8 today so try to get back to slept

  13. Hello all
    Well, got the FM on his flight out. I assume all went well, no news yet. He should be home by now. It was not a good day for traveling. Very strong rainstorms all the way down until almost to Charlotte, construction, and trying not to cry. Went in with him and had a coffee and chatted an bit, then he left to go through the security. I held it in until I got to the truck, had a little meltdown. He did really good. Chocked them back for the most part and made me sit. Took me almost 4 1/2 hours to make the 2 hour trip back, there was a fatality on the interstate and it was close down at one point. Had to get off and re-enter after going thru back roads. At least I knew where I was.
    It was hardest when I got home. I went in, was already upset, then one of the dogs ran out to the truck looking for him….well.
    But rested okay last night and woke to more rain today. Looking forward to going home and getting more rest tonight.
    Long months stretch out in front. But IF his retirement goes through smoothly, he could be back here in March. Keep those prayers going up please
    Chris, glad you are getting where you need to be in your moving. It is a horrible task, but the end reward is sweet. I bought myself a scale, so I can better manage my weight. Always hated them, but need to get serious about this last twenty some pounds I need to get off.
    Take care all. sue, hope you had a good birthday dinner

    • Tonie, I thought about you all day yesterday and last evening. I kept saying to Jim, I wonder how Tonie is doing?” So sorry for the weather and the awful, long tedious trip home. It will be good to rest up after Ms. Alice today. I know it was a difficult task seeing him off and small wonder you lost it. Hope you hear from him soon and he got home safely. Yes, let us all pray for a March return. Hugs to you today and the days ahead.
      Yes, I had a lovely dinner. I decided to try beef and had prime rib dinner. My IBS is so much better on the Lyrica, I have decided IBS is an inflammatory process…it must be. The weather was perfect with blue skies and a soft wind out the windows over the river. Talk with the family as my SIL’s brother who is fixing up the old Victorian is having an Open House soon for people to see the house and progress. The money they charge will go to the Historical Society here. It’s a big deal and ticket for a soiree the night before with a buffet have already sold out. Great fun for him, SIL and Beth. Those of you on FB have seen it. Such a lovely old place with much left to be done The whole town is watching. They have recently brought back an old ferry boat that used to run folks from here across to WA state and someone is going to refurbish it and it will be available for public use. With the trolley already running along the river it will all look like old times around here.Love you dear friend and incidentally, I always have a scale. Everyone should.

  14. Chris, All sounds so good even though you are having to replace quite a few things. This way you get to choose things you like even though they might not be too exciting like doors and toilets; but you need them. We could use a few new windows because our old wood sashes are aging; after all, some of them are the original ones. Good thing we live in a town that values the old stuff, like Jim and I…ha, ha.
    Yes it is wonderful to get out and enjoy. I have the pain during and afterward but can handle it better. We have had so much beautiful weather without any of the heat so many nearby states are having. They’re having such a drought and water problem in CA. In dry Arizona they have had terrible floods in recent days. Strange and so difficult. I have friends in CA who don’t bother with flower beds or vegie gardens anymore because they can’t get enough water and their lawns are brown. I feel so blessed to live in such a green area. Sure we have strong windstorms and always the chance of earthquakes but each area has its problems.
    Your new patio table sounds nice and your garden sounds like an adventure. You’ll get to know some new plants.
    This weekend the guys are looking forward to the air show in Portland and we girls get some time to ourselves. Ii am able to get a bit more done but still not able to have my house the way I would like it to be…clean. All any of us can do is the best for one day at a time. Love you much, Sue

  15. Good morning all
    Resting in this morning getting over that trip of Wednesday and yesterday’s work. Ms Alice gets scolded by her daughter about not walking and cries and says she just wants to die, or to go home where she used to live. I feel so bad for her. But all I can do is try to comfort her. Her daughter says ” drama”. And I see her almost fall and collapse in my arms. Anyway, keep her in your prayers
    I heard from my FM this morning. He just woke up from 12 hours of sleep. Was going to eat and go back to bed to regain his balance. He said when he landed in Basal, he thought he was in a Muslim palace ! All around were vieled woman’s and screaming kids running amuck. And of course men standing in groups chatting. It was good to hear from him. It has been so lonesome here, but I will regain my balance soon as well.
    It is almost 10 and I need my breakfast and to go swim. Then….I don’t know. It has rained here for 3 days and more to come. I need to get int the garden even if it is full of mud. Tomatoes to pick, and probably cukes as well. And of course housecleaning to do. Never done is it ?
    Sue I am so happy that the Lyrica is helping you. See, sometimes the changes we don’t want to do end up being something good. Like the pain clinic. I didn’t want to go either, and they have been so good for me. I a, glad yours is good as well. They focus on the one issue and not others. I go back next Wednesday to see about my back. I a, going to ask for some stronger pain meds to use just when I need them on bad days as well. Probably they will say no. But….
    Chris, I would love to share a plant with you as well. I like to start a plant off mine and give, and get starts from others as well. Sue, I would swap them with you !
    I have some beautiful plants started from other people’s plants. A spider plant from the woman I baby sat for that first year. Remember ? Christmas cactus from Judy, wandering Jew from a friend of hers, and other plants outside from seeds as well.
    Well, I must get moving. But I must say it has felt good to be so lazy. Prayers and best wishes to you all

  16. Hi
    Nice evening here sitting out,just had dinner…well salmon and rice for DH and me cheese and an apple..oh and a yogurt
    Got doors and window ordered and a patio table nearly a beachy pic for over the fireplace..well gas one
    So dD got palpitations with her flushes..dr did an ECG that was ok..but it comes and then she has a flush
    Dr sent her for blood tests
    .gives a warm w.end here
    Poor ms Alice good job she has you
    I’ve had those plants before they go well here inside with the central heating
    I rember when the men went to the air show a few years ago ..hope the weather stays fine
    All have a good weekend

    • Chris, hope you are also having a good weekend. Overcast here but not cold. Strange how quickly the clouds come and go here on the coast. Never saw clouds move so quickly. You know, I don’t believe I ever asked you if your new home is in the same area where you lived previously. Are you near the shops and all you are used to?
      What is going on with your daughter? Is it menopause? I think it is possible to have some tachycardia when in the throes of a hot flash. Hormones are strange things. Pray all is well with her.
      Sounds like you are doing so much to improve your home. It is all exciting and I hope you’re enjoying it and also DH. Has his B/P calmed down in recent days now that you are settling in?
      Yes, Jim hates to miss an air show and this year with SIL and GS he will really enjoy himself.
      Stay well dear girl, okay? Love ya, Sue

      • Yep having a good w.end had a BBQ last nite..steak don’t usually have it…but it was from a local farm, nice but too expensive..its chicken tonite . We’ll have it on the BBQ with some sauce I’ll concoct
        Well infact it is just a walk away from where we lived about 18 years ago .the school DD went to inbetween. There are some shops to walk way a little village thatched shop and the other way post office ,chemists ,hairdressers and small grocery shop. But we would go for a weekly shop to the bigger shops in the car. It has less shops here than.where we were .but you can go for a nice little walk to a pub in the village..if I’m having a good day
        We are about 6 miles from our. last place
        I’m concerned about DD..she has such a frantic lifestyle
        DH Bp seems good
        Hope the weather is kind for the air show ..what will you do ? Rest maybe and feel better
        I remember you enjoying the markets good you got to go ..I love choosing fruit and veg from one
        Well I’ve nowt to do will try and start my book. Maybe help DH clean up the workshop he is enjoying putting wood stuff around it .filling and painting it up with a wash on the before he does the paint bit I think I’ll clean the cupboards out for him. When all that’s done we can sort more boxes in the garage out .then sort the garage…that’s the last bit
        Got bed heads for new beds coming next week and also two cane chairs for conservatory ,at the moment we are using fold up ones.
        it’s expensive moving..but it’s our last place so we are going to do it as we want it.weve done a lot in three surprised with all the setbacks as well
        Well I’m going to get up have a some toast and tea and get back to sleep.for a bit..its 5.45am

  17. Good morning all
    Second day of being lazy. Must have. Needed the sleep. Went back to sleep at 7 woke at 10 ! Anyway, one cup of coffee and ready for some food. Then I have to take off the trash, burn trash, do some house cleaning. That will be this afternoon with the AC on !
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. The sun is out here today, finally, and I hear lawn mowers all around the mtn firing up. I will wait until it dries out some. Put the horses in the yard and let them mow it !
    I had a gal on FB complaining about how the people on disability are sponging off the working people’s retirement because of insurance payments. Wow, last thing I did last night. I let her know that it is not free for insurance being on disability either, and that yes, I use my weed eater and I AM disabled. This am she had written she didnt mean people who deserved it, just these others that didn’t. Messing up her retirement because she has to pay so much for insurance. People are so ignorant about things and make no effort to learn.
    On that note I say have a wonderful day
    Love to all

    • Tonie, okay, calm down. Ignorance surrounds us my dear friend and it’s like any task, we can only put it out one fire at a time. If some of those folks only knew the truth about how hard it is to get disability they’d think before typing. The only disability situation that bugs me is those who have spoiled their own health with drugs or alcohol getting disability. I know we are to be charitable and I try to understand but for so many of us who have legitimate disease processes going on it is hard to see others throwing their lives away.
      It’s good that you’ve been getting some extra sleep which you undoubtedly needed. Sometimes grief and missing someone can act in a way to make one tired. Glad he got home okay but sorry to hear he is having to see so much change in his home country. We must do our must here to see that does not happen.
      Still muddy, huh? Your garden always sounds so nice. Jim and I just got back from across the river into WA state for their Sat market. I didn’t get to look around much because Jim is in a rush to wax his car today but at least we went to my favorite produce lady. I bought tiny gold potatoes, corn, okra, peaches and tomatoes. Just may make a peach pie if I can find the energy.
      Pretty much lost yesterday to pain and fatigue. Methotrexate day and also got shots in each hip from the local oncology office. It was so nice to NOT have to make that four hour trip into and back from Portland. All a bit much for one day although I did cheat and take my methotrexate early, on THursday night because I was afraid of mixing all of that in my system. Jim finally dragged me out to a hamburger stand for dinner and we ate it down by the river. Overcast here. Sure hope it doesn’t rain for the air show tomorrow the guys in the family are going to. That’s about it for new here, should try to do more than just lie here I guess…Love, Sue

    • Take no notice tonie
      It’s not worth it…as soon as you say something that sorts it out they will think of another thing to complain about
      Where you live seems idyllic,FM must be missing it along with you too
      Hope you don’t work too hard there this weekend.will you have a new pastor for your church or one just to help out for a while

      • Chris
        It is beautiful here and peaceful, but away from the beaten crowd, so some people think it is too forsaken. I did for many years,
        Yes, we will have a substitute for this month until they find us a new one.
        Take care

  18. Hi
    Well I did do something I helped dH clean the cupboards out in the workshop..he’s filling in with stuff and will paint when finished we just had another cold drink and now I’m gonna do nowt.doing this then read.bbq tonite have marinated chicken in yogurt and curry..also got peaches to put hope it goes ok.nice weather lovely breeze
    How’s it with you Jen
    Hope all having a good weekend

    • Wow Chris that Bbq sounds great. Never marinated in yogurt before. Will have to try that. I am back into the rut of being and eating alone. Trying to make myself fix supper is hard right now. I did fix a salad on Friday, but last night just cheese fruit and some black bean chips. Soon

    • Chris your chicken sounds go good. Jim will only eat fried chicken so I end up eating chicken by myself. Might try it. We went across the river yesterday and enjoyed some of the vegies for dinner last night. We had steak, also. I marinated mine in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with garlic. So good. Jim doesn’t like any form of marinade. As you all know, he is a very picky eater. I boiled some tiny gold potatoes and fried okra. Yum.
      I think it’s wonderful you’re getting settled and also enjoying life. I also love wicker and cane furniture. I used to have my Dad’s old wicker rocker with wide arms but it is very fragile and have put it in the basement for my son to have someday. We can’t have that kind of furniture outside here in soggy old Oregon. We have metal patio furniture we’ve had for years and also some wood in the form of a settee on the front porch that I cover in winter. Don’t you love all the special, homey touches? Love, Sue

  19. What are black bean chips?
    The yogurt and curry powder together make a tandoori chicken .never BBQ one so hope goes ok

    • Well, this short note is for everyone. I am leaving my daughters house in about 30 minutes to head home! I am glad to be going home, but will miss my family terribly bad. It is a good 4 hours, but at least my baby daughter is coming back with me for a week and my middle daughters boyfriend is also riding back to stay at his mom’s house while she goes on vacation. At least we will have male companionship with us should anything, God forbid, go wrong! My middle daughter can’t come with her boyfriend because she has to work. It all works out for the best anyway. Sometimes the 2 of them need a break from each other. I have appointments almost everyday next week so I will be busy. I am thinking and praying for each of you. I will sit down one day next week and share with all of you. Love you all, Donna

    • Chris, I’m sure Tonie will be back to you on the chips but let me also explain. One of the big sellers over here are taco or corn ships. Tortilla chips are huge in popularity. Black bean chips usually have black beans in them. Black beans are so good and cause less gas when eaten. I use them in with the taco meat. Jim and I love tortilla chips in the microwave for a few seconds with cheese on top, all melted. Yum. Later, Sue

      • Sue
        Your dinner sounded good too..but ain’t steak just too expensive really.. We have balsamic’s thick to put on salads do you ?
        The yogurt coating came out good and crispy on the BBQ..I would usually do it in the oven
        There’s another thing what are gold potatoes..are they what we call new potatoes ..young small ones?
        Tortilla is popular here too..and yep I’ve tried the melted cheese thing…oh do you use black beans instead of those red kidney beans for Mexican food for say a chilli dish with mince.have the black beans another name I might no them
        Hope your day went well and the men enjoyed their day
        We were both busy eventually spent all day doing the dh was sawing wood and filling and painting and me cleaning and supervising! Good fun tho
        Oh guess what hidden on top of a cupboard in the was a 1983 playboy magazine! Hmmm,…

        Safe journey


    • I found these chips at SAMs Club one day. Black bean sprouts, quinoa, garlic, other good tummies, and they are really good ! Like a tortilla chip, but better.

  20. Chris dear, indeed, steak is very expensive but I buy large rib eye steak and then cut them in half. Small side for me and large side for Jim. We don’t have them often at $19.00 per lb. Ridiculous isn’t it? I marinate to make it more flavorful and tender for my poor teeth. Yes, I use Balsamic vinegar on salads but very sparingly. I love the flavor but don’t like the brown staining it gives. I love the flavor but a little goes a long way. I don’t know another name for black beans. They are just a small black bean and over here the traditional bean with Mexican food is the pinto bean, you know the larger speckled bean.
    Your dinner sounds good indeed. If I ever marinated anything in yogurt I would have to hide it from Jim…would never go near yogurt. I love chicken but am always forgetting to get it out of the freezer downstairs. I have a mental block about the stairs to the basement because they are so steep. I wonder if yogurt would work for marinated fried vegetables like mushrooms or green tomatoes? I often use buttermilk. I’m always looking for calcium wherever I can find it.
    Sounds like a very productive yet enjoyable day for you. I’m having a quiet one. Guys still at air show. Hope you’re getting some sleep. Love, Sue

  21. Sue
    Nope just woke up…what a good idea about the veg .as now we are on a diet gonna have a lot of veg on the I’m gonna try that one.with big mushrooms it sounds nice.they would crisp up
    Not sure about frying will try that one too
    Here they use kidney beans with Mexican’s a red one
    Rib eye was the one we had
    Another day in and it will be done.then can unpack more boxes.
    Mite hear from ins co today about all the damage and lost stuff
    Weather still good,we can put stuff outside to do it all..makes life easier

    • Chris, yes, we have kidney beans here, also. My favorite batter for vegies is a beer batter for mushrooms, zuccini, onions, etc. In recent years I have discovered the wonderful flavors of baking vegetables in a wee bit of olive oil and a dash of garlic salt. THey’re delicious. I hope the movers didn’t lose anything you truly loved. Sue

  22. Hello ya’all “. Been a long day for me. I was up before dawn as I had to be at the denture place at 7:30 a to get my little front tooth fixed. It broke the day before FM left. So there til 10 , they had to make a new one,then to go and swim, then thru drive thri for coffee and ice cream, back to the dental place for pickup, then to Walmart, whew, then home ! 200 miles driven.
    Made me a nice salad like the FM does. All in very small bits,small amount of greens with lots of veggies , onion and garlic cut in little bits. Add some herbs de Provence, ground up flax, dressing and voila ! Salad ! Miss him a lot at supper. Hard for me to sit down alone again. I just heard some geese going over. Very early for that but it does feel like September out there. Cool and overcast. So much rain of late. Makes me sad to think it will be getting cold soon.
    Was watching the hummingbirds at my sisters. They are so funny…squeaking and diving after one another. She has so many of them. I think they nest in her pussy willow tree. I canst and and watch them for hours ! I have some good pics of them. I need to go and sit with my good camera and get some printable pics.
    Well, gonna go porch sit for a bit.
    Love to all

  23. Tonie, I love the image of you porch sitting on your special porch love built. I know you must miss him at this time of the day when one shares and winds down. Your salads sound wonderful and probably mostly from your garden, huh? Hope you’re happy with the new tooth. What a day with so much mileage and it sounds like you feel every mile of it tonight.
    We had the grands today and had a fun day. We took them out for breakfast and had fun just talking together. When Beth got home from work we went down to a nursery we like with the kids and it had a fall feeling to it so different than in the spring. Where has the summer gone? I’m beat. The drive down to the nursery on the coast was a bit much for my sitter. Hope you get some much needed rest. Love, Sue

    • Sue
      I was in the store yesterday and they had fall decorations put….sad. Like you I wonder where the summer went. The kids start back to school tomorrow here. We used to not go back until Labor Day !
      I did have a good rest. Now to tackle Ms Alice and her eldest daughter. She is not a happy camper and you are so ill at ease around her. Oh well only for a few days I hope. Then she will return to New Jersey. Does her mom good for her to be there though.
      Glad you had fun with the grands. Good fo you, so happy you are feeling better. Was thanking the Lord this am fo answering my prayers for you !

  24. Good morning
    Where is everyone ? I went to make sure there were no blocks on the blog ! The sun is out here this morning ( finally). Not sure for how long. We have a storm front moving in from the coast of SC coming all the way for thundershowers everyday through next weekend 😓 Toast , coffee, strawberries and blueberries this am. I have to can some tomatoes after work today.
    Pain Dr yesterday went well, except he wants me to wait another month until we move on my back, says I need to give it more time ??? Got a nerve block in my rat knee, it feels better, an injection in my left jaw for TMJ, and he gave me some stronger meds for when I have bad days. I reminded him he is treating more than my back. He knows me well enough now to know I am not an abuser. He told me a patient said to him, that he wasn’t mocking Jesus, but he felt like he was taking all the sins of the abusers on himself when he couldn’t get the meds he needed. Said that was profound to him. I agree.
    Well, I hope everyone is well and happy.

    • Tonie, Sorry didn’t get on yesterday. I’m pleased your pain appt. went well. It seems your doctor is paying attention to every area that hurts because you were smart enough to remind him you are more than a back. I like the statement you shared about those of us who are not abusers making it tough for the rest of us.
      How is it going with Ms. Alice and her out of town daughter. I know she can be a bit of a pill and hope it is going well for you. Yes, it has been quiet on here of late. I think Chris is busy getting settled and Jennie is troubled by much right now. So many others are busy or only come on occasionally. Glad we can all keep in touch on FB, aren’t you? Guess it’s Thursday which is a sign I need to get going on a new blog for this weekend.
      Yes, in many ways I feel better but same old pain when I try to do much. I wish the Lyrica would help the back but it has not, at least at the dose I can tolerate. The numbness in my ankles and feet is better so I feel a bit safer when walking. I’ve been trying to get a bit more accomplished around here but my ambitions are often thwarted by my body. I know we all know that feeling. Your food always sounds so good. Wonderful to have so much fresh produce this time of year. Heard from your FM? Thinking of you, Love, Sue

      • Hey Sue
        Ms Alice isn’t doing well at all, weaker and so much fluid coming out of her. Her nurse daughter says she thinks the heart is failing ? The visiting daughter, I would like to throttle ! So impatient and pushy with her mom. Make my job harder. Believe it or not I have kept my mouth shut, she is leaving on Monday so ….but I am going to tell Fran she needs to talk to her before she comes back. Cause she will be here while Fran has her ulcers repaired.
        Me, I am very tired, not sleeping well. Hot today so I am inside with the AC on. Had to go shop, feed, water, sweep, and do lots of things I have been spoiled to not have to do. I miss my FM., yes, got an email yesterday. He is still having problems with his sleeping, says he is up watching the Olympics most of the night and sleeps during the day. School starts back the first week of sept but he is going on a hiking trip with a friend in the Volges for 3 days before. All I can do is pray his retirement goes thru and he can come home !
        Love to ya

    • I’m around but pretty involved caring for Nessie, it won’t be long before she goes to the rainbow bridge I’m afraid but spending as much time as I can with her. I’ve been doing my water balance and exercise class, singing for funerals and masses. It’s been ridiculously hot and humid here which means breathing is tough outdoors. I’ve had help with my outside work and have kept the house socially acceptable lol like Lynlee I’ve been reading a lot.

      • Bsl, so sorry about your doggie. Mine is hanging in, getting a bit better, but his lungs get so congested and the humidity isn’t helping. He likes it when I turn the AC on. You are in my prayers

      • Bobsled, I’ve been watching your life with Nessie on FB and know and sure do empathize with what you are going through at this time in her life…and yours. It’s so painful. Good for you doing the water exercises and hanging in there. I have just been trying to do more in my life, like getting out more, etc. and slacked off on the exercises. Bad me. Like Lyn, how wonderful for you to share your talent for singing with others. I know that is very fulfilling. It seems that any kind of giving always gives us such a reward in return. Know you and Nessie have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Sue

  25. Hello, everyone! Yes, I’m still here. I just caught up reading. So much to take in. It is far from feeling fall-like here! We are in a heat wave. Lots of humidity, too. Oh, joy. Sorry I haven’t been on much, a lot on my plate right now. I did have some mandatory down time this weekend. Friday I had the first of 2 basal cell spots removed as well as a precancerous spot frozen. Neither was a big deal, but of course sent me into an inflammatory response with aching joints et al. Also had muscle all along the right of my spine in spasm and pain. I spent Saturday under the influence of muscle relaxer but had to refrain on Sunday as I had to sing a duet with DD Sunday evening. The basal spot is now sporting about an inch incision and 4 stitches and is healing well. I have another to go yet Friday a week. It is on my back and I’m not looking forward to it as I will not be able to reach it for the twice daily hydrogen peroxide cleansing and Vaseline application. Will have to enlist DD when I can; DH is not quite as gentle 😉 My body is fighting the changes I’m trying to make with my Pilates/body work. I’m working one on one with my Pilates/exercise physiologist on using biomechanics that are easier on my back and joints. It will take time, but it feels better when I “get it”. At my last visit with Rheumy, I think he thought my saying it helps may have meant a more vast improvement (or was maybe just looking for an argument or statement to use when filling out my yearly paperwork for my disability retirement). It won’t be a cure-all, but should help keep my joints healthier longer and maybe help with some pain levels. It also allows me some strength training and that all important core strengthening. I was able to deliver good news to him on that paperwork front, though. The response from the last submission of paperwork said they have now put me on long term status so I don’t have to submit that paperwork yearly anymore. Good news. Speaking of disability, we met with our Financial advisor and it was suggested I try from SSI Disability. Doc had always felt I wouldn’t get it, so I hadn’t pursued it aggressively. Guess now I will need to give it a serious try and see. DH has been pressuring me. I think I’ll try to find a good lawyer like Tonie did. Tonie, how did you go about searching for a good one?
    DD and SB are doing well. SB will move out Monday to room in an apartment with a couple of friends and attend college at a different location. Summer is winding up. I guess DH will be back at school soon, too. Is it bad to say I will enjoy some quiet alone time again? Love them all, but I do value my quiet time, too. Just hoping to clear my slate right now! Too many irons in the fire. Not sure how that happened.
    Take care, one and all. Nice catching up with everyone and hearing of your activities.

    • Lyn
      I am not sure your age, but the closer you are to 60 the easier according to my lawyer. I just looked one up and “interviewed” him. There is not much that any good lawyer can’t do, filing paperwork just get one that does Ssi disability. I know what you mean on the Pilates. I do some of those exercise too. M swimming helps the most. But days like today I can’t take my walk I feel like a failure, just have to do what I can. You will enjoy your space more as the kids move on, and they will as well. It just gets lonely for a bit when you want to see them and …..
      Take care. I need to go to the derma as well, have a couple of places on my face.

    • Lyn, so good to hear from you and get all the latest news. I am sorry you are having tiny pieces of yourself chopped off but you don’t want those nasty things. It just feels better to have them gone, doesn’t it. Sounds like you need a nurse friend to do the next one on your back as far as the dressing changes. So good to keep them moist as they heal. Following you on FB I can see how busy you have been. It’s really exciting for SB as he leaves the nest. It is a bit painful but I see my son going through it right now with his last child heading off to college. Oh yes, my Texas GD is heading off to college to study nursing and all three of her brothers are now off pursuing school and careers so this is it. I remember many years ago when my two left I wrote a poem about the Empty Nest Syndrome and more or less poo, pooed it. At that time in his life, pursuing his newly won RN certificate many years ago, he was offended by my poem. “Mom, you don’t really feel that way do you?” I smiled and said, “Someday you’ll get it”. That someday has arrived. Both he and my DIL are looking forward to a bit of peace, quiet and freedom. Interesting how life changes us and our attitudes.
      I think it’s wonderful that you have a Pilates coach and admire you for it. That is the goal, as you stated, to keep our bodies and joints as useful and strong as possible. All of us on here have progressive diseases but that doesn’t mean we have to lie down and let them win; it just creates more of a challenge for each of us to face the enemy and beat it down as long as possible.
      Hope all the critters are doing well and hope Sadie is not out numbered by the felines.Much love, Sue

      • Lyn, Sorry, I forgot to comment on the SSi disability. I had absolutely no trouble at all. I filled out the paper work, had an in home visit and that was it. I was in my late forties at the time.That was in the state of CA and as many here have found out, each state is different.CA was near bankruptcy but I got it anyway. I know it’s the Feds domain but it is handled on a local level. I think one of the things you said is telling in that the doctor has to write a good letter and be behind you 100%. Wishing you the best with that. Awe sweet bureaucracy. Sue

  26. Lynlee I had to use a lawyer to get SSD despite a different federal agency declaring me permanently disabled. I had all my medical records and called a lawyer with good reviews like yelp etc. He looked st my paperwork and said it was no question I qualified. He didn’t understand why I hadn’t been approved. I had a comprehensive medical record to back up my medical retirement from the federal government paperwork. The fee was taking directly from the back pay owed and was able to be claimed on my income tax return.

  27. Hi all
    Good to hear from all
    I’ve been busy..doing a Lyn and painting some furniture from pine to a cream..but gosh it’s a bit strong for me keep,smelling it and it sort of burns
    Very end of summer here and cold. But gives a heat wave in a few days….but for all this move and settling in the weather has been good
    Our bed heads came today and Cain chairs for consevatory friends coming around on Saturday so it will be set nice
    Your breakfast sounds so good .i can’t eat all that but wish I could it feels healthy
    Hope all the incisions are not too sore .you sound busy again!
    Fancy that numbness going..magic.i thought once it went that was must rejuvenate
    Ok dH doing some astronomy tonight and setting it up,in gonna join in from a distance in the warm?

    • Chris, sounds like your place is so nice. I love the bed heads words. Over here that would mean someone who just got out of bed. We call what you had arrive today headboards. Love it. SO happy things are falling into place for you. Not sure what numbness you are referring to for me as being gone…just better. Sorry if I misled. It was to the point where I couldn’t feel my feet and the Lyrica has improved the sensation but the underlying problem of the cartilage damage is still there and getting worse. It’s a soft tissue arthritis with destruction so just trying to deal with the symptoms. Can’t change the disease. It seems like all the meds I take, NSAID’s, steroids, Turmeric, are all just to treat the pain and nerve damage. Oh life…Enjoy your company and sharing your beautiful new home. Love, Sue

  28. Hi sue
    Oh it was too good to be true…..i thought it had gone…
    Dh has Drs appt tomorrow he has a rash all on legs and blood blisters..we think it’s the he’s going to get checked out..shame as they are working well on a low dose
    Had to put painted furniture in garage couldn’t stand the smell
    Well time to get to sleep

    • Chris, so sorry to hear about DH. It’s not shingles is it? That is usually on one side of the body. That poor guy has had so much trouble with his meds.
      I’m sure the paint smells will bother you since you have Sjogren’s Syndrome. You should probably think about getting a face mask at the hardware store. I’m sorry that you have to go through that but I do completely understand. I even have to leave the bathroom when I bleach the toilets. Rest well dear. Jim and I are going out for dinner to a fish place we like that also has steaks for him. Later dear girl, Sue

  29. Well apparently it’s eczema from the amlodipine ..she thinks so he has to stop those and get a platelet on no bp tabs at moment
    Yep I have to do the same thing..polishes too. Isn’t it a nuisance.
    I hope you both enjoyed the meal..I do like to hear you enjoying things again
    Very warm here and gives it getting warmer
    Oh yes we call headboards too.just use both…
    Tired now up early

    • Chris, so sorry to hear DH is reacting yet again. Poor man. Hope the rash clears up and stops being annoying or hurting. Awful. Hopefully his B/P won’t face any challenges or irritations of life and he can be relaxed. Fingers crossed for good results.
      Yes, dinner was grand but I ate too much. Going where there are so many tourists makes me realize how fortunate we are to live here. Jim had a hamburger and I had a mixed plate of fish, oysters, halibut and what I believe was strips of abalone. Wonderful meal. It’s warm for here. It has been very hot in Portland so folks head out here to the coast to cool off. As far as the Sjogren’s syndrome, guess we both should get big comfortable clothes pins for our noses. Love, Sue

  30. Well good morning all
    Lazy today by plan. Not sleeping well, fms flare up. Even taking sleeping pill and 10 mg melatonin ! Oh well, such is life ! Must get going and go get the swim done. Then back here for chores. FM spoiled me while he was here, now I have to do it all again. Sunday Baby was holding the water trough in here teeth like “hey woman give me some water”. I had to laugh, it is an 80 gallon trough so not light ! I need to find the springs for my washer and replace them. It will not spin without bumping. I looked it up on YouTube, easy enough to do. I need to run by Sears or get them online. I will see. Got the AC on, it is already in the 80’s. The dogs will love me for it.
    Chris, so sorry for your dh. He has such problems with those BP tabs. Sue so happy you are out and about with Jim more often. Glad to hear it.
    I don’t use bleach anymore, just the Shaklee cleaners and a Lysol toilet bowl lavender insert. Cleans and disinfects then I just clean the outside of the bowl. You got the Basic G didn’t you ? It disenfects and kills germs so no need for the bleach. I can’t take the smell of chemicals either. Can’t go down the cleaner aisle in the grocery.
    Well, tomatoes on to parboil and can later, finish my last coffee and then get going
    Love to all
    Ps remembered a natural spring where people used to get water all the time. Been getting containers of water from there to drink and use. Wonderful. The people who own it has it piped out so anyone can come and get it.

  31. Tonie, I have a feeling your lazy day is a lot more productive than most folks idea of a lazy day…life’s chores just keep calling. Love the fact Baby is communicating although it seems a bit hard on his teeth hauling around that much weight. The natural spring you mentioned sounds wonderful. How kind of the owners to make it convenient for others to use.
    Hope your swim is a good one and you feel more energized after the swim and your usual ice cream afterwards. Do hope hope you actually get some rest today. Love, Sue

  32. Where you live does sound lovely are lucky..and the meal sounded so good
    Did the men enjoy that air show?
    I’m holding back on the icecream for a while ..trying to lose a few pounds …but with this hot weather who knows…if I get some for the freezer I’ll just eat the whole lot in one go…so that’s have to go out to have one
    Well tired tonite just had showers and done washing.hope to sleep thru tonite..up early this morning 6 am having toast
    Had to be at Drs at 8.40 but I was up anyway so just stayed up
    Well of to bed now

  33. Thank you, States side friend for the SSI advice. We’ll give it a go. Tonie, you recall I’m sure how much I loved swimming. Wish I could still go. Now I can’t even get summer swimming in. Our local pool had to close and the local Y water is still on the chilly side for me. There is another pool a friend goes to, but with our schedule I’m afraid it would be too much travel time to make it worth it. *sigh I’d love to be able to afford a swim/spa for my backyard, but not right now.
    Sue, yes, I just want those cancer spots gone! The chest spot is healing pretty nicely. Hopefully DD will be home to help with the wound care most of the time on the back one. DH is certainly willing, thankfully. I feel bad for people who live on their own. The back is not an easy place to reach on one’s own. 😉
    Chris, yes, you need to keep the paint and painted furniture out of your living space until the fumes clear. The painting I have done was done outside. Same with the waxing (or sealing, or poly) after. DD had wanted her bedroom furniture done this summer but I’ve not heard a peep about it yet… Hm.
    Heat index is to be 110-115* F, temp around 100 F, according to one weather source for today. Think I’ll be staying in the A/C! DH took the pup out for a short walk early this morning. I was still in bed thanks to waking around 3:30 AM and not being able to get back to sleep Finally took something at 5. Hate that. I’ll get a Pilates workout in today instead. Stay cool, all who are in hot climes today!

  34. Lyn
    Same for me today. Already hot outside, but I need to do some things out there. I will wait until this evening when it is cooler or else do them on Monday. I slept a bit better last night so ….. Hope your wounds heal nicely. Take care and stay cool

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