Dog Is God Spelled Backwards

One day last week, I saw a very humorous cartoon in our local newspaper. Yes, I read the “funnies.” It was a cartoon drawing of a man arriving at the pearly gates of Heaven where he was led into the throne of God and found a dog sitting there. The dog looked at the surprised man and said, “What?” “You didn’t know?”

That struck me as hilarious because it reeks of truth. All of the virtues we find in our dogs are those we ourselves often hope to possess. Dogs are loyal, loving, wise, intuitive and smarter than we credit them with being. I don’t mean to exclude cats who can also be loving and intelligent pets but one does have to remember cats spelled backwards is tac; as in thumbtack, independent act and ATTACK!!

Looking back over the past thirty years of my life when I have had chronic pain and chronic illness, our dogs and cats have figured into the mix more than many humans. Of course, our loved ones, friends and the medical community are very influential in all of our lives when we are faced with chronic health problems. They are there for support, a half-hearted but well-meaning ear and a soft shoulder to lean upon but through no fault of their own, their needs must come first. It’s called survival.

Have you ever had a doctor wag his tale in salutation when you entered his office? Has a dear friend ever rushed over to you and licked your face in greeting? Have you ever had your spouse pee on your shoes out of the sheer joy of seeing your smiling face? No? I haven’t had any of these acts occur either and somehow, when giving it some thought, I wouldn’t want them to have happened. We just don’t have the same expectations for our human acquaintances and family as we do for our pets, particularly our canine ones.

Perhaps, the fact we give them more slack in their behavior allows for the sincerity and honesty we experience with our dogs. There is no wall of hesitation with our dogs. With humans we have guards on our sharing, hesitation on showing our emotions and often, a fear of burdening another with our problems. We don’t expect anything from our pets except their love, their companionship and their often faint-hearted attempt to do their business in the yard and not in the house. Sure, we know our friends are housebroken, for the most part. You see our canine buddies are held to a looser standard of behavior and perhaps, we are all the better for it. The gifts we receive in return are their unqualified love, undivided attention and their total lack of judgement.

We don’t have to make an appointment to sit in a recliner or lie on a couch to talk to our dogs. They aren’t the least bit particular where you talk to them, the hour of the day or night and the location. All of these are of small consequence to a canine buddy. On the couch, in the bathroom, in the bathtub, in a swimming pool, or in bed they are always there for us. They may occasionally fall asleep or snore through our recitation but a counselor, spouse or friend can do that, too. When I found out two years ago I had cancer, I could hug our little Yorkie, George, endlessly and weep into his soft fur. He would occasionally lick the tears away and always sense something was wrong with me as he felt called to duty. Under those same circumstances I felt I had to be brave for my spouse, family and friends. George had no such expectations of me. I asked George endless questions about why this had to happen to me in addition to all the physical problems I already faced. No, he didn’t have the answers for me but I felt better for the asking. We are different people with our dogs and cats than with humans. There is an almost naked trust we know is always reciprocated by them.

After cancer surgery my feelings were all over the place. I still had all of my rheumatoid pain and all of its complications and I was overwhelmed. Radiation had caused so much pain and damage to my chest, my sitter was still a problem and then, upon learning the cancer had spread, I confess I was a bit of a mess. One day my oncologist asked me if I had a dog. Under the circumstances it struck me at first with its simplicity and then I saw the profound truth in it. Indeed, I had a dog and he was at that moment in the car with my husband. We also had another one at home who was old and dying and needed us more than we needed him. Is there ever a time in our lives when the Golden Rule applies more than with our pets? We attempt to do unto them as we would have them do unto us, loosely speaking of course. They often give us a chance to care for them and that is always a growth experience for us humans. We have to judge them, if we judge them at all, on a far different scale. I’m still looking for a dog or cat who can dust the furniture, cook dinner and clean the bathrooms. I suppose I could tie a feather duster to George’s tiny tail but he just isn’t tall enough to get the job done.

I can think of few humans, friends or relatives who get as excited to see us as our pets, canine and feline. Little George Washington Wood, our Yorkshire terrier, greets me each time I am out of the house for more than 30 seconds as if I had just come back from the wars. He has a special greeting after he has made the initial tail wagging and whimpering bit in which he runs up the staircase inside our entry way and looks for the step which is just the right height to greet whomever he is greeting. He has a taller step to reach my husband, a lower step for me and ones still lower to greet the grandchildren. Everyone gets a kiss which involves the receiving of a wet nose and mouth as he loves, takes inventory of what we’ve been eating and generally exudes love and happiness through the openings in the rails. Wouldn’t it be a different type of world if we greeted each other in a similar manner, perhaps without all the moisture. There again, the double standard as we accept slobbering in a dog but not from each other, well, French kissing aside.

Dogs and cats give us an amazing example to follow. When they are injured they usually trudge on through. Seldom do you see a dog who feels sorry for himself. Cats just let it out and get steamed. I’ve also noticed cats can be long time planners as they seek revenge for some act that frightened them or surprised them. Both of these types of animals are much more intelligent than we believe them to be. Perhaps, there is a deeper understanding within them than we can even imagine. We know they can usually find their way home across great distances. We know they can bravely carry on after losing a limb. We know they can be protective of those they love and take on creatures much larger than themselves if needed or often even if not needed. Seldom do you see a dog exhibiting self-pity. Yes, you occasionally see one who continues to limp when he needn’t but that may be one of the things they learned from us. Oh dear, as I type I realize we have much more in common than I originally thought. Perhaps, we are more like our critters than we thought. I wonder who taught whom? I suspect they are all, our four legged friends, just nicer “people” than we are. I suspect we all have a lot to learn from them. As for the expression, “Dog is God spelled backwards,” I know our critters are closer to Him than most of us are as we live our tangled lives and they live on in simplicity. So much to learn, so little time. I’d better get busy.

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  1. Dear Sue, absolutely love this one. Without my 2 cats and my dog I would really be a mess. They always manage to drag me out of depression. I have always believed that people really underestimate animals intelligence. Thank you so much for giving this post to us. Love, Janet.

    • Janet, thank you for loving this. Sometimes these crazy yet interestingly humorous ideas come to me and I think, “oh my goodness, they are going to think I’ve lost it this time.” I’m so pleased you have your cats and your dog. They are such a wonderful source of life, aren’t they? Love you dear lady, Sue

  2. Hi all
    I laughed with this one…..and can appreciate it
    I have had 4 dogs and do miss those close interactions and nearness
    I love where George has different steps for all the clever is that
    They recommend dogs go visit in hospitals here…well they have a regular dog that goes
    Raining here today and dull
    I put salt on bamboo sue
    Just keep plugging away at it
    Back later

    • Chris, we have a lot of service dogs over here that go into hospitals, also. I think it’s especially great for the dying, children who are ill and those who miss their pets at home.
      Hope you win that battle against the bamboo. Just look at all you’ve done at the new house already. Great. Love ya, Sue

  3. Good morning
    Sue, wonderful. We have shared our love of our critters often. And you know how much I love my boys. Brutus is my guard and companion. Never leaves my side ( unless FM is here) gets up in the night to accompany me to the bathroom and guards me all thru the night . Ceasar guards his castle , yard, driveway, pastures, and garden. Oh yeah and my sisters house too. He loves the porch and lays on the welcome mat surveying his domain . Like Janet, I don’t know where I would be without the company of my fur faces. I pray for them everyday just as I do my people, long life and good health. He knows what they mean to me and I believe will honor my prayers.
    Well, gotta go swim, the cook for my little man. Have a great day all

    • Tonie, I know how important your two babies are in your life. It’s wonderful that they each have an area to protect. George often follows me to the BR in the middle of the night. It feels good. Does your sister still have her cat? You haven’t mentioned the chicken much lately..Is all well there? Did Baby’s problem with the skin clear up?
      I just got the railings on the porch painted today. Relieved to have that over. GD coming over after school. Her bus stops out front. GS home sick with a cold. Beautiful here today and yesterday. COoler today with wind. SUch blue skies. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        Chickens are fine, with the exception of Rufus not accepting the other white hen. Poor thing. No Baby is not better, actually worse. It is melanoma, read up on it, nothing to do but let it run its course. It will eventually make her have to be put down. But until then….
        Yes, Judy still has Chocky. I go down and feed him while she is gone. He is such a mess. Old, skin and bones even though he eats like a horse. I brush him and keep him happy. Sometimes I forget to feed him on time and he comes up to the house and gets me. And then fusses at me all the way down the hill. Animals are my life. That and older people ! Poor older man, his daughters are putting him in assisted living. And really right now I see he needs to be. He loves to eat cooked food. But has a hiatal hernia which chicks him on food sometimes. And he is scared being alone
        Glad you got the painting done. Have a good day
        Love ya

  4. Wonderful, Sue! Having had cats and dogs my entire life, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a furry companion to which I could turn. Like you, mine have gotten me through a lot and I can only assume they will continue to do so. There is something about that unconditional (yes, even with cats) love. Cats just do it in their own way. 😉 I am sure this one will hit home with so many. Thank you. Wishing you well.
    Typed from my new laptop. We’ll see how long it takes to show online. 😉

    • Lyn, glad you liked this blog. So you got a new laptop? Glad it posted correctly but am confused why you have two different symbols if you used the same machine both times you posted. Hmmm? You have a house full of just this kind of love. I greatly enjoy all of your posts with the cats and your daily walks with Sadie. So sweet. Love, Sue

  5. I know many dogs have a far greater level of intuition than I do as a human. When I was a younger woman I wouldn’t date a man my smart dogs didn’t like. Guess that’s why I’m a spinster. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be alive today without Nessie’s physical intervention early in my disease. When she became sick as an elderly dog I repeatedly told my very (who’s also a dear friend) that I owe her everything and that cost nor physical care needs were irrelevant. It was hard to watch her frustration as I would help her walk towards the end as she had always physically assisted me. Now that Nessie is gone Remi is stepping right into the role including sleeping on my bed always “touching” so she can sense changes in my health. I admit that her dainty 110+ pound size does make this “cozy” in the twin sized hospital bed it’s also amazingly comforting. I’ve never lived without a pet dog or cat and couldn’t imagine trying.

    • Laura, I thought of you all the way through writing this. I know how very important your dogs are to you and always have been as long as I’ve known you. It’s wonderful. Hope you enjoyed this. Love, Sue

  6. Even though I’m definitely more of a cat person, my first pets were dogs. Twinkle was a full-bred Beagle and Ginger was the one from her litter of pups that we kept. Ginger was my dog. She was born when I was 2, and we were inseparable until she died 15 years later. She was my buddy, playmate and “psychologist.” I’d tell her all my secrets, joys, and troubles, and she always listened in her quiet way, head tilted to one side, and licked my hand while I hugged her neck. Definitely a gift from God, as was my kitty Maxx. Sweet creatures!

    • Annie, animals are like people…it’s their soul that counts whatever else is on the outside. I had a beagle years ago when my kids were quite small. His name was Toby and he was a love. Now I miss him. Hope your health is holding. Love, Sue

  7. Dear Sue, I think this may be my favorite of your posts, to date. You know how much my life centers around my mal(adjusted), Gracie and, previously, Sandi. In fact, your post brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on the unconditional and trusting love our fur babies give to us. It always amazes me that, no matter how large (Gracie) or small (Georgie) our dogs are, their love and devotion are equal in size – infinitesimal and without bounds! It’s so cute that Georgie has the stairs all figured out and I especially love how he gives kisses while taking inventory of what you’ve been eating. I can relate as Gracie does the same thing except that she stands on her hinds and is taller than me while kissing sloppily and inventorying for smells. Rest easy with your 4-legged companion, Dear Sue, and enjoy the pleasant weather up there. Sending much love your way.❤️🐾🐾

    • Karen, good to hear from you and Gracie. She is so amazing. I’m pleased you liked this. SOmetimes I think others reading this will think I’m loopy. Sometimes just because something has meaning to me or I think is humorous, isn’t always the case with others. It gets more difficult in some ways because I’ve written about everything we experience but then, here comes another idea. Lovely here today and hope it is the same for you in N. Calif. Love ya gal, Sue

  8. Tonie, I am sorry to hear about Baby. I know you will be a good nurse to him but so sorry for the emotional pain and pray he is not in pain. Sounds like all the other critters are doing well, including Judy’s Chocky. Cats are amazing. Beth’s last cat, an amazing calico with an attitude, named Katie, lived to be 23 years old.
    I wish had all the painting finished but not quite. Have posts to paint now and then into Fall I will work on the indoor stair rails. I wish that years ago someone who lived here had kept it wood instead of painting it but since they painted it I continue to do it and we continue to wear it off every year. It is painted in a dark forest green with a tint of blue to it.
    I wish I could say the Lyrica and the pain patch was doing it but it is not. Helping? yes. Hope your back is holding. Love, Sue

    • Carol, great to see you on here. You are so kind in your remarks about my writing. It’s a real blessing to me to know you are blessed or happier because of something I said. Thanks so much, Sue

  9. Sue
    Baby is a she. I know you had forgotten that. Red is the male. Sitting on my ice pack as we speak. Did my swim after work, will be the last on on Wednesdays til December cause the slot will be taken by swim teams using the pool. Did I tell you my little old man is being put in assisted living next week ? I knew that is what was going to happen. He may do good there, I hope so. He definitely can’t go on all alone at this point, but could if they had someone to be there with him during the day. I will see him after Ms Alice tomorrow cause I am going to see “the horse whisperer ” Buck Brannaman this weekend. Looking forward to it.
    Heard from my FM today. He is so overwhelmed with his job now. The schools are totally closed off, must have a keycard to get on or off campus. Constant vigilance . He says all the kids , boys, even those born there had changed. More Muslim. He is up to his ears in all this til late at night, then his retirement hearing coming up. But he is getting it done. I see a glimmer of light ahead.
    I know, my sister has to paint her porch every year. We used sanded paint, which wears better and longer and with enough coats of it is hard almost like a tile on the floor, or plaster on the walls. Plus it is not slick.
    Well, I gotta go put the chickens to bed. Fall has fell here, much cooler and the leaves are turning slowly
    Love ya

    • Tonie, just read your message here and on FB. What a day here. Spent all morning after I finally got going, doing the receipts and files thus far this year. Couldn’t close the drawer we keep them in any longer. New portable file for the year, lots of shredding, too much sitting although I tried to do it lying down on the heating pad. I hate to do that stuff but it must be done.
      Had the grands here after school and that was as always, fun. Played games with GD and GS doesn’t like them that much but sure laughed at us a lot. Jim was spraying weeds out front along the street and helping the guy who is rebuilding our garage doors…we have four of them and they’ve warped from all our rain in this area.
      Sorry I called Baby a he. I do that all the time and always call George she. The grands make fun of me constantly for it. Sometimes I do it just to make GD indignant with me.
      Back is bad so will have to increase pain meds and told her I will do that just short of goofy. Where does one find the median between the two?
      I am so saddened to hear about what your FM and all the French are going through. I am so pleased he found you. More tomorrow. It’s almost midnight here. Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        So sorry your back is giving you more problems. I feel your pain..haha. Mine has been giving me a fit, the sciatic has a mind of its own. Ice packs seem to be helping, as long as I am on them, but can’t walk around with one attached. I hope you find the right medium for your pain. Can you cut the patch in half ? I have never used the patches before.
        Glad you had a good day with the grands. I miss mine, may have to take a trip down there soon.
        Sounds like Jim is sliding into his retirement pretty good. I a, glad, I know you are happier with him home.
        If my little man doesn’t get sent to assisted living this week, I am going to quit. I can’t handle it, it is stressful because of his dimentia, and he is arguemenitative. I need more rest than I am getting. The extra money was nice, but not worth my stress levels going up.
        Love ya

  10. Sue that sounds like a whole load of garage doors?
    Hope the increase pain med is ok there
    Shame you just got to know this poor man and doing some nice meals for him and he’s now off ,I expect he will miss you
    Shorty today…men doing the fence work and I’ve been busy tidying etc after them
    Having a day free tomorrow and off to the lake and some teA and nice weather

    • Chris, Hope progress on the fence is going well. It seems so many workmen leave a mess, don’t they? They also seldom arrive on time. Yes, we have two large doors that open out from the middle, and that’s what makes four. I’m to increase the pain path this weekend so we will see. Not sure there is pain relief to the degree I need it. I think I will settle but better and let it lay there.
      Have a lovely weekend away from it all. We’re due for rain this weekend beginning tomorrow and temp in the 40’s tonight. Love ya, Sue

  11. Well not a bad day,but didn’t do all we planned,DH chest cold and coughing and his bp was up high and he’s on extra bp. Meds. So we were at home more than planned
    Got a few things done like extra keys cut and picking up meds. Bought a nice plant for outside a blue low grassy one for a pot and put on a table
    Eye appt at hospital Monday ..ugh
    Hope al have a good w.end…looks like another week of good weather next week but rainy tomorrow

    • Chris, sorry the day didn’t go quite as planned. Hope DH starts to feel better very soon. New plant sounds pretty. I love plants scattered throughout the house. I hate eye appt. also. All that probing, drops, etc. ALways leave with a headache although I have a very nice doctor. Hope yours goes better than you’re thinking. Hope the pressure is down. Love, Sue

  12. Hey all
    Well busy day here too I see. I left early this morning and got home after 7. I had to go see my older brother. He is in the hospital right near where I went to the horse thing. He has problems with his colon, and a rare condition ( Ogolivie’s /Syndrome). Where a section of the colon just goes to sleep and now they are trying to wake it up because it is acting like there is a blockage there when there isn’t. And until they can accomplish this, he stays there. He is so weak, from all the junk and no food.
    Enjoyed so much the school. Wish I could go for,the four days he is there and really would like to take it with a horse under me. I learned a lot, distressed, talked to some nice people. I caught up with Buck as he left the ring and got him to sign his book for the FM. He is just like his DVDs So humble, down to earth, but always out for the horses best interest.
    Anyhow, made me realize how stressed out I was with this new job on me. Hope you all have a great weekend.

    • Tonie, I am glad you had a great time with the horse whisperer. He sounds very well known in horse circles…not by the horses maybe but their owners. It would be a wonderful experience for you to be able to have the experience more often. The timing for this was just right on point for you. SOunds like you have made an important decision about the gent you’ve been sitting for. I know that must be very stressful having had many patients over the years with dementia. I would imagine he is having a hard time with getting old and all that it has brought to him and the anger is some acting out on his part. You did your best and I have no doubt you fed him some wonderful food and company but perhaps he will be better off now with 24 hour care. I know it’s sad but it is also life. I just got off the phone with a friend in her 80’s who is so angry about aging it is changing her. She has fallen down frequently yet refuses to go to PT. Life is hard for so many people it seems. My friend thinks she is the only person growing old with all it’s problems. It’s. sad and makes me sad for her. I wish she could find some joy in her life but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
      Perhaps, I didn’t explain about the patch. It isn’t lasting out the week so we went to two today. We’ll see how it goes.Some of us have more challenges than others, but in the end, our problems and challenges are still ours to solve. It’s been raining her all day and will continue off and on for a few days. October is definitely here. Got to change the bedding now and then my day will be over. Funny how small my goals are lately. Love ya, Sue

  13. Good morning all
    I had an argument with myself this morning about getting up for church. Myself said , “I feel so lousy” , and I said ” So what, you always do”. So I won the argument and now need to go get ready after my toast, fruit and coffee. Besides I have to take the calendar for the month. And it is true, I always feel so rotten when I awaken. It takes, pills, and coffee to get me where I am tolerable with the day.
    Colder here. I must bring in the plants or cover them overnight. Problem is I don’t know where I will put them all, they multiplied over the summmer ! Haha I need to clean the spare room which is a catch all for stuff, then set up a plant stand in there somewhere. I need more house !
    Sue, I am with you on the things you do. I have such a long list in my head, but only get a few of it done. Yesterday I cleaned the house, baked my Friendship Cakes, love those things. Have you ever made them ? They are almost like a fruit cake and it takes thirty days to get them ready. Then , I did a few things outside, talked to my brother on the porch for a while, then shower, bathe the dogs and I was done. Much more I had down, but it will be there next time.
    Well, gotta run. Hope you all have a wonderful day

    • Tonie, I have that conversation with myself almost every day. Funny how we can tolerate being rude to ourselves as in the “SO what?” remark. I think we almost have to be or we would never get up. It is much harder on a cold morning and we just slept on a new set of sheets last night and they were so wonderful and soft it was hard to leave them. I think most of us go through some morning ritual waiting for our morning pills to take effect. Looks like time to take the air conditioner out of the window upstairs.
      I’m not familiar with those cakes. I love fruitcake so would love to hear more about them. Must get started on a couple of chores. New pain med making me sleepy but not too goofy. Later, Love, Sue

      • Sue
        These cakes you either get a starter from someone or you can make it yourself. I can send you the recipe if you are interested. You first would make the fruit with brandy to get a starter. Keep the juice and use the fruit on ice cream or what. Then in the starter you add peaches, sugar. Stir everyday for 10 days, then pineapple and sugar, then cherries and sugar. All in 10’day intervals. At the end of that you drain off the liquid and have enough starter for 3 cakes, and enough fruit to make 2 cakes ( or 4 if you use small conatainers like me, I freeze them). You use two boxes of cake mix, 8 eggs, oil, coconut, nuts and raisins. Very thick batter. They freeze very good and are just as good frozen. Personally I like them better in the small pans instead of a big pound cake pan. I think they are thicker. Anyway, I have 3 jars of starter in the freezer for more of them this winter. I will use these three at Christmas probably. FM loves them so I will put some in the freezer for him. They are addictive. I love fruitcake as well. GOOD fruitcake.
        Hope you are resting. I am ready for the couch. Had a few things to get done this afternoon. Now I can rest. No church for me tonight, weather change has me ugh !

  14. Hi
    You are keeping true to your word to FM in going out and keeping busy.the horse whisperer sounds a good time for you
    I hope your brother is feeling ok,that sounds a awful thing to have
    Never heard of friendship cakes..
    Yes you need to think about this eldery man….you can’t make yourself worse
    It’s sunny here but we went out for a bit and it was cold..but now we are in its more sunny!
    But had an icecream on the grounds it’s good for dh cold!
    Hope the weekend was not too goofy for you

    • Chris, sorry you have so much trouble posting. I have nowords of wisdom for you except to just give your posts a bit more time if you can. Hope DH’s cold is better now. I think you’re of the school of belief that ice cream cures everything, huh? No I”m not too goofy, but I am a bit sleepy. It has helped the pain but the joints but the back, it hasn’t helped that much.
      I hope you are doing some things you enjoy around your lovely home. Did you get the new plant in the pot? My porch flowers are still blooming so well and petals making a mess of the porch but I hate to cut them back when they are still blooming. Raining still. I love Fall. Hope your hip is behaving. Thoughts and love, Sue

    • Chris
      See above for explanation of the cake. Yeah the promise was a good thing, gives me incentive. My brother is still holding on. Maybe they can help him tomorrow. On the weekend they do hoping he will go home soon. Poor guy. Glad you had your ice cream. Thinking on that myself soon. It has cooled down lots here at night. Warm sun, cool breeze.
      Take care

  15. Well I posted it didn’t go on.then went out and in again it’s on but wasn’t showing named at the bottom..odd.anyway it’s there

  16. Tonie, Glad you’re getting some rest tonight. Thanks for telling all about the special cake but no, I wouldn’t trouble with something so complicated. Years ago, I might have, not now. Thank you anyway. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Now I’m going down to make mac n’ cheese. Have too much on hand right now so that’s what is on for dinner here. Stay warm. Did you get a new room heater? Thought you were having trouble with one you had. Later dear lady, Love, Sue

    • Sue
      I have one on layaway , so will have it in time for the cold cold. It is more backup and power outage now. I made it through last winter with only electric heat. But I want it in case he power goes out, and for really cold temps.
      Rested good, now off to swim after I finish this coffee. Then my last cooking session with the little man. It is really cooling down overnight. The house was 62 this am when I got up ! But I sleep warm with my heating pads, so I never mind it. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  17. Hi all
    Good news
    Went to eye clinic today..had all the fancy tests done
    He said I didn’t have glaucoma ..the pressures were OK and the bleed had gone
    So he said the bleed can happen..I do lots as dH can’t with his bp and Menieres and I do before he can….so he said to see him in 6 mths time and if all ok then he’ll discharge me
    So I felt so free after that we went out for the day….went to a garden centre and had a meal and chose some plants and just enjoyed it
    On way to appt we had a tyre pressure problem so we had to get that fixed..and it was nothing just the computer playing up with being cold today!!
    So I’ve been asleep and just woke up
    Our place was 63 f today when I woke up .cold innit?
    Mac n it
    My hip is improving.i put ice on it less now.still do about twice a day .or if I do things and it hurts
    Ok back to sleep now…oh he said all the aching I get in eyes is prob the sjogrens ..he’s also given me some diff drops to use along with the single dose viscotears…hyio tear

    • Chris dear, such good news about your visit to the eye doctor. Sounds like good news all around…no glaucoma, pressure down, bleed healed. So happy for you. You’re also been so busy it proves regular life now that you’re settled agrees with you.
      So what kind of plants did you buy? Since it’s fall I’m assuming they were perennials. Do you have a lot of mums blooming over there now?
      I had much todo about nothing yesterday with phone calls to doctors and then waiting for replies. Cranking up the pain patches, call insurance, etc. Also needed new lab order from rheumy.
      I am finding lately that I must do more on the computer during the day because my eyes are worse in the evening. THey are bad right now because it has been cold and we’ve had more heat on in the house. So complicated this life of mine. I know you understand all about those dry eyes. Hope the ice is continuing to help your hip. Know you’re enjoying your lovely home. Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        The plants were evergreen shrubs to put in pots around this new fenced was a bottlebrush the other a hebes and a grass plant . Now I’ve got the fence up I’m trying to cover it up !!
        Yes the garden centres are full of mums ,so colourful at moment
        They came to stain it yesterday so had to move everything .coming this morning to put a post box in the fence….
        Our mail on our internet has got wrong again fella came put it ok…now the desk top is ok ,my cell phone ok,one iPad ok…but the one iPad will get mail but not send……it was ok for two weeks then went wrong….all the same don’t know why…. computers
        Yea my eyes are no good in the evening hurt to move ,smells irritate them too,air con blowing,and heat on
        Put so many eye drops in over nite I can’t open them to see to go to the bathroom one of those gone wrong bladders …I do need to take meds for it but can’t as they dry my eyes .so hence I’m awake every few hrs. I think I wake up too much trying to see
        Hope today is an easier one for you,don’t things take ages to sort out these days

    • Chris, replying to your entry of Oct 6…Your new plants and fence as well as mailbox slot all sound so lovely. Hope you get the computer crap straightened out and it stays that way.
      We went to lunch with our DD today. SO nice to sit and talk over fish and chips at a British pub…American style I’m sure, overlooking the trolley and the river. Rained the last two days here. News full of Hurricane Matthew coming in here on our East coast. Looks so bad for millions back there in Fla, Georgia and Carolinas. Horrible possibilities. Hope life is treating both of you well. Love, Sue

  18. Chris
    Happy news indeed ! It was cool here again this morning. 49 outside temps ! I must bring my plants in today. Glad you bought some new things. I have to dig up some bulbs and replant after a bit. They are all clustered together.
    Had my last cook with my little man last evening. He was very settled , after he eats. He wants a hot meal, I told him now, he would always have them.
    Chris, I ice my hip and back every evening while I sit relaxing. Seems to be helping mostly, but still hurts. I was wondering this morning if I will ever not hurt in my back again !
    Well, must run and get ready for work. Take care and enjoy the day all
    Love to all

    • Yea tonie
      The ice bag is the works,well nearly..but seems the best
      I know you have a very bad back…but you are coping so well with it and live your life good
      You have done well for this man.i bet he feels better too .hiw long before he goes to assisted care.hope your back mite pick up now you won’t be so exhausted
      Sunny and warm today but turning colder as the afternoon goes on
      Went for a meal to celebrate today…..still doing it…I had chicken and fries.Dh steak and ale pie and mash and gravy….oh dear…and earlier we went around the lake and had tea and cake…..I was doing so well with my weight…but I’ll just diet for a few days .had to feel some freedom..
      So rheumy tomorrow…I didn’t take those medicines she wanted me to…too worried with my eyes
      Got my ice bag on now

  19. Hello, everyone, just read up on what I missed since last I was here. Many of us are keeping an eye on Florida right now. We heard from my brother in Florida and thankfully it has pretty much missed them (I think they left their home and went to stay with some relatives??) Not sure how all will be when they return to their home. Of course, the storm marches on. Meanwhile, my niece and her family who moved out near Sue are continuing to love it out there! With each picture she posts I want to visit more!
    Feeling a bit stressed as DD and I prepare for a concert we are performing – just the 2 of us – next Friday. My body is not cooperating and I am praying to be able to be in good shape by then and able to make it safely through to my best.
    Prayers for all!

    • Lyn, your concert with your daughter sounds so wonderful. I trust you will do what you know will help you get through and be strong for the performance. I’m guessing that would be a mixture of rest and rehearsal. Next Friday and all this week that is coming up, you will be in my thoughts. Stay strong sweet friend and sing well as you always do. I wish the same for your DD. What a thrill that must be, the two of you together. Love, Sue

  20. Good morning all
    Lazy start to the day for me, after 11 am and still not on the go. Raining and cool, compliments of Matthew, and tomorrow as well. We needed the rain so it is okay. Just a soft soaking rain thus far.
    Chris, sounds like you had a wonderful outing. I miss my dates with FM. I hate to eat out alone, always have, unless I can read a book or something. I miss Jennie, hope she will soon be back with us. Sue, glad you got to be with DD and share some time. It was only a bit ago you could not think of such a thing. God is so good.
    Lyn, prayers that you will be well for your concert.
    I went to a gallery yesterday to see some horse art, and handcrafted furniture. It was both amazing and a wonderful bit of time. Just me and the intern there. I took pics for FM of the furniture and little boxes made out of wood, so unusual and beautiful. I love boxes, have them everywhere. When I die it is hard to know what willl be found in all of them ! Haha I would love to have some of these I saw, but a bit pricey. I think FM can make me one maybe.
    Well, must get going. I have apples to peel and cut for apple butter and apple sauce when I return. But I can do that relaxing watching a movie.
    Have a wonderful day all

  21. Hi Lyn
    Yes we are getting news of the hurricane bad. Let’s pray it goes out to sea a bit and dies down.we can get tail ends of them here too. Hope you are feeling better for your concert it does sound lovely just the two of you…quite emotional I should think to hear it
    Again you are out and about,keeping your word…it sounds lovely just the sort of place to just Go looking .i love craft stalls and there are always a lot more at Xmas
    When is it FM is over with you I forget,will it be before Christmas .i hope so for you..but if not ,well life has got a wonderful meeting Instore for you . I was thinking would you go over there for Christmas …
    Nope didn’t get iPad fixed everything else is working it’s only the outgoing mail on one iPad ….I’m thinking why bother it’ll only start another problem .. like they do!
    I like hearing of you going out and enjoying the time
    Raining here this morning.brightening up a bit.hopefully we can get some more of the bamboo shoots up ,at it some hours yesterday.tried the salt and root killer it’s all working .we shall still keep putting it on and then covering it up with big stones as a feature
    Blimmin stuff
    Still waiting for my dads stuff to go thru sols etc..should be nearing the end now..stil having to do stuff

    Jen will be back she is so busy with getting stuff done ..houses to view and ring to book things to sort out and in French .
    It must feel so odd moving country and not knowing what house yet..but she’ll be back I know she is thinking of all on here

    • Chris, Hope you get your Dad’s estate and affairs settled soon. I’m sure it has taken a lot of time and energy. Hope DH is doing well with his B/P problems. As far as that darn bamboo. I’ve never seen such tenacity in a plant. Keep up the battle. It will keep trying to come back. You have been putting in so much work and improvements, I know how much you must love your new home. Hope you are holding up for it all. Thanks for sharing with all of us about our dear Jennie. She is having quite a time of it right now. I think we each miss her wit and sharing.
      We’re still in rain today and know Fall has fallen. Got to work on the new blog today so I will be busy. It’s great having Jim home so much but I find I have less free time to get on here. As I shared with you previously, my eyes are becoming a continuing problem. Pain patches may be drying me out more than usual. As you know all too well, dry eyes and other problems with them can be so invasive and disturbing to life.
      We’re in the throes of election battles over here and the picture changes each and every day. Politicians! Hope you’re staying well now as you fight your own daily struggles with your health. Much love, Sue

  22. Morning all
    Another lazy morning, still in Jammie’s . Overcast and supposed to rain. Again. But it is much needed. However, I am swollen and aching, y’all know the drill. I still have to go let the chickens out of their house, but they have food and water inside, so. I peeled and cooked half a bushel of apples yesterday, today is the rest of them. Made a big batch of apple butter, and more in the pressure cooker. Today I have to can it. Had some with toast this am, tastes good. Job well done. Haha Saturday is usually my cleaning day, but think I will pass today.
    Chris, FM will probably not be here for Christmas, but it is still not for sure. Trying to stay focused on March, cause that is what it could be. Never know. So glad to hear Jen is doing well, I know she is stressed out. I moved from South Carolina to Arizona to a house I had never seen. My bosses wife found it for me, and it was perfect for us.
    Well, should go and release the birds so they can look for worms. Have a good weekend all

    • Tonie, that apple butter is making me crave it. Have to get some at the store. First of all we need to eat about four jars of apricot jam. Jim and I are guilty of buying too much of certain things, like everybody does, and apricot jam is it for now, along with peanut butter. Rained all night here, makes it easy to sleep usually, but I didn’t. I have to change my pain patch schedule and my methotrexate weekly so they do not coincide. What complicated lives we lead, huh? I’m sorry about your pain and swelling. Is that worse when you use a particular joint? Hope you’re hearing from FM and pray things are going smoothly with his plans.
      Hope you’re not getting too much wind or rain from Matthew. I’m praying for dear friends in N. Charleston, SC and hope they are okay. They lost everything in Hugo in the 80’s and are too old to go through that all over again.
      Hope the chickens didn’t get too lonely without you. Much love, Sue

  23. Hi all, heard from Jen this AM on FB and she asked me to share her thoughts and affection to each of you. She said she thinks and prayers for all on here. Just as Chris said, she is going through so much right now with this move to another country as they plan to go home to England from France. She is under a tremendous amount of stress and is of course, effecting her health. Such a difficult time for her and her DH. Sue

    • Hi yall, a little southern greeting! I know I don’t get on here often but I do read every day. As you all know I have 3 daughters living in Wilmington, NC. Also one of my grandsons just moved there last Friday. They have been doing good except for Racheal. She has been battling kidney stones for over a month now. The ER doctor sent her home with motrin for the pain! He knew she had 2 small stones and a large one he told her she wouldn’t be able to pass. He said they were having to try to stop giving out so many pain meds! He thought the motrin would be better to get the inflammation down. I have had a kidney stone and it was worse than any labor pain I ever had. She has had a stone in the past. I was so mad at that jerk for not giving her something for pain until she could see the urologist. I found out later he was just a PA! Her urologist was very angry as well. He gave her something called Flomax to break up the big stone. Plus the pain meds. She had been drinking Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and he said it was one of the best things she could do and anyone who had problems with kidney stones should drink a little everyday. She ended up having a stone in the other kidney. The big one had broken into 3 pieces and she had passed 2 stones at her last CT scan. She is doing good and He used the dose on the Flomax. Now they are getting hit by the Hurricane. At 7:00 pm our time , Kim said they were getting it pretty hard.She sent me a video before it got real bad. They are without power now. I am worried but I have to trust God to take care of them! My husbands Sister lives in Myrtle Beach SC . She came up here to stay with us until it is over! She will probably go back on Monday. Her son lives there also and he put on Facebook they were without power. Judy’s roommate is staying in a motel in Morganton NC which is headed up towards the mountains because they couldn’t find anywhere close to here because of the big race in Charlotte. They didn’t run it today because of all our rain but they will tomorrow. Hasn’t

      • Sorry it posted before I finished! **been a good weekend for a lot of people. I am hanging in there. In a lot of pain because of the weather. I also have had some high eye pressures with my glaucoma. In the 30’s! He put me on a new drop to try for 2 weeks and checked them again and we’re back in the low 20’s! He did say however that my left eye was starting to have some nerve damage. He said these new drops will not only help with the pressures but will protect the nerves in my eyes. So, my children and myself need a lot of prayers. I love all of you and I keep all of you in my prayers. I felt so blessed on my birthday that with all Jennie is having to do for this move, she took the time to send me Birthday wishes! I thank all of you that did as well. I would like to say hello and hope I can chat with you soon to the new ladies who have been sharing! Be back later! Donna

      • Donna, so good to hear from you. Hope your daughters are staying safe now. I already commented on your kidney stone situation a few weeks back on FB and know it was a horrible time. So sorry you had such a stupid doctor for your daughter, poor girl. Hope Kim is safe and your SIL. So many have been effected by that monster storm. Thanks for checking in with us all. Love, Sue

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