My Thanksgiving List

As each year passes, living with chronic pain and disease, I find myself grateful to still be alive to be grateful, to be grateful to still be alive, well, you get the picture. The older I grow the more grateful I become.

I’m thankful for modern medical care which saves us from the old fears of scurvy, consumption and the ingestion of laudanum; however, we still have a long way to go.

I’m grateful for each change in medical research and science I have been privy to see each year for many and varied diseases, always remembering the families impacted by these horrendous diseases.

I’m thankful for many medications, like the dreaded prednisone, biologics, chemo drugs, NSAID’s and anti-malarials, in spite of their numerous side effects.

I’m thankful there isn’t as much fat in my ass as there is in my chin or chins…I think.

In spite of living with daily pain, I look back in awe and wonder why I still have as many “marbles rattling around in my jar” sitting on my shoulders as I do.

I’m thankful for the insight which I have gained from all my suffering, without which I would be a shallow, narcissistic, self-indulgent, spoiled healthy person who felt great every day. Huh? Guess I would have to think about that one if given the choice.

I’m thankful for the rain that falls almost daily here in the Northwest without which we would not have all this greenery that surrounds us like green bricks, green sidewalks and green pet paws.

I’m thankful I still have enough joy in my heart to daily understand there is still much to be joyful about.

I’m grateful for the God-given insight to look through the rain clouds toward the sunshine; to see the promise of buds on a huge camellia bush in the midst of winters chill and the faith to plant bulbs for next spring.

I’m grateful I still feel enough hope to buy green bananas.

I’m appreciative of the faith I have in the physician who is a prince/princess, in spite of all the frogs I’ve “kissed” along the way in my medical history.

I’m in awe of the many fantastic individuals I have met who travel along and survive the same road I travel, riddled with pot-holes, dangerous winding curves and faux dead ends.

I’m thankful each curve in the road is not a dead end but a change of direction with new hopes and possibilities.

I’m thankful for the immense Hand of God that is always there to lift me out of the gutter of my own depression.

I’m grateful for the lesson of living for today and only today as exemplified by innocent children, pure souls and all furry creatures with wet noses.

I’m thankful for the child who still lives within me to help me enjoy building blocks, play dough, crayons, water coloring on construction paper and a stick of glue with all of their inherent possibilities, limited only by imagination. I’m thankful for a Christmas full of red fake noses and fart putty for everyone.

I’m grateful for the laughter of a child when his/her mouth is spewed with a spray can of whipping crème. I’m also grateful for squirt guns, silly knock-knock jokes and all toys that walk, dance, chime, zoom, giggle, burp, “toot” beep or sing.

I’m grateful for the ability to climb a flight of stairs irrespective of the pain. It’s getting to the top that counts, as well as arriving at the bottom while still standing. The pain becomes unimportant if I can still function. Independent function is of prime importance.

I’m thankful for comfortable shoes, warm socks and a heating pad on a chilly day and night; as well as long silk underwear, soft sweaters and hooded jackets.

I’m thankful for a spouse who sees me with eyes of memory, love and acceptance; smattered with that always needed forgiveness.

I’m thankful we don’t live in an era when we have to pick bird shot out of the Thanksgiving turkey. This also includes plucking out feathers and dealing with decapitation of the bird. I like to think our Butterball was born in that white plastic bag.

I’m thankful we can afford mail order food for the holidays when needed.

I’m thankful for the delicious crackling edge on a piece of turkey, a moist serving of cornbread stuffing and the sweet memories that accompany every piece of pumpkin pie rich in spices and heavy with whipped cream.

I’m thankful for the constants in life like the love of a child, the changing of the seasons, the wag of a tail after any absence and relief after a painful episode.

I’m grateful it always feels so good when the pain subsides and the many modern miracles which make it possible to live this altered life.

I’m always grateful I was born with a cussedly independent stubborn spirit. I’d have been dead long ago without it.

I’m ever thankful for the grace to live with dignity in often horrible physical conditions. I thank God for the ability to always believe in the sun coming up tomorrow.

I’m often grateful there are only 24 hours in each day.

I’m humbly grateful nothing has fallen off of me…yet. That doesn’t take into consideration those parts which have been surgically removed. I still miss my breast but, oh well, I never miss my tonsils or appendix.

I’m thankful and appreciative for the smells of the season; candle wax, scented or not, a roasting turkey, sage and onions in Mom’s cornbread stuffing and that unique fragrance of crisp, clean Fall air.

I’m thankful for the inspiration of survival exemplified by our old house that has withstood 126 winters of fierce, buffeting gales and pouring rain.

I’m thankful for my constant and deep assurance of life after the many miracles of life and death I witnessed as a registered nurse.

I’m ever aware and thankful for a loving family. I’m thankful for so many wonderful friends, old and new who share their life stories with me.

I have much to be thankful for this year and pray that you do, too. Please enjoy preparing for the season ahead of us. Eat what agrees with you, spend time with those you love to be with and don’t forget to look around you and be thankful.

71 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving List

  1. Sue
    So many things to have on my Thankful list this year. Some, same every year, but others are new and not necessarily improved, this year. Being able to continue doing things I love is top on the list. So much we have. I was looking at all the clothes and shoes and just stuff I have. And thinking of growing up when all my clothes fit in one drawer. My brother and I shared a dresser. We each had one big drawer for our clothes and a small on for underwear and socks. Now ?….. we are overboard with possessions . But I am thankful for it all, clutter and all.
    Answering last blog posts. Sue and Chris, Monday is the last appointment with the old Rheumy, Jan 30th is the new one. I am somewhat hesitant to get into this with the current one as I will get angry and frustrated if she shrugs it off. Self diagnosing, but I feel we should try some prednisone and see if it helps. Any rate, Sue the cream helps the pain and hotness on my ears, the rash comes and goes. It is almost like a wave of prickly needles over me, and happens almost every morning,and often during the day. Happening as we speak. Then it goes away, except for the pain in my ears, or on my ears I should say.
    Chris, my brother is doing so good now. Now he must focus on his shoulder, I think he has a torn rotator cuff.
    Well, I must get ready for church. Had a good time at my brothers Singing last night. So many good musicians, my nephew and his wife were awesome together. I love these get together and shared talent.
    Love the thoughts in this blogs Sue, so much good. And so ,ugh good we can do for each other. My lesson in church this morning; Be. A Good Neighbor.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, sorry, misunderstood your time for changing opinion for what it’s worth is what do you have to lose with the old one. Tell he everything and make her listen. I think she is covering her own inadequacies. So sorry you’re still tormented by this symptom.
      I have no doubt you are a good neighbor and pleased your life is full of blessings. I feel confident they will continue for you in this coming year. You are one of mine. Love, Sue

  2. Oh Sue I’m so thankful that I have you as a constant source of joy, empathy, knowledge and sarcasm (when needed). It’s a lovely day here in the Great Lakes. Sunny, dry and mid 60’s F. The smells of cinnamon, ginger and cloves bring memories and burning leaves take my breath away (literally). I do like it though as it’s a reminder of childhood and that the neighborhood I grew up in hasn’t changed all that much (my house is about 2 blocks from my dad’s). I’m still in easy walking distance to every school I went to before college. Many of my school friends also still live in the immediate area. Having thanksgiving with my duet partner’s family (dad too of course ). Two of the nuns, a priest or two and all the kids home from college makes it wonderful.

    • Laura, so good to hear from you. I had no idea you lived where all of your roots are. This is a wonderful time of year and in many ways my favorite. I think the smells,colors and even the appetite changes. I don’t recall burning leaves around here. Probably too wet or not allowed. I did bake some apples the other night with maple syrup, cinnamon and a dash of cloves. It gets in the blood and is implanted in the memory.
      Hope you and your dear Dad are well. Sounds like you have the holiday locked up with good friends. Hope the pups are all doing well. Pray you are able to get around okay and your pain is manageable. Think of you often. Love, Sue

      • I’m the last of an unbroken line (mom’s side) in my township starting in 1866. Plans are that my cremation ashes will be interred at my great great (great?) grandparents graves. Went to school with the township supervisor and he gave the ok. I own spots on the east side of the river in the township cemetery as a landowner (over 25 years myself) but needed clearance to be put in the west of the river township cemetery. I go to church with my school pals, their parents, children and grandchildren. My dad’s side of the family moved to town late 19th century from northern Indiana (less than 2 hours away). Before that it was the Carolinas and Scotland/Wales earliest 1658. Mom’s side in north America since late 17th century but up the coast in….Salem lol.

    • Laura, thanks for the further clarification of your family and roots. Very interesting. You must have such a sense of security and belonging that many of us do not have. It is so very unusual to have such deep roots. Thanks dear friend for sharing. Love, Sue

  3. Yes sue we have a lot to be thankful would be good to have something like that over here
    Good and funny blog sue and different

    • Chris, I wish you had a day of thanks, also. As far as different, I always like to stir things up a bit. Hope all is well with you. Love ya, Sue

    • Chris
      Just start your own tradition, have your own Thanksgiving day. Good thing to do. Great family time, and of course, there is all that food !

  4. Sue, I do enjoy hearing what others are thankful for. We each have so much if we but take the time to consider. My walks with Sadie are often such times of reflection for me. That and taking in the abundant beauty that surrounds us. I’m sorry my time on here has been and continues to be so spotty. Many things still going on and I am still trying to find my way around new things, encouraging and discouraging, going on in my body. Seems I’m not alone in this as I read comments from the last blog post. In short, my pilates and other body and proprioceptive work are helping me gain some strength and flexibility. I have also discovered muscles that needs releasing that I wasn’t aware of. I am working diligently on getting them to do so (mainly my pelvic and right hip area and up the right side of my back). It is a 3 steps forward, 1 or 2 steps back kind of a thing. I am also having more and more bouts with what Bobsled and I think is costochondritis. I need to connect with my rheumy on this, but I doubt there is much more he could suggest that I am not doing or trying. Trying to balance exercise and rest with life. Still helping out my friend with furniture painting as I can. She told me today she needs 10 of me. Nice to be appreciated. She never ever pushes me, in fact, she is always checking if I need a break and telling me not to overdo. No painting next week, though. I have 4 evenings of rehearsals and 3 days of concerts ahead. I have no idea how my ribs will hold up. I am a bit concerned, but at least it is a large group of singers this time (singing Faure Requiem), so that is a help. Anyway, we’ve been enjoying temperatures fluctuating like crazy, but mostly beautiful days. Sadie and cats love it. We may finally be starting to settle into Fall. I can tell Sadie is enjoying the Fall temperatures. She really tries to take off on our Trail walks. I’m finding I need to remind her of her loose leash training lately. :/ DH is doing well. he has been having an elbow/forearm issue that is slowly healing. DD is well and has started dating someone. Only 2 dates in, so nothing serious yet. He is around her age, divorced, with a little girl (5, I think), so I am sure they will take their time. She is also talking about finding an apartment with a friend of hers. SB is having some issues with his apartment mates and got into a fender bender last week. He is ok, but his car that already needs new tires and brakes now also needs a new bumper. *sigh. He is to be calling soon so we can discuss how to handle all this. So, I guess I should wind up here. Please know my prayers continue for all here.

    • Lyn, How fun and informative to get caught up with you, your body and your family. I love hearing about the kids. I feel like an aunt of theirs having seen them grow over the last ten, very formative years. Good news for DD and sounds like SB is having a frustrating spell. Glad he is safe. Hope DH stays and improves in health.
      One of my first symptoms and problems was costochondritis and it is so painful. Anything that messes with breathing or just plain everyday life is so darned frustrating and painful. That is one problem I continue to have and understand. We often forget about all of the “soft” tissue involvement with the different form of arthritis. They can be painful and do need special attention. SOunds like you are growing in your approach to all of your problems and it sounds wonderful. Stay strong. That’s the key. It makes me want to pick up a small weight and lift it for awhile.
      The painting sounds fun and I know it gives you another creative pursuit. Just be sure you don’t take it all home with you…so tempting. Upcoming concerts will be rewarding, I know. So wonderful to hear from you and know Sadie is such a good influennce on you. Stay in touch when you can dear girl. Love ya, Sue

  5. My mom used to say “hunger is the best sauce” to which I add “gratitude is the sweetest dessert.” I too have much to be thankful for. Crazy it’s been a little over a year since Mom passed away and I’m making holiday plans without her, but so thankful she is no longer in pain and enjoying the beauty of heaven. I’ll be going south to San Antonio for Thanksgiving with my brother Joe and his family and spend time with my beloved niece Brandy. I’ll go to Oklahoma for Christmas Chili (a tradition my dad started) at my brother Mark’s place and see the rest if my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, etc.
    My church peeps are going camping at Tyler State Patk the weekend before Thanksgiving so that will be really fun as they are my “family” here. We always have a great time nature hiking, chatting around the campfire, and sharing what we are thankful for.

    Speaking of thankful, my boss Tasha is doing very well, a walking miracle after surviving 5 strokes from her lupus. She was saying her goodbyes to her family a month ago and started back to work part time this week!

    Love to all, Princess Crabby Pants 👑

    • Annie, so happy to hear your boss Tasha is doing so well. It indeed sounds like a miracle and she has much cause for Thanksgiving. So good. I must say you do not sound like Crabby Pants today. Sounds like much wonderful planning for the holidays with family and great food. Christmas chili sounds intriguing but a bit dangerous. Hope you also enjoy your time in San Antonio. So much family to catch up with. Have a wonderful time and be reassured your dear Mom will enjoy it from her viewpoint now. Much love, Sue

  6. Hi all
    Well, after an all day trip, the best things I can say are: I got my flu vaccine, my meds refilled. Five minutes with her. She looked at the pics, my ears( never touching) and once again told me it was nothing to do with my RA , go see the primary care ! She said if it was Relapsing Polychondritis ( I heard , ” extremely rare” about 15 times) that the ear would be so terribly swollen I would be in the emergency room ! So still have no answers. She says I am tired because I am not getting good sleep and upped the amytriptylane to 25 mg. Just feels like a wasted day. But i put in a request for my record change
    So… here at rest on my ice pack. Tomorrow another busy day. I will go vote after work. No urge to leave an hour early , go vote, then work. Easier to do after.
    Well, Rufus has evidentially gotten some ailment, he is unable to get up at all. If he is still alive tomorrow, I will get my brother to send him over the bridge.
    Hope you all have a better day, and a good voting day tomorrow. Praying for our country

    • Tonie, I’m so sorry but not the least bit surprised your doctor didn’t get a smarter from your last visit. Perhaps she will wonder what’s going on when she sees you requested your records. Frustrated pretty much says it. How are the ears today?
      Sorry to hear about old Rufus. Poor thing.
      Indeed, it’s the big day in our country tomorrow. We already voted a week ago…good old OR with mail in ballots. Do rest and look forward to Jan. and the new rheumy. Do you have a primary doc you could see in the meantime? Thinking of you, Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I do have a pcp I can go to. Guess I better go see her and rule out anything else …..don’t know what it would be do you ?
        I have to get in to the dermatologist next…get these spots taken care of. And back to the pain Dr. Seems it is all I do, go to the Dr. And sometime I need to get to the gyno whom I haven’t seen in several years.
        FM called yesterday morning. Gone to Portugal with a bunch of buddies to see the non stop horse show. He was excited. Always to see horses ! I told him to go and enjoy and de-stress. Sweet man, he was worried about my Dr visit. Told me he could fly from Portugal to here if I needed him to. He will enjoy it. He better pick me up a souvenir though. Did you know that is a French word ? It is their word for memories.
        Okay gotta get going for work.
        Love ya

    • Oh what a tough day for you Tonie. I saw my rheumatologist today, had an exam by a resident then repeat by him. The third time they hit where I apparently have inflamed tendons in my elbow I told him to knock it off. Lol. I was laughing at the time but he knows it hurt. We joked about retaliation but he has not a clue I do know how to deal with things. I brought him the earlier medical records that covered the placquinal, methotrexate humor, embrel and the labs to support changes. I also brought X-Ray reports of spine, as well as family history not in the record he had. I mentioned the possibility of dercums disease as I’ve had at least a hundred lipomas removed and have dozens more. They get uncomfortable when my treatment isn’t consistent and settle down when it is. That will give the resident something interesting to investigate. Tonie are you sure you’ll be up to standing in line tomorrow after work? You may want to go early so if tomorrow you feel punky from your flu shot you don’t have to wait with every person who waited until after work. I voted absentee.

      • Bsl
        Hey girl, you had a long exam there huh ? New Dr if I remember. No, I will be okay. It is a small community. Most people vote before work and during the day. My sister said I would be better to go after work, no so many people. I am so tired in the morning it is hard to get going. I feel fine from the flu shot. Never have had any problem with them. I pray you get back on the mess that help you.

      • It’s the doctor I was seeing before he sold his practice. it’s the third time I’ve seen him but the old site didn’t forward a my records, just the last few years so I took him the older records. It was a long exam but I don’t mind being a practice patients of it helps someone be a better provider. I get more fatigue as the day goes on, I do understand morning being more difficult. Take care dear girl.

      • Bobsled, it’s about time I get caught up with everyone. Have had a bad gut this last couple of days so a bit out of it. I think it’s interesting what you brought up about Dercums disease. Read about it and it does sound like a rare but possible event for you. You’re right. All of these rare diseases so many of us have are challenging for young and old docs.
        I hope life in general for you has been doable and not miserable. Love the pics of the pups you share. Interesting that you now have all sizes and several varieties.
        I have to agree some of these docs do get a little overly enthusiastic in their exam and need to be told if something is too painful. There is no one quite like an old nurse to know how to retaliate. Do take care and love hearing from you more often. Love ya, Sue

  7. Hi, all, just popped on quickly. Was up and out fairly early for an eye doctor appt. I need new glasses/contacts. Luckily we have very good insurance so I was able to get both. Been wearing both throughout the day almost daily and there was a small change to my prescription. Had some lunch and waited a bit in case my boy came home to vote and stopped by. Time I go do the deed myself. I confess I am not in a hurry as I don’t particularly care for either Presidential candidate, and was unable to find as much information about other races as I would like. To top it off, there have been reports of voting machines recording incorrect selections just prior to the confirmation, in our state anyway. Not sure if it is nationwide. What a nightmare. I always check closely before confirming when I vote, I can only hope others do as well! Time to get to it, I guess Wish I was more excited about it. 😦

  8. Morning all
    Well, prayers have been heard in our election. Now onward and get some changes made. I know a lot of us are happy, some not. But what makes us what we are is the will of the people to elect who they will.
    Anyway, beautiful day out. Yesterday was cloudy , gloomy, fall day. So depressing. Last night I doubled my dose of amytriptiline. Same results, still waking up, not resting. I think we need to try something else. I used to get very good results with a mild nerve pill, which I needed anyway. But here in the ” we can’t write prescriptions that work” area, no one will give them. Holding out hope for the new rheumy.
    Happy Birthday Jennie ! I know you are under the gun there, but I hope you take time to celebrate and rest !
    Love to all

  9. Hello
    Did I write beautiful day yesterday ? It was when I left home, but by midday, the temperature had dropped, and cold wind was blowing ugh….. well, today more of the same. At least the sun is shining this morning.
    It is Thursday and I am exhausted. Yesterday Ms Alice was like taking care of a toddler. Hoping she has calmed down today.
    It has been a long week for some reason, even though I have been busy. I found a new pattern for a hat that ends up with a skull on the top. So…making them for the kids…the big kids lol. Still gotta do another mermaid tail, and finish a couple more projects I am working on. Then…the part I hate….wrapping them all ! I just ordered some bags that have a string to pull them tight and go. Hopefully that will take care of the big things. I still wrap the little ones things cause they love to tear open the paper !
    Sue I pray you are feeling better. Lyn, you as well. Chris…where are you ? I did get a msg from Jennie yesterday. She went out to eat, is getting nervous about the move. Torn between leaving the country she has come to love and going home to her kids. Bittersweet, I know.
    Have a wonderful day all, know you are all in my prayers. That includes all who just read the blog

    • Bittersweet for our Jennie, indeed. Tonie, I’ve used the pull string bags the last 2 or 3 Christmases. Really helps with the wrapping! And when our little ones were really little, made unwrapping easier for them. Hats! My friend’s shop started carrying the most adorable hats, for adults and kiddies! 2 different knitters, but great hats from both! Wish I had a baby or toddler to buy hats for. Those are just too cute with little animal faces. I’ve bought 2 of the adult hats for myself. They kind of slouch to the back and are super cute on young and old alike. And so soft! I’m all about texture and soft things! Have fun making those “skull” caps. 🙂 (Couldn’t resist that wording.) I’ve had a headache the past 2 days. Yesterday’s was mild enough to ignore, today’s no way. Not sure what the cause is, but I had friends and relatives on FB from NY to the Carolinas with the same thing. Strange. Taxing week. Yes, more rehearsals and concerts. The only day off Monday through this Sunday was Tuesday. Practicing self care when I can. I hope Miss Alice is not quite so “ornery” for you today.

      • Lyn, I’m so sorry to hear about your headache for two days. Awful. It is interesting so many in the area have had them. What works for you when it comes to fighting them?
        You know me, I love almost all hats. My favorites are the newsboy caps because they stay on my head in our rainy, windy weather and look more flattering on a female than the baseball caps. I wear one everyday when or if I go out.
        I just saw a pic of Luka…he is getting so big and so gorgeous. Hope Sadie survived her trip to the vets. Poor dear looked so scared. Looks like you can’t take a day off right now with all of life. Do take care of you. Much love, Sue

      • Lyn
        I hate headaches. Yes, my dial used to do the animal hats. So cute ! I am the same about my yarn I use. The textures and colors, they make a difference to me.
        Break a leg . My daughter and Nathan got to work on some tv show on TNT as extras this week. She was not nuts about it, but Nathan loved it so she went for him. When they were little we did a couple of movies in the west. In their little costumes. So cute.
        Take care of you !

    • Tonie, So sorry you had a bad day with dear Ms. Alice, maybe a little less dear by the end of that particular day. You must have felt so depleted of mental faculties and strength to say nothing of the pain. Hope the weather stayed sunny for you today. We are in our second day of sun but clouds. Always those clouds that roll in and roll out. I’ve never seen clouds like these here near the coast. They move so rapidly it is interesting to watch them.
      George is lazily enjoying a bit of warmth coming off the back of my computer as I recline here on the bed and try to get some correspondence done. I’ve had the stomach cramps this week ever since that awful medication and have an appt. with a new doc next week. She is a surgeon so we will have to make it clear right up front that’s out of the question. I just need a diagnosis of why all the cramping right after eating. As I told my primary care doc a couple of days ago, look at me. Who would want to do surgery on this mess? If it’s my gallbladder it’s a fairly easy fix with a scope. We will see. Always something.
      FB has certainly been jiving since the election. SO many views and opinions that are both interesting and scary.
      Love your hat ideas for the kids. They will love them. Unlike Lyn, I could never pull off the round beenie look. I always have to have a brim. Otherwise I look like a guy. I guess it’s the short hair but Lyn has short hair. You gals with long hair are more fortunate with hats. I found a less expensive sight for hats at the American Cancer Society called their TLC catalog store. That organization has so many wonderful services. Indeed, Christmas is coming at us pretty fast. I have been online shopping for several weeks. I deal with it so much better when it is spread out a bit, besides we have our youngest GD reminding us almost daily she has a birthday in early December…she knows the daily count down. She will be eleven going on 33.
      We made it through Halloween, my least favorite holiday with very few kids at the door. It was cold and wet so not surprising. Many other outlets here in town for them to attend. I saw the pics on FB of your FLA family. Such good looking kids. I hope they and Nikki are all getting along well. Thanks for keeping us updated about your FM. We are all concerned and happy for you and him. I pray things in France settle down enough for him to get the heck out of there and back here to you with his funds intact.
      Have an appt. to get the six month check on my right breast via ultrasound. Joy. More disrobing. Sitting in hard chairs waiting. Yuk.
      I do hope the redness and pain in your outer ears has lessened since it tends to come and go. Let me know, okay? Much love, Sue

  10. I’m here tonie.just been a bit down with a few things happening.
    Went to another appt for eyes they think it is glaucoma still had that bleed they saw. Had anaesthetic drops and they touch the eyes with that circle thing then a pen thing for pressure . He thinks it’s normal pressure glaucoma.but have to have cardiac tests and blood tests as it could be changes in blood pressures or even that macular thing he said ….more likely glaucoma as my mum and grandfather had it Dh ankles are swelling a bit ..if just goes on
    Very cold here..the house not as warm as our other one..or we got to organise it better
    I’m the same with hats..gotta choose the right wish your stomach would settle

    Got a big mat for kitchen and it doesn’t slip as its heavy..nice and soft and warm. Just too stand in for the winter
    Yep Jen is going well but so busy and her back is playing up..not long to go now tho
    Hope all better and lyns headache

    • Chris dear, love those mats and also have one. I am sorry to hear about your eye problems. Guess you will have to wait and see what happens. How is your vision on an everyday basis? Are you in any pain in them when they are not dry, after drops? Let me know, okay? I am sorry DH is now having edema…this whole B/P meds issue.
      Try not to worry until you have more info. about your eyes, okay?
      Enjoy that lovely new house. DId you get the new tree planted…the eucalyptus type? Is that to remind DH of OZ? Much love, Sue

      • You are right it is to remind DH of Oz ,that’s why we got it its planted where we can see it from the kitchen window
        Eyes are very sore this morning after all that stuff touching them
        My vision is good.field tests were excellent
        I’ve always got eye ache and headaches ….
        The one eye with the bleed is always a bit picky even after drops ,this morning thou are both sore tho
        Dh started his new bl meds a few days ago..see how they go….not sure.. he had to rush to cloakroom at hosp yesterday with the runs…
        Can’t read properly so print mite be out

  11. Evening all
    Sue, so sorry for all your troubles of late. Seems like things were actually going well for a bit ! I am having a strange supper ! I had leftover batter from hush puppies I made the other night. So I made fried cornbread, like a pancake , and having a glass of buttermilk with it . My Daddy’s favorite. He was lactose intolerant , which we had never heard of at the time, but he would always have ” milk n bread” then be up all night with a stomach ache.
    I got the MRI results today…….I don’t know. All sorts of bulging discs, and stenosis, and degenerative changes. And they only did from L1-S1. Anyhow, no wonder I hurt. So…. at least I know what is going on with the lower part of my back. I have no idea what, if anything, can be done. No surgery unless there is no other option. So I guess keep up with the swimming and if the pain gets too bad, get more injections,
    Chris, I have a cushioned pad lik rug to stand on in the kitchen. Gel filled I think, but heavy and comfortable for when I am working at the sink. Every little bit helps. Ms Alice was better today, so usual Thursday. Afterwards I had four stores to stop at, so it was getting dark by the time I got home, oh yeah, Rufus died this morning. The hens pulled all his tail feathers out ! Wenches !!
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I see. Not much new info that you did not already know about your blessed spine. I do wish it was better news for you. One day at a time now. You may, after thinking about it, want to get another opinion of your MRI and the results. Think about it.
      I am sorry to hear about good old Rufus. Now you need a new rooster. Those nasty chickens. Shame, shame on them. Well, maybe he was abusive…
      Had an ultrasound of the boob today. Good news. Still have cysts but no change. Relief.
      I had a lovely, hour long talk with Jen over the phone a day or two before her birthday. Lovely to hear her voice. It is winding up for them but they have the packing into the van and the trip to get through. Imagine taking a car and a loaded van into the tunnel to England? She knows she will be totally whipped with her back and sitter but knows it must be done. Entering the last, long painful lap. Well, it’s late so must close. Much love, Sue

  12. Chris, good. The tree will be lovely. Now we’ll have to get a koala bear for it. He shouldn’t eat too many leaves. Hope the new meds work for your DH. I know your eyes must be so sore after all of the medical procedures. Let’s hope it’s glaucoma because that’s more treatable. Hope they get better in a day or so. Lots of rest, cool water help? I do hate that.
    So quiet here tonight. FB and TV full of all the political news the whole country is buzzing about. Night and day and I’m tired of it all although Jim and I are opinionated about it. Jim already asleep and I’m watching a very old movie on TV. No plans for tomorrow. After I had my ultrasound we went out for an early dinner. I had some wonderful clam chowder, Jim had French dip at our favorite British style pub. Probably nothing like the real thing. They have a wonderful bottled ginger beer that I love and is good for the digestion. Few tourists in town these days. Fog in here all day today. Rain for the coming days. Now I must get some sleep if the gut will allow it. Sometimes I wonder which part of my life is in charge of what. Love ya, Sue.

    • The food sounds wonderful …what’s a French dip? Hope your sleeping. I’m just getting up now
      Yea the election took the best part of half the newspaper here..I see on TV there are riots in Portland with it
      Sunny day here mite get a small tree clipped it’s a weeping evergreen with red berries. Just by the conservatory . But it’s cold so maybe wait till lunch.. time for it to warm up
      It’ll be great for Jen when she gets thru this stage..nice house .lovely countryside and places in Cornwall and near her son
      Ok off and up now

      • Chris
        A french dip is a usually beef sub sandwich served with a little bowl of au juis to dip the sandwich in. Very good stuff. I haven’t had one of those in ages. There was a little restaurant in SC many years ago. They made the best french dips. Usually beef, onions, peppers and provolone cheese on the sandwich

      • Chris dear, did it warm up enough for you to get your tree trimmed? COld here and cloudy all day. Yes, it will be wonderful for Jen to get settled in. I know she’s going to be so exhausted yet relieved. What a time of it she has had.
        Indeed there is rioting in Portland. People shot last night and many businesses damaged. So many of the kids don’t like the results of the election. Did the Brits do that with Bexit? I understand that was a very controversial situation as well as ours is now. Late here now and hope it’s calmer in Portland tonight.
        Jim got in our outdoor furniture cushions and I trimmed some porch plants this week so winter is approaching. I love the Fall, just not appreciating the chill.Love, Sue

    • Thanks Chris. Every six months I will be having one just to check.
      Tonie answered you about the French dip, her version. The one I make and the ones we usually find here are tender slices of roast beef, toasted French roll and the juices, from the meat to dip the roll in as you eat. I make my dipping juices out of garlic, beef broth and wine that has been cooked all day with the beef. Sue

  13. Tonie, so sorry about Rufus. Oh, those lady chicks. Glad Miss Alice was better. I hope you can find some relief for your back. No surgery if you can help it.
    Chris, lots going on in your household. Thinking of you and DH.
    Sue, hope you are feeling better soon. Good news on the mammo!
    Friends, the last several months I’ve been battling a host of new issues and not at all sure the cause of one of the most troubling, not much to do about another. Both have been making this week difficult. Prayers and thoughts of light and healing would be much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Lyn
      So so sorry about the new problems. I do, as well as others of us, understand totally. I a, still dealing with the ears and rash issue, still no answers. Hang in there, I pray for us all, and a special one for you. I. Know anything going on without answers is so stressful which does not help with current problems. Try to stay calm and not worry. I loved the pics of you and SB on FB. He sure is a cutie, looks a lot like you as well.
      Do take care

      • Tonie dear, bet that Nathan had a ball being an extra. I remember you talking about being one in AZ. I so hope you can find an answer to what is going on with the skin and the cartilage for you. Frustrating is the mildest word for it. Have you tried sunscreen over the areas affected when you are outside, even in chilly weather? I’m getting desperate for ideas to help you, can you tell? I pray for the new rheumy to help but I know that’s not until Jan. Have you searched the internet?
        Tummy still bad here. Made it to the store this afternoon with Jim finally. Lots going on next week including trip to Portland. You know, land of the protests? Those folks should all be spanked. Tear gassed last night.Beautiful moon out there tonight, gorgeous shining off the river.
        Your version of the French dip would never be touched by Jim. He’s such a meat and potato man…boring food for this guy. SOunds good to me but would probably kill me. Knowing you I know you are busy with gifts, etc. for the coming holidays. Hope brothers and sis are doing well. Love, Sue

    • Lyn, Frustrations abounding for you. I am so sorry and hope you get some answers soon. Did the concerts cause extra fatigue? I’m here as are all of our friends when you want to chat about any of it. Prayers, hugs and thoughts, Sue

  14. Dear all
    Lyn so sorry that you have extra problems..prayers for you that all wil be better
    You have been so busy….does the painting cause you problems at all?

    Yes we had and still have small demos of brexit. They pop up from time to time. There will be more I think if the government overturns the vote in parliament as they will try to do. Such wide ranging views on everything everywhere,
    We suddenly decided to go out that day that we were going to do the was a lovely day and we were glad we did…..but the tree is still there reminding us! We went out as we got a new car and a lovely sunny day beckoned…it’s only a short drive to coast
    Your beef sounds lovely…cooking all day in your home it must smell delicious
    DD picking us up today and going to see will be a long drive so hope back will be ok but looking forward to it as well
    We are all being together today as its Rememberance Day and dad was always in a parade and spoke in the I will go tomorrow to put a poppy on each grave..but today we won’t do the usual we will just meet together .i wiould find it too upsetting. this is why DD come up with this idea
    On the actual day the 11 th we were in our favourite village and always for two mins at 11 am they sound an old air raid warning..the whole village stops silent .its so stilling , we went to it just for that then to our usual tearoom .. It was different from other years as my dad was always so involved. I chose not to this year too upsetting
    Another trip to Portland for you….wish it was nearer for you
    I do wish we knew the reason for this problem…..nothing new you can think of..
    I Know you’ve been down that road…what can it be..does the chlorine or the salt irritate the rash at all when its there ..have they added anything to the water that you shower with after…like a softener?
    Ok gotta get up an go

    • Chris, I love the respectful way your country responds to the past wars. It is more respectful than our country. Perhaps, that is because yours was more involved physically than our country was in WW11. Your country lost so much that will never be forgotten. Right now we are seeing so much display by college kids and even younger ones who don’t like the way our election went. I am ashamed of their behavior and know many of them are being paid to behave this way. Many have no idea how their behavior will stay with them all of their lives if they are arrested and many are being incarcerated here in Portland.
      I know today was a rough and emotional one for you and thought of you when I saw the Queen laying the memorial wreath. God bless your great country for their respectful memories. I hope you had a good day of family togetherness. Hugs, Sue

  15. Hello all
    Sue, glad to see you back on. So sorry for all your cramping and such. It was really cold here last night, was 20′ when I got up, but once the sun is out it warms up a lot. The air is still very cool. Yesterday I did work inside, but not out. I need to dig up my flower bulbs and replant them, and I have some new ones. Monday I will try and get them done.
    Portland. I did read Sue where the sherif or chief of police said they were rioters and would be treated as such. And looks like he meant it, cause he gassed em. It is so shameful they are doing this. What do they think will happen ?
    Chris, I have seen where everyone stops on the roads and stands by their cars. I think that is a wonderful thing. Pride and respect for and about ones country is a wonderful thing. I am so afraid this generation here is forgetting that. They complain about privilege , yet they are the ones who are privileged. I haven’t tried the sunscreenbut I will. I had the worst one yet on Friday morning. The rash was large whelps all up and down my legs, and my ears swelled up, not “cauliflower” but painful. I got very nauseous . The. It just went away after about an hour. However. My ears are always sore. Around the upper curve of my left ear it is like the dips on the crust of a pie. Like the cartilage is disappearing.
    Yes, I am still working on all the Christmas gifts.. I keep thinking of things to do. I have some red yarn and I am going to make some hats for the kids this week before I go. Red hats with white trim ! Campy , but they will like em.
    Hope everyone is well today

    • Tonie, I wouldn’t really say I was back on…I just don’t always have the overall health to be on here constantly. Life has been hard for me this last few months. I am worried about you right now. Welts on the legs is not good and is usually a sign of an allergic reaction to something. Do you have a drug book so you can check out each of your meds? If not there is always the internet. I really wish you would see your primary doc ASAP. The ears and the possible chondritis, inflammation of the cartilage makes more sense. Perhaps, it is time to go to a Benadryl orally or the lotion. Do you have any? Have you had any trouble breathing?
      As far as the situation in Portland they did arrest many and gassing them helped. This is definitely not a peaceful protest but some of the others are also violent and damaging to personal property. What a mess. Who knows how long it will go on. If they are being paid, many feel it will go on through inauguration day. I pray not.
      Love you and am concerned right now, Sue

      • Sue
        I appreciate your concern. I have changed no medications, nor added any supplements of late to cause this reaction, it usually starts in the morning about the time I eat, which is why I thought I was having a reaction to blueberries. But I a, o linger eating them, and I am not drinking the same coffee now as when this first started. I am calling to get an appointment with the primary this week. See if I can get in soon. I also really need to get in to see the dermatologist, and a referral to the spine specialist that my sister sees. My insurance doesn’t require it, but he does.
        No, I know you are still not up to snuff, but at least you are commenting . I pray you get some relief. You have had a rough few years my friend, but I know there is relief in store ahead.
        I think it is funny we wrote almost the same thing to Chris , evidentially about the same time cause yours got on before mine ! Great minds and all that….haha !
        Have a good restful night
        Love ya

  16. Tonie, I second Sue in wishing you see your primary doc. These symptoms are very troubling. Worried about you.

    Sue, hang in there!

    Well, folks, I made it through a very long week and am taking a much deserved night off.

    • Lyn, I do hope you get some answers to your latest problems, which I assume are health problems either diagnosed, cured or made easier this week. Busy week for me each day. Thankfully only one trip to Portland to Pain clinic this week and oncology and rheumy next week in Portland. Others this week are dentist, GI doc and whatever comes from that.
      I’m glad you’re resting and do hope it helps at least for now. It can be a hard life but if we take each day at a time…it’s doable, right? Much love, Sue

    • Thanks Lyn, glad you made it through okay. You , also are having some issues. Hopefully you will have answers soon as well
      Take care and rest up tonight

      • Tonie, Dear Friend, you can develop a rash with some medication you have taken for awhile. Brand names change and are different or you can build up an intolerance. Those welts really bother me. A rash can be scary but usually goes away with these rheumatic diseases but welts? I hope you have some Benadryl in the house just in case. If the itch gets worse take it, okay? Love you…Sue

  17. Sue
    The welts, like the rash c, comes and goes away within a few hours. I was really surprised when I saw the welts though. Which is why it puzzles me, doesn’t stay long. Dang I forgot to call that Dr today. Too much going on. I will call tomorrow

    • Tonie, be sure to call, okay? Did you work today? Hope it is better. I had my teeth cleaned today…every 4 months due to the fact I’m getting IV drug for bones. It can cause necrosis of the jaw so have to keep an eye on teeth. Back hurting from the dental chair. Cold and damp here. Love, Sue

  18. Hope you called the dr tonie and got answers!
    Well been busy..sort of
    Got drainage smells in bathroom.had plumber out he came and then made appt to come to fix it ..hah..all ready for him with cupboards empty .couldnt come…so I got another coming Friday. He was no good anyway what he suggested we thought wouldn’t fix it
    Been trying to trace these smells for a while…anyway on taking the kick boards out from the cupboards the ground hadn’t been cemented..and big gaps filled with glass fibre..we think that’s it and to be fixed…hope they don’t have to get the floor up
    Also that new mattress gotta go back.fella inspected it today as well as the other one..and they are giving me my money back and I’m getting other ones… fed up with it tho ?..we gave £600 sterling for each single mattress ..they were not cheap.
    So I’ve tidied up now someone coming to fix a dripping tap tomorrow these new fangled taps ain’t easy to understand and DH can’t bend down at all
    So going to get a meal on now..slightly fed up with the house 😟….not really …just nearly

  19. Chris
    Still haven’t phoned the Dr. Bad Tonie !! Every time I start to look up the number, something or someone gets me going in another direction. But, I must get it done. Try again tomorrow. Sounds like you have an issue with drainage in the bathroom ? Its bad when you know how to do it , but can’t anymore. I had to replace the workings in the back of my toilet the other week. Took me twice as long as usual because the little nut holding the water line in had been more than hand tightened. Had to drag out pliers and do a lot of praying. Finally it broke loose.
    And mattresses !! Yes, so expensive. What was wrong with your new one ? I had bought a new super King for the bed in Arizona . I LOVED it, it wrapped you up when you lay on it ! Alas, my bed was far too large for here. So I had to sell it. Now, I need a new one on this bed, which was my guest room bed there. But FM and I will buy it together so he can have a say so in it. I told him we may end up with that dial up mattress, where I can have my side soft and he can have his side firm. HAHA. Hope Sue had a good trip today. And that she got some relief.
    I am trying the new dosage of amytrip. tonight. See what happens. Makes me so thirsty though !!
    How is everyone doing with Christmas gifts ? I am still making a lot. I got my string tie bags yesterday Lyn, so next week I can get this pile out of my closet and see what else I need. I also have to start the quilt for my new little great granddaughter who will be appearing in the next 3 weeks, we hope.
    well, long post. Ya’all have a good day tomorrow.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, CALL THE DOCTOR! Hope you already have regarding the ears, rashes, etc. We all worry about you so much. Looking forward to the time you can buy that new bed or mattress with some input from you know who. Hope all is well with him in France. The world is full of so much unrest right now, it’s a shame but hopefully things will settle down with time and choices.
      Had a long day yesterday. I was in the doctor’s office for two hours. She called in a physical therapist to give me some stretches for my whole body which she thinks will help the pain. She would like me to get some PT for gait training. I feel like I’m falling down when I stand up and she said it is all the changes the mastectomy and the two fractured vertebra have done to me. I will faithfully do the stretches by adding them to my daily list of others but will have to think about PT due to insurance. She gave me new pain med to try and she also went over my medication list and asked me why my primary care doc gave me certain things and then took them off. She’s SO smart it’s amazing. I like her very much. It’s just a shame she’s so far away.
      I’ve done some shopping online but have much more to do. Back to Portland next week and then THanksgiving which Beth and I will share. What are your

      • Sue
        Rest up and take care. So glad you have the good Dr to help you. Hoping my new one will be as good. What is the brand name of your mattress ? I like sofat and firm as well lol . Maybe something to look at.
        I am okay , except the back. The ears have gone quite for a bit, except for the pain. No, I haven’t called yet. Ms Alice has been a handful this week and I hardly get sat down she wants something else. Yesterday she was like a toddler. So very tired. I will sleep a little later before I leave for Nikki’s tomorrow. Get everything ready tonight then go. With my boo age size I would be walking sideways after a mastectomy . I know what you mean about the PY, no insurance really wants to pay for it at all. So I do my own. Take care dear friend.

  20. Tonie……Yea I get that way do something then something occurs and that’s it gone for a time
    Plumber came screw too tight for him to move to get to washers .he struggled with it for a time . they are ceramic discs for washers ….may now need new taps..the shower head was also a problem. But it is tight to turn on so will have to have a new workings thing there …smell still in it’s all nowt happening!
    But all the work clearing and preparing! Drainage man coming tomorrow
    Yep the Amytip dries me up and constipation a problem with it
    The mattress has the inspector for them mistyfied as well….it’s gone to the director of the company for an answer but they will replace it with what I want….it feels like an iron bar going across well two of them .he could feel it and can’t work out why..the one in store is fine…I’ve had three like it….so I’m fed up with it…I don’t want any more of mysteries ! Regardless of others feeling the problem and agreeing
    Clever ol you doing your toilet like that…capable Tonie
    That’s a good idea with the mattress for you both
    Yep hope sue is ok

    • Dear Chris, I am so mystified about all your problems and can feel your frustration. I guess by now you have many words for it way past frustration… We have had mattress problems in the past and feel that one particularly. Why in the world would they have an iron bar running across them they cannot explain? That sounds very fishy. I hope they get right on it and get you what you want. We paid $500 for our queen sized foam mattress and dearly love it. It came in a box and took a couple of hours to settle down. We already had a foundation box to put it on. We’ve been on it for three years now and it’s the best one we’ve ever had. Our DD and hubby have one of the air beds with controls on each side and they love it. I have slept on it and it is not for me…too much bounce. I like soft but firm if that makes sense. Let’s hope that gets resolved immediately. You have to have the comfort of a good bed. Plumbing is so frustrating. The fiberglass you described..does it have an order when you’re near it? It may be too obvious to ask but have you dried a good strong drain cleaner for the odor? When we moved in here we found a problem with tree roots in one of our pipes outside. I hate to see so many problems coming from your lovely new house so please keep doing the fun stuff, too, okay?
      I know how stressful it can be when repair men of all ilks don’t show up or do a half-baked job. UGH! It really affect your health, too. Hope DH is doing better, DD and GS.
      Had long trip to Portland yesterday although only saw the pain clinic doctor. I still like her very much and she prescribed a new med for me to try for pain for a month. It’s one I’ve had previously and did okay with it except for that old enemy constipation.
      Hang in there dear lady, Much love, Sue

  21. Sue
    Yep I’ve done drain cleaner on all drains sink.shower bath toilet done it when moved in and every week. At the moment I noticed the basin p trap moved a little when toilet flushed…so now when toilet is flushed we run the tap. How did I find this out…well looked down the sink plug hole with a torch at the same time as flushing!…as you do!!
    It’s a bit better but not all gone..and seems to be building up again ….the fibreglass I didn’t smell it,but it will all be out tomorrow again got the plumbers so I’ll try then with my eyes closed…..good job no one wil see me!
    I like the sound of this pain dr.and prayers that the new needs work ok
    One more day left this week to talk to the dr girl…
    Do u have to travel far to see Niki…..have a good time. Clever girl all the handmade crafts
    Ok well gonna have my fix in the bathroom…..
    Oh yes can have new mattresses when ever I go into the store… that’s ok .just gotta do more choosing ..umph.

  22. Tonie Love, Sue, I know you’ll have a great time with the kids. Is that a one day drive? I’m sure they are looking forward to seeing you. Will your son travel down to FLA, also? I confess I would feel better if you had seen a doctor first before going. Do take care, okay?

    • Tonie, PS The mattress we bought was a gelfoam, from DOn’t remember the brand. Never had heard of it previously. Sue

  23. Just catching up again here.
    Tonie, we have a Sleep Number bed and love it. I’m not sure what bounce you’re talking about, Sue. Ours is either softer or firmer. We have one with a pillow top. It is getting a bit older now, I guess. We bought it when we moved in this house in 2004. I would get another. I like that I can adjust the firmness based upon how I am feeling that day. I have changed mine from time to time. I know people who have Temperpedic and love it (it felt too firm for me) as well as gel beds and the like. Sue, I think you may have had a gel bed at one time, if I remember correctly Tonie, I am sure you and FM will have fun shopping. I just hope he’s able to get over here easily and soon. Scary times.

    Chris, what a mess chasing smells and such. We are dealing with a smell here as well. We had our ductwork cleaned about a year ago or so, seemed better for a while, but smell slowly came back. Now we are talking about having a plumber look into it. So frustrating. Let’s hope we both get our smells sorted soon!

    Sue, this new doc sounds like a winner. I know you will make the right decision about PT. Time to rest these hands. They are a bit stiff, swollen and sore this evening. Guess I overdid it, or am anticipating the weather changes, although it seem a bit soon for that. Could be an interesting weekend. Thankfully we are not in the western part of our state. They are anticipating snow. We just have rain and snow showers in our forecast – oh, after temps up perhaps close to 70. We’ll see.

    ‘Night all!

    • Lyn dear, good to hear from you. Yes, we have a gelfoam mattress with a separate foam topper and love it. I’m just not comfortable on a water bed or air bed. I think you have become used to yours. I know folks do. I sure hope you get to the bottom of your odor problem. Late here, also. Night for now…Love you, Sue

  24. Chris/Sue
    I am going to Near Wilmington NC, a town called Hampstead. It is about four hours away. Having my breakfast, then I will load the car and git on down the road ! Taking the boys somthere will many stops to walk around some. Lyn, I hope you find the stinker for your stink, and Chris as well. Like Sue said sometimes the tree roots will get into your septic lines and cause a bad stink. A simple way to find out and save you money, is to pour a bottle of RIDEX down it and see it is solves the problem. It will kill any roots that get in the system. But it may kill the plant or tree as well. I had a pine tree grow into mine in Az. Did kill the tree, but it got the problem solved.
    My doggies are here to eat the hard pieces of cantaloupe I don’t like. Fruit lovers ! Last cantaloupe probably til next year.
    Okay, have a good weekend all. See you on Sunday !

  25. Lyn the weather will be coming your way soon, high of 70 F here today and 38 F tomorrow. Darn changing weather.
    I bought a “dream foam” gel mattress on Amazon for my twin hospital bed. It’s awesome. Made in the USA of components also made in the USA. No heavy chemical smell.

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