These hands once strong and busy
Now seem so inhumane,
Compared to changing bandages
Or helping one in pain.

To wipe emerging newborns
Who are screaming their first breath,
To hold worn, fading hands
Of those embracing death.

Nursing felt so worthwhile
With its many healing arts,
My hands touched many bodies
As well as aching hearts.

Some days I feel the burden,
Of your pain and my own.
Its descending heaviness
Like lead within my bone.

Were I God Almighty
So many things I’d change,
Beginning with your life and mine,
So much I’d rearrange.

I’d start with all the injured
From war and accidents,
All the fine young men and women
Dealt life’s cruelest incidents.

Courage has new meaning
When I witness what they do
Returning into battle, wounded,
Much like me and you.

We slog along each day
Heels off the ground we tread
Each step is filled with pain,
As we steadfastly tramp ahead.

There’s no way to stop this train
Though we long to disembark
The journey, it continues,
As we wobble in the dark.

When our lives become too small
Isolation tugs the heart;
Our courage a mirage,
Oops, there goes the apple cart.

When splayed out on our backs
We stare up at the sky,
The universe whispers
“Simplify, while you comply.”

My hands, no longer worthless
If they reach out to you
Together we have courage
As together we pursue;
A life with deeper meaning
With purpose and a goal
Although we’re deeply altered
We can still be made heart whole.

It’s not about the distance
It’s not about the pain
As long as we hold hands
We have so much to gain;
Strangers once, no longer,
We’re united in the soul
Gathering our scattered lives
We make each other whole.

When you and I clasp hands
Albeit cyber space,
We find comfort and affection
And our world’s a better place.

112 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Lovely poem Sue. Thank you.

    Got some news from my primary physician yesterday. Results from x-rays show an enlarged heart from my high blood pressure. Also what they term a tortured aorta, which seems to mean it is twisted, DIL is making an appointment with a cardiologist, hopefully real soon. Would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts, also maybe some info from those who might help me understand what this means. It does kind of explain the symptoms I have been having the last few months. Janet

    Love to all.

    • Well, Janet, answers which beg more questions. Don’t you love that. Hopefully you’ve been given some idea where to go to from here. Prayers for you and your DIL.

    • Janet, hope you get in to see a cardiologist soon. I would guess the enlarging of your heart might have shoved the aorta around a bit. The new doc will probably put you on a cardiac drug to help the heart work less hard. Are you on any cardiac drugs now? Do you have edema, swelling in the legs or feet? Do you have any problem breathing? Try to put any worries aside until you see a specialist and he can explain all to you. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you get that peace of mind soon with a visit.
      I’m pleased you like the poem. Love, Sue

    • Janet
      I can’t explain anything to you, but I will advise you to fear not, and let it all go to the Lord o will comfort and take care of you. I will be praying for you. I know you will be in good hands.

  2. Well, Sue, you hit the nail on the head for me this evening. Hands once strong and busy are now sore and achy this evening. Everything from weather to all I’ve been doing are catching up with me. Rather exhausted, too. I’ll want to read this again tomorrow when I am, hopefully, able to take in more. Busy weekend, and the weather… 70 yesterday afternoon dropped drastically to 34 last evening complete with rain and sleet. Today, windy, my car said it was 41 outside, but it felt like 21! More 40s with lots of wind tomorrow. Not looking forward to walking sweet Sadie in that. DH took her today. Fading fast here. Will check back in tomorrow for a more comprehensive read. Off I go before I start rambling non-sense. Best to all.

    • Lyn, oh dear such extreme stretches in the temps. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I hate being that cold. It seems when you get cold you can’t warm up forever…at least that’s how it is with me. Hope you have a warm, cuddly blanky, and a heating pad for the night. Stay safe and warm, okay? Love, Sue

      • Yes, Sue, exactly the same with me. I try not to get that cold. I did snuggle up last evening and bundled up this morning for Sadie’s walk. It is still terribly windy and cold today. The high was to be 40 with high winds making it feel much colder – I just looked and it says it feels like 26. Yuck. SB messaged me and asked if it was windy here. He said he didn’t think he felt such strong winds since hurricane winds. I think they are finally to die down a bit this evening.

  3. Yep that fits the bill for me
    Plumbers been. Ins. Won’t cover it as its faulty work from whoever put the bathroom in..
    So more work to be done ,floor to come up
    So all sore from clearing up etc.
    And so my hands are aching as is the rest of me
    The blog runs parallel for me today
    It’s cold here too Lyn hope you feel better and warmer
    Janet prayers for you
    Yes sue once I get cold I’m cold inside even if it’s warm after, its odd . I’ve just put the heating on and come back to bed till it warms up
    How are the new pain meds? Did you start them?
    Well lovely poem for me today,fitted the bill and for us all
    Hope tonies ok and having a good time

  4. Hey all
    Sue , wonderful poem, so much truth in it for us all. Even if we aren’t nurses. I have the need to help and heal animals. I have large regrets that I didn’t go on to Vet school as I had planned. Oh well, can’t change that huh ?
    Had a good visit with Nikki and the kids, and the new boyfriend. He is someone from her teenage years that she really liked then. He is very nice, hard working and really good with the kids. They all like him. She has a nice home in a good neighborhood. Very near to the beaches of Carolina. We went on Saturday, youngest gd was in the water on the boogie board the entire time. So unafraid of anything. Had a good walk in the warm sunshine and enjoyed the sounds and smells and watching pelicans fish !
    Very tired today. I need to go swim, but I am fighting with myself as to whether I can do it or not. Found a replacement rooster and am going to pick him up, and a couple more hens tonight. My FM called me this morning, nice way to wake up. Back from his trip, had a great time interacting with all the horses. Dec 3rd he is able to file for retirement, so we will have some news soon. Prayers appreciated the the road will be smooth .
    Thanksgiving I will work with Ms Alice and then come home. They invited me to eat with them, but by Thursday I just want to go home and rest. It is no big deal to me. Judy would have me with her friends, but……and of course I can raid my brother for leftover turkey !
    The kids will come for Christmas I think. We will see.
    Love to you all

    • Tonie, what good news for FM! Dec. 3rd. I will be praying. Glad you had a good time on your visit. You looked so happy in the pics on FB. 🙂

    • Shirley
      Glad you liked this blog . Please come back on and share some more. We love new people, the first time you post , it takes a little while for it to show. So many people try to post spam, it needs to be approved. But next time it will just go on right away. God bless and have a wonderful day

    • Shirley, that’s good. That’s what I always hope for. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and feel well enough to enjoy the day. Good to hear from you. Sue

  5. Sue, what an awesome poem! I read it out loud to myself. The more I read, the more excited I became. Thank you! I loved it and will read it more. I can’t really explain why it affected me that way, it just did. It was so annointed is all I know to say.
    I am still having trouble with being stopped up. It makes it hard to breathe and eat. I fall asleep and start breathing through my mouth and drys everything up. I am drinking everything I can and using my Flonase in my nose everyday like the doctor said. I went out today and got me 3 pair of flannel pj’s. Like some of you, when I get chilled to the bone it is hard to get warm. Our weather is crazy too. Some days have been near 80°. Now it is 20 and 30° at night and 50° during the day! Ugg, I hate it. The bad thing is winter is just now starting!
    Tonie, Good news for your FM. Hope he won’t have to stay over there too awful long after he puts in for retirement. Glad you got a new rooster and hope the new hens will get along good with your other hens. Great pictures from the beach. Glad you had a good time! I love it when I go there to stay with my daughters.
    Lyn, Chris, Janet and all of you I didn’t name, just know my prayers are going up for you and hope all of us feel better soon. I was going to try and write to each of you but my shoulder and hand is hurting so badly I don’t think I am going to be able to. Please forgive me.
    Love and HUGS , Donna
    P. S. Jennie, we all miss you and you are in our prayers. Hope everything is going smoothly and you will be back on here real soon. Love you, Donna

    • Donna dear, can’t believe the stretch you have been through with all the respiratory problem. So awful for you. I know it can take some time because of the nature of all the mucosa and as we get older the longer it takes. Oh that cold weather. We went to Portland yesterday and it stayed at 44 degrees all day with wind and rain. It seems we didn’t really get any Fall this year. Stay warm in your new PJ’s and stay in and know we’re all thinking of you. Love, Sue

  6. Dear Friend, just a brief note tonight because we have to go back to Portland tomorrow to see the rheumy and the oncology doctor. Long day with meds, IV, etc. My stomach is still giving me fits. Hope to get some answers soon. Had the grands here after school today, had leftovers, now must shower so we’ll be ready early tomorrow for another wet trip. I’ll get back to each of you after we get home. Love to you, a very special group of women…not to exclude our male readers. Sue

  7. Sue
    Prayers for a good day for you both. I know those trips are hard on you. You can send us that rain ! We are so dry here. I stopped at my little spring to get water yesterday and it is down to a trickle. We are supposed to get rain next week, I pray we do.
    Donna, it was so good to hear the rooster crowing this morning. I guess this will be Rufus the Third ! Yes, it was a wonderful visit, plus the beach. Can’t do more than that !
    Lyn, thanks. It will be so good to get the message that he is coming back. But, trying not to get my hopes up for a shorter time. He is concerned because of all the rumors about the retirement. They want the workforce to stay on years after they should be retired, plus taking their money ! Bad situation over there for people our age.
    Please welcome Shirley to our midst ! So good to get new people to post , even now and then. We are so open to that. Most of us have been with Sue for years, so we talk like family. But it is not a closed group, so jump in anytime
    Okay, off to work and the trials of Ms Alice ! Haha. Love that lady !
    Love to all
    Ps Jennie, looking forward to your return Petal !

    • Tonie, am enraged to hear what your dear man is going through in France. What an awful thing for the government to do to those who have worked so faithfully for years. Many prayers for a quick and happy outcome for both of you. Oh my, we just have to keep our faith strong. Pleased to hear the new Rufus is taking so well to his duties. Bet it was quiet mornings around there for awhile. Your trip to see the kids looks like such fun, they look well and happy. So good for them to be near the beach. Happy birthday to Nathan, your dearest GS today.
      Well , the trip to Portland yesterday was horrific. It is most my fault because I was anxious to hit the road early and ate my yogurt, washed up and brushed my teeth and then forgot to take my morning pills. That meant a long day without my prednisone, heart pill or Nsaid among other things. Stupid of me. Too much walking, much too much waiting in hard chairs for very little results. Very sore all the way home, couldn’t even stop to eat and very nauseous. I have now had to conclude that the IV I get at the chemo office is responsible for that. Very dark, cloud drive through the forest. No street lights in the country up here. Thank the good Lord it was not pouring rain or it would have been impossible. Rained all day yesterday except for that leg of the trip. Thankfully, I remembered to take my cane because one of the doc, my rheumy is in a large building, many elevators, walking, etc. Glad it’s over because have to make pecan pie, cranberry orange sauce and pasta salad for tomorrow at Beth’s. Resting right now with my poor bum sore after those two huge horse shots yesterday.
      I hope you have some good food tomorrow in spite of working. Hugs, Sue

  8. Yea ..hi Shirley hope to see you soon on here again
    Hope all goes ok for FM..when will he know anything? I can understand not getting your hopes up as when it happens it’s all good
    Hope all ok after the trip and rest
    Cold here and floods all over the place..not with me but various spots .cars floating away and homes flooded.
    Hope Jen ok she’s on her way over.
    Drs tomorrow for me with letter back from eye clinic
    Plumber coming to look at putting extra rad as sitting room is cold

    • Chris
      Not sure when he will get news. If it is the day he submits it or when. But he has heard all sorts of rumors and all are holding the money hostage to get more years of work. We are not young so time is precious to us. He will make the best deal he can. It is terrible how they are doing them

      • Oh that’s not good is it..I suppose its too much to hope he hears the day he submits it..
        But till you know don’t speculate. He could well turn it to how he wants it..
        Yes time is precious. But just imagine if you hadn’t have met ..you have ,so that’s a truly wonderful thing and a future with it..not when you want but it’s a future to wait for
        Hope our sue ok
        Jen should be in the uk by now….rotten weather for her damp,raining ,cold.i think the weather was windy for her travelling too by the forecast we had

    • Chris, I know. I was thinking about Jen yesterday on her long trip and sorry to hear the weather there so bad for both of you. Heard about the flooding on the radio last night on our drive home. Oh dear, what a years for flooding for England. Such awful damage with a flood and so many displaced while they try to wait for the waters to go down.
      Sounds like you still have those projects going in your lovely home. Let us hope it begins to behave very soon. Hope the eye clinic news is good for you. Let us know, okay?
      As I told Tonie, long awful day yesterday. Glad to be home and throw up last night and dive into bed at 7 PM. One med change, saw a doc that wasn’t mine at oncology and she sent in a very young nurse practitioner and I was in the mood to be a guinea pig. Disappointing but it happens. Alway good to hear the latest with you. Much love, Sue

  9. Happy Thanksgiving all !
    I worked today, was just exhausted from not sleeping well. Came home and just had a hot pocket ham n cheese. At least I didn’t over eat haha ! Hope all had a wonderful day with family, friends, or just like me, yourself ! I was just not in the mood to mingle. So now I will hit the couch and maybe sleep !
    Love to all

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! First time back since last I posted.

    Welcome, Shirley!
    Sue, I am so sorry for your long, painful day. I hope you are starting to feel a bit better today. No one wants to celebrate Thanksgiving in that way.
    Tonie, no turkey on turkey day? I actually had a second helping, so feel free to count it as yours. 🙂 How is Rufus III? Fitting in with the girls?
    Donna, upper respiratory issues can be so awful. I hate waking up so dry. I do hope you get some relief soon.
    Chris, sorry you are having nasty weather. Ours has just been so all over the place.
    Winding down here and it’s only 7:30 in the evening. I was up at 6 to get a sweet potato casserole and a green bean casserole in their respective slow cookers. I thought that might help with the old how do I keep them warm until it is time to eat dilemma. Well, it was great for that, but my cookers run hot. I guess I either need to do them on low or cook in the oven and transfer to slow cooker to keep them warm. But, I found a new green bean casserole recipe that we all liked. Not been feeling the best, probably weather and overdoing it. Also having a headache the past several days. Couldn’t hide the knee pain. A few noticed today. My father in law asked if my hip or something was acting up. Hadn’t the heart to tell him it was a bit more than that. Several areas begging for attention. It is as it is. Ironically, my hands are throwing a bit of a fit – I say ironically because of this blog’s focus on hands (in case others are as tired as I). Hoping for a better day tomorrow. I’d like to get started bringing out a few Christmas decorations. I had hoped my husband’s family Christmas would be hosted by someone else this year, but alas, it will be here again. We do have a bit more room. I had just hoped for a break this year. Ah, well.
    Best to all! Have a great weekend!

    • Lyn
      Glad you had a good day, but sorry for all the pains. It seems people associate RA with joint pain and that is all. FM asked me once if anyone in my family really knew what was my condition. I had to say no. He is the only one who has taken the time and effort to read and find out. It is nice to have someone who understands.
      Rufus the 3rd is not aggressive and is slow,y getting to know his new haram. One of the new hens disappeared and I thought something had gotten her. But yesterday morning she was in a tree, then got behind the fence and I had to chase her down and get her across it after work yesterday. Some of them are really dumb !
      My brother and his wife are having my sister and I up for dinner tomorrow, so I will still get my turkey ! I have been really slow moving this morning, so I need to get going and go swim. I saw your Black Friday pic on FB ! My answer is the pool !
      Take care, and hey, have you ever tried a hot wax machine ? Does wonders for your hands when they are aching. I have had one for years They are not expensive and usually on sale now

      • Haha, had a chuckle about the treed hen. No, they are not the brightest. I wish I could swim again. If only the water was warm enough. Of course, Sadie would still need to be walked. I have tried hot wax, back when I was prescribed PT for my arthritis. I think it was my favorite part of the sessions. I really should look into one for myself and one for my mom.

    • Lyn, May I ask why you choose not to tell your DH’s family you are not up to doing the shindig for Christmas? I suspect you’re being a bit too brave. It is a good thing you are not having a repeat of the open house of a few years back, right? I know this way of life can stink and I am sorry to hear you are having excessive pain right now. ‘Tis the season for the RA and every other type of rheumatoid to react. I think your two casseroles sound so yummy. Unfortunately, Beth and I are surrounded by a family of picky eaters and end up eating most of the dishes we like all by ourselves. This year that will be the orange cranberry relish and the pasta salad. Unfortunately both of your wonderful casserole would fit into that category as well. I adore green bean casserole with bean sprouts added but haven’t made it in years.
      Hope you feel up to getting out a few of your beautiful and festive decorations. I think I’ll just lie here today and think about mine. It was another long week for us with another trip to Portland to see two docs on Tuesday, some cooking on Wed and then the day of thanks. My new pain doc has taken me off of half the things my primary doc had me on and I’m hope all will be better. She is extremely bright and compassionate so I am hopeful.
      My dear friend, if today is a lousy day, just go with it and a cat in the lap with a good book…you, not the cat…to read and you will probably be better tomorrow. Much love, Sue

      • Thanks, Sue! I decided puttering around today getting some decorations up would be a good idea. Christmas will be here before we know it. Especially good idea since I had both DH and SB here to help me cart trees, etc. I feel better now that I have all I really need up. Now I just need to do the front porch, then anything else I add will be icing on the cake. That will give me time to work at all the other stuff you have to do when you have a gathering. Hopefully I will have help from one or two of the kids as well as DH. I was going to beg off, but when we were at the brother’s house that had offered to possibly host (he had a bunch of us for dinner) someone asked who was hosting Christmas and the brother answered right away with authority that we were. So much for that conversation. I think if DH had talked with them before that evening they probably would have, and maybe not had the dinner they hosted last week. When 2 or more chimed in right away that we were, I didn’t feel in a place to beg off. I’ll just have to do what I can and a bit at a time. Perhaps you, Beth, my DD and I need to have our own dinner. 😉 Please rest up for next week. I know how much those trips take out of you. I hope your pain doc can find the right balance of meds and such for you. Hugs, my friend. And, I’ll probably snuggle up with book and cat this evening. 😉

  11. Well, what a day…..I did go to swim, pulled in opened the back door for my workout bag……missing ! I left it on the couch ! So I just walked the trail as it was nice out. Then I went to wash the truck…car wash is closed. But..they had gas cheaper, so I got it, when I had pumped almost all of it I realize I am pumping high test instead of regular !
    But, it got better, I did clean the inside of the truck. Got my decorations to where I can easily get them tomorrow. Did the floors, turned the heat on at the church. I am meeting the pastors wife at nine tomorrow morning to decorate the church. Lyn, I will get my decorating done tomorrow. I did make a wreath for the door, one out of the material ? First one, very easy and looks good.
    Well, now I have to practice some songs for a program at a neighboring church Sunday night. So all have a nice sleep. Sue feel better

    • Well…..you certainly made good out of what could have kept rolling all wrong..well done
      Yea hope sue is feeling better
      We had a busy day,but nice…ended with a steak out in a pub.they had a busy nite full so we were lucky to get a table
      They had a guitarist playing 60s music so it was different .twinkly lights all up.
      So weekend coming up…town was so busy today on this Black Friday thingy..got to to go in tomorrow too…I think it will turn out to be a black weekend sales continuing
      New mattress is comfy…daren’t say anymore!
      Gonna try and get some sleep.its nearly 2am here

      • Chris, won’t say anything about the new mattress. DOn’t want to jinx it. Your evening out sounds so calm, delicious and relaxing. Hope it was. May I ask..I am surprised you have Black Friday. I just thought we had it because it was the day after Thanksgiving. Now I know it’s international. No decorations here for us as yet. We’re just getting over two trips to Portland in one week. Yes, dear,I am feeling better just the last few days.Had a lovely dinner with family yesterday, rested today. Hope to decorate a bit this weekend. I did all of my shopping online so we have many boxes in the basement. I get a kick out of all the packing for one bottle of vitamins, etc. Such a waste of cardboard but we do recycle. Love the holidays. How are the home projects going? Later, much love, Sue

    • Tonie, I wrote Lyn this AM then ran out of steam. It is a funny story about your new hen. Sounds like she flies well. Hope quiet, shy Rufus has his diplomatic skills intact. What a harem. So sorry you didn’t get to swim today but sounds like other blessings finally fell your way. You and Lyn are putting me to shame as I have not retrieved one item of Christmas decorating yet BUT I have finished my Christmas shopping. That’s a relief. The old me, pre-illness, would still be sewing a gift or some such thing on Christmas Eve day.
      We had a lovely dinner at DD’s and SIL’s with all and food was very good. All of our efforts combined with the greatest chores going to DD. She’s becoming a fine cook. She did have one problem with her contrary stove getting too hot and cooking the turkey extra quick. Of course, tons of leftovers. I ate small amounts due to my stomach just getting over a bad spell. That pain patch I was on gave me a wretched time but so much better now. Thank you Lord. Had fun with the two grands here in town at dinner, of course. Chatted on phone to son in Texas.
      Pleased you’ll be having dinner this weekend with brother, SIL and sis. Hope your cold wind has eased a bit. Hope you have a good time decorating your church tomorrow. Take it easy, okay? Do they have their own decorations or do you us fresh greens, etc.? All sounds so festive. I love this time of year. Be good to yourself, okay? Love, Sue

  12. Well we’ve only had Black Friday for two years here…it’s an import… the shops thought they could make people into a frenzy to buy…..and they do . Loads sold .
    Don’t know if the rest of Europe has got it yet
    Altho we bought a new tv ..but it wasn’t in the sale . Always the way! Need to as ours is a small TV for the room it’s only a 32 in and the subtitles are too small for dH to read from where he sits
    Also which was good you can also turn down or off all the music that is louder than when they speak. And make the adverts the same level as the program as well …not getting it till after the two rads put in. As all the dust etc….so we can’t use the room yet it’s too cold.so looking forward to being warm in there . They will come to show us how to use it and put it up etc..be glad when all is done
    Glad you feel better sue and enjoyed the holiday
    It’s going to get to -4c in the nite next few days they say….not sure what it is in Fahrenheit
    Ok just gonna do some stuff…Vacuum I think ,went out for a drive for the afternoon it was a lovely sunny day for DH to do some photos
    And I thought I’d ask neighbors in for coffee tomorrow

    • Chris, sounds like cold is on the way after your pretty and sunny day. Thanks for explaining about the Black Friday. Still not sure why it is called Black. It can be good if folks stay sensible and they don’t start shopping in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of good deals for the last two weeks over here. Your new TV sounds like it has some good features. Can’t find all the bells and whistles on sale, I know. I realize how very peaceful life will be for you when you can fix all that has needed fixing. One day…you’ll see, I know. Hopefully by Christmas.
      Rained quite hard most of the day here today. Not that we aren’t used to it. I’ve been doing some deep cleaning of cupboards, etc. so many things neglected over the last few years with the cancer and other problems. Eyes giving out so need to close. Thoughts of you both, and stay warm. Love, Sue

  13. Chris/ Sue
    God days for you both today and yesterday. I went to the church at 9 am and just got home at 2 ! Had breakfast, and now will rest a bit before going to my brothers tonight. The church looks good. I didn’t do much of the decorations, she is a whiz, and super compulsive about things matching and yadda yadda, so I set the trees up and did other things. It looks lovely. Amazing what can be done with ribbon and netting when you have the touch.
    So ….off to the couch and my ice pack. Maybe a movie to go to sleep by. I had planned on decorating mine but not today ! Maybe tomorrow .
    Love to ya both

  14. Chris
    No rash for a while now, but ears are so sensitive, can’t leave my ear muffs on. I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow morning, so we will see. They church looks lovely. The pastors wife is very anal when it comes to decorating, lol, much more than me. She hangs an ornament, looks at it, moves it, looks at it……but she does a great job. I paid for it last night with my back, but doing ok this morning. I need to get an apt with my pain guy as well. Gotta get some relief here. It’s really cold here this morning ! Hope you are keeping warm !

  15. Morning peeps !
    Well finally had my turkey last night. It was worth the wait. My sil is a wonderful cook. And I brought back enough turkey for a sandwich today. Even bought a small bag of chips to go with it. Haha. I am prepared. This morning I am having pumpkin muffins I made Friday. Good recipe from my SIL . Made with whole wheat flour, stevia. Honey, oats. Applesauce, pumpkin , and eggs. They are wonderful. She finally gave me the recipes. I am making the apple ones next. I think I will make some and freeze them for later use ! I use the very small muffin pans so they are in the reasonable size, not the mega.
    Well, much as I hate to, gotta get ready and go out in the cold. Feed and then to church. Tonight we are having a community sing a thin at the Methodist church beside us ! Always a good time.
    Have a great day all
    Ps I have a great granddaughter, Serenity Rae, born on Thanksgiving

    • Congrats tonie….what a lovely name Serenity
      Hope both are doing well
      How good is that to have a cook in the family..always a bonus!
      I love pumpkin scones and muffins infact anything with pumpkin in it
      Hope all goes as you want it with the dr. Let us know what he thinks
      Funny to have the ears troubling and no rash
      GS just been with girlfriend had a meal then they’ve got a 2 hr drive back home
      It made me laugh when you described the pastors wife doing the decs…..as I’m a lot like that..wish I wasn’t
      Weather so so but no rain..gonna be cold tomorrow and into freezing at nite

    • Tonie, your long awaited Thanksgiving dinner sounds delicious. Nice thing about muffins with pumpkin or apple is they stay moist so long. They also sound fab. The community sing sounds wonderful. It sounds like you are surrounded by family of great cooks.
      I will be glad to hear what your primary care doctor thinks of your ears but don’t get your hopes up too much. It’s just a question of finding the doctor who has seen this previously. I know you definitely need to get more care of some kind for your back as do I. It can be so very frustrating, I know. When I saw a different oncologist last week because mine was on vacation, she sent in a very, very young nurse practioner. What an ordeal that was…she wanted to do a physical, asked me a hundred questions..I get it, they have to learn on someone but I was not the one to ask after the long day, drive and wait I had already had that day. Then she asked me if I was depressed. I said, ‘No, but I’ve been a bit bitchy” to which she said, do you want me to arrange for you to get some counseling? Miss nineteen year old doe eyes came very close to seeing the end of her life that day..oh my.
      I know how hard it is to get medical personnel who know what you need to know. My prayer is that you will and very soon. Much love, Sue

  16. Chris
    Glad you gs comes to see you so often. I miss my oldest, who has the new baby. Maybe I can go out this year and see them. We will see. Scones are so much like our biscuits. I am going to make some with pumpkin, see how they turn out. I have a recipe for baguette . I have to try it out and get it mastered before my FM comes home. He loves them, of course, and really misses them when he is here. So,.. It has warmed up here for the day. Supposed to stay that way and RAIN on Tuesday, I hope. We are so dry here. My little natural spring is not flowing so strong right now. We really need the rain.
    Well, back to crocheting ! So much to finish
    Ps Jennie ! Where are ya petal ? We miss you

    • Fancy your own natural spring…lucky you
      Something to plan and look forward to seeing your grandson..mine gave me such a lovely Xmas card and pressure to remind us of all the memories we share he said…it was a wooden boat ..we used to take him away to see Henry 8th ship the Marie rose and we went on nelsons ship and on a trip around the naval dockyard on a boat….you know stuff you do with kids……I know it’s not Xmas yet…but we do that in our family my fault can’t keep a present ..but we won’t see him before xmas now he is working long and odd hours..and he wanted to see my face…so he said
      weather a mixture here.but cold
      Do they not sell baguettes over with you..they are very popular here.i love the long ones,they make half sizes as well
      Well full of food tonite all the wrong stuff..pizza.etc..all stuff they like
      So back on diet soon been eating for a week now
      Yea I’ve heard nowt from Jen….hope she is ok

      • Chris, your day with your GS sounds so lively and memorable. As all these grands of mine grow up I am constantly reminded about the swift pace of life. What wonderful adventures you have in history with so much of it close. That’s one of the problems with our country…we’re so big and so much travel is involved to see so much on the east coast.
        I would also feel better if we could hear from Jen.
        Couple of bad days for me but good to catch up here with you. I could hear the joy in your voice about your visit with your fine young man. My youngest grandson is now 13 and I can’t believe it. His sister has a birthday this week so my daughter and her DH took the kids out of school and flew to Disneyland as a surprise for them this week. We will feed the cats. I would have loved to have seen the looks on their faces when they told them that was their destination. They love staying down there and will be a few days. Hope the weather suits them. Well dear, must try to get dinner together. May get take out tonight. Love ya, Sue….oh, yes, it was indeed a memorable visit to that child nurse practitioner.Glad there are so many good ones to balance her out.

  17. Okay. Sue I was cracking up picturing the young nurse and you ! I have also had that experience with one when my Rheumy was on maternity leave. I was ready to strangle her. Now….this PCP is actually a nurse practioner. There is a Dr who is on the letterhead, but never there unless she is off. I love her. She is such a down to earth person. She says it is definitely something to do with the autoimmune disorders. She hesitates to put anyone on daily steroids due to the bone deterioration. That I do understand and hesitate myself. So for now she is putting me on a daily anti histamine to see how that affects it. I go back in a month to see how that does, if not we will try something else. She tripped out when I described my rheumys remarks. Then she read her notes an snorted. She looked at my ears and saw they were inflamed and hot to the touch. She is referring me to a dermatologist because she doesn’t like the one I was going to go to. Says they don’t do good follow up. Anyhow, productive, if lengthy visit. She gets in no hurry whatsoever. We spent a lot of time discussing exercise and weight loss. She is on a low carb diet. And gave me a tip ( Chris) . She says she has been adding 1 tsp of processed coconut oil, or refined. To her coffee three times a day. Said it didn’t taste good in tea. She is loosing one pound a day. It takes your appetite away. But beware it makes your bathroom trips frequent the first few days. For me a good thing. She even suggested I try a tablespoon in mine and see if it helps and I can lessen the stool softener I have to take.
    Anyhow, wanted to give you an update. After that , went to swim, then home and help my sis get her Christmas stuff in the house, go pick up and unload a load of wood for her, feed, bring my Christmas stuff on the porch…….sigh.. ready for the couch and a cozy blankie.
    Rain here tomorrow ! Yeah !
    Have a good night all

    • Tonie dear, just wrote you a long response and my internet went out..lost it. Now memory, work for me. I was thrilled to hear you are making progress with the ear and rash situation. It does seem the more cages we rattle, the more people we meet who might give us some answers. I love a good nurse practitioner. My oncologist has a wonderful one but miss thing I had the other day wasn’t her. She works with some other doctor. I think many Np’s do take more time and still have their curiosity when it comes to all things medical. It’s a great idea to see a dermy and it sounds like you will see a good one from the info you got from her. Good!
      Sorry I didn’t get back to you last night. Couple of rotten days. Feeling a bit better today. I know you are feeling encouraged and hopeful as you should. Coconut oil sounds interesting. I bet it would be good in hot coffee. I sometimes use it as part of the milk in custard and find it too greasy in the mouth when it is cold. That’s a lot of weight loss. One must visit the loo a great deal to lose a pound a day. Must sun to dig up something simple for dinner for us. Looks like a good soup night. Love you, Sue

  18. Well that’s good tonie ,fingers crossed for these meds now. Got someone good there I think
    Very cold here. I got blankies on sofa too need em in our room there
    Yes your post made me laugh too I read it out to DH and he did as well
    Hope your new meds ok

  19. The sound of pouring rain ! Just what this side of the country greatly needed. I pray it will extinguish all these fires. Last night there were fires around Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A big vacation spot for people here and all over for it is in the Smokie Mountains. They were evacuating last night. I think it was arson. Hopefully they can catch them.
    Well, must get ready to go to work. Have a wonderful day / evening all

  20. Hello, everyone. I’m back again. Tonie, glad you are happy about the rain. I do suppose we need it, but it is not making me feel the greatest. Maybe it will improve as temperatures go up. I hope so. Been overdoing it lately off and on. I know, what a shock. This morning I have been taking it easy and catching up online and such. I know pup will miss her walk, but I’m actually ok with it. I could use a rest. LONG rehearsal last evening, a dress rehearsal. Was thankful for stool and stand!
    Sue, you have me beat in the gift purchasing. Still working on it, although I did get some online shopping done this weekend. I’m still working on the decor as well. DH and I got outside decor up except for the spotlight (will wait until after Wednesday as we are expecting rain that day, too.) At least I have enough up now to pass. Anything else we add is just icing on the cake. Whew.
    Chris, hurray for the bed! That’s all I’ll say so as not to jinx it.
    Tonie, your visit may have been lengthy, but sounds productive. Good. We are lucky to have baguette available around here, but I am sure you will perfect it by the time FM arrives. I know you are a crackerjack cook and baker. 🙂 Today would be a great day for baking. Unfortunately, we don’t need any baked goods right now. We netted some leftovers from a relative/friend’s small business Saturday open house. (Part of my overdoing was helping out at her shop Saturday.) I suppose I could make cookies that freeze well and just freeze them for holiday. Guess we’ll see how I’m feeling this afternoon. Time to get moving, I suppose. I also need to visit the grocery store for some dinner supplies. Have a good day today, all!

    • Lyn, glad you survived the dress rehearsal after all the decorating. I wish I had one decoration up but do not. I am sorry you have to feel like a barometer in this weather. Rain? That word hardly jiggled my brain cells…oh, that’s right it’s raining here, again. Here on the coast of Oregon we would be more accurate to report when it is NOT raining. Those extreme swings you have back there in the weather are really amazing. I know they were almost to drought where Tonie is in VA. Now, perhaps, her creek will have some water in it. We have creeks all over out here…we call them streets. Okay, enough water jokes.
      I know how much you love to decorate your lovely home. I think we will once again leave our lovely 9 ft tree in the bag in the basement. I’m just not up to it but we have several tiny trees and our home is small. I hope you have your decor just as you want it and knowing you you will be fiddling with it, adding on and it will be precious by the holiday. Do take care of yourself because none of it brings pleasure unless you feel moderately well, Much love, Sue

  21. Well that cocoanut oil seems good.its funny I just read in the newspaper about coconut tea and its laxative qualities. But I could do with the other way!
    Guess what.,we had our new car broken onto last nite..in the boot was John’s camera and his stand . It was a second camera ..but still!
    They rifled thru everything.it was a shock when we went out.his bp was,up to 200 when we took it later
    So now we put it away in the garage.everyone keeps theirs on the drive…it was only ours done
    It was a lovely sunny frosty morning and we’d got up,early to take some photos….we went out still but had breakfast out. We had to tidy up the car first
    .its nearly 4 am here and 24 f ..I got the right one for over the pond!
    We have an electric point being moved Friday for the rad to be put in…more fun I Suppose! Hope it’s dry weather they’ll probably make a mess anyway….
    Yes Lyn we will keep quiet about the bed….
    Tonie..these fires deliberate ..what is it with some people. Hope the rains were enough
    Sue.. Lucky for the grands to go to Disney I bet they will a great time
    Well it’s a hot drink or try to sleep

    • Chris, If I approved of swearing online, I have a whole bevy of ideas of swear words about what happened to you guys. Maybe a few of the most choice of those would bring down that B/P. No wonder DH’s blood pressure was up, how awful for him. Was the car damaged at all? I’m glad you went out anyway and hope breakfast was a good one. I have to wonder if someone in your neighborhood might have a kid that spotted John with that camera and that’s why they broke into your car and no others. Did you call the police? Looks like DH, if he is very good, may get a new camera from Santa this year.

      Let me share a couple of my car stories with both of you. Most of them happened to me when we lived in CA. One night in the heat of summer I left my convertible top down and the next morning it was evident someone had partied in it. Mysterious white powder covered the leather in a film of mystery. Hum? Another time, New Years Eve the top was up and some jerk or jerks slashed the top…the police said they hit 17 other convertibles that night. It really bothers some of the little evil ones when someone has something nice. So sad. I guess I’m fortunate Oregon is too cold and wet for a convertible.

      Yes, I’m sure the kids are having a wonderful time. Their Dad likes it as much as the children do. I know Beth likes to shop down there and this time of year is the best time to go to Disneyland as it is lit with thousands upon thousands of lights, poinsettia’s everywhere as well as any other decoration you can think of.
      I have to check on some custard I put in the oven earlier. My thoughts are with you. I hope the new rad installation goes well. Much love, Sue

      • Strangely our car wasn’t damaged ..careful thieves!?
        White powder..mmmm ..what a waste for them! That was expensive the tops slashed
        Going in a bit For DH to gave mole out
        Back laterer

  22. Chris
    So sorry about your car. Did you report it ? Maybe they will swing through your neighborhood more often ? Could be it was someone who had seen you with the camera in the boot . I have had my Jeep broken into several times. So invading. Having to clean the car cause you feel dirty. Had my stereo stolen twice. Once was my fault cause it had a take away face in it, and I forgot it. Once, I left the top off and it got ransacked , spare change, and anything else of value inside. I hate thieves ! Simply hate for someone to steal from people, and liars !
    All my plastic enclosure was ripped off the porch night before last, so I got some plywood to go around. Not pretty, but it keeps it warmer. Lots of work yesterday, and I am feeling it today. More stuff this evening. I may get decorated this weekend. Who knows ?
    Have a good day all
    To ie

    • Well we didn’t claim as when we moved here the ins went up…with the excess payable and it would go up next year it’s not worth it
      Your right it is invading and I had to clean up just for me really .bit anxious they think we are an easy target and try the house….but we do have an alarm
      Who ripped the porch or was it the weather? Good job you are a handy Wonder Woman!
      Hope you are feeling ok on new tablets…do they make you tired?
      Oh as to whether it was a local person…dunno. Thought on it…dunno..hope not

  23. Yes Lyn thankful for limited damaging thieves! It was surprising they didn’t do any damage ..and they left a few things that were worth some money..you could see they looked thru it all as it was all disheveled in the car
    Bit tiresome puting the car in garage every night. But it’s better this weather anyway as the car is covered in ice first thing
    It’s nearly 5.30 am here and cold .gonna put the heating on. it takes longer to heat than our other house. When he puts the rads in I will get him to see the pump is ok
    Hope all you aches are easing with the rest you have been getting ..how is youR SB now?


    • Chris, SB is busy with end of semester school assignments and work, but doing ok. His upper back is an issue still. I got an XL heating pad that also has a little massage unit that hits the trapezius (top of shoulder) muscles and sent it with him. Hopefully that will help him a little bit anyway. Thanks for asking!

  24. Chris
    Most likely druggies looking for something they can pawn quickly for money. The camera being it. If you have a pawn near you, look it over, you may find your camera.
    Cold here too this morning. I went to bed last night and forgot to shut the chickens in ! bad Mommie ! But, God is good and they are all there and safe. It is a Thursday, and I am tired, as usual. Get through this day and I will be okay for four. Maybe I can get my Christmas decorations up ? We will see. Must clean the house first. All the running around I have done for the past week is shown in my clutter ! Did some straightening up last night, but….alas, needs more. Of course my couch is always awash in yarn and projects I am doing while sitting there. That stays !
    Well, gotta get going. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Prayers for you all

    • Glad the gals were ok. 🙂 I know what you mean about the clutter. I went through the downstairs cleaning up clutter yesterday as a nurse was coming to check DH for life insurance only to see things mussed again later that evening. It’s never-ending. I do get frustrated cleaning up after others who are able to clean up after themselves sometimes. I have enough to do without cleaning up their mess as well! Have fun with the decor!

      • Lyn, I had to do a bit of a chuckle at your remarks about those who could clean up after themselves. I cleaned the floor in the kitchen with an old fashioned mop yesterday to get what the Scooba misses and I worked so hard couldn’t stand up then saw Jim walking around in it and the living room eating two crisp toasts. I just glared at the poor man. It never occurs to some folk that they leave a trail behind them when they eat standing and walking. I just glared and he said, “WHAT?” Wanted to say a few choice words about napkins and plates but know some things never change.
        Well, dear, it looks like SB is under a lot of physical stress right now. Hope the back which probably always bothers him from the old injuries behaves a winter comes on. It seems strange talking about old injuries in such a young man. He’s smart and he will figure out how to handle it with your help. It’s so hard to see our kids share some of the same problems physically that we have, I know.
        I know your house must look wonderful already but know you will keep adding to it. I must get started on the decorating, soon. I do wish the catalogs would stop coming in such enormous piles everyday, tempting me to do more shopping. Do try to stay well in your weather and remember to rest. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, Glad you get a bit of a break here. Hope you and Judy had a chance to get the barriers completed to keep out the wind. I know how much you love cleaning house…not. I forgot all about decorating so I don’t know what is going on with me. I think the pain at times right now is just so overwhelming due to the new exercises…really stirring things up but hopefully for an improvement. Sounds like you are very busy with work and being a Christmas Elf. I know how much you love this season and always manage to get carried away with the baking and candy making. It always sounds so wonderful…the food, not all the work. How’s your back holding up dear friend? Did you get to go swimming? I’ve also been doing a great deal of cleaning. Just don’t feel like decorating when things aren’t cleaned off. I’ve neglected my home for the last two years…wasn’t my fault…it was my BODY. I’d like a new one for Christmas please.
      Any news from your FM? Always think of him when there is any news in Europe and know he’s in your heart constantly. My youngest GD is having her birthday celebration when they get back from Disneyland so have a few gifts to get together and Jim has a doll bed to put together. It’s a three storied one for three dolls.
      I do hope the weather is not too severe for you and you are as well as can be. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I have acquired some sort of crud that is going around. So all my work is on hold for now. I am in the bed feeling like a train wreck. Most of it is in my throat. Last night it felt like strep starting. But this morning is a bit better. I woke up a couple of times last night and got some Italian ice pops out of the freezer and ate them. Little bit of a cough, but not bad. Maybe a little dose of flu, don’t know. But inconvenient time.
        Yes, my FM called me this morning. He talked and I listened. He says it is a big mess right now. He is finishing up this year and then he is coming here to see me, maybe for a month. We have things to discuss and he wants to talk to me face to face. Retirement is not going good for them over there. SO much of their money has been taken and I think they are trying to hold what is left hostage to insure that they continue to work. They definitely don’t want him to leave the country. So not sure what is going on. Not going to stress about it , it is in God’s hands. Already put it there. I do hope you are feeling better. Hope no one else gets this stuff I have. I really hope I didn’t give it to Ms Alice. Do take care, and get to things as you will.

  25. Hi all
    Quick as gotta get ready for electrician tomorrow.has to move plugs for rads
    Heard from Jen today..only short call as she didn’t have her cell phone all charged. But it’s been difficult but she is ok ,both have colds .i will ring her tomorrow,she’s not on Internet yet
    Yea tonie that’s prob where they are
    Gotta go

    • Chris dear, thanks for letting us know you heard from Jen. We will be so glad when she is settled and able to relax a bit…poor sweet lady, I hope she remembers how to relax after these harrowing months she’s just been through moving from one country to another. I agree with Tonie though, they won’t be lonely for family this year at least. Sorry to hear they are both ill.
      So you’ll be able to get more heat starting tomorrow. It seems like Jack Frost just got to you guys just all of a sudden. I hope all goes smoothly with the electrician because you both deserve a break right now. What a week. I think Tonie’s idea about checking the pawn shops is a good one. I feel so badly for both of you over that whole theft horror. It seems we each have to live defensively these days. How are the new plants and trees doing? Are they adjusting to their new home? Hang in there sweet friend.
      Yes, my new pain pills are helping. I can only take them twice a day but during that time, I feel much better. I take to make one of the doses at bedtime. Been sleeping fine considering the pain doc took me off a med I was on at bedtime. I’ve been using one extra melatonin and it has helped. Exercising making me feel more hopeful but physically very sore. Must be doing some good. Just wish someone would invent a heating pad with a battery so I could charge it and then tie it on my backside and move around with it on high. Much love, Sue

  26. Lyn.
    I only have me to clean up after and I am always behind ! Of course, I hate housework, so maybe that has something to do with it.
    Chris, thanks for the update on Jennie. I am excited for her. Sorry she and hubby are sick. I am getting something. Woke up with a very scratchy throat, which has gotten worse, and a little fever. So I am in bed and gonna try to sleep later tomorrow, if the dogs allow. Cant wait til Jennie rejoins us. I am sure she has lots to get done, but hey, she will be with family for CHRISTMAS this year ! My daughter may not be able to come up for Christmas, so I may make another quick trip down and drop off pressies and then back the next day.
    Sue, hope you are feeling better. My throat almost feels like strep. Wait and see if my fever gets worse. ARGHHHH !! One thing or another !
    Love yaall

    • Tonie, I just finished a reply to you before I saw this entry. Don’t get strep! There is nothing festive about that rotten stuff. I am so sorry to hear that. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids as you always do but with a sore throat we tend to back off a bit, take VIt. C and whatever herb in particular helps you..for me it’s echinecea. If you begin to run a fever, please get to your family doc, okay? Hot jello, hot broth, etc. If you were still in AZ I’d remind you of hot lemon water. Do take care. I miss Jen, also. Pray all is well with her but know she is probably exhausted. Love you, Sue

  27. Tonie, you do sound like the crud has struck. I know you know how to care for this just wish you had someone to help you. All you can do is drink fluids and keep up your strength as much as you can and rest, rest, rest. I am doing better today and know so much of my problem is the new exercises and all the soreness slowing me down more than ever and the change of medications. Had a bit of an intestinal bug a few days ago but gone now. There is so much to do and I seem to be moving extra slowly. Gradually forward is the important thing.
    I know you grow weary of the heavy road your friend is traveling and also pray it will all begin to work out better. I hope many answers will be found. I don’t know how a country that treats folks that way can expect any loyalty from their citizens.
    I’ll write later in the day to see how you’re doing. Much love, Sue

  28. Tonie
    How’s you? Hope you are rugged up and warm and resting..
    I wonder if you got the decs up
    The trees are just fine….and seem to be growing even with the cold weather
    Do you have any side effects with the pain meds at all…if not that’s bl..dy a good
    The electrician came drilled thru wall to outside and then drilled in further along to move the socket to the end of the room so there was a mess and me choking with dust.but not as bad as thought.all cleared up .and next Friday the rads go in and the toilet floor cemented and hopefully fixed.thats all,gonna wind me up!! Hope not too much mess..but there’s bound to be ..and the workmen spread everywhere
    I rang Jen when I got sorted out..she is going on okish now after a not very nice trip over.and a few worries to sort out,she is as settled as can be after just two weeks.
    She will be glad when she has a place of her own which will be in a few months .she will get connected to a landline soon and then the Internet also . It was good to speak to her and hear her .i will ring again shortly and let you know when I do
    DH has to stop the bp,meds for the weekend and go back to see dr…he’s so confused on these meds and forgets..that’s why he forgot to lock car..it can’t go,on I spoke to,dr this morning on phone as he has other probs as well
    They took a biopsy of his mole and he has an appt after Xmas for results
    Cold here again…had my hair cut and blowdried yesterday…out for breakfast and cheese scone tomorrow .
    Oh got some nice floor lamps to read by for when we get a warm room!!
    Gonna go now

    • Chris, I suspect you are rolling with the punches a bit more now so I will try to be positive. I know it’s frustrating but the results of a warm room and stable toilet speak for themselves. I know you are using lots of drops in the eyes right now and trying not to inhale that stuff in the wall…insulation? Plaster? Now new lamps which sound so nice.
      Hope the mole results are good. Why does it take so long? Hope you have a good weekend, free of a mess in the house and hope DH is okay after the meds. So frustrating.
      So far so good on the pain meds I’m taking, just the usual constipation problems. Taking metamucil and softeners twice daily. They do give me relief for the few hours two of them cover in a day. Sorting present today, making read for GD’s birthday. THey’re still gone, home Sunday. Must get something done around here, Love ya, Sue

  29. Good morning all
    Chris, hope all the dust settles soon. I know it is very hard for you. But as Sue said , you are rolling with it and it will soon be over , right ? That’s how I am feeling today….it will soon be over. I called the pastor and told him to get someone else to teach tomorrow. And our church Christmas dinner is tomorrow as well. I didn’t like the place we were going anyway !! Sue I am glad to hear the meds are working. My new ones are on the way to me. Hopefully they get here soon. Maybe even today, they would help with this crud. I must drive out and pick up some Kleenex and some meds for this stuff. Not looking forward….
    I am going to try to get a few decorations up today. Nathan may be coming up to see his girlfriend, and spend the night. It will be a good thing, cause they don’t think they can get up for Christmas. Her big car that holds them all, is acting up. So this way they can take back the presents, and bring my pillows !! lol. THe Lord works everything out if we let Him, doesn’t he ?
    Awwing one of the MYPURE MIST commercials, wish I had one now !!!
    Chris, hope all works out with the bp meds and the mole. The MOLE, you would think we are speaking about an informer ! lolol.
    Well some coffee now, and then go to the store and get it over with.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, You do sound a bit better today. Sorry you have to go out but can understand you don’t want to use TP. Sorry you’re missing your church dinner…
      Glad to hear your GS is coming up. That’s good that you will be saved a trip. Hope Nikki can get her car fixed soon. Bad time of year to have car trouble. Enjoy him while you can.
      Looks like our weather is getting colder in the next week. Snow in Portland but don’t know if it will hit us or not. Kids home from Disneyland tomorrow and we will celebrate GD’s birthday. Jim put together the cutest doll bed for her yesterday. They reported it is cold at DIsneyland so looks like CA is getting a touch of this coldfront we are getting. Keep getting better, okay? Stay warm and drink you liquids. Love, Sue

    • Yea strange name for a skin thing!
      Yep the dust settled that day…big one next Friday
      Hope you are feeling more like your old self

  30. Went out for breakfast and got some cushions that match the curtains..well sort of..I don’t like too matchy
    So stayed in and read today and looked at them !..think I’ll keep them..I got a history of going back with stuff.!
    Cold here it hits you when you open the door….they are saying it’s gonna be a cold winter
    I don’t know why we have to wait so long for results sue it used to take two weeks . But it’s taking longer with all the influx of people they said..I can believe it.then they say they have to have a multi disciplinary team….but dr will have results at local surgery in three weeks.
    Still dealing with bathroom smells stuff down all plugs…it creeps back ..
    Hope all have a good weekend

    • Chris, Hope you like the new cushions. It’s funny what you said about taking things back. I’ve certainly been known to take a thing or two back, especially online but my DH never took a thing back…ever. He just doesn’t. It sounds like you’re dealing and enjoying fixing up with all of the details settling into place. Hope you’ll be warming up after the rad guys come out.
      You both eat out a lot. Lucky you. Getting cold here, also. Did you say you have done any decor for CHristmas? How have you been feeling with all the dust and all the weather change? Sjogren’s behaving?
      I have a chocolate cake to make for GD’s celebration tomorrow. Think I’ll make some of my famous chocolate frosting and pile it on. My SIL always teases me about the liquor I put in it. It is good frosting. The more you eat the better it tastes. No, just kidding. I only use a couple of tablespoons in the whole batch.
      It sounds like the pathologists want more than one lab to look at your husband’s mole just to be sure what they are dealing with. That is a good thing. Later, stay warm, Love, Sue

      • Chris, How frustrating to have those weird odors back. Are you worried about it being structural or is it something you could treat every few days by pouring something down the drain? Hope you get it figured out soon. Try googling it..you never know. Love, Sue

      • Come to think of it my DH doesn’t go back with stuff either ..maybe that’s a man thing
        When we go out its just coffee or tea and a scone/cake..or a sandwich really….but we have had a couple of meals just lately with the house being messed up
        Christmas decs after the rads if I feel like it. See how it all goes
        Sjogrens …my breathing is difficult ..burning….eyes a bit worse
        Your cake sounds like my kinda cake
        Re post below us
        The men who came out from the ins I have ..it wasn’t covered ,,said it was structural. When the plumbers come and do the rads they will look at it and seal up the pile from toilet and cement some holes in the wall and floor behind the cupboard. That and rads all in one day…ugh
        I have googled it …always my first check up
        Have a good day and enjoy tomorrow

  31. Hello, everyone. Thinking of all who read here as well as those who chime in.
    Chris, I do have as much decor as I need to have up. I just need to find my Christmas kitchen and powder room towels and such that are in the basement. I really need to find some better storage solutions for my Christmas things and label them. I suppose what I really should do is pare some things down! Just haven’t the heart. Hope your bathroom smells are sorted quickly and well. We have a smell we are trying to track down, too, and was just discussing with our hvac and plumbing people some possibilities which included what I think you are experiencing. Not much fun, is it?
    Tonie, hope you are soon feeling better. I know you know what you need to do. Bet the pups will happily snuggle in with you for some rest.
    Sue, so glad your pain meds are helpful. Any reprieve is good and helpful. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I know it will be nice to see the kids and grands again tomorrow. Happy Birthday to little GD!
    It feels so much later than it is right now. I’m still not used to it getting dark so early, also tired from helping relatives/friends today. Have been taking it easy since, but will need to get moving on a couple of things soon. Trying to get my back to settle down before I do. It is just about there. Best, all!

    • Lyn, you sound like a very busy lady. I know, jump in, both feet and let the spirit of the season sweep you along and then WHACK..the body feel otherwise. My body has so little respect for my spirit and mind. I often feel like a literal car wreck that is also rusting. Hope your back is behaving tonight. Good for you to get so much decorated. My spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. SOunds like you were able to sneak up on yours a bit.
      Yes, this is our youngest grands eleventh. We don’t have anymore babies. She’s eleven going on 29.
      Hope you found some comfort in your pretty house. Love, Sue

    • Lyn
      I bet all your decs looks lovely..I think Xmas decs are meant to be a collection of loved things. Then how can you throw them….difficult to do that. You keep them for years and they are part of the fabric of Xmas
      Do you think the odour in your room is structural ….has it been there long…what a nuisance..it’s quite depressing I think
      Going to trim and cut a tree later on this morning..it’s grown to big.thats if we are both ok.it just looks ragged
      Hope The back settled…I expect mine will play up later

      • Chris, the odor has not been long and it comes and goes – away more than here. That, of course, makes it more difficult to diagnose. We are looking into plumbing and also “stinky sock syndrome” which can affect hvac. We’ll see. Haven’t been smelling it lately, which probably leans more toward the “stinky sock” theory (so named by the scent, not actual socks.) 🙂

  32. Chris, well the birthday party was much fun. I took two salads as well as the cake which turned out well. The whole gang who just returned form Disneyland today were exhausted but we still had fun. The children were so surprised by the trip and my SIL had filmed it. so cute.
    You know Chris, someone will find the answers you seek regarding the odor’s from the plumbing, eventually. How frustrating in the meanwhile. I would think many a plumber has faced the problem many times. How good it will be to get the heating going in the room you want to use so you can enjoy the pretty things you’ve bought for the room. Hope DH is well. My DH fell asleep as soon as we got home tonight. Cold drive those few blocks home in the cold thirties weather with icy rain falling.
    Are you doing much Christmas decorating this year? Must be tricky with so much going on in the house with mess and all. Glad to hear your new trees love their new home, even the eucalyptus. Your first CHristmas in your new home…hope it is a peaceful one as projects keep getting accomplished and hopes new ones won’t keep popping up. Night for now. Love, Sue

  33. Morning all
    Feeling more like myself today. No swim again, even though I wanted to I knew it would be too much too soon. Body is still weak and I am coughing still, but yet better. I will work tomorrow. Spoke with the daughter and she said ok, I would not be contagious now. She is an RN as well. I enjoyed the short visit with my grandson, and my daughter and her fella. The more I see him the more I like him. They took all the gifts and goodies I had put back for them. No candies yet, but I did give her the friendship cake she loves. I have one more in the freezer for my son. Then I have to make more for my FM when he gets back. He loves them as well.
    I need to go to the spring and fill my water jugs again. I need to air myself out as well. Must water the chicks and refill their feeders. Got my little tree up (decided I need more lights), and a few decorations through the house. Chris, I have decorations I have used for years, like a pair of handtowels that are white with green sajuaro cactus on them draped in lights. I love those towels and they are a remanent of my years in AZ. I have a set of White House ornaments my friend used to send me. I am definitely going to add one to the bunch next year !!
    Sue, glad you had a good time at the GD;s bday. Hope you are recupping today. We are warmer here today. Had cold rain last night. More on the forecast this week. It has been cold enough for it to be snow but glad it hasn’t .
    Well, must get moving and do a few things today. Move my body. I am stiff from laying around so much the last four days !!!
    Hope all is well with everyone

    • Tonie, pleased you are improving, even if it is a bit slowly. Sounds like you are being Tonie and plunging ahead with decorating, etc. Cold here this morning with ice everywhere. We have an appt. this afternoon so hope some of the ice has melted. SIL’s brother Greg is in the hospital so please say a prayer for him.. He has pneumonia. Hope to get up to see him today. Tomorrow a huge storm is coming in with wind, thunder, cold freezing rain, etc. Winter has definitely come in like a lion this year. I got some decorating done but not that much. Bad few days. Not doing well on the new meds. I keep telling doctors I can’t take opioids and they keep prescribing them. Frustrating. My niece who has very bad back keeps telling me to use the marijuana candy but I don’t know. I just don’t feel like I’m the marijuana type but I do have a more open mind as it has helped her so much.
      It’s good to know Nikki has a nice new boyfriend. Hope she is happy and the kids are all doing well. Are you ready for winter to set in? Ready or not…Thinking of you and love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        Indeed, prayer will be said for Greg. I usually pray for him daily, but have let him slip of late. I will be more vigilant. So sorry you are having problems again. I say why not try the candy. What can it hurt ? If it helps it helps, if not…well what have you lost ? You will have to put that foot down firmly, and tell them you cannot and will not take the opioids !
        NO I AM NOT READY FOR WINTER !! hahaha !! NEVER, ready for cold weather, and always refuse until it hits to stay. RIght now we are in what my Mothers used to call :pneumonia weather”. Warm one day, cold the next. We were warm today, we will be cold tomorrow and colder the next day. High will be 35 on Friday …..ugh !!!
        I am still really tired out and wondering why ! ,,,,,,duh ! but feeling better daily. Still have some croupy coughing and runny nose.
        So, that’s me for now. Love ya lots

  34. Hi
    It’s soo cold here and foggy too
    Gives it warming up in the week..but I think that means rain
    Lyn i do hope they find out what is causing the odour probs for you at your house .,we took all the boarding off today and the fibre glass covering it all.there is a hole in the floor.it could be a redundant pipe from a moved toilet and not filled in…dunno.plumbers coming Friday anyway….hopefull
    How you going there today?
    No decs till after all the mess cleared up ..hope it’ll not be too much
    Oh Lyn I’ve never heard of this sock syndrome ??

    • Chris, Who knew your new abode would have so much intrigue involved in ti. Do hope the plumber is a detective and can solve this problem for you. Starting to decorate here but leaving so many decorations in the basement. We have usually had a nine foot tree and it takes a lot of bedecking to do it justice. Tiny tree this year with the fanciest ornaments on it. I’m actually cooking tonight for a change. Steak for Jim and small rack of lamb for me. Very cold here as well. Ice all over the place this morning. Had two errands and did those this afternoon. You can hear the cars crackling the ice on the pavement outside although studded tires are still legal here and many people use those and they make for a bit of noise as well. Well, back to being a merry decorator, or maybe not so but hanging in there for the season. Hope you’re able to get that problem solved. Are you warm yet? Love, Sue

  35. Tonie, I think you answered your own question about why you feel puny by what you said about coughing, etc. It’s just going to take time after you had such a bad virus. I know you want it to hurry up…if only. Guess that’s why they say patience is a virtue. Please get ready for winter…I worry about you back there all alone during bad weather with the animals to care for. So cold here today. We’ll see how big the storm is that’s descending on us tomorrow but warming a bit the next couple of days. Had to get out the silk undies today..winter is here.
    I worry about something like pot for pain having side effects or goofiness. Don’t if know I could ever use it. Every new doc thinks they have the magic answer for me and this time I won’t have a bad reaction to the pain meds. All pain meds these days are an opioid product or by product. I am doing more exercising and hoping it will help.
    Getting into the Christmas spirit and refreshing some of my old wreaths that have seen better days. Love the wired edge ribbon. Always have to remember to buy it early at Costco where it is so much cheaper and in a large roll. Time to call it a day. Love to you, Sue

  36. Hi
    Just quickly..invited next door in for coffee before we pull room to bits for tomorrow
    Mite not be back for a few days…expecting the worst with the plumber in ..hoping for the best
    Sue…I agree with tonie..try it and see, can you get it easily…it mite be just the thing
    Tonie hope you better
    Lyn you too
    Gotta go

    • Chris, I hope you found the neighbors friendly. I think about you so often and all the mess you have to deal with so often. I hope it ends very soon. Sever weather all over the place over here. We even had some snow this AM. Been in the forties all week and today in the thirties. Staying in today for sure. Portland getting a lot of the white stuff.
      As far as pot for pain, would have to check with the doctors first. Very easy to get here. We are legalized in this state. Stores all over the place. Do tell us how you have been holding up to all of life. Hope DH is maintaining. Love you, SUe

  37. I’m here again
    Neighbours were lovely stayed for two hrs..nice and chatty
    Everything covered up,and moved ..sitting room and bathroom… I’m eating chocolate to compensate!
    Your weather sounds wintery ,wonder if it will snow for Christmas ..wise to stay in
    You sound like an old hand calling it pot!!
    DH had his stitches out today
    My hips playing up
    Trying to be careful with them
    Right gonna get sorted
    Rang Jen today as No email from her she’s had trouble with it they are sorting it for her but could be next week now
    She’s tired with it all and still has this virus

    • Chris, thanks for telling us about Jen. What a time she has had. Hope she is able to get sorted and well soon but know it’s hard to deal with all the stuff in a new place you’ll be in only temporarily and feel rotten on top of it all. Glad DH is progressing and you, you must be exhausted. Glad you like the new neighbors. George got to got out into the snow today. He loved it and ran all over the backyard then got cold and came in all invigorated from the cold snow. So funny. Hang in there with all the upset in the house. It will end eventually. Sue

  38. Hi, everyone!
    Sue, my niece posted a picture on fb today of the snow in Portland. There was a dusting on the highway, heavy traffic, one car sliding. Can’t have ended well. She said those of us back East would all be laughing. I told her I would not want to be driving with those drivers! Clearly they had not much experience with it. Meanwhile, my uncle in western PA posted a pic with much more snow and cars every which way. Wouldn’t want to be there, either. We had a sunny day in the low 40s. I’ll take that instead. It is to be cooler the next few days, as Tonie mentioned will be for her as well. I am pleased you feel well enough to put a tree and some decor up. Good for you! I’d have loved to see little George zooming around in the snow. They are so much fun to watch. Sadie is enjoying the cooler temps here more than I am. Snow will be here soon enough.
    Tonie, I’m not too pleased about the cold headed our way, either. Do take care. And don’t overdo!
    Chris, I join Sue thanking you for the updates on Jen. What a lot she has had and is having to deal with . Oh my. Stitches out? Good news. Hips playing up? No fun. I have discovered my right hip area, and indeed throughout my right side, has been tight causing an imbalance between left and right that I was unaware of. The more I work at release the more I find has been askew. Interesting work, but unhappy muscles along the way. I wish you well taking care of yours. As for the odor, it has dissipated making us think it may be that dirty sock syndrome. I will have to read up again on how to deal with it. There were a few ways to treat it as I recall. I hope all goes well with your plumbers!
    Well, getting late here and time for me to shut down the laptop and get ready for bed. Prayers for all, an extra for Greg.

    • Lyn, thanks. Tell your niece to be prepared because they have a lot of snow in Portland. We don’t get quite as much out here on the coast. The problem out here is the hills…just think San Francisco with snow. I’m afraid she will get sick of the rain..most people who are new to the area do. Hope they’re settling in. Good to hear you are still working on alignment. It’s a pain, isn’t it?
      I must clarify the tree that is going up here is a tiny one and our nine footer sits in the basement. Our house is very small considering all the stuff we have. I do love to see it wall to wall Christmas. The snow outside, the antiques and the old houses are all so cozy. I did all my shopping online this year so the UPS man has been here twice most days. That’s part of the holiday, too. Take good care of you. Sue

      • Oh, I caught the smaller tree, may be for the best. Still happy you are up to a tree of any size and hope it makes the season brighter for you. 🙂
        Both my niece and her husband are from central PA, so, yes, they are used to snow. I, for one, don’t enjoy sharing roadways with those who are not. They will be fine. They don’t seem to be minding the rain. They knew what they were in for when they went out. Her hubby recently started a new job working for Intell. 🙂
        My uncle from the north-western part of our state posted on FB this morning that he had just plowed 6-8 inches of the white stuff. I’m not quite ready for that yet.

  39. Good morning all
    So tired last night, and had so much work to do when I got here. Well. Sue, I am ready for the cold, just not welcoming it ! Today it is 20′ and at 11 am not good. But I am going to go swim and hopefully can swim my usual mile and a half. We will see. Still weak and coughing a little, blowing the nose a lot ! But feeling much better.
    Glad you got your tree and ornaments up. I too have many decorations for such a small house. But this year, only the basics are up. I have a snowman shower curtain somewhere and cannot locate it….or maybe I gave it away ? Who knows, maybe I will find another one. But, must bundle up and throughly dry my hair after my swim, make sure I don’t get sick again.
    The new Meds are working good. But, my ears still hurt. As far as the pot pills ( haha ) maybe you will eat more ! Laughing so hard, picturing you raiding the fridge for goodies ! They say it doesn’t affect you like smoking it, just the relaxation of the nerves. I am like you, torn between whether it is a good thing or not. But if I thought it would help when nothing else does, yes I would try it.
    Chris, glad you had a good visit with the neighbors. So sorry Jen is having such a bad time, But I think she will be happy at Christmas being with her family.
    Lyn, ugh, the weather is here. So sad when this part of the year hits. The people next door to Ms Alice go to Hawaii for the winter and they are getting me to watch their house. Not a lot of pay, but not a lot to do. Plus, they loaded me down with food from their freezer and fresh foods from the fridge so not much buying for me. And a LOT of Kona coffee ! Love that stuff.
    Well, off I go. Hope to hear from more people here that read, and some we haven’t heard from in a while. Pray for Donna’s daughter, she had to be hospitalized again, so many people sick, loosing loved ones, cancer is rampant here.
    Love to you all

    • Tonie, definitely sounds like the old temp has fallen for you. CLUNK! Hope Red, the pups and the chicks and new husband are doing well…the chicks new husband, not yours. Don’t want to confuse anyone. Hope you got your swim in and felt like it. Bad virus is stubborn in saying goodbye.
      I’m afraid you and I both hang onto things we love forever in the way of Christmas decor. Shower curtain sounds cute. Saw a few on Amazon when I was looking at rugs last week for a Christmas gift. I had Jim bring me an empty box from the basement, since we have so many down there thanks to all my shopping on Amazon, needed it to put all the stuff I normally have out away to make room for holiday decor. What an awful sentence that was…you get the idea. It already looks like antique shop in here all the time now it’s a festive one. Still have to put garland on the porch rails in front and have given up on stringing lights outside. Invariably the plugs get wet with all our rain and I’m not up to braving the elements this year or last. Lit wreath on the door thanks to battery packs.
      That’s great to get a bit of added cash by house sitting a bit for Ms. Alice’s neighbor. That’s what comes of having a reputation for reliability. Good.
      It is good to also be in FB so we can keep up all our friends on here and there, I see Jo is in Chicago right now. I get concerned over my son who is flying in and out four days a week now for his job. Crazy places airports when the weather is unpredictable. Hope you start feeling noticeably better. Much love, Sue

  40. Prayers for donna and daughter
    And also sues sil brother

    I’m glad the meds are part working for you tonie….but why not the ears
    We’ve tidied up after all the work..it went well . they think they located where the smell came from.a pipe not screwed in properly.and they sealed another…so no floor disturbed .hope it works ..the rads are in and it’s all warm.and a new shower tap. A lot done
    All was dusty but we had covered everything . Give it all a clean again when I do the whole place as usual.
    Well I will ache I know..but that’s all the worst done now
    Off to do a meal

      • I hear you..yes ma’am ….well in the end we only had toast too tired for anything else..In bed now and just appreciating no more cold in the sitting room. It only got to 64f with the fire on..and now ..we’ve got to turn one rad down too hot! It got to 78f. Sometimes in the morning it was 52 in there and took too long to even get to 64..like a couple of hours
        Further projects….some decking….I know ..not till next year!

    • Chris, I’m saying a tiny, quiet HURRAY so as not to tempt fate. Sounds like several problems were solved today. So good. Hope you can rest, eat, rest and enjoy the holidays now. How comforting to have your home and lovely room heated now. We usually leave our thermostat on 72 degrees. One must remember, however, our home is poorly insulated because it is so old. Windows rattle with the wind around here. I confess I do dress warmly on these days with layers but they are light layers, sick undies and knit pants with T-shirt and sweater. I can’t stand to be cold. It’s just plain painful when you have certain conditions. Our snow of yesterday was drowned by tons of water coming down from the skies last night and today.
      I was commenting to Jim this morning about shopping online this year, how many of the large companies have discount and free shipping. Sure does take the sting out of it.
      Hope your soreness is relieved with rest and the hip better soon. Love, Sue

      • That’s the temp I used today it seems to work thru the place.it was a warmer house today..but weather warmer,,but the rads give out a great heat
        I do wear layers too.but I see next door wears thick stuff…and I thought I’d ache with all that on me
        Dare I say no smell today…but it can go like that ..but it feels it’s not there…but the new sealant they put in smells so strong at moment will sleep,with a window open again tonight.
        But all cleaned up and went out in the afternoon .
        How’s your thoughts on the pot at the moment

      • Chris dear, So pleased to hear you are warmer. This whole being sensitive to odors is difficult, I know because I often go through it. Hopefully, that odor of sealant will evaporate as it dries more thoroughly. Glad you got out. As far as layers, I wear thin, comfortable but warm layers. I find almost all of my pants, good and everyday are a bit stretchy for the knees.
        No, I haven’t seriously considered the pot situation. I would never use it without talking to my pain doctor about it. Many people in this country to use it medically. Do they in England? I’ve noticed and my doctor has noticed just a bit of cognitive change in me on the very low dose of Lyrica. It’s just made me a bit forgetful when I’m speaking and writing and can’t think of the right word to say. Many older people have that as well so it is hard to blame the medication. I hate feeling sedated by any meds and actually prefer the pain to that feeling. I think I’m a control the situation type person…duh? Well Jim is home with dinner. Chinese take-out for me and steak for him. Later, Love, Sue

  41. I’d be interested to know what others keep there heating temp at….so I can work at what I should be at.i ask around and they all seem to have theirs cooler than I like to be…..wearing thicker clothes for me indoors is too heavy and my feet with reynards are cold
    It seems to be that I get colder each year
    Gonna get a hot choc now and read

  42. Chris
    I keep my heater in the living space on 64-66 during the night and early day, if I am gone. When I ma sitting in here I turn it up a bit, I also dress warmer, sweats, socks, t shirt and sweater. I have a heated throw I use under me on the couch and have a cuddly throw on my feet as well.
    So glad you have your home back in working order. Now enjoy it ,

  43. Tonie
    In the other house when cold I used to keep the heating on Thru the nite down low
    See how it goes here. In a house the heat seems to go upstairs and it’s warmer there ,on this one level place we’ll have to see
    Have been warmer here today…but the weather has been warmer too.but I had to turn the rads down so it’s gonna be ok
    A heated throw sounds good
    How’s your Meds today working?

    • Chris
      Yes, heat rises. We slept in attic rooms growing up with no heat in them except the chimney going thru one room. It got nippy sometimes, especially when it was windy. My sister still sleeps upstairs in that little room, even though she has the whole house to herself. Warmer here today, but still cold. I have to go get a heater for the horse trough. This horse doesn’t crack open the ice like Baby did. She was used to a stream of water where she came from so she just stomped it. But they make gadgets to put in and keep it from freezing.
      The meds are helping my sinus, and so far no rashes. So time will tell.
      Glad your house is doing better. As we age, and like you said all the confusion, we get frazzled. We just have to look after each other. I try to look after my sister. Just checking after her. She has a wood stove in the kitchen, and will not hear of not using it in the winter. She also has a furnace, but tries not to use it. I guess it keeps her moving and busy. But it is a lot of work.
      Take care

  44. Sue
    Yes mine too are a bit all stretched at the knees
    Pot in the uk is still not legal ..they try to make it so especially for medical reasons. People still get it and use it and if caught now some are sort of let off . But if you are ill you still have to get it under cover somehow..it’s strange because seratonin is only on a Drs prescription here as well and only a max if 6 weeks is allowed for health reasons
    I don’t really understand why all the differences …in Holland in Amsterdam they have cafes where you can buy it in any form with a hot drink
    Well cognitive impairment….I got some of that..I think it comes with so much going on all the time..too much thinking .altho,I worry with dh ..he forgot to lock the car…he is always forgetting things ..you did say you felt goofy on lyrica. I fully understand the need to be in control
    But if you ask the pain clinic and have their opinion and say so well that is a step to take and have…then you can pick a time if you ever want too use it.you can choose a particular day and just see how it goes with it. It’s something to have in the background with your own step to use it
    Well it’s nearly 6 am here I’m gonna try and sleep

  45. Hey all
    Well, I made it to church this morning. I am still feeling bad, but comes and goes. Came home and made me some eggs and a piece of sausage. I need the protein in ways I like. So now I will just rest and watch “White Christmas ” . Hope everyone is doing well today.

    • Tonie, glad you made it out to church this AM. You sound better. Hope you are drying up..in a good way. Getting a way to keep Red’s water from freezing is great. Is it electric? Guess it must be or does it just keep it flowing some way? We are inundated with tons of rain. Pounded so hard last night it was unbelievable.
      I am also a fan of heated throws. I’m a little afraid of using one on the leather couch but do anyway, putting it over another throw. Beth gave me a large furry brown throw last year. It looks like I killed a bear but it is very warm and George adores it. Poor little guy is always cold. He robs my heating pad in bed every night when I get up to go to the bathroom.
      I’m really doing surprisingly well considering I’m only on Tylenol for pain. Cranking up the methotrexate has really helped, I’m still on NSAID’s, turmeric, prednisone, low dose and all the other daily meds. I am doing mild weight lifting with the arms and stretching the back as much as I can so stop looking like a bent tree but don’t think that will ever change. When you get old and a bit deformed, it’s funny how you just don’t worry about appearance as much as function. Not falling on my face, ass or hips is my goal in life. Stay warm and so glad the antibiotics are working for you. Tell Judy hi for me. Love, Sue

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