Gob Stoping Comebacks For The Empathy Challenged

When you live a life with chronic pain and/or illness day after day, to say one is stressed is obvious. Only those of us who live with it know the degree of that stress. We reach out each day, in many ways to fill the many voids caused by this intruder. One of the ways we have of coping is to have a rich fantasy life in dealing with those individuals in our lives who are totally clueless as to what life is like for us. Please, allow me to contribute today by offering you a few quick comeback remarks you can use, whether out loud or as an utterance to yourself. Hope they help. Hopefully, they will at the very least help you see the potential humor in this way of life, particularly dealing with insensitive individuals.
Most of the time, those of us who live with chronic pain have friends and are related to individuals who try to understand why we feel what we do. They usually try but if they don’t even make the effort, it hurts. So many areas of our lives have changed due to illness and chronic pain we don’t really need another problem, but there is one I know each of us face. That is the insensitivity of others who don’t want to be bothered by our problems, don’t want to hear them and want us to revert to who we used to be. It is difficult to deal with relatives on the subject of illness because, 1) They’re afraid what you have may be contagious or in their DNA, also 2) They want to see you the way you used to be. No one likes change, including our families and friends. What? You thought you were the only one. Some individuals will often try a bit harder to understand your condition and the pain you have to live with but even they can say hurtful things. If you love them, forgive them. They know not of which they speak and do so out of ignorance.
I know each of us have run into total strangers or mere acquaintances who can say some ridiculous things to us. There seems to be an unwritten rule that we run into insensitive nitwits when we do not feel like dealing with them. Do we become one giant magnet when we’re having a down day or a rough time? Is there a sign on your back or mine that says, in neon, “Come one, come all, jump into my business and feel free to ask me rude personal questions about my health, my body and my private life.”
Quite often, unfortunately, relationships suffer from this degree of insensitivity exhibited by others, and we reach a point of exhaustion, frustration and yes, anger. Isn’t life difficult enough? I would like you to put tongue-in-cheek and join me as we explore the possibilities of smart-ass answers to rude, insensitive questions. I know we all think of remarks after the fact. If you find the term nitwits offensive or politically incorrect, we could call these individuals empathy deficient or empathetically challenged. Is that better? Let’s look at a few of the phrases they say to us so we can come up with replies that will stop their gobs and give us a chance to escape while they are trying to digest your remark. Okay? Shall we begin?

I tried to go to the doctor online but kept getting confused with Amazon and ended up with a basement full of cardboard boxes.
You should see my doctor…what a hunk. He looks just like Tom Selleck and Matt Damon rolled into one luscious man. That’s why I go as often as possible. And girl, don’t even ask me about those days the stirrups are pulled out on the exam table!
I like to catch up on my reading so I can preview the magazines before I steal them. I haven’t bought a magazine in years.
If you whine and carryon a bit, you can get a cherry sucker and if you throw a hissy-fit, you can even get a balloon…on a string. I’m waiting for Medicare to pay for helium balloons.
Oh, I don’t know. I’ve come to think of it as my home away from home where they always weigh you and ask you your age; does it get any better than that?
Only a trip to the laboratory can make it better, all those needles and those tiny little cups, oh my, the thrill of it all, peeing into your own hand.

I’ve got rhythm.
My underwear is too tight.
My underwear is too loose.
Oh, you should try it. If you walk slowly enough and carry a cup, people will throw coins in it.
I was just keeping my knees dry.
I get more wear out of my shoes.
The doctor told me my legs and hips will last longer if I limp.

Oh, it goes with the ensemble you know…the limping, the cane, etc.
Only the best people do.
Oh, my dear, don’t you know you don’t get burglarized as much parked this close to the entrance.
If we do have a problem, my husband can shoot the little varmints from the store windows.
The box out kids are much nicer to you when you’re handicapped.
You get wet walking from the back of the parking lot.
The parking spaces are bigger in the handicapped parking.

Oh, as an RN, I got written up for lying down next to my patients. I could get away with it if I was quiet but when I asked them to “move over” they complained.
It was against the health code for me to crawl up the hall while making rounds. I kept dropping my medication tray.
Once too often, while on duty in the Emergency Room, I found myself saying, “So? You think you’re sick!”
I figured out I was spending more time taking my own medications than I was giving the patients theirs.
I couldn’t get out of the car when I got home after an eight hour shift.

I know, it’s all inside trying to get out, better stand back a bit. This could get ugly.
While giving them a hug you say, “I don’t think it’s contagious but you’ll let me know?”
Oh, I know, my look is the result of fifteen plastic surgeries and an hour in make-up every morning. You should try it. I’ll call you with the name of my plastic surgeon; it may not be too late for you.
Didn’t I tell you. I’m bionic.
Maybe if you could give me a description of what sick looks like to you, I could give it a try. Oh, stand back, you know I puke without the least provocation.

I tried not thinking about it until the accident. It involved a very sharp ax therefore my lawyer says I can’t talk about it.
I do believe in positive thinking but the first premise is staying away from negative people. I’m going miss you.
I tried going to a hypnotist and then Dr. Phil; but had to give up when it came to the witch doctor. All those feathers; you know… I’m allergic.

Okay dear fellow chronic pain sufferers, go forth and know you are fully armed with answers for most questions directed to you by nitwits, numbskulls and morons. Some of them are relatives unfortunately, some “used to be” friends and some are medical personnel. I hope you avoid all three. Please feel free to carry these handy dandy answers on your cell phone or you could also consider having them tattooed on some part of your body but that just means more needles and who knows, your list will probably grow. I’m old and don’t rely on my cell phone for much so I carry mine on a toilet paper roll and just flip it out when needed, you know kind of like Santa’s naughty or nice list? Good luck and go for it, either out loud or in your mind after you get in the car or out of the store. Some of these can replace those utterances you already make to yourself. I know you do because I do, too.

104 thoughts on “Gob Stoping Comebacks For The Empathy Challenged

  1. Yea and yea, right on
    Would I have the nerve…dunno
    But it cheered me up ..I’d love to tho
    It’s the going to the dr all the time is the one for me..so I say nothing….
    I feel it as I’m saying it ,so I cut all short and brush it all off. And pretend I’m not too bad really

    So I’ve taken some meds tonite I know make me tired so a shorty and close my eyes
    Hope the weather picks up for you Tonie and look after yourself there and keep warm and safe ..

    • Chris, I think it’s like writing a letter about something you are all ticked off about. It makes you feel better like releasing the valve on a pressure cooker. We can hope, anyway. We can’t change others but we can change ourselves. Do you see the doctor this coming week about your latest or is the plumber the major attraction for the week? Do you hope you sleep well tonight. I hope all the preparation for the fix doesn’t wear you out too much know it will be terribly inconvenient. So nice to get rid of the awful odor you’ve had to live with. Hope all is well in the neighborhood. Later, Love, Sue

  2. Wish I could think of these on the spot. I get so many questions about the dog as well as my health. She’s not as physically approachable as Nessie was so not as many go straight to petting or (shudder) kissing her. No one ever has petted or kissed my walker or wheelchair. No one ever makes kissy noises at my canes. I’ve gotten blunt at times telling people to stop distracting my dog as it is dangerous for me. I have a routine appointment with my primary provider this week and I’m terrified. It’s full on flu season and I feel like I’m entering a huge swirling mass of infection. I use my own pen to sign paperwork, have the sanitized out for instant use and come in wearing a mask. That generally keeps down casual waiting room interaction.

    • Bobsled, No, I would imagine some folks would be intimidated by Remi although in pics she has such a sweet face. It must be so frustrating to have to tell people to back off. Maybe we should get you a neon sign with instructions. I know, or at least partially understand how hard it is for you to go out without the added problem of friendly folk. Do people ask you why you have her or is it obvious? Sure glad neither of you are getting those kisses from strangers, or your canes for that matter. Gees, you deal with so much. I continue to hope you are recovering from your most recent fall. Do take care as best you can. Love, Sue

      • Bobsled, know what you mean to a certain extent about the meds. Some of mine have gone up with the new year starting. Hope the infusion schedule works out for you this year…better than last. Hang in…Love, Sue

    • Bsl. Do be diligent at the DRs. I do believe that is where I got my nasties from last month ! I so often forget I need to be careful. Although at the pharmacy today, one of the techs was hacking up a storm. I was praying to the lord that he sanctify my order so no germs were on it !
      I imagine you get tired of answering about the dogs, esp. when you don’t feel good.
      Take care

      • This time of year terrifies me. Between the pulmonary fibrosis and the lowered immune response (intentionally with meds) it wouldn’t take much to end up in the hospital. I’ve had pneumonia 3 times all before taking disease modifiers and biologics. I’ve had the pneumonia vaccine 3 times and it doesn’t seem to cover whatever causes my pneumonia. Oh well I must go, every single medication I’m on needs new orders (including infusion clinic and orencia orders) . I’m sure at least some meds will require the providers to make more than one e attempt. My greatest hope is that my infusion stays on schedule so I can leave for California on my preferred schedule.

  3. I put a post on and I think I posted it too soon and it went …somewhere
    dH hosp appt for results Wednesday ..plumber Thursday and me a week Friday
    Guess meds didn’t do there thing im awake
    I’ve always got sanitiser on me too
    Wearing a mask…what a good idea..
    Ok will try and sleep

    • Chris, if you mean the comments about your soup and our weather, it is on the last blog. I answered it and commented on your soup…now I can’t find my comment. Is that the one? Sue

      • Nope…it’s one I did 5 mins before. I pressed the post button before I’d put my name in the box and it went wrong

    • Chris, A lot of our hospitals and doctor’s offices have the masks out on the counter and the sanitizer is everywhere. Lots of flu over here right now. Sure hope the flu shots this year picked out the right strains and they work. Thanks for sharing your weekly plans with us. DH Wednesday, big day with plumber Thursday and next week…you. Looks busy.
      I’m lying here with George who just found out how cold and wet he can get fooling around out in the rain. Lazy day here for both of us. Heavy rains with thunder and lightning predicted for tomorrow. Hope you get to sleep…Love, Sue

  4. Hello all
    Sue, I love this, being the properly raised and taught smartbutt I am. But I can’t think of them as quickly anymore. We were never allowed to say ugly things but “put downs” were always flying around in our house. And still do. My Mother was the ring leader. It was all in good fun though. But there are a few people you run into that really get your dander up ya know ?
    Well, dermatologist is done. Prescribed some cream to take all the spots off, declared all the moles etc to be okay. I was shocked when I picked up my cream though, even with the insurance it was $157.00 ! Good thing I got paid this week ! The alternative was light treatments , two a week and takes two hours each. I really didn’t want to do that, plus who knows what my copay would be !
    Still no water, but the outside water is on, so filling buckets to flush, and I have all my spring water to drink. I must go up to my brothers and take a shower now before I sit down and don’t want to get up. Busy day and lots of preparation again and shoveling Judy’s porch for her.
    Chocky, her cat, must have gotten cabin fever. He came out to be with me while I was working. Drinking from the horse trough, and he likes to ride on my shoulders. I can only let him do that in cold weather when I wear a heavy jacket, claws ya know.
    Anyway, back to the cream. It is called fluorouracil. Has anyone used this before ? It better work for what it cost ! Ridiculous what these drug companies get by with ! I told him I would not start using it until after the surgery. He said give it a few days after or even a week. So , then go back in two weeks and see how I am doing.
    Well, that’s my day. Chris, hope you get to sleep lady. Seems we have both been having terrible times with that of late.
    My surgery is set for 8 tomorrow, have to be there 7:15. Talk to you after.

    • Tonie, You already know you have my prayers and hopes for very successful knee future. What a day you’ve had. Hoping all is well with the water tomorrow when you get home. Have a safe trip but first of all do sleep well tonight. I know your mind will be filled with so much.
      No, I’ve never used that cream. I do also have brown spots but feel certain with the breast cancer mets to the skin I wouldn’t be able to use anything. I know that’s terrible and shocking to pay that much. Just found out my Lyrica is going to be $360 FOR 90 DAYS. I’m on the lowest dose possible. Yes, I hope the new cream works for you. Since you’re courting you must look your best. I’m too old to care. Love to hear about Judy’s cat. What a character. Sweet dreams and a sweet surgery. Love ya, Sue

  5. Tonie
    Thinking of you ..please be careful shovelling snow
    That a a whole lot of meds to be on.i can see why you are careful,where you go

  6. Sue…..
    You must use a different word now…there must be another .bobysitting don’t cut it now!!.how about child entertaining..nope .must be one to use . However I’m sure your having fun

    • Chris, how right you are. Maybe kid sitting sounds better, huh? Always enjoy them but sat them down to do their homework and got some rest. Eyes bad today so have a headache tonight. Rain remains heavy today and into tonight. Hope you are doing okay….
      Love to visit with the grands when they get here after school. Big news today is that my eleven year old granddaughter’s teacher farted in class today. Oh what an age…poor teacher. She doesn’t like him because he is strict so all the worse for the guy and all the better for her. Needless to say she is a character. Can’t imagine which genes went wrong with that one. She is a riot.
      Take care, okay? Love, Sue

  7. LoL!!!!! This one is a definite keeper for future down days when some well~meaning, unconscious, patience ~trying soul, tries to “help” me with their keen observations about chronic illness, who usually have never been truly illl for more than a day or two in their whole lives or haven’t ever experienced true & lasting pain. It will be for when I am caught completely unaware & had my feelings hurt. It will be perfect. 5 stars & 2 thumbs up!!

    • Terry dear, good to hear from you. Loved all the adjectives used in your sarcasm. I know, don’t you just choke at those moments when you know it’s illegal to strangle some of these morons but don’t want to go to jail because it would probably just be too uncomfortable. The worse part is feeling so badly the comebacks come slowly but if we were at our peek….Look Out. Love ya gal, Sue

  8. Oh, Sue, wouldn’t that be fun! Thank you for expressing “aloud” what we all wish we could. Been praying for Tonie’s surgery, I hope all went well. I’m sure she will update us when she is able. Not the most fun day here today. I woke feeling crappy, had to get up and moving because the pup had a nail trim at 9:30. She behaved well enough, but gets so anxious. Twice now her anal glands have released – today was one of those days… So, home, short walk because that was all I felt I should do. It was about 20* but felt colder, however there were snow flurries, which made it more pleasant. Sadie and I like to walk in the snow. Thankfully, I kept to a short walk for my MIL stopped by to drop off a couple of pictures and ended up locked out of her car, the car running! We finally reached my FIL and he was able to run the valet key over. For some reason, they keep the spare set of keys locked in the glove box… so both sets were locked in the car. Not sure why they do that. Poor FIL ended up missing an important doctor appt. I hope they were able to fit him in later. It is slowly warming, but unpleasant. Another band of flurries came through. We are expecting a wintry mix this afternoon or evening. Eventually temps are to rise above freezing about dawn tomorrow. Think I’ll make some chili and corn muffins for dinner. 🙂

    • Lyn, It does sound a bit frustrating for everyone involved. Glad all got straightened out but maybe they will now think about another place to leave a key…her wallet, magnetized under the car, etc. Know she was upset because we’ve all done it ourselves. That’s on of the things I love about our car…car door combination entry codes.
      Hope you’re okay as the day progresses. That whole anal gland thing has caused much consternation in our lives from time to time. We used to have a large, luxurious van, leather, TV, etc. when we lived in CA. Our St. Bernard would have this problem from time to time and it was so difficult to deal with ourselves we had to take her to the vet. Oh dear but a huge dog like that can stink up a car…whee. Right up with having a resident skunk. Trust Sadie is not too uncomfortable. Do get better, okay…Love, Sue

  9. Hey all
    Back home. All went well. I had two tears in the cartilidge, but no problems with the bone. He said it looked good !! Thank the Lord ! So I have had my breakfast, having some more coffee and am going to sleep it off ! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers !

  10. Well done Tonie..now rest
    Lyn chilli and corn muffins sound just right
    Been to coast today lovely day clear but cold.
    DH at hosp for results tomorrow

    • Chris, Hope you let us know how DH is fairing. Fingers crossed over here…I know, it’s silly but let’s you know we’re thinking of both of you. Next day the plumber…Much to look forward to. Day after plumber much cleaning I would imagine. Hope you’re getting a decent night of sleep. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, Indeed He’s been good to you this day. Hope your weather is warmer. Much pain from the procedure this AM? Sleep well, okay? Something for sleep? Love, Sue

      • Yeah, a little pain. I slept off and on. Not feeling very good this morning, but hanging in. My knee is very very sore, but okay. Just laying in the bed watching movies and elevating the knee. I have pain meds if I need them. Worst thing I have to do is let the doggies in and out. Very much warmer and snow is melting rapidly. So it will be a muddy mess for a while. We have rain coming later this week, but very warm temps and that is fine with me.
        Have a good day all

  11. Hi
    DH biopsy was clear…..relief!
    Has to go for checks in 6 mths..he does anyway as he had so many. So we went out to celebrate with a cheese scone…..
    So …tomorrow is the floor up in bathroom and it gives snow and gales! Wonderful
    Tonie I hope the pain eases quick for you
    I’ve got a puzzle out to do on the table ..haven’t done one for a while I like them .thought it would take my mind off all .cant get into a book since I moved…..daft innit?
    Sue how’s your eyes?
    Ok back to puzzle

    • Chris,Thanks for letting us know about DH’s biopsy. Relief, I guess…good news for both of you. I love the way you two celebrate. With the time difference you’re probably getting ready for the plumber about now. Positive thoughts for it all to go well with him and your home. Won’t it be good to get rid of the odor though.
      My eyes were so bad this AM I couldn’t get back to all of you. Headache after trying. Used the petroleum based stuff again last night but truly think it is more irritating. The doc told me to use it, said she uses it but I don’t believe she has Sjogren’s syndrome. I have a theory I suspect you will agree with and that is that any sticky substance attract every dust bit in the air toward our very dry eyes. Very discouraged about this situation. I can’t read books, finally bought a large print one this week and am hoping these poor eyes improve. Had a good crying spell over the situation this morning. Too much going on lately. We awakened to a beautiful snowy morning. All gone now with cold rain.
      Hang in there today. I know it will be stressful. Love you, Sue

      • Sue
        What a bummer with your eyes.i wish I could wave a magic wand .i know you would have tried everything for them I know there is a tablet that helps with more fluid .got side effects but some take them
        Thinking of you

  12. Tonie, Forgive me for not getting back sooner. Read my remarks to CHris. As far as the knee, does ice help? Please be careful in that mud. Hope your pups are good about coming in I’m just worried about you wanting to give muddy doxey’s a bath. Hope you’re able to eat well. It’s good you’re brave but do take the pain meds if you can’t sleep, okay? Short tonight. Eyes….ugh. Love, Sue

  13. Hello all
    2:30 am here, no sleep. But took a good pain pill and have ice on the back of knee where it hurts. Judy has smothered me ! Made me call the Dr to ask about driving tomorrow. Haha she has been good and watched me like a hawk ! Sue, prayers for your eyes.the anesthesiologist put that thick stuff in and around my eyes and lubricated the breathing tube. But boy is my throats sore. I am having a major flare. Going to PCP tomorrow , well today, and will ask for some prednisone. I started getting a sinus infection day of, but they gave me a big does of antibiotics prior to surgery so it has helped that. But I have been walking good. No bathe for puppies yet, lord they are stinkers ! Wonderful nursing staff at Lewis Gale Hospital. My Ivanhoe nurse has RA and we discussed all our woes. She says the new Dr I have is a good one.
    Chris so glad dh had a good result. I know you are relieved. My bored, cabin fever ridden chickens pecked my white one to death ! I don’t understand their violence ! Was reading some last night. Article said they are bloodthirsty and canabalistic. Told Judy I hope I never fall up there, they would peck my eyes out, The solution to prevent this ? Invite the bad chicken for dinner ! Haha. I loved that !
    Well, gonna try to rest. Love and prayers for all
    Ps it is almost 50′ outside right now. 65′ tomorrow’s high ! Crazy !

    • Tonie, Oh my gosh. You are a TV movie all unto yourself. Criminal chickens like a scene out of the BIRDS. Hate that movie. Hope you do get to dine with that vicious bird. What’s with the 65 degrees after all the snow? Nuts. We’re cold, snow left on the ground but melting and more rain on the way. Glad Judy is being the big sister that she is and keeping an eye on you. So the pups are bringing in mud and stinkiness…That too shall pass when you can fill the tub and turn on the Roomba. Hope you’re finding some good movies to watch as you lounge, and hope the ice is helping. Resting and taking the pills to achieve that, is good. Later, Love ya, Sue

  14. This is hilarious. I absolutely love this. I too, have a great sense of humor and I use it often. I think when living with the pain we’re constantly in and all the other miserable inconveniences of being chronically ill, in order to survive, you best have a great sense of humor and if not, you best get one. Let me know if you need to know where you can pick one up!!! Peace out! 🙂 I can see, I am going to really enjoy following your blog. Keep making us smile and laugh! Thank you for sharing. I’ll be using some of these answers because these questions are the one’s that are ALWAYS asked. 🙂 oh, and just a side note, I’m a nurse, too…..of course, I’m permanently disabled and parking in the handicap parking spaces everywhere I go, too.

    • Glad to see your posts tlohuis. We look forward to getting to know you. Sue is having major issues with her eyes, but I am sure she will reply to your posts as soon as she can. We have several nurses on board with us. Please come back and talk to us. Feel free to reply to anyone who posts.

      • Oh my, so sorry to hear this. I hope whatever the problem is goes away soon. I intend on being back often. Let Sue know I am thinking about her and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll send her tons of good, strong, healing vibes, too. That oughta fix her. 🙂 Hope you’re both doing “well” today. Peace out!

      • No worries. We can’t always get to everyone right away. I’m really looking forward to following this blog because I need to laugh. I’ve been struggling with another bout of depression, so anything happy or funny I can read really helps. I have a great sense of humor. Glad to see someone else does, too. I will be back. Hope you’re having a good day. Peace out! 🙂

    • tlohuis, Good to have you onboard. Now, there’s got to be a good story regarding your sign in title. Thanks for your kind remarks. Indeed, we do get very goofy on here much of the time. If you google me you will see an article Yahoo ran on me a few years back when I was blogging for everydayhealth.com. It was regarding my attitude about the connection between humor and chronic pain. I see you and I agree it is a good thing. Not all of my blogs are humorous but I hope all of them do leave an upbeat for the reader, at the end. I believe in happy endings. We don’t always get them in real life but on here we can sure try to achieve them.
      I am sorry to hear you are another one of us who has to live a life with chronic pain. Sucks, doesn’t it? I read your other entries but will answer them on here. I am sorry you were further punished with shingles over the holidays. Congrats on your new twin grands. I know it was torture to stay away from them over the holidays…all of them. That was almost as horrid as the shingles themselves; hateful things aren’t they? I’ve had them and would rather God find some other way to torment me but then again??? One never knows what is coming down the pipe so it’s good to be prepared.
      I’m pleased you like my old poem about living with chronic pain. It has been shared many times, in fact it is in a textbook for English speaking kids in India. It’s one of my favorites, too. I am sorry to hear another good nurse is out of the work force. They need us so badly. Guess there are many ways to be a good nurse. I look forward to getting to know more about you and from you. Sue

      • Hi Sue. Now, are you talking about my sign in tlohuis? If that’s what you are talking about, no, no good story about it at all. lol just the first initial of my name, Tammy, then my last name, which is spelled funky, but pronounced Lewis. I wish there was a funny story to tell you about it. The holiday’s sucked, that’s for sure. Hasn’t really gotten too much better. I’ve done the downward spiral thingy, straight to the bottom of the deep, dark hole, otherwise known as Depression. I’ve been isolating because when I get like this, isolation is best, so as to not take anyone else down with me, ya know??? I have 2 therapist’s of which I see every week. I see one on Monday’s and the other on Friday’s, unless there is a change in their schedule, I’ll go on a different day. Yeah………….lol lol it takes 2 to tame this Wild Flower. One is mostly to help me with pain, but she deals with whatever I throw out at her, at any given minute. The other one gets everything…..I have a very long list of invisible, chronic illnesses and chronic pain.
        I will tell you a funny story, though. I had no desire to ever be a nurse. Never even thought about it for even a second, but since I’m such a good friend, I went with a friend that didn’t want to go alone. She asked me if I would go with her because she didn’t want to go by herself. I said, “hell no,” at first. She was looking kind of dejected, so I said, “sigh, fine, you never know when I might get divorced or something and I’ll need a career of some sort.” She told me that we first had to go down and take a test. I thought to myself, oh good, I’ll flunk and be off the hook. Uh, wrong………………..passed with flying colors and I was in. I was standing there thinking GREAT, now what if she doesn’t pass?? Welll, she did, and we began the nursing journey. I have ADHD so if I’m not interested in something, it’s difficult to following along and retain any information. Turned out, I had found my true calling. Man, I loved that stuff. I soaked up all that information and retained it. So, by accident, I found out what I wanted to be when I grew up. That was LPN school. I liked it because it was all nursing and not all those pre requisites that I would never need, anyway. But, it was for a full year, 5 days a week, from like 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. I made it through with all A’s. My plan was to then go to the community college and do the bridge program and bridge over to be an RN, now that I knew I loved this so much. Well, that never happened for a million and one reasons. I was content working as an LPN because I could do everything an RN could do except start an IV and that was only because we weren’t trained to do that in LPN school, but, if we worked in a place that wanted to train us to do that, we could legally do that. That was ok because I really didn’t want to have to do that. I worked at a hospital for awhile and then I went to work at a nursing home and I was the charge nurse on the Alzheimer’s unit. I loved it. Those patient’s were the greatest, except for the time that one guy that try to hit me with his golf club. I ran into my office and shut and locked the door for about 2 minutes and came back out because I knew he would have forgotten by then, and he did. I could tell you all kinds of funny stories about that experience and I could tell you some really terrible and sad things that I saw, behind the scenes of working in a nursing home. It was a very, nice, and clean nursing home. You didn’t get a whiff of urine or any other nasty things when you walked in the door. Nice and clean does not equal quality of care for the resident’s. When I finally decided to quit that place, long story for another day, I should have turned them in for all kinds of violations and improper treatment of resident’s. But, I was young and I was scared of that administrator after what she did to me. I was a very good nurse and I gave all my patient’s quality care. It was also just me and one nurse’s aid on that unit, so I wasn’t one of those nurses that sat at the nurse’s station making the aides do all the work. We had about 15 patient’s on average on the unit, so I was a very hands on nurse and I did all the things the aides did. I helped with getting them all showered, dressed, cleaned up poop, pee, vomit, you name it, I did it. I really enjoyed that job. But, I couldn’t go on working there after the way they treated me after I got a stress fracture in my foot, after helping a woman in a wheelchair, out on the regular unit, as she was sitting there, in the hall, crying to have someone take her to the bathroom. The RN sat right there at the desk and told her she could just wait because her nurse was on break or at lunch, and she would be back soon. I couldn’t stand that, so I helped her, on my way going to break. Lifting dead weight isn’t easy, as you know. I was about 115 pounds lifting a 160+ pound woman to the toilet. So, after I was done with Worker’s compensation and went back to turn in my release back to work paper’s, I caught the administrator, out in the lobby talking to relatives of someone’s. I gave her the paperwork, she made a very phony comment about how happy she was to have me back, and I said I wouldn’t be coming back, because I would never lower myself enough to work with anyone like her, that treats their employees and resident’s like total crap. I then turned around and walked out. I then decided to stay home and raise my own kids. With all the illnesses starting, I missed the deadline for getting my CEU’s that year because I had waited til the last minute as us ADHD people do, and I had to have emergency surgery when I was supposed to be in that class, and I didn’t have time to do anything else. But, I still have all the knowledge and I’ve gained a lot more just from my own health issues.Everything does happen for a reason. It helped me with my 4 kids because as babies and toddler’s they were sick all the time. Then with me and all my crap, it’s really been useful, considering I soon learned that I would have to be my own advocate.
        Well, anyway……………….that’s about enough of that …….didn’t mean to write you a book………..Hope you’re having a “good” day. I’ll be back. Peace out! 🙂 I don’t have it in me to even proof read this, so hope it makes any sense. 🙂

    • Chris
      I saw your posts. So glad you got your bathroom finished. Sound a like you should be all set now. I didn’t go to the Dr today. I felt so bad I cancelled and just have stayed mostly abed today. Worst RA flare I have had in quite some time. Hoping it will clear up soon. For now, I need a shower and clean Jammie’s. Maybe some cheese and fruit. It has been 60′ , wonderful. I even opened a window to air it out a bit.
      Lyn, I hope it is warming up in Pa as well.
      Sue, prayers dear friend.
      God bless

      • Yes, it was warm here today, too. Tomorrow, though, we are to have a 30 degree drop through the day. Not looking forward to that. More wintry mix on tap for Saturday. Not really enjoying the yo-yo-ing.

    • Chris, read your post and saw your bathroom is finished. Hurray. Now you can relax after you clean. Sure hope they solved the stench problem…gees, life is hard enough without that kind of irritation.
      No, the eyes are really acting up. I keep hoping now that there is not an opioid in my body the corneas will heal from their burn. I think I underestimated the affect the oven would have on my eyes when I baked the other day. Cookies were very good in spite of the eyes. So aggravating when trying to keep up on here and on FB. Patience I say to myself, patience.
      Well, my fruitcakes I made late, just before Christmas are so “ripe”. They are good but keep drying out so have to keep them and the cheesecloth they’re in saturated with brandy. Eventually I think we’ll be eating the cheesecake and throwing out the fruitcake. Couldn’t find red glazed cherries when I baked them because it was late so had to use green ones. Somehow they just don’t seem natural.
      So pleased this problem at home is over for you. Deep sigh, Love, Sue

  15. Tlohuis
    We are so glad to have you join us. So sorry for the reason you are here though. We have several nurses here. Our Sue is quite the writer as you agree. We look forward to getting to know you .

  16. Hello all
    Well, after three days spending most of them in bed, I am in bad need of some air. I am going to drive up and check on the homes I am watching. May have to take a package to the mail for Fran, we will see. I need to get a couple of things from the store. I feel a lot better today, but still not great. So I will take it easy.
    It is wonderfully warm here again today. No heat on all night last night. I finished another Netflix series, The Night Watchman. Very good. Good cast and good story.
    my dear friend of many years is in critical shape in ICU. He has cancer and his wife says they hold no hope for him. The Dr’s anyway. She is not giving up. I would go there myself, but not sure I could make the 2 hour drive right now. Just have to pray for them from afar. I have reached the age now, where I am seeing people , friends, family and acquaintances more now dying. I lost a lot of people right after high school. But now, it makes you feel your mortality than before.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • Tonie, I understand so well what you are saying. The percentages are rising for losing friends and loved ones. A painful reminder that life is terminal. I am sorry to hear about your old friend with cancer. Prayers for him from here.
      Glad you got out today and hope you are okay. I can’t believe those temps you are having. Wow. We’re cold and frozen over. Jim is out for lunch with a doctor friend and knowing those two they will drive to a city nearby for a fabulous burger and I’m concerned about our icy roads. It’s good for him to get out since he retired, he’s stuck here with me too much.
      Sounds like you’re making progress with the healing. Enjoy that warmth. Love, Sue

      • Sue, I’ve been seeing glimpses of weather out your way from my niece. I think they may have a bit more snow that you but I’m not sure. I believe Portland was to get hit. Afraid I haven’t been keeping close tabs, though. Been busy here. Today I was doctoring SB. He is back here for a few days off and is sick. At present he is nursing I fever over 103. I’m keeping tabs on it and feeding him Advil and water, oh, and homemade chicken soup! Poor guy, as if he hasn’t had enough. He is supposed to go back tonight and work tomorrow, but not sure that will be happening unless we can get this fever down. He can’t seem to catch a break. Hoping I can avoid whatever it is he has!

    • Tonie, you and your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers. Are you in the band of weather headed our way for Saturday? We should escape with just a little snow and maybe some mix at the end. I may walk Sadie in the snow. I have plenty to keep me occupied inside the rest of the day. Take care of that knee, now.

  17. Lyn, strange that only one of your comments showed up on the count, huh? Yes dear, Portland got tons more snow than we did. They broke some records. I know your niece lives quite close, just across the river in Vancouver, WA. Also remember she is a PA girl.s and will manage just fine…hope she and her family are.
    Oh dear, that high a fever is very scary. What a terrible virus and yes, indeed hope you do not get it. What are his symptoms? Is it head cold, stomach, etc. Poor guy. Be sure to watch his for headache and stiff neck. Always have to be concerned when an adult has fever that high. Let me know, okay?
    So, you getting hit by this next big storm? Poor Sadie. You may have to get her a doggie treadmill. Take care and please stay well…lots of fluids and Vit. C for all. Oh yes, good on with the chicken soup. Love, Sue

  18. Chris, haven’t heard from you and hope all is well. I know Thursday was such a big day and hope you are recovered. Did your weather turn icy? We’re frozen but clear until Monday. They’re still snowed in in Portland two hours away. Thinking of you…Sue

  19. Well come back quicker than thought as we are in our room and DH has gone to do some photoing .i just had a shower and will go out for a walk to have a look thru the house Windows when they have lights on…I’m nosey and they are soooo interesting the little cottages .then have dinner at the hotel
    It’s DH birthday so we just did it without planning and a room was available ..we can’t plan as never know….
    So we took our time to here, bought a top in the sale then had a lazy lunch.
    Bad floods here on coast last nite ,hotel is on estuary so has flood boards up as thre was also a neap tide and winds last night…do you say that Neap tide ..it’s a high tide funny name
    So got a good book to read and nowt to do except listen to the winds ,walk around the village and wait to see the high tide again .it was nice and sunny today
    Only away tonite
    Sue by mistake I posted on Christmas spice
    All went well and they were so careful..just one man ,took his shoes off coming in and out.and so careful with all .weather was dry as it did give rain.he says he sorted it out and has cemented it all. Floor covering a bit damaged but it will keep untill I get a new one .the floor need screeing at same time .it was so brittle to move .but he didn’t have to move cupboards just took the toilet out …anyway I will wait and see how it goes I’ll give it two weeks …!
    Well gonna look see what’s for dinner there tonight
    Oh and there’s the breakfast in the morning ..I’m gonna have the full one and feel guilty after!
    How u going
    Hope SB is a bit better that’s a high temp..surely he won’t go to work .and I hope you don’t get it as well
    Back maybe….

    • Chris, I did see your Christmas Spice entry and answered it on here. I did chat about your floor project. Hope you saw it. So pleased that you have that behind you. Sorry for any confusion.
      Oh my but your getaway sounds so nice. I love the way you describe looking into the cottage windows. Always sounds like something out of Dickens with your English expressions. Do hope you are having a peaceful, delicious time of it. Love your forays into the country and the coast. How destructive those floods can be. No, I had never heard of neap tide. Sounds pretty bad though in the wrong place. So much flooding over here, especially in Calif. We’re just having a lot of cold, cold, cold. Snow still on the ground from earlier in the week, especially in the shade. Trip to the store today.
      I hope you have a lovely dinner with dessert and a fantastic breakfast. Just enjoy and forget the guilt. Love, Sue

  20. Well would you believe it I’m awake!
    It’s 2am
    Sue how’s your eyes ?
    It’s all white outside here. Not sure if its frost or snow
    DH fast asleep..he has no trouble….ill tell him when he’s awake Sue
    Hope the trip to store is safe ,take care

  21. Oh And I got name of tides wrong
    It’s a spring tide at moment
    That’s when there’s a big difference between low and high tide…neap tide is when they are at their closest and therefore lowest
    Ok lesson over chris

    • Chris, always appreciate leaning from you. White outside. Hope you stay safe. ALways looks so much prettier from the window. Still bit of snow on the ground here and cold but supposed to warm up with rain tomorrow and week ahead. Hope you enjoyed your brief trip away and hope DH got to do everything he wanted to for his birthday.
      Eyes still a problem but somewhat improved. Disgusted today by picking up a drug, Lyrica, hat costs, my cost after insurance, $399.00 for a ninety day supply. We’ve got to do something about drug costs in this country.
      Must do something productive now to prove my usefulness in this world. Love ya, Sue

  22. Hey all
    Wow, busy today. Well, the knee is doing well. RA flare is easing up some, but I now have this crud everyone is passing around here ! I had been exposed to it several times, but hoped I had missed it. No such lipuck ! I went to town today and got me some robatussin, and some little baskets from the dollar store to organize my cabinets. Turned out pretty good, cleaned off the counter tops. Washed the dogs, then I lay down. It is raining here Lyn. It got upon in the 40’s today.
    Now I am going to rest
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I am sorry to hear you’ve caught the crud. I know you don’t need advice because you’ve been there before but am tempted to give it but won’t. Sounds like you are prepared but if anything goes amiss, call or write me, okay? I do get concerned for you up there on that hill by yourself…well, of course you have the doxey’s but know they’d rather make a mess than clean one. Love you gal, Sue

  23. Whew, finally got back here. Hi, all!
    Tonie, oh no! But I suppose it is not all that surprising that you caught the bug. Stuff everywhere, it seems, so hard to avoid!
    Chris, Happy Birthday to your DH! Glad all is progressing (finally) in your house. As you say, the rest will come as it will.
    Sue, SB finally went to the urgent care today. I can’t believe how long he’s been battling this fever. Overnight last night he sweated through 2 or 3 times and his temp by morning was normal. I thought for sure he had finally broken it. However, he texted me after his drive back to his apartment to say that halfway back he got chills again and his fever was 101.5. He was going to go in to work, but after talking with his assist. manager, took off and will keep in touch with her. I told him to go to the urgent care. Later in the afternoon, he said his roommate was going to take him in. His fever was back up to 102.5. His symptoms, fever, body aches, and some congestion. He texted me from the urgent care to say they tested him for strep (negative) and did a second strep as well, chest xray (normal), and a nasal swab for flu, possibly blood work tomorrow for mono (I don’t think he has that, personally.) She increased his advil and tylenol dosages (I assume she has him alternating now. We had him on advil mostly.) He will be off work the next 2 days unless he makes a miraculous recovery. He deemed himself a medical mystery. I told him he certainly is that! Poor kid. It seems when he gets hit, he gets hit hard! Everything at once. I was glad he was home here for the start of this illness, wish he was still here where I could take care of him. I did make him homemade chicken soup Friday. 🙂 Poor kid. One of his roommates moved out and now he and the remaining one have to cover that portion of the rent, so he hasn’t been able to work and his rent and utilities are increasing!
    Time to rest these sore paws. Take care. Will be back when I can.

    • Lyn, Oh dear. Sounds like SB got hit so hard. I’m glad they tested him for strep. The virus this year, or perhaps several strains, are so fierce. Sure hope he is better today. Such really bad timing for him as far as work and life. You’re right…he is usually a story when it comes to his health. Let us hope there is no news here except a bad virus. I know you were glad he was at home but I can’t agree. I know…the Mom in you is glad but the nurse in me keeps thinking how contagious he was at the beginning.
      I would imagine the alternating of the two types of NSAID’s is always a good idea. We always worry about both of those drugs…Tylenol for the liver problems it can cause in large doses and the Advil for the GI problems it can cause. Hope to hear from you soon that he is better and you are untouched. Love, Sue

  24. tlohuis or Tammy, which is easier to remember. Thank you for that very informative view of your life up until now. My dear, you’re not down in that dark hole of depression by yourself. It, unfortunately, travels along with chronic pain and illness like a wart on the nose. You don’t like it, you’d like to hide it but can’t and as much as you’d like to learn to love it…well, that doesn’t happen, either. It’s ugly, this whole depression situation and I am pleased to hear you are facing it and getting help for it.
    I am curious why you think it’s best to be isolated. So much that goes into the cure for depression comes from others who love us and add other aspects of life to ours. My attitude is to let the sun shine in that fungus called depression and it will help to destroy it. We’ve all lost so much already in our lives like careers, getting to know others, forced isolation due to pain, etc. I trust that you are doing what you think is best and send you my hopes, also. I know that you do a bit of writing and think that is great. It’s very cathartic. I also think it helps us to dig down and uncover what we really feel.

    What a nursing career you had. Do you ever plan to go back to it or does your health prevent that? Nursing homes need good nurses and it’s great to hear about someone who did it well. I truly can understand some aspects of what you’re going through as can most folks who read this blog. Many read but comment elsewhere, such as FB. How about joining us on FB? You could meet many amazing people who also live with chronic pain. I live with four diseases and have had chronic pain in my SI joints, sitter, for 30 years. I was a director of nursing and couldn’t sit through meetings when my problems started. I have relapsing polychondritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, IBS/IBD and now have metastatic breast cancer. I also have severe osteoporosis and have had fractured vertebrae. On some days, life is unbearable but I find there is always tomorrow. No, I am not singing it like ANNIE but I do believe it.

    It’s good to get to know you right now. Hang in there because the options suck. Later, Fondly, Sue

  25. Morning all, or afternoon actually
    Here I am still laying around feeling like…..a trainwreck. Well actually one that is partially cleaned up ! Tired of this. Ya ‘all know I have no patience for healing ! But this stuff is awful ! Just sits on you and weighs you down. All I so is mostly lay around and fall asleep. No appetite. Of course I can’t taste anything, so …. I baked me some pumpkin muffins last night I have been craving. I told you about them before. Whole wheat flour, no sugar, all sorts of good things. Smelled wonderful ! Tasted like …..nothing. So THey are frozen waiting until I can appreciate them fully ! Thanks for letting me rant. If I had the energy I would SCREAM !
    Tammy, so glad to have you amongst us ! Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking ? We have people from all over the US and the UK. I would love to see us with every state and several countries followed.
    Sue I hope your eyes are feeling better. Mine have bothered me since the surgery, but more likely from constant use of computers and TV’s ! I cannot concentrate yet to read a book. I haven’t the will to, make sense ? And I HAVE to start on my great granddaughters quilt. I have one I started on with some bits of vintage material. I think I will add pieces to it and use it. It is a beautiful batik, blue for the centerpiece and then I will just edge it in other colors.
    Well, hope everyone is doing good on this day. Martin Luther King Day here in the States. No banks or Postal service. Great man who lead a great cause.
    LOve to all

    • Tonie, oh dear…near combustion are you? I would agree that it is probably why your eyes are bothering you, all the reading and TV. It’s tricky when you’re stuck in the down position. At least the weather helped you out. I don’t know what to tell you…patience is a virtue. Not feeling too virtuous right now??? I’ll give it a try, okay? HEAL!!! Let me know if that helped at all. Love you, Sue

  26. Hya
    Out celebrating with fish and chips
    Went to clinic.that lump had gone.camera down throat.
    All dry etc.
    But he says its discs compressing from neck making throat feel full and with sjogrens….gland he dont know as gone
    All weird..write later choc pud and custard arrived

  27. So here I am eaten and rested
    Have to go to drs now about my back of neck it dents in he called it something but the discs are pressing in and give me the feeling of a lump,when I swallow and I’m all dry there with sjogrens . Why that one gland came up he doesn’t know ,but it’s gone .the pain I get when I swallow sometimes and the shooting to my ears is from the discs andvthe nerves. Sounds all odd but there I go just like me…had a camera down my throat he saw it all dry and my nose
    But at least it’s not serious ,all over Xmas and when away ,just last, I had to put it to back of my mind
    What with lump on breast and DH biopsy ,but all ok
    So now I can ……Go on a diet…..of course had to go out to celebrate first . Maybe I can settle to read now as well
    Oh yes…the smell came back a bit in bathroom ,plumber comming out tomorrow …umph…but not even that’s going to dent my spirits
    Hope you are now over this bug andvthe knee is good now
    I don’t remember the recipe for those pumpkin muffins ..but they sound good
    How’s those eyes…..yes those drugs are a lot of money.when over 60 here you don’t pay at all for drugs ,so it seems so restrictive..what if you couldn’t afford it or needed something else
    How’s SB …he has a lot on his shoulders right now
    I hope he’s feeling better and that temp gone

    • Chris, So much going on but pleased here to know it is basically all good. Relieved that lump or gland is not there now. The interference of the cervical spine? That makes sense. Do you have any tingling in your arms or hands? Pain or headaches? It will be interesting to find out what is going on. You two have been through so much of late but good results. I love the fact you went out to celebrate and it sounds delicious, your celebration. I’m sure there are no fish and chips quite like you have in England. Chocolate/pudding dessert? Oh my.
      No, say it isn’t so? The odor is back? Hope the plumber is also a detective. UGH.
      As far as my eyes the drops continue and can only use them a few mins at a time. Disturbing. Depressing. Hope your weather is moderate and you continue to get positive results on health. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I get eye ache, sometimes headaches
        No tingling….apart from what they say is neuropathy that’s mostly in my legs
        It just feels so,heavy and achy there to speak and swallow.sometimes a bit of food gets caught there and with the dryness ..do you think the gland would come up for that? I have to keep throat straight to swallow and can’t speak loud for DH
        He says the pressure of disc would mimic something there…..he says the nerves are in a loop there and go from spine to throat to ear….
        I’m just relieved he looked in throat and it was ok
        Plumber coming tomorrow……
        What does the dr say about your eyes ..can she give something else….does a warm compress help..does massaging around top of eye where glands are help? I guess not you would have tried.i wish I could think of something Sue

  28. Chris, No, I don’t think swallowing something in particular would cause that gland in your neck to swell and can only guess what would. A flair of Sjogren’s would be my best guess. I know there are days I swallow better than others. I have trouble speaking loudly and know that frustration with my DH. Mostly the swallowing and speaking sounds like very active Sjogren’s syndrome, to me. I’m glad the doc looked down there, also. Now you know and can be peaceful. So many of the symptoms of Sjogren’s never go away but seem to worsen on some days, precipitated by many factors such as the weather, the dryness of the room we’re in, the sun, drugs we take, heaters, fans, etc. As a way of life it stinks.
    Sorry I forgot to comment on the drugs in your country. I would imagine if the government is going to pay, doctors know which ones are going to be approved and which are not. I believe they would use more generic drugs. SO many of our newer drugs are still paying off the research, advertising, etc. Never before have I seen so many ads on TV, magazines, etc. for drugs. Years ago all you would see advertised was aspirin. Trends change so much. Many of us are hopeful the new administration and insurance changes will lower some of these ridiculous costs for drugs.
    Glad you got such a delicious meal in before you diet. Love, Sue

  29. Sue
    Yes drugs are so expensive..they do try to use generic drugs where they can but you can request the other if you wish and they suit you better,but you dont have to pay tho .which is so helpful espacially if you are just trying to see if they suit you..and then they don’t!
    I remember when I was a kid there was a pink medicine called m & b it fixed everything .
    I do hope the prices of meds sort out for you. It seems all these med firms can ask what they like . It’s not fair
    Well gonna end the day now ,up early for the plumber.i always seem to have to put the alarm on these days.

    • Chris dear, you must stop having these early morning dates with the plumber. I hate to have to set the alarm because I can’t sleep…keep waking up to look at the time. Rarely have to do that anymore except for our long trips to Portland. I hope so much they get to the bottom of the odor you are fighting. How frustrating.
      So many of our meds are new and created here and the pharmacies who manufacture them need to have some limits set on them. It is ridiculous right now.
      I think it’s good you don’t have any of the classic cervical spine problems. Sleep well with all your good news. Love, Sue

  30. Chris, good neck news! Now for that stinking bathroom. 🙂 Yummy celebration.
    Sue, wish I could help you with your eyes, with so many things. Hugs. Gentle hugs.
    As for SB, he still has fever going up and down. This afternoon just when he would be getting ready for work it wasn’t as high, but still over 101. 101.5, I think. Not sure if he went to work or not. Tomorrow he is coming home. He is off tomorrow and Thursday and has a Dr appt about his migraines Thursday morning. Maybe his family doc will be able to help with this whatever he has. Results from the second strep test and the flu test apparently aren’t in yet.

    • Lyn, so sorry to hear SB still has a fever. Whatever it is it certainly is a stubborn infection. Hope they get some answers very soon. Glad you’ll be able to look after him and also know he will feel better at home, although he may not admit it. Let us know. Prayers for his recovery and answers on the headaches. Love ya, Sue

  31. Wow, busy bunch yesterday. Good reading over late breakfast though. This not working has paid off in giving me time to heal, recover and catch up on rest. Still not completely better from this stubborn virus. They gave me a massive dose of antibiotics before surgery , so it is immune to them. Very windy here today, but good to dry up the mud ! I have to mop where my two beasts tracked mud in this am.
    Chris, such good news and much worry off you. It is such a cluster effect of our diseases to run to other parts of the body. Did you know that autoimmune diseases almost always run with back disorders ? Read that recently. Chris, I will email you the recipe for the muffins if you want. No sugar in them, Stevia and honey. I also have a great recipe for Stevia brownies.
    Lyn, are you getting this lovely warm weather as well ? We will be in the 50’s and 60’s well into next week. Next Fri says the forties. But I am eating it up. Probably Feb will be awful now ! I am ready for spring ! Haha. Already planning the garden and baby chicks !
    Friday I get my stitches out and maybe go swim afterwards. I have really missed them. I have a chair with resistance bands and pulleys that I have been using to work out some. Having to stretch this knee a lot. The back of it feels so tight. Chris, those fish and chips sound so good, and I can almost taste the tang of vinegar on them !
    Well, must go check on my houses and to the store. Take care all.

    • Tonie, I believe the back of your knee should feel like tight when you get the stitches out. Hope so and the stretching is so good, although not always pleasant.
      As far as weather for all, the weather here had me awake half the night. High winds of 45-50 mph that shook the house and slammed rainwater into the windows. Covered porch very wet but that’s good because of the freeze we’ve had I haven’t been able to water out there in three weeks. Fortunately George takes the winds shaking the house better than I do. Jim sleeps. Many highways full of water and know some of the creeks on the coast that feed out into the ocean also running over the highway.
      Glad you’re virus is better. Most antibiotics don’t help them. Pleased the knee is healing so well. Hope the mud clears soon. Love ya, Sue

  32. I have just a couple of minutes, but, Sue, I wanted to pass along SB got his test results. He has strep. Started antibiotic today. Hopefully it will kick its butt!

    • Lyn, well, that sure does answer the question of the fever. They should have had results sooner than that but at least he can now get some help. Poor guy. It can make you feel rotten and, unfortunately, does not go away quickly. Prayers for him…don’t drink after him when he comes home,he, he, he. Love, Sue

  33. Lyn
    Well at least you have an answer and now the meds.hope it now kicks it out
    My goodness what weather,I hope you dry out there soon
    Yea I’d like that recipe for muffins altho can I use something else than stevia…the brownies too.im gonna go slow on tea shops out so this will be good…… tonies muffins and brownies ..and you madam take some rest….
    Ok. Gonna watch some tv on my iPad and sleep. Hopefully

  34. Sue
    He came and just doesn’t know ..it may be from the soil vent pipe.so he has temp blocked off where the air comes thru from under bath where it goes up wall into the roof they are plumbers not drainage with sewers so he is going to get in touch with one,..I just don’t know now.he said about a camera going up it to see if any damage which would cause gases to enter
    Bit lost with it

    • Chris, hope for an answer for you very soon regarding that odor. Eventually…
      Watching much of the inauguration events on TV. Interesting time in our country. Love, Sue

  35. Lyn
    So glad SB has an answer, and I know you are relieved. Prayers for a swift recovery. That boy does have an affinity for the illnesses don’t he ? Poor kid.
    Sue, I know how that wind bothers you. I wake up when it is like that here. I can imagine living in an old house like that with the windows as old as well….Actually , remeber when I stayed at my sons house when he lived in the old Victorian ? That bad storm, high winds , raging pounding against the windows, thoughtnthe glass would shatter ! But it didn’t. Guess there is a reason they have withstood all those winds and rain, but it sure does sound like it is coming down anytime doesn’t it ?
    Chris, I will get you those recipes. Hope they scope out the stinker soon M this is getting to be quite the nuisance!
    Well, back to sleep now, I hope.
    Love tomall

    • Tonie, I always take comfort in our jiggly windows knowing they have lasted this long. Heard on the news our winds were up to 65 mph. Sorry I’m so late getting back. Tomorrow is Jim’s birthday and we all took him out to dinner. Everyone had a good time I think. Now lying here on heating pad. Jim had prime rib steak and I had oysters, pan friend. Had a weird dessert, usually wonderful creme brulee but tonight they had put fresh rosemary on the top before browning it…Weird. Some restaurants get a bit too creative.
      Hope you are continuing to get over your virus. How’s the weather for you? That a girl, look forward to spring because it won’t be long. Must close for now. Much love, Sue

  36. Yes Rosemary is a strange choice..I marvel at what they decide to,put together sometimes
    Look forward to the recipe Tonie..when you feel,better
    Lyn how’s SB
    Happy birthday to Jim,Sue
    I may be insured for this next bit of plumbing..they are coming between 8 to 1pm tomorrow.ugh

    • SB’s antibiotic is starting to take hold and he is feeling a tad better. Strep can be a slower recover. Poor guy’s throat is not happy. Thanks for asking, Chris.

      • Lyn, Pleased to hear that antibiotics are kicking in for SB. Hot salt water will soothe his throat and no need to mention to him, but be prepared for a possible coughing spell or two. Love ya, Sue

    • Chris, sorry for the delay, eyes have been bad. Pleased to hear you may have insurance coverage to help with whatever the answer is on the odor. By now I hope you have some answers. Hope to hear. Love, Sue

  37. Howdy all
    Well, new president in, stitches out, first of three shots of “rooster comb in the knee. So a lot happened yesterday. Was so tired, but could not sleep last night. It has been a lazy , rainy overcast day. Perfect to laze around. I did thaw out some chili beans for supper so top off the day.
    Have a good weekend all

    • Tonie, you and the roosters of all types…sorry, couldn’t resist. After all, you did have too many roosters, then a dead one..seriously hope the injections help. Sounds like you deserved a quiet, lazy day today. I actually wrote all of this earlier but it got lost. Undoubtedly I hit the wrong button. I made some smartness about your dinner and that ditty about “beans, beans, the musical fruit…”
      I do hope you’re feeling less tightness now with the stitches out and able to flex it better. Hope you’re feeling better as far as the virus. You be sure to have a good weekend, okay? Love ya gal, Sue

    • Tonie, lots happening! Move as you can, rest when you need! The weather here this weekend has been unpleasant. Rainy or “spritzy”, feeling like it even when it isn’t. I’m fatigued and feeling the weather in my joints. Tomorrow is to be worse. Great.
      DD saw a doc yesterday and has the flu. If I manage to escape those 2 kids illnesses, it will be something! Doing my best.
      Take care!

      • Our weather has been the same Lyn. been achy for a week. Winter is supposed to return in the next week. I’m still not convinced DS dent have influenza along with the strep. Tonie, have a friend here that’s supposed to get the rooster comb injections in her knees too. Be careful and protect that knee. Ive fallen so many times or slipped and pulled muscles preventing a full fall of late it’s getting hard to figure out if I’m flaring or just injured…..

  38. Glad stitches all out and it’s ready to heal now,Tonie
    With the virus as well and no sleep .no wonder you are tired
    Well The ins sent a man out who was just drainage ..he put a camera averywhere all ok..he can smell,it but can’t work it out..so a plumber now on his way next week!! He says it cud be just the way it’s been installed…….that’s not what I want to hear!
    Will you go to Drs with eyes again….maybe a hosp appt with an eye clinic??

  39. Lyn
    Well I certainly hope you miss out on what your kids have got at the moment. Hope they feel good soon
    Well it looks like we might have to reinstall ….but wait and see.the ins is coming a week on Monday . Hope they find the problem and pay for it ..

  40. I started dating a man about 7 months after husbands passing. We were together 3 years and just after the anniversary, he broke up with me. I was relieved he did
    as it saved me from having to initiate it because I didn’t want to hurt him, we had talked about the possibility of marriage. What did and still devastates me, and this is a first for me, was remark he made that it bothered him that I couldn’t work, he knew I couldn’t help it but…I cut him off…it was the first time in decades of chronic pain and disability that I had been discriminated against especially so blatantly and by a man who himself had a disability but could still work. I didn’t let him continue with his explaination why because that was all I needed to know. Its not the break as much as it is his discrimination of me. He will know how it feels if it happens to him someday and it feels horrendous.

    • Jane, I see you found this old blog which has a bit of a bite to it. We all know that feeling of such a stark lack of understanding and thank the good Lord you didn’t marry this man. That would never have worked for you without heartache. I have lost a longtime friend over my illness and probably others. That particular one I’m speaking of was planning on a trip from Europe where she lives and I told her not to come because I wasn’t up to live in company for a visit. She came anyway! I put up with her and her remarks about how well I looked and how I should be taking certain herbs, etc. That was 20 years ago and our relationship has never been the same and we were very close friends. Some folks are without the quality of empathy and can’t lead it into the next step which is compassion. Love you, Sue

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