Lifeus Interruptus

Both my husband and my grandchildren are fans of the Road Runner cartoons. They are hilarious even if they are a bit masochistic and violent, the cartoons, not my husband or grands. Maybe there is a part of us that needs a bit of those extremes in our lives? We are always expected to be polite while facing numerous challenges in our lives. I often grown weary of being so blasted nice and have to let it out; all of that frustration and fury builds up.
Those of us who face chronic pain and illness every day, sometimes for years on end, have to decompress. Our lives have been totally disrupted. Our careers have been ended. Our social lives have shrunk, if they exist at all. Most of life is spent trying new medications because the last ones didn’t work, going to the doctor, wishing we could go to the doctor, etc. We have a great deal coming at us, day after endless day.
As most of you who have been reading this blog for some time know, I prefer using humor to deflect the more rigorously demanding side of having chronic pain. My two favorite deflections, as I have mentioned previously are the following three modalities:
I walk around the house and at high volume singing Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen until I break out laughing at myself because it puts my self-pity where it belongs. If I need a good cry I sing His Eye is on the Sparrow because it reminds me of the enormity of the role faith plays in my life.
I have a nice long talk with someone I love and listen to them to help me gain perspective on my situation. This reminds me I am not alone in this world and I am not the only soul with trouble or problems. I talk to my dear husband, I speak out loudly to God, I call an old friend, I have a chat with a grandchild and the list goes on.
I deflect my frustration and turn off the news and watch something humorous on TV, write something humorous or meaningful to me or read something diverting. I prefer non-fiction but of late have had problems due to eye trouble and that has been cut back considerably.
Of course, there are many other ways I deflect the attention from this painful life by getting out and watching humanity at its best and worst. Life is a joy and it is passing in front of you and me at a very fast pace. We can’t stay holed up too long because it simply isn’t healthy. Even going for a drive can help. We’re surrounded by so much beauty here in Oregon and beauty is its own cure for, whatever and everything.
I ran across an older poem I wrote some time ago and have rewritten it for today. I hoped it was too good to waste just sitting there on my computer. I hope you enjoy it as we walk into the colorful world of the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote.

Does that sound like a phrase
The Road Runner would say?
Escaping Wiley Coyote, perhaps
On a scorching hot desert day?

An “interruption” is one way to say it
Other descriptions are less classy
But never fear, I’ll behave
While feeling old and sassy.

My life is oft askew
Just when I think it’s right,
Some body part acts up
Saying, “Awe, go fly a kite.”

I don’t know what’s happening
As I melt away,
But I do know I am changing
Into someone else? I can’t say.

My hair is thin,
My nails won’t grow,
My teeth once pretty
No longer form a row.

My waist once slender
Suffers steroid morph
My sitter once splendiferous
Would look good on a dwarf.

Each day when I awaken
I expect life to be fixed
When my feet touch the floor
All those images are nixed.

I think I can stand it,
All the changes I’ve addressed
But having pain each day, well
Can you shout STRESSED?

I’ve tried so many things
Ran tests from head to foot
But always something new pops up
While I’m teetering on “kaput.”

The question I face daily
Is what do I do next?
Being caught by the Coyote?
Well, that’s not in the mix.

I don’t usually use TNT
No anvils since Wild West,
Guess I have no choice
But to keep running, then rest.

I have trouble with compromise.
Makes me irritable at best;
I’m certain at times,
This is God’s aptitude test.

I wonder how it’s graded
Am I to be spiritual and deep?
I think that’s China I see,
That deep enough? BEEP!, BEEP!

Guess I’ll just keep trekking,
One mountain, one rock at a time,
Eyes wide open and expectant
What happened to my prime time?

If that positive Road Runner can do it,
Then I can surely hang in.
Remember Wiley’s always defeated
As the Runner perpetually grins.

In spite of falling anvils,
Exploding rocks and speeding trains,
A day that you survive and stay uplifted
Is a day when you’ve made gains.

Hang in there with my friends as our lives, thanks to these flesh and blood bodies are constantly interrupted as we’re called upon to do maintenance of some sort. I know it can be hideous, intolerable and depressing but those times don’t have to last for long. By its very nature, an interruption is short lived and we are able to resume out lives, independent of its challenges and the peaks we have to climb. Just watch out for those Wiley Coyotes along the road.

101 thoughts on “Lifeus Interruptus

  1. Sue
    I too, love Roadrunner cartoons. Watching the real little critters run through the desert, you see how they got the cartoon ! I always felt really bad for Wile E. he tried so hard to eat the bird, and he was so hungry ! Sometimes, it seems that we drag our butts behind us so far that we will never pick them up again. But, to hang on until another day, hopefully one when we feel just a little bit better is worth it.
    I still feel like crud, but it is the Fibro, at least now, not the viral crud. Hoping a Dr change is going to help fix that.
    Hope your eyes are doing better. And your pain is less.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, so sorry you’re still having trouble. It’s been a bad run for you and can only hope most of it leaves quickly. I thought some of the symptoms were brought on and activated by the surgery, meds, anesthesia, etc. Virus surely didn’t help. Afraid I never felt sorry for Coyote because he never learned…So much clever thinking wasted. The story line was always the same yet some always laughed. I guess simplicity is the key to comedy.
      I am also hopeful for you with the new rheumy. I see the new oncologist tomorrow after filling out tons of paperwork all day today. Hope you rest well tonight. Love ya, Sue

  2. Your poem Sue
    Well I bought DH something that converts slides to pics on screen.and this weekend seen old slides from when I was 20 . Haven’t seen them since that time.we lost our film equipment on one move about 45 years ago .I’ve never felt so old and different .life changes weight changes ,health changes..I can see it stark in front of me . But along running Parallel good things too and sad ..with seeing my mom and dad when so much younger and happy.
    It kinda tells me you gotta live for now ,this is it. We make what we can with what we’ve got. Life deals us all a different hand . All I can make of it is that it feels all chance and random with the choices we make . Then along comes our health So with your blog this weekend ..well the two went together.and yep like the cartoon we keep on going
    Gives me all food for thought……maybe too.much Thinkin! For me a very thought provoking blog

    • Chris dear, I loved your very thought provoking remarks. I didn’t quite understand the very first short sentence but maybe it fell off somewhere. It certainly does sound like an interesting and mixed emotional time for you with the old slides, especially if they were on the big screen and you could see more than ever. I think that experience is a wonderful but bittersweet one that maybe each of us should experience now and then. I feel that way so often when I look in the mirror…thinning hair, sagging jowls, new lines, half a chest. Sometimes, however, I think when we are loved, our spouses in particular see us the way we used to be. I’m truly happy for you that you found the slides and had this opportunity to, in a sense, review your life. Pleased the poem fit in. You are so right about our choices making a difference along with those things we cannot change. We can, however change our reactions and responses.

      I am still concerned about your stubborn odor, as in our emails, but hope and pray it will not be terribly complicated for you to finally get it fixed.
      Onward and I hope upward for me in a couple of hours to a new oncologist with mine moving out of state…necessary. Since she’s here in town I won’t have that drive to Portland as often. Love you lady, Sue

      • I think I started the post with just referring to the poem bit…as a starter really… didn’t work in rereading it
        I was really referring to our changes in it
        Hope today went well for you Sue
        GS rang today said he was coming over so we went to town had a bite to eat and then did a bit of clothes shopping for him .enjoyed it and it was unexpected

  3. Sue, good old Wiley and his ever challenging attempts to bag the Road Runner. I loved them as a kid. They and Sylvester and Tweety were on during the same time period every Saturday morning. I had a little empathy for Wiley and Sylvester but was glad they never actually caught their “prey”. I appreciated that intelligence won out also. I confess I have been more bothered by how ugly we humans are being to one another these days than the cartoon characters. I’ve taken to plastering my FB wall with all kinds of cuteness (usually animals) and positive inspiration. I refuse to stoop to the level of hurtfulness I am seeing, therefore I am very careful in how and what I say and share. Weather has been unpleasant here, but no snow. Today, wind and rain. Not enjoying the dampness and how it gets into my bones. Ah well, my “break” time is up. I have some laundry to attend to and must think about what dinner will be. Best to all!

    • Lyn, More bad weather coming your way? You seem to carry around your own barometer. Now I understand why my dear oldest sister, Norma, who had psoriatic arthritis always went to Hawaii. She loved the heat and couldn’t get enough of it. Here where we are in foggy bottom, I have to make do with the beloved heating pad.
      Saw on FB you just walked Sadie. I won’t tell George. He would be jealous I do believe.
      I’m supposed to be getting dressed for a new doc visit, will be long and including shots and IV. Long afternoon. Had Jim put lots of the magic lotion i use on my back and I put it on my ankles. Works great when you’re living without anything for pain.
      I think the ugliness is not just in our country right now but all over. Irrationality seems to rule the day. I pray it will begin to calm down. Later, must dress, Much love, Sue

  4. Sad news for me today. Ms Alice has had a stroke, one from which she will not be recovering. They are just waiting now. Please pray for her family as they go through this transition of seeing her into the next world. Her daughter was very upset when she called me today.

  5. Hi All, Hope each of you are doing as well as possible today. Tonie, any word on Ms. Alice? Prayers for her family. Chris, how’s your big problem with the mystery odor? Any new developments? Lyn, How’s SB feeling? Hope the throat is less painful by now as it heals. All others who are so dear to us, stay close because we love to hear from you.
    I went to a new oncologist yesterday because my former one in Portland moved to WA state. I liked the new one very much. SShe is kind, smart, affable, etc. I was impressed with her approach. She wants me to have new scans since it has been since Sept. 2015. I agree with her we need to check and see if my cancer has spread. We do know the skin breast cancers have shrunk from the shots I’m getting and have been going on that but she wants to check for mets. Have to get on some pain meds first though because that’s a long painful day for me on those tables in X-ray. Foggy here today with frost last night. Thinking of each of you.
    Eyes still troublesome and limiting as to time spent on here so will close for now. Love to each, Sue

    • Sue
      What good news that the dr is good
      She sounds smart as you say
      At least the scans won’t be after a long trip to Portland…but I know still very painful and wearing
      Why can’t there be another way? I do wish your eyes would clear up ..did she say anything about them
      I met a dear found in town yesterday..she has to have a mastectomy. Shocking
      Well odour still there they come out next Monday
      Having neighbour in fir coffee tomorrow morning…I like a good chat
      Weather freezing and foggy

      • Chris, I’ve always had the scan done locally…there is usually a pause in the middle of the two to let an IV take effect and let me come home for a bit of a rest from sitting up. I did have to go to Portland for that six weeks of radiation therapy however. I am relieved to like and trust her. They are building a huge new cancer center here in town but we only have the one oncologist. I know she is overworked and pray she stays here.
        I am sorry to hear about your friend and hope her cancer has not advanced already like mine had by the time I had surgery. It is an odd feeling knowing you have cancer. It causes one to look at life in a different way. Feel free to share that older blog I wrote called When Good Boobs go Bad…if she has a sense of humor. She may be at the stage where she is terrified. Assure her they are making advances everyday with cancer and never before has there been more cause for hope.
        Unfortunately, besides the blurred vision, I do get a fierce headache when I”m online very long.
        As far as my eyes, keeping them moist is just a major project, wherever I am. I have four types of drops to use and guess time will help with the burns but the dryness will continue. My Sjogren’s has never been this bad thanks to those pain meds. The integrity of my eyes is intact as far as any eye diseases, thank God.
        Glad you’re getting help for the “smell” on MOnday. Enjoy your neighbor and tea. Love ya, Sue

  6. Sue
    It’s just gone 2am here..still awake..I’ve been sleeping a few better hrs last few nites .but nope not tonite
    Yes I do remember you saying having the scans at your home town now
    I will see her before she goes for surgery and mention that to her. She seems very level about it and her husband is joking ,you know how it can go….both unsure.. he trying to wait thru the mire of it
    It will be done in the hospital here
    Hope you ok
    Trust your two kids getting over the bugs

    Well gotta try to get to sleep…..I’m a bit excited I’ve moved some pots around the garden which I think look nice and waiting to see the again in the morning .also moved some furniture about which looks nice….you know daft stuff really

    • Chris, don’t think that’s daft. It’s called taking pride in the little things and pride in your home. S0unds like fun but be careful lifting heavy stuff, okay? Do you have a dolly for lifting heavy things? I think your garden sounds lovely and I know you have some great new plants. Do you like to grow herbs? How’s your eucalyptus tree doing? Hope the current freezing weather isn’t too bad. We went through such a weird day here with cold, frost, then fog after 7 AM and in the afternoon sun.
      So much going on over here with the new President. I see your Prime Minister will be here on Friday. That will be fun to see what she is like. Hope you get to sleep now…Love, Sue

      • Nope still awake
        I rolled the pots so irxwas not too bad
        Eucalyptus tree ok even in frosts..but we shall see..
        Yea I got is herbs Rosemary my favourite
        Yes I see she’s over yours Friday ….she is well known for her love of fancy shoes!

  7. Tonie, I am so sorry to hear about Ms Alice. Prayers going up, of course.
    Sue, so glad you like your doc. Yes, that scan is due. I know it won’t be much fun, though. 😦 I haven’t heard from SB today. Yesterday he said his throat was a bit better, but still sore.I am hoping the progress is continuing. DD has been home the past 2 days thanks to the flu. Sheesh. Just got a message from SB while I’m writing this. His throat is a bit sore yet and he is running low on meds.
    Chris, I am sorry to hear about your friend, but glad you ran into each other.

    • Lyn, May need another round of antibiotics. As I mentioned a few days ago, strep can be stubborn. Poor guy. Sorry to hear about DD now, also. Hope it stays a virus and doesn’t turn into strep. Well Mom, take your vitamin C .Love, Sue

  8. Chris, Glad your tree is hanging in there. We had so many of those in CA. Thanks for the tip about your PM. I hope they show her feet on television. Still no sleep? Sue

  9. Morning all
    Just a lackluster day yesterday. I did a few things but it was wet and cool and overcast. And I was hurting. So, cleaning out old DVDs and such that I never watch. I will see if my sister wants any of them and take the rest to the thrift store.
    Ms Alice is still the same. Her daughter says four days of no fluids and she is still peeing ! We always joked about how much she went to pee. So still waiting. So sad, breaks my heart. But I know now how hard that was on my back. It is so much better now.
    Swimming this morning, then finish up my sorting. Go check on the houses tomorrow, or maybe Monday, not sure. I have to pick up the mail and deposit some checks which won’t arrive until after today, so ….
    Chris, so glad you ran into your friend, the Alford puts them in our path when they need us I believe. So sorry for her problems and will remember her in prayer. And for your odor ! I pray it is found and put to rest ! Enough already !
    Lyn, also prayers for SB and his strep. Seems he is your problem child with illness. My son was mine also.
    Sue, always prayers for your eyes, health and strength to be renewed. I spoke with Millie yesterday. She sent me another cookbook that was her mothers. So many good old recipes. The book is about 70 years old with some recipes older. There is one in the front from a newspaper. Called the Canadian War Cake. I think from the depressionor WWII. Simple ingredients but I think I will try it one day. Right now I am making more Frendship Cakes. My FM loves them and they are so good after freezing. The kids got the other ones at Christmas, so now I need new ones for him. Hopefully the third week of Feb or so I will see him. Seems so long, yet only a few more weeks. Looking back it is unreal he has been away since August ! Then we we will see how things go.
    Okay off to swim.
    Love to you all

    • Tonie, got a kick out of your goof on Alford…another name for the Lord? Sounds like you got something accomplished yesterday and that is good..always. Sometimes when I have an awful pain day I have to get up before bedtime and do something just to feel better about myself. Funny how that feeling of accomplishment can come from the smallest tasks. I’ve been doing some cleaning out and sorting of a cupboard with cookbooks in them. Don’t have any as old as Millie’s but some go back a long way. I have pages falling out of my Betty Crocker cookie book, but don’t want a new one.
      I know your not caring for her will help you back but know you will miss the funds. That’s unbelievable that she can still have output. She has had problems for so very long. May she find peace soon.
      Hope the weather and your pain level allows you to get by the houses you are caretaking. Take care, okay? Love, Sue

      • Sue
        That stupid Ipad replaces words for me when it thinks it knows better. I didn’t even notice it !!! Alford !!
        Weather was great today. Tomorrow morning I have to take my truck in to fix the part they broke on my brake lights when I had it in last month. I am ready for a fight cause they broke it and I am not going to pay for it. Just a little plastic collar that holds the switch in place, but I ain’t paying !!!
        Yeah, I am looking for something else to make money. I told my daughter, the Lord gave me that job, he will provide another one.
        Okay, hope you are feeling better.

      • Tonie, I know you won’t tolerate any nonsense from the repairman. SO inconvenient for you though. Hope all goes smoothly. Yes, I also believe something else will turn up for you.
        It is hard to believe Ms. Alice is having output this long. She must be getting IV fluids. Life here about the same. Alford be with you…Love, Sue

  10. Freezing here today didn’t get above 28 f all day
    Went to do two weekly shop.put it all away…hate that
    Hope the car got sorted Tonie
    Miss Alice ?
    Good I had those extra rads put ,in the house is warm……just the bathroom to do !!
    They are ,the ins people ,coming on Monday
    Back later

    • Chris, sorry about that awful cold. Hope it passes soon for you. Yes, indeed, good to have the extra heaters. Jim and I also went shopping and I agree, all that putting away. I always hit the heating pad and a laydown after we get back and put away. Jim is great help with carrying up our stairs, and putting away. He’s in Portalnd today, driving SIL’s brother in there for his chemo treatment and doctor visit. Odd, isn’t it having two folks, he and I, in the family fighting cancer. Fighting is the right word.
      Hope you don’t get too much ice and freeze…Love, Sue P.S. Saw your Prime Minister give a speech today. DIdn’t see her shoes…Good speech.

  11. Sue
    All went well, no arguments, just fixed and done. Spent the time discussing horses with a man in the waiting room.
    No fluids for Ms Alice, none at all. It will have to be soon though, nothing since Sat night. My heart is breaking for them. So glad my parents went quickly.
    Watching, “Pure Genius” tv show on Thursdays on CBS. Medical show about a billionaire genius kid who builds his own hospital and has only the best DRs there. Wonderful modern concepts ( some probably being invented ) . Very good show
    My FM will be in Va the 22nd of Feb. Sigh.
    Chris, we have cold headed to us as well. Old Man Winter is coming back. Cold cold wind. Ughhh !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, pleased the fix went well. I’m sure you enjoyed talking horses. Too bad your FM wasn’t there to share in.
      Poor Ms Alice. It won’t be long now, God bless that dear soul. This is actually pretty fast compared to the suffering that many go through, in my experience in nursing. I just pray she is being treated with kindness and that they are remembering to talk to her. The hearing is the last of our senses to go.
      I’ll try the show you mentioned. I see it comes on in an hour. Setting my DVR.
      Do you feel better having a date for the arrival? Hope you get a good streak of weather, opposed to now, when he is here. I know you will feel better with the weather and may have some new meds or modalities. We always live with hope.
      Quiet day here with my usual routine of a bit of this, then rest, another bit of work, then rest…Such is my life and many others I know. Rest well dear girl, Love, Sue

  12. Tonie
    It’s 4 am here and -6c dunno in f.didnt work it out before I came on
    Good you had all done at garage
    My dad had no fluids at the end as the fluid he had was swelling him up and not coming out.its so awful
    I’ve been up moving some stuff about a new table coming so rearranging things.cant sleep so did that
    DH has pacemaker check at hospital late rat 11 am
    So better try and get some sleep
    Chris. Oh time will go nearly into Feb now

    • Chris, So you’re getting a new table? Fun. I do that also, rearrange furniture in my head. I just can’t do as much actual moving now as previously and that is frustrating. What kind of table is it?
      Hope DH’s appt goes well. Sorry it’s still so cold. I need to put a conversion chart here by my laptop, also. Rest well. Love, Sue

  13. It’s a dining table and chairs with two sideboards you call them that? It’s a dark wood
    We have just had the kitchen table from the old place up there till we found what we here mid Feb . So sorting out where I want things
    Still awake it’s nearly 6 am had my breakfast ….some sleep,and then up and out

    • Chris, so pleased you found the dining table set you like. I knew you had been looking. Yes, we call them sideboards among other things. You’ll have to share with us when it arrives. How fun. Hope you’re warming up a bit today. We are bright, sunny yet chilly. Jim is making noises about washing the car…spring is in the air. Now I’m wondering which car? Hope DH’s check up went well yesterday and all is well and he’s beating away. Love, Sue

      • Yea pacemaker check went ok..another year now
        Yes i will do photos when it comes
        Today for some reason the f/freezer started to leak at the back….could be the cold weather and the defrost .there was a small puddle at the side towards the Back.”keeping an eye on it..
        Got some above the ankle boots in the sale today ,lined ..I just saw them and they doesn’t happen like that for me I have a lot of trouble
        Weather supposed to be warmer for the weekend,but rain
        Wonder if your car got washed..

  14. Good morning all
    Ms Alice went to be with the Lord during the night. I had a good prayer this morning before I had the word, but I knew she was gone , such a blessing I had when praying for her. He is so wonderful to comfort our spirits in these times. I had given her an olive wood cross that is shaped to hold in your hand. Fran said she kept hold of it since Sat when she had the stroke and thought it was of comfort to her.
    I am off to get my second knee shot today. Chris it has turned cold here today as well. And I am hating it ! Out come the heavy clothes again. I was happy with the spring weather we had. I have a yard of green grass sprouting, that’s how warm it has been. Oh well, another month of cold then it will be coming !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, saw your post on FB and made a brief comment reg. Ms. Alice.Bless that dear lady. I didn’t realize you had cared for her for five years. How comforting for you to know she held onto your gift of the cross and took solace in it. How wonderful for you to receive such comfort while praying for her. The spiritual world is always surrounding us and never more so than in death. I hope Fran will be comforted and also pray her sister doesn’t go down and give her a bad time of it. You never know how folks are going to react at times of loss and stress. You gave her your best and I know there were days it wasn’t easy to do.
      Hope the injection today goes well for you as you get it done and the same for the errands, out an about. Thinking of you most specially today. Love, Sue

    • It was a release for her struggle Tonie .it will be a bit empty for you I know but you did such a wonderful thing looking after her…I’m sure that won’t go unnoticed anywhere and something will replace that sad space
      Strange weather we are all having….lets hope Spring warms up….never mind not long till FM…
      Well a new start… just seems like two steps forward and three back. Nothing goes right!
      However…..all medical stuff has turned out OK after all the worry …so I’d rather have the blimmin waltzing!
      Hope the shots went easy

  15. Quick catch up. Hi, everyone 🙂
    Sue, easy does it. How is SIL’s brother doing? I’m so glad you are all so close, especially now.
    Tonie, what a wonderful gift you gave Ms. Alice. I am certain it gave her great comfort.
    Chris, a new dining table, how wonderful! I’ll be excited to hear all about it when it arrives. I know, I mentally arrange thing in my mind as well.
    Like Chris and Tonie, today was much cooler here as well. 30s, windy and cold and overcast. The only bright spot were the snow flurries during our walk with Sadie. Well, that and the fact DH was able to walk with us. I couldn’t get out earlier and he was home earlier than usual. Sadie was excited and thrilled. She gets excited and has a little extra pep in her step when we can both walk her together. So cute.
    Time to rest my hands. They are getting achy, I blame the cold. Time to kick back for a restful evening after a busy day. Maybe DH and I can find a good movie to sink ourselves into.

    • Lyn, read on FB about your DH getting stitches on his face, saw pic. Hope it heals well. Good call to get it stitched on a deeper level. Did they ask you to keep it moist with sterile Vaseline or other substance? Hope so…will heal better. I know because used to work with a plastic surgeon and also Jim has had several cancers surgically removed from face. Sorry about the cold weather.Chilly here but no longer snow or ice. Hope you found a good movie the other night. Have you seen that Disney film McFarland, USA? Really good and true story, also.
      Trip to Portland for Jim and family member went well but truck threw rock up and cracked our windshield. Have to get it replaced before I go to docs in Portland next week. These modern models of windshields are a bit complicated. Ford dealer had to order it. Healing prayers to DH and your aching body. Love, Sue

  16. Good afternoon
    Lazy day here at the Ponderosa. Feeling blah and still in my Jammie’s ! It is cold out, but the sun is really warm. The wind chill is 17′ though. The boys are in their sweaters and happy about it. They are so funny, when I get them out they fight to be the first one to get theirs put on !
    Well, I am cleaning carpets today and starting on my great grans quilt. I got the fabric out yesterday but that is as far as it went. The cold weather just zaps my energy. Do ya’all feel like that ? Making my list for the new Rheumy on Monday. I am having big problems with my eyes of late. Dry dry dry, and at the corners , outer, they are split and raw. I have been using antibiotic ointment on them, but not healing. At first I thought I had gotten the cream there that I am using for the skin cancers. But I am very careful not to get near my eyes. Any ideas ?
    Lyn, glad you got to walk with dh. So much nicer isn’t it, when FM and I walk, we usually don’t even talk. Both of us like the quiet and solitude of nature. It’s just companionship.
    Sue we are praying so much for your healing. My sister said last night she just wanted God to completely heal you ! When I was telling her all your problems she was amazed. He hears and answers and I am expecting to hear good things from you soon !
    Well I need to do something!
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I love the picture I have of the boys fighting over the sweaters! Yes, it is cold here, too, but not with that wind chill. Yuck. We had a nice snow shower this morning. Sadie and I got out for a short walk in it. I had to get back. DH was helping clear some trees at the sportsmen’s club and got hit by a tree limb. He cut his lip/cheek area – a small v shaped cut – and after being home a bit realized it was cut through the cheek. So… off we went to the urgent care to get stitched up. My original plan for the morning was just what you were doing. The walk I didn’t mind because we love walking in the snow, but I’d have preferred snuggling up in jammies. Oh well. DH and I both had involuntary naps this afternoon and feel better for it. I hope your doc can recommend something to help with your eyes. Mine are a tad drier with the wintry weather, but nothing like what you are experiencing. Glad you have your appointment soon.

      • Lyn
        I saw dh’s pic on FB. So sorry. Glad it is not any worse than it is. Yes, the cold really makes me want to hibernate. Our trail is dirt, and if I take the boys with me I have to bathe them afterwards cause they are so low to the ground. So when it is nasty, I can take them everyday. I may take my bike and ride it. In between swims. Nothing helps me like the water does. Although I love to walk.
        Glad you got a nap in, sometimes it is what you need.

    • Tonie, looking forward to your visit on Monday to the new rheumy. Hopes high. I am sorry to hear about your eyes. Lots of drops. What kind are you using? If they are OTC drops for allergies or dryness, good. If you use the petroleum based goop, which is good but as we’ve shared, irritating, be sure to use it only at night. It will be messy in the morning but melted so you can see. Warm washcloth usually clears it up for me. The cracked edges of the skin on the sides of the eyes sounds like extreme dryness from the cold and also heaters blowing onto them. Do be careful with the antibiotic ointment. It can grow bacteria if it has been opened more than a few months. How did I miss that you are applying creme to skin cancers? I thought they were discolored hyperpigmentation spots.
      Yes, I think each of us feel the extreme cold in all areas of our bodies and I know when I and others get too cold, it takes hours to warm up, especially feet and hands. Here in OR the problems with freezing weather and rain is that most gloves get wet and then they are useless. Is your skin more dry with the chill? Bet it is. I loved to envision those rascals wanting their sweaters. I know George wears one every day and when I need to brush him and change it he is eager and puts his head forward, on, then lifts his right paw first. So cute.
      Tell your sister I would be most appreciative of a complete healing. Love to you and to her. Sue

      • Sue
        Some are hyperpigmentations, but one on my nose, forehead and above the lip are skin cancers, not serious he said. But the creme only works on the cancer. It is turning them really red, then when they start to scab I discontinue use.
        I am using allergy eye drops now. As far as the corner of my eyes, it just happened after my surgery, not sure why.
        Hey, I found a great combo for carpet cleaning today. Basic H and white vinegar. I had cleaned the carpets once and was going back over for some tough stains. From the dogs. And I decided to use vinegar because of the smell. Man oh man….it brought the stains out and the room smell so fresh. You must try some next time you have to clean.
        Yes, I get dry from the cold. My legs are awful. But I put lotion on every morning, sometimes coconut oil. That is all I can use on my face while I am using this cream. I use it first thing, then the creme after it absorbs. If you have never tried it, get some processed coconut oil at the store. Best moisturizer I have ever used. In just a few minutes it absorbs and is not greasy and doesn’t lay on the skin. The dermatologist told me it was the best thing to use.
        Take care

      • Also
        I am using on my hands and feet, another great Shaklee product, Multi Purpose Cream. It is very inexpensive. It is mentholated and heals your hands and feet better and quicker than anything I have tried. My sister used to keep it at her work and she said the men used to steal it all the time
        Just and FYI

  17. Chris, Good to hear about your boots. I remember what you went through with your last pair. I understand. I have an awful time finding comfortable shoes. Good also that medical issues looking good for both of you. Let’s all hope your leaky appliance doesn’t get worse. Is there an overflow tray under it? Could that be the problem? Hope it resolves. Looking forward to Monday for you to have the insurance person out reg. odor.
    Has it warmed up for you? Seems like you are not sleeping well lately. What can we do to help that? Thinking of you over here in states.
    Quiet day here. GD to come tonight because parents going to business dinner. Still cold here, bit of rain last night. Love, Sue

  18. DEAR FRIENDS, Just heard from our dear friend Donna. She had a mild heart attack last Monday and is now back with her daughter and our of the hospital. She is having congestive heart failure and is on a strict fluid intake and no salt diet. Thank the Lord she had the attack just before she was getting ready to drive back home from her daughter’s after a four week visit. She asked me to tell all of you about this as she values your concern and prayers. We’re all here for you Donna…Love, Sue

  19. Tonie, I’ll have to try the coconut oil sometime. I see it everywhere now as the newest craze. I’ve been using vinegar and Basic H for years. Jim insists on using bought rug shampoo but i sneak in the other when I mix the solution. Nothing as good as vinegar to neutralize urine. I also like to put some Shaklee powder in it…can’t recall the name right now…you know, the laundry additive. Have to dissolve it first. I never us menthol of any kind because if I touch my eyes with it it is terribly painful. I use the DHC moisturizers and skin soap and my favorite body creme is Genes Vit E creme.
    As far as your sides of the eyes…do you think it was something they used on your eyes when you had the anesthetic. Did they use the goop or tape? Interesting about the skin cancers. Later, Love, Sue

    • Nature Bright . Yeah I usually add it also. But yesterday I didn’t. A professional carpet cleaner told me that after you clean it to rinse it throughly because the soap makes the dirt cling to the carpet. I usually let them dry, then rinse with clean water. Which I need to do later. Today I feel yummy. This weather I guess. Maybe stress from loosing Ms Alice. And just got word my friend Coley, who had lung cancer passed away yesterday as well. He also had RA had replaced his knee and both hips. He was almost ten yesra younger than me and looked ten older now. Bless his wife’s heart. He is her second husband she has lost. She is young too. Well, younger. She is barely forty. She was pregnant when her first husband got killed. Coley married her about a year afterwards and raised the girl as his own. So sad.
      Anyway, tomorrow is the Rheumy. I hate wintertime. I get depression and I know it is from not being outside more. Wish I could be like Lyn and just braved the cold !
      Love ya

      • Tonie, I hate to hear you like this however who wouldn’t be depressed with what you’ve been through in the last couple of days.The sun needs to come out for you and soon. Glad you have the visit tomorrow and have great hopes. I am sorry you old friend died but you saw it coming. Sounds like a great guy. Prayers for his sweet wife. So much on you late and hope that sun shines for you and soon. It will be good to get out of the house tomorrow.
        Thanks for all the tips about carpet cleaning..yes Nature Bright. That’s the product I love for burnt or scorched pans with stuck on food. Works like a charm. I hate scrubbing a pan. I’ve been putting off scrubbing Jim’s bathroom floor. Told myself to do it today..must. Scooba doesn’t always get into the edges and corners.
        How is Ms Alice’s daughter doing? Prayers for them as well. Love, always, Sue

  20. Lyn
    How awful about the cut on your DH face. I do hope it clears up quick.what a thing to happen
    About Donna …I was shocked and very sad to hear this.yes it was better to happen where it did. Donna if you are reading this praying for you and all my love to you
    I too have put ointment on beginnings of cancer in face…I have to be careful of my eyes with it too the smell is a bit strong

    Well guess what happened to us yesterday…DH feeling quite good so off we went to the coast….stopped in an out of the way muddy track to get a photo… wouldn’t move out of park( automatic) so it’s a new car….honda Jazz I rang the garage .this was 11.50 it closes 12 on Saturday ….no reception on my mobile to get Internet to get phone no. ..DH phone just a bit of tel. Reception so Rang DD for her to get it for me.she rang them to tell problem and they them couldn’t get thru on any phone…..DH kept trying to start it..nowt.nobody about…2 miles from anywhere .

    Then it started working and the bloke stayed on at work till he could get thru to us….so in it goes when the plumber goes tomorrow.
    But it was a fright
    .oh and I had my new boots on and I thought oh no I’m gonna get them muddy!!
    So we continued for the day tested it stopping and starting in a built up area it was ok
    So we had a well deserved coffee after and DH went for a walk and I stayed behind by a nice fire and read
    Gonna do lunch now

    • Chris, Oh dear, just a quiet little drive to the coast and all that frustration came along. That stinks. They will fix it but in the meantime…Some days, huh? Kind of reminds us all how good it can be to have cell phones these days, when they work. Hope your new boots survived. I do the same as Tonie and spray any new shoes like mad. Here in rain country it’s water that is the big threat. I’m not in the mud much, thank the Lord. I know you certainly didn’t plan to be. And people think retirement is boring. Huh!
      I had a long chat online with Donna yesterday and she is coming along but faces many challenges now with congestive failure. Thankfully she has a loving daughter to help her right now.
      Hope today and the visit from the guy tomorrow bring good, constructive answers. As ever, Sue

  21. Chris
    Oh my ! That would be scarey ! So glad you got out of there. Sounds like the lunch pin on the gears may have stuck. All you can do is just wiggle and work until it goes into gear. Hope it is covered with warranty. I had to laugh when I read about your boots ! Still laughing ! Thanks for that ! Where I live I am always in the mud or much or something, no sidewalks. So I spray repellant on my boots so they don’t get messed up. I think I saw Sue talking about the same thing. I got a pair of Sketcher booties. Faux fur lined and suede outside. So so comfortable and I wear them all the time. I sprayed them really good and the water just runs off and any spots wipe off.
    Hope you had a restful day. No church for me this morning, woke up feeling awful. Guess it is the weather.
    Take care
    Ps I have been bing watching an old tv show here “Lie To Me” Starred Tim Roth. And I have his accent and idioms all in my head today. Thinking like a Brit !

  22. Ive got some spray to use have done all my other shoes .
    Well I have the fridge insured so I’ll call them tomorrow,then the car..after the plumbers umph!
    The car is brand new so it’s covered too
    Glad I made you laugh Tonie..hope you get to feel better real soon.not long to go ..few days it’ll be into February….
    Ok try and sleep up at 7 with alarm for plumbers

  23. Yea I like Granchester too…go to that village sometimes …
    Jeffrey archer the writer lives there in Rupert Brookes ,the poets house
    Yea that’s if the ins pays up!
    No luck this far with the drainage
    We shall see
    Not holding out much hope

    • Chris, We’re familiar with both of those famous men over here. Read a lot of Archer years back. It looks so lovely. I liked the way they make it looks so era 50’s. All you can do on the insurance is try and fight.
      Hoping for the best. Look how well my insurance just came through for me for the Lyrica. Happy ending. We’re having rain, how about you? Sue

  24. Hello all
    Happy news all around. 1st up my FM is leaving on the 9th to come here ! Secondly, I LOVE the new Rheumy ! She is not happy with my RA, poopooo on what my lab looks like. She wants to start me on Enberal along with the MTX. And for now increasing the MTX to 1 ml. And adding some prednisone for me to use when I need it ! I have hit the jackpot again. Thank you Lord. Waiting on orders for blood work and complete X-rays. She is younger than I thought.

    • Tonie, well, woo-hoo!! Congratulations are in order. I am so happy for you and boy, she is hitting the ground running when it comes to your treatment. Young can be good and progressive. Indeed, thank God. Love, Sue

  25. Sue
    She was incredible. I got a complete once over, looking at all my bad spots, listening to my lungs, and touching around all the achy spots. (Ouch). She says if we get the RA under control she thinks the FIbro will take care of itself. After that, I had lunch with an old high school friend. We hadn’t seen each other since then. But we had been in touch on email and FB. So had a good chat with her, just not long enough. She had to go back to work. So hopefully we will do something again soon.
    Then I stopped at the affiliate hospital nearer to home and had my X-rays done. Now I am pretty much exhausted. Gonna rest a bit.
    Caesar likes to cover himself up in his bed. So I found this little bed on sale that is like a little sleeping bag. He will have nothing to do with it, but Brutus wants it and he is too big for it ! I have laughed at these silly dogs !
    Love ya

    • Tonie, You definitely have a winner there in the new doc. It’s a logical approach by someone who actually looked at you. What a concept for a doctor. SO please.Love the picture of the dogs I have in my mind. SO funny. A lunch with an old friend? Wonderful.
      No school for the grands here today, fun, but now I’m pooped. Good day. Now off to shower and fall into bed. Love, Sue

  26. Well plumber came..could find no reason for the smell and of course the smell wasn’t there either . Sometimes it isn’t it goes for a few days then starts to build up…he came and plunged the sinks and made such a mess ,water all over the cupboards and floor .
    He said he’d try that as he was at a loss with no smell there…..but no smell there today either . But that can’t have been it there was no blockage and we put in all new pipes…..still no smell today tho……..
    DH broke a tooth with grinding teeth at nite..he wears a guard as well…so it’s off to dentist this morning and engineer coming to solve leak on floor under fridge this afternoon
    Wednesday sees us at hearing aid clinic DH aid has not been right .thursday the car goes in for a chech for the gear sticking…AND Friday the dining furniture is coming …two weeks early,!, So looking forward to Friday
    That’s so good to hear FM is coming earlier .no time at all now. Only under two weeks
    Yes that new dr sounds just the ticket
    Hope DH cut on face ok and not sore.hows SB And DD with the viruses
    Well sue I expect you are asleep..I’m gonna get up now and have toast and tea for breakfast..then off out to dentist,,,gotta go with DH as he cant make out what she says she has an accent being Spanish and he can’t hear her anyway and also he has to have chair put right first as if it goes down whilst he’s in it he’s dizzy for the day .
    Oh our email decided to go funny and mess with our passwords and went off air ,with fiddling with it we are ok now.WHY bl..dy computers don’t need them playing up as well for no reason

    • Chris, I mentioned DH in my reply to Tonie below. The kids are both doing well now. Whew. And I seem to have escaped without picking up either. Woohoo!

      • Lyn, do hope DH is healing well and that discoloration you both spotted was just natural healing…those white cells sending out little healers. It will probably get a bit tighter as it heals. Sounds like he’s a real trooper with it being in such an awkward place. Eating and drinking in particular.
        So glad to hear you missed the flu. Whew is right. So much of it going around this year, and with the kids right there for part of the time. We’ve escaped thus far. Have to be out and about tomorrow but not to doctors that handle flu unless it’s unknown. A bit of ice and snow due into Portland on Friday so we hope to miss it. We’re being whacked around a bit by wind today. Wish it was enough to strip some of my poor frozen geraniums. Hope they come back in the spring.
        OH!! Big news. Just saw the first blooms on our huge crimson camellia bush outside the upstairs windows. Spring is definitely on the way. By the time it arrives the ground will be covered in crimson red petals. Must close for now but hope you are maintaining and still taking those walks with dear Sadie. Love ya, Sue

  27. Chris
    Wow ! What a week you are having ! Good things though with the dining set arriving ! I want to ask, in England do you only have straight drive cars or do you have automatic as well ? FM told me that in France you only got an automatic drive if you are handicapped in some way. I didn’t know that. Here you get the car with which one you want. Things are so different here in the US we don’t think about things like that being different elsewhere.
    Poor dh. I grit my teeth, but I don’t grind them. Sometimes I wake up and put my guard in because my jaws ache. Does he have TNJ as well ? Poor guy so much with his no, hearing , and all. My nephew lives with his parents, and they are in their late seventies. He told his brother, “when you get old, this is what you do. Go to the Dr three times every week “. Seems like it is true p, yes ?
    Well, I am awake early, so I guess I should get on with it. Going to check on houses and then to swim. I need that. Gonna be Tues, Thurs, swim this week. Last knee shot on Friday.
    Sue, Caesar finally stayed on his new bed last night, but I had to put him in it and make him stay, This morning, he got in bed with his brother after the potty run. Funny doggies.
    Lyn, thinking of your dh and what I bet is a very sore jaw. Poor guy !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I replied to your news above. 🙂 DH had me look at his face yesterday, he wasn’t sure if he was bruising or an infection starting. It was clearly bruising – no surprise there. I guess it was hard for him to tell with the bandaid on and looking in the mirror. I am surprised he is not more sore inside his mouth, but happy. I know he wants to get back to trumpet playing as soon as he’s able.
      I have to laugh at your pups. TIme for me to get out and about also. I have Sadie to walk and a couple of errands. Not sure what to make for dinner tonight, but will probably have to pick something up to complete whatever it turns out to be.

      • Lyn
        I figured he would be sore, especially with the blow of the wood. I played trumpet all through high school, and baritone in concert band. I always regret I didn’t continue that. I so enjoyed the baritone because I love the classical sound of it. What sort of band does dh play in ?
        Glad your day is going good. I had a salad with blue cheese and tuna on it thanks for the good thoughts

  28. Tonie
    Like the states we can have whichever drive manual or automatic we want…didn’t know that about France . Must make the auto car industry limited as they come almost dual gear systems now
    No it’s just grinding his teeth ,but they were sorer earlier on with her bashing them,but seem easier teeth broken just sore. Has to gave a new harder guard for nite and to wear the soft one in the day for now till it eases.

    Fridge fixed it was the auto defrost pipe blocked.
    Just the hearing aid to fix tomorrow ,the car on Thursday and yippee table Friday ..and two sideboards
    It’ll be like Christmas all my stuff to put in and on them
    Oh no smell….yet
    So DD going for an interview for a more senior position tomorrow . So I’m not sure it’ll mean good and not so good points .obv more money ,but more going to London .but she loves travelling….
    So I’m a bit more settled tonite having got half way thru this week
    How’s the eyes Sue
    Lyn that’s magic you missed all those germs..

  29. Tonie
    Blue cheese and tuna..I must try that never put those two together.. I must get back to healthy as well like you are doing.too much choc icecream and cake of late for me..
    I bought crumpets yesterday large ones….do you have them over with you?
    Butter and marmite on them..oh dear!!
    It’s 4.30 am so gonna try and sleep

    • Oh Chris I LOVE crumpets !! I used to get them in Az, but I haven’t found them in any stores here. I have a recipe for them but I have never made them. I love to toast them and put jam on them and it goes in all the little holes !
      I am no angel when it comes to food. Still have my ice cream, but not everyday. I think all things in moderation. It is just I am not much into meats, and I love veggies. Not a lot into white potatoes anymore even. Once in a while, but mostly sweet potatoes instead. After all the two weeks of lower calories everyday I still GAINED 4 pounds. Now explain that to me ! Well actually it is the starvation holding on thing our bodies do. But it is still annoying. But I was reading an article that said if you have fibromyalgia that it is more difficult to loose the weight. For some reason it makes it harder. I don’t know. But I need to walk more if I can get my knee better. I twisted it when my foot was xrayed and it is really hurting. I iced it off and on last night and that helped.
      Today I am going to start sewing on my great granddaughters quilt. I got it all cut out , now to get with it. I also need to clean out the horse trough and refill it, wash some curtains….blah blah blah ! It is never done is it ??
      Hope you got a little more sleep and have a wonderful day.

      • Tonie, I am sorry to hear the ankle is still hurting today. Sounds like a twisted sprain. Hopefully with time, but what thing to happen right now. Maybe and probably the new meds will help it also. I am excited for you to start the new drugs and know you will have improvement right away from the prednisone and the increase in the methotrexate. Let us know when you start the Enbrel.
        I know you’re cleaning up for the FM who is due very soon…hurrah. I know, I find housework so unfulfilling. For many years however, I have hung onto a comment my son made when he was a little boy after I had cleaned house. He came home from school and said, “Mommy, everything is so shiny.” You see, they really do notice these things. I hate dusting. It’s hard to believe such a wet place would have so much of it.
        Hope Red appreciates his clean watering trough and do take care of the ankle. Give it time…I know, I know. Frustrating. Love, Sue

  30. Tonie
    I love sweet pots as well
    I’m a veg girl too.we have very little meat ,mainly chicken or fishMostly veg tho
    Hope the foot is easier is it your ankle
    Well maybe that’s the reason for losing weight so slowly

    This morning I thought lovely no invasions I can lay in..huh!
    Switched boiler on ..after half hour still felt cold heat..boiler showed a faultI reset it and it came on but it showed a low,pressure men coming out tomorrow .had to cancel car till next week now .something will turn up most days ….uhhhhh how can stuff keep happening
    DH hearing aid sorted out he didn’t want to go .hes fed up with it.but they altered a channel and he’s hearing better.i think that will make his bp better..we’ll see
    DD had her interview she will hear shortly
    ME…..I just wanna get on with normal day to day stuff! Lots outstanding .just normal things like new keys cut and blinds and some fixing to be done with outside lights.just can’t get around to,it
    Well at least I don’t have to clean a horse trough like our Tonie,
    Ok gonna do a meal

    • Chris, I have to agree…no horse troughs for me either. So, it just keeps coming at you? I can only feel how strong you are with the last few months and all that has gone wrong for you at your new place. I love that you still are fixing and thinking about the lovelies as well. I hope your health is holding. DH seeing an improvement in his hearing? Hope the adjustment did correct it a bit. How frustrating and yes, I’ll bet you’re right about that helping his B/P.
      Hope DD gets the new job. It sounds challenging and that’s always good if not too overwhelming. My son likes to travel as well. He’s flying 3-4 days per week then home on the weekends.
      Waiting for a windstorm here, and hope it passes by tomorrow. Trip to Portland tomorrow to see the pain clinic and Jim and I both to see the oncology surgeon. We love her. She is so wonderful to follow up on us every few months unlike so many surgeons who say so long right after the stitches are out.
      My eyes tire so quickly and everything on here is a blur. I have to measure my time so carefully that it is disgusting. The print on here, the blog, is so light, that also doesn’t help. Good old Sjogren’s has really hit me hard and I fear much of it will not go away, ever.
      I don’t think I’ve ever had crumpets but they sound good if they are crisp. I hate soggy dough things. Do you eat a lot of tuna over there? I’m just curious because I’m not familiar with the fish that is caught locally for you. The big things for me are the canned tuna and of course a few varieties of fresh. Many in the NW states like Salmon but it’s too fishy for me. When my DD and I went to Finland several years ago we had fish for every meal.
      Jim getting the new windshield put in so we don’t have to worry about flying glass tomorrow. That will be good.
      Please forgive me for not chatting more of late…damn eyes. Love to you, Sue

  31. Sue
    I’m so sorry about the eyes.
    Something may help
    Boiled water one pint and flat teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
    Let it cool till warm and use to bathe outside of eye or keep it in bottle in fridge and bathe eye cold
    Both make the eye feel comfortable
    It is the one you buy from the chemists with no chemicals in it not the bakers one
    The dr at hosp told me it and I do it occasionally
    Well DH always has fresh salmon he has it already portioned and cooked…I couldn’t do it couldn’t and cut it up ..yuk
    Me..well I only have tinned tuna on a jacket potato or sandwich .other than that I buy breaded fish that doesn’t remind me of eyes and fins I’m a vegetarian in my other life!
    Crumpets are toasted and toasty on outside but with the butter they are a bit mushy in the middle .
    Hope the wind isn’t too strong for you tonite .it gives high winds for us from over the east your way for us here next few days

    • Chris, Thanks for the soothing idea. Will try it soon. I have three drops and use the cortisone ones when they seriously ache. Frankly, they mostly hurt when I’m online too much which hardly happens anymore. I do have 650 friends on FB and some days there are a lot of remarks and questions to reply to.
      Indeed, I hope the winds aren’t so loud we can’t sleep tonight…rather, not we, me. Jim could sleep through a war…with cannons firing. He just came in and said the wind is very cold, so it must be true. He never notices the wind. The Ford dealer ordered the wrong windshield for my Taurus. Great. We will make the trip tomorrow with about ten or more inches of a cracked windshield. You’d think they would know what kind to order. Grrrr.
      Hope your winds aren’t too fierce. The crumpets sound delicious. I’m assuming they’re a bit like our English Muffins. I know what you mean about fish. My SIL’s brother, Greg, likes crab but I can’t face the gut or eye bit. I’ll take it already cleaned and shredded. I love a crab cocktail.
      Well Chris dear, let’s just keep battling because life is worth it. Love you, Sue

  32. Sue
    I forgot to tell you that s he isn’t the testimg me for sjorgrens as well. It’s my knee that is bothering me. Did I say M my foot ? Anyway, Tim is some better today. i have been icing it down.

    • Tonie, Yes, I did understand foot and ankle when you turned your knee. Hope whichever is better with the ice. ANother pain, huh. Sorry. Love ya, Sue

  33. Well boilerman came and all fixed
    And it was our fault….one rad has been not heating at the top so we bled it like we have done all these years
    But with these new rinky dinky combi boilers it don’t work like that it takes the pressure from the boiler and it cuts out
    Apparently you have to release two taps under the boiler until the pressure goes up…whew ! How come life gets more difficult with a new toy!
    So hopefully all will be well…..
    SO we got winds coming over from USA hitting the west already and us tomorrow they say
    Table coming tomorrow it’ll blow in!….
    Thinking about you Sue with the cracked screen all that way… irritating …
    Hope all ok with the trip and hosp
    Imexpect you’ll,be real tired when back

    • Chris
      I wondered where those winds went ! They were very intense for the last few days. And cold !!! Glad you got the boiler thing fixed. WIth the wind you will be needing your heat. Get some rest now.

    • Chris, oh dear, that does sound frustrating and complicated, the bit with the boiler. Don’t you sometimes wish you could just throw up your arm and say “HALT” to life? If only, huh?
      Thanks for the pics of the new table and sideboards to those of us who asked. They look so lovely. Are they antiques? Hope they didn’t blow in after all. We definitely didn’t send you all our wind. Had plenty here yesterday. Didn’t catch any rain until we were about a half hour from home. Terribly painful day. Pain doc was running an hour late so time spent walking, sitting, walking again. Good visit when finally saw her but frustrating because there is so little help that is not an opioid. Cam away with severeal ideas. After that went to oncology surgeon. She is always a pleasure to see. Not much new there until I have the scans. They will be scheduled today, hopefully. Dread them both without aid for pain so have decided to break them up into two different days.
      I think I keep forgetting to mention I’ve been watching VICTORIA over here and it is interesting. I don’t like it as much of a couple of old BBC productions I have on disc however. It is very elaborate in it’s sets, costumes, etc. I also keep forgetting to comment on a conversation we had awhile back about herbs we grow and like…I also like rosemary but in moderation. I have a pot of it right nest to the window over my kitchen sink. There is a maidenhair fern in the window that I water everyday with warm water. It looks love and the rosemary is also thriving. I also love basilicum, Basil and grow it in the spring and summer. It always rains or blows on my first batch and I always have to replant.
      Just watching the news to discover we got out of Portland just in time yesterday in mid afternoon. They had that dreaded ice storm move in laying a half inch of ice on the roads. Numerous traffic accidents all over the place. Terrible. Do enjoy your new furniture, it is lovely. The room was also beautiful. Love, Sue

      • Well that’s good you got back safe and sound before that ice storm
        Hope that car screen gets sorted soon
        Where will you have the scans…not that long trip on two days??
        Will the ideas help the pain do you think …hope it is easier by tonite for you.there must be some new ideas somewhere…
        Nope not antiques
        I didn’t watch Victoria it was too costumie and stagie somehow as you said p
        I haven’t grown basil yet..I shoutd try to
        I grow lavender as like Rosemary it doesn’t need much watering .with spending time at the shed that was easier
        I did enjoy sorting out the furniture and placing stuff inside..I keep,going to sneak a look at it!

      • Sue
        I have a little pot of basil and sage and mint in my kitchen. Sometimes I just touch the leaves to get the smell out. Since I don’t cook much I trim the basil and freeze it, as well as the mint to use later. I also have some lemon basil I planted outside several years ago. It thrives there even through the winter, making good ground cover.
        I am getting anxious for this month to be done, then I can start looking about my garden and flower planting.
        Three more weeks until my FM will be here. And I have lots still to do. And being the lazy slug I am today isn’t getting it done !
        Glad you had just a few good things from your visit. Glad you got out ahead of the storm and had no run ins, or overs, with protestors ! Haha !

  34. Sue, prayers for your trip, cracked windshield and all.
    Tonie, I hope your aches and pains lessen. The meds will surely help.
    Chris, not been having the easiest time, have you. At least the boiler was an easy solution.
    DH got his stitches out today! He looks good. He tried playing his trumpet and all is good! He plays in a 5 piece band that plays a variety of music including dance band. He has played some ballroom gigs, but they are fading away up here. No young ones taking up ballroom. He also freelances. He used to play in a Puerto Rican band years ago, he plays touring musicals in the area, played Jazz years ago, whatever is needed.
    Yes on the walks. Pup and I enjoyed a walk in a snow shower today. 🙂

    • Lyn
      Wow !! DH gets around huh ? I used to love Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, remember them ? He could really play that horn. Also, AL Hurt, Dizzy, Louis Armstrong. Guess I liked jazz as well !! haha ! But you just don’t see that many trumpets anymore. Miles Davis, of course. I remember your kitty. Feeling a little better today thanks. Got in my swim. Tmorrow is my last shot for my knee. Which is feeling a bit better, still swollen though.
      Take care

  35. Sue
    I hope you are feeling better today after your long uncomfortable trip. I know how hard that is on your body. Today I go for my last rooster shot. Then I must stop at the store and exchange a new replacement for the de-icer formthe horse trough. It just quit, so I got a new one yesterday, and it doesn’t even work ! I was amazed. It must be made in China ! Haha. Anyway, side trip to exchange that again on my way home. Going to a different store maybe they have a different lot of them !
    Not a good sleep last night, the prednisone has finally hit, so only one today, and onwards. I am, however feeling a bit better. Took my MTX last night, so hopefully things will kick in. Ain’t life grand ?
    Today is my sisters 75th birthday . I can’t believe we are this old ! Seems only yesterday she was thirty and I fifteen ! She is always there for me if I need her. I can’t imagine a world without her.
    Well. Must be off and getting ready to go.
    Love to all

  36. Chris
    I was going to ask you if they were antiques as well. I do like them and the setup of your home. All beachy ! Looks like the decor here in the east coast. I would be in “hog heaven” over there. I love antiques and I would love to shop there. I used to watch a show on BBC where these people were given money and sent to boot sells to find the best antique , loved it ! Drooled at the sight of all that loot !
    I would only have antiques if I had the money to buy the ones I want. My FM has a Louis xIV sofa. A real one out of the palace that the Germans left on his farm when they fled France ahead of the Americans. Wish he could bring it with.
    I know what you mean about taking a peek. When you get things different or new, you just want to keep looking. It’s a pleasure.
    Even my neat and organized cabinets. It gives me a smile whenever I am in them. I can’t wait to get the rest done, however, I must get a few shelves put in first. I will get the FM to help me with that. Cause you need to be able to get down on the floor which is difficult for me right now.
    Hope you have a good day

    • Tonie
      There are a lot of those antique progs on tv and I know the one you mean
      I know what you mean too about tidy cupds .i have loads of scarves and I ironed them the other day and they are all folded. But won’t be long before they go the way they were
      I jst sorted out those new ones and put stuff tidy…only thing is I forget what I put where .i knew where everything was before
      Maybe he can send the sofa by ship……?
      Too good to leave
      Yea not long now tiime will soon go
      Oh and Thankyou for your comments

  37. Well met DD for the day half way as she had stuff she had to do today. Met in a pub in a place where they do the …conker championships !.Its a big thing once a year and they raise money for charity.involves the whole village
    Nice lunch roast with the usual veg roast parsnips.yorkshire you have that….
    After had choc pud with choc sauce and white choc icecream…….oh dear

  38. Hello, all, on this Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not a huge football watcher, but I’m having some fun with the food. I have a Guinness French Onion Soup in the slow cooker, will make a cheesesteak pinwheel later, and we have left overs from Friday evening we can have as well. I made Apple Barbeque Little Smokies Friday evening for a gathering of my side of the family along with Jack Snacks (monterey jack shredded cheese with a slice of jalapeno, baked) and dark chocolate guinness cake with Bailey’s flavored icing. I think we will have a tasty game day. Just DD, DH and I, SB has to work. I’m enjoying the quiet day after a busy yesterday. I had a retreat to go to for a Board I serve on then last evening all 4 of us joined my DH’s side in going out to dinner to celebrate his parent’s 66th wedding anniversary. A great weekend of family time this weekend! I hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

  39. Hello all
    Lyn, no Super Bowl for me….still boycotting the NFL for their allowance of player disrespect. Silly maybe, but ……Enjoy your food and family ! Me, I am crocheting and watching Midsommer Murders. I just discovered it and it has 18 seasons ! So I will have this to watch for a while. I love the BBC tv series, especially the crime ones.
    Having a lot of pain in my knee today. I am wearing a sleeve on it, and I have my “good” pain pills. So I have taken one and am parked in my favorite spot with my feet up.
    Sue I hope you are well. I am sure she is busy with the new blog. It will be posted later today.
    Chris, glad you got some time with DD ! Sounds like fun.
    Love to all

  40. Midsummer murders love it…you have lots to watch
    conkers …well they are from the horse chestnut tree.they thread string thru them and try and bash and break your opponents one.its played by the young every year…but this is a jokey thing…the world championships and has been running each October from 1965.people come from over Europe Australia even to play .everyone enjoys themselves and they play it on the green outside the pub
    I too got pain in my bad hip I tripped up on a step today and it’s so sore .hopebyours eases
    Wow Lyn that sounds like my kinda food
    What’s a cheesesteak pinwheel

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