My Life A Metaphor

I find a life with chronic pain sends me in many directions. I walk differently, I think differently and I eat differently. Everything in my life has changed, affected by this unpleasant “resident” called pain; therefore I am no longer me. The questions remains, who am I now? I have become many people and many things, such as:
Some days I am the wicked witch of the North and the house has fallen on me. Can I keep Dorothy’s shoes; you know the sparkling red ones? You can keep the striped stockings.
Other days I am like a piece of that nasty fly paper that used to hang in homes and stores in the summertime, twisted and sticky; the difference is, instead of flies, I attract every virus in the room; any room. I refuse to wear garlic around my neck, so don’t ask.
To live with chronic pain feels more vegetable than mineral. I’m often more like a crooked, gnarled tree, and if I was a spiny Saguaro cactus, instead of having two arms reaching toward heaven, they would be in place; one on my tush to keep it safe with the other out to steady me. I could use those spiny thorns, however, umm let me think how.
I like to think if I was a bird I would be a peacock, beauteous plumage fanned out behind me but as a woman, I would probably be a peahen and not nearly so impressive. Which one is it that cries all night long?
I am actually more closely related to the extinct Dodo birds who were the ones who kept diving into the hard ground head first, weren’t they? I think that’s only in the dinosaur cartoons; but they were funny…and colorful. I think I relate to them in cartoons because they always have their bushy rear ends sticking up. Being attractive and making people and children laugh is a good thing. We all leave a “taste” in the world and to leave a smile behind, that’s a good thing.
As a flower, I am definitely a primrose. Just when I think the bloom is gone, I pull away the dead flowers to find many others, hiding beneath the old bloom, awaiting their turn in the light. Tiny new primroses hide beneath like ballet dancers in the wings waiting to go onstage. I love it. Once they feel the sunlight, they explode into blossom.
I’d also make a pretty good hot house plant since I spend so much time indoors, much like an African violet who delights in blooming with just the aid of a nearby lamp. Don’t try to keep me in the dark because I am determined to bloom.
I often feel like the fat lady at the opera. If it’s not over until the fat lady sings, well, guess I’ll just keep singing and surely life won’t walk out on me, will it?
If I was a dress I’d be red and ruffled and let nature take its course and swing it. I kind of miss swinging it and every woman should have a red dress; and every guy should have a cowboy hat.
If I was a pair of shoes, I’d be well-made, comfortable, flat yet interesting. No boring shoes for me. They’re like a new hairdo and define you as an individual.
I often feel like a door mat but know in reality I desire to be a welcome mat.
As a medication I would be all purpose for all types of pain, inexpensive, chewable and available in an assortment of delicious flavors.
If I was a doctor I’d work on my listening skills and learn how to shut my mouth. Then I would make a point of reading the ten pages of information the patient took a half-hour to fill out instead of setting it aside.
If I was a malpractice attorney, I’d pass a law to rule out computers being used while the patient is being questioned and examined.
If I was a gynecologist, I’d warm my hands before each exam, as well as the vaginal speculum; then I’d learn to stop saying, “Relax, relax.”
If I was a urologist or a proctologist, I’d follow the same rules as the gyno. Can you warm those rubber gloves and that tube of lubricant?
If I were a bird that flies, I would be a soaring American bald eagle and glide with the wind; if I chose to be a seagull I’d eat more than most and fly over the heads and windshields of those who deserve a bit of aggravation from on high and let gravity take control.
As a fish I’d have to be a spawning Salmon; I think I’ve been going upstream my whole life.
As I age, I understand more and more what it is to be aged, stinky cheese and a bottle of fine old wine; I just wish my value was also going up. I think I identify more closely with a fine old antique piece of furniture. I dry out more quickly, squeak much more when I’m moved and often feel the rust on my nails and screws.
But alas, I am still here, still me and can only take these other forms in my imagination. That doesn’t mean life can’t be enjoyable. Whatever your current form or mine, let’s continue to look for the joy.

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  1. Dear friends
    Sue’s virus has spread to her computer. She will hopefully be back on line next week. The prognosis was bad, so lots of meds to try to get it cured. The sickness was more severe in her computer, so we can be glad of that ! Say a prayer for her that she is able to take her infusion tomorrow.

    • Tonie, thanks so much for sharing with everyone about my dilemma. My computer is still not fixed. After being told we shouldn’t open my old computer which Jim is now using, I decided to risk it and that’s what I’m on now. Wasted all day and half the night with a foreign group who couldn’t get my computer fixed. Took it to a local guy yesterday and won’t get it back until Friday. So far so good on this one. Missed all of you very much. I had my infusion and shots in both hips yesterday and feeling horrible today. No surprise there. Lying low today on the heat. Very long day inn a relining chair in the chemo room at the new oncologist’s office. No beds there for me to lie on. Bummer. My virus better now but still sluggish. We had a terrific hail storm over the weekend mixed with snow. We had so much hail melted into ice, we couldn’t get down our front steps so had to go out through the basement to the car yesterday for doctor’s appt. Laid down bath rugs and towels to keep from slipping to get to the car out front. Quite a circus act.
      Wonderful to hear from everyone else but have to close for now. Eyes very bad today but will be back after they’ve rested. Love to you and to all on here. Sue

  2. Sue
    What a great blog
    I doubt if the you in you has changed only more knowing about all and everything
    I loved it and I’m wondering what I can compare myself with…so I’m thinking and I’ll be back
    Hope your gonna be better our Sue with a little prayer from me

    • Chris, Thanks so much for the thoughts and prays. Stress is rampant this last few days. I”ll comment more on your comment below. Love, Sue

  3. Tonie, thanks for the update. Prayers starting.
    Sue, great blog post, now rest and hopefully that computer will be up and running quickly. Praying your infusion can go forward, but only if you are up to it.

    • Thanks Lyn, Got it yesterday and getting over two hours in a recliner, medications of two types, etc. What a mess I feel like today. Last Friday spent literally hours with computer Microsoft people in India. Still not fixed. Hoping the local guys can make it right. Never went to them before and hear they’re very good.
      So, you’re warming up a bit. Hope the joints are responding well for you. Old timers around here are going on and on about all the hail we’ve had pile up like snow..only more slippery. Now rain is taking it away. All in all a stressful last few days and feeling it. Hope kids and DH are doing well. Love, Sue

    • Janet, I know…some day the joy hides from us. When all else fails DH and I put in a funny film or an old series with some old comedian in it. Forget the news…much too depressing some days. Diagnosis and prognosis are still out on the computer. Hope you’re doing as well as can…Love, Sue

  4. I love this Sue. I struggle with stiffness and pain everyday. Not to the extent that you do. I am 62 this year, back in school for an MSN; struggling to stay afloat in a world that I’m not sure values experience over degrees. Thanks for all your valuable insight!

    • Brenda
      You are so right ! I believe in this time the degree is the most important. To me, I would rather have the nurse with experience, one who knows the ways other than just watching a machine. I was a Lab Technician. I am told that now that don’t teach theory or a backup test in case of electrical failure or being someplace with no machines. It is scary really. The lack of education within education.
      Hang in there it is wonderful what you are doing. I am trying to learn French at 60 How the mind decays if you don’t use it , right ?

    • Brenda, how brave you are…an MSN, that sounds like a lot of study. How much practical is in there? Do be good to yourself..such a task. Fondly, Sue

  5. Grapes that’s me…..can be dried up and wisend but still picked for something And come again next year and things mite get better!

    Bought some trough pots for lettuce leaves to set seeds in and one for some herbs ..I bought..majarom ,thyme,parsley..and two separate pots for garden mint and some Moroccan mint to make tea with.i shall put them by the kitchen door
    Had coffee out. It seems to take up,the whole day..I don’t know where the time goes.every day seems short
    Hope all well with you and better Sue and you got to have the infusion.
    Wonder what you did out exploring…..
    Do I remember correct are you the lady who worked in a specialised place who sold lovely craft things .but you were so busy there.
    I think you said you would like to leave..and is this what you are now doing…I’m unsure what what an mSN is …but well done it sounds a big step you took . I,think your husband was not well
    Hi Janet
    How’s the aches with the weather it’s been so nice today and sunny.but it gives cold weather coming .-the cold gets to me …but then when it’s nice I get out to do things and I’m in the same boat!

    • Chris, what a true statement. When the weather is lousy, we hurt. When the weather is nice we end up hurting due to all we do. That says it all. I think a grape is a good metaphor for you and your many incarnations. A grape is such a lovely thing to be because if treated correctly, they don’t die, they just go into different forms…wine, jelly, raisins which can live forever, grape juice, etc. Hope you are currently in your juicy summer stage of ripeness or darn close to it. Love you, Sue

  6. Brenda
    I’ve just googled an msn and I don’t think I’ve got the right person in my post above .it was someone else .
    However it certainly will be some attainment and sounds very impressive

  7. Chris
    I know what you mean with the time ! Yesterday was swim day, which takes a couple of hours, then to check the houses, short stop at the grocery then home and it was 4:30 ! Oh yeah, we stopped for coffee as well. Pancakes for him and ice cream for me a,
    Tomorrow we have the college kids here to help and we got things to make a cookout with them. We are going to burn a lot of brush, so got bratwurst and wei era for them to stick in the fire to roast, and chips and drinks. I had to school FM on the likes and dislikes of American teenagers. I will make some brownies today to put out for desert. We will have six kids, and they are usually the sweetest. City kids for the most who have never been on a farm or seen animals up close. They love driving the lawn tractor, and using thentiller in the garden. And playing with fire …..well that tops it off.
    Lyn, it is warming up here again, hope you are too.
    I have to get ready and go back to the dentist to get fitted for a night guard. Up very early, and my ears are so stopped up I can hardly hear. From water I guess. Maybe I should get some plugs, I can’t use my cap over them, hurts too much. Oh well, daily troubles.
    Chris, your herb garden sounds lovely. What do you use marjoram in ? I too have mint growing inside for teas. And sage, for my nephew, and basil for me.
    Take care all
    Ps Janet been watching lots of horse movies and videos with the FM, always think of you my friend.

    • Yes, Tonie, it is to be around 60 today, but overcast with some rain this morning. But, I see we have another cold front coming and a remote possibility of snow this weekend. The snow remains to be seen. They will “know” more Wednesday or Thursday they say. Oh joy. I really need to get moving this morning and go to the DMV to have my photo driver’s license done. Not looking forward to it. You never know how long a line you will find. Enjoy your helpers. 🙂

    • Tonie, sounds like you two are staying very busy. Do you have some alcohol acid drops to put in your ears? So pleased you have your annual visit from the helper kids. Fun experience for your good friend, too. He will lean so very much about all of ur AMericans from them. Stay well so you can enjoy. Love, Sue

  8. Tonie
    Hope th BBQ goes well I’m sure it will it sounds a real social party
    I use majoram in pasta dishes , sometimes in a chicken casserole

    Went and got a ornamental flowering pink cherry tree today to go next to a white flowering one .neing delivered Friday DH wasn’t too good when we got there so,I thought that would save him fiddling it into the car?It was quite tall.
    I got drs in the morning…8.40 am ..ugh

    • Chris, you are going to have the most beautiful yard in the whole area. I love flowering trees because they’re so beautiful of course, but because they give you something to look forward to. That’s the wonderful thing about perennials I think. Hope doctor visit in the morning is routine or is it about your hip? Forgive me if I have missed something over the last few days. Is something new going on?Pray not.
      Still using Jim’s computer which is my old one. COuld have used it all weekend but the guys in India told me not to risk it. After we took mine into the shop on Monday I figured it would be safe. Still very sore from the sitting on Monday and meds IV, etc. I’ve got to get something better for pain than these headache pills. My oncologist offered me many things but all were opioids so turned them down. I need some answers and pray they come.
      Hope DH is better tonight. How’s DD doing and GS? How’s his bruised young heart? Thinking of you and your lovely life, in spite of health issues. Hope TV, plumbing and deck all behaving. Love, Sue

      • Drs visit was for my eyes.she gave me thicker gel drops..and said must stay off iPad .eyes are so bruised and heavy and tired . Got hosp appt in three weeks
        Also for more meds for my hip
        I hate sorting out comp problems on the phone
        DH is better now ..the worst of the side effects of the bp meds come on last a few hrs then go
        DD is in some pain and is down for an ultra sound if only inflamed then an injection ..sees physio again on Monday
        GS still maintaining his own.bit down tho I think
        Plumbing ..fingers crossed ..decking man coming out again Monday
        Garage door went wrong today…..well the new remotes we had done one won’t work so have to have them come and look …..and tv ..the on demand went funny ,but switched it off at wall and now it’s ok……fed up with it all…..but another day tomorrow new cherry tree comes …

        Well in this day and age why isn’t there something that works for you for pain…I can’t think of any ideas as I know you would have thought of any…there must be someone somewhere with an answer..
        Well gonna pack it in now

  9. Chris
    All went well today. We ended up with 4 girls. 2 from Boston College and 2 from Holy Oak College. Nice kids. We got all our brush and trees piled up to burn, cleaned out the fence line and hauled more rock to close off the under porch. I also showed the girls how to make grapevine wreaths to take home with them. They loved cooking their hot dogs over the fire. And I had chips and brownies and pumpkin muffins. FM and I went and ate supper with them and now I am ready for a hot shower and rest.
    Sue I hope you get your computer done right. Take care and feel better. No, I haven’t the swimmers ear drop. I need to get some tomorrow when we go shopping.
    Okay off to the shower. Lyn, we get cold again this weekend with possible snow. FM is excited, me…ugh !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, what a wonderful day. New friends, accomplishments around the place and good food. What a wonderful experience for FM. I was telling Jim this morning about it and what a great time you both would have…lots of hard work but with help it is always more fun. Hope the porch is coming along okay.
      No computer back yet but so pleased no virus as yet on Jim’s or if it’s here..don’t know..will have it checked next, after mine. Sent you an email about how to make swimmers ear drops. Thought you’d see that before this. Love, Sue

    • That does sound like a nice day with the kids. Yes, one more warm day, then wham! Cold again. ugh. Rain to snow overnight tonight, possibly more snow next week. We are only expecting a dusting to an inch overnight.

      • Lyn, do take care of yourself in this crazy weather…surely spring will come again this year. Rain, rain and more rain here. At least it isn’t those hail rocks coating the roofs and streets. Hope kids well.
        Hope the phsio you’re doing is still helping you to be strong. Love, Sue

      • Chris, I slipped in here where there was a reply slot. Pleased DH is maintaining and sounds like, getting used to those darn drugs. Are you going to get the hip injected or is it the knee? So much going on with each of us. I completely understand about your egg problems and know about having to limit time online. Aggravating, too. I hate to hear about your having any pain in your eyes but it sounds like you are. Do you find relief from a cold pack on your eyes? There’s a nice little eye patch with a pocket in it for a cold pack you keep in the fridge available on Amazon and I like having it at painful times.
        It sometimes feels as though the misery brought on by some of this technology makes one wonder if it’s worth it. Hang in there and try not to let it get you down. I know…I was just trying to make borsch and the beets kept jamming up my blender and that was after I couldn’t get my food processor to work. UGH. Hoping the plumber who got the dates wrong last week will show up this week. I hate it when we clean the BR and they don’t show. So pleased your flowering cherry tree will be arriving soon. Will it bloom this year do you think? Our camellia continues to put out hundreds of blossoms each day in spite of the rain.
        Thanks so much for your concern about my miserable pain. Right now I am lying on the heating pad before dinner after the chore of making soup and jello with pineapple and fresh oranges. I recall the day that would have been a pleasure instead of a chore. Plan to enjoy both of them thoroughly. I will go back to the new doctor next week. Oncologist agreed I should try the cannabis oil. Still thinking that over. Talked to a doctor friend and he recommended a paste instead of the under the tongue oil. I just hate the idea of going into a pot shop. Much love, Sue

  10. Sue, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. That said, I trust you will make the right choice for you. I do understand your reticence. I am feeling the impending weather, but nothing like you are experiencing I am sure. The yoga I am doing is mostly helpful, and I am feeling stronger, however, it does take its toll at times. DH sometimes questions if I should be doing it, but I think it will be helpful in the long term. I just need to learn my limits. Ha! I am also taking on more than planned in singing this spring, so I hope to learn my limits sooner vs later. The right balance, I think, will be helpful. Right now, I am resting with a movie on, a book nearby, and until a few minutes ago, a cat on my lap. Tired, and ready for a day off tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. Enjoying my quiet evening. The kids are doing well. SB was talking about looking for a new job in which he could build a career, or at least earn more money. Wishing him well. We’ll see how it shakes out. DD is seeing her guy daily and I am torn between being happy she has found someone to share her time with, and concern that it is too much too soon. Well, here too, we shall see. They both need to grow and find out for themselves. They know I am here for them. Time to get back to that book. The movie, eh, I’m not too sure about. 🙂

    • Lyn, so good to get an update from you. I am going through a very rough time right now, especially this week after sitting in one of those blasted recliner chairs for my meds at oncology on Mon. It is so hard on my sitter, hips and back I have to find a different way to do it when the IV is due in three months. This is the local oncology office and they are building a fabulous new cancer unit which will be great. The one I went to previously in Portland had some private rooms with beds which was great. They understood my pain after traveling and always let me lie down. I hate to “stand out” among so many very sick folks with cancer but will have to get this straightened out before the next infusion. I’ve sort of taken the month off but have reached a point I know something has to be done. I feel like crap on Mon, Tues, Wed a bit better because I take the methotrexate inj. here at home every Tues. All of this is to say I need to watch which day my appt. is made. Will talk to new internist this week or next for certain. Enough already.
      I think it would be wonderful if SB could find and follow his passion when it comes to vocation. Sometimes it comes later than other times. As far as DD…oh my, first love. One of my GS’s is in love for the first time and it’s about time. He’s a great guy and from what I hear, she is worthy of him. Makes my heart sing but they are both older, out of college and professionals. I hope, if this is a fellow worthy of your DD that she is happy. You can’t really hold back love. Is there any other area of our lives that morphs as much as being a mother? At first we’re totally hands on, day and night and then gradually….they leave. I once read that parenthood is the only love relationship that leads to separation. So true. Hang in there dear and so will I. Love, Sue P.S. Do the yoga if it strengthens but not if it continuously hurts, okay?

  11. Sue
    the cherry tree is in bloom at moment…don’t know if it will go further
    Wel going into a pot shop..would most people be doing it for pain…after the initial time it will,be ok..maybe it will be like magic and work the once and be easier for you. I think you will have to try it I think it will be the best could suit and you will never know if you don’t try
    Potted some herbs today ,nice just pottered about..nothing needed to be done
    Going over to DD tomorow…go out for scones first then see my mum and dads graves wipe them over got some daffs from garden to take ,then over to DD for the day

    • Chris, how nice to already see the blooms on your new cherry tree. Pottering around your garden? Sounds wonderful. Still very wet here with winds last night. Love the image I have in my mind of your herb garden. I love fresh herbs and using them is so satisfying. Only have rosemary, lavender and oregano on hand right now.
      I know your trip tomorrow will be emotional and the daffodils sound lovely and show such caring and remembering so much. A day with your daughter will be just the ticket for both of you. Enjoy making new memories with her.
      No, most of the folks going into pot shops around here are doing it for recreational purposes. Probably will follow through on this. I’ve got to do something soon.
      Enjoy your lovely new garden and all you’ve invested. Love you, Sue

      • Sue
        You can write a blog on it Sue….what would you call it ,what would the picture be
        I’m wondering what would the story be like ..all those different people with unknown stories .all that people watching …….this is me trying to give you a different take on it!
        Thinking if you

  12. Hello all
    First off, Sue, wear your biggest hat and large sunglasses when you go in the store to buy the oil. Keep them on unless they ask you to take them off, then you can tell them how you feel about coming in there, which I think you will anyway. Get a laugh and feel better. The bottom line IS to feel better, regardless. And yes, write a blog about it, it would be good for others who may feel the same as you.
    Chris, I bet your tree is lovely. All the dogwoods and some others are in bloom here, and we have very cold weather from a nor’easter coming down to chill us out. Hopefully no frost to kill the bloom and leaves in progress. I have only one daffodil in bloom so hopefully they won’t die. All my bulbs are emerging, and my peonies are coming up. I also got to take a few of the ones in Judy’s yard that came from my grandmothers many years ago. When she passed my mother dug them up and planted them here. So I have them along my fenceline. My lilac bushes have leaves coming along as well. So, today we are going into the city so “look shop” haha ! He never buys much, just from shop to shop looking. We are going to Roanoke, he wants to go to Sears, and Marshalls, then eat at Panera.
    Yesterday we both didn’t feel up to the workout so we stayed here and got all the brush burned that was gathered, put a door on the porch, worked with the baby chickens some, I did. They are about ready to be let out with the big ones. There was a very large hawk stopped down on the lot yesterday. Huge bird. The chickens went into panic mode and I thought he had gotten some, but they were hiding behind the rain barrel. So I put netting up over the pen outside so he can’t do that anymore.
    Well, my story for today.
    Love to all

    • Enjoyed your story, Tonie. 🙂 Buds are opening on my lilac up here also. Daffodils are not opened yet, but some other people’s are up here. Yes, FB is starting abuzz of the possible upcoming snow Monday into Tuesday. We shall see what develops; anything from mixed precip to major snow is possible. Sadie enjoyed yesterday morning’s snow. We ended up with 2 – over 3 1/2 inches depending upon where you measured in the yard, but the roads were just wet. It was beautiful, but didn’t last long. Still a bit on the ground, but pretty much off trees, etc. Now, today it is cold, still in the teens. I am hoping it warms up a bit more before walking the dog. At these temps it may be a short walk.

      • Lyn, have a few daffodils opening..wild ones in the grass. Camellia bush still going nuts with blooms. Hope you and Sadie got your walk in before the snow began to fall. Like Tonie, I love peonies but the two I planted a few years ago never did well. Probably too wet here. Afraid I’ve lost most of my large geraniums in huge pots on the porch…temps too low this winter. With so much rain it’s even difficult to clean up out front with leaves, branches and mess flying through the air. First sign of spring for me will be a clean porch. Hope you fare well enough through the new storm.
        Pleased you’re doing so well with the special yoga. I wish there were an easier way to find our limits, other than pain but alas. I admire you so much for hanging in there. You are one wise and brave lady. Much love, Sue

      • Lyn
        We just had cold ! Calling for snow on Tuesday, but it keeps changing. The air is incredibly cold. I am ready for warmth ! I think I have gotten a slight cold from being out in the wind for a couple of days. But vit C to the rescue. Hope you don’t get a lot of snow.

    • Tonie, I am so struck by how well you and your dear FM work together and in such harmony getting so much accomplished. So much adventure, too. Glad you didn’t have to shoot the hawk, they’re such lovely birds although I expect you were tempted. I must have missed any entry about you getting new chicks. Did you post it? How many did you get and is FM enjoying them?
      Hope you had a good time shopping and looking. He seems to be soaking up all he can over here. Too bad about what we hope is the last burst of winter for your area and Lyn’s, too. Still wet out here with a drier day today before a new storm is expected tonight. Bit of wind last night that rocked the house.
      Been out shopping for your birthday present yet? Thinking of you both and enjoying your news. Have fun…oh that’s right…you are. Love you, Sue

      • Sue
        Funny you say that about us working together. He said to me yesterday, ” Do you realize we are together 24/7 ?” But still he is doing his stuff and me mine most of the time. But yes, we do work well together. Both even tempered. Sometimes he says a mildly bad word in German, why German ? I have to laugh because I know what it means !
        I got 10 little ones . Yes he enjoys all the animals. Especially Red. No , no horse shopping yet. Havent sold the car. But I need to call around to go and look. I did call one farm but I haven’t heard back yet.
        Today I forgot the set the clocks up. And was thinking they were set back !! After over twenty years of not doing it in Az, I am still confused !
        Love Ya !

  13. Sue, I must agree with Tonie re:the oil, the store, and a good blog. 😉 You do need to do something. There also is no reason you can’t get your infusion abed rather than sitting. Remember, those other patients are not dealing with all the other conditions you are. I am sure they would be in complete support. As for the yoga, yes, I do think the benefits outweigh the discomfort so far. Mostly I am sore due to the strengthening. I have found a few things I will not do again and wish I hadn’t tried, but they are very few. Thankfully, the course I enrolled in small sections with good warm up and cool downs. Since it is geared to beginners, it is pretty much things I can do, and the flow is helpful. She also includes modifications you can do if needed.

    • Lyn, don’t you find the strengthening kind of soreness different than the arthritic pain? I know I do and somehow, it doesn’t hurt because we know it is helping in the long run. Love, Sue

  14. Chris, Well, I did it. Jim and I went into a pot shop yesterday and bought a small, very small bottle of roll on pain oil with cannabis in it. I tried it this morning. The dosage is unclear and being the lightweight that I am, one glass of wine for me thanks…I can’t tell if it helped but I was able to go a bit longer between my pain pills. Jim’s doctor friend had recommended a salve or cream but they didn’t have any so we will see. They had the smoking types and the candy or chocolate types but I’m a bit afraid to ingest any until I try this first. I’ll let all of you know what I find out, naturally. Love, Sue

    • Excellent Sue .and of course dH would go with you….good
      Just wait and see now. Is it expensive ?i do so hope it achieves what it supposed to ..

      • Chris, the roll on oil was $40.00, so yes, a bit much so will wait and see. Glad you got to see DD and GS together. I’m sure your lunch was lovely, knowing you. How is it you can see where Tonie is going? Hope you’re sleeping. We are about to have dinner. Jim still dieting so having soup and I’m having pork chop baked with mushroom soup and rice with fresh asparagus. Love, Sue

  15. Tonie
    I looked at the Pamara place their food looks nice particularly the soups
    I bet you had a good time it’s nice to see it through another’s eyes as well

    Didn’t go to DD ..GS decided to come here so she came over to see me instead and to See GS so we had a late lunch I just did a mixture of food .i hope her shoulder is OK after the driving
    Well it’s nearly 2am here so gonna try and sleep

  16. Chris
    We ended up not going to Panera. The line was coming out the door. FM forgot it was Saturday haha ! The mall was a zoo ! So we had coffee at Starbucks and shared a sweet roll. THe stopped for ice cream on the way home. And spoke at length of you and how we both love ice cream and should eat it anyway ! Take your pleasure ! haha !
    As usual, he looked and looked and bought nothing. Even though he showed me several beautiful and on sale shirts and jackets. He wouldn’t budge. Me , I bought a dress at Ross. Less than $20, right on my budget. And a rolling plant holder for my big pot so I don’t have to pick it up to move it. Less than $30 for both. I really like the dress. Light and airy with a full skirt. Sleeveless so I need to wear a shrug or jacket. But I got it for Easter anyway. Maybe it will be nice this year since it is in April.
    Well, must stretch and have breakfast. Judy forgot to set her clocks as well, so we are going to the 11 am service at church, then FM is taking us out for Chinese before her surgery on Tuesday.
    Sue I am so glad you went to try out the oils. I pray they help you. And having “Big Jim” along for confidence was a good call.
    Love to all

    • I do love the take your pleasure bit ….but Isa been taking toooo many. Gotta eat less I think …
      AND what’s a sweet roll is it what we call a current bun?
      Yep Saturday’s are a nightmare
      The dress sounds just good I like them with no sleeves and to wear a top with it
      I must get some roller things for my big tree pots
      Our clocks don’t go forward just yet

      • CHris
        Sweet rolls are just that. Rolled up with some sugar or icing on them. This one was sugar and the bread.
        Yeah, I always need more off me, but don’t really think it is going to go.

    • Tonie, I love those rolling pot holders, as I’ve mentioned to Chris previously. Just have to be sure they aren’t near the edge of a porch during a big wind or…whee. Also love the artificial pots because they aren’t heavy. No snow yet? Boy, looks like north of you is getting plenty. Lyn, hope you’re okay.
      Yes, I think it’s wonderful the two of you working side by side and also doing your own thing. Jim always has to do things his way so we often clash and are better off doing our own thing at times. Swearing coming from the big man in this house is not a bit unusual…and some coming from me as well. I love to say, “Oh, S–t!” I find it makes me feel better when something has gone awry. I know…shocker coming from me. Jim is left handed and I’m right..wonder if that’s why we do things so differently? You know, left brain, right brain?
      Hope you are able to sell his car soon so you can get a horse. Hope Red is doing well, if a bit lonely. I think it’s wonderful he enjoys your area so much. You just need to watch your health…I know, you know. Hope the cold stays just that and leaves soon. I really like the Nature’s Way brand Echinacea with Vit. C mix.
      George is not well today. Don’t think it’s anything serious but he threw up several times last night. Watching him and he’s just a bit more calm today. How we worry about our babies.
      Nothing to report on the cannabis oil front. No reaction that’s discernible with the rub on oil thus far.
      Saturdays really a mess around here with all the tourists even in the winter escaping Portland. It’s a nightmare during the hot months when we’re always about 15 degrees cooler out here. Well, need to get something done today. Don’t expect it will be much…Love ya gal, Sue

      • Well, we sold the car ! Coming to get it tomorrow. FM rode with the guy to try it out, and then to get a mechanic to check it out. The man was from California. Talked nice to me, but tried to cheat FM. Made me very angry when he told me how he was telling him he would only get $800 at a dealer, and trying to only give him $1000 because blah blah. FM told him they could close the door if that was his idea. But it is crazy to try that stuff. Then he told him how the dealer cheated him on the other car he bought his daughter. And FM told him, ” and so you want to do me the same ?” The daughter has a horse she wants to sell, we are going to look at it, though I would not buy it now. When he tells me how much he wants I will say, ” if you take it to a dealer they will give you this much” just to let him know I know what he did. If I get the chance I will tell him I don’t appreciate his way of doing business. Jerk ! FM asked me , you think he is a Christian, I said no, not if he tried to cheat you!
        So.. cold day and busy day !
        I am ambi dexterous so maybe that helps ! Haha
        Love you too

  17. Sue
    I love doing pork chops in mushroom soup..I use a condensed one
    I wonder how long the roll on will last and how do you feel today on it.
    Well Tonie says where she is going and the town and I google it and it comes up with stuff
    I’m always into finding things out..just interested in other countries and ways.i always have been .when I was a kid in Germany I used to love looking at the different shops with different things even food shops
    Its good you feel like eating and DH starting a diet..that’s just wat I need here
    Been out for a Sunday Lunch ..oh dear ..
    Ended up with apple crumble with a salted caramel topping and custard ….oh I feel fat now

    • Chris, I was so looking forward to dinner and ended up eating rice cooked in mushroom soup around an inedible tough pork chop with baked asparagus. So much for the meat but the rest was good. Thinking about chicken tacos for dinner tonight…then I need to get off my tush and put on a chicken breast or two to cook. You and Tonie are so funny with your passion for ice cream. I love anything with the salted caramel. I like caramel more than chocolate which is good considering my IBS.
      No news on the new rub on oil. Maybe I’m not using enough or need the oral oil. Time will tell I guess.
      No rain here today. My computer still in the shop. New faucet installed in BR and looks good. Been putting up with a leaky one for years and finally did something about it.
      Been shopping on Amazon for DVD’s. I know, are we the last people around who still use DVD’s? Just order THE CLOSER. It was a great TV detective show here a few years ago.
      Did you ever get the new dining chairs?
      I love that you are curious about us as we are about you. Sweet rolls is a term we use for all pastry like danish, raisin cinnamon, etc. Do you have donuts over there?
      Must do something to prove my worth today. Love you, Sue

      • Yep we have donuts..all kinds
        Nope no chairs…next week now!.im more than fed up
        Deckman here tomorow morning and water board ..for you know what the afternoon
        Shame about the pork,I know it can be tough on times
        Haven’t heard of a the closer..keep a lookout
        Good about the faucet …ain’t it good when you get something fixed and it works?
        I wonder if you had to give the oil time… instructions at all?.drs know at all?
        So I’m going to bed ..of sorts…got a wash on as guess what…I had a new Bosch washer on move and it went wrong last nite on a wash ,then another ..but I think its ok now ….I now don’t like anything new it goes wrong….
        So,wonder what I’ll find out tomorrow

  18. Dear Chris, Oh dear but life has been slapping you around lately…more than lately. I would have to agree they don’t make products nearly as well as they used to. For instance, the washer we have in the basement is 18 years old and still going. Glad the deck guy keeps showing up when you need something else done to it. The water board guy coming…do I assume it’s about the odor?
    Along the same lines as we’ve been discussing, Jim finally gets to take his precious Camaro in tomorrow to get the leak in the trunk taken care of. So few miles on it and it only two years old…ugh.
    Looking on the good side of life, I will pursue this oil business until I know for sure. Today I made myself do some cleaning that’s been needed and am now on the heating pad. I’ve had some black stuff leftover on the floor from carpet tape under an oriental rug I moved and finally got some GooGone which worked like a charm as I scraped it with an old credit card. One chore down.
    Chin up sweet friend. One day, one challenge at a time. Love ya much, Sue

  19. Hi, everyone! Yes, Sue, I am ok. I did keep to a low key day yesterday. A walk with DH and pup was the extent of my activity until the afternoon. My brother in law had a going away party for his son. My nephew just took a job in Colorado! He is hoping to establish himself there and then enroll in Grad School for… shoot, now I forget for sure, but something like astrophysics or nuclear physics… I think he’s talked of both, so I am not sure now which SB said. Anyway, he heads off Saturday, so they had a going away party for him yesterday. Big gathering, lots of food, lots of noise… We were there probably just under 2 hours and DH and I couldn’t take the volume anymore. He has some hearing loss and I am sensitive to loud noise for some reason (as far as I know my hearing is fine). DD wasn’t feeling the best so she didn’t make it. SB was with his GF until later, but went over then. He and my nephew have always been close and are like 2 peas in a pod. I knew he’d go over, and be welcome, whatever the hour. Today I must make sure we have everything needed for a couple of days in. Yes, that big storm will be hitting us – it is to come in later this evening, heaviest snows between 2 and 4, I think? I just checked 2 local weather outlets. One predicted 18+ inches, the other 18-24 inches. Either way, we are going to be dumped on! We are also in the area earmarked for possible blizzard-like conditions. Oh boy. When the snow tapers off in the afternoon, the winds are to start, so blowing snow, too. DH has his snowblower and his smaller snow thrower both ready for action. Poor SB was scheduled to work Tuesday, so it going in this evening to work maintenance overnight and tomorrow at the hotel. Translation: he will be salting, shoveling, and snow blowing for the duration. He did this the last big storm, although at that time he was front desk manager! He was working front desk while also shoveling, etc… At least this time he can hopefully just focus on the maintenance. Of course, if the front desk personnel doesn’t make it in… yeah, he may end up with a repeat performance. They have no idea what a dedicated, hard worker they have! He will be happy for the overtime. He could use the $. Yes, I am a bit concerned about the hard work and lack of sleep with his migraine situation. Will make sure he has meds and takes them with him. I highly doubt DD will have to go into work. Her doctor lives a distance away, and frankly, their patients will not be coming in that weather! Her new “beau” volunteered to take her to and from work in his truck if needed. She has an AWD Subaru, but it is low to the ground, so the truck clearance could be good if she has to go in. I’m sure they will call her off. DH is prepared to take care of our house as well as helping cover our neighbor who is widowed. We all help her out with snow removal. Well, enough about all that. I need to stretch a bit and work on that store list. Yes, unfortunately, I will need to brave the grocery store for a few items. Not looking forward to it. I have a beef roast thawing to throw in the slow cooker tomorrow. That should smell heavenly cooking away all day! I realize it will be a lot for perhaps just DH and myself (DD may stay with her male friend in case he has to take her in), but leftovers are great, and I can always freeze the extra to make into soup or barbecue. 🙂 Off to it!
    Oops! Almost forgot – I was going to reply above earlier, then forgot that I didn’t actually do it there. Sue, I think you are wise to start topically with the oil and go from there. Did the docs give you any ideas on dosage, etc? That would certainly be helpful! SB and I were discussing this topic. Sometimes it unsettles me realizing how much he knows about the subject. Then I realize he often explores random interesting things. He has watched countless videos of surgeries, documentaries of assorted things I would never have guessed. He is an interesting fellow.

    • Lyn, do, please forgive me for not answering your nice long entry sooner. I had a bad gut all morning and then had the grands after school. This has been the first chance I’ve had but it sure made me keep an eye on the weather channel today. I also think about my grandson who is in DC in college. I must say the weather reports are a bit serious. So glad and reassured to remember how very prepared and experienced you all are, having lived there such a long time.
      I think your beef roast sounds wonderful…don’t forget shredded beef tacos or enchiladas as well as that old staple, beef stew. Yum to all we’ve talked about. Hope your trip to the store was uneventful but I can guess it was crowded. Let’s hope the power stays on and all goes well except for the great inconvenience.
      Funny thing about our kids growing older and even our grands. The stages they go through as they discover who they are is truly many things; frightening, exciting, surprising and heart wrenching. Your son has grown so much since we’ve all known you and it is a lot like watching a distant relative grow and mature. I hope all the shoveling and lifting go well for him and no headaches result. I think so many of us with rheumatoid diseases often fear for our children and grands but DNA is what it is. Your son sounds like he thinks things through and plans ahead and above all is willing to work hard for what he wants. Good qualities all. I know you are proud of both of your kids. DD with her new relationship as she explores her womanhood. Her new friend sounds very considerate and kind with and to her and of course, that’s great. So much of life going on in your lives. Stay safe and warm and know I’ll be thinking about you all.
      Yes, the cannabis oil is what my pain doctor recommended and I hope it helps. No directions…just apply as needed where it hurts but the guy at the store said it would work all over. I must add that he didn’t appear to be a biochemist, but tried. Unfortunately it is suspended in several natural oils, including lavender and jojoba oil and jojoba gives me a rash so I’ll just keep moving the application area around.
      Rain still coming down here with the chance of a dry day on Thu and Sun. We will see. We’re all waiting for webbed feet or spring flowers. We will see which arrives first. Try to keep us updated and hope this isn’t interfering too much in your rehearsals for next months performances. Stay well dear friend. Love, Sue

  20. Lyn
    Good luck with the snow. We had some blowing around today, but nothing to speak of.
    Sue, they cancelled Judy’s surgery because of the weather tomorrow. She is not happy, but it is back on for next Tuesday. I am tired and windblown from being outside off and on most of the day.
    My brother has had another mini stroke, and is walking badly again. But not doing any therapy. What is it with men ? And he looks like he has gained twenty pounds since I saw him last month !
    My nephew brought me two beautiful freshly caught trout today. FM cleaned them for supper tomorrow. Gonna make some rice and a salad with them. Yum ! They catch them and throw them back. I told him to bring them to me ! I love fish. They catch trout and bass, and I like both.

    We had omlets for supper with many many veggies and cheese. So I am stuffed. But Chris, we stopped for pancakes and ice cream today. Oh yes, FM locked the car by accident when cleaning this am, and I have insurance which pays for a locksmith, so he said I could have two ! Haha ! Poor guy , he was so upset.
    Well making some tea to warm me up.
    Love all

    • Tonie, wow, fresh trout. Your dinner tomorrow will be splendid. You sure do eat well when you are together. Enjoy. As far as getting locked out of the car, just tell him we all make mistakes and it was his turn. Lord knows we do stuff like that often.
      Bad morning with my gut and fair afternoon then the grands after school. They’ve grown so much since I started the blog and are now 11 and 13. Time flying by again. So much fun watching them grow, talk and become more of who they are.
      Hope the storm stays north of you and you are not affected by the blizzard, especially. It would be nice if your friend could see some snow deep enough to be interesting though.
      I’ll bet Judy is frustrated. So often dreading surgery is worse than the surgery itself and now twice??
      Pleased to hear the car sold and you ran into a charlatan. There are so many people out there whose whole moral standard is non-existent and their behavior based on the almighty “buck.” I don’t blame you for
      steering clear of his daughter’s horse. He is the type who would lie about everything, obviously.
      Thanks for idea of Basic H which I always have as you know, but the Goo Gone worked much better. I think it’s the oil in it. I still all of my plants Basic H drops in the water and they’re all healthy except for the ones on the porch which froze. Don’t know if they’ll be coming back or not.
      Keep enjoy yourself and I hope you’re feeling as well as possible. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        We got a skirt of snow this morning. FM has been out starting and warming up vehicles . All the babies are well and out side playing in the chicken yard ! So cute.
        Me, I didn’t sleep well, hurting all over. Finally took a sleeping pill at 3 and so groggy. But going to swim anyway, need the movement and water.
        We will take the car to them so to remove the tag, and will look at the horse. He was talking her up to FM who told him he had raised, trained, and shown dressage and jumpers for many years, so he know just a little about horses. Haha !
        Lyn, we had rain all night up until around 2 then it snowed,more called for tonight. But it is just a skirt so no worries. Just hope the flowers and trees don’t freeze. Warming on Thursday … may make a visit to the wild ponies again.
        I need to call my orthopod about my knee. Still hurting and very very stiff. I spoke with Ms Alice sil yesterday. He said could be just grit in it not moved out yet or I could need a shot of steroids in it. Wanted to make sure I was taking antiinflammatoiries. High I had cut to one per my Rheumy when taking the prednisone. So went back to two, maybe that will help. If not better soon I will call for an apt. Still waiting three months later for the referral to the spine spec. About to file a complaint today
        Love ya

  21. Oh my goodness, it’s been a flurry of activity here. Tonie, glad you were spared most of the storm. We were hit with somewhere between 12-16″ depending on where you measure. There has been a bit of wind with it and they warn of wind to come as well as snow showers, so drifting is likely. We did get some sleet along the way which held down accumulations a bit The main snow is about to taper off, I think. DH is out with the snowblower and electric snow shovel. Sounds like the snowblower right now. It may be a bit heavy for the other. Sadie and I were out for 2 short walks and I am feeling it. Would do it again, however. We do enjoy walking while the snow is falling. I hope you do get more relief with the anti-inflammatory increase. Yes, I’d complain about that wait for a referral! Shame on that fellow for trying to pull that on FM! Does he think you two won’t discuss?? Sheesh.
    Sue, I have not heard from my friend in the DC area yet, but I don’t think they got hit quite as hard as we did. We were in the heaviest band in our state, although I am sure some got more snow than we did within the band. Anyway, I have heard from SB a few times. He has not slept yet, but he has eaten. So glad I shopped for some quick nutrition for him to grab along the way. I know they were after him to shower and nap, but he only showered. He seems to have inherited the “keep going until it’s done” gene from both of his parents. I heard from DD. She didn’t have to go into work but is spending today and tomorrow at her fellow’s house. He got a new job working as chef (he went to culinary school) at a nursing home and needed to go last evening and stay overnight last night and probably tonight. She volunteered to stay at his house to keep the coal stove running and look after his cat – I think he’s 18 years old, the cat. Yes, we’ve had our share of snow storms and know how to prepare, then hunker in and dig our way out. 🙂 I love to watch it snow. Darn that jojoba oil! The lavender is nice and relaxing, though.
    Dinner smells wonderful. I think I’ll bake some potatoes and roast some asparagus to go with the beef. Time right now to rest a bit.
    Chris, I hope all is well across the pond.
    Take care!

    • Lyn, Phew! got through the day without thunder, lightning, being blown away, etc. I’ve been thinking about your wonderful wine laden roast all day. I love asparagus and had it for dinner last night. Gotta get it on sale around here though. I saw some lovely little artichokes today but didn’t buy them because I am used to the larger artichokes and am not sure not to eat or prepare the small ones. Do you know how to prepare those. Are those the ones you cut in half and prepare that way? We have a great co-op here and the fruit is always fresh and organic. There’s a special grapefruit I adore called Oro Blanco. It’s white and very delicate and sweet. We Calif. girls know our citrus. The best oranges out there right now are Cara Cara. I find myself eating more and more chicken and fresh fish here in the NW.
      Hope you and Sadie got your walk in today and I admire you greatly for that. I would be afraid of falling. Of course I’m about a thousand years older than you and a complicated mess.
      I posted an older blog from this day last year about faith and depression and the interesting thing is it was up for quite awhile before Tonie started helping me post these and there are many entries from all of you. You might find it interesting to take a walk down memory lane. So much can change in a year.
      Bad day today because it’s a methotrexate day. I think the cannabis oil is helping a bit..don’t know for certain. I think it will take a bit more time. You know me, I’m so overly cautious.
      I truly hope and send prayers that those pesky, painful joints of yours are not too bad with this storm they have chosen to call Stella. Stay warm and it’s a good feeling to know you are all so experienced with the white stuff.
      SB is going to be so exhausted but bless him, he is a fantastic worker. He’ll definitely be okay in this world.
      Glad DD is there for her friend and the elderly cat. Unusual times call for everyone to work together.
      Be safe and hug all the cats and Sadie for me. Much love, Sue P.S. Still sharing computers with Jim. Mine is so full of malware the guy is having a hard time with it. Joy.

  22. Hi Lynn
    I was thinking of you with the storm …hope all of it stops soon…but your dinner seems lovely and it comes across as nice and cosy …oh by the way…I like eating ice cream and watching the snow…..just thought I’d say😄
    Hope SB gets all done and into the warm
    Your DD sounds as if she somewhere cosy too eighteen year old cat and a stove…
    He certainly picked the wrong couple to play act with !
    Well the water bloke came and is coming back next week to pressure hose the sewer along the road..there was some blockage ,but not really to cause my prob but he’ll do it anyway..but my own sewers are private ones and I will have to get the water ins he said there was a partially collapsed sewer and some blockage..but again not enough.he thought the prob was internal pipe..but I’ve had that all renewed. SO he’s coming Tuesday .they wanted to come on the Monday …’s our wedding anniversary…didn’t want to spend it around sewers ! ,
    Nope Sue no chairs yet. Another week they say……it means nowt to me now..
    How’s our pot girl there??
    Ok gonna watch some tv .dare I say that’s still working!
    Oh day 2 of my diet..ugh

    • Chris, okay…the TV is working, you’re both out of the hospital and breathing and you’re not in a blizzard. Oh yes, and the new cherry tree is still in bloom. All of that business with the sewers sounds so frustrating. The chairs, well, they’ll get there when they get there. Sounds like taking the diet one day at a time is wise. Hope it goes well as those pounds disappear one pound at a time or should I say kilograms. I always stunk at the metric system…I confess.
      Please don’t call me pot girl. I feel so silly and embarrassed about the whole thing. I think it is helping when I use it every four hours. You know me…cautious to a fault.
      Gee, I remember your wedding anniversary from last year. If I have it right you did something special like dinner our or was it a trip to the coast. Probably too early in the season for that. At least you both remember which is more than Jim and I do.
      Hope to feel well enough tomorrow to have dinner with the kids. It’s been awhile since I felt up to it. Maybe the magic oil will help. Take care of each other and forget the chairs; then when they arrive you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Love ya, Sue

      • Ah sorry sue just my way of making light of something! Look if it’s helping or even seeing if it’s helping everyone is on your side…..don’t think twice about it. Why should you go without anything if it will help the pain….it should be on the Drs orders and available at chemists for pain .
        Yea …two years ago while we still had the shed we went out for a meal at the doesn’t seen two years
        But this time Last year my dad was in hosp and died the day after.
        So this year I’m gonna separate the two somehow as it can’t overshadow the date every year .
        It will be good for you to go and enjoy dinner with family
        How’s your brother

  23. Lyn
    So sorry ya’all got hit so hard. We have just been really cold. FM went up and created a little haven for the chicks with their light all cozy for them and the big chicks can’t get in. Then he made a blanket for Red, fixed a ramp for the rooster so he can get up on the roost. No tail feathers, so no balance. It is snowing big flakes, but not much sticking.
    We had the trout and red potatoes fried with I am getting ready to bake some banquettes and we will have cheese and fruit.
    Chris, I pray you get your smell taken care of without costing you any money. Since they are private sewers, do you mean you have a septic tank on your property ? If so maybe it is inneed of a cleaning.
    Well, off to bake the bread. The oven has preheated and ready to gswim in.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, regarding your entry above, I am so sorry the knee is acting up. You doc friend makes sense. It could be some leftover debris they stirred up in there. I don’t think the extra prednisone tab will help that much, at least not as much as an injection of steroids would. Probably been on it a bit more than usual. Hope you got your swim in today.
      I’m so pleased you aren’t in that awful blizzard they’re having in so many states…poor Lyn. Cold is not good and it’s great you have FM there to help in all things.
      Well, how did it go looking at the horse and did the car sale get completed? Sure hope the jerk didn’t but you both too much. Glad FM put him in his place regarding horses, etc. So many ignorant people treat one who doesn’t speak English all that well as if they are stupid or deaf. It’s annoying.
      As always your food sounds wonderful. Bet that fresh trout was wonderful and I know your banquettes will be. Rain here but not as cold. Went to the co-op and got some produce then went down and sat by the river for awhile with the wipers going. That’s the Oregon version of a good time for us. Take care and enjoy…Love, Sue

    • No we use public sewer. .its just if they are shared the waterboard has to pay but if it’s just yours You have to pay
      Banquettes…is that the French bread?

      • Yes Chris. It isn’t the long slim loaf. They turned out really well. fM loves them ! We had them fresh out of the oven with cheeses and grapes. So good !

  24. Hello, folks, back on before bedtime. Well, DH says about 16″ of white stuff out there. I didn’t go back out with the yardstick. Now it is blowing, winds could be up to 40 mph. That ought to make things nice and messy again out there. DH’s school is already closed again for tomorrow. I did get out with the pup and she loved it! I, however, am paying the price tonight. So be it, but it’s not much fun. DH is sore from all the snow clearing. He took care of our place and helped out next door. Thank goodness for the snowblower and electric snow shovel. SB and I texted and as of 6:50 pm he hadn’t slept at all yet but had come in from digging out cars and had a bite to eat and was about to nap for a bit. I hope he did. Yes, Sue, he is a very hard worker. I do hope it gets him where he wants in life. It should serve him well. He probably won’t be home again until sometime tomorrow. Who knows when.
    Chris, I pray this last bit of plumbing work does the trick for that nuisance smell! Dinner was delish. I’ve not tried eating ice cream while watching the snow fall, but am willing to give it a go!
    Tonie, glad FM took care of Red, chicks and the rooster. 🙂 Your dinner sounds tasty, too.
    Oh, Sue, I’ve not really gotten into artichokes, so can’t say as I have a favorite way of preparing any, large or small. DH and I enjoy brussel sprouts, too, but the kids don’t. I’m just happy they now like asparagus. For a time, all they liked was broccoli!

  25. Chris, Thanks for asking about my SIL’s brother. He’s holding his own, still having dialysis twice a week and a trip to Portland once a week to see oncologist. He got the top award our city bestows every year on a citizen who has contributed and he was so surprised. His Open House for his old Victorian he’s fixing up drew thousands of dollars for our Historical Society plus he’s a great guy and everyone in town love’s him. Both he and my SIL own the local hardware/lumber yard/lighting store. It’s CIty Lumber in Astoria is you ever want to Google it and you can see all the beautiful lights in the windows.
    I know…I’m overly sensitive about this whole cannabis business but still hopeful. Hope the anniversary this year is special all on it’s own. Love ya, Sue

    • I did’s a lovely store. I would love to look around .id spend ages there.yes the lamps look so,pretty in the window .they have a wide range and it must be a big place
      Also it came up with the Old house was in the local paper
      The brothers do seem well known and popular

      • Chris, the store makes quite a statement at night because the lights are on all the time and at night…spectacular. It’s not that big just filled to the brim. We have several of the lamps and ceiling fixtures. They are great guys but don’t tell mly SIL I said that. Thanks for your interest in us as we are interested in you. You enrich my life. Thank you, Sue

  26. Morning all
    Sue, I used a lidocaine patch on the knee last night and it feels good today. So I will maybe go back to the Dr and get an injection, or to the pain Dr and he can give me one. Closer.
    Very very cold here this am ! 17′ feels like 7′. Ugh ! Today’s high 32′. But…we go SHOPPING again. We are going down the man to Winston Salem NC to Hanes Mall. So called because the Hanes brand was made there in the area at one time. I am sure it is made in China by now haha ! Then down the road to Greensboro NC and see stores there , maybe. Maybe stop and say hello to my brother, he lives right there, have a coffee. I must call them.
    NOw I must get dressed and go.
    Love to all
    Happy Anniversary to you Chris. How many years ?

    • Tonie, Good news about your knee. Hope you do get it injected soon. All that shopping? Better get a shopping cart and jump in and let him push you around. I see a serious cold spell heading your way. Do take care.
      My computer is still in the shop. Guy called today and said the hard drive got ruined by a seriously bad virus. Hope to get it back by the end of the week then will take this one in for him to clean up. This is my old one and it’s in serious need of a good physical cleaning. Getting new virus protection on each one. Avast didn’t cut it, obviously. Take care and do stay warm…Love, Sue

  27. Sue
    There is a shop we go past on the way to the coast that has lamps all on at night too..I shall think of your SiL store. It looks all twinkly
    Also I think we can all say that we certainly enrich each other lives, esp you our word wizard!
    Looks,like some window shopping for you,today … hope,this pain gets better now.not a good time for it to come on
    Anniversary not till Monday and its 48 yrs
    How’s the weather for you today? Hope you are feeling better… Good job your neighbour has your DH living next door
    We are apparently going to get it in a mini version later. It mite miss us tho
    Weather here was 65f today and sun all day,so we went for a picnic.were going to coast but there was an rta.big hold up so we turned back
    Drs appt for DH tomorro bp check
    Third day of I’m on the way

    • Well, Chris, snow showers today and lots of wind! So, while more digging out could happen today, the wind thwarted some, I’m sure. Roads are interesting, some were almost dry while others had thick ice with ruts in it or blowing snow. Under the blowing snow, usually ice. Poor SB is still at the hotel, but at least he’s had some sleep by now. I know he works tomorrow. Not sure when we will see him again. So far no headaches. Like Tonie, with the wind, it is cold – single digits. Short walk with the pup today. Short, cold, and careful. Glad I work on balance skills!

    • Chris, good for you with the diet. Sorry you didn’t get to the coast. Did you get to eat your picnic food? Less rain here today but still bits. Nothing compared to the deep freeze others are going through right now.
      Some improvement with the oil if rubbed on every four hours or so. Hope DH’s doc appt. goes well. Late so will close. Computer still out…fried main frame or whatever it’s called. Fixable but complicated. Deadly virus got into it. Sure glad we don’t bank online. Two security systems on it and they did no good. UGH. Love, Sue

  28. Turning so cold after such a warm day yesterday and very windy
    Sue we don’t bank on line either..I wouldn’t trust it.
    Hope all sorted out soon with it
    DH appt went ok and be good….he’s cut down his meds himself to how he feels and it seems ok at moment….
    Sue I see on news there’s a town for sale 200 miles south of Portland.looks so pretty the country
    Done some gardening today..there were such a lot of blind bulbs and growing thru shrubs it was messy so dug them up
    Looks tidier
    Tomorrow have a man come to plant this cherry tree..its flowering in the pot and it’s such a lovely deep pink
    Just had some parsnip soup I made, it was quite sweet ..I suppose they had gone a bit old.i remember my grandmother saying tho buy them after the frosts as they taste sweeter…..did they not have them before to eat!!.lived by the seasons more then I suppose
    Eyes not so good. Sore in front and bruised behind….sounds like the rest of me….

    • Chris, sorry it took me so long to get back. Fairly busy day with chores, rest, lunch with DD, rest, eyes bad, resting…
      Now getting ready for doctor tomorrow. Copying reports from CT scan and bone scan to take to new internist. Few things in them I need to check out…more fun.
      Good to hear DH and meds a bit under control. So many problems for him over the years. One day at a time…again. I think if I had a tatoo that’s what it would say.
      Your tree will be so beautiful in your yard. Will it stop blooming this year from the shock of transplanting? Mystery bulbs, what fun or did you decide to just chuck them? Love to hear about your garden. Still too wet here with more on the way. Hope you’re staying warm in your cold wave. Where is spring?
      I so understand about your eyes and am so sorry to hear you’re in a bad spell right now. There was a portion of my day that was blurred more than usual. So many drops and yet, unfortunately I have found the steroid drops the one’s you can always count on. Have to watch them though because it makes optic pressure go up.
      I pray your joints are surviving your cold spell. It’s always something in this, our challenging problems, I know. Love you, Sue P.S. I’ll have to look into that city for sale. Yes, it’s a lovely, green state. That’s the pay off for all this rain.

      • Yea I take all day to vacuum the house with resting in between ,seems the best way now
        Our man came to plant tree and he also mowed the front we are all smart now
        Weather windy ,such a change now and cold
        Tomorrow we are out for scones for breakfast .then back to dust some of the house.
        Yea I chucked most of the bulbs ,kept a few and potted them. I just hate seeing bulb leaves with no flower in them ,pointless
        Hope all went ok at Drs
        Guess what…..I managed to paint my toe nails for sandals ….but when that will be…just looking forward to it
        But what a job to do it…

  29. Hello all
    Still cold here this morning, but due to warm up. I am telling ya’all, I may never shop again ! Two days of shopping with this man, looking in every store. Sometimes the same store in different locations ! Wednesday we were in Winston Salem NC, at the mall there all day, then the afternoon went stopped by my brothers house and had coffee with them, home after 6, supper at eight. I made a soup out of all the veggies I could find plus quinoa, barley and lentils. Puréed a can of my tomatoes and put it in the pressure cooker. Not much soup in it, but it was good and warm after the cold day outside. Then yesterday we went to the mall in Bluefield WVa. Closer and I liked it more. Holly Lobby, boy could I get in trouble there, and the prices more reasonable due to the population surrounding. Ate at Chik-Fil-A. Then home at 7! More soup and banquettes and cheese. Today is swim day and grocery store. I have gone to bed very early this week, haha ! We stop and rest whenever I need it. But for someone who never liked to shop anyway………you get the picture. He did buy a knife yesterday, be still my heart, and some little horses that he wants to inlay onto a handle he makes. So he is crafty too.
    Sue, so glad to hear you are getting some relief. Maybe get some stronger next time. You had lunch with DD ? Where did you go ?
    I was telling FM all about the beauty up your way. And the Redwoods in Ca and up into Oregon on the coast.
    , Chris, your garden is coming to life. I hope you out those mystery bulbs in a pot to see what grows ? We have all sorts coming up , not blooming yet, thank goodness. Warming up and then cooler again next week, ugh !
    Lyn, hope your snow is melting off ! We saw snow in WVA yesterday. That was enough. Lots and lots of Cardinals at the feeder and the chicken lots. FM has a good time standing at the kitchen window watching them. Taking photos now. We have a big red headed woodpecker who comes as well. Fun to watch him try to balance on that small feeder.
    Well, finish my coffee and then get ready. So ready for this cold to be gone ! Looking at all the summery fashions yesterday, I was longing for tan legs and sandals !
    Love to all

    • Bluefield seems a big town..lots of walking not all bad I see Chika a fila does icecream!
      Soup sounds good
      Gotta look up the other places images are good
      Take care then….you have someone rare there. Liking to shop . But it is interesting to shop in another country
      The bulbs. Well the grape hyacinths I potted…but the others I chucked I was so fed up of them in the garden.,just leaves all the time no flowers. All of the bulbs have come and
      Gone now.Chris

    • Tonie, well, I have to say it…so, you shopped til you dropped? Heard of it but haven’t done it in years. Do rest up a bit. All your feeders sound like such fun. So pleased FB enjoys them so much. Good you’re with such a nature lover. Suits you. Sounds like Chris is thinking about tan legs and sandals as well. Pretty sure spring will arrive…just in its own good time apparently. It will happen.
      FM would enjoy seeing so much if not all of our beautiful country. Hopefully he will, one day.
      DD and Jim and I just ate here. Just getting her to herself away from the kiddies is a pleasure just to be able to catch up. I had made my potato salad which she loves, always and even licked the bowl with her finger. She’ll hate me saying that but it’s true. I do make one heck of a potato salad, even the one I make extra friendly toward IBS.
      Rain here today…surprise…not. Sorry you have more bad weather coming your way. My computer finally ready to be picked up. Hope all is well. Now we’ll get Jim’s cleaned up. Not infected like mine was just physically dirty between the keys, etc and does overheat a bit.
      Do get some rest from all the walking, okay? Knee any better? Love, Sue

  30. Hey all
    Easy day for me. Forgot my MTX shot last night, so had it this morning. My knee is doing better , Sue, since back on anti inflammatory. Today just a little cleaning and rest. I am baking more bread, but that is easy. I have a machine to do all the kneading.
    FM is hard at it as usual. Finding things to repair, just being outdoors. He bought Red a nice blanket. It has been colder here this week than all winter. He made him one until the new one arrived yesterday. He was going around with a blue flannel blanket and a bright blue striped nylon tablecloth ! Quite the site, but he was warm. He is 27 so a bit fragile.
    Chris, I love hyacinth. I have some red daliahs to plant soon. Gonna put them around the hummingbird feeders.
    Lyn, hope you are warm and toasty. BSL, is off to California enjoying the farm. I saw she arrived safely. I can’t wait to take FM out west. He is gonna love it.
    Well, gonna get my work done and read.
    Love to all

  31. Hi all
    I looked up winston Salem Tonie and it has a great sky line.looks a big place .also Mayo Angelou was born there..I loved listening to her ,her voice was great and her words. Such good words
    So we went to the coast today looked a better day than tomorrow…in the hotel we go to there was a surprise dress I got something there a long blue dress with pockets long sleeved and comfy.well it’s bright blue and white
    We had a picnic in the car looking at the it was a good day and it was 66 f ..but windy
    Got next door coming for coffee tomorrow so looking forward to that
    Eyes sore from dust in the close now

    • Chris, your dress sounds interesting. Are women in England wearing the long, full length dresses more now? Yours does sound comfy. Hope your coffee with the neighbor was enjoyed by all. As far as the picnic in the car, well, it’s still a getaway and time with a new view. Jim and I need to get out more. Hopefully spring will arrive soon. It seems many of our outings like yours are disturbed by debris getting into the eyes. I got some new over the counter eyedrops that are a bit different than the Refresh I usually us and are called Sustain. I didn’t like the at first because they blurred the vision for a few mins but I find they do help the vision longer, which I like. I do try to stay away from the prescription drops, especially the steroid ones but as you know, sometimes we must. Love, Sue

      • Well yes they seem to in the summer with strappy tops
        Mine is to a few ins above the ankle,
        I must look those eye drops up
        I use single dose viscotears
        Terrible scenes in London today.DD was there for the day as well
        But was on way home on train when I was txt her,she hadn’t known about had just happened
        Are you feeling better Sue

  32. Hello, all! Yes, Tonie, snow is melting here, thankfully little by little so no flooding. I am trying to unwind after a LONG day. Up at 7 to get alert and moving, then shower, walk the pup and get changed. We left home at 11:30 to go judge scholarship auditions for an area Musical Foundation today. We did our thing from 1 – 6:30! They did provide us with some dinner, although we had to eat early since they were coming for the food at 4! Sandwiches, some sides – I had a salad that was quite good – and desserts (cookies, brownie – had a yummy oatmeal cookie.) The location was about 45 mins away 1 way, so 1 1/2 hours in the car along with 5 1/2 in a chair, and lots of writing. Needless to say, I am tired and sore. Lots of joints piping up at the moment. Heating pad on. DH and I both went and were placed in the same room this year (last year we weren’t), so we started and ended at the same time. We were pleased all 5 of us judges got along and had a good time. Makes the time go faster. Heard some talented kiddos, too! But now, time to rest.
    Tonie, bless you with all that shopping! Just can’t do that anymore myself. Thank heavens you are able to rest when needed.
    Sue, so glad you had time with DD. I’m not a huge potato salad person, but I bet I’d like yours, too. 🙂
    Chris, the tree sounds great! Let us know how that goes.
    Fading fast here. Take care, all!

  33. Lyn, read your remarks on today’s remarks and realized I had missed something. I am so sorry for all this sitting. Oh, it is definitely torture. How awful that you are still hurting but I understand completely…traveling and 5.5 hours in a chair…it does sound like a fun experience except for the seating part. Love, Sue

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