I Need A Pause Button

I found the start key
That was easy enough,
Because it started without me
I landed in the rough.

I can’t say I was normal
But as healthy as the rest,
Now I’m distinctly different
And have just one request.

Where’s the pause button in life?
How do I slow this down?
I often feel, though dry,
I might suddenly drown.

If I don’t find that button
I might blow away.
I feel the dye is cast,
Colors deepen every day.

This nasty erosion of life
Gives me daily stress,
While others whisper, “Tsk, Tsk,”
And worry over my progress.

Deep within my soul
It’s gone far beyond just stress;
As body parts escape my grasp
My brain? What? Sorry, I digress.

In the meanwhile, all about me
Life progresses at its pace;
Dust and dirt sprout everywhere
While I’m “An interesting case.”

Laundry beckons, its arms and legs askew
Piles growing each time I turn ‘round.
Refrigerated food is molding and
I can’t launch off the ground.

With that evasive pause button
I could make it all stand still
And hide away, all by myself.
And just perform at will.

Life cares not how I feel
Or if I’m up for grabs.
It calls out to be lived, tended to,
As I pick up the tabs.

I tell myself, “It’s exercise,”
A commodity I need
As I pick, lift and carry,
Life pays me little heed.

There is no pause button
This I know for sure
Guess I’ll just stop looking
And teach myself to purr.

This is the “get” I’m handed
Therefore, much is left to me,
As parts of me keep changing
I am a private refugee.

Refusing to give in
I’m just out to stop the rot
And do the best I can, uphill
By choosing what I ought.

To compromise and prioritize,
Both direct the way
As my life continues onward,
I’m sure that pause button’s on its way.

Some days I almost catch up
Other days, it’s not.
In spite of pain and suffering
I’ll still visit Camelot.

Dreams and joys are still alive
Hidden in this pain,
Each season brings a promise,
As sun shines through the rain.

67 thoughts on “I Need A Pause Button

  1. Sue
    Great view on our lives ! I wish I had a pause button as well. Things are piling up even just in my mind as I think of things I need to get done . Three days gone by and I have hardly done a thing ! But hopefully it will be some better tomorrow.
    Seems like the days we can’t get to what needs doing are the ones that slide by so fast, don’t you think ? Time is a commodity that we find more and more precious as the years go by. When we are young it is limitless, then we realize it has limits, and how much we wasted.
    Hope this finds you better and holding your finger on that button, for today anyway.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, do hope your virus is subsiding. I hope your tomorrow is better, also. Yes, I agree those days we feel too rotte to accomplish even the basics do seem to whiz by. I think I always feel a bit guilty. In a way that feeling is good because it keep me pumping away at life as long as I don’t let it get me down when I have to be down.
      Jim is out cleaning out front stairs, sidewalks etc today as we have a brief respite from the rain. He keeps getting stopped by folks who go by and know him. SUspect some are old customers from the jail. Oh well, he made a lot of friends while he worked there.
      Indeed I am pausing as much as I can but do plunge on a bit each day. I think time seems more fleeting when you get older, when you are sick and when you’re in love…Sue

  2. Sue, I think I needed this today. Well, no thinking about it. I did. Today is as close to a “Pause Day” as I get, I suppose. Yes, I’m feeling guilty, but today my body hates me and this saddens me more than I can say. So nice to know others “get it”. Wish we all didn’t. Blessings to everyone.

    • Lyn, I know it was a bit sad but sometimes, when my plate overfloweth too much, it spills out. Sorry you had a down day but do hope that it helped, the resting I mean. Often, we just have to listen to these rebellious things called bodies.I often have to tell myself, “it’sjust the vessel you live in…it’s not the real you.” Feel better soon dear lady, Love, Sue

      • Very true, Sue. Perhaps all the more frustrating because it is not our natural personalities. Hoping for a better day today. I must still rest as much as I can. I do have rehearsal this evening. Will give the pup a short walk, but that’s about it. Hopefully, she is still a bit worn out from yesterday. DH took her for her normal walk, then in the evening SB and his girlfriend took her to the Trail for a walk! He even ran with her a bit. She came back so happy and excited.

  3. Sue
    Such a clever poem.i was just racing thru it ,it was certainly grabbing me .it was so,close ..nope.. It was how I feel on days
    It just keeps comming .and I need a return button to operate to go back to another date ,a re set I think would be the one
    Oh to have a factory setting ,a brand new page .
    Wish life was easier for us all

    • Chris, so many wishes from you today. I like the idea of a reset button very much. It gets a bit sad though when we realize and try to figure out when we would return to, sort of like the old film Back to the Future. I know you had a great day with DD. Getting some new things can make us feel more updated sometimes, you know.
      If wishes were candy kisses…I’d be very fat. Love, Sue

  4. This is great! I’m sorry you are going through this experience but I certainly understand and feel exactly the same. You made me laugh! Thank you 🙂

    • 1wise-woman, I always like it when someone tells me I made them laugh. This is not even a particularly funny one as some of my other blogs are but the smart ass in me always seems to come out. Been livin this life for 30 years and if I didn’t use humor…well, I hate to think what kind of institution I’d be in. Come back and visit us again. Are you on my FB friends list? Sue

      • It helps me to hear other people use humor. I tend to lean towards the negative so I really feel inspired and hope I get to a place where I’m thinking more like you are! And no, I keep my Facebook page personal. It’s quite different than what I talk about here.

  5. I took a “pause” weekend to go camping with my “peeps.” (4 families from my church small group) Opted out of the 4 mile hike Saturday morning to sit with my best friend around the campfire reading a book. Then we packed lunch and took a short hike down to the lake to let the kids play in the water and sand. A lovely afternoon nap and then just hanging out around the campfire all evening. Just what the doctor ordered! Fresh air, sunshine, sleeping outdoors, and relaxing time with friends. Definitely fed my soul. Laundry will wait til tomorrow.

  6. Well, no work done today. Rain in sheets of deluge. Coming up from the tornados down south. Torrents of hard rain with extra large drops. Right cool out as well. I did go workout. The weight class was cancelled due to illness, but I worked out on the machines and then went to Walmart.
    Now I am wrapped up on my warming blanket reading on the sofa lounger. Hope you are all having a better day
    Love to all

    • Tonie, good for you. Now you can rest feeling all virtuous because you worked out. Here am I trying to rest and having achieved very little so far must do something productive. Not feeling up for much but enough…so maybe trying to rescue what is left on the front porch of all my plants after winter’s harsh winds and rain. Some froze this year so have a feeling my gorgeous geraniums that were spilling out of their pots are kaput. I always admire your drive and determination. Think I”ll go looking for some. Later, Sue

    • We are to have some rain tomorrow, so I may be lying low. Probably should. I need to do my spring trimming Wednesday, more rain possible Thursday. Thankfully, the weekend should be nice if I don’t get all done. Township picks up the trimmings starting Monday. Enjoy your down time.

  7. Hi all
    Off to the glaucoma clinic tomorrow.
    They will do,same tests I suppose..see what they make out of it this time.not looking forward to it all
    Looks like we are all having rain ,our starts in the early hours amd they forecast snow for some here next week…oh joy
    DH is at the hosp,same time for the ear clinic ..what a pair we make!

  8. 1wise-woman, indeed , humor is the best medicine…although that statement is a bit hackneyed. I’ve always felt life is either tragic or humorous. It helps me to get through this life. I write a lot of humor you can find on Google or the index here. The one that got me through my mastectomy three years ago was “When Good Boobs Go Bad.” My doctors and nurses loved it. Hang in there and don’t let it all get you down….rise, rise and laugh. Watch humor or read it as much as you can. Fondly, Sue

  9. Morning all
    Well, beautiful day here, except for the high winds. Lyn, I am out to do my trimming and hopefully mowing as well. At least the wind will dry the grass. Hope to work with the horse a bit as well. Take my second dose of Enbrel today, here’s to feeling something soon. Could take a couple of months they said, so….
    I still don’t feel great, but took my MTX last night so could be the day after symptoms of it.
    Chris, good luck at the eye Dr.
    Hope all are well today

  10. Tonie, I am hoping the Enbrel will change your life for the better. We must keep trying’ each of us. Just a suggestion but you might want to separate the two injection a couple of days apart so the symptoms are more easily understood and differentiated. Do watch all the yardwork. I know…spring weather makes us want to do so much. I’m digging up dead plants and trying to rid every picture in the house of dust. Big job. Love, Sue

  11. Chris, thinking of you and wondering how your two visits went today. Hope your eyes and DH’s hearing both got good reports. Love, Sue

  12. Hi Tonie
    Hope you got all done
    Went to clinic and he couldn’t see a bleed and my pressures were the same…so. He sees me in a years time.so I’m pleased
    Also he said it’s the sjogrens that make my eyes bruised and tired ,blurry and ache…I was surprised I thought it was only dryness of eyes..anyway I was thinking of your eyes then Sue with how you said they get tired and blurry
    He wants me to try.hylo forte eye drops.preservative free….
    So tired tonight..also DH had hosp appt for his ears..he’s got to go and have those ear exercises where they move your head to move crystals in ears.hes done it before but has forgotten the procedure to do it himself
    Hope you feel better Tonie
    Hi wonder women..o I think I got it wrong but hi anyway ..just tired …

    • Glad your clinic appointment went well and hope the new med is helpful. Does the crystal maneuver help your DH? I’ve heard of it and many seem to find relief with it. I confess I’m feeling a bit tired tonight, myself. Perhaps I overdid it a bit today. Rest well.

    • Chris, Wrote you a long email and ended up striking the wrong key and lost it. I hate that. So pleased with your results and DH’s appts. today. Relief about your eyes. Not too informed about DH’s procedure. Will look it up to get a bit of knowledge. Hope life is going well around the house and all is well there. More tomorrow. awfully tired tonight. Love, Sue

      • Sue, it sounds like a treatment used for vertigo. My DH has heard of it, I think tried it? It has helped many.

  13. You’re right lyn
    As well as Menieres DH also had this other problem…these crystals we can all have in our inner ear.they are in most people steady
    But as in like DH they can move about and make you dizzy,they then need manoeuvring back into place. You lie down and they test by moving your head and your eyes twitching which way to go left or right.then you move along with the head in certain ways to move them back,there is a set pattern to the move and you have to get it right
    And Sue ..no bathroom problem for two weeks!..daren’t sat too much as it has gone three before
    Hope you are getting better there

  14. Hey all
    Woah ! The wind is crazy ! Coming up from the south gusts about 60 mph ! Hope my little chickpea don’t fly by the window ! It has gone from having doors and windows open to everything shut up and a little heat on !
    Did my workout class ! Intense, but good. I made things work for me and only did half today. That being said, I will be nice and sore tomorrow ! Miss my swimming though. I will definitely make this class one of my workouts during the week.
    Chris, good news of the bathroom front ! Hope it stays that way. Actually, I have been good for three days now.
    Tomorrow is to be cold, so I will finish the baby’s quilt so I can send it off. I am finisighing up another US flag Afghan. Hoping to sell it on Etsy. I think I will make a few of them to sell this year along with some other things.
    Lyn, I saw you did yard work today. I still have some things to finish, and doing my flower beds, along with a few plantings. But I will do them over time.
    Good day all

  15. Hi all
    Sore, as expected. But not really bad. Looking forward to the next class on Monday.
    Windy, terribly winday last night, rather frightening. Today much of the same, cooler with some storms. Tonight a chance of snow. Crazy weather. Then on Saturday back in the high 60’s and 70’s, thank goodness.
    Sue, after we spoke about Arnica in that crime for FMS on FB, I ordered and small bottle of oil. My shoulders always ache, always. I rubbed some on them this morning, just the oil. What a difference ! In just a few moments, relief ! I think I will buy some capsaicin crime and mix it in. Get some extra umph ! Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn’t thought to try it.
    Lazy day today. Hope all is well with all.

    • Tonie, I know. I’ve been gone from here a couple of days. Eyes have been bad and after a few minutes with correspondence, etc. they’re gone. So hard to read small print. It’s especially bad in the private messages on FB. Thankfully I have been reading with the help of my old Kindle and the ability to enlarge the print. Chris and I can both tell you about SJogren’s eyes and it’s maddening. One gets so much eye fatigue, light sensitivity, soreness as well as the always present dryness.
      Wow, girl, you have been stretching it and pushing the body. Your new exercise class sounds like a good challenge as long as it isn’t hurting you and your joints. SO pleased the arnica oil worked. I’ve usually used the cream. It’s good for so much and for everyone, two legged and four. I always have it around for injuries of scraps, muscles, etc. Someday I should make out a list of all the substances I think we should all have on hand to survive this life and I’ll be we could all learn from each other. As a classically trained RN I had to learn so much more from reading the words of folks like Dr. Andrew Weil and others.I let my subscription to Natural Health run out and must renew. I went through a streak there when I had to do away with all magazines because it seemed they were piling up everywhere. That’s one I wish I had kept to, well, keep up the holistic subjects.
      What wild weather you have and had. We’re in the midst right now of the worst spring storm for April in a hundred years. Torrential rains all over the coast all the way into eastern Oregon. Winds today were fierce out at the OR/WA bridge measuring 92.5 mph. They were about 70-75 here in our area. This whole house rocked and rolled. I had to go downstairs because I get a bit nervous when our bedroom is shaking that hard. Gusts were the worse part. One of them moved a glass that was here on my bedside table. Thankfully we didn’t lose a window or a tree. Many in Portland lost trees and in eastern OR they had a lot of power lines down. I had to go to the hospital for some lab work for the oncologist next week and we braved sheets of rain like you talked about. No way you can stay dry in that kind of onslaught. With that kind of wind I often have to hang onto Jim to keep from being knocked down.
      Naturally, with this hideous weather I have had extra joint pain. Still have a bit of the virus from last week and having headaches from eyes frequently but also a bit of sinus. So much is going on with this one old body, it’s a complete bore.
      Hope Judy is doing well with her new knee. Love you much, SUe

  16. Morning Sue
    Poor baby ! I was praying for you all on the west coast. Bad storm ! It always amazes me with the wind. The scariest bit of nature for me. So much damage from something you cannot see. So glad you had no damage. And the wi dows on those old ho es amaze me. Just goes to show the quality of the workmanship that went into them, no gaps or cracks for wind to get into for damage.
    We still had big gusts here up until last night. I was picking up little things all over the yard yesterday from Thursday’s blow p.
    I had to separate the horses on Wednesday. Sweet Pea was being so bossy, wouldn’t let Red eat his hay, herded him away. So I put him in Judy’s pasture for a few days. They don’t like being alone. I will put him back today and see how it goes. She is smart, she will catch on.
    Judy is doing great. I sure hope your pain gets better, along with your eyes. My rest was neg for Sjorgrens, thank goodness, but I still have a bad time with my eyes anymore. I keep drops nearby, esp in the morning or bedtime. They hurt. Is that from the dryness ? I need to get my eyes checked, haven’t been in ages.
    Supposed to warm up here today. So I can get my dalias planted and work with the horse some.
    No, no extra pain from the class, just muscle soreness. I am hesitant, but I think I am having some improvement with the Enbrel. Not so much fatigue anyway at this point. Take vpcare my friend and put some rocks in your pockets if you have to go outside !
    Love ya

  17. Sue
    What terrible gales you are having..strange weather everywhere there’s Tonie with snow and here it’s like summer,but cold again Monday
    Fancy the glass moving …
    Got some arnica cream for DH can’t use other creams even voltarol as my breathing not too good at moment and it irritates it..so see how that goes
    Good you don’t have sjogrens….yes the eyes hurt from too much dryness all the time…just keep em watered!
    I like your rocks in the pockets to sue….
    All have a good weekend as you can
    Hope you’ve picked up since last post

  18. Sue, so sorry you are experiencing and feeling such awful weather. Those winds are crazy! It was windy here, yesterday, but nothing like that. Do hang on and let Jim be your anchor in the weather much as he is your anchor in life! Take care!

    Chris, doing my best here. Yes, feeling a bit better, and trying something new that I hope will bring other pieces together and provide me with a better way of dealing with my body’s newest trick of tightening up and hurting. So weird. It should help my joints a bit as well. Time will tell. Honestly not quite sure what I can try beyond this, so keep fingers crossed!

    Tonie, silly Sweetpea. Hope she gets the message. Poor Red.

    I must get moving. I’ve allowed myself a slow morning, but now must get my body moving and get ready. DH has asked me to join he and his work cohorts for lunch. They are hosting a Songfest for Middle School kiddos and he is helping out. He really is a good Department Chair. Time for some gentle yoga.

  19. Hello all
    Lyn, hope you had a good lunch with hubby and the others. Sounds like a fun day. Yes, dh sounds like he makes a good Chair for the kids. Entertainment with good music, especially when young, can inspire them to use music. Even if they aren’t talented to play, or sing, even to appreciate music is a wonderful thing.
    I have been asked to teach in church this morning, and had no book to study so I will wing it. i love Easter time. It is such a solemn time, and a joyous time. For He died for us and was Risen again to show us our way to eternal life. Hope.
    Pray you all have a wonderful day. sue, I pray your eyes are feeling better.
    Love to all

  20. Hello all
    hope everyone is well and happy today. It is beautiful here. although, getting less sleep last night I am off to a late start. just now eating breakfast at 11 !
    I have had a wonderful change from the Enbrel ! I can actually make a fist and have no pain and no forcing !! My fingers are getting limber. I noticed it when I went to church Sunday. I couldn’t at first figure out what was different , then it hit me ! I can close my hand !
    So, today is the third injection. I will keep praying for more good results. I spoke with a woman who has been on it for a year and she has lost 45 pounds.
    Took my Bodypump class yesterday and made it all the way through. There are quite a few I can’t do, but I just modify with something else. Not bad today, so keep on keeping on. They were filling the pool yesterday so I can get back to my swimming soon.
    Sue, I am praying for your recovery and healing of those eyes. I know you must be out of commission. I hope all is well soon.

    • Tonie, Oh my, what wonderful news. I’m trying to imagine how euphoric you must be over getting back so much of your movement and losing so much pain. I can see how someone could lose weight on it just from being able to move more comfortably. Big hugs, thank you, Lord and every good wish.
      Pleased your weather is changing as I hope everyone’s is. We are dry this morning with more rain coming in tonight. We are so green. Spring fever got a grip on me a couple of days ago and Jim and I shopped for some bedding plants to put into my pots all over the porch. It felt good just shopping for them. Now I’m waiting for SIL’s store to get their geranium shipment in. The ones’ I’ve bought from there always do well, must be the grower they deal with.
      Eyes still pooping out when I’m on here any length of time. Lovely to read on my Kindle though. WIsh I knew a way to make all the writing on the net larger. Enjoy your spring and again, I’m so happy for you. Love, Sue

      • Sue, I have an icon in the upper right hand corner of my screen. It is 3 horizontal lines. Don’t know if yours is the same, but there is a way to make your font larger. Do you have someone that is good with computers? I am sure that they could help.

  21. Janet & Tonie, Whoopee…I figured it out and hit zoom and it helps a great deal. Tonie and I chatted today but my computer must be more like yours. It was right there in the right hand upper corner and I hit zoom. Thanks to both of you. I love you guys, Sue

  22. Morning all
    Chris, I know you have a busy week, but we have missed you !! Lyn, hope you are enjoying the warm weather as much as I am. I sort of overdid it yesterday with yard work, hauling off junk, and planting garden. And of course working with the horses. Today, I am not able to do the weight class. I think once a week is going to be my max on it. Swimming and add on the class once a week. I still think I am 30 inside ! haha !
    Today I am going to get the oil changed in the truck before my trip, get groceries (ugh !) and I have to pick up a salt block for my horses. I keep forgetting to do that.
    Sue , here’s hoping that the increased size on the print allows you to be on here more often and helps your eyes not be so sore.
    Cloudy today, but still warm. Must get going. I still have to mop floors and change the bed when I get back. Maybe !!
    Have a good day all

  23. Hi all
    Well ….as you say tonie been busy..and went to DD last night and I buckled on her stairs and to save myself I hit my head on the wall…..so with the cranial neuropathy I ready feel it today. Feel sick when I walk and all the nerve endings shooting …we had a picnic on the way over and it was a lovely sunny evening ..I should have known I was,gonna pay for it!
    Head is bruised today…just hope it goes ,last time i did this it stayed with me for an unbelievable year
    the chairs are coming tomorrow along with the sideboard ..at last .sorted out a lot of paperwork that I had hoarded to go in It
    Ok folks that’s it Eyes not too good with the head

    • Chris, how awful. I hope you’re recovering now. Any dizziness, more nausea or throbbing headache? Do you have any vertigo when you move your head or any ringing in your ears? Please consider calling your doctor is you wake up in awhile and have any of these symptoms. I’m very concerned and sorry I didn’t see this earlier but then you would have been asleep…I hope, if able to put your poor bruised head onto a pillow. It did sound like the day was going really well up until then. Picnic weather already? Wonderful. Oh CHris, I pray you are alright.
      Had a long and hard day here and probably a long night coming up. Went to oncologist and too much sitting, lying for exam and then those two big honking shots. Afterwards, since we were out went to the store for supplies, groceries because the rain also had eased off a bit. Glad we did because I knew the pain would hit tonight from all of it; also, the store was busy and all the pre-Easter shopping had so many of the shelves depleted.
      I am pleased you are getting the rest of your lovely dining room furniture and hope all will be good with it. I agree with you that life can be complicated, even when life is progressive and good but in the end, it’s usually worth it. Hope your eyes are co-operating but suspect they are not from outdoors, trauma, etc. Please be good to yourself and write me of any concerns. Love you much, Sue

  24. Oh Chris !
    So sorry about your poor head ! Can you put ice on it ? Does that help ? So glad you didn’t hurt yourself any worse .
    So…new chairs and sideboard ! I know you are so ready to get it all set up. Your deck, your sunroom, and now your dining room ! How cool ! And Lyn with her new carpet ….I a, jealous !
    Well, I have been working outside, cleaning up and getting the yard looking better, so I feel good about that. A swarm of wasps invaded the porch and now I have spot of bug spray all over the windows , so they must be cleaned. I got a hydrangea bush today and set it next to the house where the rain water will water it.
    Tomorrow, I want to spend a lot of time with the horses, to make up for the days I will miss this weekend. I have a few more things to do in the house, I want to come back to a clean house. Then get packed, so I can get up and leave. Looking forward to the trip
    A prayer for your recovery Chris.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, hope you were able to find the wasp nest and destroy it at night when they’re all at home. We have one that keeps getting rebuilt outside our kitchen window. Nasty things. I know you have so much on your to do list right now but do slow down a bit because you have the trip ahead and I know you will be busy the whole time you’re there. I’m still so thrilled you have reacted to the Enbrel so well. Keep it up…
      I don’t blame you for wanting to come back to a clean house. I like that, also. Of course, my concept and bar of value for a clean house isn’t what it used to be.
      We’ll be having a quiet Easter with DD, SIL and grands in Hawaiian Isles. Hope they have a wonderful time. Jim’s on duty feeding the cats over there. I will make this short because I feel rotten after today. so much pain from those huge shots and sitting, etc. The med in them seems to upset my gut. So much going on in this body on certain days.
      How fun it will be for you to see Nikki and the grands. WIll your son and his kids be there? Hope you get to see everyone. Enjoy the beach and hope the pups do, also. Love you, Sue

      • Sue
        No, my son won’t be there. His kids will be with their mother this year, and he says his mental state is not up to all the confusion of his sisters clan. I will be so glad when he is back to his happy old self. He is so withdrawn and unhappy.
        As for slowing down, well, I got a reminder yesterday that I am not as healthy as I think. I still push, push .push. And then I pay. Yes, today I will be taking it slow. Finish the house, spend some time with the horses, get the feeder filled. It is 11:30 and I am still in my pjs. although I have been awake for hours. I really need to find a happy medium that I can maintain. Sigh…do you think I will ever learn ?
        I hope you recover today and feel better. I am going to take my mtx a day early so I will feel better for the trip. With the way it makes us feel, I can imagine how much more those shots you take make you feel. So sorry. The way we suffer to feel better, it is an oxymoron of sorts isn’t it ? I do pray all that suffering pays off for you and things go away, your eyes heal, and you can return to a more lively version of you.
        Well, I must be getting on with things.
        Much love

  25. Tonie
    Have I missed summat…where are you going??
    When you said about the hydrangea in the corner..I thought of a rain chain to it. I love to look at them and the sound ,like a waterfall …I love to make one ..I bet you know how to
    I wouldn’t be jealous anything new brings its Own problems… Best to be content and not have to get them I think..if it wasn’t for having to with moving I wouldn’t blimmin bother..so many problems come with stuff
    I did a bit in the house today and it does make you feel like you’ve accomplished something
    How’s the new med today?
    Yep could do with a prayer Thankyou

    Just thought of Sue and how many rain chains Sue could have in her lovely green garden!

    • Chris
      I a going down the the North Carolina coast, Hempstead, to see my daughter. Yes, I have seen those rain chains. That would be a pretty thing to add ! I will look into it. They look fairly easy to make. I am content really, just getting new things is exciting, huh ?
      THe new med is still working very well. I am noticing my appetite is off. I , of course, have no trouble with having my ice cream though haha ! Just not wanting much, s good thing. My hands are still doing good. I just keep over doing it, so I need to slow down. I just get to working and want to finish things. My knee is the problem. much swelling if I go about my day, and lot of pain still, stiffness. I guess I need to go back to the Dr. SIGH……
      I have to do a few things now and then work with the horses this afternoon.
      Hope you have a good day, and Easter weekend.

  26. Sue
    I’m oKISH
    Still have that full heavy feeling.i did have noises in my ears but they have lessened .i did feel nauseated but it has improved a little .,my head feels strange and after I did it I did feel a bit wierd walking .am resting more than I do .my head just hurts and moreso when I move.
    It wasn’t a big bang just is for me with the neuropathy .
    Actually I can’t remember banging my head I remember it against the wall but I’ve just lost a second of that time to remember
    So I’m doing what they say with concussion ,well nearly! Just it went on for so long last time with just a slight one
    Hope your pain is easing by now.
    The rush for shopping at Easter is getting to be nearly like Christmas now..all the advertising I suppose
    Ok gonna rest these eyes….yep your right and they do seem to enhance this headache …

  27. Sue
    How are you?
    New things exciting maybe.but you have an inner contentment that I feel that anyone would have in a flash.and not be bothered by excitement. That is priceless.
    Have a great time with your DD. Prayers for your son.
    Go slow you…..
    Oh my head is a little better..not much but a bit…fingers crossed.

  28. Howdy my family participant! I would like to express that this particular article rocks !, wonderful created and come having almost all significant infos.. The Trash Company I must fellow more threads in this way .

    • Hey Trash Company, I can see you are an original…good to hear this message/blog hit home in some way. Thanks for the feedback. There are many more to slosh through. Sue

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