Dem Bones

DEM BONES, DEM BONES, a classic spiritual written by African-American author and composer, James Weldon Johnson believed to have been written sometime around 1928 is actually a retelling of a passage in the Old Testament. Who knew we could get an anatomy lesson from The Book of Ezekiel chapter 37, verses 1-14? Often subtitled the valley of the bones, it tells of the visit of the prophet Ezekiel to the Valley of Dry Bones in which he tells of the many dry skeletons and disconnected bones lying about which would one day be made whole, covered with flesh rise up at the command of the Lord, or God almighty. It appeared to be a perfect Halloween setting the way he described those bones walking around.

I don’t mean for this to turn into a dissertation on the Old Testament but instead a compliment to the tone of that fine old song. It is one of the best accounts ever written of not only the hope for believers in the future, but a wonderful accounting of the bones and their locations in the human body. The song actually was recorded through the years by a multitude of singers, groups both gospel and popular into this current day. It’s often used around Halloween in a spooky yet comical way to sing for and by children due to its catchy cadence. I did notice many of the lyrics have morphed over the years by various vocalists and teachers for their own purposes.

Take a guess what all of this is leading up to if you will? How about we talk about osteoporosis today? I just had to “go there” with this wonderful old song. I’ve always loved it and could have been politically correct and said, “Them bones” but that just didn’t feel right. That would be like belting out my favorite old spiritual when I am feeling depressed and changing “the trouble I seen”, to “the troubles I’ve seen.” As a writer, I believe in leaving the original the way it was written and not altering or messing with it. That’s called history and I believe in leaving it alone. If this offends anyone, well, I guess they can go online and learn a bit about osteoporosis from some other writer. I’ll include all the lyrics to the bones song at the conclusion of this blog so you can go around singing it all day like I have for the last week. It’s wonderful.

So many of us who suffer from various forms of arthritis whether brought on by unfortunate DNA from relatives or from an injury, know what it is to have a fractured bone or two. Prevention is, of course, the wisest path to follow but for many or maybe, most of us our preventive measures were half-hearted or came too late. This whole subject is far too complex and boring to go into in one blog but we do have time and space to cover the hot topics and important points to keep our bones as safe as they can be. I would also like to share a few personal experiences to make a somewhat “dry bones” subject a bit more interesting.

We see ads in all the magazines and TV for various forms of calcium supplements. We read about the frightening side effects of the many drugs we take for our diseases and sometimes, putting it all together is just too much. When you already feel rotten, keeping up and educating yourself is that last brick that makes you drop the load. Let’s just consider a few of the facts.

First of all, what is osteoporosis and why should it matter to me and to you? It is the loss of bone mass and occurs when demineralization causes us to lose bone. A severe osteoporotic bone looks like a dry sponge or a hunk of swiss cheese. It isn’t solid anymore and becomes brittle instead of strong increasing the chances of fractures.

Before the age of thirty, our bones are laying down layer upon layer with the aid of a good varied diet and average daily activity. Your Mom was right. You should have eaten those green vegetables and drank all your milk. You don’t have to get your spinach out of a can any longer. Popeye is long gone. This is the age of fresh and healthy and as a result, tastier. After the age of thirty, both men and women begin to lose bone mass. Men do have an advantage in that their loss is slower than that for us women. For women, it’s important to have the interaction of estrogen produced by the ovaries in adequate supply to help with the adult bone. I have a close relative who had severely shrunken ovaries, had no way of knowing it and years later, after a hysterectomy was told by the surgeon the ovaries they excised were barely there, hardly viable. She had already begun to develop severe osteoporosis resulting in curvature of the spine and spontaneous fractures of the vertebrae. She was also a smoker which didn’t help the situation at all. Anecdotally, she also never drank milk as a child. She hated it.

What causes osteoporosis? Many factors are involved but basically, they are heredity, poor diet, poor lifestyle choices with bad habits, diseases and the medications used for them as well as inactivity.

Heredity comes into play because many physicians have conducted studies which prove more Asian women and women of European descent, especially from the northern regions, have more problems with bone loss. Mothers and daughters can also share the problem, but if they both are aware of it, it can be prevented in most cases.

As adults, far too many of us skip meals, diet, don’t think about what we’re eating because we’re in a rush or a hundred and fifteen other reasons. Today’s world is a fast-paced one as we all know and for each of us, we get stuck in a rut of what we eat. We need a diet rich in calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D3 and selenium. All of these can be obtained from a diet rich in dairy or soy but if you don’t eat either of these sources, many companies are adding calcium to their juices and foods. Just look for it on the labels. So many health foods are available in the markets today as we consumers become more educated on the subject. Other sources for those minerals are green leafy vegetables raw or cooked, vegie juice mixes, fish like sardines or most fresh fish or canned varieties like tuna. Fortified cereals and whole wheat breads supply most of these. For Vitamin D, sunshine is the best source but for many of us who live in the north, like me, we do not get enough of it. I have a problem and get a rash from the sun as part of my rheumatoid disease and always cover up with long sleeves and a hat so I take 2000 iu’s of it each day and give my husband the same. Yes, I fill up his vitamins for the week because if I left it to him, he wouldn’t bother. I do have an unfortunate sharing about something he did like and that was the candied forms of calcium, chocolate or fruit flavored. When he passed the bottle, he would pop one in his mouth and developed the first kidney stone of his life as a result. Poor guy. That was a miserable experience. Watch how many of those you eat.

When you look into the foods that are recommended for a diet rich in calcium, many of them are not popular choices. Let me share one list I came across with you and see what your reaction is, here it is: raw milk, yogurt or kefir, cooked kale, cooked broccoli, cheese, okra, almonds, bok choy, watercress and almonds. There you have them. The best recommendations. How many of those have you had today? Can you say YUM? I like yogurt and would eat fried okra if I could get any. Broccoli is only occasionally on my plate, kale I’m trying to adopt but with some stomach issues, raw milk, no thanks because I have read too many stories about problems with bacteria. Kefir is tolerable and bok choy is used in this household only when I cook stir-fry. Maybe I need to throw in some almonds and watercress, top it with kale and that would be it OR I could take my calcium supplement and eat those items which I know will agree with my body, my gut and my appetite. I’m just trying to be realistic. The choices for all of these minerals is so much greater than many of these web sites are pushing on us. In real life, many of us have irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive problems. We have to do what is best for each of us.

We have to look at the big picture when it comes to diet and read labels, eat a lot of what we know we like that is also good for us and take a supplement at the end of the day if we have any doubts. These are some of my personal favorites, but they don’t have to be yours. I like a cold bottle of Ensure in the morning to cover the bases, a small carton of lemon or cherry yogurt during the day, a glass of milk with lunch or dinner and right there, I have almost met my quota of 1200 mg of calcium for the day. I keep the refrigerator full of fresh vegies, cheese of all varieties, cottage cheese, buttermilk, etc. Read those labels, stock your shelves with what you like because if you don’t like it you’re not going to eat it. If you’re lactose intolerant but want to eat dairy products, buy a bottle of Lactaid. I drink the lactaid milk all the time and find it delicious. There are also many cheese made from other sources than dairy. Look, learn and eat.

Poor lifestyle choices can rob the body of all the minerals needed to build strong bones. Smoking has been proven to rob the body of bone mass but when you stop you can rejuvenate the bone loss. Drinking too much alcohol can also cause problems. Part of the problem is that alcohol is a diuretic and makes you urinate excessively, pulling vital minerals out of the body. Folks who imbibe to excess also have a problem with fractures due not only to the bone loss but the recklessness of being drunk. As an RN I’ve seen the results of many drunk driving accidents and the drunk individual will often survive while others are injured or die. Often, the inebriant is so relaxed he “rolls with the punches” and that saves his life. Remember, alcohol in excess robs the body of calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium. In moderation, this is not much of a problem.

I know you don’t want to hear it but according to Dr. Andrew Weil, coffee in excess of 2 cups per day rob the body of calcium. The fact my husband and youngest granddaughter don’t want to hear is that excessive sodium intake can also rob the bones of their strength. You and I all know those folks who salt their food before they have even tasted it. As a cook, that drives me crazy, how about you?

Well folks, that leaves the last big culprit which causes problems for each of us when it comes to “dem bones” and that’s diseases and the medications many of us have to take in order to make it through life. We don’t have time nor space to go into all the culprits but the worst offender is without a doubt steroids used to treat pain, progress of the various rheumatoid diseases among others. Many folks take steroids for various respiratory diseases, CHF, COPD, etc. Many years ago, after prednisone was introduced to the medical world it was the “magic bullet.” It was given far too generously and many dangerous side effects were unearthed the hard way; when people died.

My own dear Dad had a rheumatoid condition called giant cell arteritis as well as polymyalgia rheumatica. He had inflamed arteries and muscle tissue which was so painful he cried out each time he moved. It was a sudden onset occurrence and he had a very difficult time being diagnosed. The doctors at our local hospital said it was sudden onset dementia and arthritis. We couldn’t accept that and got the assistance of one of the local internist to help us find the answers at a large university hospital several hours away. They began to give Dad massive doses of steroids and he reacted miraculously and his symptoms were 90% resolved. We were thrilled by his progress until his bones began to break. He broke a rib leaning on a counter at the bank. He fractured vertebra after vertebra by simply moving to put on a shoe or reach for something. He had personality changes and other problems as well.

I have already lost two sisters to rheumatoid diseases and both took far too many steroids. One of them took it to alleviate the hellish pain she lived with everyday due to psoriatic arthritis, losing all of her cervical bones and finally living with a neck of nuts, bolts and wires holding up her head. She had multiple joints replaced, with a hip replacement which kept popping out of place and a knee which finally had been replaced so often the bones eroded due to osteomyelitis. She died with a stiff leg without a knee. She was a sweet, beautiful woman with four children who didn’t know you could not take steroids at random and took them like aspirins. She got the drug from various doctors or told them she dropped them down the sink, lost them, etc. One other sister had relapsing polychondritis, as I do, was also an RN and knew the dangers of this drug but was in constant pain and took more than she should because it was all her doctors could come up with and they kept prescribing them. It is my opinion she needed better doctors but she was with a large health organization and had “faith” in them. She was the mother of five wonderful adults.

I have also been on steroids over the years but not in the amount my Dad was put on those many years ago. I am on the lowest dose possible for me to limit the side effects and still keep down the anti-inflammatory effects of two rheumatoid diseases. I take 5 mg. per day. They had Dad on 40 mg twice daily but originally on more than that. It’s a fine line many of us have to walk. Do I have osteoporosis? Yes, I do. I was on several of the bisphosphonate drugs but was taken off of them when my primary care doctor was concerned about my developing some of the many dangerous side effects of these drugs. Within a year I had my first vertebral fracture from riding in my husband’s beautiful new Camaro. We were going out to eat with friends and the guys sat in front while we gals jumped into the back seat. That did it for me. My second fracture occurred a year later, ironically, on the day we had taken a trip into Portland, OR for me to get my first dose of an IV drug for bone density called Zometa. I reached over to the hump between the seats, (in my car, not the Camaro) to pick up our Yorkie, George and crushed another one. I went into the appointment and wondered why I was more uncomfortable than usual while sitting in the reclining chair for the IV. I went home, suffered for two days then ended with a trip to the hospital by ambulance where they tried to hospitalize me but I stubbornly refused because I knew I would be more comfortable at home. The ambulance ride was a horror. I can remember when ambulances were Cadillacs but now they appear to be more like buckboards. I rode home from the hospital after a CT scan which confirmed the crushing at L1, in my Ford Taurus with my husband driving, and basically went to bed for a month. I have now been on IV Zometa for three years with an infusion every three months. It is also treating my metastatic bone cancer. This month I will be switching to a different drug called Xgeva which is given as an injection. Like all of the drugs in this category, it carries risks from side effects. All of us who live with chronic disease know that side effects will always be with us and it is up to us and our physicians to determine if the risks are worth taking.

After all of this, you are probably thinking, “Well, what now?” The answer to that is first of all to find out if you have osteoporosis by talking to your doctor about getting a bone density test. This is usually a scan, often a DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) which is a computerized exam of, most commonly, the hip or the spine or both. Routine X-rays do not reveal osteoporosis until it has already begun. Find out your results and go from there.

Be aware of what your results are and if they are good, keep them that way through daily exercise, a diet rich in all of the minerals we talked about and take a supplement just to be sure. I’m not going to get into the types of supplements but you can read labels, and chat with your doctor. I take calcium carbonate, in many forms. Sometimes it’s an antacid if my gut if behaving badly. Yes, they have calcium carbonate. Just try to reach your daily input of 1000-1500 mg. of calcium each day depending on your size and your sex. Ask your doctor. Many have other opinions. Get informed. For those of us who are ill, the exercise may have to be moderate but do not embrace invalidism…please. This is your life and mine we are chatting about and we have to keep moving these bodies which are held together by a frame of bones. Does it hurt to move? Do it anyway if you are not fractured or in danger of falling down. Care is the word but moving is the need. Movement of the muscles and other soft tissues keep the bones healthy.

I promised you a song to hum, whistle or sing as you go through your day and here it is. This is one of the earlier versions, recorded by the Delta Rhythm Boys.

Ezekiel connected dem dry bones,
Ezekiel connected dem dry bones,
Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones,
Now hear the word of the Lord.

Toe bone connected to the foot bone,
Foot bone connected to the heel bone,
Heel bone connected to the ankle bone,
The ankle bone connected to the shin bone,
Shin bone connected to the knee bone,
Knee bone connected to the thigh bone,
Thigh bone connected to the hip bone,
Hip bone connected to the back bone,
Back bone connected to the shoulder bone,
Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone,
Neck bone connected to the head bone,
Now hear the word of the Lord.

Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around,
Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around,
Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around,
Now hear the word of the Lord.

My dear friends and readers, please stay connected so you can walk around.

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  1. Thanks Sue
    Now I will sing that song all night too. I always loved it. I have borderline osteoporosis they tell me. Came out of nowhere. Two years ago it was fine. I don’t like milk, but love cheese and yes almost daily ice cream. I need to be more aware of the amounts I get. I do take my supplement, and have for many years, because I don’t eat a lot of the things which supply calcium. But I exercise, and do try to eat the right thing.
    Referring to the other blog , my hands I believe, are acting up because of all the hard useage of them. Pulling weeds, a lot of pulling weeds, using shovels, hoes and hammers. Everything aggravates the arthritis. The Enbrel really is helping, but the more it helps me feel better, the more I undo. I mad myself a beautiful salad the other night. Lettuce, onions and radishes out of the garden and some heirloom tomato with oil and vinegar dressing. I really enjoyed it. I get lots of sun, as my brown skin shows, but still am low in D3 because of what ? So my back Dr and the RA Dr says to get 5,000 units a day. So I have to take it in addition to what is in my calcium. I think I will get me some Ensure to ensure that I get more of what I need. I worry about my bones, and really want to keep on as long as I can with all the work I love to do.
    Those deer will find a way to get where they want. My gardens are wrapped in bird mesh sides, and top. To keep them put. If they jump in, I will have venison this winter.
    Do take care all, I am resting today. Too tired not to.

    • Tonie dear, thank you once again for posting this and keeping up with the Word Press side of it while all I have to do is the joy of writing these blogs. You have been and are a true friend to me and we’ve never even met. Life can be peculiar but wonderful, can’t it?
      I am so pleased the Enbrel is helping but yes, you are not doing your body any favors by working it to excess. I wish I could answer the question about your D level but it varies so much with each of us. Mine is usually fine and Jim’s is low. He’s the guy out washing a car every other week or more so. We have a crow who loved to dump on my car and that just drives Jim crazy. Your levels may be due to one of your meds or it could just be damage from the RA.
      Can I ask? DO you wear work gloves out in the fields and garden? I can’t do without them. You get such a better grip on whatever you are doing with the right gloves I believe they really help. Shovel is not a word I like to hear from you and hoing, it’s all so hard on those joints. I have a tiny patch I have been working on this year by our front door and it’s enough for me. My deck and porch look wonderful and it has been such a pleasure to have more energy and feel better…except yesterday. I simply cannot handle 96 degree weather. Our plants can’t even handle it. It’s a shock for them. I had to lay a hose under our four hydrangeas in the back all afternoon yesterday and they are still blistered all over the tops of these magnificent plants. George was so cute however because he wouldn’t go down the hot steps to come out into the yard with me. Smart, huh? I had to carry the prince! Love you much. SInce you requested this blog I hope you liked it. Sue

      • Sue
        Yes, I liked it very much. And , yes, I do wear gloves. Can’t have my hands looking like Scarlett O’Hara’s ! No, I must have them. I wear the leather calfskin ones. They last longer and don’t rub. I bet your weather was not fun. Last night here, it was in the low 50’s. I think we got Chris’ cold front.
        I planted my hydrangea right where the water comes off the roof. It is growing like crazy and loving the location. Hopefully next year it will produce blooms.
        Today is mamo day. Fun fun.
        Hope you are well today

  2. Just a thought. I was told that lifting light weights would help with making bones stronger. I have osteopenia which is a precurser to osteoporosis. I have managed to hold it off for about 15 years with diet and exercise. Positive thoughts and prayers to all. Love, Janet

    • Good work, Janet! Yes, strength training is recommended for most people. The trick is to find what works for each of us, I’m sure.

    • Janet, I’m sorry I didn’t stress the importance of weight bearing more in my blog. It was getting so long and I was fading fast. Yes, indeed. I have lifted a set of three and a half pound weight for years and they have help my strength and neck and also helped me lift grandkids and groceries over the years. Now, however, my shoulders are bad and I was told not to lift weights so I ignored that advice and went down to a one pound weight on each arm but do a lot of reps. I get a lot of exercise with all of our stairs and actually thank God for them. How wonderful that you have been able to avoid further problems. Hope you’re doing okay with that wild Texas heat. I’m sure everywhere has AC but out here, not so much. We got back down to the 60’s today after 96 yesterday. Now we’re fogged in tonight. Gotta love the North coast. Much love, Sue

      • Sue, I was watching our Astros playing the Mariners in Seattle yesterday, they kept mentioning it was 90 degrees. Made me remember when we lived up there and thought that was really hot. Down here in Houston that is a wonderful temp as long as the humidity isn’t impossible. Strange how we acclimate over time. Love, Janet

  3. Oh my Sue now that song is in my head lol. I’m so stingy about my prednisone in part because of what happened to your sister but more because of how I feel. The side effects outweigh the pain relief. Even tiny doses make my face puffy. I’ve over done already today but I must do more as my house is at a point that I don’t want to be here. Poor Remi was really getting a workout stabilizing me while I was shopping she’s already napping and we’ve been home less than a half hour. She already had been alerting while we were on dad’s pontoon boat. Talking about medication side effects, I wonder if I’m going to die from the disease or the medication. Still on methotrexate and Orencia infusion, over 6 years now. It’s really jacked up my cholesterol and my primary provider keeps bringing up statins. I remind her I have to work very hard to keep my liver happy I will not push my luck. I also remind her that my carotids and coronary arteries are clearly per my cardiologist (had a little rhythm issue) so the risks outweigh the benefits there. I still do water balance and aerobics to keep muscle. Just waiting for the next fun autoimmune disease addition.

    • I try not to use pred, either, Laura. I don’t like the side effects, although I didn’t notice puffiness (short course), I didn’t like how it made me feel and the lack of sleep.

    • Bobsled, well, God bless your Remi. Always love the pictures and posts of her. Sounds like she is learning and growing as your help mate. I do understand about the balancing act we all perform. My oncologist is always thrilled that I research everything and ask so many questions. I think she wishes every patient did. We have to be involved and not just because we’re both RN’s. It’s a matter of caring enough to be good to ourselves. As far as the statins, I don’t blame you as long as they are keeping watch on your cholesterol levels, HDL, etc. I lowered mine several years ago by eating oatmeal several mornings each week. I hate soggy, goopy oatmeal so I got some low sugar instant mixes of various flavors and added fruit to them. Still hate it but it is a good item for that. I also take metamucil every night and that is also so helpful for lowering cholesterol.
      There are days I look around here and feel the same and wonder when the maid died…oh, I know…I never had a maid. The only advice I have is to decide the night before what you are going to get done the next day…keep it small and simple…write it down, then take a few mins. to keep your promise to yourself the next day. That feeling of accomplishment has a way of banishing depression. Think of you so often and hope you are seeing your dear Dad a lot and know you are blessed by many friends where you live and on here. Love, Sue

  4. What an informative blog sue
    I’ve gotta read it again…I have Vit D with calcium prescribed by rheumy but I asked just for vit D by itself
    It seemed the calcium upset my stomach
    We do learn from others mistakes …
    My DD rang today and said to go shopping and meet for a meal we did .had a good time.trying hats on is a good pastime with someone
    Off to the coast tomorrow so gonna try and sleep

    • Chris, I love going out with my daughter and trying on hats! Some of our best times have been that. It’s a fine thing to have a son but daughters, well, they have a way of speaking to our souls.
      Since you aren’t taking a supplement I hope you watch your diet to achieve the level of CA+ you need each day. Hope you get the windows situation at your lovely home done to your satisfaction. Love, Sue

  5. Sue, loved it! Of course, a song was involved, so… 😉 Been too up and down here lately, and lots of negativity. I don’t do well with negativity. Thankfully, all took and upturn during the course of the day. Until that time, I chose to spend as much time outside as I could! It was a beautiful day and I needed some “me” time, Sadie pup at my side. I wish you could meet her. She really is a wonderful pup.

    • Lyn, I do love watching all of Sadie’s antics and know how much you enjoy her. Isn’t it wonderful how much our dogs can mean to us? They are such a comfort to us and so intuitive when we need them and much too smart when we’re up to something. Yesterday poor George was panting so much, not being accustomed to 96 degree weather, I finally just snatched him up and plopped him in the kitchen sink and soaked him through and through. I left his halter on so it got nice and wet. He cooled off them for the rest of the day and was so much happier. He needs a trim right now because his hair grows like weeds and all that wet fur got him through the rest of the evening as well.
      As far as prednisone, you definitely don’t want to go there unless you simply cannot go without it and then, always low doses. Love you much and am thankful life worked out for you today. I also have a terrible time with negativity and feel like it smothers me. I wish everyone was geared for the positive, hopeful side of issues but alas, isn’t so. Being alone can be a calming situation.

  6. Hi all
    Tonie it was the mammo today I think..hope all went well I hate them
    Pouring all day here and cold?so had lamb shanks and mash..winter food
    It was lovely at the coast saw the sunset and back home.stopped for a meal tho
    Man came to look at Windows he did see two scratches and will send another man to see…but the other marks you can only see in the afternoon light… will go on I think
    Our roof will be done on 17/6 I really would like then for it all to be done and’s taken its toll this move it will be a year that date
    Actually managed to finish my library book today..I’ve renewed it so many times
    Hope all well

  7. Chris
    Yes, had the mamo squeeze. I suppose all is well, haven’t heard yet. And yesterday was the Rhuemy visit. She wants to add Plaquinel to my mash of meds. Says it may help with the hurting in my hands and feet. Renewed the rx for prednisone because she saw I am careful with it. I still have some left from January so….. But would do no more for sleeping aid so I am on my own there. Long day and tiring trip. I have not averaged more than 5 hours sleep per night of late. FM left me some sleeping pills that are not allowed in the US and I save them for emergencies. I took one last night and slept all night. Feels good this morning.
    So sorry you have had all your problems with the house. But you can “see daylight” now. Just a bit more and you can have success.
    Today we have more kids to help here, so I will be working outside with them all day. Judy is with her friend who is getting the port in for her chemo after surgery next week. It is sad times here for me seeing all my siblings getting older and sick and friends…..but tis life.
    Okay, here is the address to send pill bottles, of any kind, even OTC ones:
    The Malawi Project, Inc.
    3314 Van Tassel Drive
    Indianapolis, IN
    They take these to countries where they can use them to put their meds in. Otherwise they hold them in their hands. Do take care all. I must be off.

    • Yes it’s a sad age to be in.i think how did other generations manage,what did they do.. Did they feel the same they must have ..and earlier on in life probably..there is no escaping it
      Hope Judy,s friend goes ok
      I remember when FM was with you and you had kids last time to help and a big cook out after…
      Well gonna get on with laundry sheets needed changing and its 8 ish but jst felt OK to do it,back hips shoulders playing up More than usual..I think it’s the drop in temp 94 last week 57 today

    • Tonie, thanks for the address of the organization that can use med bottles. I will have many. Have a whole bag of expired pills and will empty into a bag to take to the pharmacy for dumping anyway.
      Printed it and will keep it.
      Glad the mammo squeeze wasn’t too horrible.SO cool to have the college kids back for the clean up and visiting. I’m sure it is exhausting but enjoyable…as so many things are. Sorry to hear Judy is still gone. I know she loves her friends but she does need some time to recoup and be in her own home. What a very special friend she is to Mary and Mary’s DH. More in a min. Sue

  8. Chris
    Hope you got your sheets done. I did mine yesterday before the Dr visit. Tired now from all day work. Mary’s DRs ( she has three of them) have cancelled all her appts. Now they want her to take some chemo pills, so ne is sure what is going on at this point. The husband is the one who should be finding out but….. I would cancel THEM and go to another Dr were it me.
    Yes, we had the students in March, they were college. These were coming seniors from Georgetown Preparatory in Washington DC. Good boys, hard working, sensible conversations with me. Renews my hope in the generation coming in.
    Sue, hope your eyes are better. Lyn, I bet you are enjoying the weather.
    Janet, didn’t know you were a baseball fan.i never was until Arizona, and we got the Diamondbacks. Used to go to games, sit into the nosebleed section and eat frozen yogurt. Hope you are staying cool. I know how humid Houston is. Here it was 41′ this am at 7. Couldn’t believe it.
    Take care all

    • I’ve been a rabid baseball fan all my life. My Dad and I listened to the Dodgers and the Hollywood Stares on the radio. before television came along. Later when I moved to Seattle and the Mariners began I adopted them, then back to Capo Beach and the Dodgers, then Weatherford and the Rangers and now Houston with the .Astros. Something I have in common with the son I live with now. My other son has no interest in base ball at all.

      Your weather is even crazier than ours. I can’t imagine 41 at the end of June.

      Take care, love, Janet

      • I think that is great ! I like basketball myself. Not pro, but college. I saw a video on FB of this league of older ladies, some in their nineties who play basketball in San Diego. I am getting together with some ladies I played with in high school, or who just want to play to see if we can do that here. Sounds like fun.
        Glad you have your son to share baseball with. My son and I share a love of music. All we really have in common these days.
        Take care Janet
        Love ya

      • Janet, Love to envision you in a ball cap shouting your lungs out at a game. Me, no thanks. No fan here. Jim’s obsessed with cars and always has been. He’s no sports fan either. Good for you and your son to share it.
        We’ve had several cool nights lately with days in the 60’s with a warm sun and gentle breezes. We’ve only had that one hideous day when it was 96 degrees and burnt several plants which are like we folks in the NW…not used to that darned old sun. Stay cool and hope you’re able to stay active. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, It is possible those doctors came to the conclusion Mary simply isn’t strong enough for the bodily stress of chemotherapy via the IV. There are some great ones out there now that are given in shots and orally. I am in my third year of the shots in both hips every month and they told me they were only good for two years with most people. We’re all so different and the treatment has to be individualized. My most recent tumor factor, one of them, has actually gone down. Cancer is one of the diseases that has constant research and more funds than many others, like the rheumatoid diseases. Prayers for the wisdom of Mary’s doctors, her health and her faith that she will find peace while she lives, whether for one year or ten. Cancer is an uncertain business…that is one of the many things I have learned.
      My garden is looking so pretty…mostly pots on porch and deck. I was mumbly about watering all yesterday and said, out loud to myself, “Well, you planted it!”
      Found a farmer selling some wonderful, small flavor filled strawberries and made two batches of the fresh strawberry jam today. Exhausted but so much fun. Haven’t done that in years. I love it because it’s so fresh, can be used on so much, even ice cream. I think I mostly like it because it’s so easy to make. Pushed the stems out with a straw and made it so much less messy and quick. Never did that before until my old friend in CA said she’d read it was a good idea.
      Hope you’re getting some rest after a busy yet, I hope, productive week. Love, Sue

  9. Wow Janet you are some baseball fan!
    Poor Mary.what can be going on..she must be so confused and worried.yep done my sheets and all dry
    I know you always have sore eyes but have I missed something .is there something extra happening?
    How’s the knees..I know you have an hosp appt this week

    • Chris, eyes not ever really sore, except rarely, yet vision affected by dryness of Sjogren’s and worsening. They get very tired after a short while on here and begin to blur. Get headaches if I push it. I can read well on my Kindle reader with larger print. Have order in for new computer glasses which I hope will help. Shopping for cheap since no longer have eyeglass insurance with DH retired.
      Injection into knees scheduled for today cancelled when local internist office person said they don’t clear it with the insurance for the drug needed to be injected. He said he’d take care of it from a suggestion from my pain doctor in Portland. That was three or more weeks ago. They made the appt. and now this…out of the blue. I think she just didn’t want to be bothered with it. To wait until two days before the procedure to call me…ridiculous. I was upset at first but have now seen it all work out for the best for me. I decided to just pray about it and leave it alone and I called pain doc and she will inject them for me. Means three trips to Portland because it’s a series of three, one week apart. Have appt. there on Aug. 3 so we will co-ordinate around that one to be the last or the first one. They were only going to do one injection out here. Want it done right! Swelling going down but still very painful when standing or getting up or down. Now I’m trying to figure out how to plant new ground cover in a tiny patch out front. I will get it done somehow. Maybe I will sit on my small garden bench. Are surrounded by cement so couldn’t get back up if I sit on it.
      Beautiful weather here ever since that one hot day. In the 60’s, cool nights and warm, bright sun with some wind. Good for all the new plants.
      Just read windows to be replaced without a hassle. Good. You’ve had to redo so much but I know it is getting the way you want it to be. Hang in there sweet friend. Love, Sue

  10. Tonie, it has been beautiful up here! Unfortunately, yesterday I didn’t get to enjoy much of it, save walking the pup. It was a wildly busy day. I was hoping for a low key day today, but early on people were already wanting to know what I was bringing to family Deck Night tomorrow and so on. Pup and I walked, I looked through my Pinterest recipes a bit, and am ready for some lunch. The weather has been great, and a positive in a rather stressful week. I’m frustrated with the stress and negativity around me. Think I’ll make time to just sit outside and read and enjoy myself today.

    Chris, fresh sheets! Love them! Just dislike making the bed. Thankfully, my DH often takes on that chore. 😉

    Janet, you are a fan!

    • Lyn, So many of us struggle to be the mother, the wife, the strong one leading the way we just don’t get emotionally and spiritually “filled up.” A constant barrage of negativity can kill that spark of joy we’re always looking for and need to keep going. Sometimes we do have to isolate ourselves, I know, because I often feel the drag of negative thinking, worry and the world near and far. Hugs, prayers and hope for a bit or more of renewal. Much love, Sue

  11. Lyn
    Hope you are feeling brighter after some time to yourself

    Well I rang to see where they were at with the windows after the man came to see and they are replacing all four of them two really big ones and two small ones..I was expecting a hard time but nope all nice and helpful and be in next week!
    Cold here and I’m feeling it so put the heating on for 30 mins today..nearly into July and 94 last week!
    Hope all doing well there

  12. Morning all
    In for another long day. But it started well, had a call from my FM. He is still looking at the end of July, maybe August for his arrival here. Many health issues to be addressed before he leaves, make sure he is well and strong. He is not happy because his family wants a big party for him beforehand. He doesn’t like that. Just wants to go around and see them all. Quiet man, no big crowds, doesn’t like attention focused on him.
    So, off to swim, then to pick up Judy and Mary and go visit my SIl in North Carolina. Sue, they now tell her she must have iv chemo after surgery. Everything is just mixed up, so no one is sure what the real procedure will be. They tell Mary, but she can’t focus good, and her husband doesn’t ask questions, or call them back. And Judy is her care giver but can’t ask the questions if her dh is there. Crazy. But, it will be done.
    Rainy here this morning, soft . I saw a deer, big one, out in the pasture under the trees. Beautiful. Worked with the horse last evening. She is getting ready to ride. I must have someone here with me to help. Maybe later I will get someone to be here and get on her. Needs to be done. And by me.
    Well, must be off. Sue I am so glad you are getting your knees done, and done right. Chris, get those workmen on their way. Lyn, I understand how difficult it is with negativity all around you. It is depressing and brings you low in spirit and hurt in your body. Music, nature and animals. How I get through it. Always have.
    Have a wonderful day all

    • Toniie dear girl, so, lots of good news and concerns. First of all…the good stuff. Sounds like your FM is getting as excited as you are to exit his previous life and begin his new one with you. What a huge step for him to take and difficult to imagine how much contemplation he went through deciding to make this move of the heart and mind. Life can be so wonderful sometimes and this is a miracle in the making, the two of you, the way you met, etc. Hope he gets his health matters straightened out quickly and the train leaves the station, the boat leaves the dock or the plane flies quickly. I hope he doesn’t have too much travel to do before leaving, with his good-bye tour. They should do it his way but we will see. I’m sure he has relatives who will miss him very much but that is a story for the ages as we move from country to country throughout history. I’m so excited for both of you.
      Sounds like you are on the brink with riding now and hope you can get a friend to be there for you. Sounds like lots of work you’ve been doing with her training.
      I assumed you meant Mary would wait until after surgery for IV chemo and not your SIL. Hope SIL is improving and your visit went well. Did Mary go with you both after all? Tonie, if Judy is willing there is a piece of paper she can sign at the doctor’s office, with Mary’s permission, to be in on all medical info meetings, get paper work like lab reports, etc. as Mary’s representative. It sound like both Mary and her DH would be willing to do this if Judy has the time and energy. What is holding up the surgery? If that tumor is malignant and attached to the stomach wall, why not get it out of her ASAP?
      Been doing a bit of gardening but methotrexate yesterday so not the greatest day for it. Oncologist says if I go on new chemo pill for breast mets will have to stop methotrexate or white counts will go too low. Not sure I like that idea at all. Need to pray for better answer than that.
      Getting Xrays of knees when I get around to it next week here in town for pain doc in Portland. Do rest now after your day on the road, okay? Much love, Sue

  13. Morning all
    Happy Fourth of July to all of my US readers here ! May we remember this year the sacrifices made so that our country would be a FREE Democratic nation.
    Sue, we had a good visit with my SIL and brother. I realized how far down Mary has gone. She can no longer stand, sit, or move unless assisted. It is so sad, and all that is from the MS. She is not the woman I have known for all my life anymore. Her treatments start next week. With shots and pills for the next few weeks, then see if it has shrunk. Then I am not sure.
    Glad you are getting your knees done. I know how painful they are and how much better it feels after treatments. Wish you could get in the pool. Maybe you could get a hottub for your back porch ? That helps a lot. Jim would benefit from that as well.
    We got home Friday with the realization that I left my cell phone at my brothers. Got side tracked with helping with Mary and getting everyone out, and left it laying. SO….yesterday I had to drive back down again and pick it up. Took the dogs with me so they had a road trip with ice cream.
    Beautiful day dawning here. So hopefully I can be outside with the horse today. I also need to finish repairing my Mothers chairs before my grandkids get here. Or I would like to.
    May you all have a Blessed Sunday.

  14. Hi all
    Short note as busy for few days
    Roof bigger job than thought..they’d put a second roof down on old roof so it all had to come off and be reboarded
    So a,lot of dust and grit over everything ..and take another day
    Also,have to,leave them to,go to Dermy appt for DH in the morning .. ,he’s deaf so I have to go too
    Also inr appt later in day
    All typical of events ..why did I think it would be simple
    Don’t fancy all the mess clearing umph
    How’s the knees sue
    And what a another trip tonie
    And poor Mary she is lucky to have Judy

  15. Good morning peeps
    Beautiful day here with a promise of rain later, I hope. The gardens need it, otherwise I will use the hose and sprinkler.
    Restful day yesterday and my back thanks me. But lots to do today. My garden is producing, I have zucchini, squash, onions, lettuce, radish, spinach and soon squash and turnips, oh and tomatoes, the most important. Cucumbers are full of blooms, hopefully all
    Will develop. But, today I will try to get a good start on finishing Mothers chairs before the kids come next week. Clean out a shed, take off the trash and work the gardens. Should be enough for one day.
    Mary is going today to have the cath port put in for the if chemo. Then next week she starts her pills and shots, then they will plan from those results in regards to the surgery. Poor Judy, drive right back last night after one day at home.
    Sue, we found out that FM can qualify for insurance through the government, or Obamacare. T
    Always has been able to, but because the age stopped at 64, which is where prices stop going up, people thought they didn’t . The site was changed this year to show that effect. After five years here he can get Medicare, but has to pay for it. So….better news than we thought.
    Eggs and biscuits for breakfast this morning. All my hens are laying now, so an abundance. Soon, I hope to go to the afarmers Market with crochet, handiwork and fruits of chickens and garden.
    Chris, have a unstressful day please for you. I can’t believe how they patched up your house just to sell instead of fixing it all. But, as a tv character used to say, “God will get them for that “. Hope it all turns out, not too dirty. Maybe you could hire a “Tonie” through an agency or ad to do it for you ?
    Hope all is well for everyone

  16. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans (sounded like LBJ !HA) I hope you all enjoy time with your family or whomever you choose. Remember the sacrifices made for our freedom. God Bless America !
    I have no special plans today, just the usual. I am moving slowly. Bad night and morning for my back and feeling bad. But, Finish my coffee and go to check about the blackberries in the mountain to see if they are ready. I hope so. I made my sister some black raspberry jelly yesterday. She can’t have the seeds. And made some zucchini bread with the fresh out of the garden and some of my brothers pecans. Came out of the oven about bedtime. Had a little slice hot with some butter on it. I always add more spices to mine than the recipe calls for and less sugar.
    Sue, I hope your eyes are doing better today. Lyn, I know you will have a big family to do today. Chris, hope your roofing is going well. Janet, enjoy your day with your son. And to all the rest of the readers, God bless.

    • Tonie
      All your cooking sounds so good
      Your life there seems magical to me
      Not long now till FM comes to join you
      I’ve been busy sweeping and sweeping and washing windows hosing down conservatory roof last its finished and I’m glad I didn’t know how it was .going to be ! Aching etc..but it will go… Eventually …….
      they had to take off two layers of roof felting as they hadn’t bothered to do it before they renewed it the last time..the dust and grit were …well a lot
      Still it’s one big job we knew had to be done
      Weather has been kind for the two days .but gives it warm again to the weekend ugh
      Hope all over there had a good holiday for Independence Day
      Yes I could have done with a tonie here..
      Ok gonna try and get back to sleep it’s just gone midnite here

      • Chris
        I have to smile that you think my life is magical. I never liked living here growing up. Always wanted to move away to where there was more….to do, to see, easier. But I am very glad to be back. It is, I guess a little magical to me as well. The beauty of nature, and wonder of it all. I went to pick blackberries yesterday. It is so beautiful up there. I will send you some pictures I took.I am Aways taking pictures.These mountains are a beauty to behold if you life this sort of thing. Not much here except nature. So glad you got your roof finished. I have had that done, so I can relate. So much to wash away, and as you say the grit. My roofers cleaned up as good as they could . But I still had nails, some pieces of roofing, and all the excess grit from the old and new tiles to wash away from around the house. But so good to see the results.
        Hope you have a good day.

      • Chris dear, I am so SORRY to hear about the mess with the roofs after all the prep you did for the windows. Finally, it’s done but oh the clean up. Hope you can move today. We also went through that with a roof about 26 or so years ago down in CA. They kept finding roof after roof piled upon another. It’s a wonder they all had not fallen in. These jerks who were putting on the new roof just threw all of that mess off the side, wherever they found it. They ruined several bushes before we saw what they were doing. I agree with others on here that we found nails and roof pieces forever in the yard. It is finished, isn’t it? What a mess.
        Gorgeous weather here today. Got back from ordering new computer glasses and hospital for X-rays at the hospital. Hate those hard tables. Ii got a DVD to take to the pain specialist who will now be injecting both of my knees with Synvisc ASAP. Three injections, one week apart. Jim was telling me just yesterday how much our gasoline bill has gone down since we hardly ever go to Portland any longer with my oncologist out here.
        Porch and deck looking so nice out here. Grands helped both of us on Mon. GS sanded the back porch Jim had trouble with because he couldn’t get down on his knees and GS did a wonderful job. GD helped me in the house and helped to plant some new ground cover for me. We’ve been moving some pieces of furniture around to give J. more room for his computer and so I can have my dining room table back as a table. Bought new pads for the chairs that are wooden. All the sorting and hauling has me in a state of pain but it will clear up soon. Just got an email we’ll be getting the season of Grantchester on DVD in the mail very soon. Goody. I recently ordered Robson Green’s old series WIRE IN THE BLOOD> It’s a bit ghoulish but I always liked that show, too. Got to get out of here and go to store. Limping badly right now so maybe I’ll get a cup to carry. Ha, Ha. Later, and you hang in there, okay? Love, Sue

      • Sue, DIL and I both got our first of three synvisc shots this afternoon. She’s a little stiff,but I am fine. Hope your’s goes as well as mine. Love, Janet

    • Tonie, Your garden this year sounds wonderful…and also a great deal of work as you freeze and can. Zucchini bread sounds so so yummy. I love all of those breads hot from the oven…oh my. I am sorry for Judy. This whole experience with Mary has been so rough on her. Is there no one else who can help Mary and her husband from time to time? I’m afraid Judy is paying too high a price with her own health. It is also putting so much onto you as you deal with your work, your own house and hers. Hopefully, all will begin to calm down soon when they decide what to do with Mary’s surgery?
      My eyes are about the same..much fatigue and dryness and worse with the winds we’ve had. Our sun has been very hot but the air cool so we’ve been hanging in the 60’s all week. Lovely Fourth around the area. Quiet fourth for us except the noise bouncing off the hills here from the fireworks show at the Columbia upset George. He would bark at it then go into his kennel here by my bed. Such a busy week here but will go into that later. Out now to get my knees X-rayed and to check on the new frames for my new computer glasses. Hope I like them so we can get on with the glasses and see if they help. Be back later and chat with everyone…I promise. Much love, Sue

  17. Happy 4th of July, all US peeps! By now the day is almost done. I hope it was a lovely one for everyone near and far. I am pleased to pop on here at the end of a long day to see some good news all around.
    Chris, I know what a lot of messy extra work you endured, but all well worth it. And windows falling in line, too! You’ll have practically a new, new house soon! I hope DH’s appt went well and you were able to get some much needed rest.
    Sue, good knees news! I’ll be thinking of you with those x-rays. At least they aren’t MRIs.
    Tonie, good news from your FM. I do hope all goes smoothly with his health appts and farewells are pleasant, if bittersweet, for him. I’m sure it will be upon you both before you know it. We could use a bit of rain up here as well. It has been several days. I have been enjoying the mostly pleasant weather, however. A bit warm lately, but I have managed to be in shade most of the time, and nice breezes have been around mostly.
    Yes, we did have a family gathering later this afternoon into evening. Long day in preparation. Long walk with the pooch to tucker her out. Overdid it a bit, but it was so nice out this morning. Home to shower, grab a bite to each and begin prep for our offerings for the later meal. I made cookies with chocolate and caramel pieces and DH and I joined forces to make a salad of corn, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, with basil and an olive oil, lemon juice with garlic, black pepper and salt dressing. Both were a hit and quite tasty. Of course, I ended up standing all day, and then sitting most of the time at our BIL’s in chairs in which I had a rough time getting comfortable in. Happy to be home now and will probably end up in bed soon, read a bit, then off to slumberland. Wish I had a day off tomorrow to rest, but unfortunately, I don’t. Will take it easy when possible.
    Best to all!

    • Lyn
      Sounds like you had a good day and evening. Your salad sounds yummy !! I have been trying to come up with some things for the kiddies next week. They will eat good things and healthy things. That is how their Dad feeds them. We had a bit of rain last night. I have to wait until the grass dries off and mow later today. Going down to clean my sisters house for her first. I thought of you the other day. I am trying to get Mother;’s chairs finished. Four coats of different pain on them. Beautiful old pine underneath it all though. I have to sand the legs, and very hard on my hands. But I must finish them. I have a goal in sight, so it will help me. I have some bright upholstery fabric to redo the seats on them, and I think I will put a colorwash on them. Just something bright and eye catching. I hope you have a chance to rest today after all your activity. I had to stand a lot on Monday, not moving and boy did I feel it !
      Take care

      • Tonie, Oh boy. Yes, sanding is rough on our hands. Little bits at a time and rest in between. I know, it’s hard to make ourselves stop, but oh, my, the pain if we overdo. Your final vision of your chairs sounds great. Good luck! Wednesday is usually a long, busy day for me, but luckily I had some things canceled, so that helped me to rest a bit. It is to be rainy today, so I may get a rest from walking, too. If I can get the pup out for a short trip around the neighborhood, I will, but we’ll see. I can’t seem to stand or sit for long periods of time. Not always helpful.

    • Lyn, I do enjoy the way we all talk about food on here. Your salad sounds wonderful. What a full Fourth of July you had and hard chairs at the end of it, oh my but also good. What a price we each pay just to enjoy our families and life. Life a little, regret a bit, rest a lot and head out each morning for a new day. That’s pretty much it. It does sound like you are enjoying spring and hope all is well with DH and both of the kids.
      We had the loveliest day last Monday with our two youngest grands, now 11 and 14 next month. Our GS was such a big help with the deck sanding and such a good sport. We negotiated jobs in the morning and since they were leaving for a trip to Calif.with Beth the next day, I thought they could earn some spending money. I ordered what they wanted for lunch which was pepperoni pizza. First pizza DH and I had had since the first of the year since he has been dieting and I can live without pizza. GD watered all my plants and helped me so much with a bit of landscaping. They both helped us move my whitewashed antique desk downstairs by emptying drawers, etc. I’m seriously thinking about putting a few subtle gold tones on it. It’s fun having it downstair so I can use the top part to display some of my LLadro and other collectibles. I live in and adore eclectic style. I told Tonie on the phone the other day our messy little house is like stepping into an antique shop…dusty, cluttered, etc. What a job, moving a desk…so much stationary supply content. So much accumulated in such a small piece of furniture. You know how it is when you start moving this and that…then pics on the wall, etc. Still a bit of a mess but the end is in sight.
      I must admit I am in constant pain when I move…strained my knees and left hip yesterday. Keep moving, that’s our motto, isn’t it? Take care and do enjoy your summer. Lovely here with cool temps and bright sun with lots of tourists and wind. Love, Sue

  18. How’s you sue
    You do sound a bit brighter lyn…
    Tonie look forward to the pics
    DH appt was for a funny mole but it was ok but he had one frozen off his ear.
    All the mess is cleared now if I’d have known the mess..well it was best I didn’t know before !
    Next the windows to be replaced
    Then we will have been here a full year July 15
    Again if I known theN .Best I didn’t
    Been to coast tonight because we could ..

  19. Morning all
    Chris, yes, it is always good that we don’t know the future, for what real pleasures would be forgo because of a few obstacles. Life is full of them, isn’t it ? It’s good you are so close to the coast you can just go and enjoy. See, you would have missed that. Glad DH is good. A year already ? But, as Sue says, you will have a new house almost. At least all the things repaired and done. New deck, new furniture, new windows (saving money on heating) new roof and fixed water system. Lots done in the year. Now it is YOUR home.
    Lyn, yeah, stopping is the problem. I have to pick up more stripper today, ran out, so they are at a standstill. And some more sandpaper. I haven’t started that yet, but know I haven’t enough left from the table. It will get done. I have this weekend, and if I don’t finish, well, I have barstools they can sit on.
    Sue. I hope you are doing okay. I started the hemp oil, and really it seems to be helping with the back pain. I have been on it for two days now, and even though I still have the pain it is less severe. I know your eyes have been bothering you again. Prayers for their healing.
    I just now got a call from someone needing my help. So, hopefully something I can do. My other house has been delayed because of construction they are doing, so not sure when that will be back again. But, the Lord does provide. Maybe I can work there tomorrow and Saturday, will see.
    Now I must go and clean Fran’s house. And go to the store for supplies for when the kids are here. And ride my bike some. Get some serenity from the trail. All that beauty and silence. Nature. I love it.
    Take care all

    • Yea it feels more like mine now…had their old gas cooker taken out today ,so last of those owners gone an elec one to come next week.happened all quickly as the gas man could come and deal with the gas today .so no cooker for a week….no probs!.too hot…on diet….have picnics..didn’t want gas as it seems to cause a lot of condensation here,also I’ve always cooked electric…
      Hope you got all done to get to that trail

      • Chris
        Sounds like it is really your house now. I have a ceramic top stove, and have for years. I love it. It cooks so evenly and you can clean it easy. The top is getting worn though, all the years of scrubbing it , but still works well. I used to cook with gas, years ago. I like people the quick start up.
        But, good excuse to eat cold salads and sandwiches right ? Last night I had zucchini bread and strawberries for supper. I have got an overload of eggs, I need to sell some. Oh well,my son will want them when he comes by. The kids love the eggs. And will eat more because they are from here. My one little grandson wants bacon and eggs, so I had to buy bacon yesterday. Looking forward to Monday.
        Take care and eat some ice cream !

  20. Janet, thanks for your kind words about the injections in the knees. I’m sure they can’t feel any worse. I’ve been giving myself methotrexate shots for many years, each week; having Faslodex chemo shot in the rear cheeks, each at 5cc each for the last three years and actually look forward to the relief with the knees. It is the trips into Portland I dread with all the sitting. I certainly hope both you and your DIL do well and see increasing success with each knee injection. Love ya, Sue

  21. Sue
    I like Granchester it’s finished here a while ago..maybe another ..they say not tho
    How special to have your grands join in and do it all together. Those bits are gold
    I’m still getting mineral dust from the roof but it feels good to have that done and gone
    Do hope your back is ok from that xray table now and get those knees done pdq
    Lyn as usual your food sounded good ..hope you feel improved there

    • Chris, each time we hear from you something has happened at the house. No stove for a week sounds like a challenge. Do you have a microwave? It is a good season to have the bit of inconvenience and quite frankly a wonderful reason to eat at a restaurant. Jim and I have been eating a lot of cold deli sandwiches lately just for the pure ease of it. He could eat a pastrami and provolone sandwich every day I think.
      I prefer electric now that I have used it for 20 years. I think it is cleaner for the kitchen. Guess those bits of dust from the roof will blow with the wind but maybe a good rain will settle that down. What a relief to have that over and done. You rarely tell us how this effecting you but do hope your back and hip are holding up to all of this. Are you doing okay with all the heat? We only had one day of intense heat and has been cooler here ever since. The sun has been intense yet we have a cool breeze to keep the temps tapped down.
      Feeling awful here the last few days, especially yesterday. So many reasons to complain but it never helps…alas. Life seems to roll on. Have a great weekend, okay? Love, Sue

      • Sue I do hope you get to be better.the knee’s still sore?
        Yep got a microwave and its got a conventional oven in it not so bad.also the bbq In this weather
        Feel very weak in this weather. my shoulder and hips are sore
        Chest sore from dust along with eyes
        But taking it easy over weekend for next week.then thats it for a bit.its a year next Friday we moved
        Going to down load cooker instructors so I’m ready to go

  22. Morning
    Awake at six, but had a good nights sleep for once. I don’t think I got up once ! Celebrate !
    Sue I watch Granchester on Amazon. They also have Wire in the Blood. I really like Grandhester. The lead guy looks so much like our young life guard at the pool. And just as sweet. I love the BBC shows, wish I could get more of them. Right now I am stuck on Greys Anatomy. Like a soap opera ! Funny and keeps the attentionwith these med students. I always turn on a movie or show at night, not much on real tv worth watching these days here. NCIS, and I do like Bull.
    Well, going to see about the new job today. Painting mostly she said. So I will take some supplies I have, see what she has to work with. Hate going in blind. Rode my bike yesterday, so enjoyable on the trail, listening to my head phones going along singing old hymns . One lady passed me just laughing. I don’t know when anyone is behind me, get lost in the moment. Very calming.
    Well, Sue I do hope your knees will be feeling better soon, I have to make my appointment to got back to the orthopod to follow up on my knee and see about getting this cyst off my finger. Always something, right ?
    Have a great day all

    • Tonie, so pleased to hear you had a good night of sleep night before last. Hope last night was also a good one. Also, good to hear you have another job lined up. It will pay for you to be a handy girl. The thought of you riding a bike on a mountain trail frightens me. I guess it’s the mother in me.
      I know from the pics you’ve shared on FB what beautiful country you live in and know getting out in it in the quietude must be an uplifting experience.
      How fun to have the grands coming for a few days. You get to get caught up on their lives and see how much they’ve all grown. I’m sure they will all love seeing you and eating your cooking.
      Closing for now, eyes blurry this AM. Do take care and try not to overdo. Love, Sue

  23. Sue
    No no mountain trails ! This is like Lyns trail. It used to be the railroad track, so pretty much flat. Kids are here now. My son had to change his plans, of course, but it is good.
    Have a good weekend
    Love ya

    • Tonie, oh good. I know you’re loving on those kids…old Southern expression and they, you. I remember how much they love coming to see their KeeKee. Have fun, don’t tire yourself out too much cooking for them all. Love, Sue

  24. Hello, all. Interesting stove top talk here. I’ve had a glass top for years – easy to use, easy to clean. I do sometimes wish we had put in a gas top, though. Although, I’d have wanted gas top with an electric oven (more even heating) which I don’t think was readily available/affordable when we built. We could replace with one, but would need to put a gas line in, as we didn’t do that when we built. We do have gas heat, so already have the main line.
    I suppose I may have my hands full with some little extra jobs soon. My parents just signed a contract on a new house in an over 55 community – beautiful location with a lovely pond and tree view. Their house is officially on the market today, so must be ready to show at a moment’s notice. So… time to pack up things that should be out of sight for viewings. They will get movers to box up things for the move – good idea. I am so excited for them! It is a great house, and large, so will still easily house our family gatherings. It will get them into a one story house. There is a finished basement, but is more easily accessible due to a chair lift. Their current house is a bilevel and it is increasingly more difficult for my step-dad to maneuver.
    Tonie, I know you are enjoying your visitors. 🙂 I am sure they are enjoying being there and partaking in your yummy cooking. Those extra eggs will be put to good use, I’m sure.
    Chris, well, you may finally soon have your new home fully yours. So sorry you had so many obstacles along the way!
    Sue, so glad Tonie clarified for you. I had envisioned her riding on a Rail Trail like I walk even though I know she lives in a mountainous area. Glad her trail is what was in my mind rather than yours. 🙂 Safer that way.
    I suppose I should check if my phone is charged. I need to get moving on my day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

    • Lyn
      Yes the glass top is so easy to clean the gas was so fiddly and I wasn’t able to clean the whole thing up ,so put up with it for a year..but time to go
      I know the gas tops are quick to cook, responsive to heat but I prefer easy to clean
      The oven itself produced a lot of condensation and in the winter you can’t really open all the windows..apparently they are known for this
      So I’m looking forward to my new more step way from that previous owner
      One thing to do tho is change our house number on wall….to one I like…it’ll be like that Xmas decoration still there….
      Your parents new house sounds perfect ..hope all goes well now for the sale
      Ok gonna get ready for two progs on to tonight….not often like that.
      One is a documentary about two people swapping lives and the other a mystery
      AND I can sit with an ice at on my hip

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