I’m Crying Uncle !!!

My mornings begin, I’m certain, like many of your mornings do. I awake with a sense of disappointment when I realize I am awake, must move my body and limp into the bathroom. I’ve already been through this process at least a couple of times during the night, but the early morning awakening is different. With the middle of the night trips, I always know I have the escape of sleep, the warmth of a comfortable bed and the comfort of my trusty heating pad. If I was a dog, my heating pad would be my bone. If I was a ship my bed would be my docking berth. If I was a magician, I wouldn’t still be in this body.
In the morning, when it’s time to get up and start going for the day there is some serious debating going on between my mind and my body, a battle of sorts. My body tells me to roll over and try to go back to sleep while my mind screams at me like a mother awakening a whiny child, firmly and with resolve. Most mornings my mind wins this daily battle but there are days when the body won’t budge, usually based on what I did the previous day. I feel very sorry for anyone who calls me before 10 a.m. because I am their worst nightmare. I can even terrify that computer guy from India, you know, the one named Sam who calls you at 7 a.m. to tell you your computer isn’t working? Well, I can make him cry out and hang up on me.

My next move, and I use that hideous word “move” with some cringing, is to reach for a drink of seltzer water sitting beside the bed because I need to prepare to swallow my handful of morning pills which I’ve already prepared in a weekly-dose-container lying beside my bed. I almost always need a pain pill to add to the mix of chemicals in pill form and hesitate to swallow all of them because I know that act will require a chaser from a bottle of Ensure kept cold in the refrigerator in the next room. There, you see, more movement. Can you blame me? This whole icky life of pain is movement, movement. There must be a way to get through each day without it. Somebody…think of something, please. Invent another way to walk, sit or stand. My tush hurts, my back cries out, my knees are painful and my neck and the rest of my joints, well, no good news there. After the pills and the Ensure are in, it is time to descend…the stairs. Before descending I have to turn off the humidifier which I need to stay moist at night, put in more eyedrops and down a glass or two of the seltzer. These are the joys of trying to swallow in the morning when you live with Sjogren’s Syndrome; which dries the membranes every chance it gets. I always awaken with such a dry mouth it is difficult to speak or swallow.

In the morning, I am no Southern belle descending the stairs at her debutante ball in white satin, no Cinderella meeting her Prince for the first time regaled in icy blue silk. No, I am Attila the Hun, descending the stairs one painful, agonizing, groaning step at a time. I grasp the rail on the staircase as if it were my broadsword and my life depends on its reliability. Our wonderful little Yorkie, George who has been squeaking, snoring and otherwise enjoying his slumber until this moment in time in his kennel next to our bed, peeks out in disappointment that his morning nap has been interrupted. He loathes being in a room by himself and feels required to follow me down the stairs. He usually waits at the top; clearly afraid I might fall on him and kill him as in dead, splat, goodbye. When I’m finally downstairs he follows and greets my husband who has started to close the book he’s been reading peacefully since he got up, hours previously. He has fed the dog who went back to bed, turned on the heat in the downstairs bath, and performed a few other household chores. He is both understanding and kind. I thank God for him each day but you must not tell him that or he might want a raise. Oh, I don’t know what raise. I just say things like that.

That’s it folks, and I know you know what it is. “It” being the daily struggle with pain. Be it grinding, scalding, cramping or searing, it is always there for many of us in this world. It may change in degree or intensity but it never, I say never, goes away. Aspirin, a mother’s love, a doctor’s diploma nor positive thinking will abate it. The very presence of something that persistent is cause for a good case of battle fatigue. Those mornings when neither you nor I can imagine facing another day living like this, happen often. It is a difficult situation to explain to those who live with us, know us or barely know us. It’s the sticky recording singing the same phrase over and over again; it is the broken spring hitting a sore tush on an old sofa, it is the migraine all over your body.

How is it possible to explain to someone how monotonous and hideous it is to live this way? I have tried on various occasions to give up. It’s harder than you think, this giving up business. Short of lying down with my arms crossed clasping a bouquet of black roses, giving up just hasn’t worked out for me. There is some driving force that makes me climb, fall off the edge of the bed, or crawl out but I just keep doing it. What are the other choices? How does one give up? There have been hundreds of days in the past thirty-four years when I have tried staying in bed, reclining on the couch and yet, all the urges of life cry out to me. Hunger can’t be sated without shopping, some cooking or thawing. Eventually something, somewhere in this house has to be washed, dried, cleaned, etc. You get the idea because I know many of you live it, too.

Life goes on, dragging me behind it and I am usually grateful for the towline but there are some mornings, you know those mornings when it all seems impossible to achieve…anything. Those thankfully rare mornings, I collapse onto our sofa, reach for a warm cover and say to my sweet husband, “That’s it. It’s just too much, too much!” Then I start to cry. I sit there waiting for the NSAID, the steroid, Gabapentin and all the other medication of each morning to take effect. The Ensure is enough until I can clomp ungracefully to the kitchen and find a bit of breakfast that is easily assembled. Boiled eggs, toast, a cup of tea with honey, low sugar instant oatmeal or berries with granola are a few of my favorites. Low blood sugar is not my friend when I’m trying to start my engine. Eating always helps in the morning. Just think about how long our stomachs are empty at night. It may be as long as fifteen or sixteen hours then we awaken, throw a handful of chemicals into the gut and still do not have fuel for energy, awareness and food for the brain. I often forget to be good to my body, instead getting caught up in my pain and how difficult it makes my life.

Remember when we were children and you’d be scuffling, “rough housing” or getting tromped on by someone in a game and you’d yell, “Uncle, Uncle.” For those of you unfamiliar with the term it means, “I give up.”

Well, sometimes as an adult living with all sorts of health issues, most of them painful if not life threatening, I sometimes must say, “Uncle, Uncle.”

That’s when I utter a prayer to ask God to give me courage to face the day, the strength to do what I must do and the grace to pull it off without being full of self-pity. Self-pity, complaining, bitterness and anger are my enemies. I fight them every day of my life. Bitchiness can also be added to that list.

I try to practice thankfulness throughout my day. I know some of you won’t understand and will think it strange but it really works. When I almost trip and catch myself against a wall or counter, I say, thank you Lord. When I am hurting too much to walk far but need to go to a store or medical office, I find a parking place right in front, thank you Lord. When I’m having so much pain I constantly forget, more than usual, where I have put something I believe some part of my mind knows where it is and ask for help. I find it, again, thank you Lord. In all things, I try to seek the guidance and advice of a power outside myself. If God is love, then I try to tap into it every day. Giving up is not an option. Giving in is not possible, well, at least not for long. Getting on with it, this thing called life is the only choice. This pain-filled me? That’s the only me I have.

So, go away Uncle I won’t be needing you today.

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  1. Sue
    I believe this is one of your best blogs. For me at least. So very very like what I do and the way I feel every morning. If I wake up and feel slightly well, I am am amazed as well as alarmed. Believe me those days are very rare. My heating pad is indeed my none as well, haha ! Mine was around 4 or 5 years old and decided to not work unless unplugged and replugged. I was distraught ! Ordered me new one and dismayed at having to wake up plugging and unplugging formthe days it took it to get here. It came in one day ! The Lord indeed knows and cares. I too am going all day, asking and thanking. Asking for strength each morning to do the things I need to do. And gratitude when He helps me, prevents me from hurting myself, and allows me to reach the unattainable goals I sometimes set for this rebelling body. Yesterday when trying to remove the old air conditioner in the living room that FM had weatherproofed, I kept quoting the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I still forgot to install the upper lip on the new one. But that is another day’s work.
    Thank you for this commiserate look into our world . Misery indeed loves company, even if we can’t always admit it. It is wonderful when someone actually understands this life, even if we do hate the thought of you having to endure it. Enjoy your weekend with your kids !

    • Tonie, what a project, installing that window AC unit but I know the buck usually stops with you. Do hope you’re recovering from any strains you had and know there must have been some. also know you are faced with so many chores as spring pops out all around your yard and fields. All you can do sweet friend, is all you can do short of hurting yourself. I guess we each do that every day as we decide how high a price we are willing to pay for what needs doing. Sometimes I swear life is an escalator that once you’re on, you’re on, or like a conveyor belt we can only keep walking or we’ll fall off.
      Thank you again for being my current editor and posting the blog and taking care of the new postings. I love you and hope one day we will actually meet after these eleven years of friendship through my blogs. I’ve always been thankful for my study of lit in college and for my love of writing even before I went back to school to become a nurse. It’s worked out well for me to have both backgrounds. I know you also have worked labs in hospitals and know that life from the tech perspective. Glad you liked this one and feel reassured by that. Love, Sue

  2. Sue
    I agree with tonie and it’s a window into your own soul .a peek into how you cope
    It did so resonate with how we must all feel
    I laughed at some bits they were so how I feel and that poor man on the phone I’ve had his call too! And he don’t come back no more !
    And the choices ..do,you put eye drops in so you can open your eyes to see to get the glass,,or drink it first because you can just see it out of the corner of your eye without opening them to much..one eye will do
    And a good man downstairs …..

    • Chris, I put drops in whenever I think of it night or day because of the discomfort and the eyesight. After the burn to the cornea last year due to the opioids, I must do it. The eyesight on the computer and reading is still bad but worse when the eyes are dry. I think the dry throat and mouth in the AM and during the night is one of the most miserable things about Sjogren’s. I have found when I forget to drink too much I also notice my skin turgor or tension is bad. You see it in the face or by pinching the skin. When it sticks for a moment in the pinch then it’s too dry. If it immediately goes back into place, then you’re hydrated.
      I rarely have that stickiness in the eye.
      Hope things are going well for you and DH right now. Love ya, Sue

  3. Sue, an excellent blog! Seems all our guys like to get up early and read; at home, mine is found behind his laptop! If we are at the cottage, he will be found on the dock with a cup of coffee, watching the sunrise, a Pomeranian on his knee! I am quite fortunate not to have those stairs to descend each morning, but I do try to use our stairs to our lower level regularly in case some day I find myself unable to go down or back up again.
    Summer is now on its’ way to your beautiful part of the world ….. wishing you warm, pleasant, summer days ahead!
    Love and Hugs ….. Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum
      So good to see you here. I have been following Teddys adventures at the cabin. So sorry about Kodi. I know he is missed greatly. Good idea with the steps. It pays to be prepared.

    • Pommum Brenda, it’s good to hear from you. I do follow you on FB and am also so sorry about your beautiful black and white Pom, Kodi. It’s difficult to explain that kind of loss to those who don’t love animals as so many of us do. Good to see you back at your sweet cottage by the lake and know your DH and sons probably have more projects in mind for this summer. You keep making it better and better each year. Hugs to Teddi and I can’t even begin to imagine how much all the grands have grown. Love, Sue

  4. Hello, all. I just made a speedy pass through comments I hadn’t yet read. Speedy, because my eyes are tired and it is soon time to take my contacts out. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow helping a friend, so I’ll be brief.
    Welcome, new Sue! Sorry I missed your first entry until now.
    My thoughts and prayers for all. Those who are ill, in pain, grieving, or simply not themselves at present. Hugs.
    DH’s last day of school for the year was this past week and he is entering summer mode. We enjoyed some beautiful weather outside the last 2 days and took some time to just sit out and read and enjoy it. SB had a knock on his head at work last evening which kicked off a migraine, but he is better today. He enjoyed a few days at the beach early this past week. I would love to get away for a few myself. not sure that can happen. DD is stressed out. Her BF was between jobs. Thankfully, as of yesterday, he found out may have found a good one. He is a chef, having graduated from CIA – “the” Culinary Institute. He has worked various jobs in the field, including stints as head chef. This is a sous chef position, and he will be serving a trial week this coming week. If they like him, he has the job. Any prayers, positive thoughts, will be well appreciated. He has had a really rough last year and deserves a fresh start.
    Time to log off. I will be doing that moving thing earlier than I’d like tomorrow to head over to my friend’s shop to help out. It is her 1 year anniversary and she is planning a big deal of a day, anticipating a large crowd, hence why I am helping. Blessings to all.

    • Lyn dear friend, hope all goes well for you with your friend tomorrow. Isn’t that the friend you’ve helped in the past to distress furniture? I wish her much success. She should do well because the things from her that you have posted are just the thing. That look is very popular right now. Watch the lifting, okay?
      I am like the furniture, stressed to hear about Sonny Boy getting hit on the head. He’s the last kid in the world who needs that although none do. Hope all is better today. Oh, I know he’s now in his twenties but to me, an old broad, he is so young.
      Sounds like DD’s boyfriend has a chance for a wonderful job. How exciting and one that usually offers opportunities to advance if he desires to. Hope and will pray he gets the job if it is right for him. Bet DD is excited. What a wonderful way to earn a living.
      So, at last, good weather for you in PA. Such a long drawn out winter it was for you with so many variations.
      I do hope you and DH enjoy the summer and get away at least once or twice to the beach. Love as ever, Sue

  5. Oh its true this is not the life I signed up for. Most days, nights I can’t stand me. I hate it for my kids I’m not the mother they knew. I HATE PAIN AND WORSE THE DRUGAHOLICS THAT HAVE MADE IT DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO GET SCRIPTS! WHO feels like cleaning up every 30 Days to travel miles in a wheelchair to get a written script…now required by lawmakers who don’t have a clue what it takes to make a trip! Rant over hurts to type!

    • Paula
      We all agree on your thought ! There are some drugs that help me so much, but no one writes the RX anymore afraid of being investigated. Hope you get to a better place. I sometimes have days I can’t stand being me !
      Take care

    • Welcome Paula and boy, did you put it well regarding this whole bowl of idiocy about opioids. It’s all so ignorant. Just because some drug users, pushers and kids in a garage somewhere are making it, most of the truly chronic pain sufferers in this country have to be drawn over the coals to get a prescription. I’m so sorry you have to face that. Won’t they mail it to you so you can take it into the pharmacy? The last time I was in one of those pain doctors offices it was just like the street corners of drugville with so many legit and illegit folks waiting for that piece of paper. So many of the family docs around here don’t even treat pain anymore…period, including so many drugs they should be using, apart from the opium cousins. Unfortunately, I cannot take any of the opioids due to the Sjogren’s. Last winter I tried several and had devastating side effects including sore in mouth, nose and throat, burned corneas, inability to breathe, etc. I have been on the search for alternative ways to deal with the terrible joint pain of two rheumatoid diseases and now cancer. Wow, life can certainly have a punch in the gut sometimes. So good to have you here on the blog and we look forward to getting to know you better over time. Hugs, very gentle ones, Sue

  6. Oh my goodness — you’ve captured my life — my back pain , which nearly kills me at least five days a week and — and my issues with Sjogrens. I’ve never known anyone that had it (other than my mother and me). Thank you for putting into words what I have been unable to do.

    Jamie Adams

    • Jamie
      Welcome aboard. There is another poster on here with Sjorgrens. Chris. She lives n England. She and Sue always s have advise for each other on things. Sue has relatives visiting this weekend but I know she will be here to speak with and welcome you soon.

    • Hi Jamie and welcome to the blog. If you’re the same Jamie who is on my FB list of friends, you sure have beautiful grands. I know Sjogren’s is fairly rare and I recently went to a new internist here, locally, because my PCP got skittish about all pain issues; after I went to her for 15 years. Anyway, this new fellow noticed right away I had a long history of sacroiliitis and saw the Sjogren’s and said, oh, yes, that’s usually a sure sign of Sjogren’s. I almost kissed him and thought, where were you 30 years ago? Actually, he was probably in Junior High school at that time. More and more doctors are learning about it. I am sorry both you and your mother have it. I suspect two of my now deceased sisters had it although their diagnoses were psoriatic arthritis for one and relapsing polychondritis for the other. So much seems to depend on the doctors we see and their expertise. I’ll check out your blogspot. Do take care and know you are not alone. Fondly, Sue

  7. Hi to all and Paula and Jamie
    Lynn I hope your dds bf had good news.,and that SB is ok now
    Busy time for you again .i expect your friends shop celebration day went well as she seems to be always busy
    One busy girl again…how’s your sisters friend also your niece
    Did you have a good weekend? I expect you are tired now. Did you go to the market ?
    Well we went for a drive to the coast tonight .hadnt been for a while so it all looked fresh. Had a meal out sitting looking out at the sea. It was good.
    Tired now so try to sleep

  8. Hi everybody. We’ve had a fun and busy weekend with our son and his wife from Texas being here for a quick visit. He has business at a hospital or two in WA state next week so they came out together Sat. morning and she has to go home to their three dogs tomorrow as he drives on up to WA. Short but sweet. Their four kids are either in college or out on their own and they are enjoying the empty nest. Jim has taken them down to Seaside Oregon at the moment then we’ll all gather at my DD’s and SIL’s home for grilled burgers. We’re never short on food around here. I baked a fruit crisp with fresh peaches, fresh apricots and canned cherries. We have fresh ones but I don’t have the stamina nor patience to pit cherries. It turned out well but a bit on the sour side so we’ll drown it in vanilla icecream. George has been a complete pain but also loved greeting everyone before he chases their shoes and barks at them. He thinks he’s so mighty and scary.
    Doctor,s appointments this coming week, here in town, no trips into Portland thankfully. Raining off and on, mostly off this weekend. Big weekend here in little Astoria, OR. Goonies weekend since the movie was filmed here they have anniversary celebrations here and a few other festivals. We may be boring in the winter but we’re busy…at least the town is, in the summer. Still nursing two bad knees since falling on both of them at the top of the stairs last Sunday…still very colorful and swollen and I was going to get them injected. Guess we should wait awhile on that. Had shoulder injected two weeks ago and it ‘s good. Often feel like I’m pinned together with bailing wire and masking tape but we do what we must to do that dreaded word…”MOVE.” Love and hugs to each of you, Sue

  9. Sue
    The good message there is you had fun. And that’s excellent
    It does sound a good weekend to remember
    What’s a fruit crisp is it like a fruit crumble? It sounds lovely with all that fruit
    The lady I see next door she tripped over the door step this week and her chin and knees all bruised
    It will take a time for the bruising to go but I hope it feels easier soon

    • Chris, No, I didn’t go to Sunday market…too crowded and too much walking. Kids all went for a while and enjoyed it. Yes, it was a good brief visit. DIL off to fly to Dallas this AM and our son to drive up to his work assignment for a few days in WA state. He’s always on the move.
      Lots of food and fun. Yes, the fruit crisp is like a crumble only with oats in the topping but next time I’ll go with the crumble. This was a bit to chewy on top. Lots of work to peel fruit then sugarded it and let it sit for awhile and poured off the juice. Made for a drier dish.
      Gotta shower now and doctor this afternoon. Bit rainy here. Glad you got to the coast briefly. Love, Sue

  10. Morning all
    Busy day on here yesterday. Sue , so glad you had a good weekend with your kids. I do so miss mine. They are so busy with their lives they haven’t time for me right now. Around here we call your analogy of how you are kept together, ” fodder twine and duct tape” but I know the feeling. I made myself a little strawberry and rhubarb crisp the other day. But I had so much cake left from the reunion, I wrapped it individually and put them in the freezer for when I want it. My sil made some wonderful zuchinni bread, and I have some of that frozen as well. But I will take the fresh fruit and ice cream just as is !
    Busy day for me yesterday. I went to help Mrs Blair. Sweet lady, determined little lady. She had polio as a child, and said she was detirimined to never be stuck in bed again. She gets around with a crutch because her legs are worn out, she says. But she has flower beds all over. We talked and I cleaned. She has a retired son who lives with her, and does nothing. What is wrong with people these days ? Anyhow, I came home with starts for new plants in my yard, hopefully they live. Lemon balm and evening primrose. And a Japanese lantern. Well, swimming later, then work with the horse. Everything else can wait.
    Chris, sisters friend is awaiting the surgery date. And , it’s my cousin who has leukemia. She has had her fourth round of chemo. So far so good. She said in a video, to pray she doesn’t get sick and her hair doesn’t fall out.
    Well, I need coffee.

    • Tonie, I’m pleased you have found a new friend as well as someone to work for. The starter plants sound interesting and the first two a great addition to an herb garden. Japanese lantern plant will be fun, too. Hope Judy’s dear friend continues to hang in there and do well as she waits for surgery. Pray your little cousin in FL.with the chemo continues to tolerate it well. So heartbreaking to see a child with cancer. She’s a darling little thing, so sweet. I know her parents must be so concerned, naturally.
      You sound busy and I hope the reunion with your family was enjoyable for you. Lots of good food. That sis in law of yours must be a fab cook. Did Judy make it to the reunion?
      Still resting here today after our TX kids left yesterday. It was only our son and his wife, none of the kids, but it was such a good visit. Jim took them down to the beach side and our to breakfast yesterday. DD and her family came over and then we had burgers at their house Sun. night. It was a short visit with our son heading to do business at a hospital in Tacoma, WA while DIL went back to Dallas. They have three dogs that need their Mom. I’m exhausted. Internist yesterday, foot doctor tomorrow so to bed for this girl. Love, Sue

  11. Hi all
    prayers and thoughts for both of them tonie
    Those cuttings will be good when they take
    I’m sitting outside smelling our neighbours honeysuckle.it always smells great in the evening
    Got another lot of antibiotics from the dr. Seven days this time.chest started to burn again and don’t feel to good
    Got the electricals coming tomorrow.theyll be here for the morning.in the loft and outside…be some cleanup…ugh
    Hows the knees and all Sue and how did you get on at drs
    I think this Mrs b will be looking forward to you coming tonie
    Ok gonna do stuff for men drilling away tomorrow

    • Chris, I am sorry to hear your chest is still feeling uncomfortable. That stinks. Hope this second round of antibiotics does it for you. I hope your neighbor who fell is better. My fall still leaves me with black and blue knees. I want them to clear up because I am scheduled to get Synvisc injections by the interventional radiologist. They have to get the med in and there is some delay with that which is good so my poor knees can heal first. The cream I use with the lidocaine has been so helpful, I wonder how I ever did without it. This being unable to take any opioid is a royal pain. Doctors keep offering it to me and I know what it did to me last time with the interactions with the Sjogren’s.
      Hope your workmen get in and out quickly and don’t leave too much of a mess for you to deal with. Hang in there and I do pray that breathing clears up. Are you still coughing? Much love, Sue

  12. Morning all
    Much sadness here as this madness erupts in our country. I pray all that were wounded in DC recover and are well. Such ignorance that breeds this, and now the non gun people will be lobbying for control again. sigh….
    Well, yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned. I did get my swim in. But my brother had a huge container that I can use to store water in, catch it off the roof. So we emptied it, brought it down and set it up. Then picked 2 bushel of peaches off his trees, very good ones. I had to run back and forth (well walk) to get things situated before the thunderstorm hit. Staked the tomatoes and pulled the suckers off them. Then had to peel some bruised peaches and get them in the freezer. I still have a drawer full of them in the fridge. I will deal with them in the days ahead. Freeze for now and use later. We were like two kids eating those peaches. reminiscing about climbing trees in my Grandmas orchard, apples, peaches and cherries. Good times.
    Chris, hope you are feeling better today. You are due for a break I think. What are the electricians doing at your home ? Repairs or installations ? Yes, Mrs B and I had a good time. I will try and go back next week, too much to do twice in a week.
    Sue, yes, Judy came to the reunion. And always lots of good food. Just a bite of each thing so I can taste it all. And always there is a parent who doles out huge chicken breast to a child who wastes it. I hate that. I hope your knees are doing better today. And the shots will help out. We are truly on a roller coaster of pain, one thing better another demands attention. Don’t you think ?
    I must get moving. So much to try and get done today. Before it rains again. THunderstorms all this week. But good rain for the gardens. I must weed the garden first and then go down my list from there. I really need some time with the horse also. Hopefully.
    Anyway I will work outside until the rain, then I will rest or clean ……rest !! Haha !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, Sounds like quite a storm heading your way. I hope you get some of that outdoor work accomplished and the rain isn’t overwhelming to your young garden. The reunion sounds so good and tasty, too. Picking peaches with your brother, oh my, am I jealous. I don’t have a brother so don’t know how that would be but am pleased for you to have a good relationship with all your siblings. I know you will do many delicious bits of cooking, canning, etc. with those peaches. Freestone or not? When I was a child we had two enormous peach trees started from my sister planting two pits. They grew large enough for me to have a swing in one of them; a wooden one on an old rope. It was nothing fancy but was a place I loved.
      I have been in tears all morning for our country and arguing all over FB with those folks who are already belittling this event by getting off on a toot about gun control. How sad we can’t even have time to grieve over the monstrosity of this event whatever political party we are in. The air of violence that has been considered humorous in this country is of grave concern. Prayers for all those injured today.
      I am glad to hear you like the new job and hope you will stay within limits for your body. Always concerned. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        No, they are not freestone. I can remember my mother only buying bushels of freestone. Now I know why. Digging those pits out is no fun. I have stayed clear of FB because I know I will say things as well. My heart mourns for my country, and the rage and hatred that is contained in it now.
        Hope your knees are feeling better
        Love ya

  13. Tonie
    You are sure going to be busy with all that fruit.sounds good too
    The electrics
    Well one security light didn’t work and the other we didn’t know where they were both wired too.went into the loft from outside.so they came and fixed it today and put a switch to turn off/on in the cupd.all good so far..but they were wired into the bedroom ceiling light from the loft. So,more sorting out..but they left and the one light didn’t go off..does on the odd occasion but is on in daylight..well on and off sometimes….and guess what they gotta come back.hope they don’t have to do anymore drilling equipment outside I’ve washed and brushed.enough
    Saw my neighbour and she don’t look to well.they were cutting down her meds for this auto immune kidney thing she had a year ago.and with the fall she looked ..well not too good
    My chest is rubbish
    Sitting outside its nice and cool,so hot today..esp.cleaning up brick dust and cleaning windows

    • Chris, Do you have a mask to wear when particles are floating in the air? I hope you do. Just the paper ones available in the paint departments at hardware stores would help on a day like today. Hate to hear your mucosa in the chest are still irritated and hurting. Hugs and hope for you to get better very soon. Love, Sue

  14. No I don’t Sue but i definitely will get some for Friday with the new Windows going in
    Yes it is terrible news so sad over with you
    I meant to comment earlier .
    People think so little of others.what is happening in the world

    • Chris, I also wear those inexpensive protective glasses when doing any sanding, etc. Both will help to protect you. Too much hate speech and too many dangerous demonstrations have been tolerated over here in the name of free speech. Now every nut job thinks they have reasons for violence. Bad enough we all, like you, have to worry about terrorism. It’s so tragic about that 27 story apartment building fire. Awful.Love Sue

  15. Tonie, I remember our trees we had when I was a child were freestone and were so big Mom had to cram them into the wide mouth jars. She got cling peaches for pickled peaches I loved those. I still love them but boy are they rare to find.
    I think many millions of us are grieving for our country right now. Love, Sue No, knees still bad. Had to put off injections with Synvisc until end of the month waiting for bruising to go down.

    • Gosh Sue , you made me remember Mother doing the same. I have never made pickled peaches before. I almost bought a peachtree the other day, they are on sale right now. I may go back and get one next week. Nice tree for the price, and a good time to plant it. DO take care of those knees

  16. Well they sorted out the outside lights this morning and tonight they are all working.the first problem was that the new light was faulty and the other the pir sensor was not set properly….so now we have seven outside lights with one more to be fitted..they sort of go all around the outside with all the burglaries I feel better having them
    DH went to dr about his bp..he told him to stay on those meds…he didn’t like it but thats it ,he will have to..he’s got an ECG ordered for next Friday just he feels very confused sometimes and being deaf is no help
    So tomorrow got the big window in sitting room and small one in diner being done..and I’m all wrapped up in there for it..so hope all goes well and no damage in or out
    How’s the knees Sue ..yes that fire was terrible it seems like the owners were cutting costs.so many dead and so many without anything there.horrific to see
    Well gonna get up at seven in am as the big window is coming any 8
    So wonder if I’ll get some shuteye …

    • Chris, Wondering how it went for you today with the window installation. Did they get both in or just the larger of the two? I hope all the lights come on at night and you feel safe and secure. I keep telling Jim we need to get a lamp post in front of our old house. I would love it but don’t know how complicated it would be to install. I have little solar lights along our porch steps which do help somewhat except they see sun.That can be hard to find some days here.
      As far as DH’s situation, I think an ECG is a great idea for any of us who are older. Does the doctor check his carotid arteries to check the sounds and blood flow? So often that is the case with any kind of confusion. It must be so disorienting to have hearing loss that is so profound. I can’t imagine.
      My knees are bad. SInce the fall so much worse but scheduled in ten days for both knees to be injected with Synvisc. Hope the bruising and extra tenderness is down by then.
      Just been out on the porch and front part of the house. Darn cats have been trying to get into my potted plants and flowers. I can tell by all the dirt clods on my once clean porch…last week. So, I went out there with my trusty rosemary leaves and put them in any pots with any soil showing. Usually works very well. Another lovely lavender I have from last year has “spit bugs” on the plant. They are a pesky little bug, also called spittlebugs. Do you have those in England? I’ve been reading about how to get rid of them organically and found a dandy spray made of hot peppers, garlic and water. My front porch is getting more and more like a refrigerator. I have peppermint spray for spiders, cinnamon spray for ants and now, possible hot garlic spray. Oh my.
      How does your garden grow my dear girl? Love, Sue

      • Well
        The two frames came…I looked at the large one it was damaged in three places .so we told them we weren’t happy and not to put it In ..we are all covered and packed up in the room as well
        .so they are making another and it will be next Thursday now,so we will leave room like that as it took ages to cover..but it smells of plastic and it’s going to be 90 f over the weekend.!
        So anyway the electrician then rang to see if he could put the last two lights in so they came.and it was a change of clearing up! Lots of brick dust the other end.
        So at least we got one thing done and they are all working …so it was a god day to have a gaping hole in the house so hoping for good weather again next week
        We were disappointed….it took half the day wrapping up ..I did wonder about that situation happening …as the one window is so big
        Never heard of spit bugs …I must try that Rosemary we have a new tree that’s being dug around by a cat
        A lamppost in your front would look lovely….specially with all your rain.it would look well don’t know the word but I would be looking at it a lot.in the rain it would look all comforting ..calming…?? Or just plain stylish..I too would be thinking how they would do it
        The garden is really growing fast .sat out there till nearly midnite last nite it was warm
        We are going out for tea and scones for breakfast .just had my yogurt with one antibiotic.its nearly 5 am so try to get back to sleep
        Do be careful walking about.i know after all my falls I am so wary of everything and my feet.
        I seem so old lady walking.!
        I do hope the knees calm down things take forever to go these days
        Live Chris

      • Sue
        Are the spittlebugs the ones that leave foamy spit like stuff on the plants ? We always called that snake spit ! haha ! I always hated running into it while walking in the fields. Feels just like spit ! ugh !!
        You certainly have a flavorful porch. My rosemary is barely coming up. Slow growing. THe other herbs are doing well. I have all the plants in the window sills on my porch now. Nice and greenhouse like.
        Well, hope your knees are felling better.
        Love ya

  17. Welcome to all newcomers!

    I just skimmed all the new comments since I was last on. All talk of delicious food has my mouth watering. I just made cookies to take to Deck Night tomorrow. (Those who are able in my side of the family gather at my parents’ house on Friday evenings in the summer, usually on the deck, weather permitting. We enjoy a meal and socialize. We each bring dishes to contribute. A different themed meal each week.) These cookies are decadent. Sea Salted Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies. They also contain chocolate chips. Not sure why that isn’t in the name; would make it too long, I guess.
    Sue, so glad you enjoyed your weekend and visit. Sunday went well at my friend’s shop. Yes, it is the same one I paint furniture for. Nice, steady crowd, good sales. Lots of furniture pieces were sold. I needed a good 2 days to recover. It was so hot that day. Luckily, I was stationed inside at the register – in the air conditioning.
    SB had a headache after his bop on the bean, but was better faster than I thought he’d be, thankfully.
    Chris, sorry you are still feeling poorly.
    Pommum, I will reiterate how sorry I am for your loss.
    My back and hands are complaining, and my eyes are feeling the strain of trying to read and type on my phone. I forgot to check in here before I shut down my laptop. Will try to stop by again soon.
    Have a restful weekend, all!

    • Lyn dear, please forgive me for being so late in replying. So good to hear all of your love of good food. You remind me a bit of myself, at least the way I used to be. It’s a good thing they didn’t have the internet sources for recipes back then or I would have gone on overload. I still have many cookbooks but have given away more. I like the idea of your deck night in your family and am totally jealous you have so much family around you. I love the interaction between the generations…such fun with memories. I recently came across a very old cookbook given to me about 35 years ago by one of my Dad’s cousins who lived in TX. It was worn and wonderful and called Texas cooking so when my son and DIL were here a week and a half ago. frp, Texas, made sure she got it…such wonderful older southern recipes, including many grits recipes. On our daughter’s birthday we ate at a very haute couteur restaurant who served grits instead of mashed potatoes. They were delicious.
      I am not surprised SB had such a headache. Do hope and pray it was fleeting.
      Hope all is well with DD and her boyfriend. Did he take that job? Are you dealing with heat everyone is fighting? Cool here and rained today. We could use a bit of sun. Much love to you and glad your friends furniture sale went so well. Sue

  18. Hello all
    Hope you are all celebrating a little with the fathers, and husbands who are fathers. Here, I am taking it easy. Turned on the air to stay cool and rest. Worked with Ms Blair again yesterday, in and out of the rain. Poor sweet lady. I was inside her home. Her son is a hoarder. There is only a path thru this big old Victorian home to where they need to go. I promised her to help her clean off the porches at least, and take some trash off for her. Anyway, did that and then home to do more work and help Judy a bit.
    Sue, I gave the lady her knitted knocker. She loves it. I am making her another one ( hopefully enough yarn) because it needs to be a bit larger. But she was very happy with it because it is so soft and not heavy like the silicon ones. And the nipple comes out the you stuff it. So there is one there already.
    Chris, there may be a delay in the arrival of my FM. He has had lenses put on his eyes to repair his vision, and they slid a little. They were readjusted but still not really good. They want him to have new ones on top of the ones already there. He is not sure if he wants to , but if he does, I am sure he will have to be there until they are set, so…..we will see. I think he has strained them with all the work he is doing as well. Exam time. They haven’t enough teachers to go around, so he has extra to do.
    Hope you are all doing well. Happy Birthday to Janet, yesterday ! I told her on FB, but we can all sing to her on here !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I’m pleased Mrs. B has you to help her out. Good for you and her. Sounds like her son has some real issues. I do hope he treats her well.
      I am saddened to hear about the problems your FM is having with his eyes. I know he wants to take care of so much before he comes over here. It must be a very complicated move and feel assured it will all get done. I’ve never heard of two lenses but trust he has a good eye doc.
      Had a busy weekend . Went to Sat market across the river in WA state. The drive is always amazing, riding along the Columbia River after crossing on the bridge. That outdoor market along the bay where many gorgeous boats are docked is quite a postcard picture. Bought a bit of the early produce. Haven’t really had enough sun here this spring and summer to get it ripened. Knees have both been bad since my little trip on the stairs so didn’t walk around much. Just always wonderful getting out and seeing so much beauty.
      Wonderful to hear your friend liked her knitted knocker. Funny, I thought of those when one of the vendors at the outdoor market had some beautiful smooth stones on exhibit…to weight those down a bit. It’s such a wonderful idea and apparently getting very popular.
      Bad 24 hours here with stomach bug. Up and down all night but know soon it will all pass. Much love, Sue

  19. Hi all
    Just a short note
    DH got taken by amb to hosp yesterday with chest pains.had all tests and X-rays and all clear.so home again, there all day till 7 pm waiting for different tests to be taken at different times.
    But it’s all worrying
    Hot here In The 90s and gives it warmer today
    That sounds an uncomfortable op for FM

  20. Chris
    Oh my goodness ! I am so thankful all is well with dh. What a scare and stress for you. Was your dd able to be there with you ? I hope you had someone to sit with you. What did they say caused the pain ? Did they find anything ? Relax a bit now and recuperate for yourself, you don’t need a flare up. And of course, dh. Bless him, he has had so many problems of late. And you are there for all.
    Prayers for you friend.

  21. Tonie
    No DD was away at the time and I didn’t want her rushing to drive
    I’m used to DH being rushed in .its new in this house tho,before his pacemaker he was there a lot
    Well it could be any number of things for him it’s a case of carrying on and careful
    All tests were clear
    It’s so hot here 90’f last few days.
    New Windows on Thursday ,hope all goes well for us there

    Hope aches and pains not too bad due

    • Chris, I hate those temps, especially for those of us who aren’t use to them. Good you are in the new house with your lovely garden for the evenings. Do hydrate and take care of each other. Thinking of you and all you’re facing. Hope second try on windows goes well. Love ya, Sue

  22. Sue…the trip you made at the weekend sounds so coastal and serene. The market must be lovely to arrive at. It all sounds so good to see
    It sounds as if the knees are a Bit better,but a way to go
    Sitting outside it is cooler with a breeze it’s 9.30 pm.
    I have to do steam inhilations for my chest and it’s really to hot for it .i do it 3x a day
    Well that’s what I’m off to do

    • Chris, I do hope your chest feels better. I asked Jim, who used to be a respiratory therapist if the cool vapors could help you as much as the heat in this hot weather, especially. He said it would if you have a humidifier to blow right into your face. There are tiny one you can get to go right beside your bed. I know, I have seen them. Maybe your doctor could also prescribe an inhalant that is made of some substance that wouldn’t burn those sensitive membranes. Those of us with Sjogren’s do present some real challenges to the medical profession. I think it’s all the daily aggravations that get to me as well as the painful joints. Hope that new big window goes in okay tomorrow. Thinking of you and hoping your B/P is up and DH’s is down. Love ya, Sue

      • I’ll have a look for a small one sue
        The dr gave me an inhalant but it was salty he didn’t seem to,know it was wrong for me he said it’s ok for youngsters….
        Windows went in good.the two,of them….it did start to rain but not too much. Came about 8.15 and left 12.30 no brick dust they drill thru the upvc now special screws dont need plugs .so it all went good
        It didn’t all take long to put it all right
        So next thing is the extension roof ….it’s a flat roof and needs doing
        Ok folks gonna rest now

  23. Chris
    Hope your dh is feeling better and that your new windows get installed properly without messing up a lot.
    Sue, so sorry you have been sick. I always visualize that trip across the bridge. I think of the bridge going from Memphis into Arkansas
    across the Mississippi. Beautiful view. Hope your knees heal soon. We had students today to help work. So guess what ? I am exhausted ! They were from Bethlehem Catholic School, in Hanover Pa. up in your neck of the woods Lyn. Nice boys, and hard workers. They had never been on a horse before and wanted to ride, so I let them ride Old Red. I gave them cowboy hats and they took pictures and videos. I have fun with them. Next week we should have some also. Hope so. We are getting Judy’s palace looking like it should.
    Well, I have my heat on my back and ice on my knee. Take care all
    Love Tonie

    • Tonie dear, what fun for those kids to catch a ride on Red. How wonderful for you and Judy to get that help from all those young bodies and hands and I know you give back in your own way, also.
      So sorry you have the need for the heat and the ice but sure do understand. Enjoy all that was accomplished, okay? Any word from Mary regarding a surgical date for her cancer exploratory?
      I have seen pictures of the bridge you mentioned and it is a bit more majestic than ours. It was lovely when we crossed, the tide so low there were sand patches everywhere. I almost expected to see fish flipping around on the surface. Few fishing boats out that day. Time for the big cruise ships to start arriving. Hope you rested up today. Love, Sue

  24. Hello, all!
    Yes, Sue, thankfully, SB’s headache was not of the lengthy variety. Unfortunately, DD’s BF is still looking for a job and down about it. His schooling and experience may actually work against him as he is really overqualified for some positions he may apply for. Praying daily for him. I hope your knees are healing, even if slowly. Your outing to the Market does sound lovely. I am so ready for fresh summer produce! I spent the afternoon with my mom yesterday and she made the best kale coleslaw and put her homemade chicken salad over it. It was so yummy and “summery”. I wish my crew would eat more of that kind of thing. I enjoy it, but they, not so much. Well, DD does, but she’s not really here anymore.
    Chris, glad to hear DH is doing better. I don’t envy you those steam inhalations in the heat.
    I must get moving and give the pup a walk. Busy afternoon this afternoon. Good to catch up here.

    • Lyn, your deck food always sounds so good. I’d love to find a good kale coleslaw. Seems like I always make the same old things: potato salad, bean salad, jello salads, macaroni salad and fruit salad. Need some new ideas. Oh, and I also love carrot, raisin, pineapple salad. Almost forgot the old standby green salad and this time of year it is lovely. I love all the variations on that combining fresh with canned vegies. Oh sure, now it’s 11 PM and now I’m hungry.
      I hope your DD’s BF can find a chef’s job after all his training. What a satisfying job that would be and indeed a lot of work. He may end up having to work his way up to his training just to prove himself. It’s with mixed feeling isn’t it when we see our kids and their friends entering the adult world? Makes me feel so old so often. Of course, I am old but hate to feel it. Must get some sleep now but wanted to answer you. Love, Sue

  25. No cheers yet for the glazing..marks on the inside..we saw then when looking later!
    I know there is a tolerance level. So I gotta get back in touch now…umph
    More trouble….
    Just to let you know…

    • Chris, I am so sorry you’re not happy with the job the window guys did. I agree with Tonie. Here in America it’s the same. There seems to be loss of pride in workmanship. Don’t let it spoil your day.

      I’ve been out putting ground cover around some of our potted Japanese maples. Hope it will keep them from drying out too much. Just love puttering in the garden, as small as it is. Had George out there with me and he does love playing King of the Jungle. He’s very brave until a motorcycle or some other loud noise frightens him. So beautiful here today and yesterday. There is not one cloud in the sky. SOft breeze blowing but heat expected in Portland for the weekend in the triple digits. We’re usually about ten degrees less than they are. Jim is installing our window air conditioner for our upstairs since they didn’t put any insulation into our old house…except wallpaper.
      Pray you and DH are doing well physically. Love, Sue

      • Yes sue. It’s lovely to have a small garden ..I have too..it means just puttering about in bits gets quite a lot done..I love just being out there and just doing what I can
        Today was cool and tomorow we have a blast of cold air coming from Iceland..woohoo!
        Good ol George…makes you laugh
        Hope it didn’t get too warm for you it’s so sapping
        Windows do look nice tho..shame about the few panes…ill get it sorted..just be nice not to have to struggle for once with something being done

  26. Good morning all
    Sue, I like broccoli cole slaw as well. You can get bags of shredded broccoli in the grocery. It is so crispy. I am off salads for a while. Even with a garden full of fresh lettuce, I just don’t want them. I need to make myself eat one tonight. I haven’t had one in weeks. Last night I just had ice cream with fruit on it (Chris) .
    Today I am going to swim, first time this week. It has been busy, and next week, Monday is mamo. and Tuesday is Rheumy. So starting off with a bang.
    Heard from FM this am/ Said a lot of teachers refused to work today because they had been manhandled by kids. He said it had been a terrible day and he wasn’t sure if he was going to work the afternoon. I know he will be glad to be out there.
    Mary started chemo yesterday, supposed to. I haven’t heard from them yet. They are trying to shrink the tumor before surgery. Pray that it works and she doesn’t get sick.
    Chris. so sorry for the damage done by the workmen. I find it strange that they don’t own up to what they do as they do it. I guess they are hoping no one will complain. But a good one would point it out and fix it. I am repairing a screen for a lady. But yesterday I got the wrong color for the screen. But, I will get it today and fix it for next week. We had a nice soft rain most of the night, and today is overcast and cooler. I think I will try to plant the raspberry briars I dug up after my swim. I have had them in water waiting.
    Well, one more coffee and I am off. I hope you all have a good day and weekend.

    • Tonie
      What awful conditions for the teachers in France ..I’ve never heard of it so bad.it must be dreadful
      A nice soft rain sounds good
      Hope Mary goes well with what’s to come for her
      The wíndows look nice just the marks inside..I’ve got men coming to looksee next week
      You have a busy week coming up so take it easy

    • Oh Tonie, How awful for the teachers in that area. It’s not to say we don’t have violence used against our teachers in this country in some areas and some states. I feel so badly for your FM and the loss of so much civility and safety for all of his countrymen. I know you pray for his safety as do I. Hope they are getting his lens situation in his eyes worked out so he can finally move here to be with you and you two can start your new life together. It won’t be long now.
      What’s up with your appetite? I know you normally eat much better than that. I’ve always loved that broccoli, raisin, sunflower seed salad but raw or cooked broccoli is difficult for me to digest. Cooked broccoli is a flavor i don’t care for, even in Chinese stir-fry. You and I can have a stand off. I’ll stick with avocado and you can stick with broccoli. How wonderful you have produce from your garden already. I hope your weather is stabilizing. We’re having a huge influx of folks from the bigger cities heading out here today to beat the heat inland. Will get into triple digits there tomorrow and about 90 here. Yuk.
      Done too much last two days. Feeling poorly tonight, much pain.
      You sure do have a week coming at you, that’s for sure. Raspberry bushes of your own…wonderful. How long will it take for them to produce? I bought a lot of basil I need to put in the ground tomorrow before it gets too hot. We’re to cool down by Sunday. Yard and porch are looking good. I can only imagine how wonderful all of your plants and place are looking. All the critters okay?
      Hope Mary gets started soon on her chemo and pray she tolerates it with all of her other issues. We know she is now in good hands medically as well as having so many friends praying for her.
      I hope she is able to find peace of mind in the midst of this storm she is facing. Love you dear friend, Sue

  27. Hey all
    Chris, enjoy your coolness. We had another night of rain here. I am waiting on the sun to dry off the grass so I can mow. I have white clover mixed in my yard and it is alive with honeybees. I hate to mow them down. There was a house behind me that kept bees and I think they must have left a swarm behind. Maybe FM can capture the queen and start them here. He knows about beekeeping.
    I do hope they get your windows straightened out. I know you enjoy your garden. I really want my back yard to be like an English garden with just plants and flowers. Which means I have to dig up a lot of grass first. so I will wait on help lol !
    Sue, I already have a few briars up, but these will start another patch. They should produce next year as they are already established. I will cut them back this fall. It rained last night, so good for them. My big water container is already almost full. Good water for the horses.
    I did make myself eat a salad last night. With some cottage cheese and crackers. It was very good. So maybe I will just make it and then it will be ok. I think the Enbrel has affected my appetite. Not for sweets though ! I made some dark chocolate brownies last night. Topped it with strawberries and some cream stuff I make. I use white chocolate pudding mix , half the milk, then mix in whipped cream. It is a great dip for fruit and you can use whatever flavor pudding you want. I just happen to like the white chocolate. You can take this and make an icebox cake. Use graham crackers, spread it on them and sandwich together to make a loaf, then ice the outside with it. Cover and put it in the fridge overnight. It is almost like a torte cake. Again, use whatever flavor pudding you want.
    I have another list of things to get done today. We will see what happens. My hands are really giving me a fit. Burning and swollen. Stiff. They hurt so much last night I had to take a pain pill before I could get to sleep. And my wrists. Just another day in RA land , right ?
    Sue, enjoy your garden. I will have to send you some pics of my gardens. I need to tie up the tomatoes again as they have grown another few inches and are covered in blooms, so wont be long for that wonderful taste of sunshine ! Yep you keep your avocadoes and I will eat broccoli. FM always tries to get me to eat them. UGH ! I hope your weekend is good and you enjoy your ac ! I turn mine on in the afternoon so the house is cool when I come in to rest.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, I am saddened to hear your hands are so bad right now. I would have thought the enbrel would have done better for you than that. It does sound like it has also effected your appetite. I thought you always loved fresh produce of any kind, like salads. I know your FM makes some wonderful ones for you two to enjoy. It will be wonderful when you have fresh tomatoes. We rarely get any good ones up here except the tiny ones, and the best of the cherry ones are the various colored ones. I’ve been searching for some fresh apricots that aren’t mushy but no success thus far. I even bought some last week at the outdoor market and the grower swore hers weren’t mushy…they are. Guess I’ll be making apricot pie very soon to use them. My Dad used to have a huge apricot tree that, on a good year had an amazing abundance of wonderful apricots.
      Thanks for sharing the pics of your place and gardens. What an amazing bit of the country it is, with the rolling hills, trees and glory all around it. Today I was watering some plants on the back porch and since it’s up off the ground a bit, I could see a lovely young deer sleeping over there in the shade of a large old tree. The yard guy did tell me last week he saw deer poop on our bit of lawn but I didn’t think they could climb our stairs so now I know how they’re getting over here, through the neighbor’s yard.
      Your whipped cream pudding combo sounds wonderful. Must try it. I used to make a wonderful icebox cake with those all chocolate wafers but they are almost impossible to find any longer. The kids used to like to help me paste them together with the whipped cream and then we’d have a little square cake. SO good.
      Very warm here already, to get into the 90’s today and tourists everywhere. Tomorrow it will be 71. No matter the heat, when it’s bedtime George has to have his jacket or sweater put back on. Last night he kept barking at us until we figured it out, then put it on him and he went to bed. I think it’s the security it offers him. SO cute. Love you much and do rest those poor hands, okay? Sue

  28. Sue, little George cracks me up. Security, yes, sounds like it. DD’s BF actually has already proven himself many times. He has quite the impressive resume, having worked as a head chef in a few country clubs and such. I think that intimidates some other chefs, making his job of finding a job that is NOT a head chef job harder at times. He did find employment for now. DD is continuing to look for something more like what he was going after last. Pretty sure the head chef there was intimidated. Said it wouldn’t work for a couple of small reasons, but when pressed, wouldn’t say what they were. Hm, fishy. DD is coming over shortly for dinner and some time with us while he works.

    Chris, so sorry your windows are not up to your standard. I hate that.

    Tonie, glad to hear you are just putting some basil in. I have one plant but want to add another, haven’t gotten to it yet. I also wanted to have a cherry tomato plant or two in by now. Time has snuck up on me! I do have lemon verbana, lemon basil, and some oregano in. Anyone have ideas to use the verbana for besides tea? I did make some tea the other day. You know, I was just chatting with my Mom the other day and saying how my hands were worse a bit ago. Must be hand time. Doesn’t help when you have to use them heavily, does it?

    Poor Sadie is going to be a bit lonelier this week. Her play buddy from next door is at the kennel for the week while his mistress is at the beach with her family. Lovely weather here today and looks like for the next few days, then the humidity is to return. DH is now back with our dinner. Time to feed the animals so we can enjoy ours in peace. 🙂

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