Eccentric, Just Short Of Crazy: In A Life Of Chronic Pain

I love planting things. I love growth in all things. I am actually a farmer’s daughter and have a vigorous green thumb but by the time I came along, as the youngest of four daughters, they were off the farm and my Dad took up upholstering. He had a job delivering furniture and was a kind. inherently intelligent man without an education, who had a deep faith in his God. He wanted a better life for his family and went into the furniture store after hours because the owner let him try his hand at upholstery. He had a knack for it and eventually moved his family to California on very little money. After several years of hard work, he had an upholstery shop behind our house. It was in what was once our garage so he worked close to home. I have such fond memories of that shop as I played with samples of textile fabrics as a little girl, playing store with my friends. One of my childhood friends is always reminding me I had a great imagination. Little did I know how much I would need it one day. Oh, and on rare occasions I helped out by sweeping out the shop for Dad. I often gazed in amazement as my Dad would put upholstery tacks in his mouth and then proceed to spit them out onto his tack hammer as he needed them. I have often wondered how many of those he swallowed during his lifetime. When the power staplers were invented, it took a lot of the fun out of it…at least for me.

Those were happy, carefree days of skating on metal skates, riding a bike and listening for the Helms Bakery truck to come by with it’s delicious assortment of donuts, cream puffs, pastries and breads. I remember the enormously long racks the driver would pull out of the refrigerated truck and the delicious wonder that lay within. There was also a salesman who came to see my Dad who always had Double Bubble chewing gum in a large box in the trunk of his car. Such happy, carefree days in Sunny California. We even had a huge palm tree in our front yard my Dad planted as a young tree and eventually sold, many years later, to a developer in town. The tree was huge by then. The old house was moved and a new shop was built. The memories remain.

I don’t remember any suffering from ailments in our family in those days, except me. I did have rheumatic fever as a child from a severe strep throat infection and had to go to bed for almost a year. I remember my precious Dad cried, my Mom pushed on as usual and my sisters were all older and leading lives of their own as teens and college students. I guess that is when I began to realize life was not perfect. I was embarrassed by being “different” than the other kids I knew. I lost contact with many of them during that year as I had to be homeschooled. That was when homeschooling was not the “thing” as it is now. I had a tutor sent out by the school. I suffered continuous joint pain, had to be taken to the doctor every week for blood work as the doctor’s nurse would come out to the car to draw blood so I wouldn’t have to go into the doctor’s office. I read books, watched TV and listened to music from a little record player. I adored I Love Lucy and any music by Rogers and Hammerstein. I memorized all the scores to their latest plays and movies. I can still sing right along with the scores of most of them.

It’s an odd thing to feel so out of step from others and be the odd man out. Pre-teens and teens thrive on togetherness, fads and being like their cohorts. When I returned to school, my first year of Junior High school, I was different, shyer and more withdrawn.

I have fought infections of the throat and sinuses for most of my young and adult life but somehow it became the normal life for me. Stomach pains were another given in my life, probably exacerbated by ten years of a painful marriage, ending when I was thirty. It wasn’t until I was forty years old that my current rheumatoid conditions struck in full force and when they did, they took me down. They took me down in body and spirit as they smashed my career as an RN. I was lost for the first three years. Pain in my rear end which I eventually learned was sacroiliac pain as well as low back pain tormented me. I couldn’t sit, I crawled into bed on my knees attempting to get comfortable. I practically had to be extracted to get out of the seat of my car because my legs were numb from any length of time in the sitting position. I cried, I grieved and I asked “why me?” I had been brought up to be a person of faith and had always felt God loved and cared for me. As a young child I talked to God and always felt His presence in my life.

I have always felt close to my Creator, and felt a sense of guidance in this world. I continued to struggle to work although it had to be on a part time basis. It was difficult, it was painful and I tried to avoid sitting and walked as much a possible while on duty as a House Supervisor at two different hospitals. I crawled into my car after a shift and cried all the way home, all the while asking myself how much longer I would be able to work. My husband was and is always there for me with his understanding, love and nursing mind since he is also an RN.

It is the complicated nature of rheumatoid disease they can be very difficult to diagnose. That pause causes doubts to set in for most of us as they did for me. Was I really sick? Is the pain as bad as I think it is? It took several years for me to get a beginning, tentative diagnosis and many years after that to get some firm answers. Many medications and even more physical therapy sessions later, I would temporarily improve but the original problems continued. That’s when I realized it was here, this “thing” and it was here to stay. Of all things to have, pain in one’s backside. I have always had a good sense of humor and thought, “Well, why not see the humor in it?” It wasn’t going away and I was stuck. I was stuck “right where I live”; in more ways than one. I was wrought with confusion, discouragement and yet, there was always an awakening deep inside my heart that caused me to wonder where all of this was going to lead.

That’s when I began to see life differently, and began to write. I loved nursing and always felt led to use my nursing career and my previous education as a literature major in college. Anytime I prayed and sought answers praying, “Lord, please help me find a new way to go.” “Write”, always came to me. I had frequently kept journals so it wasn’t a foreign concept to me. I journaled my angst, my fear and my hopes. Where was I to go, what was I to do with my life? One day I wrote a goofy poem about driving my convertible down Main Street and having teenagers flirt with me while driving behind me, then driving off in embarrassment when they saw a middle-aged woman behind the wheel. One of the local newspapers published it. Then they asked me to write a column for them on a regular basis. They even paid me. It wasn’t a nurse’s salary which was direly missed in our family, but it was fun. I called my column Valley View: Askew. It was all about seeing life from a humorous perspective. That column made me realize I was a bit of an eccentric. I like being eccentric. I love seeing life differently than many people do. I think it’s healthy and very good for each of us. To be an individual, to be one’s true self, is a very liberating experience. I believe it’s good for anyone but especially true for those who find life has kicked them in the can, down the road or in the soul, stealing something from them which they love. This life with chronic pain is so much more than just physical pain.

When confronted with pain of any kind we have choices to make. We can laugh or we can cry. We can moan and feel self-pity or we can communicate and reach out to help others through a similar set of circumstances. The old clock of life is still ticking at the same pace, 24 hours is still in each day and the earth still circles the sun. There are so many constants in the world to remind us of how reliable life can be we can’t really get too angry and bitter about change that comes to us. At least I choose not to. Most seeds you place into the ground sprout if you follow the rules and put them in fertile soil with water and sunshine available to them. Most critters, those with four feet and those with two, respond to love if it’s offered. These are some of the basic rules of life, like the Golden Rule we all learn as children. Change brings variables into those constants and with it the discomfiture of adjustment.

When life becomes askew, our world spins off its axis and huge change comes into our lives. I believe it is an opportunity to take a new path. It is not always easy to see what that purpose is but it is a wonderful opportunity to look for it and find out what that new road is, for you and for me. I have come to accept many new rules for life I never thought possible before I became ill. I’d like to share a few of them with you.


You and I are different from each other. We are each our own selves. It sounds obvious but it’s a fact we often forget. Embrace who you are unless you’re a jerk. If that’s the case, find a way to like yourself, even if you have to get counseling to do so. Most of the world experiences pain of some sort but not daily, grinding, chronic pain. We are already apart, separated by the changes pain has brought so why not enjoy it. Embrace eccentricity. Wear what you want to wear. I have to wear hats and sunproof clothing therefore I make it fun. I know for me; my eyes see all of life differently. I see the peachy hues of a geranium outside my living room window has a new bloom today. I see a potential new neighbor looking at old Gerald’s house. Old Gerald was a tragic figure who lived in our neighborhood in an ancient home without plumbing. He is gone now and his home may have new life and truly needs it. I see clouds rolling in from the sea and wonder if they will roll on or stop to dump a bit of rain on us. On my porch, I see the trails of tiny slimy slugs who want to enjoy my basil plants before I do. Goodbye slugs it’s Deadline for you today. I don’t know how to relocate slugs, do you? I notice the groundcover my granddaughter helped me plant has disturbed dirt surrounding it. It’s a clear sign the neighborhood cats have been searching for potty space. I’ll sprinkle rosemary leaves out there today because cats don’t like that and life will go on for me and for the cats. As I am writing this I look forward to tomorrow when my two youngest grandchildren will spend the day with us. Preteens both of them, they bring a delightful perspective to life and always, yes always, a laugh.

Embrace who you are and don’t let pain rob you of your individualistic ways and style. Life is a dance and we are dancing through it as best we can, just don’t let pain lead.

90 thoughts on “Eccentric, Just Short Of Crazy: In A Life Of Chronic Pain

  1. Sue
    Amazing, wonderful blog. So much of you, your life and how all these things affect us who suffer. I see some of me in there as well.
    An organic way to get rid of slugs ? SALT. There are so many of them here, a few less won’t matter !
    Love ya
    Gonna read again

    • Tonie, the kids used to put salt on slugs and snails to watch them fizz but kinda gruesome. I need to get rid of them in the plants and thought salt would hurt the plants.
      So many of the truths I have learned over the years from my illnesses are so universal, I am sure. Truth is truth and occasionally we happen onto it. Wish it was easier to find sometimes. Love you,

  2. Thank you for another glimpse into your life, its complications, and a bit of what makes you, you, complete with a few new rules to live by in this life with chronic pain. I find it interesting we both experienced our first tastes of what was to come at close to the same age. My knee pain started in the 6th grade. Our journeys have been quite different, but many of the same lessons learned – and appreciated. I am so thankful I searched for others facing this kind of life and found such a wonderful group of people who have become treasured friends. I feel for those who suffer alone, thinking no one knows or understands, lacking the support we have found in one another here. Thanks for being here and being you, Sue. Thank you, all. Another insightful blog, Sue.

    • Lyn, Life is nothing short of miraculous at times. We all love and value you and have become so bonded by all we have experienced these last 11 years. Growth, discoveries and so much more. It’s been fun watching your kids and my grands and kids grow over that time. Hopefully, we will all have many more as we delay the whole process of falling apart. Love, Sue

  3. Sue, yes, it was an amazing blog and previous one also. I have been reading and trying to keep up with everyone’s news!
    The area where I had my toe amputated has healed well and is one spot where I no longer have pain, but we are limited in how many body parts can be removed, right?
    DH and youngest son finally got a new roof on our bunkie (sleep cabin) and it now has a queen size bed plus a sofa bed and is ready for guests. Our DIL likes to read and relax when she is at the lake, so this will be a great spot for her to have some quiet time after a busy week at work. There are windows across the front looking out onto the lake so it is a very pretty spot.
    The grandkids are now jumping off the end of the dock, and not so many sand castles being constructed on the beach this summer! GD appears to be very interested in gardening so she has been helping move some ferns from another area of our property to around the bunkie. The area leading up to the cabin from the cottage is very rocky and shady, so the only things that will grow are hostas and ferns but they do soften the landscape. We usually need help removing rocks when we dig a hole and then the area must be filled with gardening soil if anything is to grow, but we are gradually creating a rock garden. Someday, when she is older and the plants have grown, she can admire her work and I hope she will have happy memories of the time we spent together.
    Time to take Teddi out and settle down for the night! Much love … Pommum Brenda

    • Dear Pommum, so wonderful to hear from you and to get an update. I miss you when you don’t come around more often but do understand how hard it is for you to type. Hard to imagine all the grands getting so big and accomplished. My goodness but you have done so much to the cabin. Did you add the bunkhouse onto it? SUch a beautiful place for the whole family to enjoy and relax in. I hope you know how fortunate you are to have such a hard working and clever husband who knows how to do all the work, of course, along with your dear sons.
      I know, as far as the toe, I am pleased it is at ease now but you’re right…stop that chopping, girl. I think it might be time for you to let your doctors find someone else to challenge them as much as you always have. I was touched by a pic of Teddi I saw recently because he was all alone. So much loss in recent years with all of our beloved pets. Teddi looks well. I pray he, your DH and all the family are doing well and are healthy but most of all you, dear girl. Love you, Sue

      • Sue, the bunkie was always there but needed a new roof before we moved furniture of any value into it, so it had become somewhat of a storage shed. We now have a TV in there also so it can be a great spot for the younger members of the family to relax and watch a movie after a busy day, while the adults enjoy a more leisurely dinner. In future years I can see it as a fun place for a sleep over with their friends. Both kids love to swim, but also enjoy our wood fired hot tub when it is time to warm up a bit! They are still a bit young for water skiing but enjoy water tubing behind the boat. Our other four grands still don’t visit us at the lake but we still have hope they will some day, but we are enjoying the two who love to come. A lot of hard work has gone into the cottage and I think we are about finished, although there will always be regular maintenance! We do have new windows for the front of the cottage and the front of the bunkie, sitting in our garage at home and DH will hire someone to help with those either this coming fall or maybe next spring …. he has decided that it is time to put his fishing rod to better use!

  4. Oh Sue, once again you have made me realize how lucky I am. Your sciatica started way before mine and was much more severe sooner. I remember the Helms truck. Did you have milk delivered, too? Our company was Adohr (which is his daughter’s name backwards…Rhoda.) I will continue to get strength from your essays. You are such an inspiration. I love your humor and how you love flowers and small animals. Thank you very much!

    • Kathy, thank you as ever for your kind words. Hope you continue to feel better. That name of the dairy doesn’t sound familiar but I don’t believe we took milk delivery that often when I was growing up in Pomona, CA. Pleased we connect on my humor and the other things we both love. Makes it more fun, this thing called life. Fondly, Sue

  5. Sue
    I’m going to keep this one by me to read again..see if I can print it
    I’m so glad you had a loving family when young with that pain,your mum and dad must have given you great goals and acceptance
    Being different ,looking at stuff different..when I was younger I used to pray to see things as others did,not my quirky way…..I guess I was meant too…now my Dh things it’s great and always said I should have written….but I found you …
    Also this has helped me with my GS at moment
    The firm he works for require staff to say more work is needed than not .he doesn’t like doing this and it has weighed on his he has left.he couldn’t keep doing it.he has no job at moment ..but feels better in himself for stepping out of other people’s wrong doing
    I’m sure he will get something as he left for good reason. .his morals wouldn’t and couldn’t be bought
    Let’s hope it turns out ok
    Hi Brenda
    Your cottage sounds lovely and for it to extend down the generations for the future is great. All those memories for them to have..glad your toe op is ok now
    How’s you now after the falls?
    How did your DH ,s BF go with his interview . How’s your SB with his migraines ?
    And hi Kathy

    • Hi, Chris, I think you are referring to SB’s GF as far as interview. She felt good about the interview, but noticed an experienced teacher interviewed either before or after her. We think the position went to an experienced teacher. She now is having to choose between 2 positions at the daycare where she works. It will be interesting to see which she chooses. One would overly stress her, but she feels responsible to take it on. We all think it may be a bit too stressful for her at this point. We’ll see what she decides. Experienced teachers have left that position. I’m not sure what other interviews she may have been offered at schools, but I don’t think any. She started applying later than we thought she should have, but for some reason she didn’t think that would be a problem. She’ll learn. She’s one you can’t tell anything in some areas. 😉

    • Chris dear, well, you’re in a good spot here because we love you just the way you are. Quirky is interesting, fun and much more stimulating. Certainly a huge part of the way we live our lives is our moral compass. Sounds like your dear GS is heading in the right direction in his life. It’s sad what he ran into at the old job but so common I’m afraid. What a good guy he is. Surely each experience will lead him to the job he will fit into and you won’t have to worry about him developing an ulcer.
      Hope things at the house are going well and your new appliances are the right ones and in place. Hoping your weather is at a pleasant level. Haven’t heard any news lately about a heat wave in your part of the world. We remain cool with gorgeous, clear skies. A bit of wind each day but all is well.
      We’re still cleaning up our guest room getting the grands stuff cleared out so we can sell the twin beds in there. They stay over so seldom because they live 8 blocks away from here and we could use the space now that they are getting older and more into their own lives. We went through the room yesterday as they cleaned out the drawers under the bed, a toy box, etc. It was really sweet to see them reminiscing about all their things they had when younger that are now going to their next garage sale. They are keeping a few favorite items over here. Life seems to be whizzing by at times, but on those painful, pain filled days, it seems to crawl. Been having a few of those lately with doing too much, the sun and still no action on the knees. Frustrating to feel this badly, waiting for it to pass. Glad you liked this blog, Love you, Sue

  6. Morning all
    Been awake since 2:30 and can’t get back to sleep. Chris, in answer, my Fibro is very active under my right breast and around that rib. Which is why I am awake. I took one of my better pain pills, so it will help it soon. This will go away in a day or so….I hope. I like a warped ( well different ) outlook on life. Makes it more I interesting.
    I searched for 15 years, from my 30’s into my forthies to find out what was wrong with me, it started with Fibro, I know that now. Did you know that a major trauma can activate it ? It started after my divorce. Always tests for RA, lupus, and all sorts of other things. Then…I was told it was imaginary ( I had the good sense to not believe them) I would cope with it, badly at times. But finally, after a weekend of marathon tiling in the house and around the pool getting ready for my sons wedding, This wonderful Nurse Practioner sent me to the best RA Dr ever. And from there to here. That was 15 years ago. Unreal. But , in the last five years with less stress, and better meds, better physical activities I have improved in one way and not really in others. Make sense ?
    Pommum, I am glad your cabin is coming along the way you want. I can’t believe the grands are so grown up. Take care and enjoy them, they are grown before you know it.
    Lyn, in answer to your question on the previous blog. FM will be coming either later end of August or in September. He has a lot of things to do first. Dr appointments , etc. But, he will be here soon
    So, pool today, but no swimming, just kick board and floating. Ease the body some, maybe the therapy pool.
    So, maybe I can get some more sleep. Take care all and let’s really take advantage of this wonderful place we have found. This wonderful lady we have found that brings us together in our pain, and in our happiness. To bond and commiserate, to learn and teach. I thank God for you all

    • Tonie, Hope and am praying so much of the soreness brought on by last week’s falls is easing up for you. Hope you and Nathan your GS are able to keep busy and still having much fun. Any buyer for Sweet Pea or did you decide to keep her until your FM arrives? Love, Sue

  7. This article is all about “reinventing oneself” when life throws a wrench. It’s all about accepting losses and having the courage to try something different. As a nurse, I have been forced to move away from the bedside to a professional development position due to arthritis. Actually, I have embraced this change and I find I have some talent for teaching!

    • Great Brenda
      I think it is a blessing in disguise when we find the hidden talents due to necessity.. many things I can’t do anymore, but many I can do I didn’t do before.

    • Brenda, how exciting for you to find a new talent. It obviously is making you happy and enabling you to turn on many different parts of your brain, your life and I’m sure others are being enriched by this. I know there are times you must miss bedside nursing because I know that feeling but there is always a corner, a new block, a new idea, etc. I also did some staff and patient teaching after I went into nursing management as in continuing ed. and found it a wonderful way to share experiences. Hope you are having less pain as a result of this change. Good to hear from you. Fondly, Sue

  8. Hi all
    Do hope you got to sleep ok with that pain tonie…take care dint want a third mishap..ok?

    The fr/ frzr came ok yesterday and is looking good
    Cooker comes tomorrow morning and they take the stupid one away
    They unpacked it on the lorry which was good as when the cooker came last week they unpacked it outside the front door and all the polystyrene bits got all caught up in the gaps in the pavers it was a mess to clear up
    So I’m gonna ask if they will do that tomorrow
    Do wish your knees would listen to what we are all saying on here Sue
    I hope SB gf gets what she wants in her search for a seems you just gotta stand back and hope they do it right
    Ok all prepared for the morning stuff moved etc.
    Back at bottom sore so don’t want any mess so fingers crossed

  9. Morning
    Chris, slowly but surely getting better. Trying to behave is the hard part. But….. I hope your day has gone well and no messes at your home. Enjoy your new cooker and fridge. It is always nice to see new appliances in your kitchen. Spruces things up.
    Still enjoying my Nathan boy. He is a bit of happy on the earth. I got him a Kindle Fire for helping me so much. He smiled and just stared at it. I asked him if he liked it , he said Yes, but I just don’t know what to say ! He has not turned on the tv in 24 hours. haha !
    Sue, hope your knees are feeling better. Lyn, maybe a little relief from the heat for us for a few days. I hope you also. We have had a bit of rain, and more in the forecast for today. I have to get outside and work on those chairs more. I got delayed. Or distracted ?
    Well, news from FM. His ticket is for Sept 20th. Bummer, but must be done due to so much he has to finish up on. Meantime he is enjoying some downtime visiting friends, seeing horses, and volunteering at an orphanage there. He has a big heart my man. So two more months before I see him again. But , days are sliding by quickly and very busily.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • Tonie
      I do like that… a bit of happy on earth…he must be a treasure
      Well you have a date can see it and work to’ll fly by for good he is to do such work
      It’s hard not to do stuff I know I can’t
      Well cooker came today and it looks so nice better than the other..also it’s all lined with self cleaning stuff,the other wasn’ was dry when it came so pleased as it’s chucking it down now,some poor person is getting stuff delivered tho now.
      DD has a wedding venue booked for Nov 2018. A converted old barn..looks nice..ill send photo

      • Chris, I’ll try to answer both entries now. Yesterday was a bummer of a day. Went to oncologist and had both big shots in hips then another for the bones. Changed to a new one for that so I don’t have to lie in one of those uncomfortable chemo chairs…now taking an injection instead of IV. Feeling so bitchy yesterday and told the doctor that. She was very kind and understanding and asked me how I manage so many problems, then I lost it when she said she thought I was very brave; then I started crying. I was so embarrassed but have a hard time when someone feels sorry for me. Knees bad and finally talked to pain doc’s office and there was an insurance problem. They were calling the wrong insurance. They apologized and hope to get the approval for the meds and injections tomorrow. Still have to go into Portland but just hope they arrange it in time for my appointment on Aug. 3, the day after my birthday. What a good present that would be for me. So much wrong right now but cancer condition stable. No worse. Pain in shoulders, knees, back and ankles. Eyes bad this summer. I think it’s all the wind we’ve been having, and fans inside. Temps very moderate and pretty but windy.
        I had no idea your daughter was this close to getting married. How wonderful for her. Hope you approve of him and he is deserving of such a fine girl.
        Hope the new stove and refrigerator are working out just great for you. How is DH doing with his B/P? Is your lovely deck and beautiful garden area working out as you had hoped? I pray so. I know, always some challenge and life just won’t stop for us and dirt keeps happening, floors need care, meals need to be prepared…etc. Love you much and hope you are getting more sleep these days than your usual. Sue

    • Tonie, I know…it seems like a long time away but knowing you, you will stay very busy. DO hope each day is bringing healing to all of your injured parts and the regular problems you carry within your body every day. Pleased Nathan is so tickled with his Kindle. What fun for him and his alone to enjoy. Has he seen his sweet friend yet? Any movies, etc. for him? You haven’t mentioned Sweetpea lately. Is Judy home these days? Hope Mary is still doing well on her chemo so that tumor shrinks and they can get it out of there. So much going on in her life and health.
      Just bathed George in the kitchen sink so I didn’t have to bend over and he is lying here beside me under and over towels snoring away. Jim is playing with his new gaming computer and life is quiet. Weather nice but windy. Some occasional fog and showers but mostly moderate and lovely. Having to avoid the sun so much it’s hard to enjoy all my flowers but am trying.
      Read my note to Chris for med update on me, okay? Haven’t been on internet much due to terrific eye problems. Fading vision and headaches from the strain. Taking three eyedrops but Sjogren’s so bad lately. So tired of it all but keep finding bits of love and humor in this world. So pleased for you to have had such an enjoyable time with your sweet grandson. Love you and think of you often. Sept. 20 sounds like a good solid date as he gets his health in order and says goodbye to all his friends. I agree his volunteering sound kindly but would rather see him on a plane tomorrow. Oh well, he’s like my man and will do what he must do. That’s a good thing. Sue

  10. Morning all
    Sue, so sorry that you have been going through so much. I , too think of you often and hold you up in my prayers. Sweetie girl is doing fine. I haven’t done more than just pet her and talk to her. Don’t need to take the risk of being jostled around yet. So being safe. FM has a plan for breaking her in for me. Which is good. He is the more experienced and is looking forward to it. Nathan has not seen his sweetie yet. She is away with her mom, whose sister is having surgery. He leaves on the 7th , so I hope they can get together before then. We are going for a bike ride today, in place of swimming. Ribs still very sore, getting better though. Knee is VERY colorful, but also healing well. Mary is doing well. Her vitals were all normal at her checkup, and he told her that was not normal. She told him it was when prayer was involved ! Glad Jim is enjoying his new computer.
    Chris, had no idea your dd was getting married. Good for her. Beautiful barn, and nice place for a wedding. She looked very happy in the pic, and a handsome man with her. I hope you approve and like him. It really makes a difference.
    Yeah, I would rather FM be on the plane tomorrow as well. We didn’t forsee these tests etc, taking this long. What happens with the medical system they have. Today he had the dentist.
    Well, it is getting late and supposed to rain this afternoon, so we must be off on our bikes.
    Take care all.
    Love ya

    • Yes sue I’m hoping this weekend will see a turnaround for your kness even before the injections..somehow your post seems to run parallel with your blog it makes me sad to think of you unhappy like that..but I know you will turn it around always do
      Would you believe I haven’t used the cooker yet.had some cold stuff and salad to use up.i burnt the ovens and grill off yesterday….and ofcourse my eyes are sore
      Yes fading is the best way to describe them
      Glad you are healing tonie
      DD isn’t getting married till late 2018
      Enjoy your time with Nathan
      Cold here had heating on for Half an hour

      • Chris, we have cold mornings but pleasant late afternoons with clearing. Just not hot which is good. Glad you like the new kitchen appliances and yes, I certainly understand about the particles in the air with your eyes, etc. Darn Sjogren’s affects so much. Take heart that your lovely house is finally all coming together. Only took a year…I know, not funny. SO you and DD will have a whole year of planning for the wedding.
        Woke up with a broken vessel in another eye. Painful this time but not always. I don’t expect life to be perfect any longer if I ever did. One day at a time. Pray for you and indeed, all of you on here to have the maximum out of life that’s possible.Love, Sue

  11. Rain, wonderful rain ! We went for a bike ride and got rained in all the way back. But it was so good to get some real exercise. I didn’t have much energy though, but beautiful on the river.
    I made us some soup to go with the cool day. Black beans with fresh onion, zucchini, turnip, potatoes and tomatoes. Plus spices. Cook in the pressure cooker ( best thing I ever bought) and some store bought bread. I am fat and happy right now.
    Sue I hope you are doing better

    • Tonie, Yes, feeling better today. Worked on our deck for a couple of hours with George this AM. Plenty of sunscreen, long sleeves and hat before sun too bright and area shaded by the house. He adores being the 9 lb. terror of the neighborhood. Very few are afraid of him, most laugh. Our porch and deck are the prettiest they’ve ever been this year. First time in three years I’ve felt like taking care of it all. Have yard guy do the mowing and weeding in the rest of our property. Have a lawn about the size of a, well, let me think, maybe trampoline? We’d do it ourselves because he uses a weekeater but it’s straight up or downhill, depending on how you look at it. It’s almost all dandelions. I’d take it all out and put in groundcover but afraid hill would fall down over retaining wall followed by house. Knees still bad. Talked to pain doc’s office yesterday and they are working on getting the meds, Synvisc. Hope they get it by next Thurs. when have appt. Will be done in cardiac lab, under fluoroscopy. All cancer lab work remains the worse.

      Glad to hear you get a bit more time with Nathan. Also good he is helping you with work. Are you getting that rain back there? So much flooding in your old state of AZ…awful. We are supposed to have some fog tonight. 70 degrees again today. Later dear friend, Sue

  12. Hello, all! Chris, goodness, new cooker, DD found a venue, all kinds of good news. You’ll have to let us know how you like the cooker when you try it out.
    Tonie, we are getting rain now. It has been showering off and on, but heavy rains are forecast along with flood warnings. We’ll see how it goes. Glad you are healing, wish it could be faster. Enjoy your time with Nathan. I know you always do. How sweet his response to your gift. Sept. 20th, huh? Well, at least you have a date. You can start ticking off the days.
    Sue, it saddens me that you are having such a time. I wish there was something I could do for you. Hope you can enjoy some extra snuggles with George. Prayers for you.

  13. Sue, that’s an absolutely beautiful blog!! I gleaned so much wisdom and truth to apply to my life. Im so thankful to the Lord for you!! You are such a blessing to my life and as you are to so many others!! God bless you!

    • Brenda Barrier, How wonderful to see you on here. I enjoy all of your sharing on FB so much. Thank you for your very kind words about my sharing with so many. God has already blessed me in so many ways as I know he has you. Love, Sue P.S. You’re my fourth Brenda on here. Beautiful name.

  14. Hello all
    Brenda, glad to see you ack on here. We are always happy when someone else joins us with comments. Please come back more often.
    Hey, do any of you have a problem with the corners of your mouth cracking open ? Also the corners of my eyes. I was told it was Vit B deficiency. But so far nothing . It comes and goes. Even been using Vit E oil on them, makes it better but doesn’t prevent it. So….any ideas ?
    Had planned a bike ride, but major weather shift last night has my body down for the count. So on the heating pad watching movies and crocheting. It was I. The very low 50’s overnight. Going from 80’s and 90’s down. To cold…..hurts.
    Well, take care

    • Tonie, sorry the weather has brought about such a bad day for you. What a life, huh? As far as the edges of your mouth and corners of eyes, don’t know. Have you checked the side effects of your biologic? I sometimes get sore in the corner of the mouth and usually from severe sun or dryness. Eyes, don’t know. It will be an interesting question or your doctor though.
      Watching movies and crocheting sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, if only it could be without pain. Our weather is doing a switcha-roo to yours. Our temps are going up. Unfortunately, they are going up the very day we’re going into Portland…Thursday this week.
      Hang on today. Prayers for certain. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I have had this problem with the mouth and eyes since back in the winter, so well before the biologic. Just been using the vit e oil and tried the b vit. Didn’t think to ask her about it this time. So, will add to the roster for next time. We are having September weather here. Down in the 50’s overnight. Nice sleeping weather. But, bad changes for the body. Some better today. The pain from the ribs is getting better, but it has really activated the FMS in my breasts and giving me much pain. It is hardly bearable to wear a real bra, mostly I have the AHHH bra on unless in public for something. Prayers for your trip to Portland, that you get your meds and they help.
        Love ya

  15. Welcome, Brenda Barrier!

    Tonie, the rains brought us some beautiful weather! And me some aches and pains, too. I’ve managed pup walks but been really tired and sore. Slept in this morning, but still tired. Resting now after freezing a dozen and half ears worth of corn. Asked the guys if they would object to getting a pizza for dinner. Everyone was all in. Good! I am in no shape to cook. Hoping to get outside later for some relaxation and reading.

    Sue, hope today finds you feeling better!

    Chris, try out that new cooker yet?

    • Lyn, PIzza is always a good go to food. We’ve only had it once since Jan. because Jim’s trying to watch his weight. Cutting all that corn off the cob sounds like far too much work although I’m sure it’s delicious. Rest and feel better. Love, Sue

    • Yes, Sue, husking and cutting all the corn off, bagging it can be a lot of work, but tastes so much better than what you can buy in the store, so I like to have some on hand throughout the year. I only do small batches, though. Often I’ll just get a dozen, make 4 – 6 to have with dinner, then freeze the rest. Sometimes I’ll buy a couple dozen and do a little more, but not more than that. I can usually get my DH to husk for me. He wasn’t around when I started it today, so had to do it all myself. He came to help when I had 1 left to do. Haha

  16. Hy all
    Yea I cooked a chicken curry yesterday ..I know not much but tired after cleaning and I moved things about in better places.
    Plan to do more this coming week…oh and breakfast this morning scrambled eggs ..I’m getting there! For lunch we went out today.i need to do a shop as I run down with the freezer coming .and not had time to get to do it
    Yep the is all over the place and quite windy
    I usually put cold sore ointment on those mouth cracks..don’t know about eyes..have you tried bathing them with cooled boiled water
    Do you think the wind when you are cycling could do it
    What’s causing these burst vessels do you think.such a nuisance.
    Do hope the pain injections get going for you
    Well gonna pack it in now for the day

    • Chris, sounds like you are getting some fun use out of your new cooker. By the way, sounds very tasty. What a lot of juggling you’ve been doing so I hope you get some goof off time very soon. Glad you went out to lunch. Been over to the coast lately? Hope your weather is not still being erratic. Guess I bragged too much about our weather. We are going to warm up for four days this week into the 90’s and wouldn’t you know it but the first day we’ve been up to Portland in four months, THursday, and it’s going to be 107 degrees F. ( Looks about 32C-40C.) I truly dread that
      I think all of the broken blood vessels I get everywhere are due to the methotrexate or the prednisone, both of which I’ve been on for years now. Also, as you know, dry eye can also do that.
      Watched the last Grantchester this season. Sure hope they return with a fourth season. Well dear, do enjoy all the new appliances but don’t work too hard, okay? Love, Sue

    • Chris
      How do you make your chicken curry ? I do love spicy food. I used to buy curry wurst along the road at stands in Germany. The kids called them “rubber wienies”. No, the wind would have no effect on the cracking. This happens overnight while I sleep. Maybe toxic leakage of fluid, lol. Been going on for a few months. Started back last winter. I thought it might be the mouth guard on the mouth, but that wouldn’t explain the eyes, would it ?
      Hope you are having a good Monday.
      Take care

      • Well..I cut up the chicken fry it in a little oil with onion add curry powder.fry again…add tomato purée ..also peanut butter spread adds to the taste and as a thickener only a heaped teaspoon …a little soy the end a little honey to make it sticky and glossy,or any syrup really..add a little water if you want and put it on top of rice..sometimes I add mushrooms or stir fry veg. You can add raisins and almonds..I can’t but I add it to DHs bit
        You are a mystery with this soreness …go to dr with it.
        Done nowt today but still moving about doing stuff!

        Sue that’s going to be so hot…have you got air con in the car?
        Mite go to the coast this week
        Ok just watered pots ..mammoth task!
        Get tea done now

      • Tonie, I am sorry to hear you are still so sore. Hope it eases very soon. You know, one thing about the mouth, I have noticed in the last year or so I am not swallowing all of the fluids in my mouth the same way. I used to. I drool on my pillow more than I ever did which was not at all. Maybe an aging thing?
        Yes, dreading the trip to Portland. We’ll have to leave George at home and Beth can check on him a couple of times that day. The only way to take him in the heat would be one of staying with him in an air cond. care or taking him in with us. Finally got scheduled for my injections in Portland. Three of them at 7AM !! Ugly. We’ll have to leave here at 4:30 or so. Brutal and do it three weeks apart.
        Do hope you’re not suffering in the heat…get enough rain? Love, Sue

  17. Chris, yes we have air conditioning in both cars and in my car, the Taurus, even the seats are air conditioned. Such luxury for us all these days. Not too bad out here on the coastal range but to be hot in Portland starting today through Thursdays then cooling. Wanted to tell you and all we had whales in the Columbia RIver Monday this week. Everyone was taking pics and videos. So unusual for us.
    Glad to hear you’re using your new appliances and enjoying them. A new stove does inspire us to want to cook new things. Do take care and let us know how life is going. Love, Sue

    • What a sight that must have been did you see them sue
      Thinking of you today on your birthday..well I’m ahead over here
      I’m unsure which day you go to Portland today or tomorrow ..i do hope it’s not today
      DH came over as we didn’t go to the wedding venue ,it was their day off today
      She left with some of my clothes! Just happened to see them and like something .so of course I say go on you have it.!
      Also a fluttery fly screen I had for back door she fancied so off that comes! I like doing it tho
      Eyes very dry and my mouth moreso.feeling so exhausted ,but not tired just’s odd

      • Chris, I am sorry you’re feeling poorly. I do understand that weakness that you feel. I remember a week or so you talked about not being able to raise your arms or not having the strength to. I get that, also. The heat really does that to me. My eyes also very dry from the wind and fans plus heat. Eye drops like mad and hydrating.
        No, I didn’t see the whales, just videos locals took and posted.
        I give my daughter many things but rarely a piece of clothing I like. We share plants, food, etc. I knew you meant DD and not DH. Hope plans beginning to get started for her wedding. Late here and I’m miserable. Later, so love you, Sue

  18. Yikes, Sue, that rise and shine time is horrid. Will be thinking of and praying for you for sure. My niece just posted the temps forecast for them in Vancouver, WA. HOT! It is warmer here than it was, but not that warm.

    • Lyn, Yikes is right. Oh yes, it’s sizzling up there and will be on Thursday when we’re there just across the river from her. Must leave George at home that trip. Hope your niece and family still like that area. Take care. Hope your weather has calmed down. Love, Sue

    • Chris, I’m sorry to worry you. I got some sleep. I’m just tired of everything hurting…all the time. After any time in the sun All of my joint get into such a flare it’s ridiculous. My hands, elbows, knees, hips, feet, etc. I will be covered in sunscreen tomorrow, taking a dishtowel for the passenger side window, etc. See what I mean, ridiculous. I need something better for pain but you all know what the opioids do to my Sjogren’s and those symptoms can’t be ignored. Okay, enough of that. Since today is my birthday I am determined to have a good day and do just what I want to do. I will see if my sweet husband will water the sunny stuff for me because we’re getting up to 90+ today and will be hot for two more days. We usually get a bit of wind to cool us off. I am concerned about my hydrangeas all getting toasted. Putting off any family birthday stuff until the weekend because we have to get ready to go tomorrow…you know. Family have to work today and will be tired tonight, at least DD will. SIL has to have the store open all weekend. Jim and I both will see our wonderful oncology surgeon for check ups and our dermatologist. I will also see my rheumy. Sorry this was all about me today. Let me know how you are doing. Love you, Sue

      • That’s sounds more like you ..determined
        I hope the day went well
        Blimmin sjogrens ..I had physio this morning so am sore
        Be thinking if you tomorrow…what a day

  19. A VERY Happy Birthday to Sue. GOd bless you and keep you and grant you many more to come. All in good health and ability. Did that cover everything ? I hope so ! I pray you are feeling up to celebrating a little today !
    I know you will stress over George being home alone. He will stress as well. But Big sister will check on him and make sure he is safe and sound. You stay cool and don’t overexert. Relax when you can and prayers that the shots will help your poor knees.
    We are not that hot here now. only the low 80;s. Cold front coming through next week and highs will be in the 70’s. Closer to your weather. We are working with Mrs Blair today, so praying her son will behave while we are there.
    CHris, I will have to try that curry, it sounds yummy. I do know what you mean about giving things to your daughter. I give mine things all the time. Do take care in the heat and your dry eyes.
    Love to all

    • Tonie,Thanks so much for the birthday greetings and yes, if I get all of that in my life, I will be blessed. I hope Mrs. Blair’s son behaved himself when you were there and with her…always. Not much celebrating for me, just trying to stay cool in a hot house. 91 so far at three PM. Window air conditioner doing very little upstairs. Poor George. I will probably put him in a cool bath in a little while so he can get some relief. So many wonderful greetings also on FB, I am so blessed by so many and so much. I hope you are not being in the path of any of those storms. I saw hail on the news and felt so badly for all the folks with gardens and orchards in the East and the flooding down further south, oh dear.
      Got a beautiful bouquet from a dear friend and hope it makes it in this heat. Watering outside early with this heat…no one in OR likes the heat, including the plants and flowers. I’m not getting any shots tomorrow. They will be next Thursday…yes, we’re making four trips into Portland, a week apart. Sure hope the injections will be worth it. Air not that great here. Getting lots of pollution from fires in Canada drifting down.
      Hope you’re well and didn’t work too hard today. Eyes bad due to dryness. Many drops today. Love you, Sue

  20. Oh, Sue, it sounds awful for you right now. And, it’s your day, so why shouldn’t it be all about you? 🙂 We had a thunderstorm move through this afternoon which cooled things nicely for this evening. Tomorrow, however, back to humidity and chance of more thunderstorms. Our temps, however, like Tonie, in the 80s. Friday is to be stormy all day. I will, of course, be thinking about and praying for you tomorrow. I shared Birthday hugs on FB earlier in the form of a bitmoji (aren’t they cute?) Glad you enjoyed it.

  21. Hey all
    Sue, I know you are off to Portland today, but thoughts and prayers with you as you travel. That heat is so bad for everyone. We don’t get that sort here except a rare occasion . We had ours last month. Here , we have a cold front coming through, same as yours Lyn, Friday some rain and all through the weekend and next week. Hopefully we get it, we need it badly.
    Had a good day with Mrs Blair, her son stayed out of the way. Got a lot done and was home earlier than usual. Then had to do my chores here. Nathan leaves this weekend, which is good and bad. He is still a child in ways, so I have to care for him. Takes some doing and I get tired more. But I will miss his smiling face. He is my love.
    Chris, I hope you are doing well over there. Enjoying your new cooker and making good food. So many of us don’t like to cook in the summer, just simple things that don’t heat the house up any more. But, I do like to cook more in the winter. Seems I need the hot nourishing food more.
    Well, I must be off. Things to get done and then a bike ride I think. Still prayers for us all this day.

  22. Sue
    I pray you are resting today with not so much pain. Still in hopes of you finding something that really gives you pain relief. My dear friend Millie is in the same boat as you. Cannot take any pain pills and has just given up on it. But… she is 91. There has to be something out there for you somewhere.
    My other nurse, Fran, thinks that the cracks on my mouth is caused by excessive sweating. The salt. She said when she used to run and sweated a lot she would get that. And Lord knows, I do sweat a lot. So she may be onto something. I realized when I did my pills this time I have been taking lycine for a long time Sue. So nothing there. We shall see.
    I had a nice long bike ride yesterday evening, alone. Nathan didn’t want to go. It was nice to be on my own again, riding at my own pace and able to go further. But, I got the bike off the truck with a flat tire, so must repair it before the next ride. Going to try to swim today. If it hurts, I will stop and maybe just use the kickboard to exercise. Nathan is excited to go home. He misses his family. And they him. I have a lot of housework to do after he leaves. UGH ! Not what I like to do. But….necessary evil.
    Take care all

    • Chris, Yes, eyes very bad because it was 107F (approx.44C) and even thought we were in the car and building most of the time, appts. got mixed up but the worst part was the air was full of smoke and soot from forest fires from VIctoria, British Columbia, Montana and there in Oregon forests. The air was grey. Our beautiful blue skies were invisible. Back and knees impossibly painful.Hope all is well with you, more tomorrow. Night from here, Sue

  23. Oh what a tale all sounds awful!
    I can imagine what your eyes are like
    Is this to be expected with your knees after the injection
    Hope all is better today
    I went to dr with blood from back you know where…and he examined me and it was was bright red on he said if it keeps happening..but he felt it ok there.but he did about 7 blood tests as I was feeling this weakness..all normal came back !
    We tried to go to coast next day but DH no good so we turned and came back..but went next day and all was well.sun shining and no wind and in the 70s.
    Hope it’s cooler for you
    Another stir fry today with noodles
    Tonie they used to say cracks in corners of mouth lack of vit c but you eat lots of fruit and’s another mystery

  24. Sue is in the hospital. She has an intestinal blockage. Please pray for a quick recovery. She is on IV right now, so no progress until they will feed her.

  25. Hi all
    Got a message from Sue last night. She is home, tired , but all is okay. Still keep her in prayer so she will get rest and her strength back.
    School started here again today. Seems like it is earlier each year. Today is like a fall day. Cool and overcast , wet. But nice change. I have an interview this evening with a family who want me to pet sit for them the end of the month. Horses, cats and dogs. I have to stay at their house, but I can come back and forth to feed and take care of my animals. It is a good job, with maybe more times to follow.
    All else is good. Hope everyone is doing good today.
    Love to all

  26. Tonie
    That sounds just something that will suit you ..Thinking of you
    Schools here don’t start till second week of September.they have an six week break tha time of year
    Pleased that Sue is home now..prayers so she picks up her strength and that all is well

  27. Hey all
    Spoke with Sue last night. She is doing better, just weak and tired. Of course after all the junk she went through and now she is home, so that in itself is better.
    The interview went well. I LOVE the home. Big barn with open apt above and third floor bedroom for them. Out in the mountains, secluded, kinda like I live anyway. So 4 day weekend I will be there. 4 dogs, 3 horses and two cats.. Fun. Then 4-10 of Sept. I will stay. 20 miles from me and I will have to come home and take care of my animals too each day. But it will be ok. My doggies were not happy smelling all those other dogs on me last night. And one of them let me know by peeing in the living room. They will be fine though. till having to round up some of the chickens at night to put them to bed. Crazy things want to sleep outside now. Can’t blame them.
    Janet I know you would like their place. They are going to renovate in order to take care of his mother. Good people.
    Well, gotta get some things done here.
    Take care all

    • Thanks for the updates, Tonie. New job sounds good. Hopefully, the travel won’t be too bad. Sounds not. Hope the pup stops peeing, too. 😉

  28. Tonie
    Well done .it sounds a wonderful job to have for you
    Yes sue needs plenty of rest now and just being at home.
    I bet little George is pleased to see her

  29. Hi, peeps! I’m finally back on after a few days. It has been a stressful time around here the last week and a half or so. Slowly getting a bit better, but still an ongoing concern in DD’s life. Prayers, of course, appreciated. I’m trying to be her anchor. My mom has been a huge support as well, and has experience that has been invaluable. I am amazed at DD’s growth the past year and her level of understanding and perspective. SB has been the best brother. I can’t tell you what it means to see the love and support they have for each other. I know they will always be there for one another and it warms my heart like nothing else. Somehow we did something right along the way with those two. It’s getting late here, so I’m off. Will try to check back in a bit sooner now that some things have calmed down a bit.
    Prayers for all. Especially for our Sue.

    • Lyn, indeed it does sound like you did something right with your children…now adults, forever children in our hearts. You have a strong loving family and it will see each and all of you through anything. I pray for you to find answers, more strength and always faith during DD’s stressful time.
      I’m still a bit weak and uncomfortable but working hard to gain strength and watch very bad gut. Much love, Sue

  30. Dear friends, good to be home. Hospitalized for three days with small, upper bowel obstruction. Lots of IV fluids and Ct scans, upper bowel with barium X-rays. Finally cleared. Not a great experience because our hospital has gone to hospitalist’s to take care of patients in the hospital. Couldn’t even see my own doctor. I hate this new trend and think it makes for terrible medicine. How can one guy be expected to take care of a whole med/surg unit and an ICU when the patients are all strangers to him? Afraid I made my opinions known and this doctor I had, who wasn’t very good in my opinion, finally said, okay, we’ll do it your way. Then they let me take my Kamikaze cocktail of cherry/grape juice, MOM and metamucil plus stool softeners. Jim brought juice from home. Finally able to clear the obstruction. Never sat on a potty chair so much in my life, truly. Spent whole second night doing that. Then had small bowel X-rays and the barium they use now gives one terrible diarrhea…another night on the potty chair. Jim called our internist and he contacted this guy and told him Jim and I were highly qualified nurses and to leave us alone and listen to me, etc.
    Nursing care was good. DD works there as Speech therapist so got to see her when she had free minutes. Bed hard even with egg crate I requested. Gave doctor an education about Sjogren’s Syndrome.
    It was like a Bermuda triangle of events that put me there…very hot weather, trip to Portland, etc. I have to watch gut so carefully and couldn’t keep up with all that week before. I greatly appreciate your prayers. Met some sweet caregivers, from RN’s to house keeping.
    So good to be home now. Weak, tired and very sore belly. Sorry no blog last weekend but will try for this one coming up. Love to each of you, Sue

      • Blimmin hec sue.what a time..don’t worry about the blog. But I bet it will have a hint of the past week
        Glad they took notice of you both eventually.just take care and rest now.
        Yes it warms the heart to see family working together.

    • Dear Sue, So happy you are home. What a terrible time you had. Lots of prayers for you while you were there. You are loved by more people then you could imagine. Take care dear lady. Much love, Janet

      • Janet, such a kind word from you means so much to me. Hopefully, each day will be better as I seek to keep the gut clear and also gain strength while eating boring food. Hope you are well as can be. Love, Sue

  31. Chris dear, thanks for always being there. You’re a wonderful friend. Still don’t know about blog for this weekend. Have to feel better than I do today. Love, Sue

  32. Tonie, SInce you and I have chatted on the phone, I think we covered most of what is going on in your life. The new job sounds challenging, fun and will give you a bit of vicarious living along with some cash. I am concerned about all the travel you will have to do each day so be safe on those mountain roads, okay? Same old woman here. Repairs come more slowly the older we get I do believe. Love, Sue

  33. Sue
    So wonderful to see you back online, as well as being home. I know how wonderful that is. Hoping( and praying) that you are getting stronger each day. Being home with Jim and dear George will hasten that effect I am sure. As Janet says, there are many people who care about your well being. The blog will come when it comes, we will be here.
    As for the driving, it is not that bad. Usual drive to the interstate, then only three miles from the interstate exit. So, won’t be bad. Since my flying lesson, my back seems to have realigned. The pain is not so intense, nor frequent. So, I will not be doing the surgery…..yet. As long as I can delay, the better.
    Lyn, prayers for dd. I missed something somewhere, not sure what is going on, but will pray for a solution.
    Here’s to us all having a good Saturday.

  34. Tonie
    I’ve missed summat as well…..what flying lesson?? also I think I might have missed one if lyns posts too
    Hope you are getting stronger sue

  35. I don’t think anyone missed any post, I just didn’t go into detail. Not sure what I can share as it pertains to DD and her BF and not me directly. But, as we all know, anything affecting our kiddos, affects us. Making our way through. Just stressful. At least my BP wasn’t high at my doc appt yesterday! That’s good. 🙂 I am normally on the low side.

    • Rosetint…Good to hear from you. I am sorry for the circumstances and hope recovery is in sight and no long term affects for you. You are so right. Creativity for me when I lost my nursing career due to two diseases and now add breast cancer to that. I will check out your blog tonight or in the morning. Keep speaking from you heart and you will be alright no matter comes along. Hugs, Sue

    • Hi rose tint
      Hope to see you again
      As sue says I hope you are ok now and well
      I too fell some years ago and fractured the took a while for the pain to be bearable and left me with a few problems,.siiting being one
      All best Chris

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