The Sun Always Rises

Most mornings when I awaken, I wonder where the energy will emerge to face the coming day. I know it will. It’s often difficult to see the tomorrows when today I am so fatigued but I have lived long enough to know, see them or not, they will come. Not only is today inevitable but so is tomorrow so ready or not, here it comes; barbs, thorns, pain and a glorious sky full of sun, clouds and beauty.

I love the way life has of renewing us if we just keep moving forward and believe in the joyful prospects of life. I have a few tools I find helpful as another tomorrow approaches. Who am I kidding? I have far more than a few. I can’t possibly talk about them all right now because there isn’t enough space and I also have had a rough week. I spent three days in the hospital with a bowel obstruction and a bladder infection.

How I got there and why I had to be hospitalized is a bit complex but basically was a result of a bad belly, too much scorching heat, a few days previously, wretched for a person allergic to the sun and a pain filled five hours in the car with the bumping around while the sun shone in. I had appointments with three doctors, appointments that had been made months previously and had to be kept. As fate would have it, it was the hottest day for that date in the history of Portland, Oregon where my doctors are located. Sjogren’s Syndrome is a difficult disease to live with as you basically are dry all over, even the gut. When you add sacroiliitis, two crushed vertebra and multiple bad joints well…it felt like the Bermuda Triangle for my body. I must also add it was particularly stressful at the hospital to realize our local hospital is now using hospitalists for all inpatients and I couldn’t even see my own doctor. How can one doctor see and really knowledgably treat a whole medical unit of strangers and also treat patients in the ICU? That part of my stay was ugly but the nursing care was good.

As I face recovery, I am trying to decide what to do to avoid this event in the future and the best way to recover. Although I do have metastatic breast cancer, it is not a daily problem for me. Let’s just say it is not the dog that’s barking the loudest in my life, although I know one day it might do me in. I can only take my treatment for it and pray I am able to defeat it or keep it fenced in. Please allow me to share these ideas with you I will be practicing this week particularly as I recover from this current jolt.

1. I will discover my own mixture of rest and activity. I can’t rest all the time or I would stink from body odor, turn into an obese, no muscles blob of flesh and run out of food. The personal hygiene issues, well, they’re just too disgusting to talk about. I’ll do the best I can. I have the projects and demands of daily life dragging me forward and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That trip to the market can be mixed with exercise to strengthen my aching body but this week, my husband will keep up with that for us. Normally, I like to park a bit further from the entrance for the exercise. I normally tell the checker to keep them light. It’s a concept that isn’t always understood I’m afraid. When my hubby is with me, weight of the shopping bag is of no importance. The man thinks he is Hercules. I realize I am blessed to have such a kind man in my life and try to recall that when the whole Mars and Venus “thing” occurs. I realize I have to keep my sense of humor when I ask my kind husband to bring home beets so I can make borscht, one of my favorite soups and he comes home with two cans of pickled beets. Hmm? Let’s see? Pickled soup. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter?

2. I will set aside some time each day to do something I love. The choices are extensive and always rewarding. Tonight, my little Yorkie, George and I spent some time in the twilight doing what we love to do on the front porch. For him that’s barking at any object that moves into his line of vision within a three block radius. For me, it was watering, fertilizing and dead-heading all of my beautiful flowers in pots on the porch of our lovely but decrepit Victorian. It doesn’t really matter if I’m good at whatever I choose to do or not; it’s the act of doing that holds the joy. Every day I must find something. Writing, reading, keeping up with friends online or off and watching a good film. This week I’ve had to veg out more than usual and have been re-watching the British series, CALL THE MIDWIFE. I love that show. We have built up a vast collection of films over the years and both of us enjoy them.

3. I will try to banish worry this week. This is a most difficult one, I know, but worry doesn’t change the situation, it only changes you and I. It saps my strength, raises my blood pressure, causes me to secrete an unhealthy level of stomach acid and robs my life of valuable time. No great feat of accomplishment was ever attained by worry and fear. No great art work was ever painted by fear. No great love match was ever united and fulfilled by fear. Worry and guilt are the two most useless emotions we each carry and like tiny germs, waiting to multiply; they should remain in their place.
I try to look at that which I fear with a cool head and clear thoughts. I think, “What can I do about it,” then, do it. I will really try hard to be logical and not obsess about it. I have often found worry moves into my mind and fills my waking hours with its dominant thoughts. I must put it aside and entrust every small and large, positive and negative aspect of my life to a higher power. I just shove it out of my mind and get busy with something else in order to banish it. I may have to do this often; as often as necessary I literally walk away from fear and worry. Occasionally that means picking up an enriching book or even going outdoors, leaving the house, calling a friend or becoming occupied with some activity at home. I try to walk away from my worry if I must, if not literally but in my heart and in my head.

4. I will seek to be proud of myself. I know, I know, we’re supposed to be humble, etc. I think far too few of us under value ourselves and we need to find who we truly are. I often ask myself, “What is your destiny in this world? What is your value?” I have to have value and recognize it in myself before I can expect others to value me or I them. It’s difficult to accomplish this if I am living my life without personal dignity or self-worth. Dignity and honor are the springboards for the way we treat others and go about this business of living, compromised in health or not. For each of us, this is different but the basic rules don’t change just because we have health issues. That face I see in my mirror should be one I can trust and like. I have to admit it isn’t always pretty, may even be alarming but I have to have self-worth and self-love in order to have the courage to live with so many health issues and pain. I know I have a loving God who is always with me although I do not know what the future holds for me, He does.

5. I recall a true story I read in an issue of GUIDEPOSTS magazine, and here is a quote from it I would like to share with you from Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius. “My mother used to tell us, Carl, put on your shoes; Oscar, put on your prosthetic legs.’ So I grew up not thinking I had a disability. I grew up thinking I had different shoes.” You see Oscar is a double amputee.
This among other examples of courage remind me to take whatever disability I live with and realize I am not alone. I will try to put that gnarly, ugly, life twisting self-pity aside and not let it darken my life.

Here’s wishing each of you a week of finding medical answers, comfort, cures, adjustments but most of all happiness in whatever your state of life or health. Life is still wonderful. Let’s not miss a moment of it. I’m going to keep eating my cherry vanilla or coffee ice cream with salted caramel topping while little Georgie lies here beside me, waiting to lick the bowl. We all have to have something to look forward to, don’t we?

79 thoughts on “The Sun Always Rises

  1. Sue
    Love and admiration for your constant looking forward , with your head held high, to the next turn of the road . Great blog, and much to gain from it. We both endured some of the same things in our early life, which I think makes us compelled to continue to go down that road. Striding purposefully, or crawling , dragging our hinnies behind us, the road of life goes on. If we sit down and give up, well what’s the use ?
    So glad you are doing better, I know it will take a few days to get back to where you need to be. But, there is no place like home, right ?
    Love ya

    • Thanks Tonie, indeed the old saying about home is so true. Jim was able to bring George in to see me once in the hospital, yes they allow that, but he wasn’t very warm in that environ. Think it, and I didn’t smell right to him. You’re so correct. Neither one of us seem to be able to stay down. We just keep popping up like one of those big clown punching bags….hmmm? Love you much, Sue

  2. Sue, I’m proud of you. You not only managed to get another blog post written but a good one at that. Busy day today, but I think I’ll be kind to myself and follow your advice, doing something for myself that I like this evening. But, first I must get ready for my rheumatologist visit tomorrow. Routine visit, but he will be looking for me to come in with my usual detailed accounting of how I have been doing since my last appointment. It is always a chore to remember where I put my folder in which I keep all of that stuff. I don’t know why. I hope you enjoyed that ice cream. 🙂 I am sure Georgie enjoyed licking the bowl.

    • Lyn, right on both accounts regarding the ice cream. Hope your visit goes well tomorrow and indeed, always a good idea to take notes so you don’t forget anything. Hope you do something to gain joy tonight just for you. Take care now, okay? Love, Sue

  3. So good sue
    Laughter always..There is so much inspiration there to smarten me up and take advantage of the day
    But that icecream…and sjogrens..that’s another story…you know me and icecream..well I landed at the drs.the cold of it was too much for my sore lips and they swelled up along with the bottom of my nose…put on antihistamines but had to stop they made me too dry
    It’s a bit better but a way to go yet…so no more icecream..another food I can’t have……but as your blog says think of it as a positive it’s the start of my diet!
    Good to have you back and know you are at home now.

    • Poor Chris, that’s awful about the ice cream. Hope your sore mouth and lips heal quickly. It does make some sense when you think of cold weather and its effect. It is wonderful to be home. Jim was a wonder at cleaning and holding down the fort so to speak, while I was in there. Next time I think I will prefer the hospital I go to in Portland but don’t have an internist there, just four other doctors, all specialists. I hope things are peaceful at home and you two are getting a break from domestic chaos in the house. Much love, Sue

    • Chris
      Oh no !! Cant you just have a bite or two every now and again. Hopefully so. Do take care and pray you get better soon.

  4. Sue, so sorry you had to spend those days in the hospital, but glad you are back home now! Once, when I was in the hospital for several weeks, Kodi, our Pomeranian at the time also paid me a visit and he too was nervous and didn’t know what to do! I think he too was over whelmed by all the strange odours, sights and sounds.
    Love this blog! Banishing worry is a difficult task, and so true that nothing was ever accomplished by worry and fear! Being proud of oneself can also be difficult when we can no longer accomplish those things what we use to do!
    We still miss our Pom Korry, but we have a new puppy to brighten each day. Her name is Kora Bear, in memory of both Korry and Kodi Bear, and she just loves being at the cottage and exploring her new surroundings. Teddi our now oldest Pom, has been having some complications from his tracheal stent which was inserted due to a life threatening tracheal collapse.This is one of those times it is best not to worry and enjoy this precious time we have with him, but that is very difficult. Having Kora in his life has definitely made him happier as he misses his brother Korry so much.
    Sue, please take time this week to rest and heal, and of course, do something that you love! Love and Gentle Hugs … Pommum Brenda

    • Pommum, Please forgive my not getting back to you sooner. It seems my tank is empty and with the eyes fading after a short time on here…well. It was delightful to get an update from you except for the news about sweet Teddy. Are they going to have to replace the stent? I have seen sweet Kora Bear on FB and always love to read your entries. She is so adorable. I am pleased Teddy isn’t resentful of her.
      Hope you are still enjoying your time at the cabin but realize it might be time to head from home. I think of you often and pray you are at a point of some comfort. Love you, Sue

  5. Hello all
    Happy Monday. Gloomy sort of day here. But much to do as usual. Must take the truck to get new brake pads, and going to kick in the swimming pool. My chain came off on my bike ride on Sat and caused me to jerk really hard. Well this aggravated the ribs again, must be the intercostal muscles at play. Then, I didn’t shut the tailgate and the bike fell out going up a hill. Now I have a bent rim to replace….it goes on and on right ?
    I want to go “down the mountain” as we call it, and buy some tomatoes to can. I will not have enough ripen at one time to can all I want to. So I may do that this afternoon as well. I need to mow the yard. Only mowed once in two months due to the drought. But the recent rain has revived all. Only five more weeks and my FM will be here. Had a call from him yesterday. He is counting the days as am I. Says he is going to “help out” at the school for a few days a week until he leaves. He cannot be still and all the free time is working on him. He has been visiting all his relatives and saying his goodbyes. Getting all his medical needs seen to. All in preparation. The days are indeed flying by as fall seems to be galloping in upon us. My little hummingbird population is keeping my sugar supply depleted. I fill up two feeders at least every two days. They are preparing for their exit as well. I love to watch and listen to them !
    Hope you all have a good day.

    • Tonie
      Do be more accidents pu lease…ok?
      Do you actually can the tomatoes or bottle them?
      You have a busy time before you see FM..time will soon go…
      Well I did have some icecream I melted it in the micro ..I do like it semi melted anyway..but it seems my lips still play up.even hot drinks I have to add cold water…as my lips burn and the tip of my tongue
      It’s a blimmin nusience…
      How’s you?

      • Chris
        I would say I “bottle” them. We just say “can”, because we call jars “cans” when it comes to preserving things. I am glad you had your ice cream. I am blessed in that I can eat ice cream cold cold and not get a headache like most people do. And I like my coffee and tea extremely hot. I AM trying to be careful, but it seems accident prone is taking on new meaning for me of late.
        YOU take care as well, my friend.

    • Tonie, our Hummers at the cottage are busy too, getting ready for their flight south! Hard to believe those little birds can fly so far. I concur with Chris, take cae and no more accidents!

      • Pommum
        It is very hard to believe how long they fly and how far. I read that it is believed hummingbirds can live from 2 to 10 years. 3 has been proven and is average. But my goodness ! A little thing like that. How mighty. Goes to show that size is not important. And how wonderful and diverse the nature God created is.
        My sister always brings me leftovers, etc to give the chickens. Last night she had some hushpuppies in the mix. I laughed so hard. It was like “chicken football” ! One would grab one and run, another would take it away and run, and six chickens would chase her to get it away . I wished I had more just to watch them. I guess I am easily amused huh ?
        Hope your time at the cottage has been as good as FB shows. Glad you got you another baby to love. I get puppy pains every now and again, but no more as long as my two are alive.
        Thanks for thinking of me

  6. I like my hot drinks hot too..but can’t take it with sjogrens now ..a bummer
    Back on meds for it again a little swollen again off them.but they make me so dry I can only take for a couple of days
    Nice weather here in the 70s so it’s just right..just have to wear a hat for the sun as my ears start to burn
    Out for a scone in the morning…nope not made any yet!..then to a diy store
    Oh I got an audio book from the library web site and I’m liking it.i don’t have to strain my eyes with the sjogrens
    Hope your doing ok sue

    • Chris, Oh dear, what a time you are having with “our” disease. Sounds gruesome. WHen I saw my rheumy about about ten days ago, I told her, boy, this Sjogren’s is so miserable and she said, yes, I think it’s the worst of all the arthritis. There is so much to it. Thankfully more doctors are learning about it. My internist went to a seminar about it which helps. Honestly, I don’t know how much my rheumy does for me except regulate the methotrexate and other meds. She is very sympathetic but…
      I have been sensitive to cold food for a very long time and always eat my ice cream after it is semi-melted. How are all the joints these days?
      When I was in the hospital I gave my hospitalists a pretty good education regarding Sjogren’s. He was a complete JERK. Even my own doctor thinks so. Never again with that particular guy for me. I hate to hear about all you’re going through. Hope you’re getting out for those scones to your favorite tearoom. Think of you often. Eyes so bad right now can’t write much. Forgive my tardiness in answering you. Love you must and hope all at the house is going well, including DH’s B/P. Love, Sue

  7. Yes Sue, hope you are doing okay. You are quiet which usually means your eyes are acting up. Pray you will be here again soon.
    Chris, I love audio books when I drive alone. Usually music, but audio books are great. Of course where I live a trip tot he grocery is a good half hour to 45 minute drive, so lots of driving involved.
    I got my tomatoes canned yesterday 9 quarts, 2 pints and a pint of juice. I was thinking of my Mother and how hard she worked in summer. Of course we helped, part of our chores. But she canned in the hot kitchen every year to feed us in the winter. Tomatoes, pickles, beets, kraut, green beans, pintos, pickles, jams, jellies.apples, peaches and any other fruit she could harvest. And then fall came and we killled pigs and steers and the meat would be to fix . Some in cans and most for the freezer. You never appreciate them as much until they are gone. It is a pride you feel looking at your work displayed so beautiful in those jars. Now I will have good tomatoes for soups and stews this winter.
    Getting my brakes done today, at the house. A guy is coming to do them. Then finish ,y chairs. I covered the seats last night, so they are ready. We have been getting a lot of rain Chris, but still around 80 and very very muggy. But good for the gardens.
    Hope you are all well. Hoping you get better with your Sjorgrens Chris.
    Love to all

    • Hey Tonie, boy have you been busy. So much canning. Guess you got down the hill to get those good tomatoes. I also have fond memories of my Mom’s canning from my childhood. We didn’t have any animals to kill because we lived in the city. Sounds like we should come see you if that nutty N. Korean gets too carried away. Yes, you called it. My eyes are bugging me and can read very little. It’s a bit easier on FB because it’s just a glance and a brief note. I like to spend more time with all of you. All the drops don’t seem to help when I have to have fans going in the house. I think my gut, eyes, etc. are still recovering from the last trip to Portland in the heat. Still have some stomach trouble but sure it’s the antibiotics. FInished them yesterday for the bladder infection and seems better today. Saw my own internist yesterday, the one Jim and I both see. Coming along.
      Your crazy chickens are such a source of joy but probably not to you all the time as you have to put them to bed at night. Is there any such thing as catnip for chickens so you could dose them a bit into relaxation? Had a delightful night last evening with some relatives We had never met but really took it all out of me. They were here visiting relatives across the river in WA. Sweet gal married one of my nephews 16 years ago and this was first time we met. Her son and family live over there so think I’ll be able to see more of her now. Gotta go…darn eyes fading. Later if better. Love, Sue

  8. Pommum
    Hush puppies are cornmeal and buttermilk, like cornbread, but deep fried in small balls or oblong balls and usually served with fish and French fries. Southern fare. I forget they are not everywhere, haha. Do you have a Long John Silvers up there ? If so, swing through and get you an order of hush puppies. They are really good. I like them better than corn bread. Easy to make. Corn bread mix (or sometimes you can find hushpuppie mix) buttermilk, egg, and minced onion. You make the dough thick so you can mold the balls, then deep fry until brown, drain on paper towels or brown paper. Now I am going to have to make some !!

    • Tonie, stop this. You’re making me hungry for hush puppies and we don’t have a Long John’s here in town. We don’t see them in our fish restaurants. Guess we’re too far North. Hope those chest muscles are getting a chance to heal. Chickens letting you sleep? Still out of it here but better. Gut still very sensitive so eating soups, etc. What I wouldn’t give for a huge burger with fresh tomato, pickle and onion but alas. Please dear friend be careful, as much as you can. Sometimes we’re just standing in the way of disaster. Hope you get the bike fixed…or do I? Love ya, Sue

  9. Hi
    Tonie you are always so busy you seem to fill every minute..I bet you wonder where the time goes !
    But I hope you got all fixed and working now
    I’m taking some anti inflammatories for my nose and lip see if that helps,but can only take them for a few days
    Weather been good to us today..just come in about 10 pm sitting outside it was lovely in the dark with the lights on
    DH with some wine and me with tea…….
    You say you are getting there so I feel happier with that ..I hope the weather stays cool for you.
    I know what you mean standing in the way of disaster ..what a good way to put it
    Well that’s me for the day
    Been hanging around most of the day for the engineer to do a yearly check on the house alarm ..he came late….
    Gonna have a hot choc now

    • Chris, I had to chuckle at your getting someone to check your alarm system because it reminded me of our smoke detectors which are meant to be changed annually but get changed around here when they go off in the middle of the night when the battery runs down…always the middle of the night…and always accompanied by much howling from the pup and swearing by his owner…the male one. Noise kills little George’s ears. As far as the burglar alarm system, I sure hope your neighborhood is staying safe.
      I hope the NSAID’s you’re currently taking helped to bring relief to your poor lips and nose. I know how miserable that can be and how it interferes with eating and sleep. Even washing your face can be painful. What do you think set it into flaring this time? Forgive me for being so lax on here. I’ve had absolutely zero amount of energy since that whole bout with my gut. Cooking today to make Jim steak and noodles and for me chicken and homemade noodles. He only eats chicken fried and I need to stay away from most meat right now. Meat is just harder to digest. Been eating soups and mashed vegetables. Favorite is yellow squash right now.
      Folks all around Oregon going nuts over the eclipse. Crowds gathering in the areas to have the best view. I confess seeing it on TV is good enough for me. It’s gotta be my age I guess. Hope you are both as fine as you can be and life is good, cool and not wet. Pleased you’re enjoying your beautiful back garden so much. Love, Sue

  10. Hello all
    Sue, no the bike isn’t fixed yet. I am shopping around I am shopping around for a rim. Never replaced one on a mtn bike, so…. but nothing local unless a bike shop, so expensive there. May try one of the college towns nearby. Meanwhile I have the old one. Yesterday’s ride got rained out. So I worked on the chairs and table and got them finishe. Very pleased with the outcome. Now I have to make cushions for the bar stools. I have enough fabric left.
    Ribs are coming along. I have been laying low, sort of. I officially gave myself the day off. Having one of those day after MTX days. I did want to ride today, but…..body says no.
    Make you some hush puppies, they would be good in a glass of buttermilk for your tummy. Or just mix you up some fired cornbread, like a pancake. I wish you were better, I know you do as well. Wish you that burger real soon. I may have a salmon burger tonight. Love those. I think I have one left. The people next door to Fran have overwhelmed me with cucumbers so I must take some to my brother, and grape tomatoes. I have loads of them as well.
    Chris, it has been beautiful here at night as well. But hot and humid in the day. The AC back on. I repaired and painted a little table for my back deck. May sit out and enjoy the evening tonight myself. Unless it storms like it is calling for.
    Well, back to my movie. I did wash the dogs and got rid of their fleas once more. Poor Brutie was all broken out. This time of year is a battle, no matter what I use.
    Love to all

      • Mine roam the fields ere. I can spray the yard and keep them under control, but don’t like to because the animals and the poison. So, I fight the fight every year.

    • Tonie, I can only imagine how hard it is to live in the country and be fighting fleas as well as having to consider the chickens and your horses. All of Mother Nature is raining down upon you there. We have it relatively easy with just one dog and a small yard. Our ants are back but we’re prepared and fighting the good fight but really…found them in the lidded kitchen trash can yesterday. Cinnamon oil in water is working well but have to put more serious stuff on the anthills in the yard when I feel up to it.
      I saw today you were going to take a ride..on the old bike? I know those intercostal muscles can take forever to heal after they’ve been pulled on. All your furniture refinishing sounds so good and to have family pieces is always best. Kinda looks like you are getting ready for some special event or company???

      Weather here has been very cool since our heatwave, at least out here on the coast. In the 60’s most days with 50’s at night. Occasional small rainstorm that moves on through. Still feeling puny today but hope to find some energy soon. Oncology visit on Monday, may have the twin beds sold I’ve been trying to sell and they want to come on Monday but are afraid of the crowds on the highways with the eclipse so hope they wait a day and also day of registration for the grands so Jim will drive them over to their new schools. DD already got them registered. Both of these two youngest grands are growing much too fast for me. GD to enter middle school and GS, high school. One of the older grandsons to get married in the spring near you but still haven’t found out where exactly in Virginia. He’s the boy who lives in DC. Boy, do I feel old. Hope you’re better today and tackling all those projects like finding a part or new rim for you bike. How about ebay? Love you, Sue

  11. Hello, all, it’s Friday! The last Friday Deck Night at my parents’ house. They move to their new place next Friday. For those who haven’t been with this crazy crew as long, for many years now those in my family who are able to make it go to my parents’ house each Friday of the summer for dinner and to hang out and relax. There is a different food theme each week and we all bring something and share. Tonight is hamburgers and hot dogs (and sausages) – our traditional opening and closing Deck Night meal. At this point, plans are to have Deck Night next week at the new house, but we decided it was appropriate to have our closer meal at the “old” house this week. Next week we’ll just order pizza or stromboli to keep it simple since it is moving day. Unfortunately, we are likely to have storms this afternoon and maybe early evening and must use the grill. This could be interesting. When we have finished eating we’ll see if there are any chores we can do to help get them ready for the move. So, maybe a working Deck Night, we’ll see. Oh, I almost forgot the best part! Once a summer my father (stepfather, but trying to keep it simple, here) makes homemade ice cream – the highlight of the summer! Someone asked last week if we could have it this week. Now, I would never expect it when they are trying to pack up to move, but apparently, we are to have it tonight. Yum! It will be a bittersweet Deck Night, I think. We celebrated SB’s 23rd birthday last evening. My baby! DD came over so all 4 of us were together to enjoy ribs, potato wedges, honey chipotle baked beans followed by SB’s request of Red Velvet Cake and ice cream. We almost forgot to sing to him, we a family of musicians! The 3 of us chimed in with our worst, I think he enjoyed it. I hear a storm coming. Guess I’d better make sure all is “storm ready”. Maybe I’ll take this time to do a little gentle yoga, then read a bit. I think I have all ready to go for this evening. Should check on SB also. He worked night shift but wanted to be up to make some phone calls and run an errand or two. When I was up earlier he didn’t seem too awake… I’m guessing he fell back to sleep.
    Happy Friday and Weekend, everyone!

    • Lyn, Oh my, when did Sonny Boy get to be so old? His birthday dinner sounds so scrumptious. Used to make red velvet cake years ago before it got so well known. Need to bake one again. Hope it was dry enough last night for your final deck night at your Mom’s so you could grill. What a huge undertaking this move is for them, as it always is when you’ve been planted in one place for long but it sounds like their new home is lovely and practical. I’m sure they will appreciate and probably need help. What flavor was that homemade ice cream last night? Hope both kids and their special friends were able to be there. Both of your “grown” children…does that make sense…are such hard workers. Much reason to be proud. Don’t overdo with helping, lifting, etc. okay? Love, Sue

  12. Well, another week gone by. Another week closer to September 20th. My FM wrote me this morning he is going to the mountains for a few days to breath some clean air. We are both getting impatient, but time is flying by.
    Time to go ride the bike for a while this morning. Maybe work some this afternoon with the lady I have been with. Haven’t been able to ride this week due to rain and intense heat, so I need this workout. I will be happy when I can once again swim. I miss it badly.
    Sue, hope this finds you feeling “more better”. And that your eyes will give you some peace. I need to make and appointment to get mine checked out. I haven’t been in years. Now I find them getting dry and unable to focus at night and early morning. I use drops, but still not helping. Plus I need to get the glaucoma checkup as well.
    Lyn, I hope your deck night went well. We had rain here last evening as well. But it didn’t last very long. These late summer squals coming through. But much needed from the drought of July. I must even mow the yard again this weekend . Or Monday.
    Chris, what are you up to this weekend ? I thought of you last evening when I was outside enjoying the coolness and quiet. All is well at the little farm on the hill. So far….the day is young yet.
    Take care all

  13. Tonie ..well I’m up to all sorts.,
    Woke up feeling like …
    But DH had to do some judging in a photo went with him..then this evening went to I think I’m better for getting out.but nose still sore and anti inflammatories make me feel odd
    Too cool to sit out this evening feels like autumn has set in..I do hope your day went well
    And you have a date now Won’t be long and you have the house sitting to do as well before

    Lyn hope the deck get together went well…that was good of your parents to make the icecream .i looked up the red velvet cake as we don’t have that here ..well I hadn’t heard of it..but it looks lovely
    Keep thinking about you there

    • Chris
      You would like the red velvet, it is simply a chocolate cake( good recipe) with red food coloring in it. The original recipe calls for a white icing that is cooked , then whipped up creamy. But mostly today it is served with cream cheese frosting.

      • Tonie, Loved it best with the cooked frosting. Hope you’re doing okay today and less sore muscles. How’s life on the mountain farm? Thinking of you, Love, Sue

  14. Sue
    I also like the cooked frosting best. If I make one, that is how I make it, unless otherwise requested. The cream cheese is too sweet. The only cake I like with that frosting is carrot cake. I have had my eye on the Hummingbird Cake for a while, I have the recipe, but waiting on the Frenchboy with the sweet tooth to be here to help eat it. I made brownies Saturday night and now have that entire batch wanting me to eat it all at one sitting !!
    The farm is good. Foggy end of summer morning. I bet your town is going nuts with the eclipse sightings. Here we will only get a corner of it, so no biggie. In SC , just a couple hours away, they will see it all. I remember sitting in the yard using the cardboard cutout as a kid to watch an eclipse. Not sure what year it was, just know I was in grade school.
    Muscles are getting better. I am going to attempt to swim this morning. If I can’t I will kick then ride the bike later. I have to clean out the shed and reorganize it. Gonna try that this afternoon.
    Hope you are having a better day. And your eyes are good. Prayers all is good at the oncologist today.
    Love ya

  15. Hope all in the US got to see a bit of the eclipse. I saw just a glimpse, but the clouds stayed firm over the sun, so nothing more. It got quite dark though, like evening. The chickens started heading towards the pen. I remember my mother telling of a total eclipse when she was a child. She said it got so dark they had to light the lamps, and the chickens went to roost.
    Well, more canning today. My brother has a grapevine just loaded with Concord grapes. So I am going to make my first ever grape jelly. I like jam better, but can find no recipe on the sure gel for it. Mother used to make it.
    I have a healing to report. My big cyst on my finger I was supposed to get removed , well it is completely gone ! Just here one day and gone the next. God is good.
    Swim went well yesterday, but only for 20 laps. Then I had to go back to the kickboard. Started to feel some pulling in the ribs, so got smart.
    Sue, hope you had a good report yesterday and that all is going well with you. Eyes also. Gut also.
    Chris, did you go on your outing yet ?
    Pommum, how much longer at the cottage ? And did you find some hush puppies yet ?
    Love to all

    • Tonie, sounds like an excellent workout considering your injuries. It’s hard to rush muscles when healing. I see you are keeping very busy fixing, cooking, jelly making while awaiting the big arrival. I’m getting so excited for both of you. Hope you found a grape jelly recipe and all that squishing went well.
      We didn’t have much excitement here in town for the eclipse. A bit more traffic but many just weekenders when it’s always crowded who stayed over for it. One of the areas in Oregon that got hit the hardest was a town called Madras. 20,000 people descended on a couple of fields and 500 private planes flew in for the eclipse. Many were scientists, etc. The traffic jam for cars getting in and then getting out was a matter of hours and hours. Here we just got a bit of dimming in the sky but no darkness. It looked a bit like it looks when there is a fire in the forest. It got a few degrees cooler suddenly and that was about it.
      Hope your small animal kingdom is behaving. Eyes have been bad lately so very little time on here but good to follow all of you. Much love, Sue

  16. Hya
    I remember the cyst you had fancy it going just like that!
    We didn’t get any sight of the eclipse we were all cloudy..saw what you had on tv..quite a site.we had it like that in the Late 1990s.its quite an odd feeling and sight
    Waiting for the sun to shine for the day to go to our outing, if it’s cloudy the photos aren’t too good
    Went for an eye test today got to go back to have the drops in the eye thing
    Humid here and dull
    Hope all well sue

  17. Hi all
    Had such a good day with GS today he came over and surprised us
    Went to town with him I needed some things…and yesterday he had a job interview and when we were going around shops he put his phone to his ear and he coloured up a bit and i thought this is his call from them and he put his thumbs up to was such a good moment to remember.we went around in such a happy way it was good. Then went for coffee and talked and talked it was just him and me
    Hopefully off for that day out later’s early hrs here .dh not been to good ,but hopefully better to go
    Hope everything ok and you are resting sue

    • Chris, what a lovely day for you and GS to share. I love times like that. Makes one feel good all over it does. Hope you get to make that special outing, both you and DH. Is it his B/P acting up again or more problems with the meds?
      Indeed, ever since I was in the hospital it seems I’ve been resting. Have to have a bone scan as soon as scheduled, was hoping for this week to get it over with. Having new pain in my hip and it made the oncologist nervous. She is a bit skittish about these things because she is young and fairly new to her practice; four years. I think the pain is due to the good old Sjogren’s but need to find out. When I was there my pulse was very slow so she sent me over to the hospital for an EKG to check the heart rhythm. Will see my internist on Monday. Gees!! Later sweet friend, Love, Sue

  18. Good to see you sue
    I see what you say and agree best out of the way
    Slow pulse ..mine does that too …sometimes makes you feel weak,,other times you don’t notice it.hope all is ok and not irregular
    What happened with DH was a lady bashed into him with a trolley in a shop and it upset his balance with his Menieres .so he is feeling a bit better so hopefully we can go away for the day
    Well gonna try and sleep

    • Chris, poor guy. I am sorry to hear about his balance problems acting up. Hope all settles down for him soon. Thinking of both of you tonight as I can’t go back to sleep. Hope you get your lovely holiday together. My kids are leaving this morning for DIsney World in Florida and all very excited. They are also going to spend some time down at Cape Canaveral and hopefully be there for a planned launch. My youngest GS is totally into rockets, planes etc and this trip is for his birthday…14 years old. Do take care and hope your lips and nose are better. As for my gut, it’s a day to day journey. Still fighting severe fatigue.Need to shop tomorrow. Haven’t been since hospital stay. Love, Sue

  19. Morning all
    Sue so good to see you back online, and was good to chat with you last night. Yes, days are getting closer to THE DAY !! We are both getting antsy. He was going for a run today and to take a group of kids nature/bird watching in the forest. In the Neuland forest. Beautiful pics of it online. In German most, right on the border there. He will occupy himself with the school a few days until he is leaving.
    I am really enjoying riding my bike. But a new rim for the damaged mtn bike…..well let’s just say I am looking at new bikes today at Walmart on sale for just a few dollars more. Might be able to find one on Craigslist or somewhere. Bike shops want a small fortune because they sell the ones for expensive bikes, mine ain’t !
    Grape jelly made. It did finally set up Sue, after the second cooking. soft set, but I am leaving it. Next time, two batches. Today I am picking up more rhubarb and some tomatoes one of my friends have for me. Drop off a load of things I cleared out of the building at the thrift shop.
    Chris, I so hope you enjoy the outing. Sue, you as well, shopping can be fun ! Get that heartrate back up so you will feel better. Now I have to go fix the fence where Sweetie has torn up. Then get ready to go. Hope you are all doing well on this beautiful day.
    Love to all

  20. Hi all
    Tired after a long day relaxing in quiet …odd!
    The quiet there was so full and sort of heavy
    Nice sunny day tho..well mostly
    Lips and nose I’m learning to live with sue…I think… wondering when it will go
    Hope you got shopping done..
    Eyes tired so oavking it in

    • Hey Chris
      Hope you are recovered from relaxing, haha ! Yes, it makes sense. The peace and quiet relax you so much you are ready to rest. Sleep.
      It is dark and gloomy here this morning. Cool temps, or cooler temps. Need some rain, hopefully this week. Maybe off the hurricane in Texas. I have to check on that how bad it hit. Hopefully Janet and all her family are okay.
      Take care, have a good weekend

  21. Hello, all! I just realized it has been a week since I’ve been on here! I don’t like doing that, try to at least check in a read a bit more frequently. It takes me too long to scan through if I don’t. Last Deck Night on the old deck was a success last week! The weather cleared and we were able to not only cook, but eat on deck. Of course, some of us got wet bottoms (no, not Shoo Fly Pies, but our actual bottoms), but so what. I helped my Mom move Tuesday and yesterday. My step dad has so much difficulty with COPD and veins in his legs that it was enough just to drive over. We took 3 SUV loads over – twice – on Tuesday, and some kitchen stuff Thursday. Poor Mom had to visit the bank Tuesday, then the landscaper and radon guy came when she returned, so I basically unloaded the first round of all 3 vehicles Tuesday. We both worked on the second load. Yesterday we loaded the new kitchen with basics needed for this week’s Deck Night. Yes, you read correctly. They are planning on a gathering today not long after the movers have moved all the big stuff and heavy boxes in. I think they are a bit nuts, and have reminded them twice to think twice, and not be afraid to cancel! I think it is too much for both of them, definitely for him! More than that I cannot do. So… it was my mission to do as much as possible this week myself, and get them to rest when they needed. Not easy as my Mom is like those of us here that don’t slow down until our bodies make it about the only option. 😦 We did have a fun time putting things away and organizing the kitchen. She really didn’t want the family doing that tonight – I get it, I would want to do that myself, too, not several somebodies either asking where things go or just putting them where they think they belong. Mom and I think a lot a like, so with just the 2 of us it was much more doable. You should have seen us adjusting the top shelf of the wide pantry cabinet! It was a riot. I was standing on the very top of a short step ladder (I’m only about 5’3″) stretched fully out to reach the back. Lifting the shelf out and in was something else. It was on the heavier side and bulky due to its width, so I rested it on my head to lift it down and back up. Then we were putting it back in and discovered it was backwards and had to take it out and turn it around – which we did on my Mom’s head! We were laughing so hard. (Yes, everyone’s head and spine are fine, we were careful.) Step Dad was enjoying a nap in the sunroom which overlooks the pond while we worked. The new place is just perfect. I love it, and would live there myself in a heartbeat. My heart is full, so happy for them!

    I think that catches everyone up on the latest here. Tonie, I do know what you mean about the bike. It seems the less expensive bikes that many of us purchase and ride are designed to be throw aways. Sad. There used to be “that guy” in about every neighborhood who would fix bikes, but no more. The bike shops are built to cater to the serious riders with expensive bikes. My DH likes to ride, but has one of the less expensive road bikes. Time is counting down for you and your man. I’m glad he is making the most of his time remaining there. As for those brownies, you can always freeze some so they don’t go bad. 🙂
    Sue, my goodness, test after test after scan… What fun. I need to assert myself today. I realized after a visit that one of my prescriptions needs renewing, so I called the doc’s prescription line as directed and left a message of what I needed with all the info, including the drug store we have always used as well as the mail in that our insurance uses. I told them it was an update and that I had forgotten it in updating at my last visit, left my phone number to call with any questions. No call back, also no meds in mail – I had received my RA meds that I called that doc office about AFTER (like a day) I had called about this med. So, when my drug store texted me to say that prescription needed renewal, did I want them to call my doc, I answered yes. Return text said it would be ready by Wed. Yesterday (Thurs) I checked. No med ordered… So… today I will call and ask to speak to a nurse. Now, mind you, this is the same office that previously I have called, been told I would be called back and nothing happened. So, not sure short of going in in person or making an appointment to actually see the doc I can do if this doesn’t work. Sad thing, I like my doc. So frustrating. I only have a few days worth of med left, though, so I need to make some kind of contact today. Argh.
    Chris, glad you had a good time, but sorry your DH had to suffer a bit after that grocery store bump. People just don’t watch what they are doing sometimes.

    Must be off to walk the pooch. The sun is out and temps will be rising soon. Luckily, today is not to be a really hot one. Happy Friday and Weekend, all!

    • Lyn
      So glad your mom had you to help move her. And happy she has such a wonderful new home. I saw the pic of the sunroom. I would live there just for that view. I imagine in the winter it will still be beautiful. I have used my head a few times to balance and help move things. It is amazing how resourceful we can become.
      Yeah, the bike. I did get a new one, but got a deal because they had it a an almost thirty dollar lower price marked and had to sell it for that. Rode it yesterday. I was very tired but did it anyway. Always feel better afterward.
      Very dark and gloomy here today, cool temps. Mountain fall coming in.
      Yes, time is ticking away. I will be happier in about 30 days.
      Hope you didn’t overdo and are not hurting. I do understand about the meds. I was running out of MTX and had contacted the Dr two weeks before I ran out. Ended up doing so three times before it was called in, still haven’t received it, but it is in process. It is hard to remember to remind them to do their job, right ?
      Take care

  22. Warm here today and not feeling well. I’ll not have a new blog this week, or maybe later. Please pray for the 12 million Texans who are homeless and in danger from hurricane Harvey. Love to each of you, Sue

  23. Sue
    Prayers for you and your healing. And especially for all the Texans who are affected by this terrible storm. Janet, are you still doing okay there ? I saw on FB you were then, hope you and all your family are safe. God bless Texas.
    My friend Lesley from the pool is coming over today. We are going to ride bikes on the trail and visit an old cemetery there. Some of the first settlers of the area. I was sad to see that , when I stopped the other day, the oldest of the crypts was destroyed. It was from the 1600’s and told all about the people . They were from England, and it told the ship they came on, what they died of and listed their family members. I want to do an etching of one of them to read the dates, they are fading. One of them is a woman, and it calls her the “consort” of this man. So he was of some consequence in this area.
    Well, must be getting on with it. Time is getting away from me.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, you are surrounded by so much history and probably live in one of the most historic states of all. Sure, we had the late comers out here like Lewis and Clark but you had the earliest settlers. What a shame this sort of thing happens in cemeteries, destroying history. We also saw some action out here during WW11. Lots of bunkers and even one area where the Japanese fired a shot. I fear so much of our history is being destroyed right now both physically and by ignorance. Kids don’t seem to know the basics. There is such a comfort in knowing where we came from and what our ancestors experienced. I often feel so ignorant compared to Chris and her DH because they know so very much about their own country and area.
      Thank you all again for the many prayers for my wretched body to recover and for me to find some of the answers I must. Love, Sue

  24. Sue
    Prayers for you.x
    And my thoughts for Texas and it’s awful news
    That ride sounds good and to do it with your friend great
    The history sounds very interesting…..what was the ships name and date can you see it at all….it would be good if I can trace the history of the people over here,like any info on them while here and their leaving ,where they lived etc…..
    Very warm here 84f….went to a flower festival in an old abbey today..and there were stalls on the green of the village, had homemade cake and scones and tea sitting under a marquee with…embroided table cloths! And china!
    It felt I was in the 1950s
    Then back to old reality…
    Just going to water pots..should be nice to sit out tonight..hope
    Sounds as if you need to rest up

    • Chris
      How wonderful to spend an afternoon back in time. GLad you enjoyed it. We did go to the old cemetery yesterday. I tried to make an etching, ti didn’t work. So next time I will just write down everything to send you. They were indeed from England. One family is Jackson, who were very prominent in the area in the 1700;s. They built a ferry and also a “shot tower” that still stands where they made shot for the rifles from lead mined in the same areas.

  25. I am fine. Can’t say the same for a lot of people in this part of Texas. Prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated. Love to all. Janet

  26. Hello, all. Yes, Chris, I did need rest. I also had a concert Sunday afternoon at a location an hour from our house. Monday, I walked the dog, but otherwise tried to take it easy. Today it rained, so was saved from walking said pup. But, I had several lessons to teach. Resting again now, and ready for bed.

    Tonie, thankfully the med came through before I ran out, then I got a call that doc sent in the script for a year of refills, so I’m good on that one now. Of course, we are still trying to find the right dosage for another med, so more calls to come, I’m sure. Oh, joy.

    Sue, you take the time you need!

    • Lyn, so pleased you are there for your Mom and know she must appreciate it so much. Right now I am missing Beth, my DD as they have been in DIsneyworld and Cape Canaveral for the last week or so. They are having a ball but will be so pleased to have them home. That humidity and heat down there has been hard on all of them BUT my GS had his 14th birthday yesterday and had a dream come true. He got to go to Cape Canaveral and saw some wondrous sights. He was one thrilled guy when I talked to him last night. Jim has been feeding their indoor cat, Padfoot and outdoor cat, Heidi. Padfoot won’t come out to see Jim but food is being eaten and Heidi had her food dish stolen by raccoons. Know Jim got a new one for her but also know both will be glad to see their family come home.
      Sounds like you have also been busy at home, lessons and singing. I am always pleased to hear you have been singing, sharing your gift with others and also know it gives you so much joy. Stay well. SOunds like you are having some challenges right now. I understand the sensitive teeth, as I have had that symptom for a long time. Neutral temps of drink and food have helped me or at least being careful not to mix very hot and then go right to cold. Ouch. Think of you always and pray kids and DH are good.

  27. Hello all
    Sue still holding out prayers for you friend. I know you will be here when you feel up to it.
    Busy week for me. Monday went bike riding with my friend from the pool, ended up being all afternoon, and with brother and sister visits afterward, it was 8 pm before I sat down.
    Yesterday I had to go get blood work done, took a few hours. Today I work with Mrs Blair, so long day. And tomorrow at Frans.
    I am making some sweet pickles from some cucumbers I had left, so tired or bot, I will have to finish them up tonight.
    Lyn, hope your concert went well. Music, can’t do without it.
    I have had a sore throats for a week now, can’t seem to shake it. Thinking it may be sinus, ”tis that time of year coming up for colds and flu shots.
    Well, I must get more coffee. Have a good day all

    • Tonie, the concert went well, I survived, but still dealing with singing stuff I need to sort out. Up here allergies have been bad, summer colds, too. I have stayed on my allergy meds and so far not gotten any colds. The pharmacy I go to started pushing flu shots. I usually get them at my rheumatologist’s office sometime around October. Funny, I’m actually debating a cup of coffee, too. Or some of my cold brew. Debating because my teeth have been more sensitive lately and the acid in coffee bothers them. Lucky me.

    • Tonie, oh my but you have been a busy lady. Good you have made a friend to bike with. SOunds like your weather is very fall like. We have more heat coming our way, at least it’s hot for us. 88 F predicted for Sat. Throat does sound a bit like an allergy causing post nasal drip. I know you drink many of fluids so that doesn’t sound like it unless you are more dry than usual.
      I know Fran is so pleased and thankful for your help as well as your company. You know, or I hope you do know, how very much I value and appreciate your prayers and wishes for me to find some answers and feel better. SO much going right now plus what I wrote about. After monitor, scheduled for an echocardiogram. Personally, I think my heart is just getting old and very tired. Probably need a better drug to strengthen the pump.
      I’m so proud of you for hanging in there and staying in as good a shape as possible with your RA. Gotta be ready for your very special event coming from France. Much love, Sue

  28. Well you are going to be busy tonie ..good ,time will go faster then for you
    Your sore throat do you think it may be just dryness ?
    How’s your eyes and mouth in the corners these days ?
    So much cooler here .better to do some housework I cleaned the conservatory Windows inside today and the rest of the Windows inside the difference is amazing . hopefully outside before the end of the week..of course aching now ,prices to pay
    Hope all ok

  29. Hey everybody, I have been reading and following along and feel very guilty about not commenting on each of your lives. Sounds like each of you have been so busy, especially Tonie, working and getting ready for her FM to arrive. I know you well enough to know not to caution you but still worry about you. Don’t let that old lady push you too far. She sounds like a tough old bird. Hope all are well on your place and the hens are behaving, dogs well and horses, well, doing what they should do. Chris, see you’ve been traveling around fairly close to home. Oh, my, so much history and you seem to know so much about it. Hope DH has a good appt. with doc and gets some meds finally for his blood pressure that will help. Janet, so glad you’re safe and dry. What an unbelievably horrible time the folks in Houston and LA are having. Such a shock and a loss but I have been so impressed by the thousands upon thousands who are pouring in there to help out. Lyn dear, so pleased you didn’t overdo helping your Mom move into their beautiful new home. Looks wonderful. Hope your stepdad is doing okay. Moving is so stressful but that’s the way to do it and not like those poor millions in TX are having to do it. Such courage is so uplifting. I can’t begin to imagine what they are all going through and will continue to for years to come.

    As for me, it’s been an uphill climb ever since I got out of the hospital. Trying to get bowel problems worked out, mostly due to symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome. Pain all over continues each day. Strength, slowly returning. Last trip to oncology and she found I had a pulse of 43. Well, not good. She sent me over to hospital to have an EKG, right away. Made an appt. when I got home to see my internist next day. Following morning I decided not to take the little measly half pill of the cardiac drug I’ve been on for just ages. I know the drug and know it was to solve the fast rate, tachycardia I have had for years. Pulse up to 60 that day. Have had different types of irregular rhythms for years. Saw internist and he sent me over to hospital to have cardiac monitor put on. Tiny little thing I will wear for 2 weeks. No wires, all remote and will record 24 hours a day but wants you to push button if any episodes of any kind. This involved waiting around for awhile and rear and back hurting very much. Next day I was scheduled for a bone scan. Had bone scan. Table padded but involved two trips to hospital while IV dye worked. Was supposed to have a CT scoy that is happening. I did finally ask the oncologist about three months ago and she shrugged and said, “Sometimes that can happen.” I’m not sure I believe that. The other oncologist I had in Portland, who moved a year ago didn’t do either scan except about once a year. He just told me to keep watching the mets on the skin. We know they were cancer because one on the abdomen was biopsied and was indeed metastatic breast cancer. None of those spots or lesions have reappeared since I’ve been getting the chemo drug in each hip once a month.
    Knees still painful, going to see local orthopod in Sept. Trying to get away from so many docs in Portland since I ended up in hospital after last trip. I’m tired, I’m confused and still trusting I will find some answers. I think of each of you daily and will try to have a new blog this weekend about doctors. Have rough outline already. Love each of you so much, Sue P.S. Sorry if this is sloppy. I just don’t have the strength to go over it again.

  30. Okay, computer deleted a section in the middle…darn things. When I was talking about having a bone scan…I am perplexed why I do not have bone mets on the bone scans and only on the CT scans. Asked a radiologist and a tech and they do not know why…confusing situation and I think it might be part of one of the rheumatoid diseases I have. Hope to find answers to this question soon…See what I get for not proofreading? Sue

  31. Sue maybe you will be ok now without the cardiac drug and you don’t need it
    Good to see you on here..I like hearing you are getting a bit stronger
    It is confusing with different comments..and frustrating they don’t know with the scans and the difference
    Are the bowels setting?.

    DH saw dr and having various bloods done.but has to wait two weeks to see if new bp med affects the kidneys
    He’s been on these before and gets various symptoms so trying again
    He’s been off these for 24 hrs and feels brighter etc..see if what dr said was neuropathy in toes will go.she said tho it could be from arthritis in his foot….but we think it’s the drug..hopefully it will go ..having a break for a couple of days then starting new meds
    Well it’s nearly 5 am gonna try and sleep
    Flu shots ..DH is having one when he next has hs inr test…feels like it’s early for them …thinking about it tho it mite be best to wait to let new bp tabs settle
    I expect your mum and are settling in nicely now.just right before winter starts

    • Chris, I don’t understand why the doc keeps putting DH on the same meds. If he hadn’t had any trouble with toes previously, it does sound like the meds. I agree with DH about waiting on his flu shot until he feels better. Jim and I went ahead and had ours at the doc’s the other day. I had them grab Jim out of the waiting room.
      I know it gets frustrating to always be fighting health issues, boy, do I know it. When I compare my problems to what is going on in TX, I do have to pause and count my blessings.
      How are things at the house? Is all going well and are you still able to enjoy your terrace? Bet the plants and trees have grown quite a bit and like with us, here comes fall. Gotta enjoy it while you can. Love, Sue

      • DH and bp meds…he has tried them all in his time….beta blockers passed out several times pulse too low and bad re action .happened once at the surgery and they had to bring in resus team and called an ambulance it also happened at home several times and they didn’t believe us till it happened there in front of such an odd reaction
        Others meds have all had equal bad side effects…shaking .rapid pulse rashes he’s had em all! Now no feeling in toes and balance worse..but balance is a problem with most of them for him
        He’s got a lot of blood tests after he’s been on new meds for two weeks
        So it’s back on the ones that give him just painful legs and feeling low.just to try again .try and get away with the smallest dose
        Oh dear!!
        Yes no more happenings with the I know of! And the garden is growing a lot
        Got my three yearly virtual bowel colonoscopy notification it’s in October..ugh
        Yes Texas continues with all its dreadful weather reports sorry for all those people and for their years to come

  32. Morning all
    Sue, bless your heart, you are due for break. Hopefully soon. I have one hen sitting a nest again. Same as lost her baby in the spring, poor thing. Other than that, all is well. Busy making pickles, tomatoes canned, next some salsa I hope. I have vines of them ripening,
    We are getting rain off the weather down in Louisiana . Rain all day today and tomorrow, we need it. But, chilly . So indoor dos today and tomorrow. And some rest. Changed the sheets this morning, beaver comforter on the bed. Feeling rather ugh from my shot last night. So, guess it is a good thing.
    Chris, prayers your hubby gets the right meds this time. Such a mss having to change over and over and as be meds are tricky anyway.
    My brother is having a lot of double keeping his be down and the meds make him sick,
    Sue, you are right Mrs B is a tough little bird. No, when I am done, I am done. I just tell her. Working for her again next Wednesday.
    Outside work is about done, so……
    Well, hot cup of tea and lemon. Made my afternoon. Now for a little more work.
    Have a good weekend all

  33. Chris and Tonie, SInce I’ve “chatted” with each of you yesterday, we caught up. Hope your day is going well. Warmer here this weekend in the 80’s. Making chocolate cake for GS as they are coming home from FL today. Love you both, Sue

  34. Hi
    Lovely day here today.must get out to enjoy them as I feel summer is closing.
    I love the September days
    Cooked some chicken today with roasted veg.i quite like the new oven.strange thing tho it has two vents at the back on that top that steam comes out of all the time
    My skin is playing up at the moment .its the neuropathy,but it feels on fire.makes sleeping awkward .
    Well gonna try to sleep anyway

    • Chris, so sorry, I just saw this entry. You chicken sounds delicious. Steam vents huh? We have a warming burner but not familiar with steam vents. What do you think, if anything besides good old Sjogren’s, is causing your neuropathy of the skin. What a discomfort and I know you don’t sleep that well anyway. Hope you caught a bit last night, Love, Sue

  35. Hello, all. Sue, you just take care of you. Let the next blog come when it will. I thought of you when I received news from my mammography that I need another screening. Just an asymmetry, though. Likely just from starting HRT. I’m not concerned. Waiting for the letter and orders from my doc to move forward.
    Chris, our oven has one of those steam vents, too. It took me a bit to get used to it. The other day one burner got a bit hotter than SB and I thought it should – be burnt one side of his toasted cheese sandwich (luckily he likes them dark, so he just scraped it a bit.) I did a little math and realized it may be coming to the end of its life soon. Hope it was a fluke.
    Tonie, we had some of that rain, too. All yesterday and this morning. Didn’t get pup out for a walk until after lunch. She was more than ready.
    My parents are settling into their new home quite well. They love it and have transitioned well. I think this rainy weekend was good for them. I know Mom mentioned just curling up with a good book and taking it easy. Hope they did. I’ve not chatted with her yet today. Took it easy myself yesterday. Today, I am straightening up and such in prep for having the in-laws over for holiday cookout tomorrow, a bit of laundry thrown in as well. Take care, all.

  36. Lyn, that’s right. Do’t worry about the mammo. Sounds like they just saw a change and want to be certain and double check. Can you see or feel any changes? Are you just on estrogen or are you also taking progesterone?
    I’m sure your Mom has been very busy getting settled and having fun finding a place for all she owns in her new home. Good she’s popping a bit of rest in there, too.
    New blog is written, just not posted yet. Think it will go up today or tomorrow. So, you got some of that rain. What a week for so many. Hope your get together tomorrow is fun because I know it will be delicious. Love ya, Sue

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