Goody Two Shoes and The Big Bad Wolf

Sometimes life comes at us like a speeding train, out of control, threatening to fly off the tracks. I wonder if we’re on the train or sitting on the tracks. At other times it arrives with humor which is enjoyed later, like a lovely banana cream pie in the face. Were you too shocked to eat the pie? I fear none of us can be spared from life’s foibles, fears and follies. Along the way we find heartache, joys, love and a whole variety on the emotional spectrum of life. The question seems to be, is Goodie Two-Shoes up to the task or does the wolf win?

Let’s look at the issues: Questions first.
1. Is life, like the big bad wolf, out to get you and me?
2. Will I survive?
3. Can I take it?
4. Why do pain, suffering and illness have to happen?
5. Is there something I did wrong to make this happen to me?
6. Is life really worth it when I have to live with chronic pain?
7. Does it help to fight back?
8. Is there any sunshine amidst the rain?
9. Will I ever laugh again?
10.Does anybody care about me?

Now let’s look at Sue’s answers which you can either take or leave in the forest along with the wolf.

1. Yes, life is out to get you. It’s an imperfect world. We are faced with danger on a daily basis, and to name a few, there are stairs, gravity, speeding cars, diseases, idiots, drunken drivers, wasps, some poorly informed doctors, and low flying birds dropping doo, doo. Yep, it truly is a jungle out there but you don’t have to be anyone’s dinner.

2. Your survival will depend greatly on the decisions you make, the medical care you choose and follow, your daily habits and your inner core of hope. Only a fool goes to a physician and doesn’t follow his/her advice; then why do so many of us do it? Sometimes we run into a doctor who simply doesn’t know as much about our particular disease as we do. For instance, when I was recently in the hospital, I had a doctor, the only one there called a hospitalist. Do beware of that new trend in your local hospital. Sometimes it works well and at other times, not so much. It simply means once you are admitted you are cared for by a hospitalist, not your own physician. Can’t say I’m a fan of that particular “advancement” in modern medicine.

3. Life with chronic pain is difficult… “no kidding”, you’re saying. I know, it’s an understatement. It would be unprofessional of me, as a retired RN, to say sometimes life sucks and can also hurt like hell; therefore, I won’t say it.

4. I don’t claim to be a famous philosopher and I’ve certainly asked myself this question many times, but I do have a theory. I think pain and suffering hone us in their fires like strong steel and open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to things, ideas and possibilities we would never find otherwise; much like a spoiled child who is never told “No.” Sure, it would be lovely to never have school, but we’d be ignorant. It would be wonderful to never face chores, but we’d live in filth and mayhem. It would be such a hoot to go to Disneyland everyday but soon we’d grow tired of Mickey shaped suckers, tired of wearing the Mickey and Minnie hats and the glitter would fade. We’d also run out of money. We need contrasts in this world in order to grow, learn and achieve.

5. No. In most cases you probably did nothing wrong to bring on this disease. Of course, we all know smoking leads to lung cancer, driving while drunk causes accidents and picking at a wound delays healing, but most of the time life just happens, so stop picking. Many of us carry around a predisposition to illness from our ancestors and can’t really blame them because the blame game would go on and on forever. They would have to blame their mother and father, and so forth. It would go on and on forever like the “begets” in the Old Testament. What a waste of time and energy that game would be. We can’t choose our DNA; at least not yet, and hopefully never. The world would be too weird if we all looked like Barbie and Ken dolls. Oh Goodie, hold my barf bag for me. Yuk.

6. The whole question of worth is an individual one. I can’t make you love life as I do. I cannot instill hope in your heart if it is not living there already. I have a very simple scale regarding the worth of life. The song of a bird outside the window, the intricate design of a spiders web, the hug of a giggling grandchild, the soft, moist breath of a puppy or kitten, the scent of fresh lavender growing in a pot, the simple favor performed by a loved one, oh my, I could go on all day. Worth? You’re on your own on that one. I happen to think each of us has worth and that of course, includes you. I adhere to the ancient philosophy, “You and I are made in the image of God and God doesn’t make junk.”

7. Yes, of course it helps to fight back. Why do we go to the doctor? Why do we eat correctly, take vitamins and do those nasty stretches as much as we are able? You and I must fight back every day. A muscle not used becomes flabby, weak and frankly, ugly. A mind not used becomes dull and unchallenged, and yes, Possibly ugly, also. There are no steamrollers allowed to run over us, except in Road Runner cartoons. We are not doormats in the catalog of life. We are beautiful and beauty is always worth fighting for.

8. Personally, I think sunshine is overrated. Maybe that’s because I’m allergic to the sun, but I still respect the fact the flowers need it, as well as all other vegetation, children love to play in it and we all need the Vitamin D provided by sunlight. To me, there is nothing wrong with a rainy day with the wind and raindrops hitting the windows, the house all warm and cozy. It takes the rain to make the vegetation grow, the rivers and streams to fill and mankind to survive. Rain also cleanses, refreshes and restores life. When I look out on the sparkling azure blue river eight blocks below and the hundreds of shades of green on the trees, bushes and ferns, I feel most blessed. None of it would be there without rain.

9. It’s a funny thing…pun, pun, about laughter, because it seldom comes knocking at the door. It lives within us but has to be tickled and cultivated. We can find joy in everything around us if we open our eyes to see it. Our little Yorkshire terrier, George, most happy dogs has a play trigger that can be flipped quite easily. All I have to do is look at him in a certain way or hold my fingers as if I am going to try to flick him on the nose and he’s raring to go. Don’t worry, I seldom actually give him a flick on the nose and afterwards, when play is over, I hold out my hand and he comes over for a lick. All of nature gives us examples of humor such as a crow having the nerve to join a bunch of seagulls fighting over a scrap of bread down by the river, chickens who insist in sleeping on my friends front porch or the playfulness of a baby elephant. The world can be a dark place but often we bring home the darkness when we don’t have to. Watch happier TV and films. Read uplifting books. Get out of the house even if it does mean changing clothes and just look at other human beings. There is laughter everywhere, just waiting to be used. Try smiling at everyone you see in the market…it’s contagious.

10.Yes, put most simply, many people and critters who love you care about you. Many fine individuals you don’t even know you, want you to be happy and as well as possible. For instance, why do you think people like me become nurses and doctors? It wasn’t for the hours, the working conditions or the money; well, maybe the pay for the doctors but I believe most of them truly earn it. It’s my most fervent belief, if you are my fellow human being, you have value. If you screw it up, well, that’s a shame because you weren’t born screwed up. Some are born with disabilities and it’s amazing how sound and wonderful many of them are. You can overcome, adapt and yes change. I want you to, otherwise, why would I be lying here on a sore sitter and heating pad spending my time writing this?

Therefore, we know being Goodie Two-Shoes is a good thing to be and the Big Bad Wolf is all teeth and if he gets a bite out of you or me now and then, there is no rule about biting back. You also have teeth don’t you?

52 thoughts on “Goody Two Shoes and The Big Bad Wolf

  1. Thanks, Sue! I don’t have 24/7 pain anymore, but I do have flare ups after a week when I throw caution to the wind and do something I pay for later.
    Currently had to take it real easy after a busy couple of weeks. It hit me like a wall, but thank God my husband was out of town and I had a a long week of sitting in my chair binging on TV.
    I think the hardest thing is not getting jealous of friends that can bike ride, ski, hike and stay in great shape with little or no pain.
    I talk to myself all the time telling myself it could be worse!
    You and the others in constant pain must be so strong to not get depressed and angry……

    • Vicki, just started to write you when we got a tornado warning her for the next little while. It’s a marine warning so don’t know if that just applies to ships but it was issued for two counties. Don’t have those ever in CLatsop of across river like this in Pacific county in WA. Well, Lord we will see won’t we?
      It sounds like your back surgery did a lot to relieve your pain so it was worth all you went through? I sure hope so. Well, it look like our state of OR is officially saying goodbye to summer. Lots of thunder here right now with George woofing at each one and staying close to me.
      I think it’s only human to be envious of others who can travel and do things you cannot do. I feel that way every time my kids go to DIsney World, Land or Hawaii or just to TX to see my son and family. How can you not feel that way? I’ve had years of trying to get used to it as I have four grands in TX who don’t really know me at all. It hurts terribly. Sweet friend, who says we don’t get angry and depressed…we are just always learning how to get out of it quickly and get on with life.
      OKAY…as I am writing this they are issuing a severe thunderstorm warning…nothing more about a tornado. Oh boy. Winter is here. Always good to hear from you dear friend. Love, Sue

  2. Loved it sue….just now it was great for me
    Every angle seem to answer to me
    Changing your clothes to go out…that’s the biggy when your in pain and depressed…why bother
    Right now my face is so sore and nose and eyes dryer with the steroid spray.the septum in my nose is still misshaped from the rhinitis
    .my eyes so bruised along with the nose
    Just waiting for it to heal doubting that it will
    So this blog really helped
    How are you sue ,thinking of you with your busy week to come
    DH has a hearing aid appt tomorrow then an inr appt the next day…..then who knows what takes care of the next days .life seems to happen if you want it or not
    Not long now tonie into the week now
    How’s both your DD and SB..good your scan was fine
    Are you still painting for your friends shop at all?
    oh and hi Vickie

    • Oh Chris, this has been going on for so long now…much too long for you to suffer such a sore face. It reminds me so much of what I went through last Fall with the opioids so I somewhat understand. Eating breathing, wiping your nose, is all miserable. I was hoping the steroid eye drops would help your eyes. Just have them watch your ocular pressure with too much of that. Nose? can you get any relief from heavy lip cream or an aloe cream? I like the Neosporin lip renewal, available online and in some drug stores for the lips; it stays on all night. Don’t see why you couldn’t use a bit of it on the nose. I wish I could think of more things to help you. Are any of the doctors able tell you why you are having this outbreak so badly right now. Don’t give up. It will clear up. Keep searching for answers and so will I. Love you much, Sue

    • Brenda, Sure…why wouldn’t I be writing? I think it is one of the greatest joys in my life from week to week. I am going through a great deal right now but this is my “dessert.” Yes, you know, we old nurses never die, they have to tape our mouths shut first. Good to hear from you, Fondly, Sue

  3. Vicki
    You are so right. It is hard not to be jealous of others who can do more than you. But we have abilities to cope that they cannot begin to understand.

  4. Sue
    Yes, that wolf is a constant at our door. He definitely got a bite out of me yesterday, but I bit back with a lot of rest and a prednisone. Forgot about them until late in the day. But it did help.
    So much truth in what your wrote, and especially the joy we must take. Without it how are we to go on ? Downtrodden, feeling sorry for ourselves. It makes for a miserable life.
    I had to chase that rooster off my porch again last night. Silly boy. With the umbrella. They are afraid of umbrellas. So I go up through the yard opening and closing the umbrella running chickens. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.
    Well, must be moving. I have a job painting some doors today.
    Hope this finds you feeling better Sue. And Chris , you as well/

    • Tonie, Okay, that’s it. You gave all of us the laugh we needed for today. The mental picture of you chasing that rooster with an opening and closing umbrella, “takes the cake.” That’s an old expression from my Mom and I’m not sure I know what it means but I do know how to use it. Perhaps it harks back to the days when a social gathering gave a cake as a prize? I digress…I am pleased the prednisone did it for you for that day.
      I know each of us who know you and know what the 20th of this month means to you are almost as excited as you are. Boy, you must be some babe to get a sexy Frenchman to move from his home country to marry you. Now, that’s a love story for Hallmark and for the ages. Do have a wonderful day of pampering yourself on Wednesday before you drive to the airport. Oh joy!!!
      Do stay well. Hope the painting job today wasn’t too strenuous. Much love, drive safely and guess that’s it. Sue

      • Sue
        Glad you got a chuckle out my hen herding. Yes, I think you are right on the “takes the cake” Used to have Cake Walks to raise money. Pretty girls or women would walk around with cakes to music and men would pay for the cake and get to share it with the lady. In later times they did this just to sell the cake. I remember my mother had one for the church once.
        Yes, I am very much in a state of DUUUHHHH right now. I have things that I have kept til now to do to keep myself busy. Today, going to swim, then home to tidy up a few things. Tomorrow is the last cleanup. Floors, laundry , bathroom. All of which he will not care, but will make me feel better.
        Did well with the painting. And she has a few more things to hire me for later. I feel a good things will come from this job. Nice lady and knows a lot of people I know. I must get some cards made up. I had put it off to see how well this goes, but now….
        Well, must be off after one more coffee.
        Love ya and hope you are feeling better

  5. Sue.

    You are one of a kind, there’s no doubt about it. That is why whenever I see “A Dose of Sue,” I drop whatever it is I am reading, editing, or translating, and read every single word you have to say. You are wise beyond belief, and you are still the R.N., helping, nurturing, advising, and caring for your fellow human beings. Thanks for that!

    Love, Phyl xoxo

    • Phyll, My goodness, but you are prolific in complements today. If you’re an editor you know how much writers love that. I do believe myself to be an RN in all ways even if I did let my license in CA lapse when we moved here, to Oregon. Truly, nursing is a vocation of the heart. I think one of the reasons I continue to write, under all circumstances within this body, is to share what I learn as I try to make some sense of suffering. Thanks for continuing to tune in, Sue

  6. Dear Sue, Enjoyed this one so much, you manage to hit my funny bone. Without humor I wouldn’t survive. You have been so much in my thoughts lately. I wish the very best for you and as you know prayers as always. Love, Janet

    • Janet, always love to hear from you and have assurance you are okay. I know writing is often painful for you and appreciate your support, always. Indeed, humor is the lifesource so many dark days. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I have been going through more than usual lately. Hope all around you are recovering from the devastation of Harvey. What a courageous show of guts by all of TX. Love, Sue

  7. Hi all
    Well it’s your day today..well it is with my time zone..thinking of you
    Did you go with Mrs Blair this week at all..I know she cancelled you Last week?

    We Went away today to the coast . Took advantage of the sunny day …it forecasts bad weather in the months to come…so they say
    Oh yes I keep meaning to say the picture at the top is good ..a sexy little red riding hood!
    Hope your keeping good

    Has anyone had the flu vaccine this year at all yet?
    Only nearly half of the week left with all the tests ,do hope your back is behaving ..altho I know it won’t

    Well gonna try and get back to sleep

    • Chris, hopefully you’ll read this in your morning and have slept. I know what you mean about the pic. When Tonie picks out pics she sends them to me and we, together, pick the best one. Well, this pic was smaller when we picked and all I saw was sweet little knobby knees. DIdn’t realize she was such a provocative little miss until I saw it larger. Oh well, no wonder she has a wolf following her around.
      Glad you got away for the day to the sun. Sounds lovely. If you are not feeling any better, why not stop using that spray if it is only making your nose worse? Hope eyes were okay with the sun, wind, etc. I do so wish for you to have some improvement.
      I have been ill since Saturday about noon. Got very sick to my stomach, chills and shakes and at first blamed it on the new meds I went on on Friday. Haven’t taken another opioid, still taking heart meds, and coumadin. Still felt worse Sun, Mon, and today a bit better. Cancelled oncology appt. tomorrow and mammo today. Interesting development with cancelling the oncology because mine is now booked for next 45 days so will try a new one. Maybe I will get more answers from a new one. We will see. Taking on a couple of new doc with our new cancer center opening. No answers yet about difference in CT scan and the bone scan. Will ask the new oncologist about doing a pet scan. That’s what my internist suggested would tell the truth. I hate all this business with the health so much. I think the Lord let me get the flu just so I could rest. Having a huge thunderstorm with tons of rain and noise right now. Had a tornado warning yesterday. SO weird. We never have them except last year there was one down the coast about an hour from us and did terrible damage to a charming little beach town.
      So much going on right now. Hope you get better very soon. Much love, Sue

      • So much going on sue..I do hope you get the answers you want next week
        And hope you are continuing to get better and taking these meds ok…it looks a busy week for you ,couldn’t we do without the Them?,,
        I went to dr this afternoon he suggested I keep up the spray ,but the nose was still inflamed and my nose still twisted at the bottom..he gave me some doxycycline to take but on reading up I’m not keen I may ring up and ask for others I’ve taken and ok with
        DH had his flu vaccine yesterday he had to go to drs as his balance was no good and had pain In the ear..but it’s just Menieres.he feels a bit rough today I think it’s the vaccine
        Weather here a bit flat today but gives a sunny weekend

  8. Hello, everyone! Special hello to newbies and those who we see/hear from less often.
    Sue, thanks for the food for thought, humor, … and EAR WORM! Now I can’t get the song “Goody Goody Two Shoes” out of my head! Sorry you had to cancel appointments, but perhaps you might learn something new with a new perspective?? Gotta be positive! I concur with you and Tonie regarding the cake theory.

    Chris, I am sorry you have not found any relief yet. I see Sue has given you plenty of options to think about. Wish I could add to them, but, alas, I cannot. SB is doing alright, I guess. He has been working a lot of night shift lately and it really is not a shift he should work. His body does not adjust well to it. He is scheduled for another radiofrequency ablation on his back soon. I wish we could find other alternatives for him. I know of a few worth trying, but it would require him to continue with it, which I am not sure he would do with regularity. DD is doing as well as she can. She has a friend having some significant difficulties and it is hard on her.

    Tonie! Today’s the day! I am so very excited and happy for you! Praying all goes smoothly.

    Life has been a bit wild the last few weeks. No, I haven’t been doing much painting lately, and good thing. Not much time for it. The friend I did it for has run into difficulty making time to get the pieces from storage, deliver here, then pick up again. Often they are larger than would fit easily into my SUV. They have a trailer. She proposed I come over to her place to paint. In theory that works, from her perspective. For me it becomes a scheduling feat. When the pieces are here I can paint whenever I have a little chunk of time, at whatever hour. To travel there, I need to allow for travel time on either side of the span of painting time. They are not far from me, but it is still time. We will have to see how/if that will work. She also asked if I would be willing to step in and work in the shop here and there if they need. It wouldn’t be often or regularly. I said I could probably do that. So, we’ll see. Our weather has been in my best range for my arthritis, which is helpful since I am now dealing with this muscular issue still. Making some progress, but very slowly. I think it may be time to contact the doc to increase my dose a bit again. I don’t think I’ll level out at the right level yet. Thank goodness I’ve already had to wrestle with some of the issues above and have a better perspective. Time now to take the pup out for some exercise. Have a wonderful day, all!

    • Lyn dear, always wonderful to get an update from you. Dose of which drug are you referring to? Increasing what? I am sorry you are struggling even with favorable weather. I think it’s great you are helping your friend so much with the furniture but do worry about your traveling in the winter. I remember so well what they are like for you in PA. It’s wonderful her style of distressed furniture is becoming so popular right now and would be fun to interact with others by working in her shop. Speaking of weather, we are extremely wet with thunder off and on all night.
      So many tragic weather problems all over the world right now…so terribly sad for so many. I feel very blessed, even with many health issues.
      Hang in there and do take time for yourself. Love, Sue

      • Hi, Sue, the med in question above is estrogen. The decrease of estrogen since menopause has caused me to have severe muscle tension and pain. It took me quite a while to figure it out, but symptoms are slowly improving with each increase in dosage, so… I have to say, most days over the summer this was worse than my arthritis symptoms. Feldenkrais (awareness through movement), yoga, and HRT have been working hand in hand to help me through. As for the painting, I have to figure out if I have the time to continue with that. Her house is where I’d be painting and they live about 5-10 minutes from me. I wouldn’t go over if the weather was bad so no worries there. I’m afraid I had to turn down her first offer of work day in the shop as it was a day I have lessons. I’m sure there will be other days I can help out. She’s just happy to have someone else to ask.
        Time to get ready to walk with the pup. I want to get out before it gets too hot. It has been in the 80s this week. Thankfully, today is not to be as humid as it was yesterday. SB is a bit disappointed we can’t have more Fall-like weather for the start of the season, but it will come.
        Happy Autumn and Happy Friday, all!

  9. Hello all
    Happy woman here in Va. haha ! My FM is here safe and sound. He said it was probably the easiest flight he has had in all his years traveling back and forth. He gets air sickness very bad. Thanks for the prayers. We have talked non stop since his arrival and things going good.
    Today my cold or virus finally got me. Been fighting for a week or more. Hoarse throat, and feel yukky. So I am laying on the bed resting, FM is outside working on making a roundpen to work the horses out in. Supposed to have a guy come on Sat to dig out a place to build a shelter for the horses. So busy times ahead
    Chris, I haven’t worked with Mrs Blair this week. She did call yesterday but we will wait until next week . I was going to go over today, but not feeling like this.
    FM called me to the kitchen window, we saw the biggest red fox I have ever seen. He was in the field next to the chickens (not good) . but was only drinking water from a trough there. Beautiful animal, but not good to be this close. Mighty Ceasar went to run him away (after he had already gone). Hummingbirds are still here so happy French guy.
    Sue I hope you are feeling better. Chris, I agree with Sue, maybe just stop the spray.
    Well, gonna go. feel like crap and need to rest
    Love to all

    • Tonie dear, I think you know we are all thrilled for both of you. Love that moves a guy across the world is something else and so rare. You are both blessed indeed. SO sorry about the sniffles and miseries of a virus. Sounds like your place will be getting some extra attention and the horses, well, nice to have another horse lover with you to corral them…and you. Just kidding. My goodness but it was quite a day down on the ranch. That darn fox. I saw your note on FB that he got a hen. Well, that stinks. How would that work out between Ceasar and a fox? Have to admit the red fox sounds beautiful but…
      Yes, I am much better. I stopped taking my new cardiac drug and now after almost two days, no nausea at all. Waiting for a call from the referral he made to a cardiac guy. Tired, so will close. When you get a chance, let us know how true love is going. SOme of us have been married so long we’ve forgotten. Love, Sue

  10. Tonie
    Yeaaaa..?good to hear all is well and you both are fine there at last
    Sorry about the cold tho but ..lots to look forward to and share
    Have a great weekend there but rest with that cold …no shop looking etc!
    I have to keep up that spray the doc says for another week….ugh

  11. Chris, Sorry, my eyes gave out on me last night before I could write you. I pray today is a better day for your poor face. Hopefully you will get an antibiotic that will help you. Watch being out in the sun while on those cycline drugs like doxy and tetra. Sorry DH’s disease is active right now. Such a frustrating problem.
    Indeed it was a very busy week for me and I copped out of oncology on Wed. and babysitting due to the terrible nausea and vomiting. I stopped the new heart pill and am fine now. Too much of a coincidence for it not to be true. My internist referred me to a cardiologist here in town. Hope I like him. I love mine in Portland but he is there and past retirement age. I saw the new orthopod yesterday and he was great. I have my first of three injections next week on both knees. Since I missed my appt on Wed I will have to see a new doctor at oncology. Hope I like her and she is good. Well, must finally tackle my day. Knees very sore after all the moving by the doc with them yesterday. Do hope they find something to help you. Love, Sue

    • Sue
      I didn’t take those meds I didn’t like the side effects yes I saw about being in the sun too…but I read you have to sit straight when you take theM not lie down for an hour as they upset the tum..well it would mine and my meds get easily stuck in my throat…so with that and all the other side effects I’m not taking them and will ring up Monday for a penicillin one that I can take…well with only a bit of upset!
      I hope you get a med that’s ok straight away to take for the heart’s such an effort all these meds
      Just reading all you have next week…well it’s busy
      Have you had an inr test yet it’s a while since you’ve been on the blood thinner?
      You said you could take them at home perhaps that is what you are doing
      Why do you have to see a new dr for oncology because you missed an appt? Or has she moved
      Well going to start the day here ..don’t worry about not being on the blog I know how things are
      Big wishes and hope for the injection this week
      Hope the cold is going..and well ….I know your a happy girl there.
      I like the way you have several ways to attack the menopause..when I was on hrt it helped my joints a lot .i felt much better with the flushes too.
      It will be nice to help your friend when you have time and it suits you.
      Yes I like the change of season now..
      Hope both your kids are fine


      • Chris, oh dear. Sorry you bumped your hip. Sounds like you might have a chronic bursitis in that hip? Do you? One more thing to deal with. Hope rest and ice help soon. As far as the antibiotics, sounds like a wise decision on your part. Hope you are better and if not, hope you get a good antibiotic you can deal with today…your time. My rheumies have always told me to take the flu shot, so both of us do each year.
        Yes, my week looks full and positive thus far. I have to see a new oncologist because my usual one is booked for a month+. I don’t mind having another opinion about that big question as to why the supposed bone mets are not showing up on the bone scan? Hope I like the new cardiologist…if not, will drive to Portland. Yes, I had my first INR last week, they called and said it was much too low and to increase my dose of coumadin, which I did and to repeat test on Tuesday; therefore I will. The blood thinners typically chime in between 5-7 days after first dose. Far too much to think about and to keep straight for this old gal. Relieved to finally be getting the shots in the knees. The stairs are much too much of a painful challenge this last two weeks.
        Lovely change of seasons here, so many of the plants still flowering on the porch. Dug up two pots of annuals today and planted two new “mums.” One is a rosy rust and the other a hot yellow orange color. Love them in the fall.
        Take care dear friend and be good to yourself. Love, Sue

  12. Tonie, sorry to confuse you with the name bit on here. Google chrome kinda screwed me up. Before I went with them I lost my spellcheck.Do you know how to recover spellcheck. I need it when I’m tired or blurry eyed with dryness? I hope your virus is clearing up and you are feeling better. Much love, Sue

    • Sue
      You should be able to go to the tools ( a little star) I think at the top of the page and enable it. Janet told you last time. I was confused…..easy to do. We are fine. Had a good day yesterday. On top of a mountain listening to a bluegrass band. Then had to go look at Walmart. Then to dinner. We were both a bit under the weather , so didn’t go to the rodeo at 8 last night like we planned. My cold/ flare/ who knows has me feeling yuk again. Mouth all sore, not a good way to start off this reunion haha !
      We have to kill that fox, three chickens down and he has come to the house in daytime for one today. We let them put in the yard, so he is lurking. So u til we kill him, they must stay confined. So, not sure what to do at this point.
      Glad you got all the Dr and meds stuff done.
      Chris, yes, doing well, if I can ditch this cold. Walked up stairs on a lookout tower yesterday lots of stairs. And my quads and calves are sooooo sore. But, had to do it. FM said he knew I would do it if I had to crawl up on my hands, haha. But makes me think maybe a little time on the stair master at the gym.
      No change of season here yet. Still the 80’s until weekend.
      Well, my love to you all

      • Tonie, okay, first of all, I’ve never had this problem with spellcheck before. Hope someone can help me enable it somehow. Janet helped me learn how to enlarge the print.
        Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of running around for a lady with a virus. Please take care of yourself. He’s here now…you don’t have to wear him out in the first week.
        Sorry to hear about the lovely red fox pushing his limits. Likes to live dangerously, does he??? Well, so be it. It’s either his life or your chickens. Another three chickens gone…I loved those chickens. They had so much personality. How daring of him. Goodbye Mr. Fox.
        We went across the river to WA state for the last week of the Sat market over there. I had such a great dinner tonight thsnks to that trip…friend okay and tiny red potatoes. Took the sweet produce lady a few branches of fresh bay leaves. She was thrilled because they’re so expensive in the stores.
        I’m a bit concerned about Jim tonight. He slipped and fell while washing the car at the carwash place today and hurt his back on the edge of the car door and twisted a knee when he hit the ground. He claims he is fine but moving like it’s not. We will see by tomorrow. Grands after school tomorrow…one of my favorite days.
        Hope you recover very soon. Wonderful day for the both of you today. So much to see and do together. Much love, Sue


    • Sue
      Yea I think it’s chronic as it is always there in the background..will take some naproxen for it.i know it can increase the eye pressure..but I had them checked today becos of the steroid spray and they were good
      The flu vac I can’t have as the pandemrex one a few years ago caused me some problems and the neurologist advised no vaccines at all.anyway DH had his..he’s been a bit achy and a temp for a few days
      I do,hope DH was ok the next day after his try to show nowt is wrong
      Bought two small soup flasks with a wide neck .i thought to go for winter picnics in the any raging seas . Different. And I’ve got blankets to put over us…look like two,ol geriatrics!

  13. You are being busy now tonie…get rid of that cold and all will be just great.just take it easy and rest if you can.oh get rid of the fox too..
    Sounds good on that mountain and the blue grass music..carefree
    I hurt my hip again something fell on it just on the bit that it’s back to ice packs.funny but as soon as the one hip goes the other starts up!
    Sat on a bench outside and I couldn’t get up took me 10 mins to move out if it..couldn’t call DH as he cant hear ..he was in the house .i panicked a bit thinking I’d be stuck there!
    Wow those stairs ….well done ..was there a good view at the top? Hope your legs are ok today..
    It’s just gone 3 am here so it’s back to sleep..think I’ll try and get my pressures done at the opticians tomorrow with using the steroid spray just to make sure
    How’s you..DH had the flu vaccine the other day.he feels a bit achy and hot with it.i can’t have it the neurologist advised me never to have any vaccine ..good job I don’t travel abroad
    Hope the weekend went fine are the grands? And DH?

    • Chris, I understand about your reaction to vaccines. As far as safety I never shower without Jim in the house and even then I take the cell phone and put it on the floor outside the shower door…just in case., since it’s a different number than the house phone. When I go outside, I take a portable phone from the house. We never know and must stay as safe as possible. When he is upstairs he would never hear me yelling from the bathroom downstairs or if outside…you know.
      I pray your mouth is better. I found a great private group online for Sjogren’s syndrome patients. Let me know if you want to join it. Should be able to without being on FB. Have to have SS to share on it. I think I told you my rheumy said it is the worse kind of arthritis to have. Interesting.
      New oncologist tomorrow. Hope good. Can’t see cardiologist until Nov. 1. Maybe my internist can do something about that. Took cardiac drug today. Will give it one more try.
      Say…what is going on with Prince Harry. I know he has a new girlfriend but don’t know what the controversy is about. Could you share?
      Time to crash. Love you much, stay safe and please feel better. Sue

  14. Sue
    Are you on Google Chrome now and that is when your spell check went out ? I will look and see.but it looks like it is doing something. It misspelled okra , and I know you didn’t . Mine will change it to what it thinks I am saying, looks like yours is also. But let me look, okay ? I have to be on my laptop, will look this evening.
    Chris, I will send you pictures of the mountaintop. It was beautiful. Sorry for your hip, be careful you. Take your cell phone out in your pocket in case something happens. Nothing else to do when in that situation.
    Feeling much better today. As is FM.
    Sue, again, I know Jim will not go to the Dr, unless you drag him. But hopefully all is well. Poor guy. Poor you because you have to worry for him. Guys think they are so tough, but as they age, not as tough as they wish to be. Hopefully he will come to his senses.
    Well, going to swim today and this evening a guy coming to dig the ground level where we are building the horse shelter.
    Love to you all

    • Look forward to the pics…I do usually carry the phone around in a small shoulder bag outside…but this time…not!
      I know your day will go well hope the cold is still easing

    • Tonie, so good the horses will have a shelter this winter. SO sorry about the chickens and the fox. Is he gone yet?
      SO glad you’re both feeling better today. Jim is better and less sore. Posted an update about myself on FB and it’s taken all evening to answer nice folks.
      Kids after school today. Both of them are getting adjusted to new for middle school and one for high school. Growing up so fast.
      Tonie, through tomorrow there is a wonderful sale going on at Lands End if you need anything. It’s 40& off until midnight tomorrow. I got Jim some new things he needed today. Raining here but more heat to come on Wed. Thanks for the pics of the mountain I know what they are. Hope FM is rested up from the trip and you, do be good so you can get well. Much love, Sue

  15. Hi
    I think it’s all in the news about prince Harry and girlfriend because of the invictus games in Canada at moment. It’s the first time they’ve done something officially together.and the press are waiting for an engagement to happen.they had to sit apart due to protocol and he kept looking for her….ahhh!
    So….last nite I noticed a bite I had had a bullseye ring around it on my leg… had faded a bit this morning but I went to see the nurse this morning and she said it was a reaction and only cellulitis it had faded a lot by then….fed up of odd stuff going on..I was panicking really with it looking like a bullseye
    You must be so fed up of your stuff sue. Mine is small feed to yours
    Hope that cardiac drug is OK this time…is it a bp drug as well at all?
    Gives a sunny day here but cloudy now

    • Chris, I’ve never heard of a skin rash or cellulitis in a bulls eye shape unless it is a bite. That’s so classically an insect bite or spider bite. Please keep an eye on it. Does it itch? Just watch it carefully. Fading is good. I know, life can be so tiresome. I get very discouraged at times but always keep trudging along. We can’t be up all the time…one day at a time is enough of a challenge.
      The cardiac drug I’m taking, or should be taking is for high B/P as well as pump (heart) regulation. It is metoprolol. Jim takes it for high B/P.
      I was just curious why all the controversy over Prince Harry right now. We don’t follow the British gossip that closely over here.
      No Chris, we each have our own concerns and problems and they aren’t bigger or smaller…just ours. Glad you’re sunny, as are we. We’re going to have more sun tomorrow into the 80’s and Thursday followed by rain for several days. To oncology today with labs for INR. Tomorrow the knees. Dreading that if painful but so pleased to see something done. Knees worse than ever. Much love and concern for you, Sue

      • It could be a spider bite we have a lot of them at did itch but I’ve put some bite stuff on it and it doesn’t now
        Yes she said it was a big bite where he’s done it..I was just concerned if it was lymes .googled a pic of it and it looked like it..but it’s faded now .it was just like a bullseye
        ,I’ve always remembered beta blockers end in ..alols..,they tried DH with beta blockers .But you know what he’s like with stuff..
        I so do hope your knees are good after the injection or a way to it
        You asked me something about a group with sjogrens…..I dunno..not sure I mite see stuff I don’t like and it would worry me.
        We did go,out but came back DH not that good ..we have dentist tomorrow not sure how we wil both with sore nose and DH with balance…what a pair..had to cancel the hygenist ,too much in one go
        Oh how’s your DH after his fall ..did he go to dr..I expect not

    • Chris, I believe lyme disease is spread by ticks, not spiders but spider bites can be severe so please watch it closely. That’s all you need. Hope the nose is better so the dentist can get near you tomorrow and hope DH does well.
      I get my first of a series of injections in both knees tomorrow. Sae new oncologist today and just love her and will keep her. She is a young married woman from India and very bright, kind and efficient. Exhausted tonight so won’t say more. Love, Sue P.S. I understand about disease specialty groups of patients. It can be a bit depressing.

  16. Lyn dear, hope you are still feeling better on your dosages of the hormone therapy. Watch your almost daily walks with Sadie and adore your cat family. Looks like Fall is here as well but a day or two or more heat tomorrow and next. Do take care of self and hope kids and DH are well. Praying for your DD’s friend with so many problems. Your daughter sounds like a fine girl…and who is surprised with her as your Mom. Love, Sue

  17. Hey all
    Sue , thanks for heads up on Lands End. I will check it out. FM didn’t bring a lot of things. He waits until the last moment to pack and as he had been ill….well, he forgot lots. He had another suitcase to pack and didn’t , He will get his sister to pack and send the others he needs.
    Busy days here. Today I work with Mrs Blair. And FM will be here when the excavator comes to level up the area for the barn. Yesterday and Monday he made a round pen in which to work out the horses. Nothing a wild horse could be in , but for Sweetie it is good. THe fox has not shown himself of late. And we have been careful with the chicks, just let them out a bit in the evening when we can watch them. Still getting tomatoes and peppers from the garden. And strawberries ! But it is going to cool off this weekend and fall will be here. Hummingbirds, a few are still here. So FM very happy to see them in the mornings.
    Sue I am glad you like the new Dr, and pray for your injections today that they will help you out.
    Chris, take care of the bite. I had a couple of bad spider bites this summer and one has left a big mark on me.
    Well, must be getting some breakfast, and ready to leave. Hard labor ahead, haha !
    Love to all

  18. Hope all is well with your knees sue
    Dentist went ok..DH ok with teeth anyway just had to climb into chair with it low already..I’ve got chip which has to be filled
    I stopped the steroid spray ..see what happens…I don’t know if it was that but I started to feel nervous,afraid even…odd
    Hope your days are great and health improving a bit

    • Chris dear, Glad things not too bad at dentist. As far as the steroid spray I would think you’d feel jittery on the spray, not off.That’s the usual reaction to steroids. Pray for better healing now. Steroids delay infection from healing but are often used to help with the inflammation, not the infection. Did they do a swab of the area to test for infection? You’ve had too much so let’s all pray for healing for that poor painful nose.
      My knees were injected two days ago and both felt better the next day . I overdid it today at Costco warehouse but have high expectations after 2-4 more injections. We will decide as we go along. Can’t believe how much better they felt the next morning. Had shots in hips the day before at oncology and they hurt more but they are huge shots in comparison. They are all looking forward to the move into the new multi-million dollar cancer center here. It is something to see with it’s windows overlooking the river. Late, so will close. More later, Love, Sue

      • Yea it was while I was on the spray I meant……strange feeling
        Nose still the same ..see how it goes then back to drs ..they didn’t do a swab i will ask for one
        That’s so good about your knees and very hopeful and to go out doing stuff is good…especially after the hip ones the day before
        It’ll be Good to go to that centre ,must look nice as you describe it and all full of new equipments…better than that long trip to Portland you used to do
        Did you get any further answers to the scan query?
        Well gotta get up and going.looks like a sunny day

  19. Chris, no answers on the bone scan questions until I can get scheduled for a PET scan. They will do those on Fridays. Praying for you to find answers about the nose and finally be rid of the discomfort. Rainy here last night, sunny today then more rain tonight but sun next week for a few days. Grands over tomorrow while folks out of town…Uncle has them tonight. DId too much yesterday I’m afraid but knees still less painful. Do take care of each other, Love, Sue

  20. Morning all
    Busy week with FM and work, but good one. Yesterday we went to a horse show and sat around and walked around watching barrel races all day. Then out to dinner to a place I had long wanted to go. Made reservations, called the Log House. It was built in 1776. Wonderful story behind it. But bad experiences there. Horrible waiter and long wait for the food which arrived cold or cool. I complained but we didn’t want to wait for another plate so they took 50% off the bill. Would have been good if it was hot. Told the cashier, she says “well, these thing happen , we aren’t perfect”. So no more going there. But a memory none the less.
    35′ here this morning so heat on and oats for breakfast. Waiting my turn to get ready for church.
    Sue so glad the shots are working. Wonderful news. Enjoy the babies today.
    Chris, hope your nose and eyes improve. We are better from the cold or whatever it was. Still a little scratchy in the throat, but other than that, ok.
    Sue, ready for the blog, so let me know.
    Love to all

    • What a shame tonie I googled it and it’s a lovely place..just right for you two ..what a shame,it could have been so good .nice food on menu..what a bad reaction from the cashier
      Busy weekend for you…
      My nose…jury’s out
      I’ve started my diet and DH too…ugh
      Day one..

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