Used Parts

Do you ever feel like used parts at your local auto wreckers instead of a whole car? I often relate to an old radiator. I have more than one dented bumper. Just because those parts get into a fix or two or age doesn’t mean they must be discarded any more than we should be. Modern medicine with its areas of specialization has turned us all into subdivided humans. Our internal organs belong here, our legs and knees, head in another direction, etc. We’re not exactly the Thanksgiving turkey to be carved up and handed out in pieces. However, it does appear that way at times. We take our bones to one doc, our private parts to a gyno, our hearts to the cardio guy/gal, and on and on it goes. How do folks without a general practitioner or an internist manage it all? I’m a retired RN and I get confused. I have been known on more than one occasion to say to the oncologist, “Should I be talking to you about my back and bottom pain or do you not want to hear it?” This is done while I am sitting in their office after a long, tiresome appointment, on a pillow I snatched off the exam table.

I have an internist, a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, two cardiologists, an oncologist, an oncology surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a rheumatologist, an oncology radiologist, a pain specialist and a dentist. Whew! The only thing missing is a witch doctor and I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of those over the years posing as MD’s. Before you ask, yes, I also have a physical therapist or two and have tried acupuncture.

One of the first rules we learned in nursing school was never to refer to a patient, any patient, as their problem or diagnosis. We couldn’t go around the units saying, “What does the gallbladder in room 20 want?” Oh my. That would get a nursing student a quick visit into a supply closet where an instructor would frown and point an accusing finger as she lectured in the general direction of your guilty mouth. It happened often in the early years of training because we were ignorant, nervous and sorely in need of the basics. Usually, we learned to have a bit more sensitivity as the years of training passed and if we didn’t, it was “adios” to any dreams of nursing. Sensitivity counts in nursing as much as simple common sense and good taste. I had one poor fellow in my nursing class who got tossed out for such insensitive and ignorant moves as leaving a full bedpan on the same over the bed table with a freshly delivered meal. Wowser. Where did he grow up?

It has been my experience as the years of illness and nursing have passed by on my calendar that I am not the only patient who is rocked and thrown off guard by these many changes in medicine. I think specialization can be a wonderful advancement but it must be tempered with a good “guard at the gate,” in the form of a knowledgeable primary care physician or an internal medicine physician. If you and I don’t have one of these we are running from one doctor to another as we run into opinion after opinion that may not be their area of expertise. We wind up in a state of total confusion. None of this complicated picture has been cleared up at all since this whole furor over opioids has sprung up. We have politicians, both local and national, media outlets and insurance companies trying to put the fear of overdose into all of us by talking about subjects for which they are not qualified. Illegal use of opioids should never be confused nor does it belong in the same conversation as those given to serious pain patients. Kids or addicts who steal pharmacy drugs will snort, ingest or plunge a needle full of anything they can get their hands on. Why should millions upon millions of legitimately suffering patients be paying the price for these misguided students or low-life’s seeking a high. Let them go out and import and grow their own opium poppies and leave the legitimate pharmaceuticals alone. Worse yet, don’t let them come to the beautiful northwest coast of Oregon. Here in gorgeous Astoria, we have six legal pot shops and dozens of breweries for a county with a population of 10,000. Makes one afraid to hit the road in a car for fear of hitting the asphalt head first.

I had this opioids crisis seriously affect me last year when my PCP of fifteen years announced she would no longer be treating pain. How do you practice as a physician without treating someone in pain? I have no dog in this fight because I do not do well on opioids and always have to seek other ways of treating pain, but really? I had been getting by for years with an old headache medication which she would no longer prescribe to me. Every time I have tried any form of opioids I have to be very careful because of stomach bleeds and complications of my Sjogren’s Syndrome; sores would develop in my mouth and nose as well as my esophagus and windpipe. I hated to leave my PCP. I was very fond of her but I had no choice. I found an excellent pain clinic in Portland but not until I tried one where the doctor was a complete monkey’s “patoot.” He was all about the narcotics and treated me like an addict as soon as I walked in the door. As I walked out on him he shaped up and tried to be nice to me but it was too late. I can have a very cold heart when I’m angered and insulted and he found that out. He did give me a prescription for a specially compounded creme for my joints which I was to later discover was an “agreement” between him and the compounding pharmacy down in southern Oregon and had charged my insurance company at that time $800 for two tubes of the stuff. It’s good crème but for that cost, it should have been mixed by Dr. Albert Schweitzer himself. We’ve got to stop gouging our insurance companies like that. I switched doctors by going to my husband’s excellent internist. Both he and the caring and very bright pain specialist I now have in Portland are perplexed by this new trend among many physicians and the seriously frightening position it leaves many chronic pain patients in.

All of my specialists were in Portland but as traveling a four-hour round trip has become more and more miserable for me due to two crushed vertebra and sacroiliac joint disease, more problems are piling on with other painful and diseased joints and now cancer. Whoosh, but life can be something of a ride down an icy slope without your long johns, if you aren’t careful. As our little town grows and we get more specialists I also find many of my older doctors in Portland retiring so I am hopefully going to be able to get better and more extensive care here, near home. For instance, we have a new multi-million-dollar cancer center opening here this week. The treatment and chemo chairs are all overlooking the beautiful Columbia River.

What are we, as patients supposed to do about all this earthquake in medicine; well, hang on for one thing. The next thing we need to do is to inquire of others, search ratings online and interview new doctors to be sure they are knowledgeable and will communicate with your other physicians. I always try to be sure to ask if their computer networks talk the same language as the one at our local hospital and the other physicians I now see. If they do not, I always ask the lab and any other doctors to send reports to those other physicians involved in my care. Always ask for a copy of your visit summary and your most current lab work. If you forget to ask you can go to the medical records department of your lab or hospital where the work was drawn and request it. It’s also a good idea to follow up with any special tests you have had performed and read them for yourself. If you have any questions, ask your doctor questions on your next visit. Look up any new medications to see if you should be avoiding any other vitamins, medications or foods while you are on them. Get to have a working relationship with your local or specialty pharmacies and they will work with you. For instance, I found a compounding pharmacy to fill my “solid gold” crème just across the river in Washington state and found out she could mix anything the doctor ordered. She was able to offer me the same crème, by working with my Medicare supplement medication policy at a ridiculously lower rate than the price gouger I had used previously before my husband retired and we had to change insurance companies. First of all, the overall rates went down with her help and she dispenses it in smaller tubes and I pay $4 per month for the same crème. Work it and don’t give up. Keep good files and be your own best patient advocate.

Just because we are in pain or have more than one disease doesn’t mean we should give up or give in. There is a force within this universe some call the Force who loves you and is looking out for you. The God I trust on a daily basis leads me into interesting, surprising and remarkable situations and solutions. One day you and I will die but not before we squeeze every morsel, moment and possible layer of use out of each of these used body parts.

Of course, it should go without saying we each should have a good date book and check it often. If I’m feeling like a dead rodent in the road after a bike rally, my memory stinks. Part of it is aging but part of it is the famous fogs that every disease specialty claims, i.e. fibro fog, RA fog, chemo fog, etc. How about just feeling so lousy you don’t listen nor remember as well as you once did? Keep calm, carry on and have faith in each new day.

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  1. Sue
    Really good read. Lots of things we all go through for sure. I have to call my pain Dr this morning to get my tramadol refilled. They are good and no problem to work with. I don’t go in as often now as we have a routine established. But it is still a bother to have RX from all of these DRs.
    I am blessed to not be allergic to anything (yet). Never rule it out as your body is always changing. FM has a very sensitive gut and skin. He cannot use any skin lotions , deodorants, soaps, etc due to allergic reactions. Even sun screen. And of course his colon problems bring lots of problems as well. This week we will enter the world of Obamacare as we search for an insurance for him. Not looking forward to it, but must be done.
    My fog brain is terrible at times and I hate it. It is frustrating and embarrassing when you can’t remember someone’s name . You come up with all sorts of ways to get around it.
    It is cold here this morning. So heaters on to knock out the chill. Soon, they will be always on….not my favorite time of year. My cold is back, and sore throat. I need to schedule an appointment with my primary care. Have lots saved up for her. Then one with the orthopod, and end of the month is my RA. And life goes on.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, WOW, you do have a full agenda. Reminds me how we all should make lists of reminders for calling doc offices and making appts. I’m pleased with Walgreen’s because they call me to remind me of refills. Saves a lot of possibilities. How awful for FM to have to deal with so many allergies. What a pain. Hope his gut has been behaving for him.
      My SIL was in the ER the other night with another kidney stone. Poor guy.
      So much going on in the country right now with this hideous, heinous and heartbreaking shooting in Vegas. So many need prayers, medical help and more than a few miracles right now. Much love, Sue

  2. First of all the terrible news…..
    How awful..the crazy,crazy man, the kindness of strangers ,the fear .so much in one time.. The news keeps coming and it’s horrendous
    His brother knows no reason he sounds dumb founded,he lived in a elderly place ,he was over 60…
    Those poor people and families

    Yes sue any one dr. shines out who hits the nail on the head with ideas.meds or knowledge. Yes so many drs to see for one problem that affects all parts of bodies..and will they know about the actual problem even…. Also each time you see a new one there’s that start all over again
    There’s that patronising one …I must try walking out..good one ..I like that. Serves him right
    Nose a throbbing pressure sort of way…gotta go back I suppose am putting it off
    There’s a few problems med wise to sort for FM .i hope all goes well..I wonder if the two problems are connected..but he must have looked into that
    Yes I know that way of coverup for not remembering have to keep up with it all the time
    Going to make tea now.

    News on and it’s all tragic

    • Chris, Oh, how well we know. The airwaves are full of this tragedy and all the aftermath as is FB. I like FOX news because along with what folks need and want to know about the madman, they are also talking and giving names and information about those who died so tragically. So much needless carnage can never be explained when so many innocents are slaughtered like that. We can’t heal all the madness in the world and know that but when it strikes like that it is hard to even talk about.
      I am so sorry your nose isn’t getting any better. Please tell me you got and tried the Lysine? I do hope they do a swab to check to see if it is indeed infected and what kind of bacteria it is so they can heal it up for you. So miserable and I am so sad for you. Poor DH with that hateful B/P of his. I just read an article about the at home automatic cuffs and how inaccurate they are 70% of the time. We had a big one you could never rely on and would just take it manually. We have a new wrist type that appears to work a bit better.
      I’m having a terrible flare, started yesterday and worse today with so many areas of hurt, couldn’t even tell you…mouth all broken out inside and sore. Lying around, grumpy all day today. Have to go in for second shot in the knees tomorrow. Love that they are better already from the first one.
      Guess this blog was a bit too negative…not much response from it. I will try to feel better and cheer up for the next. Love to you and yours, hope GS and DD well. Has she started her new job with all the traveling yet? Sue

      • The lysine know I forgot going to town today where I can get it ,there is only one shop to try for things ..I’m always a bit iffy about side effects of anything new and I’ve put it on the back burner.ive got some vitD from the d rs I haven’t tried blood test was I will try it out later today
        I haven’t been back to dre I’m waiting to see how it goes off the spry,but I will then ask about tests etc
        I thought the blog hit the spot of how all feel from time to time.therefore I welcomed it as I think most would ,it reflected our lives and struggle we have to put up with..I do wonder where everyone is
        I hope this flare goes quick now for you but so glad the knees are being helped. You have had a busy rough few weeks…huh year!,or two.i suppose the flare comes after feeling low..
        Well I’m gonna try to sleep its early morning here.excuse any mistakes drops in eyes and all is blurred
        Oh yes Dh starts new job next week ,she’s been on hols this week

  3. Yes Chris
    Terrible the news here. Cannot imagine how that poor brother is feeling. And all the victims families. Prayers all around.

  4. Hello all
    Chris, so sorry you are still having troubles. I would think with Vit D being natural it would be good for you. Need those numbers up. Mine were low last check. So upped my dosage. FM was just telling me he had to be careful about change in his diet and supplements. I have him on vitamins, fish oil, he added some and I added some, so now he has his own pill box, haha ! But things we need as we age or have problems.
    Sue I loved the blog. Maybe I was negative from feeling bad, but I , like Chris thought it reflected us and how we feel. Some people don’t like to face that part, just pretend it doesn’t exist.
    To the pain Dr today. They have changed and now every three month I must go back so they can refill my script. Waste of time and money. But must needs be done I suppose. Sinus still not good as throats let’s me know. But feeling better than I was.
    Haven’t been to workout all week, too much going on and sick. Must try tomorrow or Friday to swim or bike ride. I need and miss it. I did work in the flowerbeds yesterday. Mine and Judy’s and sweated out a lot of toxins. Got the red hot pokers separated and replanted. Some new bulbs she got and split with me, and some I got. So flowers to abound next year. Planted some garlic as well, see how it goes on.
    Well, must run. Or walk quickly, haha. Take care all

    • Tonie, No dear, I was afraid it was too negative a subject. Funny thing but when you write a blog like this, you always worry if you are sharing or whining. It’s often a close call. I didn’t get back to you and Lyn yesterday because it was an exhausting day. Had to go over for shots (second round) of shots in knees. This time the PA at ortho did it and it was a much better shot…or rather four shots. He uses a lidocaine shot first with tiny needle. The other shot was the Hyalgan and it is thicker so bigger needle. Went great until he moved the worst of my knees, the left one. Prayed to be able to walk about of there without falling on my already sore rear. Held the walls and a cane then as it lubricated itself, it got better. Three hours later after resting I went to the store with Jim and clutched my own small cart and made it through then came home and fell into bed.It was a case of doing it today or then because we were out of milk and when we’re out of milk, well, don’t you know the world is ending? I needed to load up on vegies and fruit and Jim doesn’t really do that well. He doesn’t eat them so…Today was into the oncology office…in their fabulous new digs for my IV Zometa for strengthening bones. Waited too long in chair before got to lie down. A bit chaotic in new place and that’s understandable but it sure is beautiful with fab views. Now resting. Methotrexate day so, well, you know. Day over for me at 5PM. Have to figure out dinner…sounds like a good night for Mexican take-out. Feel too guilty though with fridge now stocked..oh what to do, what to do???
      I got such a kick out of your remarks about the vitamin container for Bernard. Beth used to make fun of me for putting all of Jim’s into a weekly plastic container and then when she got married she found out more about men and started doing the same thing. Your bulbs and plants sound so hopeful for spring. I had a huge old pot loaded with Autumn Joy Sedum and the deer ate them. Big as life, standing on our deck above the garage. I do hope you are feeling better. Throats and sinus trouble are miserable. As far as the pain doc, they’re all getting paranoid about pain meds and with good reason…as they are inspected, watched over, etc. Is your back still better?Much love, Sue

  5. Sue, I didn’t find the blog negative. I actually found it informative. Unfortunately, this is the first chance I’ve had to get on here. Perhaps that is the case for some others as well. So much going on right now, and, of course, the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas. I find I need to escape from it all after a while. Not quite as bad now as there is more focus on so many heroes of the day. Glad to read that the shots were helping your knees, but not that you are in a flare. I suppose it is not that surprising that you are “flaring” now. I am fighting with my muscles this evening, which is disappointing as I should not be as bad given where I am in the whole patch cycle. I called the gyno office to request another increase in dose last Thursday, but have not heard anything from them. Not had much time to follow up as of yet, either. Perhaps tomorrow. I think a week is a bit long to wait for a response, but it has happened there before. At that time, my doc was on vacation and they were awaiting her return. The nurse didn’t mention that when I talked with her last Thursday, but who knows. It is all rather frustrating, but I don’t know of any other way of communicating. I don’t think they realize how it affects my life and quality of life. Doc was very supportive, but as you can see, it is hard to reach her without scheduling an appointment, which I am sure would not be very soon if I tried. Your poor SIL. No fun. I hope he is feeling better. How is Jim doing? He took a fall not that long ago.

    Tonie, poor FM with all those allergies. I do hope you can find him some good health care. DD found a good plan for her BF not long ago. Her experience with it in her job was very helpful. Sorry the dinner wasn’t all you had hoped. Glad you are on the lookout for any developing allergies. We never know what might be around the corner!

    Chris, new diet – oh, dear! I hope it is one that is not too difficult to follow. Hope you found the Lysine and that it helps. You and your DH have your share of ailments. Aging isn’t for the faint of heart, is it?

  6. Short note..dh had to call Dr yesterday.then he sent an same as last time.but they kept him at home and waited till his bp went down withan extra med.
    So all rubbish today but ok

    • Chris, oh my dear. I do hope DH and his B/P are better today. That is so scary for both of you. His is so erratic it’s frightening. You both must be exhausted. To catch up on me, see my reply above to Tonie. Too tired to write it all over but wanted you to know I saw this and am concerned. Do take care, Love, Sue

  7. Lat are your rheumyn, Please just remember how complex the endocrine system is as it relates to inflammation and your RA. I just want you to be careful…I think more so because I am a person living with met. breast cancer. Hope the NSAID is still helping you. We are all experiencing changes in weather right now it looks like…Cold nights here with sunny days but still at 70 degrees
    So many doctors do not have properly trained staff or they are just too young to have much courtesy or empathy. Sometimes the scheduling is all fouled up, too.
    How is your niece doing these days with her family in Vancouver, WA. You haven’t mentioned her lately. Hope your young adults…hate to call them kids but still do…are doing well. Good to see your daughter BF got health insurance. Hope SB is feeling well and work is going well. Totally pooped so must close. Much love, Sue P.S. It has indeed been a remarkable week of unspeakable tragedy and courage. I cry everytime I see one of the injured or hear of their bravery. We have much left to learn about that madman.

    • Lyn, Wow…haven’t the faintest idea what happened to that first row above. I proofed this then I think it left out a line or something weird. So sorry. Thought still basically intact but strange. Sue

      • Bahahaha, well, that was amusing, Sue. My phone does strange things like that sometimes. I have no idea what or why. I do understand your concern, Sue. I am quite cautious about cancer in general. However, this muscular tension and spasm can be extreme and uncomfortable doesn’t begin to describe it. At it’s worst I have to go lie in bed. No way I can try to keep singing without the patch. I will end up injuring my voice for sure. So, we started at the least and have been working our way up. I finally heard back – a week later – and of course, she approved the higher dose. Where I just started is where a majority of women find relief, so I’m not too concerned yet. If I have to go higher, I will be extra, extra vigilant. Especially considering my aunt’s aggressive cancer. On a positive note, I was at the dermatologist today. It has been 6 months since I had that basal cancer removed from my decollate. All looks good! He did the full body check, and nothing suspicious at this point. So, back to yearly again until something shows up again. He is at my beck and call if I find anything questionable. What a relief to have him in my corner.
        My young adults… well, I wish my DD didn’t have to go through what she is right now. But, she is handling what is thrown her way so far. So, I am here to support her when and if she needs me. SB, well, I wish he could land another job, but thankful he at least has one! He is a concern in many ways. His ablation is scheduled for the 17th. Unfortunately, I will be out of town and can’t take him, but my mom is more than willing. It may be a nice experience for them. She did come along to one of his procedures last year. He is experiencing muscle spasm and pain up his neck right now. I would love to suggest some yoga poses and stretches I have learned, but he would have to actually do them on his own. He is not great with follow through long term with such things. Like so many, I think he would like the quick fix. As we know, it often simply doesn’t exist.
        Tomorrow morning should be fun. We will be installing a barn door in our dining room entrance to our kitchen! We have wanted some kind of “screen” there off and on since we moved in. We didn’t want an actual door and a pocket door is not possible on that wall. Finally, after being a bit frustrated with a parent who likes to wait in there while my DH teaches her son popped her head in while I was preparing dinner to ask if the flowers on the table were from my garden a week after she and her son thought it appropriate to walk through our kitchen to exit following the lesson, it finally dawned on me – a barn door! It works perfectly with my decor in there, and is the perfect solution for a problematic throughway. Once in operation, a barrier will be established and no one will have view of our pantry and kitchen from there if we don’t want them to. DH’s brother and his wife are coming over to help with the install. We haven’t worked together on a home project in years. They are very adept at DIY projects. Time to go rest so I am ready to take on the day tomorrow. Nice quiet evening home alone tonight. DH has a gig and SB is working.

  8. Lyn
    Hope you enjoyed your evening..
    And that the door goes well..I completely understand the privacy required
    Our kids we can only be there …I hope all goes well for SB and the ablation .how Good to have your mum to help there
    How’s those knees..
    Been busy had to get a new iPad for DH the other was so old …in comp terms…so buying and setting it up with all our passwords and emails etc was a challenge esp when passwords were wrong!
    Had filling at dentust too…….what a week!
    Hope you have a better week with pain next week and a good weekend

  9. Chris
    I do understand the password challenges for iPad. I never remember mine and always just pray I don’t have to get on iTunes, or anything that makes me have to use them. I can never remember and it won’t allow you to use the same password over. My only drawback to Apple is all the passwords you must use.
    Lyn, good on you for the door, sound nice. People have no boundaries anymore I think. I had to put up no trespassing signs to keep this guy from walking through my fields and yards a few years ago. Unreal.
    Sue, I hope your knees are better and your shoulder. I am sore this morning from loading and unloading hay yesterday . I had the easy job though, he had to pack and stack it. But closer to being ready for winter with this. Soon the shelter will be done and then on to more things. Sweeties training is going very well. He is so talented with horses. Now she has to learn she has to obey me as well. She thinks I am only for petting and feeding. Things are going well, soon to go to get married. This week I think.
    Love to all

    • Tonie
      Wow…wow…. This week ….
      Oh how good
      That was a surprise and a nice’s just the way you slipped that comment In At the end all nonchalant
      you did mean that did you ..I haven’t got it wrong??

    • Tonie, late in getting on here this AM and now PM. I am thrilled for you that you will soon be an old married woman. I am happy for your FM, also, of course. I did just try to call you but no answer. I have so many questions?
      I am not a bit surprised from your day, yesterday, of hard labor in the sun that you are sore today. Lifting and hauling hay…each year I cringe when you talk about that. Wonderful that he is so good with Sweetie and Red and he is getting so much accomplished. I can only imagine where you two will be in a year with all this progress going on. Hope he is feeling well.
      As for me and passwords, I write down everything…with this memory? Knees and scapula still bad. My internist talked me into trying an opioid again so have tried one in the evenings and sometimes one in the afternoon when I can’t move without crying out. So far only symptoms on such small amount is constipation…my old friend; since I’ve lived with it forever. Think I’ll start drinking MOM with dinner instead of milk. Ha! At least I’d lose the weight I’ve gained with the Gabapentin. I’m still thin but not comfortable with four pounds around my middle which makes it uncomfortable in good pants.
      Glad you’re having the weather to get so much accomplished and prepared for the winter months. Has he lived in snow areas previously? Well my dear, sweet friend…you dropped your news so softly we could have missed it. Much love, Sue

    • Chris, You did have a frustrating week and then the dentist! I hope he didn’t hurt your poor nose too much. Is it any better? I pray so. You with the new IPad for DH have reminded me why I stick with a laptop. I have to write down everything and most especially passwords. It is a nightmare for me dealing with computers of any type, size, model. I’m the lady who still has a flip phone. I just don’t feel able to concentrate due to all the pain everyday. No, knees are not better, at least the left one…the worst one is worse. That stuff had better do it’s thing or I’m going to be very disappointed in it. Eyes bad here, also. Hope things with DD go well on the new job and she enjoys the travel. Our son flies all over and often gets tired of it but love his job. Will see the rheumy and the pain doctors in Portland first week in November so holding on. Shoulder, scapula, hurts all the way over to the cervical spine. I need a new body and it’s as simple as that. Weather cool but lovely until today and now raining but no rain predicted for next few days. This is a good schedule for me so I don’t have to water outside…only porch pots.
      I think we’re all so excited for Tonie like a bunch of bridesmaids. Much love, Sue

      • Nose was a bit better then starting building up again.have got appt next Saturday at Drs
        Oh those knees of yours ..maybe it needs more time and injections
        I know one thing plays up another too

  10. The door is installed and looks great! We love it. DH’s brother and SIL came over to help with the install. They are very handy and thorough. Couldn’t be happier. Now I’m trying to gather energy to walk the pup after standing all morning. All of us here understand pretty much what that means. But, the pup was so good that she really does deserve the reward of a nice walk, and it is gorgeous weather here today.

    Tonie, so exciting! Your little announcement. I figured it may be in the offing, but I don’t believe you had said for sure previously. Congrats!

    • Lyn, Saw the barn door on FB and it looks great. Really interesting and practical as well as a bit of a focal point. That child’s mother you spoke of will recognize it because she was obviously raised in a barn! My son used to have a friend whose mother thought since the boys were friends, we were also friends. I hardly knew the woman. One day she walked in the front door and called out and when I said just a minute she walked in on me in the bathroom. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed. I can see how it could really be a problem when you have lessons in your home. It’s bad enough having workmen of various kind coming in to use the john and looking around at things. Personal space is so important. I am a very private person. I get it. Hope this fixes the problem for you. Hope you’re feeling as well as possible dear friend. Love, Sue

  11. Good morning all
    Sue, got your message, will speak today. We usually go out for dinner on Saturdays. Our date night. His night to eat red meat. I think that is the real reason, haha ! Last night was Mexican. Nice little restaurant near the Interstate nearby us. Wonderful food and great atmosphere. Then to Wendy’s for a frosty to cool our mouths.
    Yes, Chris, going to tie the knot for the last time. Never thought I would do it again, It is as if we have known each other for many years instead of just two. Nothing big, just us at the courthouse. Just to get that piece of paper.
    Lyn, I love the door. Of course I would love it, it is a barn door. I like Sues remark about the lady. I hate when someone intrudes on my privacy that way.
    Sue, so much in hopes for your knees. And maybe if only using those pain pills occasionally it won’t cause you so much problems. At least I pray so.
    It is so warm here. Wi dows and doors open at night. Coming in from the hurricane. Rained a little last night and calls for rain all week. But very warm temps, day and night until a week from Tuesday, But the trees are changing color nicely. Sad to me because it means they will soon be bare.
    Coffee time, so love to all

      • Chris, I so much want to hear some good news from you about your nose. This has just been too much for you. I don’t know what to think about knees right now. Must wait and see I guess. Hate that. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, loved our chat you cute bride to be. So happy for both of you. Hope you get a lot of that rain that’s moving in on you. Love, Sue

      • Chris, hope you get some relief for your poor, sore nose very soon. Hope DH is okay and feeling better. No more scary surprises.
        Here waiting for knees to get better. Weather cooling here also with the colors of fall. Love, Sue

  12. Hello all
    Thank you all for your good wishes. Chris, right now we are looking at Friday. But if it keeps raining, maybe sooner. I will let you know.
    Bad day today with the weather changes, high humidity and all night rain storms. Bad day for my body I mean. Had a small painting job to do then came home and lay down a bit. Bed early for me. YouTube horse videos for Bernard.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, narrowing down to W day…Goody. Sorry the weather hit you so hard. We’re also in for a week of rain starting tonight. Still moaning and groaning here with knees. May have to put off injections for a week. Blessings to both you and Bernard. Love, Sue

  13. Hello all
    Woke to a beautiful sunny and cloudy day here. Supplies delivered for the shed building so Bernard will start that soon. I think I will clean in the old crown crib and get rid of some things there. I said “soon” he will be out there wishing the hour.
    Chris, so hope your nose gets well soon. Sue, as well with your knees. Just remembered it is Enbrel day. Had to take it out to warm up.
    So, must be off and hope to get in a bike ride this afternoon. Much needed. Too much going on and must get my workouts reworked.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, Did you get in that bike ride today? Your life has and looks like it will remain busy…so I do hope you’ll take the time to be good to yourself, workouts, etc. It’s such a huge adjustment isn’t it to blend two lives together. It’s the beginning of many discoveries about each other. Knees better. Will have injections next week. Not feeling well this AM still in bed. This whole way of living gets so tiresome and it’s so hard on spouses sometimes, I know it is watching Jim. Good day to all, Love, Sue

  14. Hi
    Concerned about your knees sue….is it the inj working through
    My nose still same..Drs on Saturday
    Wonder if Friday is still the day

    • Chris dear, Glad I cancelled today’s appt for injections. First day today I’ve been able to walk on L leg without crying out. Hope it’s the injections working. SO sorry for you. Rain here for the next few days. Terrible fires in N. Calif. 17 lives, 20,000 people moved, 1500+ buildings, homes gone. Came on so fast night before last and still burning. 17 fires in that state have already burned 150,000 acres. Imagine grabbing the kids in their nighties and heading out to the car to escape. Nightmare. Prayers needed. Talk tomorrow. Love,, Sue

  15. Those fires sound much of everything at the moment .and such terror …its unimaginable what is happening

    That’s good the knees are are bit better .i wonder how you are now
    Went for a cheese scone this morning ..half each .becos of the diet..lost 4 lbs and dh can’t let go of it too much
    Usual aches and pains here . They have a life of their own
    Tomorrow the man who mows the lawn hopefully will come early .so we have a free day
    Dh had her first day at work yesterday caught a late train to London then back later…today she worked from home..she enjoys it so hopefully all will be well.
    She is on the same diet too and has lost nearly 15 lbs and feels better in her clothes
    GS is talking about sharing an apartment with another guy ..I suppose it will be better for him than living at home ..but every step is a worry from a distance …
    Ok gonna try and sleep

    • Chris, please forgive my absence…A couple of bad days with much pain. Using any energy to try to get caught up on laundry. Had a new faucet installed by plumber, let Jim host the guy while I hid out in bed but had to clean the bathroom well before he came. Jim has been wonderful to help. I did get a bit done today but that’s it. If I cook at all it is for two days. Only way to go. Love those leftover meals.
      Congrats to both you and DD for the weight loss. What a good feeling that is. It’s really so much easier when we eat right we don’t have to starve to do it. Wish I could get Jim to eat more vegies…change that…any vegies besides potatoes. Meat and potato man here. I can do well with vegies, salads with a bit of fish, including tuna and chicken BUT getting someone to make the salads like I like them requires a bit of work. Little Georgie like vegies and begs for them when I am cutting them up…bell peppers, potatoes, zucchini, etc. and adores fruits of any kind. Helps keep him from becoming more of a porky Yorkie.
      One thing about these awful pain days is that when the pain stops…feels go good. Love you, Sue

  16. Sue
    We got our bike ride in. Just, started storming almost as soon as we got home. Yes, it is different living for sure. And yes, we have already talked about my working out. He is so into the mode of building the shelter. Framing upend two sheets of the roofing on. Tomorrow is cleaning Frans house. He will “Hoover” for me and then we have to go shopping and to Lowes to pick up more roofing.
    Worked with Mrs Blair today, very tired.
    So glad to hear the shots are helping. But sorry you are not feeling well enough to go for the next one. Yes, this life is rough on us all. Felt really bad on Monday. Had to explain it wasn’t from aging, but RA symptoms. Came in a lay down. But he is very understanding about it all.
    Chris, yes, Friday is still on track. I sure hope your nose feels better. Good on you loosing weight. And dd. I know she must be happy, and with her upcoming wedding.
    Take care all, going to sleep now I think.

    • Tonie, thoughts with you all day wondering if you “did it.” I know you will let us know when you come up from air in this new high octane life of yours. Bernard sounds so understanding but I know it’s an adjustment. Time and love should help as you grow to understand each other. Cold here tonight with lows into the 30’s, had snow in the mountains with the last rain. Sunny and clear now but still cold into Sunday then more rain.
      I pray you are handling your busy schedule. Won’t it be wonderful for the horses to have their shelter this winter. Sound like Sweety is doing just wonderfully with Bernard’s talent dealing with her.
      Think of you often with love, Sue

  17. Well, No Sue, we didn’t “do it” yet, Virginia requires another document which he didn’t bring with him. So we must look at another venue. Wasn’t time Friday. And I have been really sick , was that day and still feeling bad. A flare up. We will sort things out. Just something unexpected. Virginia is strange that way. Lots of requirements other states don’t. Yes, disappointed , but it will happen.
    I think the busy schedule is what has thrown me into this flare. I told Bernard, I need to slow down a bit. The excitement of him being here and getting caught up in his activities makes me think I can keep up with him. So, there is a lot of adjusting to be done.
    I hope you are feeling better. WE are in for that cold weather tonight and tomorrow. I need to pick my tomatoes off. Mary is back in the hospital. Judy is staying with her. I had a message from her, and need to call the hospital today. We did go out for pizza last night and I ate way too much of it. small slices, but too many. It was just so good !!
    Chris, take care of your nose . Will talk to you all later.

    • Ohhhhhh.what a…….never mind no good when you are not feeling the best
      It’ll happen as you say….does he now have to apply to France for the document or does he have it with him
      Ahh I was thinking of you must take it easy and your pace
      Me…..when I was out at coast on Friday I bashed that hip so ice on it now.also taking stuff for the colonography tomorrow it’s at 8am it’ll be fun as I will have to lay on that side
      The dr gave me a stronger steroid spray for my nose
      Try it for six weeks and go back if no good and get referred to hospital
      She said it was all pale inside whatever that means..she said it was indicitive of an allergy…I don’t have allergies so I dunno and I’ve had it for months now
      But not starting it till this stuff is over next few days
      Hope all,is better with you sue
      Weather good here 72f last few days but gives tail end of a hurricane and 80 to 100 mph winds Monday
      Well off to sort myself out…..

      • Chris, you still have so very much going on. I pray the spray is helping the nose but don’t quite understand. Isn’t that what you were already prescribed to do. How miserable that must be for you. I hope you are able to get around with the hip you said you bashed. Whatever happened? Hope the ice helped and now, must ask how the colonoscopy went for you lying on it. Oh much happening.
        I felt distressed all weekend and felt overwhelmed because I have so many things going on and each is miserable, inconvenient and intolerable at times. No, my left knee is worse and the Baker’s Cyst on the back, you know when they bulge out the fluid in the joint, well, it’s worse and very painful. Skipped last week…if only I could skip, ha, ha, but cancelled last week’s injections and will go in on Wed. Dreading it but must be done. Sjogren’s has been acting up a lot. Had to put down a new muscle relaxant the doctor ordered. Dried me out so badly I couldn’t speak. I’m sure Jim probably loved that part but really, and then when you can’t swallow…So many drugs are so bad for SS patients.
        Kids coming after school today and will stay for dinner with their Mom as SIL is just getting back in town tonight from business trip to Indiana. We have been sunny off and on…enough for me to have a huge breakout on my face from the sun, oh joy so hitting the Lysine more than ever. Rain coming in tonight for several days. Leaves falling and changing colors. Did I mention we had a deer on our garage roof which is our deck eating some of my flowers the other day? They are very bold here in town.
        Think of you often and hope recovery is coming to you soon. Love, Sue

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