Living From Our Hearts

I know each of you has met someone who you felt had “no heart,” were “heartless,” or worse yet, were “cold hearted.” We’ve always been taught to express our emotions, our love and even our power in terms of this strange pumping mechanism that lies within our chests; in no way resembling the classic Valentine heart. We can have “heart burn,” “heart ache,” and can be both “heart sore” and “heavy hearted.”
I know it is our brains that tell us what to do, but we choose to refer to the great pumping organ which pumps fresh blood and its life-giving oxygen to our individual cells as the true life force. When we’re romantically rejected or someone hurts us deeply, we say we are “heart broken.” Perhaps we refer to the heart because it’s as close as we can get to the soul that most of us know lives within us.
Each of us is as individual as a snowflake, by design and character. Although we can have much in common, most of us are different, one from the other. We respond to chronic pain and illness in different ways. We make choices based on these differences. There is, however, one way in which all of us are similar; we all live from the heart. Motivation, inspiration, reactions, and all the other vagaries of life are determined by the way we “feel” in our hearts. It’s that ethereal place that no one can identify which truly goads us, prompts us and drives our life force.
Many of us have been knocked around a bit more than is usual and the first tendency is to lose heart. Our spiritual selves can become so bruised and beaten, we are sorely tempted to give up this battle, we call life, and just lie down and quit. I’ve tried it giving up a few times but eventually, you have to go to the bathroom. Eventually, you get hungry; the dog has to go out, the cat swats at your hair or a disembodied voice coming through the door yells up the stairs, “What’s for dinner?”
Each time I try to give up on life, it pummels me, laughs at me or places some demand upon me. That’s when I’m certain, it doesn’t matter what is going on in my broken down body, and it’s what lives in my heart that counts. I know it’s actually the soul or spirit but alas, they have no spirit day. Folklore has convinced us it is the heart; therefore it houses the seat of all motivation and impetus and drives us forward. The demands of life also do that, such as the dog sitting and making circles on the floor to scratch an itchy rear end. Do we get up, put cream on her tush and clean the carpet or do we ignore her and it? Life is full of decisions such as these. Practical demands are good things. They motivate, push and shove and call out to us in anything but a sweet voice but they do inspire.
Inspiration comes from the heart. All great writers, poets, musicians and athletes can tell you that. We often hear the term “half-hearted” when someone doesn’t put all they have into a project. That kind of behavior shows. Others can see it as it sticks out of you with its failure that is derived not from suffering but from not trying. Trying, like motivation comes from the heart.
As an RN, I’ve taken care of numerous individuals who lived from the heart right up until the time they left this world behind. They knew how to live. I remember one woman who was dying of cancer and could not eat. She was fed intravenously yet every night at dinnertime when the trays were being passed out, she would tell us what she was having for dinner, at least in her imagination. She covered all the details; such as filet mignon, lobster dripping with butter or fresh sautéed vegies. Then she would order her imaginary dessert. You could always count on her to see it in her mind’s eye and know that it gave her pleasure. She held onto life by reliving it all over and over again. She had heart. She also had the ability to see the small things in life and know their importance, such as the beauty of a single flower, the sauce on a serving of meat or the color of a fresh vegetable.
If we live from our hearts, life is never wasted. We may leave a few things or even people behind on this journey but that is their loss as we seek to find the heart in all things, creatures and nature. What motivates you? Why do you keep going when it would be so simple to give up; apart from the bathroom bit, of course?
We will always be surrounded by those who would seek to bring us down. Even Disney knows that. My youngest granddaughter and I make a game out of identifying each Cruella DeVille in every movie we watch, Disney or otherwise. There is always at least one of them…look for them. They bring conflict and action to a story but in real life they can be a royal pain in the po po. In our non-Disney lives we aren’t allowed to pellet them with cream pies, throw them out of windows or down icy steps; never mind how badly we would like to. But we are allowed to imagine.
This past few months I’ve had a couple of Cruella DeVille’s in my life who happen to be physicians. Both of them are fairly new to me, both failed to perform from their hearts, at least toward me. They are probably fine parents, spouses and friends, or not. I only know as a patient I received rude care that basically came across as continually writing prescriptions, the medications from which only caused me harm not help. I know the old phrase of feeling like a guinea pig is overused but some doctors do see us as machines to be fixed and not human beings. Neither of these doctors ever gave me an exam. One at least, had the decency to read my history and then prescribe many medications for pain and muscle spasms. None of them worked out for me for varying reasons. She didn’t like the ones I’d been on for many years and thought all of her new ideas were better. She was constantly quoting the latest studies so I know she read a lot.
The other doctor I saw who was a “lemon” was a cardiologist and specialized in the electrical side of that organ. He threatened me with every scary device in his repertoire and since I wanted to rebut a couple of his ideas I was a “highly opinionated elderly woman.” It’s true. I read it in my chart; imagine me being highly opinionated. I know you are not surprised. It is my body and I have been dealing with it in a diseased state for over 30 years and am an RN, I do know something about it. Two destructive forms of rheumatoid disease for most of those 30 years and now four years of metastatic breast cancer plus nursing school and the practice of nursing; I am qualified to ask questions.
Due to these two particular physicians, I have had a gastrointestinal bleed, an allergic reaction, sores in my nose, mouth and trachea, dizziness, trouble breathing, rashes and multiple unpleasant reactions to medications. Oh, and a lot of stress, lest I forget. Needless to say, when you add those to rude treatment from both I have reached a few conclusions I want to share with all of you. To narrow it down, I’ll try to sum it up in three categories:
1. Don’t sit there and take orders from a doctor unless you know why they are being given and the reason for them. Ask questions and always be prepared when you go into their office with a few notes of things to ask, a current list of medications and any pertinent notes from any other doctors you have recently seen. If the physician you are paying to see emphatically uses this phrase on you, “I am the doctor!” get up and walk out of there. His or her ego is in charge, not his or her brain or heart. Certainly your welfare is not the issue in that person’s mind.
2. When you see a new doctor for the first visit, be sure they have a complex form with your history for you to fill out. I know they’re a pain for you and I but they have to know who you are and what has been happening in your body. If they are a specialist and do not care about your overall history but only about one part of you, be very weary of them. This makes them grossly uninformed and potentially dangerous. You are a whole person, not just one body part.

3. In this modern age of computers supposedly talking to other computers, just remember, computers don’t have hearts. They don’t give a twit or a fig about you and can only be as good as the techs that are feeding them information or at least attempting to. Never presume your chart and medical records are being shared in the correct way. Just because a medical office person or piece of paper asks you who your primary care doctor is or where you want the info sent, never assume it will be sent. Many of the modern computer systems do not “speak” to each other…so there. I know it’s irritating and disturbing but we are pretty much left out there on our own. Get a copy of your visit right then and there, even if you have to wait for it. If you can’t get a printed copy of that visit, as soon as you get home takes extensive notes for yourself. Have a file at home and put each one in there from all of your doctors so you can make copies if needed. Your entire lab and varying test results and X-rays are your property. You have every right to ask for them and medical records departments know this and will co-operate with your requests. You’re on your own kid and so am I.
On a daily basis it can be difficult to strive to live from the heart. In my life it’s the old golf story I’ve shared with you previously. It seems four friends were going to play golf. They were all avid fans and wouldn’t miss their weekly game for anything. They met at the course and began to play. They had just begun to play when one of the guys, Harry, fell to the ground. They checked on him, and since one of them was a doctor he worked on Harry for a few minutes and then said, “Harry’s dead.” Without hesitation the other three went back to their golf game. After all, they had just started. For the rest of the day, that’s how they played. Hit the ball, drag Harry. Hit the ball, drag Harry.
Most days I feel like Harry but as long as I have motivation which comes from my heart, I will let life drag me on. In the end we will all lose this existence, but in the meantime, play the game and do it with all your heart. To make it even harder, it must be a joyful heart, not a resentful one. Now, that’s a goal to work toward. First, you have to start with your own heart as will I.

50 thoughts on “Living From Our Hearts

  1. Sue dear,

    Your physician was only partially incorrect in calling you “opinionated” — you are an educated, knowledgeable, thinking, feeling woman who is entitled to be opinionated. By the way, your heart motif couldn’t have been more timely what with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, so that brought smiles; your description of nature’s call and a dog’s needs brought chuckles. Once again, Sue, I look forward to reading your weekly blog and I thank you for giving so much of yourself.

    You are (and will be) in my prayers.

    Big gentle hugs,

    • Phyl, I return those hugs and hope all is as well as can be for you. Indeed, at my age I sort of like letting it all hang out. I intended for it to be Valentine centered and have always been intrigued with the many ways we refer to the heart in our society. I enjoy working it all into my life and anything I can share with all of you. So much has been going on with me medically and I wrote, well, almost completed another blog but it was so negative I didn’t want to post it. Most of my FB friends read all rants and are up to date on my frustration. I hate to write blogs like that and try not to. Inspiration is my goal. Please take care of yourself. Fondly, Sue

  2. Great one , Sue ♥️ You know me, I put all of my heart and soul into most everything I do! But my heart is bruised and weary. Too much going on at school to describe here but suffice it to say flu season is a beating, and with STAAR academic testing looming, everyone is on edge. #schoolnurselife 👩🏻‍⚕️
    To top that off my sister’s husband is dying – he decided to stop dialysis early December so now she is going through the same ordeal of hospice care for him, in the very same house, that she just went through with my Mom 2 1/2 years ago. I’m doing my best to be supportive but my body is on fire (huge fibro flare) and my “gas tank” is empty… any and all prayers 🙏🏼appreciated, my sweet friends. I keep up with most if you on Facebook as well, so I’ll sign off. Desperately need sleep 😴
    Love 💕 to all, Princess Crabby Pants

    • Annie, oh how I hate to hear all of this but especially what your sis and her DH are going through. How awful and painful for them. Of course you and they have my prayers.
      Of course you tank if empty after flu season and all you take on with so many students. I know you get attached and go that extra mile with each of them and the volume of kids alone is too much. I hope you get some rest this weekend before you have to hit it again. You know we’re all here and on FB, always. Hope that Texas weather is agreeing with your bod and joints. Love you much, Sue

    • Annie, Prayers for you and your family. I went thru something similar with my Mom. She went off dialysis and I was her only care giver. Take care of yourself Princess. Love Janet

  3. Sue
    Wonderful and thought provoking , as usual. Living from the “heart” is the only way I know. Extreme ups and downs at times, and not enough even running. I am all in or nothing at all, it seems. I have learned to hold back a bit on a few emotions, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Stress only makes us sicker, and I really try to avoid people and situations that bring it on. my spiritual heart is my greatest treasure that pushes me on and gives me hope while relying in my faith to keep me on an even keel.
    As to the Dr;s , I truly can feel your pain. Some are so arrogant and egotistical it is hard to stay in the room with them for the 10 minutes they allot. Then I move on. Educating ourselves on our own illness in order to keep up with new drugs, exercises, motivations, and useful information is most important. My first and prince of Rhuemies taught me that.” Look it all up and bring it to me, cause I don’t know it all.” He was so awesome and I miss him still. Even though I have a wonderful Dr now. The specialization of medicine is killing it. You have a separate Dr for each joint and muscle in your body it seems these days. Keeping up with your info is the only way to go. Each of my Dr’s, except my pain injector, has a computer printout they give me at the end of my visit, plus I can go online and see them all, including my labs,and Xrays. Check it out and see if yours have one as well (all of us). I can even communicate with my Dr via text msg on the site which is quite helpful if I have a question or need something. So far that works well.
    The weather here is crazy !! No heat on and the window open, it is 60′ outside !!! Raining and muggy but nice. However, my body doesn’t like it. I feel like Roadkill today, and did yesterday as well. Fibro flare I do believe because I am aching all over. Hate this throbbing pain. But, this too will pass. And I have prednisone if it doesn’t.
    You forgot one thing that disturbs you, the telephone. Just when I am on a crying jag and wanting to just “lay here” I get a call from someone who revives me, makes me laugh and reminds me that Life is beautiful.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, Your muggy weather sounds warmer and I know you need the rain but I am sorry it is hurting you so much. Hope all is well with the critters. I can’t really decide if the rain hurts me because it is never far away. Sunny here with clouds. Hope Sweetie in her pregnant, hungry state is being good to Red. Oh those hormones.
      Indeed, so much going on in the current medical field and for any of us who remember the old ways have more trouble than those who don’t.
      You know how much I hate computers and yes, I do have numbers after visits to access my info. I did try that last week without success because the numbers are constantly changing. The IT dept. at oncology obviously sucks since their move. I think many older people feel like I do and prefer it being faxed. My point is to get them to follow through in any way. The telephone only bothers me when solicitors call all the time. I couldn’t possibly list all the irritating things in my life and was just trying to keep it medical.
      I know how much you miss your rheumy from AZ. He was a man among men. Wish they were all like him. I know you wish the same. It’s all the stupid stuff we have to through that irritates me, also. Big week for me with three medical appts and lab. Ugh but shouldn’t complain. This past week was a restful one. Been trying to get a lot done around here. Feels good to do it. Cleaning closets..again. It’s the monotonous every week cleaning today but good when it’s over, also.
      Feeling so much better since going back on NSAID’s. It’s a blessing. Even bad knee is better. Much love, Sue

  4. I too, feel like ‘Harry’ in the golf story!
    My brain keeps cycling through all the memories of me working and being adventurous. Though now, I am also so limited in what I can do. I try to stay focused on the things I can still do. And that sounds easier than it is.
    Thanks Sue!!!
    Love you!
    Jeff York

    • Hey Jeff, Good to see my FB “nephew” on here. You’ve got to let go. I know, it sucks but all of that blocks happiness and finding new experiences. You’re so right to try to concentrate on what you can do right now…as well as making life hard for our loved ones. Loss of our past lives is a form of grief and can take a long time to let go of us. Every day I am confronted with something I am missing out on. Right now it’s a GS getting married back in VA in April. Can’t possibly make that trip and if I did I’d need days to recover when I got there. Think we’ve talked DH into going. I try not to think about all I have missed, including my work and know…you just can’t feed that sense of loss, anger, frustration and sadness. Hard, hard, hard…Life is to be lived and we often have to keep looking for the joy…even in small ways and often in hidden places. Love you much, Sue

    • Jeff
      WElcome to the blog ! So glad to see you here, but sorry for your reason. Harry is a bad feeling, although we all get that as well. Hard to break that rearview mirror to stop looking back with longing. Trying to find things that can be done in this life is the focus for me now. Take care and come back to comment

  5. Hi all and Jeff
    Such a good blog again keep pinging them!
    Not too good today so won’t put much in
    Drs. Earlier and hosp tomorrow

    • Dar Chris, oh dear. Must be your gut still acting up. I am so sorry to hear and pray you get some answers very soon. I know you want to eat and so far, the answers don’t seem to have done it. If it’s sores in the mouth, so sorry. Love, Sue

  6. Sue, I have a primary and 7 specialists and am supposed to see 2 more. They don’t communicate with each other. It all seems so unnecessary to me. Used to have one dr who did it all. I realize there is too much knowledge out there now for one person to handle by themselves, but it sure makes my life complicated. All I seem to do is go to doctors. Most of them are just checkups, but they all want lab work, which they don’t share. The thing is little or nothing changes. I understand at my age these things happen, but it seems such a waste of time and money to continually try to fix something that can’t be fixed. That’s age. Excuse the rant, but you started me on it. Love you girl. Prayers and gentle hugs for you and all others. Janet

    • Janet, I do understand this. Just counted all of my doctors, not including the two I don’t plan to see again and it came to seven also not including my primary. I am going on a rebellious streak and cutting out any that are less than useful or helpful. If their treatment is rude, they’re gone, too. It’s okay. Stop whatever you want to stop. I’m not that far behind you in age and plan to only keep the best ones. Looks like you will have to ask each one to either send computer info or get the FAX numbers for each and ask them. I loaded down my primary doc last week for an appt. tomorrow. Had to make five phone call requests to get the updates sent. He called one night to ask about The death in our family and remarked to me he didn’t have anything since Sept. That set me off. This age of specialization is nuts. I know there is indeed a lot of info being found all the time however, it is just too much sometimes. We have to stand up for ourselves…period. Just do the best you can, take the meds that help you and try to explain to anyone pushing you that you are tired of all this crap. Much love, Sue

    • Brenda, good to hear from you. Are you the Brenda whose husband just had surgery? If so, hope he’s doing well…if not forgive…about three Brenda’s so if you could even put a last name initial it would help me to know. Fondly, Sue

  7. Morning all
    Feeling better today after my “never out of my jammies” day yesterday. Had a big flare up with fibro, took some prednisone and begged out with an all day marathon of watching “A Place Called Home” . Good series Sue , Australian during the early 50;s. Main character is a nurse.
    Sweetie is doing okay, if not a pig when it comes to food. But we who have had kids understand that hunger. She fell twice yesterday in all the mud around the barn. It is on a downward slope, as is most things here. So I left her in the stall all night. So now I have a big mess to clean out when I get home from my swim. Judy just called and cancelled on me. Her hips and legs are painful. SHe goes Wednesday to get one side of her facets burned.
    Glad to see you are feeling better Sue. Prayers answered !!
    Love to all

  8. Hi all
    Bladder still no good
    Had to cancel my pre op for colonoscopy today given me Wednesday hopefully better
    Started on different antibiotic from yesterday
    And predisalone supps for you know where for haemorrhoid…not looking forward to colonoscopy with all, it’s a week Wednesday
    Glad the meds now suiting you Sue about time..
    Good your feeling better Tonie

    • Chris
      Poor girl, take care of you. Hope you get answers and get all this cleared up. Hemmies are no fun, been there and done that. But the suppositories will help with the inflammation and pain. Then your colonoscopy will not be so bad. Prayers

  9. Morning all
    ANother cloudy, rainy, muddy, messy, but warm day here. Supposed to be 60 today, then 62, then down to 40’s again, it is a crazy weather world.
    FInally got some answers from B. He is emailing me all the meds they have him trying, for they are in French and I need to see them, lol. But they think it is a form of Crohns.. Resistant , they said. Usually in younger people, but was probably there all along, you know their sideways speak. So, one thing is some steroids, that one I understood. But he says they are helping. He has to cut back on raw veggies, which I knew he would. He goes in March for the big appointment and he will decide what he is doing from here on out. But he says he is feeling better and bathroom visits have slowed down. Now a little more waiting and patience until he can return.
    I think I will stick some onions in the muddy ground today and maybe some lettuce seeds. I have my garlic patch coming up, some flowers, and green grass. SO I think Spring is coming sooner than expected. All this rain will be good for us, but the mud is keeping me on my toes, as it were. No foal yet, but I could feel long little leg in here belly the other day. So sweet. Cant wait til the little booger is here.
    Sue, you are quiet so I imagine recovering from this round of Drs.
    Take care all

    • Rosetint, good to hear from you…hope all is well in your corner of England. Time for me to scoot over to your blog and see what you are up to these days. Thanks for your always kind comments, Sue

  10. Hello, all, welcome Jeff, I cannot believe I missed when this was posted. Sue, as is often the case, this is just what I needed tonight. I will, however, have to give it another reading as I had a difficult time concentrating. Having a bad evening this evening. Seems we are all having our share lately. More later when I am able to give my full attention. Prayers for all.

    • Lyn, I know how very busy your last or two were and hope you are not terribly fatigued. Your weather this year has been lousy, that’s for sure…up, down, warm, cold. We have just been consistently wet with sun breaks. Had a cold but sunny week last but back to green sidewalks, ferns popping up all over the place and now my huge crimson camellia is blooming. Always blooms around Valentine’s Day.
      Busy week here with eye doc, oncologist and primary care…so much sitting, waiting, etc. Labs at oncology are looking better all the time, doctor surprised so I am able to stay on shots for chemo…one in each cheek. Relieved as it has been almost four years…in April and they said they usually work for two years. Next step would be Ibrance, a new cancer drug for my type of breast cancer and it is beyond expensive, at $2700 a mo. We would have to apply for compensation or something…Who can afford that??
      Hope DH and SB are well and DD is still enjoying her job and BF. Spring is just around the corner so they tell me on the news so take heart. Much love, Sue

  11. Hello all
    BAd night, hard time getting to going. But I must go get in my water and get moving. Must go swim, it will make my body feel better. I had an injection in my knee yesterday and it was so full of steroids it kept me awake most of the night. Hate that, but helped the knee. No pain now.
    Sorry everyone is feeling so bad. We have high winds today which is always a feel bad for me for some reason.
    B shared his meds with me: anti-inflammatories, some corticosteroids, and REMICADE. I warned him off that. Very strong med for not trying anything else. So hopefully he will take it to heart. OF course, being a man he is not taking the meds as the docs recommended. Feeling his way. And he is getting something compounded from a holistic drugstore to try. So hopefully all will end well for him, us soon.
    Please be good to yourselves, treat yourself to something good today, be it a snack, a facial, or just a relax with a book.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, It is wonderful to see Bernard is responding to some of the treatments. Why don’t you like Remicade? It is one of the eight or so biologics used for bowel disorders of an inflammatory nature? Whichever one they choose, I hope they can send a stash of it home with him or he can have it shipped over here to save him some money he would have to spend on it here for the injection. I hope he gets to come home very soon..before that colt is born and of course, for you.
      Fatigued here from more appts this week. Hope your knee injection helps for some time. Sounds like a big one. I have the approval of my cardio guy and oncologist to have mine replaced when I get up the nerve to do it. Need to find out more about following surgery. Some folks just get up and walk same day and need very little PT. Jim had a terrible time with his, especially the first one he had done several years ago. More thought for me. All of me better now that I’m back on NSAID’s. Much improvement all over except that left knee. I’ll wait until after our GS’s wedding in April for certain.
      Much to consider for all of us all the time. Interesting life this…
      Hope critters doing well and Judy…don’t tell her I lumped her in with the critters. Much love, Sue

  12. Tonie
    I hope all gets sorted and B is back soon you have a better nights sleep tonite
    Sue hope you ok
    Me ,well getting ready on Sunday for start of colonoscopy Wednesday usual prep stuff
    Dh had hosp appt with urology today all was ok
    Weather has been ok cold and sunny
    Hope your evening got better
    Out tomorrow hopefully for cheese scone…gonna live high on the hog till I gotta diet Sunday!…do you have that expression ?

    • Chris, hope all the parts that needed healing are better before your colonoscopy. Love things those, huh? But hopefully they will get to the heart of so many of the diverticulum you have that have been acting up for so long, making your life miserable. It’s awful how much you have been through in the last six months with eating problems, so many antibiotics so say nothing of all the sores you’ve had in nose and mouth from Sjogren’s. Such a nasty disease that one. Good to hear DH had a good visit and is okay for now…each day at a time, right?
      Yes dear friend, we do say high on the hog here, or at least my Mom said it all the time. She had so many expressions that I believe were from her grandparents who brought her up.
      I’ve seen six doctors in the last couple of weeks and am really doing fairly well. Just have to recover from all the darn doctor visits. Love ya, Sue

    • Chris, I wish the evening got better. Unfortunately, the weather brought on this latest “attack”. Today, rain all day and now we are to get snow this weekend. Oh, and there is a possibility of temps around 70 sometime next week. No wonder I’ve been feeling crappy.
      Did you get that scone? I hope so. It was oatmeal this morning for me. SB bought us pizza for dinner tonight. I was tasty, but now it is not sitting so well. I don’t usually have that problem. I also put a tad too much red pepper flake on it, I think. I don’t seem to tolerate some spices so well sometimes, yet can ingest as much as I want at others. Not sure what is up with that.

      Sue, DH is fine, SB is about that same as usual, DD is recovering from some virus she picked up this week. I think everything is fine with her BF. Oh, SB obtained a loan and is car shopping. He has his eye on a Jeep he saw that seems a good deal, but was looking over other possibilities at dinner time in case the Jeep doesn’t work out. It will be nice to have my car back. He then needs to do a bit to the Miata and sell it. He had a job interview this week, too, and is hoping he will hear good news by the end of next week. Here’s hoping!

      • Lyn, that is exactly what has been going on with you and the weather this year. Darn it. Snow? Oh dear, I am sorry. I must tell you I have geraniums that have never stopped blooming this year. The grandkids have wanted snow so badly but not a hint of it here this year. I do hope your gut settles down. Doesn’t seem that unusual because so many of us have flares in the gut with joint flares. Hope you’re the lucky one to be exempt. I have a feeling that looking for cars is almost as much fun as buying a new one for SB. Our local GS went out looking at cars just for fun the other day with Jim and J came in and said they saw a Corvette J wants to buy. I said, oh, you’re giving up your preciuos Camaro. No, said he, I thought we’d trade in your Taurus. Big joke…He’s too big to be comfortable in a Corvette and he knows I wouldn’t part with my Ford Taurus. At 14.5 youngest GS is beginning to dream of driving. Hope SB’s job interview goes well. You take care dear girl…warmth and hot tea with two cats in your lap. Add a pup named Sadie and you’ll be plenty warm. Love, Sue

      • Sue, I had to crack up at the idea of trading your Taurus for the Corvette and all the mental pictures that accompanied the thought. Oh, my. Laugh trade-off: you can imagine me getting into SB’s Miata, which is just inches from the ground. Yes, I pretty much fall into it. I hate getting in it and only drive it if I have to. (My Audi is higher and easier to get into.) SB’s interview was last Wednesday, so now it is a wait and see game. He is feeling optimistic as the interview went a good hour, they seemed to like his answers, and when the one interviewer was explaining what would happen if he was hired, she kept saying “when you’re hired”. Now, she may just be less experienced interviewing or having a mental slip up, which I gently reminded him. But, I do hope he gets it. He really needs to be out of that current situation. The snow did come. I measured 4″, the news said our area got 6″. It probably depends where you measure. Sadie and I did get out while it was snowing for a little walk in the neighborhood as we like to do. The plow had only made one swipe so we had fresh snow to walk in, which we like. She was a happy, tired pup afterward. DH took care of all our snow removal and aided the neighbors. Now the sun is shining today, so the snow will be short-lived. Poor SB had to work last evening and asked me to keep him apprised of the road conditions. They were awful for a while, but by the time he left work, they were cleared and not bad, thankfully.
        I can’t believe your GS is 14.5 already!

  13. Yes Lynn I got the cheese scone
    And again this morning
    I’m on the low residue now for the colonoscopy so I can have them before my day of nothing Tuesday
    Just had some icecream so Im having all the stuff I shouldn’t have becos I can..its low residue!
    Apparently there is a polyp to come out
    Hope SB has good news soon
    Well hope all ok and had a good weekend

    • Chris, atta girl. You eat all that good stuff. I know, we all hate those scopes and this is the first I’ve heard about another polyp. Hope you are okay and the cramps less. Pray this procedure helps you. Weather better? Hope so. Love, Sue

      • I was surprised as well about the polyp
        When I went for the prep and pre op I asked the nurse could I wait till April she went and asked the surgeon who said it’s a small polyp there but it could be causing the problem
        So also with having the sore spot internally I thought better get it done
        But hoping all the prep will be ok
        Diet not different from my normal food with the diver really
        Have a good day with the grands and try to rest that knee if you can

  14. Lyn, so much for my bragging about our mild winter. Had a brief spell of snow flurry this early AM and hail today. Down to 26 degrees tonight. Sure hope my geraniums don’t find out.
    SB’s interview sounds good…really good. Hope he gets it and gets better hours. I know you worry when has to traverse those roads in PA in the winter. Wishing him the best for this. Your kids have seemed to grow up awfully fast, too. Oh time does flee. It’s late and the grands will be here tomorrow for the day. Looking forward to it, just wish my knee wasn’t hurting so badly. Had to shift weight the other day to get the two injections in the tush and three mins on my bad leg has left me hurting. Looks like a tendon or ligament so I am limping around, groaning. Just watched GI JANE with Demi M. Boy do I feel like a wimp. You have to admire these actresses who get in such good shape for the movies. Remember Linda Hamilton getting all buff for one of the terminator movies?
    My computer still in the shop. Using my very old one and don’t like it. Later dear and do stay warm…Love, Sue

    • Ah, yes, my niece posted a snap of a sudden snow squall while they were driving somewhere. We are used to them here, but I’m sure it may be a different story out there. So sorry about the sore knee. Mine aren’t as bad as yours, but I can relate at least a bit. Yes, it is amazing what actors need to put their bodies through for a role. Actually, getting buff is probably easier on them than those who have to gain weight not in muscle form, then lose it. I’ll happily just try to maintain, maybe gain some strength and mobility.

      • Lyn, we melted with rain now snowing again tonight. It’s so lovely and we don’t really get much very often. Several years ago we got pretty snowed in but not this time. You know when I think about actors sacrificing their health for a role I think of Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY. Late and feeling lousy..hope you are okay. Love, Sue

  15. Morning all
    Lyn, sorry you got the snow, but glad it was only rain for us. They tried to say it would snow, but the weather stayed too warm. This week, more rain and highs up to 70 two days. I can’t believe it is Feb. I do hope March doesn’t “come in like a lion” and kill off all the little buds coming out.
    Bad sleeping for me of late. Even with pills, just cant sleep. So of course, I am tired and feel hungover all the time. No swim today, waiting for tomorrow. I have to go and check the houses and not mail today and no bank.
    But, I have lots of work to do . Burn trash, fill the bird feeders, clean stalls, and hopefully work on my quilt. My little drama queen of a dog is driving me nuts this morning. In/out, in/out. squeak squeak.
    Have fun with the kids Sue. Chris, hope all turns out well and you get some relief from all that has been happening.
    Take care all

    • Tonie, we ended up with 4 inches or so of white stuff, now today is to be at or near 70! 70 tomorrow, then mid to low 40s or 2 days, followed by 50s. Bizarre for February. Who knows what March will bring!

      • Looking ahead on the weather channel, it says March comes in cold. We have been in the 60;s and now 70 for the last couple of weeks. Flowers are coming up, trees budding, grass growing. Then we will drop to the low 30’s. I so hope no frost that will kill these plants

      • Lyn
        Here the weather says March is coming in colder, 40’s and lower at night, for the first week…..ugh. But for today, have my work shorts on and going outside to plant some flower bulbs, and fertilize my blueberries with some wood ash and coffee grounds, see what else I can get into. Too nice to stay inside.
        Take care stay warm

    • Tonie, you are overworked kiddo. Cut Ceasar a bit of slack. He’s trying to get you to replace Brutie and he’s missing him and grieving, too. Hope you’re getting good news from B and he’s coming home to you soon. More snow for us tonight. Bad couple of days here I’m afraid. Love, Sue

  16. Hi folks
    Had it all done and home now
    They didn’t find the polyp on the scan they saw
    Just diverticulosis in sigmoid and descending colon and haemorrhoids internally .so the dr was right and he was just being cautious with the lump he felt
    So nowt done…all for nothing all that
    But at least I know another three years now..hopefully
    The surgeon said I had ibs and then diver on times
    Hope it keeps away and not irritated from this lot
    So i had all the stuff before, they don’t put you out here just give you stuff .i had about four things injected in
    It was good as you relax straight away
    I’d like some more…..
    Right gonna have some chocolate cake
    Hope all fine

    • Chris
      So glad for you all is over and done. I cannot imagine being awake for that ! I told em if they didn’t put me out I wouldn’t do it !! Are you going to have the ‘roids removed ?
      Now….about that chocolate cake ,,,,, I am thinking of making some chocolate muffins. Healthy ones, no sugar, applesauce and honey (little bit) and chocolate chips. Sound good ? I really want something cakey and different.
      Hope your weather is good. Here is beautiful. soaking it up while I can.

    • Chris, Such a good feeling mentally to have it over but poor baby with sore tushie. I hate those look/sees. I hope you can get some relief now and eat a few delicious food like cheese scones. Hope you got some rest. I got online late today but was thinking about you and feeling for you. Now, just don’t get constipated from all the meds. Let me know how you’re doing tomorrow. Much love and empathy, Sue

  17. Tonie
    That cake sounds blimmin good. Can i pop over?
    Could you send me the recipe….
    Yea they don’t put you out here on the basis it’s an anesthetic and they are geared up for how they do it
    You get used to it,,it doesn’t seem too bad. Just after the three days of gunk it’s another thing
    But I love the sedation….
    He said the internal one that’s about three ins up to put up with it as it may go and it’s a sore op to have.the external ones ,they are bleeding at moment from the gunk I had,I shall put ointment on…..then go to dr if no good
    So I’m in bed now as up most of night and it feels great to relax….I just feel that we keep dodging bullets
    It has been warm here too and gives really cold and snow next week till March
    How’s B..maybe no sleep as you are missing him…but probably pain


  18. Everyone, all this talk of chocolate cakes…my cousin in AK is a sweetheart who was telling me about making that super moist kalua cake…bunt style, just today. I know I’m spelling the liquor the wrong way but you get the gist. Do any of you make that one? Think I’ll check it out online on food sites. Sue

  19. All of these cakes and muffins sound good! We have been working on a pan of brownies I made over the weekend. Yum!
    Chris, I am so glad for your result. I’m with Tonie, though, wouldn’t want to be awake for it.
    This weather here has been NUTS! Snow this weekend, it was 70 something Tuesday, my car registered 81 and 83 on my trip from the grocery store yesterday afternoon, now today’s high is 40! With rain. Rain of the next few days and temps 40’s, 50’s, around 60ish. No, I’m not feeling my best today. But, yesterday was lovely, even with some sore joints. 80 in February? That’s a first for me. Rufus and Lily celebrated by enjoying some outside patio time.

  20. Hi all
    Gonna be cold here next two weeks,gives 16f for one day next week and snow all day
    I’m a bit better today
    It was all sore but each day it eased.i had a letter from the specialist and it looks like that one will be my last
    It took a time to get over it…still got the runs tho
    So…how is everyone?

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