Living Donors

I have discovered most of us who have been living with chronic pain have sacrificed and donated so much of ourselves while we are still living, we usually feel like living donors. We live with grief every day for our lost lives. Incidentally, most of us with autoimmune disease couldn’t donate organs anyway. It seems some of our antigens, etc. are simply not desirable. Guess we’d better use it up while we have it.

So often my blogs are a bit grim so just for today…let’s get goofy and let our senses of humor and our imaginations run wild. Are you game?

Those of us who live with chronic pain and disease, fight to stay alive, enjoy the limited lives we are stuck with and find meaning in our lives; we still continue to watch body parts appear to fall off. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to awaken to find my foot lying on the floor by my bed tomorrow morning. If life was a cartoon, I would simply reach down and pop it back on. A foot seems the most likely as it would be the easiest part to access, as well as an arm or hand. Dysfunctional and painful backs, ribs and organs, well, that’s a much more complicated proposition what with all that skin, et al. None the less, that is how it feels. If a part of your or my anatomy is no longer an asset then…bye, bye body part. Sometimes that bye, bye is accomplished in reality.

Many of us have had parts replaced such as new knees and hips, as well as finger joints, and various inserts to keep us in shape. Speaking of shapes, many plastic surgeons replace and improve breasts, buttocks, and varying parts of the body every day. Some celebrities and regular folks have had chin implants, noses rebuilt, fat sucked out of one part of the body and put elsewhere in the body. Others have had cadaver parts used because it’s pretty difficult to talk someone into giving up some parts of their bodies such as tendons. Most of us still use most of what we have, sad as it may be. I guess one of the problems for our society is the mixed blessing of living longer than we ever have before.

If life was a cartoon, what would we call it and just how goofy could it get? Well, let’s let our imaginations go, just for fun and see just how far we can take it, okay? I think I’d call my cartoon, “THE NEW ME ‘CAUSE THE OLD ONE STINKS.”

For me the problem naturally comes to mind regarding my poor and painful sitter. If by the stroke of some cartoonist pen it could be replaced, would I want it larger or smaller? I think larger because it simply sounds more comfortable like the bustles women used to wear over two hundred years ago. Who knows what they had hidden in there? Their lunch, their kids? Now that I think of it, I don’t believe those artificial tushes they wore were there for comfort as they often had wire frames. I’d still choose a larger one, with padding not the frame, just for the cushy effect when sitting. Oh well, back to the cartoons.

For so many of us who have bad backs the cartoon version would be to debone us like a fish, and simply zap into place a new spine. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? It sounds better than the piecemeal way many back surgeons are “practicing” with a 25% success rate for most back surgeries today. I think I’d pick the deboning process anytime.

We live in a violent age when everyone is worried about kids watching killing videos when we grew up with animal and human characters who were being smashed, burned, frozen and ejected from planes without parachutes and it was all being done in living color. We laughed. It was funny when the good old Road Runner dropped an anvil on Wiley. Jerry always won out over the much larger Tomcat. They were fast, they were stealthy and they were hilarious. Warner Brothers definitely had the edge on violence mixed with humor and still do. Disney tends to be less gruesome and although colorful, lyrical and humorous, less violent.

For many of us, millions actually, who live with chronic pain here in the USA alone, don’t think it’s funny. One’s sense of humor must not be the first thing to go. I think I’d rather lose that foot than my sense of humor. How do folks without one make it through the day?

Here we are, alive and constantly facing the compromise of what we have left. Like used cars sitting in the driveway dripping oil all over the cement; we know something must be done. We have gone to those human mechanics, also called doctors, physical therapists, etc over and over again, only to find varying opinions, ideas for testing, blank stares and well-meaning but misguided diagnoses. Over an expanse of 30 years, I cannot even begin to count the way medical professionals have failed me, saved my life and pissed me off. I have decided the good does offset the bad…but not by much. My Mom used to say, “Remember, doctors have practices; that means they are just practicing.” I have often whispered to myself when leaving a doctor’s office, “You’re on your own, kid.”

I frequently wonder how the average lay person who is not medically trained handles all of the challenges brought on by incompetence, computers which fail, drug companies who get fat as we grow lean and the sheer madness of it all. I am medically trained and yet I am always frustrated by labs not sent, communications to other doctors’ offices which have disappeared and haggling with insurance providers because of some drug company. For instance, just this week I discovered a simple headache medication which I have taken for many years, has now jumped in price and will now cost me $148 per month and that’s the generic with good insurance. However, if I want to take an opioid, I can get that bottle filled for four dollars.

Is it surprising I need to laugh about this life of mine and hope you can find the effort to laugh at yours, too? I know you have the time. Let’s look at it a bit differently. What if life was a science fiction story? What if we could donate our organs while we are still alive and get new ones much like the knee and hip joints? Who would I give my used organs to? Let me think about that for a minute. I think first of all I would donate my brain and spine to Congress as they are all sorely in need. Maybe it would be tax deductible. I know they could use many more such donations, particularly of the brain and spine. I would give my heart to some mass murderer so he could feel the remorse he sorely lacks for what he has done to others while he sits in prison waiting to die, that’s assuming it’s any state but Texas. I would have it installed with a defective defibrillator to zap him every hour as a reminder. I say Texas because they fry them quickly down there. I would donate my liver to the Betty Ford center so they could implant it into the resident they have who has returned to rehab the most often. I’d also have a foot implanted in his/her buttock to give a good kick each time they picked up a bottle of alcohol or pills. I’d give my hands to pickpockets and thieves with auto alarms which would not allow them to use their fingers in pockets other than their own.

Well my dears, it is time to take one of those expensive pain pills, get a bit of rest but first a trip to the market as life goes limping, wheeling or striding along for those of us who face this challenge but choose to live life on our own terms, considering the hand we’ve been dealt. Don’t forget to laugh today and look out the window at all the beauty nature has for you to enjoy. A few minutes ago I looked out our second story window to see a beautiful robin with her reddish, rusty colored breast hopping from branch to branch on our tall, gorgeous camellia bush, abloom with early crimson camellias now covered with snow. Its leaves glossy, the camellias in the thousands on this enormous old bush, as I was enjoying the wonders of nature, Ms. Robin dropped poop all over one branch. As I laughed I said, “Well, that’s a wonder of nature, too.”

52 thoughts on “Living Donors

  1. GOod morning Sue:
    Well, looks like I am the only one online this Monday morning. I can tell you, the replaceable parts sound good. Especially this morning as I contemplate my 2 hour drive to Roanoke to get my facet nerves ablated. At least I don’t have to leave until 12, which means I can be lazy this morning first.
    As to the bustles, a lot of gals I was in the reenactment group with in Tombstone, Az wore them. THey had them that tied around the waist with a ribbon and just flipped the bustle out. . Me, I had no need as I have the natural built in one. One of the guys , who has since passed on, used to bump into me and tell me “Nice Bustle”. However, now when I sit on hard benches and seats with my bad spine and disintegrating discs, it does not good to comfort me with padding.
    As to donations. I would give my inner ears to someone with deafness, my eyes to a blind person. I like the idea of donating our brains and spine to Congress, haha !! THey really do need it !
    I hope you had a good and uneventful shopping trip. Do take care and if I can, I will donate you some lipo to build up your tushie. Maybe I can take it out of my thighs……hmmmmm
    Love ya

    • Tonie, hope your trip and procedure went well for you. Now the next trip for Judy to have ablation on the back. Wish you didn’t have to travel to get it done but seems that’s the way it is. Hope you’re resting now and all is well. No, the shopping trip was exhausting and miserable, then out to dinner on the way home very hard. We do have to go out sometime so today…pay back day. Love, Sue

      • Went okay, but hurt a lot this time, in that same right side. I think the nerves may have been inflamed. But, after two hours of waiting…….
        Everyone fed and bedded down except me. I think supper is coffee, chocolate muffin ( finally made them) and some ice cream
        Tomorrow I start the stupid medrol pak…..ugh.

  2. That was such a funny blog sue
    A sense of humour transplant is a good one
    I also would like a lift up from the bottom to the top!
    Cold here gives heavy snow for a few days
    Hope you got on ok Tonie

    • Chris, Glad you liked the humor. Not everyone will get it. Most of my readers prefer the deeper stuff. Glad to see on your comment a few days ago you are a bit better. Pray it continues. Hope the snow isn’t too deep. We are recovering from snow but still ice all over last night and so cold here. Love you gal, Sue

      • Sue, I always love the funny ones. Without humor I wouldn’t survive. Gentle hugs and love to all. Janet

  3. Sue
    I think you are right in that many of your readers don’t like the humorous stuff as much as we do. We need this side of pain as well. Laughing with the pain, or through the pain gives us a better life. I couldn’t make it without my sarcasm and humor in life’s moments. I do appreciate it, keep writing it, for you, and for us.
    Today we had some frost on the ground, bad for all the plants with buds, like my lilacs and my hyacinths blooming and daffadils. Hopefully it won’t be any more, or the cold snap will slow down the process. Not good sleep again last night and had a nightmare about a monster horse coming after me, woke myself up trying to scream as it tried to pound me with it’s hooves !!! Shortly I must return to Roanoke for Judy’s appointment. But first I have to prepare the horses dinner and leave it “on the stove” for when I come back. That way all I have to do is open the stall and let them in.
    Hope you have a wonderful day all.

    • Tonie, I do hope this second trip doesn’t get to you. You are such a good sister and I realize Judy is also a sweetheart but know this day will take it out of you. Giant horses, huh? You’d better get that dinner to them on time or Sweety the pregnant could turn into that giant horse. I am sorry to hear about the frost and the early bulbs. There were large yellow daffodils blooming in front of the restaurant the other night and they looked so happy. I pointed them out to Jim who never notices flowers and he was less than impressed. No nature love that guy. First sign of spring here. My camellias don’t count because they always bloom in time for Valentine’s Day.
      That huge horse could have been a result of the meds they gave you for the procedure…did they give you any?
      Well, I felt like crap all day yesterday, falling asleep at random and woke up in the night with a runny nose and aching all over. The flu has hit me. I immediately started taking my French meds, Oscillococcinum those under the tongue pellets that are homeopathic and have always helped plus echinecea with Vit. C. Nose stopped, because of my sever dryness but aching and chilling…even my teeth hurt so much I can’t eat toast. I hate this stuff. Today in bed with J being a dear…We’ve both been very lucky this year.
      Hope the trip is a smooth one and you don’t have to wait forever in a hard chair to get Judy in and out. Give her my hopes as well, okay? Much love, Sue P.S. I have to be silly sometimes. It just sort of comes out of me.

      • Oh my sweet friend so sorry you are sick. I bought me some of that French stuff, Oscillococinum. I use it when I start to feel something coming on. SO far it has really helped. I will not be without it. Yesterday I felt like crap. So tired no swim, but had to go check on the houses and to the store to get my prednisone filled. They give me pak to take after these procedures just in case. I have some already so started taking it until I got to the store. Judy was so funny !! They give you a double dose of something to relax you when you go in. It doesn’t bother me, just relaxes me for a few moments. She was “running drunk” so funny. The nurse brought her out and we had a good time getting her to the car. She has a low tolerance for meds.
        I want me a camellia, haven’t seen any around, so may order one from a catalog. THe frost was very light and so far I see no damage. I have crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils all blooming.
        I came home yesterday and actullay slept for about an hour. Took one of the dread sleeping pills , amatryptaline. (sp) they give me such a hangover, but I slept well last night. Now to go to get feed and shavings for the stalls, and go by the church to spruce it up a bit for March decorations and cleaning. We take turns. Small job.
        Sue I so hope you feel better soon. I got a surprise call from B this am, so lifts my spirits. Do take care of you.
        Love ya

  4. That’s strange Tonie I had a nightmare of sorts last nite
    Dreamt I was having thr colonoscopy done with no sedation and stuff I complained and they went out of the room.i was shouting help but not loud as they left the tube in half way one could hear me…so the dr came back in and said there are others here not just you
    So as I woke up I said well there’s only me of me!
    I hope the pain is easier today
    Are you going with Judy today….oh dear hope your back doesn’t play up
    Just a dusting of snow so far..but gives it very cold and more snow
    Daffodils trying to maintain themselves

    • Oh Chris, my sweet friend, look at all you have been through that revolves around your gut and tushie…poor thing. Small wonder you are having dreams about it all. I hope each day you find some improvement. Living on potato soup? Those noble little daffodils fighting off the snow. We have a few wild, small yellow and white that pop up here each spring. We also have a lovely very old tiny pink climbing rose that has bent a plastic white trellis I put out 19 years ago and I noticed it is time to replace the trellis before that lovely old rose bends onto the ground and climbs up the back stairs. I hope all my wild ferns come back after having being burdened down with snow for two days. That hearty peachy colored geranium on the porch in front of the front window is still blooming. It will not be defeated. SO glad we moved most of the potted plants under the shelter of the porch. Raining here today. No freeze this AM. Yesterday was brutal. Ice everywhere, kids school delayed two hours.
      May you have sweet dreams tonight. Love, Sue

      • Chris
        If dh could hear you , you were probably making strange noises ! I was trying my best to scream when I woke myself up. Hate those things. But hope you are feeling better today.
        Sue, I see those daffadils all around here. Places where people used to live , no house anymore, but the flowers they planted many many years ago are still coming up. So yours are probably not wild, but maybe planted through the years by someone who lived there. I like to think that anyway.

  5. It took me a while to be able to get to it, but I love it, Sue! Frankly, I needed something lighthearted right now. The best medicine, indeed. Sorry about your meds. It seems to be a thing in these times.
    Tonie, you take care. As I have said too many times lately, this year’s flu is nothing to play with. I’ve heard of WAY too many progressing rapidly to bronchitis and/or pneumonia. SB complained of a sore throat starting this morning and informed me a coworker has strep. I advised him to get himself to the Urgent Care. I even left money for his copay with him, as I had to go out. Well, he fell asleep and when he woke he said he felt better. I hope it was just a passing thing. So many things going around right now. Beautiful weather here today! Temps were around 60 and it was sunny. The dog drove me nuts wanting to go outside constantly, but not staying out long at a time. I guess she was afraid I’d leave her or something. In fairness, I did need to, but not for long at a time. Best, all.

    • Lyn, I’m the one who has had the flu and it is hanging on. Aches all over, headache and stomach ache…even my teeth all hurt and I can only chew soft foods. I am glad SB doesn’t have strep and know also, if that job interview wasn’t the one, the next one will be better. I hope he find the perfect job for him. He has certainly proven himself to be a hard worker. I hope you aren’t getting that storm they are having in the east but suspect you are. March wind and snow…yuk and I was shocked at all the flights that were cancelled. I am always concerned for all of my friends back in that region and for my son who flies for work all week long from hospital to hospital. Fridays he is usually heading home for the weekend.
      I hope your schedule is allowing you to rest and hold that arthritic pain away. DO be good to yourself and keep cooking all that great food for your family. I remember when I used to cook, collect cookbooks, etc. Miss those days. You take care, love, Sue

  6. Lyn
    Hope all is ok for SB,did he get to hear yet about that interview he went to the other day
    Tonie hope all ok after that long trip
    Yep potato soup,I made some more last nite..but I am managing chicken .but it seems whatever I eat I get the runs.just lately I’ve taken cocodamol as that makes me constapated as a side effect so I take that the nite before I’m due to go out!
    -9c here tonite and will only reach -1 during the day.have to go out for an inr and cardiac for John in the morning .
    How are you?

    • Unfortunately, SB didn’t get the job. The managers really liked him, but HR nixed him for some reason. It would be nice to know why, but they didn’t share.

      • Oh Lyn, sorry he didn’t get it. It stings when you get your first rejection like that. But it just means that there is something out there better that he is supposed to have.

      • Yes I agree with sue and Tonie.something else is meant to be…
        It’s dissapointing for him but you never know he might be better not having p that job

    • Chris dear, oh that is awful. Diarrhea on top of all you’ve been through. I have never heard of the med you mentioned and neither has my DH, nurse Wood. Interesting how different countries have differing names for medications. We have other meds for that problem. You must be dropping weight…Can you take Ensure for that just to be sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need?
      What awful temps for you. We have had some snow this year but not much but we have had some cold temps. Rain continues. Several FB friends have posted pics of the snow over there. Looks beautiful from afar. Do let us know how DH is doing as well as your sweet self. Love, Sue

      • It is stilll cold here and snowed about 6 ins yesterday with drifting
        We bought food in so no need to go out at watching it snow and eating ice cream ..
        The cocodomal is a painkiller and has got codeine in it with somthing else it’s the codeine bit that helps the runs. It’s a script only drug from dr
        I’m improving a little and dh maintaining things
        Hope the flu doesn’t hang about for you
        nope not losing weight im putting it on with all the type of food I can eat..and of course overeat!

  7. Hello all
    Well, this is going to be a swimless week. Too much going on for my body to take. Today the wind is terrible and my Fibro is letting me know about it. I hurt all over. So maybe a light workout here, some yoga or something. I need to just rest as much as I can today.
    Yesterday I had to go pickup feed and shavings for the stalls, clean said stall. Then I sat down and finished my quilt. Not the finest work but it is done. I will post a pic on FB when I put it on the bed.
    Sue, I sure hope you are feeling better today. I hope that you don’t get the full blown stuff. I woke up feeling ucky in the night so I took some of the miracle French stuff. I always feel a bit better afterwards. Now I am just tired. I put my feeding clothes on over my jammies this morning and just came back to bed where it is snug and warm. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • Tonie, Sorry you’re not feeling well. I am about the same with an earache on top of it all. I know the flu shot and the oscillio. help enormously plus the herbs with Vit. C. I can only say they help me. I don’t guarantee them for everyone. Due to the Sjogren’s I rarely can get a cold…too dry. The first night I was like a faucet…now, just a sinus headache. I can’ seem to eat anything without a stomach ache right now…sure hope it isn’t the NSAID’S..think not, just bug.

      Glad you got uplifted by a call from B and hope he is still feeling better. I know you have so much to do that is really hard on you. How is the back doing after the ablation and all the traveling. Hope Judy is better, too. Rain here with some wind. Sounds like you are really getting the wind back there. Not you personally, like personal wind but the weather. We’re having rain and now some wind but sun tomorrow. Every day is so different. Now Jim is not feeling well so started him on the oscillio. George is fine, but still too fat. Have to get out and walk him by the river when spring gets here. Too hilly around here for walking dogs by us old folks. Love, Sue

  8. Hello all
    Beautiful sunny but cold morning here in Va. But the cold is not a winters feel to it, if that makes sense ? I just finished my coffe and need to go feed, but was reading your messages. Sue I am glad you are well enough to write. I never did get my flu shot this year, cancelled appointments and all, so I have been careful. My back is okay. Nothing much changing yet, it takes a bit of time. Judy is not doing as well with it as I had hoped. They will need to do hers 4 times as she has so much Arthritis in her back. So 3 more trips to Roanoke for her ( and me).
    I feel better for my day on the bed napping and watching movies. Found a new British one. It is with Stephen Free, who I like, called Kingdom. However, it ends abruptly, must have been cancelled. Just a nice sweet storyline.
    Chris, at least you can still have your ice cream ! I have been eating too much the last couple of days because of the prednisone pack ! Makes me so hungry. But tried to keep it at good foods, well, that is all I have stocked. Made salmon patiies, and Tuna salad, boiled eggs, and still had some chocolate muffins. QVC had the stand mixer I have been wanting, so I took some of the money B sent me for my birthday and bought it ! It was -$100 off regular price. So now all the breads and cakes will be easier made on my hands and shoulders.
    Well, I must go feed, the animals will be on strike ! Have a wonderful day all and stay warm.
    God bless

    • Tonie, so glad you splurged on that mixer! It will make such a difference. Love having my Kitchen Aid. I also have a little hand mixer for cake mixes and such. Good deal, too!

      • I have a Kitchen aid hand mixer, which I love. But the things I make for B with the thick dough, I need a better mixer for. I am excit d !

    • Tonie, I have a kitchen aid standing mixer I’ve had for 30 + years and still love it. It went with our house in CA and is Navy. One gear makes a bit of noise but you’re right, there is nothing like it for bread dough’s. Has a great dough hook. Enjoy it you will indeed. Love, Sue

  9. Hi, all! Sue, we are getting that storm, but in the form of a little rain, some snow flurries, a LOT of wind! Like Tonie, the damp, cold and wind did me in. Last evening was rough. Funny story, though, Early in the day yesterday I took Sadie out – trying to get out for her walk before the wind got too bad. As we approached the other end of our street (it is short), I saw the neighbor’s garbage can in the street. They both are teachers, so I knew they weren’t home. We stopped to return the can and try to anchor it better. Now, Sadie is really afraid of trash cans. I don’t know why. Well, afraid when we move them, I should say. Who knows. Anyway, she’s on leash and I’m trying to pull the can (empty) with the other hand. Of course, she is twisted around me so walking is interesting. Finally got it in place, hopefully where the wind will blow it into the house rather than away, tucked next to an outcropping of the house. We continue on our way. As we get down to the end of the street where Sadie will surely turn us right to go into the the neighborhood across the busy street, I hear cans. Both of the cans from the same house are now blowing and with this wind, they will likely end up in the next development, where we are likely heading. So… back we go. I juggle dog and cans, secure one can behind their gas grill, and tuck the other as best I can at the grill. I cannot get it behind the grill without moving the grill, and I’m not going to do that. We head back off. The wind is whipping, and it is cold, but Sadie doesn’t usually mind the cold. We get to the end of the street, cans are still in place, but Sadie turns left. Ok. Well, maybe she wants to go into the other neighborhood now. Nope. She trotted us straight home! Shortest walk ever by her choice! Can’t say I was disappointed. It was cold and unpleasant. Rufus, on the other hand, LOVED the weather! He spent the entire day in front of the patio doors watching the leaves swirl. I posted a short video of some of his antics on Facebook. He was so fun to watch. Hoping for a calmer day today. Was quite windy earlier, but seems more quiet now.

    • Lyn, Oh my gosh, what s saga for you to go through. You are a wonderful neighbor. I just kept trying to imagine you with Sadie going one way while trying to move a trash barrel…two actually. I hope you had no after effects. I suspect you did. Hope no damage to your yard or home. What an awful storm it has been for the folks in MA and NY. Awful and so late in the season. Wasn’t all bad if Rufus had a good time. Love, Sue

  10. Hi all
    Yes Tonie ,kingdom was good I used to watch it as it was filmed around the area we go to a lot on the coast
    But it was stopped ,I suppose not popular but there were quite a few series of them
    Not good about all those trips to come for you
    The mixer sounds a good saver
    You are a good neighbor,but funny story

    snow again last night about 6ins but melting going on it’s warmed up,to 1c ! Warmer tomorrow and rain so hopefully will looks a mess and all the white on the house is filthy

    • Chris, Sure hope it is starting to warm up for you and snow is melting. Such cold is so hard for all of us to take. Spring must be around some corner soon. Wow, you’ve been sitting right at the freezing level…miserable. Glad you were stocked up with food. How were all of DH’s tests, okay? Love, Sue

  11. Hey all
    In the ER with my sister. She is having spasms with her neck. X-rays, prednisone and Valium. So now she is snoring and we are waiting for the ok to leave. But I have some great coffee the nurse brought me. Very strong and hot, just like I like it. She had trouble years ago with her neck and postponed surgery. So now, she has to go back and see. Dr here said significant disc protrusions . So…
    Okay we are going.
    Love to all

    • Oh Tonie, so sorry to hear this about Judy…certainly scary. Give her a big gentle hug. Hope she is resting well now.Tell her to sleep in a small cervical collar in the meantime…certainly helps. I do every night. Love Sue

      • Yeah, I told her that but she said it made it worse. She says when she lays down it hurts worse. Gotta call her spine guy tomorrow and make an appointment . She is having spasms .
        Hope you are feeling better. You haven’t said .

      • Tonie, Can you talk her into a small rolled up towel? The problems is when one lies down we often roll onto our side and go fetal position. I just ordered a new cervical collar because my very narrow one has holes in it it’s so old. It’s the only kind to sleep in unless you have a broken neck. I was surprised when ordering a 2.5X18 collar to see all the remarks by older folks like me who love the narrow collars. Most people think of a cervical collar as those things that poke you in the chin and they are miserable. Amazon has every cervical collar one can think of…well almost every. Can she take a muscle relaxant? Poor Judy.
        I would love a turquoise mixer. That one is lovely. I just can’ justify getting a new one. My old one clashes with this house…wallpapered kitchen here. In CA we had a white kitchen with navy and white tile. That was our new house with the pool. Lovely home but hated living in Calif. We had sold our Victorian Queen Anne and planned to move to Oregon but no one was hiring nurses due to Hillary’s healthplan. No one knew what to expect back then. After that changed, we then moved but in the meantime we had to buy something to live in and bought a new one and made double payments on it. Selling it took four years due to the economy. Well, don’t know why I went into all of that…Do take care of yourself and your sis, Much love to both of you, Sue

  12. Tests all ok sue for DH
    How’s your flu
    Poor Judy and you with all the sitting and driving..she didn’t need this along with what she had done the other day.. Do be careful of how you do stuff out in the cold
    That’s was a nice surprise for B to ring..

    Well hurt my hip again and been icing it and resting was going to a talk on doing your Dna for family historic ,but couldn’t make it all that getting out and getting there then sitting

    • Chris, I am sorry. How did you hurt your sore hip? Hope ice is helping it…big bruise or muscle? Glad DH is still on mark for testing. My flu bug never got worse but still lingering with extra aching, stomach upset and chilling like mad.
      Interesting that you mentioned DNA testing. My DD gave me a testing kit for a company called 23 and Me. I didn’t really care that much but she and a cousin, my sister’s DD, have been curious about us having American Indian blood down the line somewhere. My Mom was born and lived in the Oklahoma Indian territory. Mom had coal black hair. My results came last week and no American Indian showed up but all sorts of other interesting findings from all over the world. I’m glad she gave me the kit. It’s been fun to see all the results. It is better than the company she used a couple of years ago. I think that was but not certain. My Mom’s ancestry is fascinating. My Dad is strictly French and German with a bit of Britain in there. Mom was predominately Irish/British. Gives life an interesting perspective.
      Did I ever tell you I was born with a caul around my head. My Mom said the doctor took a pen and ruptured it so I could breathe then gave her a line of mysticism about what my life would be like. Life is strange sometimes, huh? Now, I’ve given you a lot to digest dear friend. Love you much, Sue

      • Dear Sue, Interesting about the DNA. I got a message on FB from a cousin that found me thru Ancestry. com. I had lost contact with my Dad’s family years ago. He wants me to do a DNA test. I’m considering it.
        I’m a little depressed right now. My 17 year old dog, Lady, passed away on Thursday. I had her since she was 3 months old. She was my shadow, went with me every where. I know you have lost dear pets so would understand.
        Love to all and gentle cyber hugs. Janet

  13. Sue
    Well if your mom had black hair……some of the Irish do
    And that’s becos when the Spanish Armada happened in late 1500 loads of ships capsized off Ireland and the survivors ( some went to Scotland,taken by the British ) integrated with the Irish ..there are many with Spanish features and jet black hair
    Yes you did tell me about the caul….here years ago they used to try and sell them to sailors as they thought it protected them from drowning
    I would love to have my Dna done
    Well I hurt my hip as I had my legs up on the coffee table and dh tripped up by it and the table jolted my bad hip, my leg slammed against the joint …..!
    The air was blue …
    How’s it all going there

    • Chris, Sorry I was redundant about that but I know you are interested in such things as am I. Yes, that’s true about the Irish and the Spanish and interesting. Do have your DNA done. Don’t put it off because the results are slow in returning but worth the wait. May even get a few surprises as I did.
      Oh dear but your hip did take a jolt…air blue indeed. I’ll bet it was. SO many are always getting upset about swearing but I think it can be amazingly therapeutic. I hope the ice packs are bringing you comfort. Are you still having miserable cold? Any snow left? You could put that on your painful hip. Grands after school today. Sunny but rain later here. Love you and take care…Sue

    • Hey Chris
      Busy day yesterday. But made my swim. Lots to do around this house inside. And as the weather is going downhill for a few days, maybe I will get some done. I have washed the curtains in the spare room and now must wash the windows and IRON the curtains , hate that job. Then move on to the living room. Clean the fridge out, rearrange some spaces and make room for my new mixer that arrived yesterday. Today I must make SOMETHING to break it in. I have lots of bananas in the freezer, so maybe some banana bread ? I was thinking of baquettes but then I would eat all that bread, so….. Maybe taking Judy to the ear Dr today for a new hearing aid. Hope not, but if she can’t drive then I will have to. Rain later here then falling cold overnight with possible snow….ugh !!
      Take care of your hip and you !!

  14. Janet, Oh, I am sorry to hear about your loss. After such a very long time, I’m sure Lady was your constant in life. It’s difficult to explain to those who are not animal lovers how much they can mean to us in their innocence, their constant devotion and intelligent understanding. I hate that you are having to feel bereavement and pray that aching in your heart will soon become less intense.
    Do have your DNA done. I recommend 23 and Me. I have never seen a more thorough result. It’s also a lot of fun to see so far back and to wonder…It takes a while, about two months. It was a bit humorous for me, I must admit, spitting into the tube. I am always so dry due to Sjogren’s, it took me forever. I think of you often and pray that physically, you are tolerable. Love you, Sue

  15. Janet
    Dear friend, I am so sorry you have lost your little friend. As I have recently lost mine, I understand greatly and empathize with you. Prayers for your uplifting of spirit. I had Brutie since he was three months as well. He traveled all over the US with me and was always ready to go for a ride. I have hope that as well as the humans who have gone on to be with the Lord, that I will see my pets again. My horses and dogs that I have loved so much. It gives me peace to think of them waiting for me somewhere , joyous to see me when I get Home.
    Love ya

  16. Hi
    Tonie we are going to hear about lots of baking now
    Banana bread sounds good
    With all going on for you maybe you mite rest tonite
    So sorry to hear of Lady passing
    How’s the flu going
    Well my hip was easing then I did some work outside and it’s back to the start with it

    • Chris, hope you are letting your hip have a chance to heal. I know, it’s hard to know how much is too much. The flu is gone and then back this AM with chills and headache. I think those of us with SJogren’s often get sinus trouble because we are so dry in the sinus passages of the face and nose. Sure hope your gut is behaving and your diet has improved in variety a bit. You and Tonie talking about banana bread gives me a craving for banana/nut/blueberry muffins. There is a mix over here I love and I just add frozen blueberries. So good but think I’ll resist because we still have Girl Scout cookies to be eaten. Having a lot more trouble with my gut since going back on NSAID’s but rest of me feels better. What a life and what choices we have to make. I surely hope you are warming up over there and snow and wind is gone. We have had winds all day gusting up to 50 mph, shaking the house. Now it’s just rain.
      Signs of spring everywhere and sure hope they don’t get discouraged. My geraniums are still blooming…can’t believe it. Take care sweet friend. Love, Sue

  17. Good morning all
    Sue, how goes it with you ? Your quiet makes me wonder if you are gone bad sick again. I pray not.
    Chris, hope your hip is on the mend again. I worked with a group of 4 college students who came to help us do things here. We cleared off Judys garden and washed down her kitchen walls . Had fun with those girls. Very intelligent and personable. THey left with starters for the Friendship cake and bellies full of scrambled eggs and biscuits. Then I went and had supper with them and we sat and chatted and laughed until 7 pm ! Today I am very tired, and had hoped to rest. However, I have to drive Judy to a Dr’s appointment this afternoon. But, I need to take her to the store anyway. And I need coffee. So……
    It has been very cold here due to the high winds. And is going to continue to be that way until next weekend. I am ready for Spring to stay. Spoke with B this morning. We are still not sure when he will return. Dr appointments next Friday, then see what action they wish to take and what he decides to do. It is a waiting game all around.
    Janet, hope you are coping with your loss. Will you get another baby ? I know it is soon, but are you thinking about it ? My Ceasar enjoyed all the attention he got from the girls yesterday. He even stayed outside with us in the cold, which he usually doesn’t do. I know he is lonesome.
    Well, my best to you all.

    • Tonie, My son and DIL have a year old doberman-german shepard mix that needs a buddy so we are debating what to get. Not in a big hurry. A lot of my life revolved around taking care of Lady, so have a lot of adjusting to do. Even if we get another dog it wont just be mine, it will be a family dog. I still have Blue, my cat. He misses Lady too. Take care. Love, Janet

      • Oh, Janet, I am so sorry. I know that big hole it leaves in your heart. I still have Ceasar, but I miss Brutie so much. So does he. So we just cling to each other. Perhaps you can get a small dog that would be MORE yours than theirs. You are in my prayers my sweet friend.

    • Tonie, so much going on in your life. One thing is for sure, you both are learning patience, darn it. Glad the helpful kids are back and sounds like you and Judy got a lot accomplished. We’ve had cold and wind here, also. We have 50mph winds yesterday most of the day with rain but also cold, cold content in that wind. Glad we have the tree guy coming next week because our huge monkey puzzle tree is shedding “leaves”, more like huge pinecone leaves all over the place, even in my porch plants. So odd. I even have annuals that haven’t died out this year.
      Sure you all of us get spring soon. I haven’t been sleeping well. More gut trouble since back on NSAID’s. Not sure which is worse…joint pain or gut. Beth down with flu again and me feeling awful each morning with chills and awful headache. We finally got out to the store today together. Can’t believe those grocery bills lately. Cupboards were a bit bare.
      Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, so much to clean, folks to correspond with, so much to do and no health to do it with. Had a friend pass away in the night two nights ago down in Seal Beach, CA. Poor lady, really wanted to go…so many health problems. She was an old friend of Jim’s family. She was kind enough to leave a note telling her GD to call us when she went. Had another good friend who is concerned about fluid on the lung, may be cancer since she is fighting breast cancer. So many personal heartaches as well as all the FB friends. Life is full this week of so many who are suffering, dying or worried.
      So ready for spring. Need to buy two two trellises. An old climbing rose is bending a plastic trellis to the ground, etc. Cold tonight down to 34. May get into the fifties tomorrow. Do take care and keep getting ready for B’s return which I pray is soon with him much healthier. Love, Sue

  18. Sue
    nsaids play me up,too I can’t take them only for a few days at most
    It was mother’s day here today
    Dd came over and we went out rummaging thru the shops.
    Came back with a few pleased with some star shaped solar string lights that have come on toinight ,usually i have problems with them,and they were so cheap as well. so had something to eat at home.then out for about three hours .it was good weather today too
    So in bed watching tv tonight
    Dh bp …had to change meds,one med was giving him vivid dreams and he’d wake up with high bp and fiddling with them again

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