GOB Stopping Comebacks For Nitwits



Most of the time, those of us who live with chronic pain befriend and are related to individuals who try to understand why we feel what we do, but not always. There seems to be an unwritten rule that we run into insensitive nitwits when we do not feel like dealing with them. Do we become magnetic when we’re having a down day or a rough time? Do we have a huge nitwit magnet that blinks? “Come one, come all, jump into my business and feel free to ask me hyper personal questions about my health, my body and my private life.”


Quite often, unfortunately, relationships suffer from this degree of insensitivity exhibited by others, and we reach a point of exhaustion, frustration and yes, anger. Isn’t life difficult enough? I would like you to put tongue-in-cheek, let loose some of that sarcasm you have hidden  and join me as we explore the possibilities of smart-ass answers to rude, insensitive questions. If you find the term nitwits offensive or politically incorrect, we could call these individuals empathy deficient. Is that better? Let’s look at a few of the phrases they say to us; why not?




Why, because the alternative is worse; other than listening to you.


You should see my doctor…what a hunk. He looks just like Tom Selleck and Matt Damon rolled into one luscious man. That’s why I go as often as possible.


Don’t tell my husband but I’m having an affair with one of them. I get a cheaper rate on office visits that way. It’s so tricky on those exam tables without falling off.


I haven’t had the flu in a while so I just go and sit in the doctor’s office and breathe deeply. It’s kind of a Russian roulette for the chronically ill.


If you whine and carryon a bit, you can get a cherry sucker and if you throw a hissy-fit, you can even get a balloon that’s actually a rubber glove that’s been blown up…on a string. I’m waiting for Medicare to pay for helium balloons. You just watch. One day they will, and colored ones, too.


Oh, I don’t know. I’ve come to think of it as my home away from home where they always weigh you and ask you your age; does it get any better than that?


I also love those trips to the laboratory. All those needles and those tiny little cups, oh my, the thrill of it all. However, being a female, I do need to work on my aim with that cup. I hate walking out of there with a wet hand.


Well, you see, I have seven doctors and they have children I’m helping to put through college.


I think it’s the décor in the offices and all those rare,old FIELD AND STREAM magazines from the nineties.





Oh, you should try it. If you walk slowly enough and carry a cup, people will throw change into it.


I got rhythm.


My knees last longer this way.


I get more wear out of my shoes.


The elastic is loose on my underwear.


I can’t reach my toenails to clip them any longer.  




Oh, I got written up for lying down next to my patients.


It was against the health code for me to crawl up the hall while making rounds.


Once too often, while on duty in the Emergency Room, I found myself saying, “So? You think you’re sick, well, that’s nothing, just let me tell you about me.


I realized I was taking more of my own medications from home than I was giving to most of my patients.


I couldn’t get out of the car when I got home after an eight-hour shift.





I know, you’d better stand back a bit because I throw-up randomly. This could get ugly.


I don’t think it’s contagious but how about a hug?


Thank you, it’s the result of fifteen plastic surgeries.


I’m bionic but keep it to yourself.


Maybe if you could give me a description of what sick looks like to you, and I could give it a try.


Sorry, we’re talking about me and I meant to ask you about you. My dear, you have lost your glow. You can tell me, whatever is the matter?


Isn’t growing old a bitch? I thought you’d know because you’re older than I am.





I tried not thinking about it until the accident. It involved a very sharp ax therefore my lawyer says I can’t talk about it.


I do believe in positive thinking but the first premise is staying away from negative people; as a result, I’m going to miss you. Bye, Bye.


I tried going to a guru, then a hypnotist and Dr. Phil; but had to give up when it came to the witch doctor. All those feathers and chicken blood everywhere; you know I’m allergic.


Okay dear fellow chronic pain sufferers, go forth and know you are fully armed with answers for rude questions directed to you by nitwits, numbskulls and morons. Some of them are relatives unfortunately, some “used to be” friends and some are medical personnel. I hope you avoid all three. These probably could fit onto a couple of 3X5 cards for your pocket or purse. You could also consider having them tattooed on some part of your body but that just means more needles and who knows, you may have a few of your own comeback remarks to add to this list. I get shots on the rear so often, I know where my notes are going but I’d have to use a mirror to read them. Guess that won’t work. I’ll think about that plan. Good luck and go for it.

45 thoughts on “GOB Stopping Comebacks For Nitwits

  1. Sue dear, This is priceless and I am going to cherish it for the rest of my days. (It will go into my “Sue” album.) While reading these splendid comebacks I said a silent prayer of thanks for Depends. From now on I will be purchasing them by the truckload. I will also be praying for more nitwits because I realize now that your second language is sarcasm and, as far as I’m concerned, sarcasm is good for the soul. Love you, precious girl. You are one funny bunny.

    • Phyl, Good. I know some of it is strictly to read and fantasize about but others, doable if one is pushed far enough. After 33 years of this body in a sickly way, my favorite cartoon is still one I saw years ago that was just a gravestone that read, “SEE, I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK”! As a nurse my humor is a bit dark because it had to be and I live with a very funny guy…more so with others than with me in private. So? You’re telling me it’s time to invest in Depends? Thanks for the tip. Love ya gal, Sue

      • Sue, As an editor and proofreader, I have read all genres and had come to the conclusion that my favorite was “Time Travel.” Actually, anywhere from 1850 to 1900 is where I would have liked to go, but not anymore. Much as I would be unable to live without today’s technology (mainly my microwave, my computer, my cell phone), when I read your article yesterday I realized that the most essential item had not yet been invented. Of course you know by now it is Depends. In addition to having urge incontinence, I now have to contend with your particular brand of humor.. I could easily go through an entire box during one reading. So, here I will remain, in the 21st Century, grateful for Depends and even more so for you, precious girl.

  2. Sue
    I love and share your sarcasm, as you well know. In my childhood, it was a way of life. From my Mother on down to me. My Dad not so much. But the rest of us, the “cuts” flew with every occasion. So I am pretty well versed in the art. But some of these are priceless ! It does a body good to , even at times only mentally, give a good comeback to ignorant questions, yes ? Although we know a ot of times it would just be wasted because the offending nit wit would not understand.
    Take care and be well !! Time for us to shake off all the illnesses of the winter and embrace the sun !
    Love ya

    • Tonie, I didn’t know that about your family. What a time you must still have. You’re so fortunate to still have so many of them surrounding you. With family I try to keep it as teasing but sometimes pick on my SIL too much. He’s so humorous himself, I think he understands. He’s a great guy.
      I agree, many of these remarks would be lost as they fall on stupid ears. I guess it’s just human nature to think you are smart and so many open their mouths and prove that is not true. I know sarcasm is a form of controlled hostility but just think of all the comedians who made a living doing it like Don Rickles and folks loved him.
      I am feeling better in increments. On my second dose of antibiotics for this UTI and so tired of the fatigue and night sweats. Surely, all this will end in better health very soon. Love ya gal, Sue

  3. A great post and one that I can totally understand. Partly just from having had a very achy body after my fall and realizing how everyone thinks they can fix you and know more than the doctors and physios and you yourself, but also from having been mum and carer for 32 years to my son Simon and having so so often felt ike I had to justify my position. Agggg!… If only these well wishers knew that really we just need someone to come alongside us with a hug and an offer of how can I help. In an ideal world! Thoughts are with you.

    • Alison (rose tint), I think when it comes to our children our hearts are so laid bare and rude and ignorant remarks can hurt more deeply. I had rheumatic fever when I was 12 and my Mom and Dad often were criticized by such remarks but thankfully, they did what the doctor told them to do. I was in bed for close to a year. Everyone has opinions and many are so ignorant and hurtful, I know.
      I am pleased you are better and when you have a moment, could you update all here on your son?
      Time for me to pop over to your blog very soon. Thank you for your thoughts and can now see a bit of energy sneaking back into this old self here. Sun for a week is so wonderful. Huge, gorgeous bouquet from my son for Mother’s Day, rhodies and azaleas blooming all over the neighborhood visible from my porch. Wonderful spring. Love, Sue

  4. Hi all
    Yea love the blog sue
    I can do sarcasm like tonie I was brought up with it. Love it ,it was clever sue
    Short post plumber been to do a radiator that had slipped so it was drained and re drilled ..bit of a mess everywhere .so busy with that and also comp. still needs sorting with its drives…..ugh
    Rose tint how is your son now last time he wasn’t too good..hope all is well in this nice weather .well it’s good over on the east bit unsure of with yourself in the Midlands
    Tonie how are you with this flare up

    • Chris, oh my gosh. You have had more spills, messes from various repairmen and installers than anyone I know. You must be the world’s expert on mopping, scrubbing and generally staying in shape at home. Hope you got out over the weekend for a tearoom visit, some seaside views and relaxation. Hope DH is better and ears better. You watch all that cleaning up after these guys as far as your own health, okay? Love ya, Sue

    • Claire, thanks for your comments. I love but regret the cause of hearing from a fellow pain pal. I must warn you I am a total loser at using a computer. Wish I wasn’t but the brain is old and usually in a state of dealing with something to keep myself alive. I used to write for everydayhealth.com and all of my old entries are still available there. Been out on my own for four years now. When I started writing about pain 12 years ago there were few. So good that more and more sufferers are enlightening others with their personal experiences. Welcome and I will read your work. Sue

  5. Phyl, In all the years I’ve been writing, this is the first time I’ve been accused of being a diuretic. I think I will accept it as a convoluted form of flattery.
    I also enjoy books on time travel and the thought of it. For some reason I am always drawn to the Second World War period and the Civil War in this country. I think I could do without electronics but don’t think I could take the odors of any country before the early 1900’s. I think I would have always been a nurse. My dear, you are nasty and I love it. Let it go, I say. Let it go. Less laundry with Depends, that’s for certain. Gotta watch the chafing, however. Love, Sue

  6. Sarcasm runs in my family too, Loved this blog. You might try desitin for the chafing. You can find it in the baby section. Love, Janet

    • Janet, indeed, Desitin still a great product for all of us “leakers” out here in the world which includes almost all women who have had a babe travel down the birthday canal. Hope you’re doing well sweet friend. Hot in Texas? My son in Dallas said it had been so up there in the NE corner of the state. Take care as you can, Love, Sue

  7. Love it. Feeling a bit down between rain (several inches ) and the barometer changes. Saw both doctors in the past week with conflicting plans (of course). Remi is still a rockstar (in the absurdity of this life you wouldn’t believe how often a human barks at her) as a service dog but our the Pomeranian in a spiked collar and harness to protect him when he pushes her patience too far. House is a disaster as is the edges of the yard and back yard as I’ve not been nearly ok enough to deal with on the days it’s been dry. We went from winter to summer in 2 days (truly) and I’ve had flannels and shorts/summer shirts in the same load of laundry. My sister still is angry and doesn’t understand my illness, that it’s not just my bones. I know dad is starting to get frustrated but I remind him she’s the one that blocked my phone numbers after 2 days of hateful texts. Oh well…

    • Bobsled Laura, Good to hear from you but what a transition of weather. I find I am looking through the closet for summer pants instead of sweats. As far as the yard, is it time to find a high school boy to do some of that for you? We have had an older Vietnamese guy for years and he is the only yard guy I ever had who would actually squat and pull weeds and spent wildflowers. Most of these guys are just mow, blow and go types.
      I hate to hear your sister is still stirring things up. Doesn’t she realize your Dad is at an age when he doesn’t need this kind of heartache? I have one sister left out of us four girls. I cherish her but unfortunately, we are both too ill to travel to see each other and her memory is very bad. Life happens so fast. Regrets are always too late, you know? Let’s pray about this situation for your sake and for your dear Dad’s. okay? Love you, Sue

  8. High school kids around here are generally too lazy or busy to be available to do yard work even for good money. My sweet neighbor mows the main portion of the front yard. I’m not even up to house work beyond occasionally washing silverware and a load of laundry here and there. I spend a lot of time in my recliner or bed the fatigue is wicked of late. The dogs are easy keepers but they don’t dust or vacuum i have a rumba but the carpet needs done before it can keep it clean

  9. Hello all
    Chris, I am doing better. Overdoing is my thing. Then I pay. But, maybe I will learn one day. I can rest a bit, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. Such was this week. Fibro. But doing better. Worked with Mrs Blair yesterday, and today went to swim. It is raining and very nice time to rest this even8ng.
    I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was nice. Church, and then Judy and I and another lady went for a meal. Talked for a couple of hours, then home to rest.
    I have some asparagus I have to cook,so I bought some new potatoes and a piece of salmon for supper. I am actually going to cook. I just figure if I am cooking asparagus, might as well have something good with it.
    Judy and I had a banana split after swimming today. Rich, but it was lunch ! I hadn’t had one of those for many years. Many years.
    Sue, hope you are feeling better. And Chris, that your mess was easily cleaned. BSL, hope you are feeling better. I know what you mean about hiring kids. Not the same as we were.
    Take care all

  10. Sue, brava! Loved it! I have to be careful not to be too sarcastic, and with whom I am. Musically overdoing it, here. Surprise, surprise. I think I am becoming certifiable. But, oh, what a way to go! Take care, dear!

    Chris, my goodness. I hope things are settling down a bit now.

    Tonie, funny. We just had asparagus tonight also. Had ours roasted as a side with penne and a good red sauce. Yes, I think I was Italian in a past life.

    Best to all!

    • Dear Lyn, you can learn to say no you know. I’m sure that is hard to do when asked to sing for various occasions and I know you love doing it and the joy it brings to various occasions BUT, please always look after you. I have been through so much in the past five weeks I am just now pulling out of it. I’ve only been to doctors, labs and bed. This week I have been determined with the last dose of antibiotics today, I am doing better. Also fighting oral thrush and taking meds for that since this is my second round of antibiotics. I left the house for three times this week just for fun or shopping. It felt so good. It hurt, I was exhausted but lived and knew it was good for me.
      On a long trip to the supermarket yesterday I also picked up a bunch of asparagus and prefer it baked in a smidge of olive oil and a dash of garlic. We’ve been eating any way that is simple, mostly soup on my part. I love Pacific brand carrot ginger cashew and it is my fall back soup as well as homemade potato soup.
      I hope the kids and DH are all well and welcoming spring back there. We have had little rain so far in May which is unusual for us. Thanks for staying in touch. Love, Sue

  11. Well, I posted a comment yesterday. And it is not here. So, happens to me as well.
    Rain , rain and more rain. Until two weeks from now. However, it is soaking into the ground, and we get spots of sunshine and clearish skies. I did get my tomatoes set out yesterday. Although i had about 4 showers doing it ! lol. Next are the cucumbers. But this year I want to set up a little fence for them to climb instead of being on the ground. I have a lot of seed that needs to be in the ground, but with the rain…… So maybe this afternoon if it clears up a bit.
    Sweetie is coming right along with her milk production, her udder is filling up. So I really hope within the next week or so to see a foal out there one morning. And I have a hen sitting on a nest so next week should show something from her efforst.
    I hope you are all doing well. It has been quiet on here this week. Sue, you are really quiet. Prayers for you as always. Hope you have recovered from your infection and are enjoying some sunshine on your porch surrounded by your beautiful flowers.
    CHris, you okay ?
    Well, have to go swim. Although I would just love to be lazy in this rainy morning. Take care.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, you remind me of that song from OKLAHOMA, JUNE IS BUSTING OUT ALL OVER, even though it isn’t June just yet…so much spring busting out at your place. Sounds like you are going to plant your garden in spite of the rain…good for you. My porch is coming back after a mild winter here and I am finally getting a few young plants in that I bought five weeks ago and have watered and prayed to stay alive. Last antibiotic today. Mouth still bad but better, Working on gaining more energy by getting out and having a bit of fun. Bought a bag of my favorite flavors of salt water taffy a few days ago after a trip to one of our close coastal towns. I love it fresh and soft.
      I think about you each day and of course, B but also Sweetie and hope all goes well. More later, love you much, Sue

      P.S. Chris, hope you’re okay. Did you watch the royal wedding?

      • SUe
        So glad you are doing better. I think when the weather is nicer it helps us to feel better. Judy was outside with me all day yesterday. She helped me a lot putting up the fence and planting. It was good to see her active again/
        I LOVE salt water taffy. It is such a good sweet. I made me some truffles the other day. THey are wonderful. But very rich and chocolatey. SO one is enough. They are rolled in cocoa. Next time I will dip them in chocolate. I love truffles and they are too easy to make.
        Sweetie is coming along. Slow as ever. Can’t rush these things, can we ? B is doing fine…waiting as I am. Hate that part. I know God is an “on time God” so have to abide by His wisdom in such things, but I pray He lets it be done quickly.
        So….more coffee and feed the chickens. I should have some baby chicks this week if all goes well for the hen.
        Do take care.
        Love you

  12. Yea sue I watched the wedding it was lovely they look so good together.she has a lovely face and he was in tears some of the time
    Loved the service
    Well I’ve been a bit odd
    Temp 101 and tummy pain but on the right and below bladder and it hurts to wee like bruised pressure and to sit on it.and rotten cramp pains..temp is down now..dr put me on antibiotics and spasmodics
    Don’t know what it is …all odd
    Over the last few days there has been a smell in the garage,,couldn’t find it…then we did, they had put an aerosol spray paint in the eaves of the garage and it had burst…….
    Today the centre bit from the conservatory fell down and had to be glued back on…for some reason it had broke before and they had glued it..so had to use a prop to hold it for a while to fix
    Then I did a wash with a tissue still in the laundry
    Then the hose broke
    So I called it the end of the day after I put the wash on again!
    But nope some pigeons decided to mess our big window
    Yep we certainly know how to live here!
    Glad you feel like going out sue
    What’s salt water taffy ?
    Nope Lyn no settling down here….
    Like us all you keep doing….hope all well
    So I’m putting a full stop on the day
    Another start tomorrow

    • Chris, Oh dear, a black cloud was over you guy for certain. I sure hope today is better. Jim is washing the car right now because he can’t stand it when it gets bird poop on it because it’s hard on the paint. Oh those birds…and you, forever having to clean up something after someone else or nature messes with it. Doesn’t your dryer get the tissue separated out? I am forever doing that and my dryer catches most of the pieces of Kleenex in the filter. As far as your health sweet friend, I think you need a diagnostic work up to find out what’s happening. I worry about the pain…doesn’t sound quite like bladder. Do you still have your appendix?
      Yes, I am a bit better but was disappointed to still have the chills and sweats last night. Took my last antibiotic yesterday. Hoping… Worked in potted plants yesterday for a little while until back told me to stop.
      Since you’re not on FB let me share with you something that I have posted there. I have a wonderful nephew named Tim and he was unmarried like forever then he met this wonderful nurse with six kids. They fell in love and got married over 16 years ago and are very happy. One of their sons moved up this way last year and had a sweet wife and adorable toddler. Well, they just had a new baby and she had a traumatic birth, got her shoulder stuck in the birth canal and they had to use suction, also cord around her neck. She wasn’t breathing until they worked on her and then okay. She’s just adorable but six days after her birth she got sores around some torn skin where the suction had fit onto her little head. Then they began to spread and she got very sick. She is now in Portland at our best children’s hospital, has a main line for antibiotics and an IV. Her Mom is there always, Dad can’t work because he is traveling in there from here and taking care of toddler. The baby has herpes simplex virus #1 which most of us have, like fever blisters, etc. but in a traumatized newborn it is extremely serious. It isn’t in her spinal fluid. They’ve checked her eyes and okay, now an MRI of her brain. Awaiting results. She will be on the IV antibiotics for at least three weeks. This young family needs prayer. His Mom, my niece had been up for the birth and just flew home the day before she had to go to hospital. She will be back next week.
      Overcast here, oh, by the way. Taffy is…well, sugar and butter cooked to a certain temp, flavor added then pulled. Do you remember the old Abba Zaba candy bars? Those are peanut butter taffy. Don’t think I spelled it right. Love, Sue

      • That poor liitke mite.i hope she is improving by now,such worry for the family
        Yes prayers for her and the MRI was fine

  13. CHris
    You make me laugh ! Not laughing at you, but with you. Because all that happens is like what happens to me. I am sorry for all your troubles, truely. But I was thinking while reading, “okay at least a bird didn’t poop on her anywhere” and there was your next line about the bird on the window !!! Yesterday I had one of those days. Everything I went to do I had to stop and fix something or do something else before I could finish. Judy and I worked hard all day. It was good for her to be out. She helped me put the fence in the garden for the cucumbers to grow up. Been wanting to do that for sometime. Then plant the cukes, and more seeds I had . Put the fence round it all to keep out the deer. Already a huge hoof print from a deer. He must be a bigun !! Judy had parked her truck near my shed so I could put air in her tire with my compressor. I went to move it to mow. It wouldnt start. Used my little jump box. Still wouldn’t start. pulled my truck over, used the jumper cables, …still wouldn’t start. Had to pour some coke over the cables, then it jumped off. Pulled it down to her house and went to back it in the garage. It got stuck on the wet ground. Even in 4 wheel, it was too soft. So just had to leave it.
    She was mowing and got her mower stuck on a stump where she was trying to mow high grass. Finally got it out. And it goes on. We had a power outage yesterday morning, had to reset all the clocks again.
    But, looked outside this morning at all the hard work done. Still a long list yet, but it is getting there. Judy and I took many popsicle breaks which we had to share with Ceasar. He no longer stays inside and sleeps. He stays with me like Brutie did.
    Hope you got all sorted out. I didn’t watch the wedding. But read a lot of the reactions. Beautiful dress. Sometimes I choose to start the day over as well ans wait for tomorrow. Hope your today is better

    • Tonie, Goodness…what does one say about that kind of day. Sure do hope today is better for both you, Judy and Ceasar. Would you tell Sweetie to drop that foal/baby ASAP. I only hope today you were able to undo some of the stuck in the goo, mechanical stuff you went through yesterday. Wowser, what a day. Glad you got some of your seeds in the ground and do hope the deer will treat you kindly. I can’t believe how many of our plants are coming back after our winter. Save money at the nursery but still bought a beautiful Martha Washington geranium yesterday in deep hot pink and another scented geranium. Love those things. I’m actually cooking tonight so must go check on rack of ribs in oven. Later, Love ya, Sue

  14. Well Tonie yours day looks more strenuous than mine..did the truck get going after
    Yep I approve of the breaks
    I hate resetting all the clocks and I like them all going if they are there
    Went out for breakfast..a scone…it’s a new day!
    My tum is still no good..but no temperature
    Hope all well

  15. Morning all
    Another week has begun. Had a nice surprise phone call from B today. He usually calls on Thursday or Sunday. So a good start to the day. Also, the paperwork he needs to sign is on its way to him. Then another wait until his new green card arrives. It is getting old quickly. But what can we do ?
    Still no foal. My first thing check in the am is to look for where she is at. SHe is so miserable. I remember that time, don’t you ?
    Yeah, Chris, we got the truck out of the muck. Finally. Then had to jump it off again yesterday to put it in the garage. Today I need to do some work on my Jeep.
    Sue, my geraniums never come back. But I do leave them out in the elements, so I guess it gets too cold here. I do get mums that return. And of course the 4 o;clocks because they reseed themselves. I need to get me some Gerber Daisies for my flower bed. I do love them. I had one to return last two years, but alas, it is not there this year.
    I am just tired and achy today. SO much humidity from all the rain and we have more storms coming tonight. I had to turn the AC on yesterday. It was very hot.
    Sue , much in prayer for this baby and her family. Lord knows the trauma they are going through right now. Keep us informed, okay ?
    Well, must get going and do something productive. Take care all

    • Tonie, Sorry to see you are having more downpours. I did have two Shasta daisies that returned, a first for me. Have some violas that got a bit leggy before i could plant them…will trim and hope they survive. Got in a good hour of planting and cleaning out pots last night and felt every moment. Rubbed hemp oil onto my back and laid on heating pad and much improved. Will be more careful today. Waiting for a bit of shade, awning on porch down but wind blowing quite hard. When I take George out he suddenly becomes a monster and barks at everyone, thankfully on a long leach.
      Glad you heard from B and still hoping and praying. Poor Sweetie. So overdue. So you hear a heartbeat on foal? Do be careful in all the muck you are getting with the rain and hope seeds don’t wash away. Love, Sue

      • Glad you are still on the mend Sue. I did some weed eating today, sucked up some twine hidden in the grass . Then had to spend two hours taking apart the stupid machine to get it unwound. So one of those days.
        Judy and I had our massage yesterday. It was wonderful. I felt so much better. I hope to set up at least a half hour each month with her.. it is so good for me, and she was wonderful.
        No rain today, good. But more on for this weekend. I had to go to the store today. Went to get cheese, and they had one kind of Tilamook cheese ! Not my kind, but maybe they will get some in . It was mild.
        Well, sleep is calling. Hope you get to be outside tomorrow
        Love ya

  16. Tonie
    I hope time passes like Magic for you and that green card wings it’s way pretty quick
    Never heard of 4.oclocks….
    I think that salt water taffy must be like our old opal fruits…never heard of the other one you mentioned either.
    Hows everything ?

      • It seems easier today…I now use a stick to get in and out of bed and also the bathroom ..it helps not straining my muscles there in tum and also my back
        Went for a ride to coast today walked for about ten mins
        It was so cold and windy.everyone had on thick coats hats and gloves..about 10c /11c forgot to check on the Fahrenheit
        Had a picnic in the car
        How’s your temp .are you still on antibiotics. I feel rotten on mine ,hate them
        Is your kidney infection better,hope so

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  18. Alison (rosetint), Thank you for sharing your son’s life with all of us. You know, there is a certain serendipity that comes into play when I meet new people. I knew there was some special part of your life that had made you very special; now I know. What a wonderful experience for Simon to clean his apartment, buy something special to own and display in it. These are so much a part of the human experience for each of us. How fortunate to find such a place for him to live with meals and caregivers who care, for the most part. I hope you had words with the old grouch. I’m sure there are scary moments and also times when you feel a new freedom in some ways and feel a bit lost. He is where he is emotionally and physically because you are obviously a very caring, loving human being. Thank you for enriching my llife by sharing Simon’s story with us. Love you, Sue

  19. Rose tint/ Alison
    You have given your son one sound ,good and loving life.
    He looks so happy in his new home
    He also has one solid family behind him
    You have done so well in all circumstances
    I know you will say just being a mum….but that’s what good mums say
    All best

  20. Alison
    I was so touched by your sons story. I have a grandson who is 21, autistic, and graduating high school next month. He lives with his mom and family, but I wonder what his future holds. I pray he one day has a home like your Simon, maybe a small job, but more independent as I feel it is needed. Sim9n is blessed to have a wonderful Mum and supportive family (and doggie) by his side. God bless you and him, and please keep us up to date on his new adventures.

  21. Hey all
    Got an email from CHris. She is in the hospital since last night. WIll be staying another day. She is bleeding from the bowel again. Had injection of penicillin and gentamicin on drip. If it is an abcess they will drain it. And a CT scan , first of course. Poor gal. So prayers for our friend.

  22. Well I’m out now
    So it more than half settled so they said I could come out with more antibiotics
    Bloods were all good
    So they said there is nothing I can do that’s better than what I do and just to go to hosp before I did last time
    If it goes on it’s surgery but hopefully it’ll all be ok
    So just a shorty unpacked and tired
    Maybe I will feel better now my bloods are good and less pain
    Very warm here and gives thunder all nite and tomorrow
    So sitting on the bed nice breeze blowing thru the window…home comforts and a glass of cold drink

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