Life As A Puzzle




My life lies scattered bout me

Puzzle pieces all about.

No game did this, it happened

When my life was just in route.


Each day I wake with pain,

Is it possible you do, too?

It may not be a comfort, but

There are millions who also do.


I have never figured out the why

The wherefore, just the who;

But I do know,

No one has a clue.


It makes one wonder,

About the direction of life,

The meaning of pain,

And the purpose of strife.


All I formerly knew as routine

Is now known as “gotcha” land.

Life is more of a challenge

Than I ever planned.


I wonder if real life

Is ever truly planned,

Or is it just a random event which occurs

Without any high command?


I do know it feels like war

But I can’t decide,

If I’m winning or losing

Or just on some goofy ride.


I’m afraid I know

It’s a war to the death.

Each day should be cherished.

Each hour, each breath.


Where have all the answers gone?

Is there any meaning to strife?

If this is a game show

Called “Do you bet your life?”


After all these years

I don’t have a clue

You’d think by now

I’d have, at least, a few.


I’d like to startle and amaze

I’d like to spew forth knowledge

But alas I find I can’t

Like you, my life’s on razor’s edge.


Most days I can only spew a bit

And that is usually while I gaze,

As I behold this body in pieces

Now just a puzzling maze.


I’ve decided my earthly form

Is just the vehicle for life’s trip

And it seeks its own destination

Could I give it “the slip?”


Okay, I get it

Life makes no sense at all

But I persistently like to think

One day I’ll get a call.


Hello Sue, this is the great Physician

And I know the why of this

Like some puzzle that is drawn,

This isn’t hit or miss.


You’re supposed to gain knowledge

And share all you find, as you

Examine your life while

Struggling to keep your mind.


So far you’re doing fine

But there are days I do worry,

Remember you have just so many days,

Thus you’d better not tarry.


You’re spending too much time

On complaints about what’s changed,

Too much time on poor little me

Because life’s all prearranged.


Stop looking for reasons

Shut your mouth when you must

Just gain knowledge and insight

And stop making this fuss.


My puzzle didn’t come in a box

I only imagined what it should be.

It came along in pieces,

No directions to see.


I think I’ve joined a club,

The Pain of the Month it’s to be,

And the packages arrive promptly

Like a wild spending spree.


Then one day the phone rang

And it was toll-free

And a deep voice said, “Hello,

Yes, It’s really Me.


“I’m called many names,

The Almighty and Lord

And you’re wasting much time

Which you cannot afford.


“Enough is enough

I’ve heard all you say

But don’t you get tired

Of living that way?


Answers are there for you to find

My promises are true,

I assured you I’d be there

Specifically, for you.


“I can multi-task like you cannot

Watch over you and keep you safe

But you must have faith, and trust;

You’re not some orphaned waif.


“I gave these doctors knowledge

I will lead you to their skill,

You just be my good child,

Rest your doubts and trust my will.


Thinking I was smarter,

I’ve done jigsaws before

And know they fall apart,

Therefore, I was still a bit heartsore.


Once again, the phone did ring.

And all He said was

“P.S. and don’t worry about that jigsaw

It’s one of mine, like you;

Just be sure to remember

I invented glue.


42 thoughts on “Life As A Puzzle

  1. Oh my friend, you have made me cry. First with sorrow and then with Joy. Because I know, that I know that I know, my Savior sees me through each step of everyday. Through the large things and the small. He is ever around me and with me, to pick me up when I fall.
    Thank you, and I thank Him for all you are and do. For your words you share. And for your faith so deep. God bless you and keep you always able to do His will.

    • Tonie, I love you my dear girl. Funny, we know each other so well but only through here or on the phone. Yes, we have much in common, those of us who live with daily pain, both in struggles and answers. Hope you are well and not soggy from that huge storm in the East. Pray Sweetie will deliver soon and hope that fella of yours gets home soon. Thank you for your kind words. Sue

  2. Hey Sue Dear, Thank you for sharing your talented writing and for reminding me to put my trust in him when things go south. We really could start a Pain of the Month Club, or should we call it Pain in the Ass Club? I hope you’re having sunny skies and an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

    • Karen, dear gal, are you referring to our attitudes or our tushies? Both would probably work. Hope Gracie is feeling better. Did you ever find the cause of her mouth problems? Yes, we have sunny skies but wind. I am having a very quiet, lazy Memorial Day after getting the blog written. Hope you are well…Love, Sue

  3. Well it’s just like Tonie’s been telling me forget worrying about tomorrow there’s no need
    Blog just right for me just now ,it fitted

    • Chris, I am pleased it fit. I hope you are feeling better and have no more bleeding. Are you able to eat at all? Do take care and know we’re praying for you, love, Sue

    • Chris
      So glad you are home and doing better. I thought of you at church yesterday. Part of the sermon was about not worrying about what is in front of us, lol. Do take care. We are having the thunder storms back again this week. So needless to say, I am all swollen and achy today. Almost 9:30 here. I should be getting going. I have a lot of work to choose from. No foal still, but five baby chicks. And I think I have ripe strawberries. I have them covered for protection from chickens and birds.
      Take care you

    • Alison/rosetint, Thank you for your kind words. I love to write and would have taken it further had not my health constantly interfered, but when I feel badly about that I think of the many who I have been able to meet and share with on the blog. Sometimes the Lord has plans for us that do not conform to our own plans. Hope you are still improving and Simon is growing into his new independence. Fondly, Sue

  4. Hi
    Well not been a bad day
    Showered washed hair…got that place right out of my hair!
    Well one dr said liquid only the other later said normal diet…huh ,normal for me
    But it feels better with just yogurt and water. So I’ll see how it goes
    My dd gave me her kindle with all her books on it.i read similar so it’s been nice as it’s light on my tum when lying flat
    Probably did too much pottering about…..
    Pain the same as when I came out just down the sides ,not that awful one across the bottom of tum.that used to hurt sitting and passing water
    Hopefully going to the shops tomorrow..a little light shopping!
    Our thunder storms passed us by but it’s warm,windy and humid
    Your market garden Tonie ….you could sell all you have spare…no you can’t ,you can it all
    Thankyou for your prayers they sure helped I know
    Bleeding has stopped hesitant to say ….there I go again with a worry.
    How are you ask about me. Tell me how you

    • Chris, sure hope you are okay. I know you feel doubtful and cautious and don’t blame you a bit. Did you get out and about? How sweet of your daughter to lend you her Kindle. Mine is so old but you know what bad technology person I am and hate to get a new one.
      So are you staying with potato soup, etc.? Scary to have a bleed like that, I know. Good storm passed you by. Flooding here in the East and poor Florida getting hit again and it’s neighboring states.
      I planted a tiny herb garden in four pots and put them in a sunny window in my kitchen this weekend. I was so exhausted you’d have thought I’d planted a whole farm. I love fresh herbs, smelling them and pinching a bit for cooking. Hope you’re enjoying your lovely terrace. Love, Sue

  5. Sue
    I too love having fresh herbs to cook
    I have some by the kitchen door
    Had to speak to th dr yesterday tummy got worse she thought the meds were too strong so she’s halved the dose….have to see what happens
    We are taking my dad to hosp for a small op on Monday so I gotta be ok
    I’m on soft food I’m having toast ,white bread , And rice pudding . and yogurt
    I did go to the shops and got a few things,but it’s sore on the roads sometimes
    No news from the stables yet …
    Isn’t it strange how things around us are connected when we speak our thoughts .,things seem to connect us
    Ok I’m drifting!
    Hope your thunder has cleared…we got some tomorrow

    • Chris, so glad you clarified. I read it over and over and thought it was me. I clearly remember when your dear Dad died. Hope DD does well.
      Planted last Italian parsley tonight, didn’t have room in my little container for the kitchen where I planted Basil, bush type, my favorite, cilantro and lemon thyme that spreads. My hands smell so nice right now. Just got some scented geraniums out of water and into soil. They’re called lemon fizz. You always read you should root them in root starter and water but my Mom always just broke off a stem or two and stuck them into the soil.
      Do you think you have that terrible diverticulitis again? Sure sounds like it…with the white food being all that agrees with you. I sure do understand. Love, Sue

  6. Good evening all
    Chris, no foal yet. But she is enormous. She has dropped and muscles are going soft in the rear. All good signs. My garden is growing nicely, but too muddy to get the weeds out yet. And all week there is rain. And more rain, and….well you get the picture.
    Sue, I set out the scented geranium you sent me. It smells so wonderful and is beautiful with its tiny pink flowers.I can’t find them anywhere here, so it is special. It grew in water on the windowsill all winter. My rosemary, basil, and thyme are doing well on the porch. Ya’all have made me want potato soup now. I made a cake for church tonight, but still have half of it left for the freezer. Yellow cake, lemon custard and raspberries in the middle and lemon buttercream frosting . Very rich, but very good with coffee. Some of my Kona my house sitting earned me. That new mixer calls out to me to bake ! I also made some candied almonds. OH so good. Something to munch on. I promised Nikki I would make a lot of cupcakes for Nathan and Hailey’s party next week. So Wednesday I will be mixing up Red Velvet and Boston Crème Pie
    I had to make a tent to go over my strawberry patch cause the rain was rotting them. THe blackberries are everywhere and beautiful. I just hope we can get some sunshine to ripen them. My blueberries are huge and full. Thanks to all the coffee grounds I put on them and the rain.
    So hope you all have a good evening.

  7. Sue
    Well the dr reduced the antibiotic..maybe that was doing it
    But it seemed ok now it’s not again
    Very gassy
    On the good side since my own diet and this I’ve lost 7 💷
    I love scented geraniums,had loads once none now
    Saw a liquorice one the other day…maybe I’ll buy one next time now
    Tonie the cakes you make sound so good
    Do wish the weather better for you
    We too are having rain so much moss growing

    • Chris
      Good for you, loosing the weight. Me, I have given up on that scale. I just eat right, exercise and know I am doing all I can for me. I have learned so much in research that Fibromyalgia “helps you” to keep the weight on and causes weight gain itself. Especially through the abdomen. Which is where I cannot seem to get it off. Another wonderful perk of this awful disease. ANother day with thunderstorms in the near future. We too have moss growing everywhere Chris. For now, the sun is shining. Ceasar is basking in it on his rug in the doorway. Warming his old bones.
      A licorice geranium ? That would be cool. I wonder why we don’t have anything like that around here. Not much call for it , I guess.
      Well, I must be off. Galax and cleaning, then shopping for all the cupcake fixings I need for next weeks trip to Nikki’s.
      Take care

      • Your one busy lady..always doing summat
        I did some work in garden today..bending with tum ..well I can’t so I took my thunder but tonite they say
        Isn’t a dog when they are sleeping relaxing to be around…
        I can’t lose it round the middle.not eaten all day…..huh I did have rice pudding for breakfast just fancied it
        And tonight a few plain biscuits
        Trying to help the diver
        Hope Lyn is well

    • Chris dear, I know you must grow so tired of all the gut trouble, day after day. The bleeding and the pain are both matters of great concern and I wish they would get to the bottom of this problem for you. I do hope you are being seen by a specialist of the bowel. That pain you have when bending worries me.

      For me, so much of my gut trouble was from the NSAID’s which I stopped taking. I am eating things I haven’t eaten in a long time, in moderation of course. Yes, I have more joint pain but I had it anyway and I like having my gut at ease however, I still struggle with keeping hydrated and being constipated all the time. Can’t seem to remember to drink all day as I should.

      All those white foods get so boring, I know. I love rice pudding, also and make it often but have to have raisins in it. I also make a lot of custards, simple but sweet with a dash of cinnamon. I know nutmeg is traditional but I’ve never been a fan of it. Can you handle dairy? It sounds like it and that is good. I often rely on a good old grilled cheese sandwich all crusty on the outside, melted on the inside. Jim used to make me laugh years ago when we met at the hospital where we both worked by always telling the cook in the cafeteria, “Burn it” when she made him grilled cheese sandwiches.

      I have never seen a licorice scented geranium or should I say smelled one? I must ask you, in English books they refer to pelargoniums and geraniums as different flowers but here they are the same thing, only there is one type of geranium that trails and is great for pots. Is that the difference over there? Here we are again, sisters in a way, divided by a common language. I love it. Much love, Sue

      • Well I think they are the same thing and there are trailing geraniums too. Maybe there are different types of geranium all know as pelargonium
        The hosp said as I had a colonoscopy in Februsry they were ok with it but if it happened again I was to go to Drs to be referred .the pain on bending seems to be easing tho
        I too love toasted cheese sandwiches
        Very humid here you can feel it.
        My Dds birthday tomorrow and yep where does time go

  8. Chris
    I overdid it yesterday. The sun was out. So after my cleaning, I got out the mower to get the grass cut before the storm hit. Did mine, then went down to help Judy finish hers (dueling mowers). Then home to clean some, take care of chickens, horses, blahblah. So finally sat down at 7 after a shower. My feet hurt so badly today. And my shoulder. So taking a break today. I never learn.
    Did hear from B today. He has sent back the paperwork to immigration, so we are waiting once again. It was storming over there and he was outside, so short conversation. But good always to hear his voice. He says the students are on strike over there, so not much school. When I asked why, he said “who knows “. They are blocking the entrances to the schools. And this is the days of exams for them. Crazy. I always think of our biscuits when you say that. You mean what we call cookies, I know.
    Lyn, I too hope all is well with you. Busy I suppose.
    Sue, I had a gal message me on Sunday. She had her DNA done on Ancestry, and it told her Sean was her cousin. Looks like filandering from one of my uncles on Daddy’s side. Her grandmother wouldn’t tell who the father was. Only his last name. Dalton. She married soon after the birth and would never talk about it. So…..but she seems to be a nice lady. About my daughters age.
    How are you Sue ? You are too quiet.
    Well, I am going to watch a movie. Take care all

    • Tonie, how interesting to have relatives turn up like that. Oh our ancestors had secrets much like we all do, although I must confess to have nothing that exciting going on in my own past. Very interesting for you and what a coincidence.
      I wish you didn’t feel the need to comment when I am quiet. It just means I don’t feel well, don’t feel chatty, etc. I don’t intend to get on here every day. I just don’t have the energy and have to save what I do have for my own home, family, etc. That’s not to say I don’t love you guys, you know.

      As far as the scented geraniums, I suspect they do better closer to the coast. Many years ago we went to a nursery in CA that was on the coast and it was actually only scented geraniums. I have one rooting now that is the Lemon Fizz, from mine that got too “leggy” and if it goes well I’ll wrap it in foil and mail it to you.
      Most of my geraniums grew tall over the winter. Strange, you’ve had so much rain and we, very little. It’s been overcast each morning and bright in the afternoons, kind of like me.

      Good to hear from B even if it is the same old thing. Dear Lord, patience I guess but let’s not over do it here.
      Hope Sweetie pops soon and all goes well. Well, It is almost three in the afternoon, I am still in PJ’s and need to get dressed and get to hospital lab for lab for next week’s oncology appt.
      I know you…you see a job and know you must do it. I am sorry you have so much going on there that requires your attention. Hope those strawberries don’t drown. I’m not going to tell you to slow down because I know you won’t but do rest up, like today.

      DD has a birthday next week. Isn’t it strange when our kids become middle aged? Makes one feel so old. Love ya, Sue

    • Yea I mean cookies!
      How interesting with the dna.we had a similar thing happen on my Dhs side but without the dna. It was the grandmother had a child before marriage and no one knew. I think it’s great to find out
      I sprayed our moss today,but it’s the algae that grows that is worse to treat
      I hope the paperwork now turns up for you both such a wait .
      Have a restful weekend ,an order!

  9. Hello, everyone, a quick reply to let you all know I am still alive (!) before I go outside to relax and read a little with 2 of the pets. It has been a crazy May here! The constant rainy weather has not helped. Our weather is much like Tonie’s has been, no doubt. I can’t recall what I might have shared in the brief moments I was able to pop over here, but short story – May was full of singing, recovering, hosting a small family gathering Memorial Day, and trying to wrap up the school year. DH still has several days to go yet, but everyone is counting. I need to work on my summer schedule, have 2 songs to get under my belt for the community band I am singing with this summer as well as a different English translation of The Creation I need to work on before concert in July. And, our vacation has crept up and is now just over 2 weeks away! DH and I are excited, but I must start thinking about what I want to pack. DD just got a Merit raise for all her hard work, increase of $1.50 and hour more in pay. SB is still looking for a better job, not having much luck. His GF wants desperately to move out of her Mom’s house (they fight an bicker all the time) and wants him to move in with her, which he cannot afford to do. Oh, boy. Like all of us, I have some better days, some not so great days. Looking forward to vacation and summer time! I love the summer fruits and vegetables. Good thing our vaca is early on. I always seem to gain weight by summer’s end with all that fresh produce available! Take care, all. Just heard from DH, he is heading home soon. SB just went to work. I’d like a little quiet time to myself before I have company again. Does anyone else need their alone time? I know I do. Looking forward to eating dinner out tonight, though – date night!

      • Chris, Hope the bending is still okay today. Are you having DD out for her birthday today? Hope you are and having a good time of it. Weather here today is gorgeous. We are to have a brief rainstorm tomorrow and then back to sun on Monday. Just enough rain to irritate the folks down at the street market on Sundays. Fortunately, most have white tents over their stalls so life goes on. You rarely see an umbrella here in the NW of the US. I don’t know why unless it is the wind. Most folks have hats or hoods.
        Still reading R. Pilcher’s books, almost all read now. I forgot how much I love her style. SHe is so very descriptive I feel as if I am in England and Scotland. Wish I was for a lovely visit.
        Jim power washed our deck and front steps yesterday and all looks so nice. We have a huge monkey puzzle tree that sheds very sharp things like pine cone pieces and they got hosed away. They are everywhere because of the size of the tree. I even find them in my pots on the porch that are looking lovely already…if I do say so myself. Think we’re going over to WA for their just on the other side of the Columbia. Shame to waste such a lovely day…now to get my body to agree. Thinking of you and that darned divert. Love you much, Sue

    • Lyn dear, good to hear from you. Glad DD got a merit raise…, hope SB gets a job he likes that likes him. Is your vacation a mystery? I bet you’re heading for a beach somewhere. Am I right? How lovely that will be just to read, enjoy each other and eat out.
      I also love summer’s produce. SOme of it is quite expensive up here in the NW if it’s carted in. Local fruit is just ripening as we have more warmth. It’s been lovely but cool here. We get a lot of growers who come down to this coast from the warmer eastern side of WA state to sell their vegies and fruits. I am anxious for the local strawberries because they are small, deep red and so tasty. The ones we are getting in from CA are almost hollow but large with little flavor.
      Hope your schedule for June is much more quiet; should be with vaca, etc. Love ya, Sue

      • No mystery, Sue, and yes, indeed, we are beach bound. We are returning to the lovely resort we stayed at in Mexico, this time just the 2 of us. 🙂

  10. Well dd ..she has so many friends some of them treated her to surprise parties and two booked a night away altogether at a boutique hotel and it went on…do at work….
    So I knew she was tired and has this op on Monday and I didn’t feel like going out walking round shops and can’t eat so we agreed to scrub round it.she says she is coming over tomorrow but I said to see how she feels as her partner wants to take her out as well.
    I will see her Monday as we are taking her to hospital and she wants me to stay to see how it all goes .
    I really want to be better for that
    I know about that tree you have I love them..we have a robin tree that drops leaves a lot all year..we are going to have it cut down when I can organise it
    Have a leak under the sink have to get the plumber in..but also a strange smell from there.but I’m not sure it’s the leak .
    Oh dear……
    My diver..I’m not sure about it at the moment
    So hope you got to that market and enjoyed it

    • Chris dear, yes we finally got to the market today, just regular shopping. Skipped the outdoor market yesterday, not up to it. Today our supermarket was super cold. We have had some moderately warm days but today a few clouds brought a bit of rain in and those stores still keep the air conditioning running. Brrrrr.
      Shopped for my DD’s birthday cake I’ll make in a couple of days. She loves the old one I made when she was growing up…chocolate sheet cake you bake thin and after it’s baked pour hot frosting with pecans all over it. Oops, forgot to get ice cream to go with it. I’ll have to search our other refrig/freezer in the basement but I can’t manage the steep basement steps so will ask J to check.
      What a fortunate daughter you have to be so well liked. Please let us know how the surgery goes on Monday and will pray all is well. It’s lovely she wants you there.
      Another leak, oh dear. Let’s hope the odor is just that because you hadn’t noticed it previously, right? Hope turns out to be no big problem for you two.
      Sounds like you are losing weight, maybe too much. Can you take the supplements like health drinks, milkshakes or Ensure or Boost? Thinking of both you and your DD right now…Love, Sue

  11. Blessed Sunday to all
    Chris, just saw my order…..too late. I went up to help Fran clear out her big garden in front of her house. They have a huge oak tree there and the “the gardener” blows all the leaves there. So we raked them all off and cleaned up the weeds. So, that was my Saturday. Going back on Wednesday to finish the trimming and such. So I will have time to rest . Today will be rest after church.
    Sue, hope you got out to the market. I would love that cutting. I was telling Fran about them yesterday. She hadn’t seen any either. Mine is very happy out on the porch. Warm days and cool nights.
    Here we have a few days reprieve from the rain this coming week, then it is back the next week. Those mischievous baby chicks have found a hole to escape in the morning before I let them out. So I must patch it today, keep them from getting eat up by something. Mama was not happy with her wayward kids.
    Nathan’s graduation is Friday. So much to do this week. Thursday I will be baking . Cupcakes. I need to borrow some muffin tins as I only have the one. I am sure my sil has some.
    Take care all and enjoy. And yes, Lyn, I need to be alone, even though I am alone right now, lol.

    • Tonie, I agree with both you and Lyn about having some alone time. Both Jim and I love to read and this morning I stayed in bed until almost noon finishing a book and he was downstairs watching old Perry Mason show re-runs.
      Sounds like Fran’s tree is large. Love those leaves though, so pretty. We had a huge one in our front yard when we lived in our old Victorian in CA. It was out hear the sidewalk and got so large when we had a picket fence put in they curved the fence around it. So Fran and her DH are back. Hope she is doing well.If these scented geraniums root I’ll stick in one for her. Anybody else want one????
      All my geraniums are so beautiful. Very cold and overcast. DD just called and one of their very good friends home caught fire today. We saw three fire trucks when we came home from the store…awful. Broken windows and one wall damaged. SIL is over there with plywood right now helping them board up. So sad for such a nice family. Guess it could have been worse but that’s little consolation for them right now, having to move out for awhile.
      Cupcakes, huh? How long are you going to be gone to see the kids? Congrats to sweet Nathan, the graduate. Do get some rest, okay? Oh those naughty chicks…it’s a big bad world out there for them. Love, Sue

  12. Sue
    So sad for your dd’s friend. Fire is a terrible thing, a robber, a thief. Insurance helps, but cannot replace objects you treasure.
    Yes, Fran and Doc are doing well. I will only be at Nikki’s Friday and overnight, leaving back Saturday afternoon. I am afraid for the mare to be gone longer. THe hussy will probably have it while I am gone ! Yeah, making Red Velvet and Boston Crème cupcakes. And some Ambrosia Salad. We were thinking of making that Fruit Pizza. You use a sugar cookie for the dough, then some crème cheese, milk and confectioners sugar for the base, cover it in fresh fruit. It is very good and the kids love it. I have a feeling one of the kids will want to come home with me for a while, we will see. Maybe not. Nikki is going to be driving her dd to Arizona in July, and I told her to take Judy with her. If she does I will end up with a few of the kids while they are gone. No biggie, then I get to abuse the boys ! haha ! I make them work before they play, and they hate it ! THey need some more memories of Keekee ya know ?
    Yesterday I just rested. Today is getting away from me, almost 11. I have work to do, of course, and should be getting motivated. Not working very good so far. It is cooler here today with a nice wind blowing, so it will be easier to be outside in.
    You take care of you, and enjoy your beautiful porch and plants. The way the months are rushing by it will be Christmas before we know it !!
    Love ya

    • Tonie, I know you’ll have a wonderful but quick trip to see the kids. The fruit pizza always looks good. I’ll have to try it some time during the summer with all the fresh fruit coming in now. Indeed they all love your treats and cooking and also love your discipline of them…they know it shows your love for them. Had GD over yesterday after school and we ordered her Mom’s birthday present on Amazon. SHe had asked her Dad to order it but he forgot. Supposed to arrive tomorrow. We had fun. Big day today for my body and I…see my note to Chris.
      Porch is lovely but fighting spit bugs so will either mix up homemade spray or use commercial. Hate those unsightly things on my beautiful posies. Occasional ants, but better; sure hope they don’t find the chocolate cake I made today.
      Do have very safe travels and if you bring a kid or two home…so much the better. Hope the chicks…the real ones, are staying put. Would hate to have anything happen to them. Can Judy keep an eye on all the animal folk while you’re gone? Love ya, Sue

  13. Long day yesterday .up at 5am
    Stayed with dd all day
    She was not too good out of surgery a lot of pain.she was ok last time
    But they gave her two lots of tramadol then morphine.but as the night wore on she wanted to get home so she did
    She seems ok today but not working and will work from home tomorrow
    So hopefully all will settle
    We are both tired from hanging about as well,but appreciate being at home to do what we want
    Had a tree man around today to give us a quote and plumber tomorrow
    The lawn man came yesterday and it looked nice to come back to
    So life goes on
    Tonie I want some cake ,it sounds so good
    Sue how’s you this week
    Lyn Mexico sounds wonderful

    • Chris, Pleased to hear DD got through her day surgery okay but sorry about the pain. Hope she feels better each day from now forward.
      Looks like money will soon be flying out of your home very soon with all the repairmen, etc. We have project very soon here. We ordered a Victorian lamppost for out front. It will hopefully look nice and make it safer to get up and down our many stairs out there. It’s a reproduction. I couldn’t find an old refurbished one without us having to go to Portland, then wonder how to get one home. Hope we like it when it arrives. Electrician already said it’s possible so looking forward to it.
      Busy day here for a change and now, I’m paying, lying on the heating pad, my dear friend, turned on high. Baked DD the chocolate sheet cake she asked for…half with pecans, half without. Those grands of mine don’t like nuts. It’s been ages since I made one of them…much work but so good. I also made a large pan of dogfood today for George. Jim will help me bag it in the AM and freeze it. Lovely weather here, cool, sunny but windy. Porch and deck such a pleasure this time of year…hope it warms up a bit.
      Do rest up from today and take care of both of you. Love, Sue

  14. Morning all
    Chris, so glad that DD is doing well,and that you are recovering. It is hard on us when our children suffer. I remember my back killing me when Nikki was in labor.
    Sue, Judy will be with me on this trip. So nothing boring ! haha ! Rocky will watch after my little ones while I am gone and Ceasar goes with us. THe mare is antsy this morning, she keeps pushing her behind against the posts. I am hoping, nay , Praying that she will deliver before I leave. I am so stressed over her. I know what you mean about the strawberries. I don’t like those big ones. I think they are hybrid and just about size. I like local produce. It is time for blueberries here, so I will be on the lookout. Mine are producing this year, since I learned how to care for them !!
    Lyn, I envy your beach time ! I was just thinking yesterday I need some beachtime.
    After this week and weekend, I need desperately to slow down. My body has been under too much in work, stress and not enough sleep. I need some ME, alone time as well. I have things I need done around here, but also, I need to take it easier and stop pushing so hard. So…..the first step is acknowledgement, right ?
    I hope everyone has a good day. It is cool here until this weekend, only the 70’s. And below 60 at night. But nice. NExt week we are back to storms and high temps. CHris are you having thunderstorms there ? B was without power off and on all weekend. No internet, no phones. Just got a good message from him today. They are having flooding in his area as well.
    Well, long post, and I must be up and moving. Back to Frans today to finish up her flower beds . SUe I pray all goes well with you today.
    Love to all

  15. Well we did have thunder ,not bad here ,but further south and north they were badSome places had a months rain in two hrs and floods
    Hope all will be well and a little one in the field before you go away
    Maybe you can get some rest too…..
    Fingers crossed that my DD is still feeling better each day still not back to work her bp was 96/39 ,she was feeling dizzy.but now she is eating and she has had a shower and the pain is easing things look better
    My tum is better not eating had some ham and mashed potato… good
    Better on nowt or dry biscuits…….or cheese scone!
    Or maybe your cakes tonie….
    Sue I know you have been wanting a lamp out there for some will look lovely and in the winter romantic!
    At Christmas it will be just perfect.
    Hope all is well and your dds birthday too and the present arrived ok …what fun choosing a present with your granddaughter
    Back to sleep for me hopefully it’s 4.30

    • Chris
      No wonder she was dizzy with her body that low ! Hopefully she will feel better soon and be back to normal.
      Rest ? No, not until I can get through this weekend. Now it is early am and I have my coffee. Then throw all into the car. I made red velvet cupcakes and lemon with raspberry icing. And I have five containers of them. Have to stack them all where the sun won’t shine in on them. And since Ceasar is riding in the back with them, have to keep him away, haha.
      Hope you get your scone my friend and feel better.

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