Chronic Pain Makes You Nuts !!!



I know, that isn’t politically correct but I am not thinking or writing about those who suffer from mental illness. I am talking about those of us who suffer everyday who are driven off the radar by that pounding, throbbing, stabbing or aching pain each time we move, breath or urinate. If you are one of us, then you know. Oh yes, you know. We become forgetful, angry, sad, depressed and so many more emotions they are legion. Did I say forgetful? You know, like “What day is it today?” We also become nasty, crabby and confused.


Apparently, the term “to be nuts” began in jolly old England, in 1785, meaning to be out of your head for someone, meaning to be fond of, the head being the nut shaped vehicle. It evolved and is recorded again a hundred years later as “to be off one’s nut” a metaphor for the head as the nut, and meant you were insane. “Out of one’s gourd” meant the same thing. Apparently, the early expressions are not in current usage in Britain and instead they are saying, “He’s a right nutter.” Over here in the USA we say, “He’s nuts,”, “You’re nuts”, or “I’m nuts today.” I wanted to clarify so you didn’t think nuts meant another common expression for a different part of the anatomy. Are we all clear?


So, what are we to do about it? What if we have a condition that is not and will not get better? Perhaps, we have a deteriorating condition that is getting worse each year? Of course, it’s depressing and unbelievably sad but do we give up while we are still breathing? It doesn’t work. I’ve tried giving up many times but for me, no go. There is just too much beauty, love, and fun out there in the world, I can’t pull it off. I’ve tried going to bed for a day or two, again drives me nuts. I often try running around in my PJ’s all day invariably have a plant, inside or out, calling my name. I can hear it, “Hey Mom, I’m dry. I need a drink of water and while you’re at it, pour in a little fertilizer, would ya?”

Life beckons to me and to you. Spouses, children, grandchildren, housework, pets and friends are there, they exist and if we care, through the pain, we get up, you and I and we move in any manner possible; by cane, via wheels, with a walker; we move, don’t we? Hunger is another great motivator. My husband is a terrific guy and if you collapse or choke he could probably save you as he is an RN but cooking, not so much. His cooking is borderline lifesaving. He makes great scrambled eggs, toast, cereal from a box and can nuke a frozen Swanson dinner but that’s the end of his repertoire. Oh, almost forgot, he is great about going for “take-out.” He is a meat and potato guy and I am a vegie and fruits girl. Shopping can also be tricky. I’ve recently discovered online shopping from a local market or two when you drive out to pick it up. It’s great. Not as great or inspiring as wandering around the store but very convenient on those days you must.


You see, life beckons. Each day as I awake and am reminded of pain in many locations on this body, I wonder what the day will bring. Will it be a day when I will achieve a great deal? For me that means about three tasks. Shopping counts as all three. Washing a load of clothes is one, cooking dinner is another three, and so forth. In medicine we call it triaging. In life we call it prioritizing. If I don’t do this and follow my own plans and rules and push it too far, then I get nuts. Pure nuts. Overdoing it is a difficult line to recognize. Why? Because it usually comes after the fact when I am rolling around in bed, in so much pain I can’t sleep. Lessons learned are often learned the hard way. My body like yours has its good days and bad ones.


I love to use humor to deal with pain. If you own a pet then you know how much humor they can bring into your life and usually do. We have always had at least one dog, used to have three and a cat or two. Now we’ve dwindled down to one tiny Yorkie. His antics are always available and always funny. Play is a natural part of the nature of a dog or cat and probably all animals. Those just happen to be the two I am most familiar with. We humans could take a lesson from them. Play. It’s important.


The other day my twelve-year-old granddaughter was here and she was earning money for an upcoming trip. Recently, the electrician had to dig two holes in our yard to install a lovely Victorian lamppost I wanted and by doing so he had to dig up almost all of the ground cover I have been nursing along for many years. Well, actually, this made me a little nutsbecause he dumped the extra dirt from the hole on it as well as digging it up, but that’s another story. Well, my granddaughter likes gardening, it’s genetic you know, and she was doing the planting and digging that required squatting, for me. I was sitting on a portable garden bench pruning bushes, etc.


After our job was completed in the front we went to the back patio where we were planting four o’clock plants grown from seeds sent to me by a dear friend which my deer friends had eaten last year. Fortunately, I still had a few left and they had to be planted away from where the dear deer could reach them. I was telling my sweet girl about when I was a child and had visited my grandfather’s farm in Arkansas. I was recalling when he and I were walking through a field of watermelons, got thirsty and how my grandfather had picked one, dropped it on the ground. He and I sat on the ground and with our bare hand ate the red sweetness out of the heart of that melon. Then the idea struck me. Why not get a watermelon and do that? Why not? I had one of those seedless watermelons in the refrigerator, you know, the ones that have white seeds instead of black ones but are still called seedless? I grabbed that watermelon, well, actually my grandchild did and I grabbed a large plastic garbage bag. I laid the bag on the patio and said to her, “Okay, drop it.” She grinned from ear to ear and “PLOP” with that watermelon. She had to drop it twice before it cracked open. I wish I could report it was as red and juicy as the one in Arkansas long ago but it was still cool and juicy and we had a good time eating it. George, our Yorkie, loves watermelon and had as much as he wanted. His had to be cut up into smaller pieces as he rejects any food larger than a lima bean. Dogs apparently have enough sense to be wary of choking. Who knew?


My hope for each of you is that you don’t worry about going nuts but instead, embrace it. If you need that pain pill, take it. If you need a cane or walker, use it. If you find yourself becoming ugly nuts, rethink it. If your pain is more than you can bear, go to a different doctor. Each day find a way to play, laugh or help someone else. Move on. Look up. Find beauty. Turn off the news. Read a book or watch a funny show on TV. Lie down and listen to music. Get outside any way you can. Tell someone you love them, today.




50 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Makes You Nuts !!!

  1. Oh how timely Sue. I’m having a little flare…or maybe it’s the weather but it’s a pain filled last few days. I’ve gotten comfortable using my cane and walker. I’m not so good about the wheelchair but Remi has done some adequate pulling. I need to work with her more on that. My sister and I have reconciled at last. It helps but she still isn’t someone I can count on when I’m not doing well. I still tend to be overly independent which tends to make people stop asking if I need any help.

    • Laura, please forgive my late reply. Several very bad days here. Sometimes it’s difficulty believe one human body could have severe pain in so many places. I don’t think I’ve ever grunted so much in a course of five day. Well, that aside, I am sorry to hear we have that in common. Is a change of meds needed?
      This is such a good thing…you’re reconciling some issues with your sister. We don’t have to be close to someone just because we’re genetically linked, do we? If so, I am in trouble. I doubt if your sister will ever fully feel what you feel or understand. Let’s just pray there is no animosity. Life gets shorter and shorter it seems. This will give your Dad some peace of mind, don’t you think?
      May I ask why you don’t get an electric wheelchair? I know they are expensive but you really need one. That way you and Remi could have a bit more ease and flexibility. Surely there is some organization that could help you. I do understand about being overly independent. Don’t you think part of it is that we retired nurses have seen so many false dependency and were always taught to keep going. we push too hard. I know I do it all the time. I know you are blessed with many friends who love you and often, we need to let others have the blessing of giving…sometimes, to us. Hang in, hang on, and try to not too discouraged. When pain is bad that’s so easy to slide into…don’t I know. Much love, Sue

      • Oh Sue, there isn’t any animosity towards my sister in my part. Sadness yes but forgiveness is easy when I consider her mindset. I don’t think I’m ready for an electric chair/scooter (my spine likely disagrees). Today it’s my hands, elbow, sacroiliac joints and neck. My mouth is a wreck and has been for a few weeks (sjogrens) as has my go track and eyes . Have had the recurrent fevers of a flare too. Remi makes a huge difference in my confidence at leaving the house. My water time helps as well having given up so much of my pain control options has certainly made life more difficult but the doctors just are too scared at being tagged as a drug pusher around here that it just must be endured. Hemp oil has helped some.

  2. Really good sue
    I totally agree with turning off the news,I can become addicted to it.its everywhere on line etc
    I love the story of your grandad and now the same with you granddaughter,she will treasure that moment with the watermelon
    The fun of dropping it too
    Yes life doesn’t stop and drags us along with it
    I’ve stopped reading ,a lovely means of escape. So I will get back to it
    You can lose the way with it if you stop and need to get on and start to read aga8n

    • Chris, I love to read also and have just, in the last few months, got back to using my Kindle so I can enlarge the script. This whole eye thing those of us with severe Sjogren’s have is a pain. That is the main reason I have been absent from here lately. I also had too much sun on that last day I actually spent out on our deck gardening. It was wonderful but even though cloudy, I think it is the reason I have had a miserable week. Better today. My Mom used to tell us to watch the sun at the beach on a cloudy day; you can get just as burnt. It’s tricky here because it is so cool. We’re in for another bright and sunny day with winds and temps in the mid 60’s to low 70’s F. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy your lovely fresh deck.
      Hope you’re eating enough to keep you well and pray your gut is behaving. Hate that so much for you. Love, Sue

  3. Sue
    Wonderful blog. Lots of encouragement. I had recently cut back on my pain pills. Thought I was taking some I didn’t need. But always put one in the morning meds, for I am always in pain in the morning. Yesterday was a terrible painful day. I ended up taking one of my more powerful ones last night. This morning , I realized that when I made up my pills on Sat, I left out any Tramadol ! But, trying to be brave and not take the meds, is not a good thing. I feel so much better when my pain level is down. So I will take them when I need them.
    Memories, such as the watermelon are wonderful to share, and to make. I miss my grandkids, they are so far away. But know I have made many memories with them all. Hopefully, Nathan will be here soon. If Nikki ever decides to go to Az.
    I hope you are feeling better today, and get some rest. Thanks for all you do in these incredible writings.
    Love ya

    • Tonie dear, these blogs I write would not be possible without you as my co-pilot by knowing enough about computers to post them. Today is the first day I have felt fairly well in a week and it is such a relief.
      I don’t know how to be concerned about you as far as weather right now…are you burning up with heat or are you flooding? How awful for so many who are getting floods right now. It is good you are out of AZ because it was 116 degrees in that whole region yesterday and today. My niece is in Lake Havasu City and wowwy. Sometimes they can’t even get cold water out of the taps. Gees, I’d be a dead cookie. Much love, Sue

      • Sue
        It was always that way with the cold water. Always kept in the fridge and had the water on the outside of fridge door. The only time I got cold water was winter. Those days of triple digits were the worst. Every summer. I don’t know how the people existed there without air conditioning. It is brutal heat. Hopefully going to visit this fall when it cools down some.
        I am so happy you are feeling better. And my part in posting the blog is so miniscule compared to your writing. Here , we are just getting rain, with cooler temps. I need to mow the yard, but it isn’t drying off enough between showers !
        Making some dill pickles today for B. Of course, he likes them rather than the sweet. I like both. So no big deal. First , I have to go swim though. I have dragged out my old Tai Chi dvd and have been refreshing my mind on the moves. Feels so good on the muscles and joints. Slow and easy, and no jarring around. And unlike yoga, I don’t have to be on the floor.
        Stay cool and in the shade.

    • Jean, thank you. Good to hear from you on here FB friend Do take care and thanks also for the thoughts. Fondly, Sue

  4. Nicely done, Sue. Like many here, I try to take as few meds as possible as infrequently as possible. I am finally giving in a bit more to take my muscle relaxant more when I need it. So glad your GD has inherited your gardening gene. I can just picture the 2 of you gardening and enjoying that watermelon. I never thought of giving it to dogs until my neighbor gave Sadie and her buddy some frozen watermelon pieces one day after they were playing. I really must pick some up and freeze vote sized pieces for her for treats on a hot day.
    Keep taking care of you and sharing your awesomeness! Love ya!

    Bobsled, glad to hear you and your sis have reconciled. We are currently getting tons of rain from the south here. My body is not that pleased about it, either, but I imagine I am faring a bit better than you. Take care of you, my friend!

    • Lyn, Good to hear from you as ever. How is the situation with SB and his GF working out? When did these kids grow up? It seems like the time between filling my med containers, weekly ones which I fill once a month, whizzes by more quickly each month.
      I am pleased you are feeling more comfortable with your meds and finding the appropriate way to use them. It’s always a guessing game for us, depending on the day, the activities, how we slept, etc. I think most of us fear becoming addicted to the pain pills and muscle relaxants but they are there when we need them. Of course, we all have, together, found other remedies that help like exercise, heat and cold, rub on oils and creams but there are times when we have to just give in in order to function. I refuse to give up functioning and after a hideous week which I believe is from too much sun without sunscreen…that’s all on me. I hope that was the problem. I hope you are enjoying your summer after your wonderful trip to Mexico with your DH. It looked fantastico. Ole !
      Gorgeous here all summer, thus far but poor Portland and probably where your niece is just across the river from Portland, they have been suffering heat and bad air from fires up North. Hope dear Sadie is doing well and all the cat population. George is lying at my feet here on the bed with his little jacket on, snoring away. Yes, it is cool with the window open. I pray you are not being affected by the flooding in PA. Enjoy your summer sweet friend, Love, Sue

  5. Sue, what an inspiring blog, and just when I needed some encouragement!

    Like Laura, I seem to be in a flare that is not settling down. Since I started the biologics I’ve had times when I hurt all over and then it would gradually settle down, but not this time! I awoke with a knee so swollen it wouldn’t bend … and that knee had been replaced! My GP ordered x-rays which showed all the hardware was intact. The swelling has gone down, to a point, but it refuses to return to normal, and now my other knee is painful, as well as my ankles, feet, hands etc … you get the picture, and with it, that old fatigue has returned! I guess it is time for a change off meds, but I remember my rheumatologists words the last time he changed my biologic: “If this doesn’t help you, nothing will!” My first rheumatologist was always very encouraging but this doctor is more a tell it like it is kinda guy.
    I now have another very crooked toe that I am walking on sideways, so it is now covered in calluses and corns. My foot surgeon wants to again amputate so it will match my other foot, but in the meantime, my neurosurgeon has ordered an MRI with the intent to proceed with a neck fusion, as I now have pressure on my spinal cord from damage at C1 and C2. As for me, I would like them to just leave me alone, but my foot is very painful and I am told the situation with my neck could become very serious!

    Something that I have found interesting … I recently found some letters posted online that my 3rd great grandfather in Ontario wrote to his brother in Utah, in which he stated that he was suffering from very severe rheumatism, but some days he felt much better than others! Sure sounds like RA to me! My grandfather, his grandson, was on gold injections when he passed on, so I’m now quite sure where my RA genes came from. My mother had nodules in her hands and feet, but I have taken this disease to a whole new level!

    Last winter, after my hand surgery, I had my DNA analyzed and started working on my family tree, much of which could be done with just a click on the computer. I have found old wills, letters, and cause of death of many of my relatives which I found very interesting. My mother’s family were part of the “Plantation of Ulster” by King James1 of England when they left Scotland to be part of the “Plantation.” They later left for England and then Ontario, and then some to the US, so their history is very interesting. I have DNA matches and been in touch with cousins from Scotland, England, US, and of course Canada. This research kept me from “going nuts” post op from my surgery when I was unable to use my right hand!!

    I think I will now go out and buy a watermelon and let Abby and Korra enjoy some too!!!

    • Pommum
      I know my RA came from my Daddy’s grandmother. I remember going to see her a few times. She was bedfast and we were told not to touch her. She was in so much pain she couldn’t stand to be touched. So happy that medicine has vastly improved since then. She also kept a bag of soft peppermint sticks and always gave my brother and I one. Still love those things.
      So sorry about your new problems. I do hope that you find a good answer that will solve them. It always depends on which place is screaming the loudest, doesn’t it ?
      Take care

    • Pommum, You know I love hearing from you and know what it costs you to type with those fingers of yours. I love you for your immense courage. I don’t like a doctor telling you such a negative statement because new meds are coming out every day. Always. Rheumies are like oncologists. They have to stay very current and positive.
      I am sorry you are having so much pain everywhere and know much too well how overwhelming that is. I know the pups help you smile, in spite of how you are feeling. I love their pics, especially when they go swimming. Are you still at the lake? I think I would be mostly concerned about your C spine just because of the negative possibilities. So much to take on, time to prioritize. I know, you hate it.
      I love that everyone is commenting on the watermelon. Boy, watermelon sales are going up this summer!
      My grandmother whom I never met, died before I was born, also had a debilitating condition. She is reported to have been in bed for the last three years of her life with rheumatism…that old sage. All of my sisters have suffered with some form of it and my dear Dad. I, also have used the DNA study, 23 & Me, because my daughter gave it to me for Christmas. I was amazed by the results. That particular company does a lot of health studies as well. Well dear friend, I pray for you as you face more than anyone I know and you do it with such a positive, loving nature. I send you hugs, but gentle ones. Sue

    • Hello, Pommum, I join in saying how nice it is to hear from you. I would agree with Sue that while your toe may bother you most, it is my understanding that C spine should probably be first in the triage. My best to you. Enjoy those pups! What would we do without our furry friends? Prayers coming your way.

  6. Hello all
    Cooler here the last few days. Nice actually. B. is now having the heat that we had there. His gd is visiting so he is taking them to the beach there at a lake. Says he needs to get some color before coming home, lol.
    Some news about Sweetie.After my stressful week, on Saturday morning when I went out to feed, she was standing to greet me as always. Her baby was moving around like crazy ! I even got to feel it. I also wrote a lady in Colorado who raises and shows mules (also the daughter of Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts) gave her an update. SHe says she has since spoken to some breeders who say their mares are going way beyond the 12 month mark for their foaling. Thinks it is the environment somehow. So, not so much worry now, just waiting for the milk to come in, then I know she is going soon. It seems forever to me, I cannot imagine how she feels.
    So, getting fresh tomatoes from my garden now. And I have another load of cucumbers in the sink waiting for me to slice them for pickles. My heirloom tomatoes have little green ones, and some I kept on the porch have blooms. So I will hopefully have some nice ones of those to eat soon. I have turnips, potatoes, onions, corn, beans, pumpkins, squash, and zucchini still to come. Radishes and lettuce as well. The garden has been wonderful so far. I did something recommended in the Old Farmers Almanac this year. Don’t plow. Just plant and let grow. Said you are really loosing a lot of good things when you disturb the earth. Must be true cause it has never been so nice. Now if I could keep out the crabgrass.
    Sue, I sure hope you recovered from the trip to the dentist. Not looking forward to that myself. I have three cavities. UGH !! All different places, so a full mouth numbing with three shots. My mouth aches for weeks after the shots.
    Chris, are you feeling better ? Hope you have found something to eat.
    Lyn, you take care of you. Use your meds when you need them. My first rheumy told me that it is better to have it in your system than have to wait for maybe days for relief when you don’t take them. I take my muscles relaxer at night, helps me stay asleep and keeps my muscles and nerves from jumping.
    BSL,, glad you made up with your sister. I know, from recent events, how family can upset your life with negativity. It’s hard for me to keep my mouth under control. But prayer helps me, makes me feel better . We love them, don’t mean we have to like ’em. right ?
    Take care all, so many posts. Just know we all appreciate your comments and you are so welcome here.

    • Tonie, I love the sounds and images of your garden. I’ve been eating fresh beets, love the greens, too and fresh corn for a couple of days. I love turnips. Are you planning on canning those vegies, pickling or freezing. They all taste so much better freshly clipped or pulled out of the garden, don’t they? We just don’t have enough sun for cherry tomatoes but I might try anyway. So many wonderful things growing in your world. Well, you know it takes an elephant two years gestation so tell Sweetie not to worry. Still think it might be twins with her being a twin.
      You seem to be busy right now with swimming, garden to maintain, yard to care for, etc. Do take time to be good to you because you are what it all revolves around. Wish you could see our little cluttered Victorian. My porch and deck have never looked lovelier and the new lamp post makes it all even better. My geraniums are huge this year. George is the terror of the neighborhood when he goes out with me on his long line. Tried to eat the mailman yesterday. I saw him deliver the mail then George and I went out, me to the shady porch and George to wreak havoc on all who dared come near. Then, from another direction came the mailman with two small packages. Well, you know who went ballistic out of fear and surprise. I told the dear man that he might nibble on his heels but he was harmless. All went well but was a bit hectic and mailmen wear heavy shoes. Guarding the whole world is just such a large responsibility for such a small dog.
      I know how excited you are about B coming home and don’t blame you. All that cleaning, oh my. Remembering how much you would rather be out in the yard, I get it. He will be so impressed with your garden and all you’ve done. Happy, oh happy day that will be. I need to pull down some lace curtains in our living room and dining room. They are a deeper color of cream…more like coffee with cream right now. Love lace because it’s so sweet but also because I don’t have to iron it.
      I was digging in a large old pot in the far corner of our backyard to find some good old dirt mix and found a dozen old bulbs. As I recall, they are tulip bulbs from several years ago. Do you or does anyone else know if they are still viable. They are all sizes, white, not shriveled at all. If I refrigerate them a week or two and then plant will they sprout? Think I’ll look for more in the morning. I was reminded of stories of how the Dutch ate tulip bulbs during WWII. Such heroic people there. Well dear girl, time for bed, well, actually I’m already there. I am still sore from the dentist…takes awhile with back and jaw and sore gums. I’m surprised they would work on you both top and bottom at the dentist. Usually it’s either the upper teeth or the lower, not both. Be good to you…Love, Sue

      • Sue
        What a nic find. Yes, cool them for a bit and see. Scrape a little off and see what they look like underneath. Should be solid.
        Going now up to see if anymore blackberries, then……long list to choose from. Resting the morning away. So now time for work
        Love ya

  7. Alison, alias rose tint, Always sweet to hear from you. I hope the heat in England hasn’t hit you. Yes, indeed, we are enjoying our lamppost so much. Unfortunately our majestically old and tall, about 80 ft. monkey puzzle tree near the light has died. The arborist guesses it to be about ninety years old. I hate to lose it. It marks our corner so beautifully. I won’t miss the tiny spear like cones it shed everywhere but love the look of it. Don’t have a time set yet but it will cost A LOT. UGH. They use those big bucket trucks much like firemen use. One up the road that died last year, well, the folks there had the top removed as it wasn’t nearly as tall as ours, then had a local artist carve it into a totem pole.
    Hope your son is doing well in his new environment and you both are happy with the results now. Also wish you to keep healing. Love, Sue

  8. As usual I loved this. It reinforces my decision to apply for a Medical MJ card. Now finding someone to go for a watermelon as grandkids are spending the night tomorrow.

    • Marilyn, Not sure which medical card that is…are you here in the states? It always blesses me to know one of my readers enjoys something I have to say. Enjoy that watermelon…don’t forget the large plastic trash bag. My grands are teens and rarely spend the night so I turned our guest room into a den. We sold the twin kids beds. We got a loveseat that has a twin bed inside. I believe if the kids stay over…one gets a sleeping bag on the floor and the lucky one gets the bed. Our older grands live in TX and Washington DC and rarely visit anymore…in college, new careers, etc. They grow much too fast, don’t they? Good to hear from you. Sue

  9. Hello, again, all. Tonie, I usually take the muscle relaxant at night also, but do take it during the day when I don’t have to drive anywhere, unless I take a half pill. Half is sometimes enough to help keep me from tightening up more. I have even sung a concert or two on half a pill. I would not try to sing on a full dose. I tried practicing once and it felt really odd. Loosened my folds a bit too much. Anywhoo, good news about Sweetie. She was making me nervous LOL. Do you have a date for B’s return yet? Perhaps you have said and I just missed it. Sometimes when I have a lot of reading to catch up I skim and then miss something.
    Sue, SB and his GF have had to put the move on the back burner for a bit while they look and continue to look for new jobs. She didn’t realize she’d be getting a cut in pay with her new position, and the job he had a line on is not materializing. They expressed much interest in him, then nothing. No response to his emails or calls as of yet. I have no Earthly idea why people hiring would follow this kind of hiring practice, but he has encountered it before. Just be honest, people. Is that so hard? They pursued him in the first place, so why wouldn’t they just say thanks, no thanks at some point if they changed their mind? The good news in all of this is that it gives me more time with the furniture. So, I am proceeding at my own pace. Rainy days this week provided me with some painting time, now I need to to stop raining so I can get some sanding time in! We will have a couple of days with less rain, then we are to get some more again. Thankfully, we have not experienced the flooding others have in the area. Those familiar with Hersheypark and Knoebels Amusement parks may be surprised to learn they were both closed several days this week due to extreme flooding. SB and friends were to go camping at Knoebels this weekend. Both parks are opening today, but I don’t believe I’d be willing to go camping at Knoebels quite yet. Probably a muddy mess! I think the boy will change his plans.
    Take care, everyone, and have a great weekend.

  10. Hi all
    Been really hot here for about two weeks this last week about 95 and nights about 20
    Thunder tonight and raining hopefully cooler in the morning
    All not too bad with me usual stuff tying to find food to eat
    Managed tinned pears today and porridge yesterday along with usual food
    Wilting in this heat tho
    Good to hear from you Lyn and you are well.,,,,welish ..
    Brenda prayers that all will come good for you
    Tonie not long now till 22nd
    Sue how’s it going there with the lamp? Have you had the tree down yet ?
    Well gonna try and get to sleep ,been sitting outside it’s gone midnight and it’s too hot

  11. Chris”
    So sorry about all the heat. I think we sent it on over from here. B. is having the same weather, everyday in the 90’s until he is almost ready to leave. It is stifling, I know. Hope you found something to eat. I have a recipe for a refrigerator cake I will send you. Very easy. Angel Food cake, crushed pineapple, some unflavored gelatin and cool whip. Nice and light, and you should be able to eat it.
    Sue, hope you are doing well. Enjoying your cooler weather. Here it is somewhat cool today, we are to have rain later. I went to Mary’s husband’s home yesterday and picked a gallon of the most beautiful blackberries ever. I am going to order me some of those briars. THornless, wonderful. He has had three baby racoons there eating them as well.
    Nathan was supposed to be here yesterday. But Nikki ran into delays and then they had very heavy bad thunderstorms and decided to wait until today to leave. So I will see him later. It will be nice to have him visit for a while. He is enjoyable, if I do have to hear a lot about Ellen Degenerous (sp). He is obsessed with her. THinks she is so wonderful because of all the things they do for people on the show.
    Now, I need one more coffee , then get ready for church.
    Love to all

    • Tonie
      Thankyou for thinking of me …but I looked at ingredients in cool whip and it has high fructose corn syrup in it ,…I’m allergic to it,….and I’m not sure I could have pineapple.i tried tinned pears a few days ago and my diver became really sore and the runs now I am back to liquids only
      Think best to stick to my few things. I see the prediabetic clinic soon and hopefully she can point me in the right direction .im gonna be a difficult patient I think.not being able to have sweeteners and all the stuff for diver I can’t have
      Yes the wea5her has been so hot .thunder storms over the weekend ,huge hail.very hot during the storm.cooler next day but they say it’s getting back to being hot
      Blackberries and no thorns….way to go!

      • Chris
        You can make it with real shipped cream. my preference, just easier with cool whip. And you can use any type fruit you r want. Some people use strawberries, cherry pie filling, blueberries, doesn’t matter.
        We are on our third rainstorm and first thunderstorm of the day. We really needed the rain. Stay cool !!

  12. Hi tonie
    I’m just blimmin awkward can’t have fruit with seeds in it or any peel
    Infact my diet is so restricted at the moment and if I go off it Im in trouble as I am now and back on liquids again
    The dish does sound so refreshing
    How’s the hair extensions going ?
    Glaucoma clinic for me today..hate the eye tests they do there

    • Hey Chris
      The extensions are doing great. They stay in for months. And if you watch them put in you can probably do them yourself. One thing, when you buy the hair it has tape strips already attached. Buy some tape as well and put the new tape on as the pretape is not as good at holding. But swimming , sweating, and washing my hair , it is remarkable how good they are.
      So sorry about the food with you. I can’t imagine having to be so careful. Guess I would have to live on ice cream ! Haha . With Nathan here, I have to find things to make him that he will eat. Autistics have a limited food that they like. Last night I made him a stir fry with rice, quinoa, pork, onions and garlic. He really liked it. Tonight some pasta with either a sauce or just butter and salt. He always loves it. Trying to get him together with his little girlfriend while he is here. They are so sweet together. We went swimming today and he loves it. I need to push his mom to trying to get him in some sports programs there. He loves being with me and his Aunt Judy. Had to take her to get her brakes repaired and then to the hearing aid adjustments, so my whole day gone. Resting a bit before feeding. And cooking. I think ice cream supper for me. Lol. Tired. We had Taco Bell for lunch, eggs for breakfast, so I have had enough food for the day.
      Sweeties foal is kicking up a storm, wanting out. I always hug up to her and talk to it, yesterday it was kicking my face. I so hope it is soon now. 3 more weeks and B will be here. Maybe she will have it then !
      Take care

  13. How strange if sweetie waits for FM to be here
    Interesting about Nathan and food ,but he likes what he likes so that’s that
    He does sound lovely company
    Ice cream …nope
    It’s either got sweetener ..allergic
    Or sugar..can’t have
    It’s a minefield
    Stuck on just a few foods
    On the upside I’ve lost 19 pounds
    Also they discharged me from the glaucoma clinic
    My eyes are healthy,no bleeding optic nerve good.done photos and pressures all good
    He said it could have been done by lifting
    And around that time I was doing a lot ,coming and going to the shed
    So after that we went out to a small market town and wandered around and had a coffee
    No sugar for me ..and any drink with sugar in now is really sweet
    It’s funny how your taste buds change
    Also I had a glucose test at a chemist here and it’s gone down a bit
    Bit difficult to tell as the dr done a test that shows over 3 maths and this was a spot check
    But I mite buy one to see how it is over time they are not expensive
    Ok I’m off DH out in garden photoing mars it’s showing quite large tonite .clear nite too

    • Chris
      Yes, when you ban sugars from your diet, you really stop craving them. GOod thing. I used to keep small chocolate bars in the fridge for snack at night. Stopped it, made dark chocolate truffles for when I want them. Oh I still have my ice cream, always. But limit my sugars. I can’t drink “sweet tea” (the house wine of the South) , too too sweet. Just plain for me with lemon. Sugar is addictive really and one of the reasons for obesity in children in the US I believe. My kids are good about restricting their kids from sodas, sweets. Just for occasional treats.
      Glad your sugar is down. A true reading is a fasting, one where you have not eaten , before breakfast. Then you can monitor after a meal to see how high it is , then an hour later, how much it is gone down. That is what happens in the lab to see how bad your diabetes is.

      I would be interested to see DH’s pics, as usual. He is such a good photographer. Well, must get going. WOrking at Mrs Blairs today. Her daughter just had surgery for stomach cancer. Awful disease is everywhere, no one is immune it seems.
      Take care

      • Didn’t ge5 a monitor as the pharmacy I went to she showed three diff readings in ten mins
        So I thought I’d wait till I found out a reliable one to buy
        Yes it’s a good idea to do them timed like that that’s why I want to do it myself
        Did you used to work in a lab tonie.i think u mentioned it before?
        I’m only borderline prediabetic and I think I’ve gone down since…hopefully. It’s jst how it goes down after a meal I want to know
        Mrs Blair must be so worried, yes it affects all the family
        Right.warm here today and gonna get hotter again over the next week

  14. Quick pop on here. I believe I shared my best friend – really, like a sister – had her first chemo treatment today. She shared that pathology slides were sent to John Hopkins for another review. Her cancer is labeled endometrial cancer, stage 4B. A quick check online finds that 5 year survival rate is 15%. Praying she can follow my aunt’s example and be part of that 15%. Any positive thoughts, juju, prayers are most appreciated.

    • Lyn
      I pray daily for all who have cancer, or cancer in their familes. Horrible disease that affects everyone around them. But I pray for your friend that she will beat this monster.

    • Prayers for your friend. I am a great believer in positive thoughts and energy as well as prayer. All of the above for you and your friend. Love, Janet

  15. Hi All, so much I’ve fallen behind on so I must catch up and get you all caught up. Lyn dear, you and I have already chatted about your friend and you know I am here for you and for her. Prayers continue for her to have strength and for you to find the areas you can help her since she’s not right there in town with you Hope the furniture you’re fixing for the kids is going well and you’re not overdoing. We’re due for rain for the next three days and we can use it. Been so bright here for the last couple of weeks. My porch geraniums are so gorgeous this year. As soon as my grandson shows me how to share my pics from new phone I will post pics on FB. Loving the new lamp out front.

    Tonie, so the pregnancy continues for poor Sweetie but all is well when you can get kicked. I know how excited you are with B coming home. Glad you’re enjoying your favorite grandson so much. Such a sweet boy but any company can be tiring so hope you are getting some rest. I love hearing about your garden. I just cut some fresh cilantro for dinner tonight. I will make salsa as soon as this resting period stops, lying on the heating pad to the neck and shoulders. Kids are coming over for chicken or beef tacos…choice, Mexican rice, canned frijoles, corn or flour tortillas all for my birthday tomorrow. My choice over being uncomfortable at a restaurant. Oh, I am feeling so ooolllddd! Swimming sounds so good right now. Such a good grandma to cook so much special food for Nathan. You’re so right in your remarks to Chris. Your taste buds do react differently once you can get past the craving for sweets. I find I gain more weight on sweets, even more than carbs. I’m a salty person and that includes my appetites. Chips and snacks are my downfall. Pirates Booty is safe though.

    Chris dear, oh my, it’s always something, I know. Watching your sugar levels would be a lot easier with a fasting test as Tonie suggested so you don’t have to go crazy about it. Still concerned about that weight loss. You’re gonna need a new wardrobe. Glad you’re getting some cool down so you can enjoy that lovely deck. Sounds like DH is doing well and enjoying his talent of photography. I discovered my 12 year old granddaughter is interested in photography and takes a very good pic with her cell phone and mine. She was shadowing the sun with her hand the other day taking a picture of one geranium blossom, up close. When she and her brother were here on Monday I hired them to take down my filthy lace curtains in the living room and dining room and wash the windows. They did a wonderful job. I washed them and we hung them back up damp and all looks so much brighter out there. My GS got a kick out of using the outdoor spray wash you attach to the hose on the windows. Now he wants to do it at his house. I did find a few sun tears in the ones that get the most sun but with lace, it’s hard to spot. They are preparing for a trip to Florida; GS with a friend to flight camp for a week at Pensacola and DD and GD and friend to the beach for that week. SIL will join them following week for a week to Cape Canaveral and then a short trip to DIsneyworld. The kids will enjoy a bit of extra spending money from Nana and I get a brighter, cleaner house.

    Okay, so about ME. My eyes have been very bad this summer and only short spurts on the computer before they blur on me. SO frustrating. Have to have a light on in all rooms. That’s why I am on here less. Had my left knee drained and injected with steroids yesterday. RIght knee next month. Praise the Lord, I found a great local orthopedic guy. I really like the knee guy in Portland but he is only knees. The new doc right here in town seems good thus far, personable, wise and interested in my many challenges. I asked him if he would be willing to help me with all my joints for who knows how long and he said it would be a pleasure. Seeing my internist Friday. I am having much pain in my cervical spine and right shoulder again. Can’t even hold up a newspaper to read right now and terrible spasms when drying my hair, etc. Hope it’s just that darn shoulder which is bone on bone and an injection under fluoroscopy again will help it as it did last year. Had it done by a interventional radiologist.Hope my internist will write the order on Fri. Left shoulder going but not as bad. Been sleeping in my cervical collar the last few months. Back and rearend much the same as ever…love my heating pad and getting so much relief from the rub on hemp oil. I tried the one with the THC in it (pot) but costs more and worked no better. Still using hemp oil orally, different formula than rub on but must take some opioids now to make it through the day and nights. J has been a bit more fatigued than usual lately so am a bit worried about him. Having a lovely summer in spite of all the physical crap. Looking forward to my birthday dinner tonight, one day early. Now onward and upright to get the salsa made. Mild version Tonie, no jalapenos for this old girl. Love to each of you.

    • I hope you had a wonderful birthday dinner, Sue! I hope you see the post I tagged you in today. I used to be able to post from that app to others’ fb walls, but suddenly I am only able to post to my own wall and must resort to tagging.
      I can’t believe how old your grands are getting! It is great fun seeing how they grow and mature through your eyes. Thanks for the update! Sounds like they have some great fun ahead of them.

      Hemp oil. Wondering if I should look into that. As you guessed, I am probably overdoing trying to get this furniture finished and my hands are not happy about it. I now have all 4 chairs painted and sanded, just need to wax them and paint, sand, and wax the table yet. The end is in sight! I also took advantage of a 30% off sale at our Sherwin-Williams store and picked up the paint for our family room/kitchen area so that is ready for me when I am ready for it. I am trying to not overdo, and doing a pretty good job, but it is all wearing on hands and other joints regardless. Trying to take small bites of that elephant!

      I checked in on my friend yesterday – first day after infusion – and she was not having side effects yet. We’ll see how the next couple of days play out. This was her first round, so she may not have much issue until later treatments. I hope so. I must check in on DD today again. She was feeling poorly on Tuesday, still not great yesterday, but she had to work. Not sure if she works today, but probably. Hope whatever it is, is passing.

      Time to see about getting ready to walk the pup. It looks like it will be rainy off and on today and morning may be our best shot at getting her out. Take care!

      • Lyn dear, Thanks for the birthday greetings. Indeed my local grands are sprouting like weeds now at 12 and 14. The 12 year old GD is going on 21. Adolescence if so intriguing. Yes, dinner was delicious and we had so much fun. Jim was telling one of his old army stories and I thought the kids were going to pee their pants laughing…DD, too. Refrig is full of fattening leftovers. Jim brought home a delicious carrot cake…a sheet cake for about 15 or 20. Freezer will get last of it until company next weekend. It is as good as mine which is delicious. He bought me a gorgeous large urn style plantar for one of our deck red maples that needs to be replanted. So pretty it will look great in it.

        I have been much more pleased with the topical hemp oil than the oral, although it is good, too. There is a little jar of cream with hemp and other oils that is wonderful. $29 for a small jar but it lasts about six weeks because it goes such a long way as a bit melts in. Rub it on aching joints, for me the neck and knees also back. It has made my nails look great, also. I order all by mail so don’t have to go into pot shops. Not crazy about them because…you know, I just feel out of place. They are also more expensive than mail order.Still cool out here, being inundated by folks from Portland where it has been very hot. Streets crowded.

        Your furniture sounds like such fun. You’ll have to share a pic on FB when it’s finished. I know it’s hard on your hands. Hemp oil cream would probably help. Let me know if you want to know where I order it online. Rub on oil is different but also good for larger joints. Oral, some help. Trying to educate folks about CBD. Most just don’t realize it is totally different than marijuana and it gets a bad reputation. I’ve learned so much. There’s a great, cheap little booklet available on Amazon I got for my Kindle that explains it all. Time to finish this lovely day, well, two days. Love ya, Sue

  16. Sue
    Happy birthday
    And yes your GD does sound a good photographer in the making
    Well as for a new wardrobe …..
    I’ve still got my old one ..the thin one ..I shall leave the fat one alone for awhile!
    Had good fun trying all the thin stuff on again last night
    I see what you said about DH and you were concerned.maybe it’s just an age thing and the bp meds

    • Chris, that does sound like fun trying on clothes you haven’t worn in awhile. I do hope you are finding some food you can tolerate. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Much love, Sue

  17. Sue
    Happy Birthday dear friend. I hope you enjoy your dinner with family. SO nice to be done that way. Sometimes I like to just be home, relax and enjoy each other, instead of getting through the meal in public. I am planning on canning some salsa this year. And sauces . I have so much beautiful basil and garlic. Today I go to Galax, and so will look for a box of canning tomatoes to do some plain. Then the ones from the garden, a lot of roma’s coming in, I will do for sauces. I have fresh jalapenos in now, so chop chop !! Here we are getting so much rain. Everyday this week. Good for the garden, but by the time I can mow, I will need to bale it !!
    Yes, enjoying my time with Nathan. He is good, let’s me rest. Quiet and calm that boy. As long as I feed him , haha ! He got to chat with his gf on video last night. It was so sweet to listen to them. She treats him like a normal young man. Sometimes he understood her, some times, I had to step in and explain to him. Hopefully they can do something together. She has cerebral palsy. Sweet little girl though. She graduated hs this year.
    As for B. he is trying to survive the heat wave Europe has over it right now. No ac in most of his town. So he is escaping to the library some days. Today he said he will go swimming, then get some packing done. He is cautious over what he packs because of thievery. You cannot lock anything anymore. But, so much he has to bring with. He said, “oh well, if I get there and need something I can buy it” He is not attached to things like I am. I would be hard pressed to pick things to take with me to start a new life. Wouldn’t you ? What would you take ?
    I understand about your relationship with your heating pad. I have a closeness with mine as well. I have to have it on in my bed all the time. I wake up to turn it back on during the night. Don’t know if I could make it without it. Glad you got your knees done and found a good ortho guy. My hip has done so much better since getting the bursa injected on Monday It actually helped my back as well.
    Okay, gotta get going, just remember to enjoy your day and evening as well. Mexican without peppers, awful ! lol !

    • Tonie, okay Miss Smarty Pants…let’s get this straight. I do use peppers just not jalapenos. I use the California or Anaheim peppers…the long green ones…no heat. With my mouth, I catch fire easily. Funny though, my sister can eat a whole cup of jalapenos and not bat an eye and I can’t eat a tiny sliver…never could. All of your tomatoes sound so great. We have to buy them. We just don’t get enough sun at our place to ripen them. I do have cilantro, Oregano, Basil and thyme all over the place. My salsa was fab. Used the last this morning on eggs. Sounds like you are in for a lot of work canning and freezing. Funny coincidences today. My son called and said he had made my great carrot cake recipe yesterday…as he was home with his wife who just had ACL surgery, very complicated, on her knee. Jim bought me a gorgeous and delicious carrot cake yesterday. Then son, he sent me Sherrie’s Berries and we bought another flat of strawberries, looks like the last of the season. SO. we are large with cake, See’s candies from DD, strawberries of all kinds. We’re going to get so much more fat than we already are.

      Had such a fun dinner last night, kids leaving for Florida tomorrow. Yes , it is more fun to eat in but more work. Glad we did it. My choice. Sounds like you are enjoying Nathan’s stay. Such a sweet young man. Love to hear about his GF. Talked to many friends and family and all suffering from such extreme heat, except us…thus far. Sorry to hear about B burning up over there. Getting closer and closer…beyond excited…that’s what you both are I suspect.

      As far as possessions, I plan to take it all with me. No move except the eternal one but want it all thrown in with me. I have so many lovely things I am so attached to. DD gave me this adorable rabbit plaster plant holder. He has a space for an African violet in his tummy. She chose a white one with purple edges, so pretty. My favorite professor from nursing school who is also a FB friend, sent me a gorgeous bouquet. I was so pleased and surprised.

      Knee I had injected and drained is sore but better. I love this new ortho but can only make appt. for one thing at a time…so have to go back in Sept for R knee. Sweet guy though. I was very frank with him and asked if he could help me hold my joints together for a few years and he said it would be his pleasure. Nice man. Going to internist tomorrow to get an order to have my shoulder injected like last year under scope in X-ray. Need it. My neck is in spasm every time I reach or lift. Enough already. Cervical collar helps but not enough.
      Late and time to sleep. Love you much. I had a wonderful day. Sue

  18. Good morning
    A foggy start here in the mountains. Hopefully some sunshine today. So much rain. I so love my little farm. Starting the morning letting out the chickens, throwing them grain, then on to Sweetie, waiting for her morning pet at the fence. Seeing the birds flying away from the chicken yard where they are finding grain. Then back to make coffee, watching a murder of crows who live nearby, come in to gather up what grain I dropped. Picking a few ripe tomatoes on my way back to the house. Summertime is so lovely here.
    Lots of work to do today, if I have the energy. I really need to weed the garden, or should I say “grass”. The crabgrass has invaded everywhere this year. All this rain, my garden is overwhelmed.
    I have pickles soaking again. Gonna mix this one up, some sweet, some with garlic and jalapeño. Maybe even throw in some ginger. Getting wild with my pickling, lol. I have three zucchini so far, and have to do something with them. Might try that recipe I saw online for chips. It calls for ranch dressing, which I am not a fan of, so maybe just plain with salt. We will see.
    Nathan is supposed to be going home tomorrow. We will see. I made him a strawberry shortcake last night. Haven’t made one of those 8n ages. Love the cake, like a big scone. Socks up the berry juice, and real whipped cream. Nothing like it in the freezers. And we had us a cinnamon roll after our workout yesterday as well, so Sue you’re not the only one scarfing sweets !
    Glad you are getting injected and hope it helps. I need to get another massage. My shoulders are all knotted up, I can feel the lumps under the skin along my trapezoids . One day soon.
    Have a great weekend all

  19. Tonie
    It all sounds so idyllic what a way to start the day
    FM will so appreciate being back
    Then sweetie to foal ..really all good
    Hope all ok and the knee feeling better
    Oh Tonie have you watched ..the coroner….it takes place in Cornwall and it has nice stories to it and scenery
    Your furniture you do ..well it sounds lovely I bet it is so well done as well

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