Conversations With George



I don’t want to alarm anyone but I often talk to myself. I say, when caught in the act, I am talking to George, our little Yorkshire terrier but that’s not really the truth. I do sometimes talk to him, of course, we live together in the same house along with the man of the house. I am a modern woman, if somewhat worn, therefore when I say my husband is the man of the house, that implies no sovereignty, superiority or dominance. To clarify in today’s age of sensitivity regarding the use of common language, I am the woman of the house, my spouse is the man of the house and George is the sovereign in this house. We’re all gratefully under the omniscient eye of God. As for all this current kafuffle about gender identification, I know for certain, because I am a registered nurse, George is a male and my spouse is a male. I am a female. Okay? Everybody clear on that? Let’s move on. As to God’s sex, we don’t have time to go into the highly intellectual, seminarian invasion into the Dead Sea Scrolls or the original texts of the Bible, be they in Aramaic or Hebrew. Maybe we’ll do that another day, but I doubt it.


I also talk to myself more frequently than I am willing to admit; like, well all the time, however most of those conversations are, quite honestly, mostly directed toward God. I don’t find that at all unusual, do you? Doesn’t everyone talk to God? Even individuals who don’t believe in God speak to Him. Haven’t you noted during times of crises, tragedy or even during coitus folks cry out, “Oh, God,” or “God please help me?” Most of my conversations with George and with the Lord have to do with everyday living, thankfulness, questions of safety and suppositions to get some help down here…quickly sometimes.


“Georgie, shall we go outside and water the geraniums today?” I know, the single word “go” is enough. He is jumping into the air the entire time I go to the BR, where he is circling my feet, while I wash my face and brush my teeth. He is down the stairs while my cane and I descend slowly as I look for my sandals. Other days I try to avoid all these shenanigans and say nothing and simply do the morning ablutions and stumble down to the kitchen and run water into a huge old empty plastic water jug. George who has the hearing of a hidden microphone placed by a World War II spy, hears the water hitting the plastic and is quickly beneath my feet. The jig is up. We’re going outside. When out there he is barking incessantly at any leaf blowing down the street, any local cat that saunters by and particularly becomes apoplectic if someone rides by on a motorcycle or bicycle while I tell him to stop it. He ignores me.


Now, I know George is not going to answer me but he does, however, have an extensive vocabulary, reads my facial expressions and brilliantly understands my tone of voice. That last bit is usually for his own preservation. Like many animals he is instinctively compassionate. Isn’t a good lick on the nose as loving as it can get? As smart as this little ten-pound creature is, (who should actually weigh nine pounds) he is not completely housebroken. That is our fault. During that vital training time period, we were dragging him from pillar to post as I was getting radiation treatment a hundred miles from here. We took an old, washable bathroom rug with us to preserve the motel carpet and any fines and he “goes” on that. Yes, we tried the paper pads but he felt those were only for chewing and would leave us a nice, neat little pile of the absorbent paper, stacked nicely in haystack shape. When I become frustrated with this situation I remind him, “Georgie, I’m sorry you have such lousy parents who didn’t train you properly but we do love you.”


My morning begins with a conversation with God as I thank him for being alive and being able to get out of bed. I often ask for that help due to stiffness, pain and sheer morning fatigue. Some days I need a good talking to myself because I have a quick bit of envy for the “good old days” when I could crawl out of bed without pain or regret. I never popped out of bed. I was never one of “those.” I need the grace of God to crawl out now. Disappointment can often fill my heart as I feel pain in my back and most other joints but a quick retort to myself makes disappointment disappear. The memory I also suffer from metastatic cancer usually brings me upright because I feel gratitude for each day I can rise to see the sun, rain or whatever is awaiting me. George is downstairs with his human Dad who rises with the sun, much earlier than I do. All I have to do is stumble to the top of the stairs and ask and my dear man brings me a hot cup of coffee. I know, I am blessed. George usually pops up the stairs because he knows I’ll be drinking a bottle of Ensure and he will get to lick the inner lid.


As far as my conversations with God, it’s not a one-way street because I know He already knows what I’m thinking, but out of courtesy, fear and sometimes wavering faith, I have to converse with him out loud. I try to keep my conversations with God unspoken when I’m in public. I somehow fear getting carted away if I find myself standing in the meat aisle saying, “Oh thank you Lord, they have baby back ribs on sale today.” I confess I have been known to mumble beneath my breath while shopping, more than once. I am also one of those people who are always getting approached by other shoppers. It always happens that someone wants to know how to cook something, where something is located or just wants to pass the day with a smile or chat.


As far as George is concerned, he hears from me out loud, in a whisper or in a hug. There are many ways to converse, to show our love and concern and simply to show comfort. I know, like you, I need a lot of the latter on pain-filled days. My poor husband has lived with me in this condition for two-thirds of our married life and I know he becomes fatigued with the complaints. I do try to keep them to a minimum, but some days, I think I will explode and splatter the walls if I don’t “let it out.”When conversation turns to weeping, all three listen to my inaudible words with, I believe, consternation. At these times, George and my spouse are confused, and helpless feeling. I’m pretty sure an omniscient God isn’t any of those. I know He knows the why, the because and the future of my suffering. I’m very independent and always try to do things for myself unless I have learned through pain and ignorance, on my part, it is something I should not be doing. Stubbornness is not a bad characteristic to have, but I have learned it must be tempered. George is stubborn to the point of being a bit obsessive/compulsive. When he goes outside he must re-enter to my right; if you’re a pet owner, you know what I mean. He will return to me any treat or bit of food that is too large for him to swallow. He does this bit by burying it or usually, by pushing it back to one of us. Yorkies have very small throats, you know. He must have bones at a certain time, his doggie vitamin and homeopathic meds for his eyes, after bones, then, later on his dinner.


I have a friend who rescued a cat who must eat at 4PM and 4AM. Why do we give our animals so little credit for having higher intelligence? I’ve told George often I believe it is because we must feel superior to them. Now, really, don’t we get a clue in the fact a dog’s lifespan is usually 10-15 years and they seem to get “it” all done; their learning, loving and enjoyment, whereas we supposedly superior mammals might never accomplish a farthing of intelligence or wisdom in 70 years of existence. I know we don’t complete our loving before we die. If that wasn’t true, why do many of us leave a wake of confused loved ones behind when we go. Love is interpreted so subjectively by humans. Pets just take it very simply. You either love them and show it or you don’t. If you’re happy and you know it clap your paws.


It’s lovely to have a pet to chat with in this life. Our fellow humans can become worn and fatigued by our constant complaints but, if you’ve noticed, never praise for them. Pets let you and me prattle on and have such loving eyes as they follow our movements, emotions and follies. Humans have limitations to their compassion and understanding. I believe they cannot fully understand another’s pain or grief because they cannot feel it. Life is always perceived through human eyes by their own somewhat prejudiced view of what life should be…of what you should be. Pets just want love, play and food. Movement comes easily and is usually enjoyed. Whether they understand the words I speak or you speak, doesn’t really matter. They know the heart, the intension and the pain or joy behind those words. Humans are often confused or misled by words. Enough prattle from this writer today. Just remember my friends, dog is God spelled backwards. Talk on.

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  1. Oh Sue I love this entry. I always talked to Bubba, Will, Derry, Pow, Nessie and now routinely to Remi and little Brody. I talked to all my cats and the 3 shelties that lived here with Pow. I do believe they understand me and quite frankly Remi answers in action, expression and at times by ignoring me. I know I wouldn’t have survived to this point in my life without a warm breathing being to come home to throughout my spinsterhood. This is especially true as few would have understood the angst resulting from particularly horrible days on the ambulance or as a nurse. Normal people don’t have the ability to understand and frankly the details you need to express aren’t something most want to hear. I’ve drenched more fur coats with tears than Kleenex.
    We of course have very specific rules and expectations. Some of my animals were/are more “obedient” than others. Nessie did and Remi does have the authority to practice “intelligent disobedience” in the execution of their jobs as service dogs. Remi has taken this a step further than Nessie did. With her size we often have a war of wills when she wants me to not move to prevent falls and I want to leave. She’s a fabulous anchor.
    I loved your comment about not doing things that you shouldn’t…I can’t bring myself to stop doing things I know will exacerbate my pain or even possibly cause more damage like mowing the back yard. I do have some young cousins I could call for help but I want to do things for myself as long as possible.
    When I pray (frequently all day long) I usually am silent unless praying at mass. I consider my singing a form or prayer and often close my eyes as I sing to avoid distractions.

    • Laura, well my friend, I have to admit, first of all George is not much of an anchor. I can just get a mental picture of you up against Remi. I knew you and many other faithful old friends/readers would identify with this blog. In my entire life span I very seldom have had a friend who is not an animal lover. This started out as a blog about my own talking all the time, usually loud enough for someone else to hear and I hoped I wasn’t the only one; then I realized I always talk to George and the Lord. Jim is a bit hard of hearing and often doesn’t hear me but George always does. He can hear me in a feint whisper…He hears a dog barking three blocks away.

      I think it’s wonderful that you keep mowing, moving and doing all you can possibly do. Most of us who have diseases of the bones or joints know it’s not going to get better but we can delay, delay, delay and stay strong as possible. Keep mowing even if it hurts. You’re right. Either that or get a goat. I’m with you on this.

      Thank God for your sweet pets and boy, you have had a variety just in the 12 years I’ve known you via my blogs. I’m reassured to know I am not the only one going around all day conversing with the Lord, also. Love ya, Sue

  2. What an adorable blog, Sue! I sure can relate to everything you wrote this week. Every time I lose one of my precious canines, I swear I will never have another because of the grief I experience at their passing. And each time I look at all the hair and dust on the floor, I vow these two current dogs will be my last. But, deep in my heart, I know these promises to myself are a lie because of the joy they bring and the unconditional love they give. Precious Max is just like your friend’s cat and has set times for breakfast and supper. Fortunately, he lets me sleep until 7 a.m. when he wants his morning meal and then comes around at 4 p.m. for the evening meal. Sweet Gracie will stay in bed with me for 3 days straight if I’m sick and somebody else tends to Max’s needs. It really is interesting how they know what we’re going to do before we do it and, as you and Bobsled Laura mentioned, stubbornness really is a characteristic we must learn to harness, if we know what’s good for us, and I’ve learned the hard way what my limitations are. Take care dear friend, and give little Georgie a kiss on his nose for me. Yes, I confess, I give both of mine kisses of love on their muzzles and nose. They seem to enjoy it. Love, Karen

    • Karen dear, always love to hear about Max and Gracie on here and on FB. You are a brave woman to take on two large rescues but oh my, have they been interesting. I’ve always loved Gracie’s tenderness…with the chickens, with you, etc. Sounds like Max is calming down a bit as he grows and what a clown he can be. I know you have the hair, dirt, etc. more than I do but somehow, it doesn’t matter. I know our Saint Bernard who I loved so much, ruined an expensive maple floor in our home in CA in a couple of months. I didn’t know dogs could scratch real wood floor like that but you know…it didn’t really matter to us. She’s one of our past dogs that lives on in my heart. She’s been gone 18 years now and I still have trouble talking about her. We had a Saint before her, Duffy, but he always preferred being outdoors and never quite wiggled into my heart like she did. He was a puppy mill pup and died when he was only five years old. He had a dog form of lupus. Our female died in my arms after we got her to a crappy vet after she fainted in the yard. She was hemorrhaging from an NSAID she had only been on a couple of months. At 146 pounds we had to ask the neighbor and his son to help us carry her on a blanket to the car. The vet said we interrupted his dinner. Never went to him again…jerk. Compassion is a must in a good veterinarian, just like a good doctor.

      I will give George a kiss from you and I love that you think he looks like a Wookie. I think so, also. Ii also agree that we all have to find our limits; usually by going over them and paying for it the next day. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. At least we get that feeling of accomplishment and one more project, cleaning, gardening project. Life goes on and we have to try to keep up as best we can. It sure beats sitting around complaining. We do=we hurt. That’s life as long as we aren’t causing too much damage. Love you gal, Sue

  3. Sue
    Well, you know animals rule my heart, and life. Like you, I talk to them, and God out loud all day. Not just my Ceasar, but the chickens and especially the horses. Horses are a great source of comfort. You can hug them and cry on their neck. They are very compassionate usually, and will listen with great concentration. Of course, they, like dogs and cats and chickens, just want food and some attention. Ceasar is my schedule keeper. If I sleep (rarely) past 6 am, he is here to remind me to get up and feed the chickens. Because after that, he gets fed. He reminds me to go and shut said chickens inside for the night, because he knows after that is ice cream time. With dachies it is all about food. Even if their bellies are dragging the ground, one more bite will not hurt.
    Well, I have grands here wanting eggs and various forms of attention. SO I must close.
    But I will say, I speak to God all day. First thanking Him for my day, then asking for his help in doing what needs to be done. Prayers for family and friends. And all during the day, prayers and thanksgiving as well. Yes, He knows our needs without our asking, but He wants us to ask. He says that it gives Him pleasure to provide for us. He is our Father and wants to care for us as such. All He wants is love, respect, and obedience from usin return. Is that so much to ask from someone who gives us all ?
    Hope you are doing better after your shoulder injection. Now I must go break a few eggs for my little m9nsters.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, Yes dear, my trapezius and R shoulder are better but do still get a few unexpected spasms when I do ordinary things like brushing my teeth. Some things I just can’t do with my L. hand. The internist was just relieved that it does not appear to be my spine although I’m certain my poor posture due to two crushed vertebra does contribute to my shoulder alignment. My knee that injected by the ortho last Monday is actually worse…ugh.
      I do know how important your animal kingdom is to you and am so pleased you are blessed with so many although I know it is a lot of work for you and often inconvenient. Oh the things we do for love! Best motivator there is.

      I know how closely aligned you are with God and in your own faith. Blessed assurance each day. How do folks live without a living faith of some measure, whatever it is for them. Love you much, as ever, Sue

  4. A very cute blog. I always talk to my dog even though she gives me no answers. She is a sweet loving dog who understands when I am sad. There are many times she doesn’t respond to my calling her, just because she is stubborn and likes to do things in her own time. She tolerates me when I am angry and growl at her, only to receive an apology afterwards. I have to say to myself she is only a dog. Just for a little info, I adopted her when she was six or seven, and now I have had her for five years. She is my second rescue from a puppy mill. They have problems some you can’t change. She has taught me some patience which is hard to have at some time. I love her with all my heart and I know she accepts me with all my faults. Human family doesn’t always. By the way I talk to myself a lot. Yesterday while food shopping I started talking to myself trying to decide what ice cream to buy. There was a man right next to me, and thank goodness he totally ignored me. I talk a lot out loud when I am sad or in pain. I don’t always say God please listen, Because I know he does. I give you so if you see respect I’m because I know he does. I give you Sue like if you Respect in dealing with whatever problem respect in dealing your health. You are a strong woman more so than me. My family doesn’t want to hear when my joints hurt. They say I m complaining but I am not. There are days you just need to vent. I have one very special friend who will always listen to me. Anyway I could go on and on but I will end this now. Thanks for listening

    • Joyce
      Welcome to the blog. This is one place you can always come and pour out your heart and we will always listen.
      My dog loves ice cream. When he is out in the fields or at my sisters, I can call out “ice cream” and he comes running. He wears a miniature cow bell on his collar so I can hear it and find him. So funny. My family doesn’t want to hear about my pain either. But my Lord always listens and helps me endure. Come back and talk to us more

      • Joyce, love to see special FB friends on here. I just told Tonie, who is my editor on here, what beautiful daughters and grands you have…seriously. I am thankful you have a special friend who will listen and understand when you’re down or having pain. It is so isolating. Funny, I don’t see myself as strong. I just see myself as someone who has been fighting a great many things for many years, over 30, and won’t give up. Sounds like our dogs share their stubbornness.
        Hope you got your favorite kind of ice cream. Probably not chocolate if you were thinking about the dog. I just made a batch of freezer strawberry jam and am thinking about picking up some plain old vanilla to enjoy with it.
        Thanks so much for writing into me. Love your pics of family on FB. Fondly, Sue

  5. Sue, brava, this. This is my life. Well, not all the details, of course, but in general. I grew up with dogs and cats my entire life. My siamese cat was my comfort and confidante for as long as he was with us. He and our later siamese, Mile, whom I’ve written about before were amazing cats and companions. They both, but Miles in particular, were very sensitive to people’s needs. Whenever one of us, the kids, my husband, or myself, were sick, sad, happy, you name it, he was there, and there for the duration. Now, of course, there is sweet Sadie, my personal assistant. All our current pets are very aware of time and start hanging out ahead of feeding time. 2 of the felines will make noise until we get up in the morning if we are not moving when they think we should be. Sadie is always ready for food, but never whines or begs. One morning I almost missed feeding her because I was engrossed in something else and missed the time. She waited patiently. Poor pup. Miles was, for a time, diabetic. He not only knew the times for his injections, but would be waiting by the refrigerator for us. As we readied his injection, he would jump on the kitchen island where he knew we would give him his shot. It was the ONLY time he ever jumped on counter or table. Talking aloud? Well, my DH does it ALL the time! It is a running joke. I do sometimes, and often in my head. Of course, to the animals. Pup Sadie’s walk times are often times of long “talks” or ruminations.

    • Lyn, I am pleased to hear you talk to Sadie on all those beautiful, scenic walks you two take together. Miles seems to live on your heart. He was so gorgeous as well as intelligent to the point of clairvoyance. Aren’t our animals amazing? We give them so little credit. Tell your DH I’m with him about the chatting and if some stranger fears him in a store for talking to himself…I’m with him. Hope the kids are doing well.
      Your furniture project has kept you so involved…you must be getting brilliant at it. What is the base color? How many layers do you use? Sounds like a lot of arm and shoulder work so do be careful. Be sure to post for all of us who are also on FB. Much love my dear, Sue

  6. Hi all
    Well I have no pets but have had 4 dogs in the past and completely go with what you say sue
    I too speak out loud and am used to Dh not hearing I happily speak on

    Warm here today 89 could be 91 we went to the coast always a nice breeze And cooler
    Got some windchimes to hang on that tree we had cut.also three strings of shells to put along the boring fence
    I do love to hear the tinkling of windchimes it sort of freshens the air
    Next door has one I love to hear it
    Been a long day had a picnic watching the sun set
    What a bummer about your knee sue can you go tell him at all
    Up early tomorrow inr at Drs for dh

    • Chris dear, I often think of you when I am answering a “HUH?” from Jim. You are a patient woman. I’m afraid I am not a wind chime fan. We’ve had several neighbors who have had more than one and with our wind here close to the sea and the river…they clang all night. My daughter gave me one last year and I hung it in the window in the kitchen so it chimes with the fan over head. I can’t sleep with them clanging away outside and most of the neighbors ended up with broken ones. I think it’s an emotional memory for me that is not pleasant. When I was a little girl my Mom always had the old Chinese style glass wind chimes. My Mom and Dad went out of town to visit relatives and left me with my three older sisters. We had a huge Calif. earthquake and that thing clanged until it shattered. I am terrified of the earth shaking and as a child with my parents gone, I was terrified even more. So there…now you have my wacky history of wind chimes.
      Hope my knee will get better. Had the shoulder injected Friday and trying to be good…hard to do with my right arm and hand. Just got home from afternoon at oncology. Pooped out but cancer numbers are down again this month. Feeling tired but blessed. The chemo they said would probably work for about two years are now holding me and my cancer from getting worse after 4.5 years. Glad to see you’re getting out for tea and sea. I know how that enriches both of you. Much love, Sue

      • Well that’s one bad memory
        I’ve been in small earthquakes in oz and that was scary
        Good news about the blood results
        I always remove the chimes in bad weather
        At the moment they only tinkle every now an then
        Dh went. To dr and he put him in hospital with chest pains
        He’s been there overnight seen Drs and another cardio coming later
        So waiting for him now

      • Sue, my mother had some of those glass chimes. She hung them on the inside porch and when the windows were up they tinkled away. Me, I love them. I have a small one on my back porch. And I am looking for some big ones when I can catch them on sale. They are so expensive !

    • Arlene, Thank you my FB friend. Our pets are so vital to enjoying life, aren’t they? So many identify with this madly chatting away. I don’t think one could shut me up if they tried! Thanks for your comments. Sue

  7. Lovely blog as always, ive had it in my inbox to read for a few days and have just sat in the garden with my dog Jess to sit and read rather than write. Those furry friends of ours are so uncontitional in their love. Jess even tried to join me on the (you know what!) as the door doesnt close properly and she likes to poke her little head round just to check im ok. Shame she doesnt understand the word ‘loo roll’ as she would be helpful at times when its run out. Im hoping that we all talk to ourselves a little at times, I know I do quite often. Take care x

    • Alison, Your scene with your sweet pup Jess sounds like something up my line. I love my garden, porch and deck so much. All are small and modest but all the flowers are doing so well after a mild winter. Good paper roll idea for training. I’m afraid George would head under the bed with the new roll and have a paper feast, leaving me high and non-dry. Time for me to head over to your blog and see what else you’re up to. Love, Sue

  8. Chris, My thoughts and prayers are with your DH and with you. Do tell us what is going on when you know.Love you, Sue

    • Well dh is home at we sat outside and had a meal .it was nice and cool this evening
      All bloods and X-ray were clear
      He has to see the cardiologist in clinic.they suspect unstable angina
      His spray helped .but he has had it for about ten days on and off .so it’s suspect it’s that, only as the spray helped
      He only tried it that last time at the Drs
      We thought it was reflux
      So all is fine for the present
      I was at the hospital at 8am to get parking and see the Drs incase I missedthen
      So it was a long day till 5 hanging about
      So got home got sorted and hopefully sleep tonight
      Thankyou for your prayers..

      • Chris, what kind of spray? For breathing? Sounds like cause not found yet but glad he’s home. Poor guy. Hope you both get some rest. Sue

  9. Chris
    Just got on here , prayers, as well for you both. Poor man it is one after another, just as with you. Take care and rest up. Those long days around the hospital are rough.

  10. Oh Tonie I got mine in a sale too it is a big one,,,but it’s unusual it has a tiny one inside it tinkles as well.different times to the deeper tone of the big ones
    But only little sounds at a time

  11. Sue
    It’s called nitrolingual .its a spray you use under your tongue for angina
    I’m sure they must have it for angina over with you
    I know they also make the tablets to dissolve under the tongue,but the spray is quicker

    We are going out got cheese sones ,been looking forward to it
    And it’s cooler today

    • Chris, Yep, I’ve used the under the tongue nitro for years but have been out of nursing trends for a few years. Enjoy your outing you two and please take care. Love, Sue

  12. Hi, Sue, I wanted to answer your question about the dining set, but was afraid you might miss my reply above. The chairs to the dining set are white (Annie Sloan Pure White), the table legs and apron are Paris Grey, a medium grey. The chairs and table apron and legs all have 2 coats of paint. The table top has 2 coats fo the grey topped with 2 coats of the white. Everything is sanded to smooth then distressed. The table was sanded down so that some grey peeps out throughout the top. I am not in the midst of the waxing. 2 coats have gone on so I need to buff today. The table top will get an extra coat of wax for added strength since it could take more wear and tear. I’ll buff it tomorrow. The worst was sanding the chair spindles and the table top. I did take breaks and used my muscle relaxant nights. Thankfully, the end is in sight. I will probably post pics of the dining set and coffee and end tables when I am finished. It is difficult to capture completely in pics, though.

    • Lyn, It sounds so soft and peaceful…the set. That’s a lot of work and I can imagine how hard it was to do the spindles. I’ve had to sand round surfaces and it is difficult. You also get a sore neck from craning around to see what you’ve missed or not. Wax instead of a paint on surface? Interesting. Can you do any of it with a custom sander? Enjoy and be good to you…Love, Sue

  13. My Blue is sick, He is my buddy and we have long conversations. He tries so hard to actually talk. His picture is the one I use on facebook. Prayers, positive thoughts would be deeply appreciated. I have always talked to my pets, but Blue is special.

      • Thanks Tonie. He is spending tonite at the vets. He has some kind of gastrointestinal problem. He had some kind of blockage which is now fixed. But hasn’t eaten in 3 or 4 days and is dehydrated. I really thought I was losing him, but I think he has a chance now. Thinking positive and praying.

    • Janet, prayers for your beautiful Blue. GI problems are scary and if the blockage is cleared, he will get better. Hoping it is a dried out bit of food or hairball. Cats can have very temperamental digestions. We will all be praying for you and your precious friend…it’s a special kind of love and we get it on here. Hugs sweet friend. Love ya, Sue

  14. Hello all
    Busy couple of days here. Canned 12 quarts and one pint of tomatoes. Some with garlic and basil, ready for sauce. Some with onion chunks, garlic and rhubarb for stews. Canned pickles, And made some jam. Picked more blackberries from Judy’s friends house. I wash them, put them on a baking sheet on parchment paper. Then freeze them overnight. That way they are not a frozen clump, but more individual. Cooler here as well Chris. Almost looking like fall some ways. SOme of the trees are turning, loosing their leaves. Hopefully we will get some rain. B. called today, said they got a little rain there, and it cooled down a bit. 13 more days. Ya’all just pray that they let him through with his paperwork.
    Hope everyone is well and happy. I am tired and ready to sleep and it is only 6pm !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, well, who wouldn’t be tired after all of that canning. I know this is a busy season for you with your garden so do rest, please. Where do you store all your canned goods? Do you have enough cabinet space? It all sounds wonderful. The only thing that threw me a bit was the onions, garlic and rhubarb for stews…together in a stew? Just curious. I love sugared plain rhubarb. We used to get it at Knott’s Berry Farm down in S. Calif. Years ago when I was a toddler we went there and I loved their fried chicken dinners with rhubarb. Loved going there ever since. Did you see that new vertical ride they have just put in there? It’s just Jim’s cup of tea. Not mine. I’m a merry-go-round girl. He did get sick on one down there once called Montezuma’s Revenge. He still claims it was the flu.
      Wonderful to see Nikki looking so well on FB. Such a beauty she is. Hope you’re resting now…only 13 more days? How exciting for both of you and all of us because we’ve waited with you Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I am making room for all the cans. I have shelf space in a closet, and I brought in a small cabinet. I have plans for “someone” to build me a pantry shelf in the kitchen. I have room at a place beside the refrigerator, so hopefully soon. But for now I have it taken care of. Now to find a place for all the stuff I took off the shelves !!! I don’t use a lot of store bought canned stuff so I have room in my cabinet for some stuff. Mostly tuna in there, haha !!
        I make vegetable soups and such with tomatoes and other veggies, so I put some in the tomatoes to flavor them. Rhubarb is so good it thickens the soups you use it in. Most people think of it as using with strawberries and sweet things. But it is very good in salads and stir frys. B. loves it mixed in with apple butter.
        Yes, Nikki is happy and it shows. SHe is steadily loosing more weight. Now if I could talk her into stopping smoking. The first thing my grandson Dalton told me “She is still smoking Keekee ” I tried to shame her saying she was weak. But it is something you have to want to do , be determined to do. Awful habit. But it is a crutch and I understand, been there and done that.
        I hope you are doing better. I slept late this morning and now must go to swim. The kids ae back in school so not a crowd at the pool. Good days !!
        Love ya
        ps saw GS pic on FB. He looked so happy ! I bet he is on cloud nine ! It is wonderful all the things they are able to participate in.

  15. Well I never thought of putting rhubarb in a stir fry……fancy that .will have to see if dh likes that I expect he would
    I’m still,on my usual stuff
    Had to go to hospital again yesterday advised by dr again for bloods.but stayed all day while they checked him
    It’s so tedious and back,hip aching but still all was ok and home again about 10pm another long day
    Much cooler here and a lot of rain
    Not long till you get those selves Tonie!

    • Chris, oh dear. I wish they could get to the main problem with your dear man. All of this back and forth is scary, tiresome and also hard on you. Small wonder you have pain in your back and hips.Ii am so sorry. Does his pacer keep his rhythm as it should be? Hope his B/P is behaving. You both are showing amazing patience in all of this. I hope he isn’t having a lot of chest pain and if so the spray is helping. I swear this whole getting old is making us all feel older than we should.
      We had the loveliest day yesterday visiting with my nephew, wife and part of his family. I have not seen him in about 25-30 years..neither of us could remember. He was always caring and intelligent and has turned into an older, fine adult. His Mom is my sister who passed away just about three years ago and last year, her dear husband joined her. They were highschool sweethearts and had five kids…all fine people. So life goes on as all of little ones grow into big ones and we thank God they turn out so well. Life is whizzing by much too fast.
      After the long day and evening, I’ve been in bed all day. Joints killing me, but it was so worth it. Hope your DD and GS are both well and life good for them. Love you, Sue

  16. Chris
    Hope your body is feeling better now, and DH is doing better. We are having rain again, but hot in between. Tomorrow’s high is 70’s
    Won’t be long it will be cooling down. Cucumbers are dying off. I want to plant some more lettuce but I can’t find any seeds anywhere. Seasonal thing. . I usually have some extra, but only radishes now. Oh well.
    But I still have lots to do getting ready for B being here. It’s what happens when you work outside and not inside so much, got way behind.
    Take care of you.

  17. Tonie dear, Finally, my body and my eyes are working together. We had a wonderful visit with my nephew and his wife and part of his family Friday. We had not seen him in many, many years. His Mom, my sister Leona, died three years ago and his Dad just last year. It was a wonderful visit with so much catching up to do, one day wasn’t enough. We showed them around town a bit and had pizza for dinner. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t go to any bother for dinner because I just wanted to enjoy them without overdoing it physically. Such fun but yesterday, all three of us were pooped. I didn’t get out of bed until 4 PM, J slept in his chair downstairs and little George, who barked most of the time they were here was exhausted. He isn’t used to small children and infants and we just put his rail up and he was banished and not at all happy. My nephew had never been here and I was pleased after a rainy night the sun and blue skies appeared. His stepson moved to this area last year…small world. We had such a good visit.

    I love to envision you in your element canning and working with the garden results. You are going to be all set for the winter and beyond and I know how very much work that all is to pick, clean, jars and vegies, stand on your feet, etc. Didn’t you enjoy that adorable quilt online that was images of all canning jars? I thought it was adorable and reminded me of years ago when I canned but never to the extent you do. Well, only 10 more days to B day. You must be beside yourself with excitement and B must be trying to pack over and over to get all he wants over here. Is Sweetie still keeping her legs crossed and is the foal still moving around in there? Such an exciting time for all of you.

    Enjoyed the pics of Nikki and her DH. She is looking more beautiful as she ages. I’m sorry she is still smoking but do understand it after all she’s been through. Just be glad she’s come so far in her life. I don’t think she is weak at all, having achieved so much with a large family and the almost impossible many problems she faced. I’m so happy for her and all her kids as well as her DH who must be one great guy.

    Yes, my DD and family are having such a good time and will be home soon. J has been feeding their cats and kind of watching over their home. We took my nephew and family by to see his brother’s house which is the wonderful old famous Victorian and they were awed. Wish we could have found a key to let them in. It is fascinating. As it was, one of the neighbors called her and her DH and told her there was someone looking around at the house. Small town business….snoops everywhere. Actually kinda funny.

    Varying weather here, more showers last night but clear day. Cool with some winds. Well my dear friend, think I’ll put the blog on FB again today so all who may have missed it can see it. Love to you at this happy time in your life and always, Sue

  18. Janet, I am so sorry to read about Blue. I do pray he’s doing better now.
    Chris, I am with Sue, I sure wish they could figure out how to better help your DH.
    Tonie, the countdown is on! And you are, as always, a busy bee! Again, I join in Sue’s observation, your DD is looking more and more beautiful and happy. Thank heavens.
    Sue, yes, with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you use their wax to strengthen and protect the paint finish. It is a harder wax than we would think of furniture wax, and formulated for the chalk paint specifically. It is even recommended as the final finish when you paint cabinets and other high traffic/use surfaces – like SB’s table top. For a stronger surface and protection, 2 coats is often recommended. For things like tabletop and cabinets, my stockist/friend/relative and I both prefer 3 coats. She just painted her kitchen cabinets and is in the process of the waxing. You apply and wipe away in small sections, allow to dry 2 hours, apply and wipe again for 2nd coat, wait 24 hours, we also did a 3rd coat on those specific surfaces. After the final 24 hour wait, you buff with a soft cloth. It takes time, but is worth it. I may try doing the bath vanity in the kids’ bath with it down the road. Years ago, DD got a bit messy while coloring her hair, so we have dark brown stains or a light stained finish. Not optimal. We should also replace the top. It was never my favorite and not up to date. Not a pressing project, though. My body has been rebelling of late, especially muscle tension. DH is blaming the work on the furniture. He may be right, even though it is a few days later. As we know, often our bodies react later than expected. I’m trying to listen to it, and do some gentle yoga and stretching to help relieve the tension issues. But enough about me. I am so happy you had such a wonderful visit with your nephew and family! It is a shame you couldn’t give them a full tour of SIL’s brother’s place. What will happen with it now? I would hate to see all the wonderful progress he so lovingly made on it at a permanent halt. You may have said and I am just not remembering. My memory seems to be selective at times. I don’t enjoy it. Did I mention that my niece and her family moved from Washington side to just outside Portland? They wanted to be closer to both of their jobs. She started a new job several months ago and is doing well.
    Time for me to be off the laptop and stretch my legs a bit. As you know, it stinks when you can’t sit or stand for long at a time. What do you do with yourself? If I’m not moving, I tend to do as you and lie down. I find if I take the effort to stretch out on the floor, I can release some pesky muscles that are causing me pain and distress. Getting down and up are interesting at times, I’m just glad that so far I am mostly able.

  19. Sue
    So wonderful you got the visit with your nephew after so many years. It is fun to relive memories with family. These days families, kids, seem to pull apart and so much history is lost that way. Nathan likes to know all things past. He sat and asked Judy so many questions she was ready to send him home to me ! haha. He likes old pictures and so enjoyed going through Judy’s cedar chest looking at them all. Like Lyn, I wish they could have seen the old house. Are they going to continue fixing it up ? Or just sell it as is ? They have so much to contend with I know.
    9 days now !! I got a surprise call from B this morning, nice thing. Yes, he is getting excited as well. Nervous that customs will reject him, but I believe God has the right person already scheduled to work that day.
    Sweetie is big as a cow ! And yes, still crossing her legs. I told her she could go ahead and wait the extra time so B will be here for the birth. Poor girl.
    Today I am taking it sorta easy. Need to get some things cleaned and organized in the house, the porch, etc. Laundry, all the stuff I really “love” to do.
    And, like Lyn, I have to move or I start hurting. My back especially. I have had to wrap my heating pad in a towel. Even on low it is very hot and has burned my back where I use it so much. Not painfully, but spots you can see that are brown. I use it so much, the relief it gives is so needed. Even have the heated seat pad in the car. Ice helps for certain types of back pain but for most of it I need heat.
    I have a few tomatoes to can today as well, maybe a couple of pints. We will see. Hope you have a good day and are feeling recovered from the nice visit you had. Do take care.
    Love ya much

  20. The time will go quick Tonie
    You are filling in your time but go careful with your back
    That sounds a wonderful day for all to remember Sue and yes what will happen to that lovely house
    You are quite the busy one as well all that painting must take its toll
    I’m a bit sore I w3nt over on my hip and have ice on it most of day
    Eyes are very dry and sore so limit my time on here tonight

  21. Chris
    One more week, seven short but long days. I am trying to behave with my work. I have been so tired lately, just drop exhausted when I finish, even after swimming. Perhaps my red blood cell count is down again? Always on the border, as is my HGB. Soon I go for another lab so we will see.
    You fell again ? Lord woman, be careful ? What happened ? You are as bad as my sister ! Speaking of which, she is taking a little trip to West Va to visit a friend this weekend. Happy, Happy she is getting away and will be good for her, and happy for a break for me. Not complaining, just used to being alone, and she wants to do all with me. Not used to it. But happy I can be here for her.
    Today, I need to do some little things around, but will fill my day. B. has been doing things with his family, some he likes, some not. But he will be missed there I know. One of his friends wants to give him his horses, I told him, to buy them tickets and come on !! haha !
    This weekend I want to take a trip myself somewhere and take my camera. I haven’t done that all summer. I have worked it away, with no breaks. I need a break. Not sure where I will end up, but I am doing something.
    I hope you are feeling better today. I know how the hip can hurt. I think my problem is not bursitis. No swelling and the shot didn’t help. So need to get it looked at. I ordered me some of the hemp oil that Sue uses. Looking forward to trying it on my knees, hip , and back. And letting my sister try it as well. Should be here in a day or so.
    My crocheting is now turned to washcloths. They are easy and beautiful as well. One of our churches is having a fundraiser soon, and I want to rent a table to sell some of this stuff I am making. Set up a Christmas sale.
    Take care and “g’day” to dh !!

    • Tonie
      What makes the red cell count so low as your diet is good,better than mine
      I didn’t really fall I went over on my hip just dislodged it.and started off The bursitis and hip joint off is calming a bit now
      I wonder if you will get away at the weekend love to see any photos
      You mention Christmas ……..oh dear….but just think …nope live in the moment…
      But the stall sounds a great idea and the washcloths should sell well .people will just pick and buy them for extra presents
      Raining here and will be all day.
      Dh had a laugh when I told him g,day
      Hope all are ok
      We went out for the day to see where dd is going to get married
      Also where I used to go to school well one of many I went to with moving around as I was a forces child …did I ever say one was a boarding school and i packed my case and ran away…


      • Chris
        NO ! You never told us that story. You must tell it all. My red count can go down due to the meds I am on. And my white count can rise as well. BUT….I got my hemp oil cream yesterday. All I can say is you have to try it ! My back pain is all but gone. I put some on my sister, who is hunched over. She could stand up almost straight. It is amazing. Does nothing for my knees, but seriously, it is worth a try for any pain. Helps my feet and hands as well. I can’t tell you how long it has been since I felt no pain in my back. So, THANK YOU Sue for sharing !!
        Now, I must get going and get on with my day. OH ! I found a wonderful zucchini bread recipe. Only uses honey. Not real sweet, but a good bread and you can always add honey or jam to it , lol.
        Take care

  22. Wow that oil must be good
    I’ll have to look into it all
    I’m so pleased for you that it’s done this
    The school saga is a longish story
    But in short I was only boarding for a few weeks and the matron who looked after the house I was in. Well she was a b.tch
    We had one drawer each to put our clothes in and I folded them as I usually did
    Nope no good all turned out on to my bed and when in from classes i had to put them back as she wanted . I didn’t like them with the creases as she folded so I redid them…..well hell hath no fury..I never liked her before which is probably why I did it
    The next week or so she was forever picking on me…so I got back from class and while everyone was out I packed a case and walked out and got a bus home.huge crate it was and lucky for me there were some great boys from a boys school to help .they saw me struggling …it was good fun!
    So I ended up going back but as a day girl which suited me fine and I stayed there for another year until we moved to another country .
    I enjoyed the rest of the time and had good fun there and made some good friends and got into a lot of capers
    The bread sounds lovely Tonie but I’m back on nowt again got the runs ….
    Up early tomorrow for dh inr test at Drs

  23. Tonie, my interest was peaked by Sue, now I must ask her about the oil. It may be helpful for SB as well. Although, he also needs to find a way to release and avoid the spasming he is experiencing. Working on that myself. In my case, I am hoping to overcome it with strengthening, releasing, and fixing some imbalances. Hopefully, then they will pull less on my joints and help protect them instead. What fun. Speaking of fun, have lots of it this weekend!

    Yes, Chris, the painting does take quite a toll, but I am done for a while and can recover now. Now there is painting of walls to be done in our family room/kitchen area (they are open to one another.) My Mom wants me to hire a painter, I thought I might save a bit of $ and do it myself. I just have to have the patience to do a little bit at a time over time. I’m not the best at that. Once I start a project, I like to keep going until it is finished. My body forces me to work on this these days.

    • Lyn
      SB and I share one of my problems, with the facet joint nerves. It really helped with that. I thought it was worth a try, whatever the outcome. Glad I did.
      I picked up two wooden benches yesterday as a project to redo. They are painted black and need a few minor repairs, but…..taking them down to the wood and then I will decide how I want to paint them. I am getting another porch soon, so they will come in handy. With some nice comfy cushions.
      I am like you, when I start, I want to complete it …all at once, and it doesn’t need to be that way. Now, I have to step back and wait a bit before going on. It will be the same with these benches. They have lots of spindles, which I hate to do. Good thing I have paint remover !
      Take care, keep working on your strength. I was thinking of you when I was swimming the other day. You know, I drive 50 miles round trip to do that. And it is worth every mile.

  24. My dear friends and readers, Just a quick not to say I am reading and will be back soon. I thought I had the flu all week but it was only getting worse…night sweats, low fever, frequent urination but not too severe, headaches, chilling then heating, and feeling mighty crappy, unable to sleep. Went to my oncologist today and found out I have a bladder infection which at my age and with all my problems is a real issue. I lost one of my dearest friends in the wee hours of this morning. She has been through hell this last year or two and is now at rest. I’ll be back when better. Love you all, Sue

    • Sue
      Yes bladder infection at our at our age is always worse. Don’t know why that is but it affects us so badly
      When younger it’s just the bladder but now I always feel like you too
      I remember a nurse saying when you get older it affects the whole body
      And sad news of your friend
      Some time outside on your lovely porch when your up to it will do you good
      Rest for now that’s best

    • My dear friend
      I am so sorry about your friend. I know how much you loved her and despaired over her life these past few years. You know you are in my prayers, and I pray that you will heal quickly. God bless you
      Love you

  25. Well
    It rained me out of doing anything yesterday. But today looks promising. So I think I will take a drive somewhere and figure it out. Hope everyone is well and happy today.

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