Wreck And Ruin



Between age and chronic illness

And keeping pain away,

My body is ashamed

It’s betrayed me in all ways.


Everyday it’s something,

I thank God that I’m not twins.

Where is the old me, I muse,

Hidden in my chins?


Time, disease and treatment

Have all taken their toll.

How are you surviving?

Are you on a downward roll?


Do your boobs hang low?

Can you swing them to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Or do they hang too low?


For you men out there

You have other goods hang down;

Just be careful where you step

Lest they hit the ground.


My ankles are kaput

My feet have both grown flat

My rear end disappeared,

Somehow it’s just gone splat.


I was sitting in the bathtub

When my thighs floated to the top

They say it’s just the fat content,

When will this destruction stop?


I’m trying to apply the brakes

I’m on the downward slide.

My innards and my outers

All make me want to hide.


I have to exercise

Lest I trip and fall;

Other days I forget to do it,

I think, I can’t recall.


My joints, they are aching

My skin is in a rash,

I have to watch all foods I eat;

Dinner’s boring, so’s my trash.


Everyday I have to trudge along

To keep these joints in shape

And a trip to any doctor

Involves so much red tape.


It seems to me this body

Is not really giving back.

I invest in maintenance

And it just gives me flak.


Where’s all the respect

For all those vegetables I ate?

Don’t I get the credit?

I’m due a big rebate.


I wish for one lone day

I could just feel good.

Come on, give me a break

I did everything I should.


Aren’t I supposed to love myself?

Some days it feels like hate.

Maybe I got the wrong body

‘Cause this one isn’t great.


That’s it, I found the answer.

I’ll just return this one.

Perhaps they will pro-rate it

Based on all the work I’ve done.


So I’m off to scan the internet

Maybe EBay or Yahoo

I’ll exchange this body

And end this ballyhoo.


I wonder if a new me is covered,

By Medicare or private pay?

Who am I kidding, I can’t afford

The Fed Ex anyway.


Thus, here I sit

Making peace with pieces of me,

Wait, I just remembered,

Amazon ships for free!


36 thoughts on “Wreck And Ruin

  1. So funny sue
    We defiantly huh meant definitely live this life …word exchange is good there
    Hope you have a better week this week
    And I so see those pictures you describe
    Do wish we could be painted in a different one

    • Chris, so right. Defiantly says it for most of us. I hope you and DH are doing as well as can…I also need a better week. Our son is coming next weekend for a visit. Would love to be up and about more so than I am now. Very, very slowly this business with the bad injection seems a bit better. Glad you found some humor in this. If we can’t laugh at our circumstances,then we kaput. Love you gal, Sue

  2. Dear Sue, You are very witty with poetry. I couldn’t help but laugh several times. This really hits home today. I wonder if there’s some kind of high or low pressure system over us as I’ve been aching all over since late last night. If only we could exchange these bodies. On the upside, I’ve taken your advice to rest my arms and my rotator cuffs are slowly improving. I’m glad you told me to do that. Too bad my MD didn’t suggest it back in the spring. I hope you and Jim are hanging in there. I was wondering if you were able to go to the open house of that beautiful mansion your brother in law worked to restore. Love you, Karen

    • Karen dear, so glad you are seeing some improvements. No lifting those fifty pound bags of dog food…Oh yes, I know. Perhaps you all in Calif. are in for some rain. Do rest while you can. It gets so tiresome, we have to take time to make light of it of life would be much too dark, you know?
      A far as the old Victorian which now belongs to my DD and SIL, it has a much more restoration to be back to the original. It’s a huge job. My SIL will see that it gets done for his brother. He misses him deeply. The Open House to raise funds for the Historical Society is this coming weekend. Fortunately our son will be visiting from TX for the weekend so he can see it again. Hope they get a good crowd. They are having a cocktail party Friday night to raise funds and the Open House on Sat. The goal is to aid a wonderful local historian to write a book about the Flavel family. Captain Flavel was the one who built the original home which is a now museum. It is furnished with mantels and furniture from all over the world. The house my kids now own was built for his son. The book will embrace the whole history of that family and should be very, very interesting. Thanks for your interest in it. The coming years will be interesting.
      I pray you get a change of atmospheric pressure and have a good coming week. Love, Sue P.S. Kisses for the pups.

  3. Much appreciated humor today , along with the sad reality we all face, s9me daily. I am slowly recovering, I think. So tired, do a little and must rest. My shoulder, collarbone , and deltoid are all still red and inflamed. Now my jawline as well. Ice packs are helping, still on the steroids, ugh. But….enough wh8n8ng !
    I copied the poem to B’s email and he thought I had written it, lol. He was telling me not to focus on my boobs, haha ! I had to laugh, he was so sweet ! He then laughed at your line about men, said he knew it well.
    Hope you feel better this weekend (and sooner). Me too, as there is a horse show we want to go to. Then next week we make apple butter at the church.
    I , also hope to see that famous house when I visit you, if possible. And I pray daily for both our health for that visit.
    We are getting the brunt of Florence now. Gusting winds and rain, all day rain. We get another day of rain, and then hopefully, on Tuesday we get sun again. I will need a hay baker for the yard grass when I finally get to mow again.
    Chris, I th8nk your word fits best. Defiantly. Yes we are. And must always be in the face of this awful stuff.
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I’ve been asleep this evening and now am awake at midnight. I am truly worried about you right now. I true we both trust our lives to the Lord but this unusual situation you have been in of late is so off the grid of my understanding of rheumatoid disease. I don’t know what to say right now except to express my concern. I hope you have adequate meds for pain. All of this inflammation while on these large doses of steroids is so strange. I know you are doing all you know to do and are being seen but it isn’t helping just yet but I know it will in time. No doubt the weather is not doing anything to help you right now. I am sorry you both had to miss the horse show. Apple butter at the church? I love that. It’s so you.
      I still am in misery from the bad injection. It is very slowly improving…either that or I am getting used to it. I fear your trip out here is not looking possible at this time. You can’t possibly make it feeling as you do now. We have to take it one day at a time right now. Both my DD and I have been having gut trouble and a fierce headache all week and now her kids are sick. Oh, here we go again…more virus. I’m. so looking forward to our son coming out next weekend.
      Defiantly or not…here we still stand…or lie. I told J tonight I needed to watch some action movies. Now we are and it is one AM in the morning…He’s dozing and I’m wide awake. Hate to nap because this is what I do..can’t sleep. Now I am wondering why B would think you wrote my poem. Once again so approach you for doing the technical side of this for me. Please rest, ice the hot areas and see your rheumy as you must. Much love, continued prayers my friend, Sue

      • My dear friend. There are three weeks until the trip and I fully intend to be well ! Lol. I feel better each day. Still aches and pains, and yes, inflammation. Being tired is a byproduct of all the abuse I have heaped on myself this summer as well as this weather pattern. Had to laugh at the sheet the ER Dr gave me about RA. It said “consider moving to a drier climate”.
        Right now the biggest problem is the pains I keep getting right in the top sides of my head. Sharp stabbing, and then gone.
        You, however, no more virus ! I have a ortho appointment next week, and I get my labs done. So we will see where my inflammation markers are at. If needed, I will go to the RA earlier than planned. But I don’t see anything else she can do than being done right now.
        Lyn, I am so happy for your friend. I know you are as well. Your hair looks nice. Yep all this weather isn’t helping us. Barimetric pressure ups and downs really kill me. As I know they do us all. How is all the furniture coming along for SB ? I have yet to start on my benches, but hope to soon. Now would be good, all the damp would make the paint peel off easier.
        Sue, I have no idea why B thought I wrote that poem. I just thought it was funny. He was concerned with my self image, lol.
        Well, I think I will have some oats and fresh apples I cooked yesterday. At least my appetite is returning. Made some really good soup yesterday. Every veggie in the house, plus black beans and barley. Very thick and hearty.
        Everyone take care and stay well is my prayer.

  4. Funny, Sue. Gotta laugh, right? Glad for your progress, but sure wish it could be faster, especially with upcoming visits and the mansion gala.
    Tonie, so sorry for all your pain. As Sue says, it is a bit odd, however, I wonder if Florence may be some of the reason? We will be receiving whatever is left of her tonight into tomorrow. I confess the last week has been one full of extra aches and pains here, too, so I don’t know what’s up. Probably weather on top of my activities.
    Good news from my friend! Her ct scan – markers down to 53! Praying they keep declining. Her home seems to have survived Florence. Thankfully for them, it took a more southern route. I’m checking with her later, but I believe we will be going forward with our plans to go down there this Friday. She really needs that beach respite! (I could use it, too!) At my hair appt this Thursday I had her put a couple little streaks of a coppery color in with my highlights in honor of my friend and my aunt with endometrial and uterine cancers. (The awareness ribbons are orange and peachy colored. We figured the coppery color is as close as we could get and still look natural. She doesn’t carry orange, and I don’t think I would want pure orange, although this time of year I guess I could pull it off. The copper for sure! Just a touch, and it looks nice. My friend loves it.

    • Lyn dear, please forgive my delay. I have had about ten days of H here. So painful after that bad injection. I don’t think the nurse hit a muscle, which was the objective for that nasty Chemo I’ve been receiving in each hip; I think she gave it instantly when it is supposed to take 2 mins. and shot it into the tissues around and all hit a nerve, and now I have the after effects. Sohard to sleep, walk or even think. Pleased to hear about your dear friend. God can show us cancer patients so much mercy. Later dear, and I have not been able to see your new hair. Love, Sue

      • No worries, Sue, it has been a bit wild around here, trying to get everything done before I have to leave today to visit the above friend. I haven’t posted any pics, but will try to send one, if I can remember!

  5. A witty poem and clever but one Im sure is born out of frustration and pain. Trying to keep a sense of humour at these times is so difficult. Your words brought laughter to my day but I also want to wish you courage as you carry on your journey.

    • Alison/Rosetint, Always good to get your comments. Indeed, without humor we are lost. Hope you and family are doing well. How is your dear recently independent son doing? Hope he is doing well. Fondly, Sue

      • He is doing really well now thanks. Although he has some lonely times he is seeing far more of his dad and brothers than when he lived with me. He has a lot of health issues but at the moment he is as good as possible. Thankyou for asking. 🙂

  6. Alison
    Glad to hear your son is doing well on his own. My ray of sunshine, grandson is visiting because of the hurricane where they live. Always a big smile on his face, hugs, telling me how happy he is to be here. We all went swimming today, I was in the lap lanes, and every time I looked over, I had to smile cause I saw his white teeth flashing ! Prayers that his health issues get taken care of.
    God bless ya

  7. Hello all
    Sue, hope you are getting better. Me, today was the best I have felt, even though very tired from lack of sleep. Kids coming in. First, did and some and the dogs. Then almost asleep, gd and sil, at 3am. Get them situated. Dog is barking, steroids kicked in, finally 4:30ish asleep, up at 8. Did kick laps in the pool, Judy with Nathan, Dalton and Devin swimming. Then B and I went for sawdust. I watched. I drove the mower for the yard, which needs to be baled. Now resting. No more. Kids bbq’d chicken and Mac and cheese on the picnic table. B and I will have a salad, maybe potatoes. Two more days of prednisone and done.
    Shoulder still hot and achy, as well as jaws. But otherwise doing much better. I have noticed a considerable lack of pain in my back from not working, lol. Amazing that huh ?
    Take care all. Still don’t know condition of dd’s home. I-40 is still closed so not sure how long before they can go. The food was already on to be replaced, so don’t know .

  8. Sue
    How could that nurse have done that injection that wrong
    Have you told the dr at all
    I do hope that nerve has eased and you can manage to even sit there.to have all that on top of al else is sh.t
    As for me my diver is back so haven’t eaten again for two days.i had some porridge which I think was too heavy for for me,but nice
    Tonie hope a little better again,hope your dds home is ok and survived all that storm..we have the remnants of it here ,but only a bit further north and Scotland it’s much worse
    Such good news of your friend and and both enjoy your time away together
    So it’s up to get on with the day,have to go into town this afternoon for another pair of glasses for DH a new bra for me…just realised the funny side of that….!
    Hate buying them I’ve had to order the size in
    So till later Chris

    • Chris, You bet I told the doctor. I called her on the Sat. morning after getting the injection on Friday afternoon. She is great. A couple of days ago I saw another one of the oncologist, an older man who is just a sweetheart and he said it will take some time. Darn it. He told he to apply moist heat and alternate with ice three times a day. The ice really hurts. We will have to see. I hope they fired her. I know when I was a director of nursing I certainly would have. Still having what feel like shocks in the left thigh.
      So sorry your Diverticulitis is back. Our son is arriving later this afternoon..fun. DD and SIL are involved tonight with a cocktail party to raise money for their VIctorian and the historic society so the book can get written and published which will be all about the Flavel houses here in town. Tomorrow there will be an open tour of the house. Last night they had a lecture at one of the local movie houses and 220 people showed up for it. Take care dear friend, Love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        Ido hope you are over this at least a step forward with this pain and the trip to the internest went ok
        I know you will have enjoyed the visit from your son so I hope,you were well enough for that
        I shall go and see if I can see anything on your local paper app about the Flavel house it all sounds so special
        My diver is rubbish on clear liquids only for a few days ..yuk
        See if it helps the stitch like pain on the left
        We have had the tail end of the storms you have had,a few have died in the winds that were bad over on the west and up north

  9. Sue, thanks for the much-needed laugh!!! I just had an appointment with my neurosurgeon following a current MRI and the news was not good! I was informed that the damage at C1 could be life-threatening with a fall, and something like a minor car accident could also be lethal. I have been having headaches, numb hands, and balance problems and the MRI showed pressure on my spinal cord at C1, from RA damage, so I am booked for an urgent neck fusion and also the removal of the damaged bone causing the pressure. The first step will be the removal of the bone through my nose with the assistance of a nose and throat surgeon. The second step, the fusion, will be done from behind my neck. I had hoped the situation would never progress this far, but both the neuro resident and surgeon both agreed, that in this situation, urgent surgery was necessary. He acknowledged my concern and stated that thrombosis unit will be involved throughout my hospital stay and recovery period due to my positive Factor V Leiden status but did indicate that he has never had a patient develop a blood clot with this surgery and that there was a much greater blood thrombosis risk when I had my knee replacements. I will be in a neck brace for three to four months.

    Tonie, I hope you feel better in time for your trip, and will look forward to many pictures. My right collarbone has been dislocated for many years now, but usually isn’t painful, and is one joint that surgery isn’t an option. Hope your inflammation settles soon!

    Best wishes to all… Pommum Brenda

    • Brenda
      I am very sad for your news now. You have been through so many surgeries in the past few years. May God be with you throughout all of this. My sister is going to be facing the same surgery in the near future. It is scary. But I know your surgeons will be careful, and we will all be much in prayer for you. Let us know the date please.
      I am recovering. A bit stressed out right now. Did and family plus two big dogs here since Monday. Between my house and my sisters. But no calm . And I am com8ng down from all that prednisone so you know I am a “tad” grouchy, lol. My shoulder is still very tender. Not inflamed anymore, which is good. My cheekbones are still red and tender. But, rest has really helped. I did some mopping and stuff today and it is not real happy with me. Ortho is supposed to see how things are on Wednesday. He was talking about another cleanout, but we will see. It hasn’t been that l9ng since it was done.
      I know your babies will be recuperating with you. Cesar has been “sick” with me the entire time. He too is stressedwith the presence of these dogs. Aww, but family can be stressful, no matter how much you love them, right ? Poor B he is not used to all this hubbub. It upsets his Crohn’s some.
      Sue, I hope you are feeling better. Chris, you as well. So much going on all over. Hopefully the storms have passed you on by now. Dad is waiting for the flood waters to recede so they can go home. A neighbor says it has peaked at their road, so hopefully all is well. Soon peace and tranquility will once again reign on the mountain, haha !
      Take care all

      • Oh Tonie, Can’t imagine the chaos and especially when you don’t feel well at all. I have explained to Chris what I am going through right now. Seeing internist in an hour. Was supposed to get knee injected but may not with all this other neuropathy going on on the same side.Bad night last night. Started about midnight with shocking flashes going through the back of my left thigh. So hard to describe that particular misery. New to me. It was better when it was totally numb. Maybe it’s healing?
        Oh my gosh, sure hope the kids get to go home tomorrow. Poor B. I am pleased you are better but understand about the withdrawal from steroids. You go ahead and be as bitchy as you want but not toward B. Love you much and so looking forward to your visit. Sue

      • Tonie
        You seem to be improving slowly.it all so much pain tho..when it’s all better don’t do so much as before
        I knew B had problems I didn’t know it was Crohns. So both go careful there
        I assume peace has descended but know you were pleased you could help your dd and family out
        It’s going to be a dull day out there with us rain all day but no winds thank goodness
        Going to get up for the day do breakfast for dh I’ve got another fasting day tho

    • Brenda/Pommum, So good to hear from you but how horrible what you have to go through. My sister who suffered terribly from psoriatic arthritis..another treacherous form of destruction, had that surgery years ago. Her surgery went in the front at the neck. She wore a heavy collar for several months…brace type. She came down to visit us and the family in CA..where we lived at the time. We went out to dinner and I remember there was a ramp and she tripped and fell on her face. We all were frightened and frozen in place just hoping she didn’t undo her surgery. Her neck was all nuts and bolts. Sweet girl, you know you have my support and prayers as you face this. I know how strong you are and trust in that. Sounds like they are on top of the clotting concerns you have. I send you so much love. Sue

  10. Hello all
    Still dragging my tired butt around. Today the fever is back and all I want to do is sleep. Everything aches ! Waaahhhh!
    Now, that’s better. Just got a message from Nikki, her husband had a mini stroke last night. Said his speech was all that was affected. And he is improving. Please pray for them. One thing after another. He is 46 years old.
    Okay gonna rest now.
    Love ya’all

    • Tonie, How sad for Nikki’s DH after all they’ve been through. Are they home yet? SO much stress on him lately. I pray he has a wonderful doctor to guide him through this and find out the why’s and how to avoid this from getting more serious. Oh dear.
      I am so sorry you are so tired but you have also been through such a week! I wish I could understand the fever part. Have you had more sun than usual this week? Oh dear friend, I hope you are going to feel up to coming out to see us for a visit BUT if not, you stay there, okay? Of course we will all be disappointed but I don’t want you taking any risks or doing anything that is too much for you. Surely the airlines will give you a voucher for another time. I feel very strongly about you not doing anything to endanger yourself. It is going to be long and hard but I promise after you arrive you can rest as much as you must.
      Our son just left to go into the hotel by the airport so he can be in Portland to catch a flight to Houston in the morning, then a day of work there with one of those hospitals and then to Northern Washington for another consult at another hospital. I’m pleased he enjoys his work because he sure does travel extensively for it. As most of you may know he is an RN consultant for hospitals and he is one of his companies specialists in Emergency Rooms. It was such a busy weekend for DD and SIL with the Open House on their Victorian with one night of a lecture on the background of the family who built their house and others in town. One of them is a large, beautiful museum. That one was built by the original Capt. Flavel and the kids house was built for his son. Several old sea captains built this area after Lewis and Clark settled it. One night a local historian spoke and they had 220 people show up and Friday night a private cocktail party with private tours of the house and yesterday, Sat. another 370 people got in to tour it for a fee. It was raining part of yesterday which made it a bit inconvenient. Then our DD, SIL the kids, and our son all were here for dinner. Great to have everyone here except for our DIL and their kids. Our DIL was holding down the fort at their home, working at her teaching job and taking care of their three dogs in Dallas, TX.
      I had a tooth break in half on Sat. so it’s a call to the dentist in the AM for me. Not sure how this will affect my Zometa treatments I get via IV every three months. When I started it 4.5 years ago, they told me the oral health was terribly important as it is with all the biphosphid drugs. Guess I’ll find out very soon. Necrosis of the jaw is one of the possible side effects of those drugs, but rare. Do let me know how you both are feeling and let us take it as it comes…Love you much, Sue

      • Sue
        I think the fever is just the side effect from the prednisone withdrawal. Never had that much at one time. And the tiredness as well. I will be fine to come out. As you said, it was a rough week. And no, not too much sun just stress. Soon as this passes, I think it will be fine. I took out insurance on the flight to be sure I could come.
        So sorry about your tooth. I am still waiting for my appointment to get my three cavities fixed. Ugh ! Not looking forward to it.
        Wish I could have been there for the lecture and the tour. Sounds so interesting.
        SIL is improving , not sure what is being done at this point. Nikki is bustling between cleanup at the house and checking on him.
        Take care of you. I have to drive Judy to Roanoke for her back injection today. Need to pick me up some moisturizing drops for my eyes. So dry they hurt.
        Love ya

    • Tonie
      How come your fever is back
      Must be some infection causing it??
      What a shock to have to hear about you dds husband. Prayers that all well be well and he will recover with no after effects..does he have blood pressure etc
      Do hope you are feeling better today esp with hearing that news

  11. Chris, I am so sorry you’re still on the liquids. So awful but hope the cramping is better now.Weather sounds treacherous as well, oh dear. My internist visit was terrible. He yelled at me and we both were upset, he and I. After waiting an hour in an uncomfortable chair, I was not in a good mood and apparently he had had a bad week. I’ll tell you more about it later. Still scheduled for a CT scan on Friday and he isn’t happy I am having one for oncology at the same time. He doesn’t want any contrast in his films of the neck nor, according to him, does radiology. Apparently he’s upset oncology didn’t call him. Oh my. I left there in tears. Hope I don’t have to break in a new doctor. Time will tell. Do take care and stay out of that nasty weather and wind. Love you, Sue

    • Sue
      What a tale to have to tell
      how could he treat you so unkindly.i hope you don’t have to undergo a new one ,and hope he discovers some politeness at least
      The visit to the dentist will hopefully put you ok with no adverse effects from your drug
      Its one thing after another and with that injection going wrong.its enough! Without unkindness too
      I looked at your Astoria newspaper but didn’t see anything ,but it all sounds so well done and popular. They are certainly doing it all well
      Lovely day here 20c and sunny. Cleaned some outside Windows…no good for my side tho!
      Long range weather forecast gives it very cold from November on…

  12. Hello all
    Chris, SIL is doing good. The nurses told him Nikki’s quick reaction saves h8m. She saw his mouth drawing, gave h8m two aspirins and drive him to the ER. He checks out healthy. Yes they are at home. No more smoking and esp no more energy drinks for him. Sue, they could find no reason why. But have h8m on a followup plan that sounds good.
    My rheumy called me We’d and told me to come in Fri am. She thinks I have a virus. My shoulder is still inflamed, and headaches as well. So leaving here at 6am in the morning. Ugh !
    We made apple butter today. I didn’t do a lot, no one would let me. Washed some apples, set up the jars and lids, and sat in a chair and read my book. It’s always fun. But the shower afterward and now my heating pad……ahhhhhh!
    Hope all is well with you all

  13. Hello, everyone, I’m back from the beach. It was a wonderful time spent with people near and dear to me. I know it did my friend lots of good, the rest of us also. I usually stay at her house and come back the next day after traveling up from the Outer Banks to Maryland. Last night I wanted them to have a quiet evening together before her ct scan today, so I waited a bit for the DC rush hour traffic to die down a bit, then left. The rest period was good, but the traffic was still out in force. And it was raining. I am really tired today, especially after the pup’s walk. Couldn’t deny her her walk, though!
    Pommum, I am so sorry you have to go through that surgery, but it sounds completely necessary. I’ll be thinking of you!
    Sue, oh no. You have so much going on right now. It sounds like you and your internist just had poor timing. At least I hope. I’ll be you will be more than happy to have those CTs behind you! The weekend doings and your visit with your son sound wonderful. I hope you were able to enjoy as much as you wanted.
    Tonie, I hate doing the steriod taper. Hope you are feeling better soon. Glad to hear your SIL is doing so well after that scare. Thank goodness DD was on top of it! Sorry B had a flare. Totally understandable with the added stress. Poor fellow. Hope you are both back on track soon.
    Chris, hope your fast is productive and soon over.
    Time for me to rest a bit. I need to do some things this afternoon and run out for something to make for dinner. I had hoped we could have a dinner out to celebrate my return, but DH has a lesson to teach and must make an appearance at the school football game to support his staff and the kiddos in the marching band.

  14. Hello all
    Well, rheumy confirmed what Sue thought. I had a virus, which triggered the RA flare and then that opportunistic FIBRO Jumped on the already down body. I hurt from my hair to my toes. She told me to increase my gabapentin , ti should help my headache. BUT…I can’t take that dosage during the day , I was just drunk. Went to sleep n the couch. I couldn’t walk straight for a couple of hours !! I need to find an optometrist to check my eyes, see if I need better eye drops. My body is so dry and I keep drinking all the time. I can’t seem to get enough. THe corners of my mouth are cracked because my mouth gets so dry at night. ARGHH ! I am whining. Been whining all day. I started crying, apologized . SHe told me no ! That is good to get it out and tell her everything. She is so sympathetic and understanding.
    I told her about Sue and our visit. She wished us both good health for our visit. I hope you are doing better Sue. B. massaged hemp oil cream all over my back and shoulders. Wow, it helps so much. He gives a good massage too. We are going to look at a small hot tub tomorrow. I am excited. That helps me so so much.
    Lyn, I am glad you had a good trip with your friends. The beach relaxes me as soon as I hear the surf ! I’d like to go and stay for a few days. B has to go to Fl when his green card gets renewed to pick it up. I told him I would go with and stay at the beach ! We will see. We don’t know when they will schedule it.
    So, all my information. I took the gabapentin and it is working it”s woozy way with me.
    love to all

    • Sorry you got the triple whammy, Tonie. I’m not far behind. By evening yesterday I was hit with my worst RA flare in some time. After falling asleep at least 5 times – yes, 5, I’m not exaggerating – I finally went up and went to bed. Slept through except for changing positions to ease sore spots. Trying not to poke the bear today. Still tired, sore if I do too much. I do need to get some of that cream. I wanted to order before I left and didn’t get around to it.

  15. Tonie
    My goodness tonie this is some flare.,,,it would be great if you got the hot tub.it would be so relaxing for you
    The dryness too is so depressing,keep putting drops in till it all improves
    And Lyn look after yourself, lovely time away and this now. Doesn’t it always go like this….after a few days rest it’ll hopefully all get back on track
    Thinking of you

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