A Few Of My Favorite Things


Julie Andrews eat your heart out.

Yes indeed, I love “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”  And most of all my very kind and wonderful spouse. He has had to adjust to my way of a disabled life and done it with grace. Now, let me list a few things which make this way of life better. I know we each have our favorites. Here are some of mine which include medical care, home life,cleaning, exercise, and cooking: I hope you enjoy my list.


A compassionate doctor who has good hearing as well as a smart mind.

A doctor who looks into my eyes instead of the screen of a computer.

A gynecologist with small hands; preferably attached to a female doctor.

A kind receptionist at any kind of office. Don’t make me bring out the ugly attitude; it upsets me to be rude and aggressive.

Doctors who call when they say they will.

Doctor’s offices that don’t keep me waiting all day on my sore tush and back.

Reports, written or called to me, on lab work or x-rays which I have paid for and endured.

Lab technicians who didn’t attend the Marque de Sade school of bloodletting.

A clean office, hospital or other medical facility. I don’t want to know what went on in there before I arrived. I definitely don’t want to see blood on the floor or on the doctor’s shoes.

I love watching a doctor or nurse wash their hands. I feel more confidence in them.

New magazines in a waiting room, anywhere, except during flu season.

Pharmacies that are accurate, clean and courteous.

When all the pill bottles look alike, I like to write the initial of the medication on the top of the cap in large letters; this is because I keep my prn meds in a large open container by my bedside.

I like to prepare my daily meds a month ahead of time in those weekly plastic containers. It makes for less errors when one is fumbling around in the AM.

The same for daily vitamins. I like capsules more than pills which stick in the throat and adore chewable anything, especially antacids and calcium.

L-lysine capsules and L-lysine lip cream for fever blisters which I get often from the sun due to my severe photosensitivity.

Aloe vera gel for any rash. Yes, you can mix it with other things, like cortisone cream. Both are inexpensive.

I adore hemp oil, strictly CBD oils mixed with other organic oils rubbed into the skin over painful anything. Add the heating pad for more effectiveness.



I can’t imagine life without my I Robot cleaners, scrubbers, vacuums…also known as Scooba, Neato and Roomba.

I like all the Swiffer products.

I prefer spray bottles over wipes. They’re easier on the shoulders.

I like to alternate my arms when scrubbing…can’t let “leftie” get any more flabby or weak than it already is.

I love all movies except the ghoulish ones or ones that have no story line. It freaks me out enough that my husband reads Stephen King.

I prefer biographies, classic British dramas, and war stories. I like to read anything inspirational by another fellow human who has overcome…anything.

I love the many pots on my old front porch and back one, also.I love digging in the dirt, usually potting a flower or trailing plant. Always end up taking off my gardening gloves. There is just something about the feel of good soil between the fingers.

I always end up buying colorful flowers so am making an effort to insert more lavender and yellow into the mix this year. I love the way yellowand white jump out at you in a plant, a pot or as color accent inside.

I can’t imagine not growing a few of my own herbs, although our weather isn’t always amicable to the idea. I tie them with a string and dry them on the indoor porch or kitchen.

I love little pottery and china animals and collectibles throughout the house; especially if they make me laugh.

I’m nuts for crazy signs like the one I bought my husband a few years ago. “IF A MAN IS ALONE IN THE WOODS AND SPEAKS AND THERE IS NO WIFE TO HEAR HIM; IS HE STILL WRONG?” He loves it.

I am obsessed with family pictures, especially the old ones of relatives or of my kids and grandkids. I think they keep me grounded. I have a stairwell full of them which are never straight because our funny old house goes downhill about 2 inches.

I love lace, soft cushy blankets, flannel sheets and all heating pads. Well, it is the Northwest and some part of me always hurts or the weather is cold and damp.

I consider feather pillows a must for sleeping, relaxing and under the tush. Don’t have to be the expensive goose down ones, although they are a wonderful luxury. I know the goose sacrificed a lot but I simply can’t worry about her.

I love the riot of wallpaper. Our home is very loud but it speaks to me and makes me happy. I like the company all the past offers in an old home like ours.

I love to write. Words can be so wonderful, painful and paint pictures for the mind and soul. Don’t you think so?

I like to find the cheapest way to do something and always buy clothes for myself when they’re on sale.

If I find something that’s comfortable, I’ll wear it until it’s in rags.

Comfortable shoes are a must, duh?? Goes without saying but I just did.

I appreciate compromise in regards to housework. Can’t do everything anymore. Martha Stewart, don’t come to my house; you’d stroke out.

My home is my castle, my infirmary, my cloud, my hell and my solace. It depends on the day you ask me.

I like my pets more than most humans I know. No hypocrisy with them.I love that someone greets me with such overwhelming enthusiasm when I’ve only been out to pick up the mail, kisses and tail wagging as well as purring are all such graphic signs of affection.



I like that the word “exercise” has become my friend, in moderation.

I like it mild, often and friendly. How many things can you say that about?

I love all the stretchy bands; they’re a must when used discreetly.

I love my notebook I’ve kept over the years of all my physical therapy stretches and exercises. Helps me remember what I both paid for and need to do.

I like parking far away from the door at the grocery store so I have to walk, unless it’s raining so hard I fear I will drown or I’m having a bad day.

I like the cloth shopping bags because they’re eco-friendly, feel better on the hands and keep me from chasing canned foods that fall out of plastic bags and roll down the hill where we live while unloading.

I like all healthy products for cleaning and eating, like Shaklee, Avalon Organics, Tom’s of Maine, EO products and bathe the dogs in Buddy Wash by Cloud Star or Earth Bath pet shampoo, especially the one with Tea Tree Oil. Thanks, Australia. I prefer CBD rubbing oil for painful joints.

It’s so much easier to grab a hat and a jacket and walk by the river than to walk on a treadmill. Finally gave mine away.

I like to count when I do leg lifts, modified sit-ups etc. because I feel the progress when my count is higher than it was last week. I confess as my diseases progress, I have had to modify many of these.

I like doing neck stretches with the hot shower pouring down on me. It’s heavenly on a bad cervical spine.

I always keep ice packs in the freezer. You never know. In a pinch a bag of peas is also good. Don’t open them. Although if they defrost; you’vegot dinner.



I figured out some time ago that we still have to eat, whether I feel like it or not.

My husband cooks scrambled eggs and toast. That’s it unless it involves something in the microwave; he’s getting better at that.

I love my guy for never wavering if I tell him I just don’t feel well enough to cook. He always replies, “Whattaya want me to pick up?”

I like the volume shopping at a store like Costco but only if it’s something I know we’ll eat within a few months, like those great Sirloin hamburgers all ready with cheese and bun. I also like the frozen tamales, burritos, etc. I do not, however, enjoy hiking around large warehouses and usually leave it to my dear man and a list.

I love our organic community store where the produce is fresh and grown in the states.

I try to never fry anything but if I have to brown something, I use olive oil only. I like the lighter versions.

I bake a lot of meat these days. If we want it crispy, I soak it in buttermilk (you know you can make soured milk by adding a tsp. of lemon juice or vinegar to a cup of regular milk?) if I have it on hand. Then I roll the meat in breadcrumbs and love the Japanese ones the best, like Panko. Cornflakes are good, too. This is especially wonderful for chicken.

I love oven roasted vegetables, particularly sliced potatoes instead of fries, asparagus, different kinds of squashes mixed with baby pearl onions and baked Brussels sprouts, etc.

Balsamic vinegar on salad, in potato salad, as a marinade. It has a sweetness and aroma that’s fabulous and interesting. It will make your potato salad beige, however

I love the silicone baking sheets on the cookie sheets. They make clean-up a breeze.

I love real butter. They always find some carcinogen in the latest fad of margarine and it usually tastes terrible. The low cal ones don’t melt well because they’re half water. No, I’ll take the cow.

The best cheese sauce I ever found is the easiest. Melt any grated cheese you like in a cup or two of sour cream over a low burner. Stir and enjoy over potatoes, cauliflower, etc.

I usually cook with leftovers in mind. Why cook again tomorrow? Doesn’t make sense to me. Many foods such as spaghetti, casseroles and potato salad are better the next day anyway.

Did you know French or sourdough bread stays fresher in a clean kitchen trash bag; you know, the white ones?

I love fresh herb butter made with herbs from the pots on the back porch. Basil butter is my favorite. Just mix chopped herb of your choice with butter and a dash or olive oil and cover it and you’ll eat it until it’s gone.

Get the grandkids or your own children to eat vegies by cutting up colored bell peppers, carrots, etc. and serving them with a small amount of Ranch dressing.  

I love one of our local pizza places because they sell more interesting varieties of pizza as well as salads and will deliver anything. You can be sure they know just where we live.

In our area, I love the fish and chips, especially the beer battered ones. Yum.

Did you know you can put just about anything in a rolled-up tortilla, preferably flour for flexibility and call it a burrito? This works with any vegie, meats or cheese. Grilled cheese sandwich are wonderful when you use corn tortillas.

I like golden or yellow potatoes because I have a sensitive pallet and the others, like Russets, taste like dirt sometimes.

I love the produce guys who put out small paper bags for mushrooms because they get slimy much faster in a plastic one which holds too much moisture.

Did you know if you shove an old can of root beer far back in your refrigerator and ignore it for too long it will explode with this sticky, syrupy mess? Just learned that one myself.

Love keeping a small glass bowl of Kosher or Sea Salt by the stove. Makes me feel like a TV chef I guess; a pinch here, a pinch there.

I don’t like paper plates of any kind. My husband will use them. I won’t. We have a dishwasher for goodness sakes!

We have a small refrigerator upstairs. Didn’t cost much and it’s great in the middle of the night for juice, yogurt, etc. Also good in the AM when the stairs are just too much before the daily pills kick in. Beats tumbling down the stairs. I keep my little refrigerator off our bedroom stocked with fruits and Ensure, as well cold seltzer drinks.

I adore my seltzer machine because you can change flavors, it’s convenient and cost effective. You also don’t have bottles to recycle.

Julia Childs was right. If you dry off any meat first it browns better.

I find if we’re dieting, it’s best to cheat once a week. Then we’re back to it. Hey, I can’t give up fried onion rings altogether.

You can’t diet for another person. They have to be motivated within themselves. You can, however, sew their pants a bit tighter around the waist to inspire them.


Well, I’ve rambled on quite long enough. Those were a few of my favorite things. Most importantly, I love knowing I am loved by my friends, family and a loving God who knows all, sees all and always guides my life each day, even when my faith wavers; His faithfulness does not.



34 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Good morning Sue
    I so agree on those favorite things list. I will add a few of my own; The smell of my horses in the warm sun. Watching the chickens run like kids at recess when I open the gate. Watching the veggies in my garden grow and develop. My sister’s face light up when she sees a baby. The joy I get singing a “good old gospel song” in church. Feeling the love of a man even though he is a continent away through the wonderful emails he writes me. But most of all, the very few people I really know are my friends. Placed in my life by a loving Savior who cared enough to sacrifice His life for me. The comfort of His presence when the storm is bad.
    Next time Jim makes a burger, tell him to simmer it in Basalmic as it cooks. Wonderful flavor.
    Today I am recuperating from a bad night and an achy body. Overdid it yesterday finishing the flower beds. Waiting for my gs Samuel to arrive. He is spending the week with me. I am excited !
    Love ya

    • Tonie, how fun for you having Sammy all to yourself for the week and how wonderful for him as well. I love your favorite things and can see you in your setting although it is far from my way of life. That’s why the whole favorite things is so personal. I’m afraid Jim hates vinegar and doesn’t even like it when I clean with it, although I do. I love Balsamic so very much, in fact I think I will make a potato salad today. I need to have salads to munch on in the house right now.
      Surely your dear man who indeed gave up so much due to his love for you and gained even more, shall be home soon. Sammy is old enough now to be of some help for you as well as a most welcomed guest. Have fun and please rest and respect your limitations more; which is what I am also often guilty of doing.
      I do wish we could get wordpress to keep our visitors signed in. I believe we are getting less comments and some lost when folks don’t notice they have to re-enter their addresses. Is there any hope? Love you and thanks for helping me with yet another blog today by posting my words. Love, Sue

  2. Love your list.
    Seeing a neurologist tomorrow, hopefully will have some answers for me. Even if they can’t fix me, knowing what’s wrong will help. Positive thoughts and prayers would be nice. Love to all, Janet

    • Janet dear, you most certainly have my concerns and prayers for some answers tomorrow. DO let us know on here or on FB , OKAY? Love to you our dear old friend. Sue

  3. Yes Janet all the best
    As for me it was the emergency dr again for diver and temp,of 100
    On strong antibiotics again
    I enjoyed the blog sue it transported me from all the pain while I read it
    And it was like coming back to a safe haven after the Drs

    • Chris dear, I hope you always think of this place as a safe one for you. Diverticulitis again you poor friend. Perhaps they should change the antibiotics since it was just a short time ago you had another bout of it. I know how very painful that can be so it looks like potato soup time and more weight loss for you. Oh dear. Lots of fluids my dear, especially herb teas with no caffeine. Prayers and hugs, Sue

      • Judy has been suffering quite a bit . She knows it is because she doesn’t eat right, she says. If she goes without too long, she says it causes a flare up. I am not sure what to do for her short of a stick to the head !

      • Judy has been suffering quite a bit . She knows it is because she doesn’t eat right, she says. If she goes without too long, she says it causes a flare up. I am not sure what to do for her short of a stick to the head !

  4. Trouble is sue because of the sjogrens I’m now allergic to all except these co – amoxiclav.dont know what I will d9 when I become too used to these
    Everything else I’m covered in a rash

  5. Sue, I love this. So many of your favorite things are mine as well. On the healthcare front – total agreement. I don’t enjoy clutter in my house, but I do have favorite pieces, including beloved heirloom family items. Now that we are down to just 2 of us in house, we enjoy leftovers more often. They are especially handy on evenings when I cannot cook. Also thankful for my husband’s willingness to cook or grab takeout when needed as well as his willingness to help out with chores around the house. I’m excited that grilling season is upon us and we will soon be enjoying local fresh veggies! I will take a walk out in nature over a treadmill any day! Of course, Sadie pup and my favorite walking place is the Rail Trail. I also enjoy other movement that is easy on the joints and promotes strength and mobility. Music will always take me away, refuge from bad times, celebrating wonderful times. Sharing music with my DD, priceless. Reading – my get away. Beach time, fixes just about anything, especially when shared with loved ones.

    Chris, sorry to hear you are dealing with diver yet again so soon. Praying you can get past it as quickly as possible.

    Tonie, enjoy your time with Sammy! I hope B will be home soon. I know it will take what time it will take. I second Sue’s request to take it easy.

    Janet, good luck at the neurologist!

    I just looked at the clock and need to get myself going. Although I am still recovering from an incredibly busy concert week, I have things to do and a dog to walk in rather breezy conditions. That could be a workout. Another rehearsal tonight for upcoming concerts. I’ll be happy when we are into latter May. Hopefully a bit more down time?? Maybe? But, quick catch up – DD is doing well, her BF is healthier than ever and working hard managing a local eatery. SB just started a new job as Front Office Manager at a new hotel and is already being groomed for Assistant General Manager, lots of room to grow into a General Manager position as this or another hotel in the company. He is working hard – 60+ hours a week, and moved out into an apt with a buddy of his. He may finally have found his career path. I hope.

    Best to all!

    • Lyn, so good to hear from you and catch up on the news of your family and I loved seeing how many favorites we have in common. Your son’s job sounds just right for him and such a possible future for him. Life certainly changes when your nestlings fly and in so many ways it frees you up to pursue many areas of life and to rest when you feel up to it. I know music is an important vitamin for you and a joy to your heart. Stay close to your health barometer and do take good care of yourself in spite of your beloved music. Much love, Sue

  6. Hi
    Lyn all sounds good on the home front kids doing well too
    Dh ultra sound done Saturday was back this morning so we got an appt with gp
    I knew from how the dr there was reacting summat was different
    But it was ok
    He’s had a not worrying cyst in the kidney from2011 and it has very slightly thickened the ureter but they were not worried as the bloods were al ok
    But if the endo doesn’t show gastritis they will refer him for the nausea to a urologist
    But the omeprazole cured it so I should think that’s what it is and so do they.they were not concerned after looking at the previous ultra sound
    So another worry over…. just it puts his bp up and he can’t take it but they will try ranitidine..just have to be careful with the warfarin
    Listening to the raindrops on our conservatory roof magic..like camping
    Going to bed with clean fresh sheets
    Nowt to do but look at tv or read..no worries on your mind
    Always some but you have to forget if you can
    Lying in bed with the window open and fresh air coming in
    Smell of newly mowed lawn
    Oh do you have box hedging the smell takes me right back to my childhood ,it’s very subtle
    Ok off to do a piece of toast for me better start eating with those antibiotics

    • Dear Chris, I love your favorite things. I love the sound of rain on the roof or the windows. Seldom are we able to open our windows during the rain due to our trusty wind. I’m definitely ready to plant some spring flowers so rain, rain, go away. We have a huge hedge on each side of our front steps which we had tiled a few years ago. It’s about time for the hedges to be pruned back a bit but rain, rain and then I get to call the yard fellow. There is a huge empty lot across from us where there was once a large school and it has been for sale since we’ve lived here and it gets mowed all spring and summer. Folks love to take their dogs there to play and the deer also love it. It is very hilly which is probably why it has not sold. So sorry you are so very limited on the subject of antibiotics. No, rashes are never good as they always warn of something worse to come unless they are heeded.
      As far as DH, mine is also on warfarin and it does limit which meds can be taken. He also bruises very easily and with a kitten in the house, his arms are covered with bruises and scratches. He also has to take Vit. K daily. I hope they find a proton pump inhibitor that works for his gastro. Was life ever simple for us? I can’t remember that far back. Love you and do take care and remember to look for the joy. Love ya, Sue

      • What a problem to have to take warfarin with vit k they work against each other……!
        My temp came down to my normal which is low.then last nite shot up to 100 ,it went down after about three hrs .very odd
        The diver seemed worse but then improved
        Hope the time with Sammie is going great
        Weather here is warmer but cold in the wind and gives it 66 f over Easter
        I’ve got the rheumy on Thursday she checks my sjogrens levels yearly
        Ok that’s it it’s nearly 3am here so gonna try and sleep

  7. Chris, actually Vit K is given because people on warfarin need that vitamin in their diet and Jim does not eat greens. The only vegies he likes are cooked and they are not green. Hope your DH is getting adequate amounts of K in his daily food. Jim is very particular and would each salads, etc. It helps with the proper amount of clotting. Sorry you still have a fever off and on. What exactly is the lab your doctor does for your SJogren’s? Is it the sedimentation rate? How worrisome for you to have the gut trouble again but with me it is also a daily diet check with my divert and the IBS/IBD. Do take care my dear. Love, Sue

  8. He does try to maintain vit k with food and keep the inr balanced
    The blood test is an ANA anti nuclear one they do
    Yes the ibs starts and off goes the diver to follow also bending can start it off don’t know why


  9. Happy And Blessed Easter to all
    Such a beautiful (and cool) day here 8n the Blue Ridge. Always cool on Easter. Been a busy week for me and Sammy (everyone else calls him Samuel). He was a big help and nice company. Easy. His Dad and siblings came up Friday and spent the night. So I made peanut butter eggs for all. And pulled a hen out of the freezer for chicken n dumplings, my son’s fav. Strawberry shortcakes, potato salad and deviled eggs. Also had a Friendship Cake which he loves as well. He is on a strict diet of his making. Very slim and muscular, he is. All 6’4” of him. We ha d a good visit. Rained the entire time almost. They came up with no jackets, lol.
    Got a phone call at 6:30 this am. B back from his visit to family friends near Burgundy. Where his family refugees to flee the Nazi’s, and where his father was imprisoned in a camp. He is anxious to come home. Gave me several scenarios to think about with his way back.
    The best I think is fly to Canada and then to the US on his passport. Then we can pursue getting his card released. No waiting.
    And he is still figuring out treatment options. Men ! I told him just come home. Period.
    So, now I must get ready for church. Then go to Galax and check on the houses.
    Lyn, busy gal. Nice to have a hubby who pulls his weight ! Good for SB on his job. Good career that.
    Chris, take care you. And same for dh.
    Sue, rest up and recover.
    Enjoy your day today , everyone. And remember His sacrifice that all may live, and live more abundantly.

    • It has been lovely and sunny here 75f and a gentle breeze
      Sat out a little but mostly in bed with the diver ..yuk
      I do wish all would sort out for B and he gets home pronto. what a nice surprise tho at 6,30
      Could B get similar treatment over with you still ?

  10. Blessed Easter to each of you. I’m having some serious problems and feel lousy. Prayers appreciated. I’m having nausea, B/P problems and am in constant atrial fib. Seeing the cardio in Portland on wed..soonest I could get in. Awfully hard couple of weeks. Sue

  11. Sue
    DH used to have it permanent for a year until his pacemaker. it was an easy fix in and out next day
    He couldn’t take amioderone which seems to cure it ..have they tried that yet ,some have no problem with it and it treats it well
    But he did feel better after the pacer was in
    Look after yourself and my prayers

    • Chris, Yes, I was on that drug last year but I had a GI bleed. My incompetent doctor and that cardio I saw only once didn’t even read my med list and see I was on NSAID’s and coumadin so it was a small wonder I bled. There are other new drugs out over here but I will see what the good cardio says. If he recommends Amioderone I’ll try it again. Anything to make me feel better. Thanks so much for your prayers. Did your DH have headaches and nausea when he was constantly in A fib? Thanks again, Love, Sue

      • Well no not from the A fib but he did and does have headaches from high bp along with nausea
        There are other drugs to try I think one called flecanide.
        Then Different type ones such as certain beta blockers
        We were told also a drink of very cold water or coughing can help to revert in some circumstances
        Not long now to your appt just wish it wasn’t such a long way to go for you

  12. Lyn
    You seem to be just as busy
    Glad all the family is doing well
    Yes I think sharing things is priceless ..just even a knowing look of remembering something at the same time
    Hope your mum and step dad are doing ok

  13. Hello all. Busy , but beautiful weather. Too much to do, so,etimes I want to throw up my hands and stop, lol. Awake at 4, now 5. Hopefully I will sleep some more.
    Sue/Chris.p I went to sleep with my heart in Afib. It has done it more often than it has in times past. No Dr has ever caught it, so never diagnosed. It scares me when it stays like that. It does make me sick and dizzy. So hope the Cardio finds and answer for you Sue.
    We are doing good here . But have the need to get away for a few days. Judy and I may go to the beach next month, just a quick pick me up. I need a break.
    Now I will try to sleep. I hear the rooster crowing, but he is crazy ! Haha ! God bless all, have a wonderful day

  14. Dear Friends, oncology day before yesterday, trip to Portland yesterday, 2 hrs. each way to see the cardiologist. A fib constant with nausea, muscle cramps, terrible fatigue and shortness of breath therefore…scheduled for cardio-version week after next. Now started on a new blood thinner and after procedure to go on a rhythm drug to keep me in sinus rhythm and out of constant A fib. I will have to have an esophageal echocardiogram so they can examine the heart internally just before they shock me so I won’t have any hidden clots and could stroke. This man is fabulous and the best prof in cardiology at the university there. Unfortunate he will be retiring next year but I have great references regarding a new female cardiologist out here so will be okay. Thanks for all your concerns and prayers. I am so tired today this is all I can type but will be better soon. Long tiring trip on a sore ass after the chemo shots and, P.S. I’m grumpy! Love you, Sue

    • Sue
      So good to hear you
      I’m not surprised after all that that you feel as you do
      It all sounds progressive and positive
      Just to wait now and feel better in the two weeks
      And with such a knowledgeable man I’m sure you will now feel comfortable with all that he is doing
      Dh after his treatment although a pace felt good soon after .,the cardioversion and putting into sinus rhythm will take those feelings away too

      • Chris deaer, thanks for being there for me and sharing what you both go through. Much love and actually, I feel relieved to know something will change. Sue

    • Dear Sue, You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you so much.
      Will see the spine specialist Monday with the MRI info. The neurologist on May 15 with the results of his MRI. My back is still painful from the 2 separate MRI appointments. My DIL is interviewing people to help me. I know this is what Tonie does, wish she were here. I’m so independent it is going to be difficult to accept help, but I have no choice.
      Please keep me in your Thoughts and prayers. Love to everyone here, Janet

      • Dearest Janet, so good to get a bit of an update about you. I know it’s hard to accept help; I even have trouble accepting help from my dear man. I know he doesn’t resent me but there are times, at his age he tires out, also. The other day after our long trip to Portland, we both came home and fell asleep at 7PM. Of course, I always feel guilty and like all men he does things his own way and in his own time. I wouldn’t want him any other way. You lost me on the point about what Tonie does but she is always there for all of you on here, just as I am.
        Please let us know what you find out on Monday about the MRI. Sweet friend, we all need help and yes, it’s hard to accept it when we have always been independent women. Just be sure you get someone who you can trust and who also has compassion. Those come first!! I understand not doing for ourselves. I had two broken fingernails yesterday and tried to file them last night and had sore muscles all night…doesn’t that stink? Some of what ails us can be fixed and some will only get worse. We must not give up on what can be helped and have the doctors who can tell us the difference. Today I must stay down and I am very frustrated. Sometimes, a lot of times, we MUST do what is best for us and often, that is hard to swallow. Much love, forever in my prayers and thoughts, Sue

      • Tonie has taken care of elderly people like me. Don’t know if she still does it, now she is taking care of her sister.

      • Dear Janet
        Wish I was too ! We would have a good old time of it wouldn’t we ? I was thinking of you the other day. I was trying to de-hair Red. Got enough off him for another horse. I thought, “now if Janet were nearby she could be near Red”. He is so quiet and still. No sudden moves. Loves to be rubbed down. I know you miss your horses. I love when I pick up my work clothes and they smell of horses. Go in the shed and smell leather and horses. One of my neighbors said he thought that smell should be bottled, and he isn’t really a horse lover.
        Prayers for you darlin’, I do understand the back issues. Exercise, be kind to yourself and if the helper ain’t helping, hit em with your cane !

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