An Unlikely Place For Courage



Where do you find courage?

On a battlefield in war?

On the streets of a vast city

With its violence unscored?


Is courage just in movies

Or only found in books?

Does it have to be dramatic

Your life in tenterhooks?


Courage sometimes falls,

Quietly descending

Like a snowy mantle

Protective, insulating.


Do we seek to find courage?

Or does it indeed choose you?

Is it something you’re born with,

Or what you learn to do?


Life never runs too smoothly

No matter who you are.

There are times when each of us

Could use a lucky star.


What if the roots of courage

Already grow within?

Defining our definition

Of hero or heroine?


Sometimes courage hides

In some unlikely place,

Exhibiting itself

As a quiet act of grace.


The young mother who

Stumbles out of bed,

Half a dozen times

To touch a feverish head.


A father who works overtime

To provide his families needs,

A wounded soldier coming home

Life changed by war’s foul deeds.


Some of us need courage

Just to face each day,

We utter up a prayer, “Dear God,

Must I live this way?


We say, All hope is gone,

But is it just in hiding?

It lies in the dark, hidden by fear,

Yet stands firmly, quietly guiding.


Somehow strength wells up,

Sorrow replaced by joy,

Courage and hope,

Life cannot destroy.




Hang onto your courage my friends because you have it, I know you do. If yours is currently in hiding, try sprinkling it with hope and you might be surprised at the results, my fellow warriors.


17 thoughts on “An Unlikely Place For Courage

  1. Sue
    I empathise with all in the poem
    It’s courage when you are in the middle of it all happening .and you are wondering the outcome.courage then is difficult but is best shown then just living for the day . Hard but the only way
    Hope sometimes lays hidden in the garden
    You just got to happen upon it when out just pottering about ,you cant just look for it it finds you
    Hope you are a little better

    • Dear Chris, so how is life in England today? Yes, I am a bit better but being very lazy, drinking a lot of seltzer with a dash of salt to keep the sodium levels up so not as much diaphoresis. I look forward to the procedure because I believe it will help and I can start the new rhythm drug. I started the new blood thinner, Xarelto, yesterday.
      Lovely here, mild and spring definitely popping out everywhere. Hope your gut is behaving but not as usual, only better. Love ya, Sue

  2. Well today ain’t bad sue
    Tum. daren’t say, a little better but with each flare up I can eat less
    Glad you are a bit better
    Have to go out dh has an inr due it was high last week,and has to be in a certain level to have the endoscopy next week

    • Chris, pleased he is getting his level checked. So far that is why I like the med I am on…not all that lab work. Jim still remains on the coumadin. I am so sorry about your tummy and am fearful you are losing weight. Still able to eat our old faithful potato soup? Hope all goes well now with his scope next week. Love, Sue

    • Alison?rosetint, so good to hear from you. I’m pleased you liked this and thank you for the courage wishes. I really need encouragement right now.Love you, Sue

      • Im sorry to hear that Sue but glad my comment was timely. Im laying in bed tonight with a bad back, a new doctor has given me some tablets which have really helped but Im still having bad days and its generally weak. Thinking of you today and hoping you find courage for tomorrow xxx

  3. Alison, oh dear. Is it the old injury or a new one? I am thankful to hear the new meds are helping. Prayers and gentle hugs and as for me, I await that call regarding when I shall have a cardioversion for this lousy A fibrillation. Same old news on the other problems…so many year and each days brings me the courage to look for a bit of joy with a few spells of crying not that unusual. Love ya, Sue

  4. Well, I had posted on here last week Not sure what happened to it. Must speak with that website coordinator ! lol.
    ANyway ….. It has been extremely busy with trying to stay caught up with chores, doing for my sister, swim days, etc. Today is clean house day, ugh !! We had loads of much needed rain last night and today is just beautiful, but too wet to do anything outside.
    Courage and Faith are what gets me through each and everyday. When I just want to curl up and cry, He is there to strengthen me, dust me off and set me on the right path. Courage to face each day is found in Him.
    I did hear from my State Rep on B;s card. They are looking into it. Have to send them some more paperwork first, then ….. just pray.
    I see better things for you Sue once this stuff is over, you can feel more like yourself. New meds, and something to increase your energy levels with a regular heartbeat.
    Do take care of you.

    • Tonie, I remember how much you dislike housework. I agree but I do love a clean house and unfortunately, my Fairy Godmother hasn’t shown up. I am so thrilled you have heard from your state rep about B’s problems and pray he gets to come home very soon.
      I hope you are correct about the cardioversion taking away these wretched symptoms. Had a wretch time last night with both shoulders and cervical spine from carrying a bag upstairs for our refrig. up here and it couldn’t have weighed more than 4 pounds, if that. I couldn’t even rub either shoulder with hemp oil and Jim had to do it for me, due to both cramping and hurting so badly. So frustrating and leg muscles still bad. We will see and please everyone, please pray I can find a new rheumatologist. I haven’t see the one who only talked about politics for over a year. My choice here in the NW is pathetically limited. Some of the reviews I have read are horrendous. Right now my dear oncologist is writing my scripts because they do qualify as being in her area of expertise as well and she is, of course, an internist.
      I know your courage is due to your faith but also suspect your DNA is filled with generations of it. Hope spring continue to dry things out and bloom for you. Enjoy those hummingbirds…I know you will and it won’t be long before B is there beside you to enjoy them also. Much love, Sue

  5. Sue
    Hope all is better for you as I write and that you are closer to the cardioversiom
    The weather has been cold and it says of thunderstorms today
    Dh went for his endoscopy today and it was all clear,we were so pleased
    My diver is no good have pain most of time now
    But a cheese scone is calling me in a few hrs .it’s early hrs in morning here

  6. Morning all
    It has been busier than usual around here. Trips to dentist for Judy, labwork for me, yard mowing, garden work…
    Sue, soon it will be done and you can get on with it better. I have my Rheumy appointment on Tuesday next week, long drive. Going for a swim today, haven’t been there all week. And this week has just flown by.
    Chris, glad to hear DH is cleared. Now for you….

    • Tonie, sounds like you are doing WAY too much but I know so much of it you have no choice. Please take a bit of time to protect your energy, joints and back. Hope Judy is doing better after the dental crap, poor girl. I remember many years back when Jim had all but two of his teeth pulled and Beth and I couldn’t help but laugh because he looked just like Marlon Brando in the Godfather. He did but he didn’t appreciate it very much. Sounds like another big week coming up for you next week. Sometimes we feel like we are sending all the doctors kids through college. Much love, Sue

  7. Hi All, cardioversion moved to May 17, next Friday at 1 PM so will at least not have to hit the road at 4:40 AM. Anxious to get it over with. Oncology doctor thinks my muscle pain is from the IV Zometa I’ve been getting for osteoporosis and we will skip the next dose which is due in two weeks. I have been getting it every 3 mos. for several years and apparently it stays in the system for months and months so will take awhile to see. Some meds adjusted to help me now and pray this is the answer and not a couple of other more serious things she mentioned. Symptoms still bad but can walk a bit like into the doctor’s yesterday without severe leg cramps so here’s hoping. Love to all, Sue

    • Sue not long to that date now
      Yes I too think this is a good sign the adjusted meds are leaving and it’s going to work

  8. Wonderful words tonie
    We had our Mother’s Day in the uk in March
    Don’t know why the days are oz it’s today too

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