They say that in the mind of God

There are these souls called twins,

Because they love forever

That’s true of her and him.


Young and proudly lonely

Her heart had known no joy

When he came into her life,

This wild and loving boy.


She a small dark beauty

Prim and proper in her ways,

He loved her instantaneously,

Desiring her always.


He taught her how to love

She made a home for him.

She learned from him and he from her

Times often hard and slim.


She gave birth to daughters

Each one unlike the other,

They all grew up together,

Father, daughters, mother.


To worry was her role

Faith and vision his.

Their love sometimes not perfect,

For true love never is.


Times were lean for everyone

Especially those unskilled

So he taught himself upholstery,

Side by side their days were filled.


She sat at the sewing machine

He measured, tacked and drilled.

They built a life for all of them

And became quite skilled.


The girls grew up and soon left home

While Mom and Dad stayed on

Making friends and having fun

Their parenting was done.


They grew mellow as the years rolled by

Savoring the days

They each realized there was no doubt

They would love always.


He had to leave her for awhile

But in her heart she knew

One day they’d be together

For heaven’s rendezvous.


Now they’re reunited

Never more to part,

Twin souls they’ll be forever

Because they share one heart.

                                                                        Sue Falkner Wood

                                                                       For my parents, who lived it.


At her request, this was read by my son Jeff Wood at her funeral.

I added the last two stanzas after she passed away. It gave me so much pleasure knowing she liked it so much. They were both very special people and I will miss them until I see them again one day.


30 thoughts on “Always

    • Lyn, thanks so much. Saw you went to one of your fav restaurants. Hope you had a good day. DD and family bringing take out over here. Lovely, 60 degree day here after two very hot ones, for us. Love ya, Sue

  1. Tonie, thanks for posting this…DOn’t know what I’d do without you for the technical end of this. Much love, Sue

  2. Sue
    How absolutely lovely, great ,wonderful
    Thank you for showing such a beautiful work of words
    My heart soared to read it to the end
    To be read by your son must have been ..well you know how ,I can’t find the words to reveal all that feeling

  3. Sue
    I really think I like this poem more than any of the ones I have read. Perhaps because it involved your heart so much ? Beautiful story. I think all our parents had a nice story to their marriages, even the bad ones. There had to be hope and love involved to begin together. I hope your Mother’s Day was good. And everyone on here. Whether you spent it with other Mother’s or just your families.
    Me , I spent the afternoon mucking out stalls, grooming horses, and ending up sweaty, dirty and smelling like a horse. What better way to spend my day ?

  4. Tonie, I know you were in horse heaven with those chores while also overdoing it. Thanks for your remarks about my heartfelt poem. My Mom always loved it so much. She had to live with over 20 years after Dad died but she did the best she could. Love, Sue

  5. Saw gynaecologist this afternoon
    He says he thinks there’s nowt there and wants me to have another ultrasound…yuk…that’s tonight
    Then see him this Friday
    He won’t do the polyp like before in outpatients..due to sjogrens…and will do day surgery ..but wants to make sure I need it before he gives the anaesthetic
    So he said I had nothing to be concerned about
    So I think I’m relieved or mite be Friday
    hope your relaxing today

    • Chris, how confusing it all is for you. I hope there are not more polyps in the uterus. Perhaps, all of your pain is from the diverticulitis. It is good they are doing tests before anything else, although it is difficult, it is needed. Frustrating for you, I know. Hugs, Sue

    • Alison/rosetint, Always wonderful to hear from you. My Mom and Dad were married over 50 years and began their marriage when she was 15 and he 18. She was always quick to add, “But I was almost 16.” Her mother deserted her and her two brothers when Mom was five and mother never fully got over it. Her Dad was okay but she was basically brought up by her English grandparents. Her Dad had to work to support them and did. Everyone has a story to tell, you know? Love, Sue

  6. Sue
    Did you ever meet your Mom’s grandparents ?
    I am taking a much needed break from chores for a few. Shared a lime popsicle with Ceasar. Lol. Been catching up on rainy day outside work. Hoeing the garden, dusting my potatoes for bugs, planted some more onions. Did some trimming and push mowed in front of Judy’s house. I need to hang some fly catchers at the barn to keep them rd the horses. And on and on…
    Went to the Rheumy yesterday. . Changed my volt arena for Celebrex. Which is good, I like Celebrex. She says it helps more with the Fibro as well. Having huge flares from that. Stress. I know it is.
    It has been COLD here last few days. Warmed up todY, but that wind is still cool. Tomorrow is calling for 82’. Yeah. Next week Judy and I are going to the beach for a few days. Nikki is driving up to see us as well. So should be nice. The sound of the ocean is like a huge Valium to me. So I will be some better when I c9me back.
    I pray all is well with the rest of you. Lyn, hope you are staying warm. BSL, haven’t heard much from you in a while. Hope you are ok.
    Have a blessed day all

  7. Tonie, I am so pleased to hear you and your sis are getting away for a few days. I know how renewing you are by the sea. Let most of that stress sail out, okay? Have a wonderful time, okay? No, I never met my Mom’s grandparents. They were long gone before I was born. So many of my Mom’s very British expressions came from her gran. You have the latest on me from FB but I am pleased you have changed to another NSAID. I pray and hope it helps you. A couple of days of just resting won’t hurt at all. Have a wonderful time seeing your DD and hopefully some of the grands. Much love, Sue

  8. Dear Chris, Alison and all who are not on my FB page, just a quick update. I went in for my transesophageal echocardiogram and had it but was not able to have the cardioversion because they found a blood clot. It would have been dangerous to shock me as I could have had a stroke. We are going to have to do it again in 2 mos. and hope by then the blot has dissipated. Too tired today after long trip to Portland day before yesterday but be back in a couple of days. Love to each of you, my friends and readers. Sue

    • Oh sue what a thing to happen
      Is your throat sore from it ?
      On the blood thinners now hopefully it will go
      They didn’t do that cardio for dh as he had been in af for too long so they did an ablation instead with a pacemaker
      This seems to make you feel better although still in af it doesn’t pass the junction and the pacemaker controls the heartbeat
      It was such a simple thing to do only in overnight

  9. Chris dear, things are done very differently here in the states. I had an ablation 11 years ago for a ventricular problem, SVT’s with tachycardia but my cardiologist told me he rarely uses pacemakers anymore. This works out well for me because they found a clot that could have been dangerous with anything invading the cardio vessels or the heart itself. The cardiac drug he put me on plus the blood thinner are going to help. The cardiac drug is already working, giving me a bit more energy. The muscle problem that has put me through hell these last few months, severely the last 6 weeks, is easing so here is hoping the bone density IV’s I’ve been receiving are the problem and in a couple of months my muscles will completely recover. Love ya and hope your gut gut is better knowing what an everyday battle you and I both have with that particular problem. Sue

  10. Tonie, I’m sorry, it has been a while since I logged on here. I did see pics from the beach – you made it! The beach and water are always a great restorative for me. I hope they will be for you as well. The weather has been rather nutty. Thankfully, this week has been less up and down. Take care!

  11. Chris, I failed to answer your question from a couple of days ago. Yes, I had a sore throat but was very hungry on the ride home after being NPO for so long before the procedure and got an icy slush to drink. I should also mention I have run into other cardiologist over the years who still use pacemakers. Didn’t mean to give you the impression they are never used here; that was just the opinion of my own cardio guy. I continue to worry about your gut issues and hope you’re not losing too much weight. Love, Sue

    • Sue
      A friend of mine who has AFib in the extreme had to be fitted with a pacemaker. It was the only way they could control her heart rate. Poor thing. She lost so much weight and got so weak.

  12. Oh that’s inevitable a sore throat with sjogrens
    I have to be careful to mention it as I am having the hysoscopy under anesthetic tomorrow as was too sore without last time
    Also on the ecg they noticed a something in some bundle of something so he’s is going to do another ecg before it
    Only went in with a diver problem come out with something in the uterus and a heart condition …..
    I understand what you meant with the cardio no problem .dh af heartbeat was destroyed with the ablation and they put the pacemaker in .that was 10 years ago now things may have changed here
    .been so busy this week with my lot to see to and then dh had his plastics appt for the eye .but not sure about having it done as risk of bleeding and blindness verses stopping warfarin and a clot..what choices with his deafness too.only thing his eye is sore with it
    Anyway off to sort myself out for tomorrow… gut keeping Okish….

    • Chris, I think informing the anesthetist is important, and I sure did. She had a pediatric tube on hand. Forgot to ask afterward if she used it. Chris, that sounds like you have a bundle branch block. I’ll be interested to see how they treat it, meds or procedures. Try not to worry until you know more…Hugs. You poor DH is really up against some hard decisions. What a patient and wise man he must be. Anxious to hear from you about appt. Prayers
      Now as far as the uterus, is that solved now or are there still growths in there? Oh dear, always something.
      Had my right shoulder injected yesterday for bursitis/tendonitis so hoping to get the ability to lift and use my right arm improved. Love, Sue

      • They will see tomorrow what they can’t really make out on the ultrasound
        Many interpretations on two ultrasounds
        Hope all goes well for the shoulder now and soon

  13. Chris, Best of results for tomorrow..remember, just one day at a time, one challenge at a time. Oh yes, I know how hard that can be. Love you, Sue

  14. Just come back and all is well he took two biopsies but says he will be surprised if anything reported and what they couldn’t make out on ultrasound was another fibroid
    So the anesthetist said the first degree heart block and right hand bundle block was only ageing and the reason for my missed heart beats
    And if I faint got chest pains or breathless to be referred to a cardiologist .but he said he wasn’t concerned just keep an eye on myself
    I was in sinus rhythm whilst under and all ok

    • Chris, I am so relieved for all of your results. What a relief. Is the fibroid in the uterus causing problems. Pray not. It’s always a pleasure to have good news shared on here. Love, Sue

  15. Hello all
    Sorry so long on here. Was a busy week. Had a good time with Judy at the beach. She laughed more than I have heard her in a while. That was my goal. We spent an entire day at the motel pool. Was only she and I. I got a good tan, she got a good burn, lol. But it was nice.
    So back to earth now. And yard sale today with the Methodist church. Sell my crafts and some left over yard sale things. Then I HAVE to clean my house up. I have things strung from “pillar to post”.
    Chris, glad there was nothing to be found. Prayer was answered. Sue, I hope you are feeling better , recovering. Lyn, good to see you post.
    All is well on my little farm. Garden is growing, picking strawberries, fresh radishes, chickens running amuck, horses snorting in the morning. Love my life.
    Love to you all

    • Tonie, your trip sounds absolutely amazing and just the ticket for both of you. Funny how getting away always makes home all that more sweet to us. So pleased you had it and now, knowing you I fear you will “overdo” playing catch up. Love ya, Sue

  16. Love your last few words….nice to get back after a trip away and see what you have got in your life
    I’m so pleased you had that time away with Judy
    Did you get to see your dd as well ?
    Don’t get tooo busy

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