My shopping cart is littered with ads

Some torn and wasted,

Left behind by harried customers

Much like me.


I pull my shopping list from the pocket of my jacket,

It is as usual: eggs, milk and bread and yogurt

Inevitably to be accompanied by fifty items

I did not plan to buy, but will.


As I look around at the microcosm of humanity

Which is nestled here in this retail world

I wonder at the variety of food, tastes and people

I see and feel less lonely.


Some are easy to read,

Their faces filled with joy while others

Are clearly having trouble pushing their shopping cart;

Much like me.


I have joy and am smiling

But I also feel each movement of my body.


Age and ability to shop are not always relative

As some of the young

Have a passel of vigorous children

Harassing their young mothers, others not so young.


As a grandma, I find it all fascinating, yet also overwhelming,

Wondering where my vigor has gone.

Did I really survive those years

With small children and loaded shopping carts?

Yet it seems only yesterday.


As my mind is brought back to the present

An exhausted young mother pushes a super cart,

Loaded with scuffling children,

Canned goods and sweetened cereal,

Frustration and maternal pride

Compete for her emotions

On her chubby, flushed pink face.


Two elderly gentlemen

Swap health stories,

Each taking his blood pressure

At a machine outside the pharmacy

While a bored pharmacist

Too tired to be rude, smiles stiffly

And prays for the end of her shift,

Shifting from one sore foot to the other.


In the outdoor nursery

A green refuge from the retail boredom within

New life quietly grows.

Unable to resist

I pick up a bright red geranium

For my kitchen window ledge.


In the toy department

A lone child,

Separated from his mother

Works at destroying a toy

He’s afraid he will never own.


Meanwhile, a studious gentleman

Gazes over the rim of his glasses

Searching through the new paperbacks,

Seeking a life

Between the covers of a book.


A mid-age couple,

Recently struck by illness

Shop the health food aisle

With its promise to live forever.

If only they knew

Which vitamin or herb to take

As they seek the magic bullet.


A seasoned housewife

Picks among the produce

Seeking only the best,

Measuring the importance of life

For her family’s health, one cabbage at a time.


A young bride touches the linens,

Terry towels soft with first lint,

Sheets with their promise of sensuality

The wonder of her future in her eyes.


As her nesting instincts

Long dormant now come alive,

She wanders into the infants wear

Guided by her dreams

As her heart ascends to the next step of life.


I gaze in sweet identification

As I listen to each voice,

Each of us singing our own song,

Alone and yet together

We sing our melodies of daily bread,

Healthy or ill, in pain or not,

We share this ordinary experience of life.








  1. Wear shoes too big?
    Mine would slip about. But..I do wear boots too big and put lots of socks on and that’s good like sore points
    Went to see my dad he appears worse..the nurse thought so too ,she could manage him to move on her own,but now needs two people ..he says he’ll be better at home..the social workers says that’s his cognition going…I say it’s just being as he is…hey what do I know!
    My breathing is stiff and heavy and I seem to need a deep breath
    Colder here today and dull….but that’s good for me..nite time is better
    I looked on the timberland site they do have some nice shoes sue
    Jim still working long hrs I see….

    • Chris, I have bought a couple of pair last year in wider than usual and lace them up and they don’t slip…also wear socks. Sandals I like because they don’t press on the toes but have to watch the bone on the side of the foot…arthritic. It’s a problem. I have found the Timberland shoes wear forever.
      I am sorry to hear your Dad seems worse or weaker. I know he wants to go home. Such a problem, I know. How is all of that planning looking at this point? If it now takes two to get him up that’s worrisome. How about you? Are you able to take a deep breath? Is the steam still helping? I worry about you if you can’t take a deep breath. You must or worry about the lungs. Should I worry about you dear lady? Love you, Sue

  2. Sue
    I can take a deep breath just feel I need one sometimes.the steam seems to help for a no worries there…?.im using the inhaler but one press times three puffs on the spacer..the nurse told me one press and five puffs, twice..I don’t seem so dry
    Would it be as good as the nebuliser do you think,the steam,..Do they cause normal lining of lungs to burn do you know,first use?
    Well I have a lower gastric hosp appt Friday.go see my dad then off to the coast to be back Sunday night as have breathing clinic Monday .all go..
    Done no more on my dad with how I’ve been but as soon as I know how much they will fund him I’ll start again
    It mite all be a waste if he wants to go home so we’ll see how it spins out.maybe the social people will speak to him…but I know he will tell me he wants to go home
    Yes I wear sandals for that reason seems to be those or In between
    So day free tomorrow no visiting. It takes such a lot out of the day..and yourself as well somehow

    Hope all ok
    Jen how’s the colon going?
    How’s all with you?
    I know you are busy still but it sounds soo busy
    Hope you are ok there

  3. Hey all:
    Yeah Chris, still busy. Rain Rain Rain. I would have been suited for Manchester with all the rain we been having. I need 3 days or more of NO rain so I can get the hay baled !
    Ms Alice was really bad today. Didn’t get out of bed except to go pee. Poor thing. Then, I got home and no pain pills in the mail. I was sickly from being out. (don’t ask !) but I found some old ones I had from surgery, broke it in half and felt some better, still not good though. I should get mine tomorrow or Fri at the latest. Mixup again. And I am not used to ordering in time , so a bit of me and them.
    Take care all
    Lyn prayers

  4. Oh tonie
    I do hope these meds get here pdq.and poor Ms Alice. It doesn’t sound good with her recent problems too..
    Mmm I wonder what else you’ve been up too. You’ve done enough that we know of !?

    • CHris:
      Got my meds yesterday, just in time. I have been pretty good of late. GOt a couple of injections of Toradol in my shoulders yesterday. Feels so much better today. This guy is so good with that needle. Young man, has good technique and knows his stuff. Also a hoot to talk to.
      Hope you are doing well and your dad and dh. Do take care.

      • So good you are doing well.especially after all you are doing
        I’m just waiting for Hospital.appts. Got a breathing physio monday.
        My dad got his grant for care and they are planning for him to go home….he won’t go into a nursing home..but they are having a hospital bed and a hoist taken there.also they said about someone sleeping there.
        DH his bp is up again and he’s had to increase tablets
        We are at shed and go home tonite
        How’s your weight loss going?
        Hope all not too bad ,and all feeling better

  5. Wel today we decided to go to burghley house,not far . It was built in Elizabeth 1 time.DH went for a walk in the big park and I went to sit and have tea in the Orangery..well I sat outside in the herb garden under a big tree for shade.but I waited for DH to return and we shared a cheese scone with tea…well he had elderflower water.
    So the point to telling you this is…..I went into the shop as I like looking at stuff….there for sale was a book by someone called Barbara Cecil…well the Cecil’s are the family that have always had this big I looked and it was called Coming into you own(a woman’s guide through life’s transitions) I looked and thought I’ll have that seems to suit me…looked inside and she is married into the Cecil family..the husband is a marquis and his son is the Lord burleigh…but…he married a girl from Oregon..and that’s where they live.about 300miles south of you sue ,in Ashland.
    She has a mother in a nursing home in North Carolina….and is all about life’s changes and adapting ,so I had to have the book..after that
    But it looks as if it’ll suit me at the moment ..strange ..small world.
    Lovely day today..just suited was great just looking at the people..chatted to a Japanese lady .
    Hosp appt tomorrow and see my dad then off to shed till Sunday night
    Hope you are a bit better sue some improvement would be so good.

  6. Hello, everyone, we’ve had a rough week here. I just typed up the whole saga and promptly hit come key on my keyboard and lost it all. Absolutely not enough energy to retype the whole thing. Short version: DD was in hospital late Wednesday a week ago through Friday, then back in and transferred to another where diagnostic tools and treatment were better this Monday-Thursday. Her blood count was dangerously low and we needed to find the cause. Hopefully it was what they are thinking and the med change they made will help prevent a recurrence. The first hospital was 5 minutes from our house, the one she was in Monday through today, was about a half hour away. It was tricky business arranging schedules so there was pretty much always someone there with her and yet someone here with our pets as much as possible as our pup is not used to being alone for very long. It was hard on her and was she ever so happy when we were finally all home today! I’m sure no one was as happy as DD, however. I am so tired! And, of course, SB has to get up early to water plants (usually 4:30 or 5) and DH said he wants to get up early to ride bike before heading off to the music camp he’s been teaching at all week. They will both wake me and it can be difficult for me to get back to sleep. Ugh! Best to all. Time for this gal to head up to bed.

    • Lyn
      Oh what a week for you and all the worry. I hope all will be well now for your DD. it must have been such a worry for you.,has your DD had anything like this before?.all this on top of your flare up and with the lack of sleep will be making you feel really rundown.
      Hope you got back to sleep ok

    • Lyn, I hope your whole family, with the exception of SB got some rest. Know he had to get up early for work. Hope DD is still doing okay today. I know you were exhausted last evening as we had communicated on FB. Pray things go smoothly now after the week daughter had. Oh my. Know you’re both absolutely ragged.
      I had PT and was miserable last night and had the grands all day today so I share that feeling. Thoughts are with each of you right now. Love, Sue

  7. I am reading everyone’s posts but they have kept me so busy I haven’t had time to sit down and write about all I have been doing. I will try to take the time over the weekend to tell you all about the fun stuff I have been doing. Not in too much pain. I am surprised I am not hurting worse with all the walking I have done. I have found several cute t-shirts for the new great granddaughter whenever she is born. She is due anytime. 38 weeks. I found some nice t-shirts for me and a beautiful dress. All on sale. I have a lot of pictures to post. I will get my Daughter to help me. LOVE YOU all very much. DONNA

  8. Hi, all, slowly recouping some energy – I’ll need it, for tomorrow is a full day. DD is not back to normal yet. She will be calling her doc for a follow up appointment. I hope she relays her current situation and doc is able to see her sooner than later. Still a bit concerned on this end… We all enjoyed dinner out this evening – first time in a LONG time. Our schedules never seem to mesh. Now SB, DH and I are enjoying a fire in our fire pit. DD is visiting a friend for a bit. Sadie and Rufus are out with us enjoying the lovely evening. Take care, everyone!

    • Lyn, sounds like you had a good family dinner. Hope the food was as tasteful as the company. Hope DD gets in to see the doc soon and they follow up and she gets stronger each day. Thoughts are for you. Hang in there this week and take time to rest, okay? Sue

  9. Hello my peeps :
    Chris, I am glad they are fixing your Dad up with the help he needs. I can’t blame him for wanting to be home. As far as my weight loss goes, I am down another 8 lbs. Total of 35 lbs. My clothes are getting very loose and some of them are just too big.
    Nathan loves dancing. So we watched “Shall We Dance” tonight with Richard Geer. They loved it. I had to dance with him some after the movie. And now my granddaughter Devin is in there watching “how to” videos on Youtube. 🙂 She has on heels and everything. So much enthusiasm. But such a good thing for her to learn. Ballroom dancing is quite intense.
    Lyn, I am so glad and thankful your DD is doing better. The Lord is good.
    Take care all.

    • Tonie, congratulations on the weight loss. It’s really showing up in the pics of you on FB. That’s great and a good excuse for some new clothes, huh? You know Amazon is having a big prime sale on July 15 with extra good bargains. Maybe you can take advantage of it. Sounds so musical at your house tonight. How fun for all and what a great, creative way for the kids to enjoy themselves. How’s it all going? Are you getting more rest? Thinking of you. Sue

      • Sue:
        I have actually gotten in a couple of naps in the last few days. I did fall asleep during the movie last night 🙂 Things are going good. I need to get my lazy butt in gear and get some things done today. I am just enjoying being in the bed drinking coffee too much today. But duty calls.
        How are you doing ? Still praying for your strength. Hope the PT is less painful now. How is Jim and all the babies ? (including George) I showed his pic to Devin the other night and she just had a fit over him. Now she wants one !!!
        Do take care

  10. Chris, hope you got home safely and please know we’ll be thinking about you this week with your Dad especially as you lay down plans and he partakes in those plans. Rest now, okay? Love, Sue


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