The Sassy Heart

Well, it is the heart season for heart awareness, especially for women with all the newswomen wearing red. It is almost Valentine’s Day, you know that overly commercialized holiday that engenders much last-minute shopping for chocolate candy, freshly cut spring flowers, and for the fatter wallets or very guilty fellas, jewelry. At our house the season is also heralded by a huge two-storied tall camellia bush which is now beginning to bloom in all its crimson glory. I don’t know the age of this glorious tree like bush but because of its size and grandeur, I know it has to be older than I am. In a few weeks, the ground will be carpeted in crimson petals after they have displayed their glory for one more year.
After a cold, extremely wet winter here in the great Northwest of the USA, it always brightens my heart to see the camellias. On a small bare tree growing beside it I saw four robins and since they have their wonderful red breasts, I feel free to include them in these words. Who knows, maybe it was a double date. They appeared as full of joy as I would be if I were perched out there but then, alas, if I was there so goes the branch. There I would sit, on my painful rear end, dropped to the ground once again, felled by that old foe, gravity.
For too many of us who live with chronic pain, the seasons can be very significant. It’s not just the dreary days that gnaw at us, it is also the effect the weather has on how we feel. Anyone with any of the arthritic diseases will tell you how wretched one can feel when a storm is approaching or when in the midst of a storm. That is a physical reality for most of us but being confined because of the weather also plays an enormous role as it rears its ugly head reminding us of our limitations, day after humdrum day. Those are just a couple of reasons spring should be a more joyous time for us, but…will we let it be?
I have a dear old widowed friend who moved out of state a couple of years ago, to be near one of her daughters. This particular friend and I went to nursing school together and as returning students in their thirties, we often behaved more like teens. We both loved nursing, did very well clinically, but often struggled with the memorization of all the bones in the body or drove our microbiology professor nuts while discussing the mystery of why the dog ate our homework; because she only had cats. This dear friend has changed so much, due to various reasons that wear on one’s body, she is no longer fun, cheerful or pleasant. She has become one of those folks who start a conversation by telling you how miserable they are and if they ask about you, it is only so you will ask them how they are doing and their dirge can continue. This type of individual does not want to hear solutions, resolutions or indeed, any helpful suggestions. For some of these folks it is the physical loss of brain activity but for the majority of them it is their complete lack of sass, the inability or desire to fight back and the loss of faith in their lives and the future.
Life has dealt them a low blow and taken away their health. With these folks, beware if you have the audacity to be cheerful because they resent the sound of joy. Laughter and any positivity is gone from their lives. You cannot possibly win with these folks because they are driven by a determination to be miserable and want you to join them. This is an insidious growth that can flourish like a slowly developing bacteria on the spirit and consume not only the attitude and any happiness but the future of the host.
This insidious growth does not only occur in the elderly, the infirmed or those in crisis but they may be at the top of the “Life sucks and it’s out to get me list.” It can slip into our daily lives and hold us captive and like any invader, eventually take over. This particular strain of “bacteria” can be confronted and often avoided if we heed the warning signs that sneak into our hearts, our minds and our daily lives.
The most dangerous and insidious early warning sign is the inability to find humor in all things. Even in the darkest recesses of life, humor can open up pathways of survival, coping skills and healing. Darkness can pull us in disguised as depression, hopelessness and surrender. If this darkness had a voice it would be that of Darth Vader’s frightening hiss. This is the exact time one can use a sassy heart.
I have frequently written about the writer/editor Norman Cousins. An editor on the east coast who was stricken with a severe and crippling rheumatoid disease which left him in tremendous pain and disability. Refusing to accept the verdict of the physicians, he fought back and used humor to do it. He had humorous, zany films, along with a projector to play them brought into his hospital room. He drove the doctors into rumpled indignation with his demands as he refused to give up, give in or surrender to his disease. He had his own laughter and the antics of the Marx Brothers and other comics of old playing loudly, heard also by the nearby patient rooms. He was eventually asked to leave due to the disruption but continued the therapy at a hotel so the doctor could visit him. He refused to give up. He fought against the dying of the light. He had a sassy heart.
A few years later, after he recovered he was asked to chair a department at a large university in LA. The department was built around the importance of humor for the treatment of illness, all levels and types of illness. He wrote books about it, he lived it and he changed lives. I know he influenced by life profoundly, especially in the early days of my descent into the handicapped life. If you want more information on him, be sure to look him up on the internet or get one of his many books. I recommend his ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS, but there are several.
Although I was just an infant during the administration of FDR’s presidency, I have always admired him based on the many things written about his attitude in the face of polio. His courage and sassiness was so evident, a hundred times over when was stricken with that devastating disease and for the rest of his life. He had to live with it but he didn’t have to let it bring him down. Sass works every time. He broke through his immobility by crawling up stairs when he couldn’t walk, Indian wrestling on the floor with his sons and wearing painful braces when the occasion called for him to stand. One of my favorite quotes from FDR is, “There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” Words from a sassy heart.
Another very insidious and dangerous warning sign we face with the onset of slippage into the darkness often comes in the form of loss of faith. We often ask, “Why?” We receive no answers. There are those who try to answer that question but it is my opinion you should fly from them. I’ve heard a lot of cockamamie reasons and theories for why some suffer and others don’t but have found none that made any sense to me. “Only the good die young.” Nonsense. “Suffering is payback for some sin you committed.” Crap of the worst kind because it’s veiled in judgment and supposed religion. The list goes on but let’s not.
Faith can take on many forms. For me, personally, it is a faith in a loving God. I believe He looks over me, helps me, loves me and will be with me always. I’ve had this faith since I was a child and my faith is still childlike in its simplicity. It’s not a complicated issue. I believe in Creation and if He could accomplish all that, then He most certainly can look after me. As my favorite old hymn states, “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.”
Faith for some is a simple belief in goodness, life and the meaning of family. For others, their faith is in themselves and their ability to overcome. Faith is basically that calming warmth and belief in tomorrow. Hope is fed by faith. Hope plays a vital role for all who face adversity. Everyone faces adversity in life; if not now, then eventually. Some suffer more than others. If you have to know the ratios and criteria for the list and who suffers most, then you should stop reading…right now.
I came across a wonderful poem the other day and found out it has an interesting history. It was read by Britain’s George VI, in a 1939 broadcast to the Empire. It was chosen, undoubtedly because the country faced the near certainty of war at that time. Please let me share the words of poet Minnie Haskins with you below:
“And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year,
‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown,’
And he replied:
‘Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.’ So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East.”
I urge you, my friends who also face adversity, daily pain and debilitating illnesses to dare to laugh, seek joy and to find your sassy heart.

89 thoughts on “The Sassy Heart

  1. Sue
    Wonderful blog. I do appreciate your references to literature. The poem is lovely at the end and very inspiring. Hearts are a crop best tended to properly, physically and emotionally. Especially the emotion side.
    Love ya

    • Tonie, pleased you like the new blog. Thanks once again for taking care of the posting for me, your electronically limited friend. Hope your knee is getting better. Snowing here for the last few hours. Isn’t expected to stick around with rain expected tonight. Awfully pretty to watch but not out in it.
      Love, Sue

  2. To all, today we had snow. It was sweet to watch those same Robins sitting the bare branches of the little tree while the snow fell. The snow didn’t phase them a bit. Lovely. Sue

  3. Love this! I saw a T shirt that said all the best nurses were “classy, sassy, and a bit smart-assy!” That’s pretty much my style… I figure I can laugh or cry- laughing is more fun and doesn’t make my nose all red and snotty. I cry when I need to but I much prefer laughing!

    • Annie, Yep, sweet girl, you got that right. Looks like you just described both of us to a T……shirt. One of my doctors I saw on Thursday called me sassy and that’s where I got the idea for this. She was laughing when she said it so I believe or hope it was a compliment. She is the surgeon who did my mastectomy and then a month later operated on Jim’s malignant melanoma. She still checks each of us every few months. She doesn’t have any other patients who are a couple. Such an odious distinction. Hope you’re okay but suspect the same back problems may be there. Let us know how you are besides working too hard. Love ya, Sue

  4. Sometimes you meet people and you want to be with them.others.well you want to avoid.thsy have an effect of making life seem worse for you .maybe that makes them feel better
    My mum had an unshakable belief in God .it was simple unquestioning and childlike ..I say that not in a derogatory tone..and I envied that . It was always a great comfort to her . She didn’t display it just lived it
    I have heard laughter being the best medicine is tried out in Many hospitals..even bringing clowns in to adult wards
    My dad was into denying that he had Parkinson’s …told the Drs he hadn’t.. lived as if he hadn’t and pushed as if he hadn’t …can a man be sassy
    Again such a good thought provoking blog Sue
    Well gotta get up hurt my hip yesterday and still in bed and next door just invited me for coffee

    • Chris, first of all I am sorry to hear your hip is still bothering you after your slip yesterday. Hope heat and rest help it to get back to some semblance of normal for you soon. Your Mum sounds like a wonderful person. I’m sure she was a very life giving spirit from what you say. It is interesting how each generation has to work out their own approach to life and their attitudes about faith. Indeed, your Dad was sassy. I know there were times that sass got a bit much for you but it sure did work for him. His generation had to be strong because life was hard for all. I was always so impressed with his wonderful national pride, whatever his health was at the time.
      Yesterday on FB I had someone ask me how long I have to live. After that insensitive question I really needed to read this myself. People! I told him it was an insensitive question and just because someone has mets with cancer doesn’t mean they’re ready to die. Medical science is doing so much these day. Doesn’t someone like that know the fear is great in the hearts of those of us who have mets? Apparently not.
      Just rest, okay? Please don’t push it with the hip. Love you, Sue

  5. Morning all
    Chris, of course a man can be sassy ! Men of your fathers generation were made tough. You suck it up and be a man, don’t let life get you down. I admire that in anyone, especially today. When I wonder where the backbone has gone from our younger generations.
    My mother was the same. She lived her belief and showed it. She was sassy as well, always an answer in mirth or even as a “cut”. I wish I had her absolute hanging on and doing the right thing. I get sidetracked and then have to be forgiven, but He loves me regardless.
    Bad night, about five hours sleep. So very late getting going. Almost twelve and I must get dressed and go swim. It will refresh me.
    Sue, hope you enjoyed your snow. I see your grands did from pics on FB. They are growing like weeds !
    Well, at least today I get a cut rate on my membership at the gym. Officially a senior this month !
    Good to see Caryn on ! Please continue to post with us. We miss new people and getting to know everyone.
    Sue you are quite welcome on the help. Turn about is fair play , as we were taught. Glad I have the knowledge needed !
    Have a wonderful day all
    Ps this week up in the 60’s again until Thursday or Friday, then back down to the 40’s. I got my electric bill for last months cold ! Argh !! They really have you over a barrel !

    • Tonie, okay you can stop rubbing it in about the weather and temp. Enjoy it. Here we have had a bit of everything this AM…rain, snow and a bit of sleet.
      Actually, each time you talk about your Mom I think of how very much you are like her. I think we often see our parents in an unreal light because they usually protect us from their sorrows and down days. The important thing for each of us is recovery, no matter how bad the situation. I’ve often thought of the deep heartache she must have had leaving all of you at such a young age. Courage.
      I do hope you do something that will give you pleasure tomorrow. Happy birthday one day early. Love you, Sue

    • Janet, always good to hear from you and I certainly hope you and I get at least one laugh per day. You’re right, of course, a merry heart sure does beat a gloomy one every time. We know how difficult that can be with so much pain, physical and emotional in our lives, but it’s also doable. Think of you often and pray life is more than doable for you. Love, Sue

  6. Thanks Chris for the birthday wishes.
    Sue, people are so insensitive and sometimes just mean. So you really don’t know which he was being !
    Whew ! I made too large a salad for myself, and the dogs are gobbling it up ! They are so funny. They love veggies, and I guess the dressing is good as well. When I make it I I must cut them slices of cucumbers and little tomatoes. And of course any type of fruit . If I eat it the want it also.
    Well, the day is done. Must shut the chickens up and rest !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, I do hope you awakened to a beautiful day. I see on the weather news that a huge storm is heading up from the deep South. How awful those tornadoes in New Orleans have been. Surely do hope you are safe and warm as you had thought and hope it get up in the 60’s for you after all.
      Are you doing anything special for your birthday today besides growing older? Won’t be long now before your greatest BDay present of all arrives in the form of a FM. Bet you are cleaning house like mad but know you are hampered by a troublesome knee. I am so sorry. Pray you have a blessedly special day today. Love, Sue

      • No nothing special. I almost went to swim again, but figured I better wit another day. And glad I did. Talked to my daughter, my brother came by, and my sister. She brought me a little cake with candles in the form of numbers….60. But otherwise, did some cleaning. They get to be another day don’t they ? As FM says, another turn on the hourglass.
        Yes, it was very warm, and will be again today. But tomorrow, in the 30’s with snow flurries and high winds. Then back to the 60’s on Thursday !! It is unreal ! But, I will take it.
        Yep FM leaves Thursday. And I will see him in two weeks. Cant wait !
        Hope your weather is clearing up and drying out some. I know the snow is pretty, but it leaves a big mess.
        Love ya

  7. Sue, great blog! So much in here, history lessons, too. 😉 I cannot believe that fellow on FB. Insensitive, nasty, or completely clueless. Any which way, no one needs that.
    Caryn, good to see you on here! Welcome.
    Tonie, your pups crack me up. Salad lovers, huh?
    Snow may be coming our way Thursday; remains to be seen. A cold front and moisture from the south need to meet at the right time, yada yada. They are saying perhaps 4 – 8″ at this point. We’ll see. Sadie and I do enjoy walking in falling snow. Today, rain. At least it passed in time for us to get a short leg stretch. Not her usual walk, but that’s ok. I wasn’t up to it anyway.

    • Lyn, After all these years I’m glad I can still come up with a few things you enjoy. I saw on FB you are having problems. Was it the weather and the big weekend? Do you have any food related reactions?Just wondering. I am sorry to hear you’re getting part of that or those storms. We are melting from 6 inches of snow over the weekend. Having a bit of everything…rain, sleet, ice, etc. Hopefully we’re entering into spring. I know we have little previews of it out here.
      As far as the FB remarks, he is a nice man I believe who didn’t realize you don’t ask someone who is already living with the uncertainty of cancer a question like that. I told him it was insensitive and we had a friendly exchange about it.
      Your dear Sadie is a bit indulged….too bad our George isn’t….now I have a bridge to sell to each of us. Aren’t they the joy in the day?
      I hope you get better soon and the storm passes. Maybe Sadie needs a treadmill. She is such a cutie. Let me know how you’re doing. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue, glad you were able to have a good conversation with the gentleman. Yes, often people simply don’t realize. I’m ok, just overdid it over of the weekend. I’m sure the yo-yo weather fronts we’ve been having don’t help. I don’t think I notice any reaction to foods. I’ve not done the official wean off and gradually add, though. I’ve always felt my body just does its own thing. I do notice sensitivity to weather and pressure fronts. Speaking of which, they are forecasting 4-8″ tonight into tomorrow. We’ll see what develops. This is one of those instances where 2 must come together, so timing is the key.

    • Lyn,
      you just keep all that up your way, okay > We are getting flurries, but nothing more. I hope. I have been wanting to go walk, but know my knee will not take it. Hope you are feeling better.
      Do take care.

      • All in good time, Tonie. I know you know to listen to your body. You will be taking walks in no time. Water therapy is just what the doctor ordered at this time. 😉

  8. Good Morning all
    Slept through the night again, well, 5 hours or so. But that is a nice change. Another warm day to enjoy before a cold one.
    Two days of phone calls back and forth with the insurance company, who had been telling the Dr I had no RX insurance with them !! A little round two days in a row with a nasty customer service woman ended in her bending over backwards to get this through. She was really ugly and I told her not to be smart with me ! She even called me back after we got it straightened out in a three way call with the department that okays the RX’s to put the paperwork through, stayed on the line and made sure the Rx department had the Rx. In twenty minutes the claim was approved. So, I am approved for the Enbrel. Now we have to see what copays are and then get the remainder paid out. So…still waiting.
    Take care all

  9. Morning
    Terrible winds last night and this morning. Didn’t sleep and feel terrible. It is cold and pelting little ice pellets. So awful how the weather can turn on us like that !
    Supposed to clear up tonight and then warm again tomorrow. So crazy. And this roller coaster reeks havoc on us. Huh Lyn ? I hope you are not down as well.
    Spoke with Aue briefly yesterday, she said she was having a terrible day. Hope she is feeling better as well.
    Love to all
    Pa FM left today ! Be in Fla tonight.n

    • Tonie, We had winds last night also and so far winds tonight as well. We had several mud slides in the area today. SIL and his brother were in Portland had to wait for a highway to be cleared. Finally got home okay.
      Oh my, your friend is so near yet so far. Hope the next two weeks go very quickly for both of you. My biggest hope for you is that you are feeling 100% better by the time you see him. Did the increase in the methotrexate help? Surely hoping.
      Yes, I had a bad day on Tuesday. It is my methotrexate day and I always feel worse than any other day except maybe Wednesdays. Such a clear distinction for me so that means I feel fairly decent on Thu. Fri, Sat, and Sunday. Tuesday I had some personal sadness which got me down, kept me awake, and made me very depressed.The combination of the physical and the mental can sometimes be too much. Don’t we all know that?
      So pleased to hear you got your clerk at the insurance straightened out. Doesn’t that feel good to win when you’re in the right? Oh mighty warrior woman you. I have to have a bone scan tomorrow. CT scan next week. Decided it would be easier not to have them on the same day after all…too much.
      Hope your weather warms soon. News looks so bad for the whole East coast. Do take care of you, Love, Sue

  10. Yea Sue hope you are feeling better
    Tonie you too
    And Lynn
    Not long then now till FM comes home to you
    Cold here and gives 7 colder days to come
    I’m not saying the smell has gone in the bathroom becos I daren’t ..that’s the best way I can put it!but it’s not been there for two weeks…but that’s happened before?..
    Hip still sore but on it next week
    Gonna try and sleep

    • Chris, sorry to hear your hip is still acting up. Hope the PT will help…it should. I guess we speak in hushed tones when it comes to your odor. I just had a thought and it may be crazy but…does your sewer or output connection connect to any of your neighbors?
      How was your tea with your neighbor couple of days ago? Glad you have them there. Hope all is well with the family. DO take care of that hip. Love, Sue P.S. Cold here but no snow right now. May be returning just high winds shaking the house.

      • They have had a camera down that outside drain, it connects with the one neighbours kitchen sink waste ..but it’s all clear each time they look…
        Well the visit with next door went well it’s always nice to chat with was cut off early as the garage rang on my mobile we had to collect the car. But managed an hour ..
        Hope Those winds abate with you
        Thinking of you tomorrow .
        Gives snow here but only light ,but it’s cold
        DH bp seems more on the settled side but still goes up he’s managing his side effects


  11. Lyn, are you guys buried beneath snow? What a storm…snow, wind, tornadoes…gees. I know you’ve been hurting and hope you have been able to stay out of the severe weather. I was hoping it was just a big weekend catching up with you. Sounds like you all had a good one and so much good food for what sounds like an unbelievable game.
    Love, Sue

    • Sue, we did have snow, but not as much as was forecast. DH and I took the pup out for a short walk in the morning after it stopped, but it was so blustery. I would have taken her out again briefly, but the wind persisted. I know you know what that’s like. She seemed rather tired the rest of the day, so it all worked out. It all hit hard on me last evening and there was no hiding it from the family. I could tell they felt bad, but nothing anyone, me included, could do. And so it goes. Slow start today, easy does it during the day. I did get pup out for a slightly longer walk today, but I’m still feeling it. That’s ok. She loved it. I will take it easy tonight. The work I’ve been doing – alignment, stretching, retraining my movement – takes it’s toll on me as my body tries to adjust to a new norm. In many ways it should be better for me, but the process of getting that to be my norm is not always easy. So, those tissues are even more tender than usual when “stuff” (like weather) hits. All this to say, like you, I now can’t just sit to rest. It hurts. I know you know the frustration. So hard to find some kind of comfortable and often it means sit a little, stand a little, walk a little, lay down a little. Ha! Now I have the tune of “Pick a Little, Talk a Little” in my head!

      • Lyn, I meant to get back to you last evening but the eyes faded. I did enjoy your entry and understand so much of what you’re feeling. Love the reference to the song from The Music Man. Loved that song and remember the ladies hats jiggling to the rhythm. I need to get out that DVD and watch it again.
        Sounds like you got out as much as possible yesterday and DH and Sadie, also. Finding that in between is a very tricky business and often, you can’t rely on your pain to tell you what you should and should not be doing. I find some of the stretches hurt just as much each time I do them. I hope your new exercise regime is strengthening you in the right spots. Do you think it might be time to go on something to help you out? NSAID’s perhaps? I’m trying to remember if you are on one at this time.
        Very sore today from the table and waiting yesterday for the bone scan. When you have cancer you live with the expectation of surprise, always. With our arthritic conditions it’s more like watching a mud slide and trying to prevent it. Keep moving and hope your weekend is a good one. Love, Sue

  12. Morning everyone
    Well, some good news for a change. Yes, I feel better today. No wind, and it is warming up. FM should be in Fla as of now. He will call me as soon as he recovers a bit.
    And, after I got the co-pay amounts for the new RX ($1, 483.00) I called Enbrel and spoke with them about helping pay. Well, he signed me up and found a company for me to apply to that will send me my meds direct for free. That is good because even if they helped pay, it would have messed with my other meds, putting me in the doughnut hole and causing all the amounts I pay for RX to skyrocket !! Sue, you know what that is like. So the Lord, once again came through for me. I am just waiting for the Dr to fill out her part and then I will send it in to them.
    THEN….I got a call on the ad I placed about doing odd jobs for people. An older gentleman has need of a helper for building and painting. Also needs someone to cut and bale his hay this year. He has all the equipment. We spoke at length and next month we will start work !! Excited ! He also has two Tennessee Walker horses that we can look at. Small ones like we wanted. He told me he would rather have two good working women help him than ten worthless men !! haha ! He said his wife always helped him until they had a grandchild, then she just stopped.
    Well, I must go and swim, then get more things done around here.
    Sue, glad you are feeling better. Prayers for good scans and results. Chris, sorry your hip is going on again. The PT should help that. HAve you ever tried some yoga stretches ? I can’t do the full routine I used to, floor and knees and such, but still do some stances that stretch and tone. You can find them online if you search just for hip stretches. Sorry you are having the snow. Maybe some of our warm weather will blow over to you. Seems like that is what happens sometimes. Stay war, lots of hot chocolate !!
    Love to all

    • All good news then and better weather !
      I’ll have a look at those stretches but I mite leave it till I see physio
      It snowed but didn’t settle gives it for later tho
      Went out for cheese scone and tea. Nice with snow falling
      I’ll leave the hot choc till later tonite ….icecream befor then!
      Oh dear when will I start diet. I need to. It just won’t happen today
      Oh good to get the work….will you do all that ! .?
      knowing you..yes

      • Chris, interesting connection to the neighbor. Could it be their problem/pipes that are the origination of the odor and that is why it is not all the time? Fingers still crossed. Your tea and scones sounds lovely and it sounds like the car is fixed. Good for now? I do hope you get some answers to help the hip or perhaps time. Why does life pass by so quickly as we age but drag along when we are in pain? Sorry your visit with the neighbor got cut short but I am pleased you like her/them.
        I know you are so tired of the cold as we all are over here. Ours is wet and windy with occasional snow but for Tonie and Lyn it has been snow, warmth to tease you then back to snow.
        Just came from having the bone scan. The technician who shouldn’t have said anything told me he didn’t see any new problems with any of the bone structure. Thank God. Now next Friday for the CT Scan to check out the organs. It really wasn’t that bad today. I wasn’t kept waiting either time I was in…first for IV, then back for test. It’s that waiting that kills my rear and back. Do take care and keep warm. Spring must be right around the corner. Love, Sue

    • Tonie, hurray for the meds! Praying they will make all the difference! Especially hearing about your new work. I’m excited for you, but a bit anxious. I hope it won’t be too much for you. Work, meds, work! But, I’m most excited to hear FM has landed on American soil! Not long now. 🙂

      Chris, enjoy the ice cream and hot chocolate!

    • Tonie, It does sound like many areas of your life have turned out and are turning out well. So pleased you are feeling better. Finally the pred. and the increase in the metho. as tuned in. I knew it would work out for the Enbrel and pleased you got it worked out. Will be interesting to see how it works for you. All good news indeed on top of knowing your FM is so close. I know how much excitement you feel about that visit. Ar? Is that what I’m hearing? That would be exciting.
      I am pleased to hear your reaching out for work is working out with a new lead. Not sure you should be bailing hay but the painting, etc. sounds good. You still have the house sitting and a few more plans, right? It will come together for you, I know it will because you are so good at so many things.
      Glad the bone scan is over and the tech thought it looked the same as in 2015. Next week the CT. Eyes bad tonight so must make this short. Love, Sue

  13. Hi all
    That’s such a relief about the scan ..I know when they are confident about it they comment so all good..

    I’m not sure …what could from their kitchen sink make that smell ,the plumbers didnt comment on that., as the drain there were all clear when they checked it with cameras but also any smells should go up the pipe that takes smells….it goes from the drain thru to the roof and out the top ..that was suspect itself .but nothing for 2 weeks now .but it’s a last resort to comment on
    Ultimately the pipe underground joins the main pipe at the bottom of the garden,where smells could come from…but nothing for two weeks…fingers crossed.,the weekends were the worst …so it’ll be a test the next few days again it’s such a mystery . We were thinking maybe certain winds deflect the smells from the top of the pipe that goes thru the roof somehow. They had cameras up that to to look for leaks too
    Hope your back is ok now from the waiting around
    Snow flurries last nite nothing settled.but gives it heavier today.nothing outside just yet,
    So it’s 7 30am here..mite go and fix some toast and come back to bed with some heat on my hip

  14. Lyn
    Do hope you are feeling better..I know this weather doesn’t help
    I start pt on Friday and not looking forward to it ..they said I would have to take some NSAIDs to start with ..well that plays other bits up and then more medsfor that…so it goes on
    Hoping the weather has cleared with you
    Are your eyes getting better slowly?

    • Chris dear, which NSAID works best for you? Do you have past experience to know which one is the most drying to you? I am a bit sorry to see them say that upfront. I’ve never had one, a PT, tell me that before they started treatment. I know you have so much to consider. Do you have a good pain relieving creme to use afterward? There is, of course, the old standby’s of ice and/or heat. Hoping it will help.
      Glad DH’s pressure is good right now. Wishes for the future. How is your DD?
      No, the eyes are staying pretty much the same. I think the pain is better but my sight isn’t. Just had trouble tonight seeing my salad at dinner. I have problems with shade or dark areas. When I wear a dark jacket have trouble seeing how to zip it up…I’ve also noticed glare from the sun in a window or bouncing off of the neighbor’s yellow house across the street makes a challenge or a headache. Unfortunately the blurring happens so quickly when online. Life is just one friggin’ problem after another right now but chins up.
      It is interesting to think about concerning your odor in the house and the whole drain bit. When do your new chairs arrive? Arre you getting used to the wood tones of the table as yet? Later now…rest well. Love , Sue

  15. Chris
    Don’t you take anti i flammatories ? Or do they play up your other probs ? Even Motrin can help when you feel bad like that.
    Hope the PT helps. I am sure it will. Although you will be sore for a bit.
    Sue, the hay baling will be riding on a tractor and all the putting away will be with an elevator to the barn. So won’t be as hard as all that.
    Yes, my FM has landed on the continent again. They brought him through NY and he had to stay the night there Thursday because of the immigration, snow, and no flight out. So I a, sure I have long stories to hear yet.
    Very nice and warm here, had the doors and windows open. Still windy but warm wind.
    I am nine seasons into Midsomer Murders. Can’t stop watching it. Beautiful country, lots of manors, horses, and….murder. Those people never lock their doors, and it should be the murder capital of the world Haha ! Never only one, sometimes four or five.
    Well. Time to rest, and watch MM !
    Love ya’all

    • Tonie, gee girl, you make baling hay sound like fun. Does sound better when you explain it. SO your FM got hung up at the airport in NY? I am sorry to hear that but it is not too surprising right now with weather and other conditions. We will have to check out the English series. I’ve seen it advertised but never watched. Cool but dry here at the moment. Winds finally calmed down. Sore today from yesterday…guess that could be true for all of us…Love, Sue

  16. Well I can’t take anti-inflams.twice they have bled my stomach. I can take them for about two days then my stomach burns . I have meds for that too but it makes the sjogrens worse. So it’s all a balancing act
    The ice I think will be the thing.
    We have got carpenters in to do decking and clear some trees next it’s not a brilliant week for both this and pt so i may cancel the pt for a couple of weeks ..I’m a coward. Pt has always made matters worse for me and never gone beyond hurting
    I always watch midsommer when on.there is a very old series with John nettles in it as the detective if you’ve not watched those yet Tonie .there are quite a few of those
    Yes Sue I have problems with brightness and I noticed the other day some shaded area .not anywhere near as yourself.. I get eye ache . When it comes it stays for weeks. Do you wear dark glasses. I noticed I have to in the car
    Motrin .have to see what that name is in the uk
    Ok try to sleep again

    • Chris
      You can do your own PT. Try some daily stretches, Do the open and close the gate. Knee up, out to the side, and back in. Therapists can sometimes be too rough, but sometimes it hurts more than helps. But then you sometimes get a good one. And do Sue;s exercises , the ones she does for her back, as do I , but can’t remember the name of them. THey help the hip as well.
      I have always had light sensitive eyes. Even as a young girl. I had to be hospitalized a couple of times due to migraines. I have always worn sunglasses, changing lenses when I wore glasses. Even when it was cloudy, I have to wear them.
      sorry all the anti inflamms tear up your stomach. They can bring relief to lots of problems. Cloudy and overcast here but very warm. I greatly overslept this morning cause I woke up at 5. Then went under again. So skipping church this morning. I will go tonight instead.
      Your decking sounds interesting. Where are you putting that ? I have a bit of decking out back in the yard all alone. I want to build a top over it, put the grill there and table and chairs.
      Take care

      • Tonie, It will be interesting to see if you have Sjogren’s S. Most of the rheumatoid diseases share symptomology. Most run together and that is why I always keep an open mind when someone is certain they have one label or another. They can also change over the years depending on age, circumstances and doctors. Sounds like your new rheumy is very sharp and it will be interesting for you and hopefully, helpful.
        So interesting you aren’t getting any of that snow and bad weather. Nice here today at 44 degrees. Jim is out washing his Camaro. I’m slowiy working at cleaning our bathroom enough for the plumber, so I won’t be embarrassed when he comes out to put in a new faucet for us. Bought it about six months ago so it’s about time.
        Please say a prayer for my dear friend Joan. We have been friends since nursing school and she is in the hospital with CHF and pneumonia, as of last night. She lives in Montana so that prohibits me from see her. It sounds serious this time for her health. Hope you get to church tonight if that is your desire. Love ya, Sue

  17. Nope can’t take that Tonie it’s known as ibuprofen here. I have to take one with protecters in it
    Blimmin annoying everything burns my stomach

    • Tonie
      I will try and do that gate one tonite
      The decking well it’s to go over some small grass areas at the back.they are annoying and so small so it’s about one half of the’s only a small back yard
      It’s on a slope so the decking can level it..for sitting on..and table and chairs
      Hospital with migraines that sounds bad when you were young

      • Chris, your decking sounds like a lovely idea for your yard and will make it so functional and pretty. I don’t blame you a bit for cancelling the PT. Sometimes, we have just had enough. Since you hurt yourself only a week or two ago it is not a bad idea to rest it anyway. You’re at a point you have to be careful to let it heal and not do more harm. The first rule of medicine is “Do no harm.” Mild stretches are one thing and you should be able to see it they help at this time. One thing we learn eventually with Sjogren’s S. is that life is complicated. We can’t expect the doctors to remember so we must. I often feel like I need to carry my own medical history with me. No NSAID’s for you apparently. Have you ever tried any of the more natural anti’s such as Turmeric? I take it three times a day and can’t definitely say it helps but it might. I’ve been through so much in the last ten months it’s a bad time to know.
        Yes, I always wear transition lenses and wear them all the time. Three more deer in the neighbors yard this morning with our coffee. So sweet.
        DO try some heat on the hip. It brings healing better than ice by increasing circulation. Fresh injuries…ice. It cuts down the inflammation. Time to tackle some project around here for a short while. Later, Love ya, Sue

      • I have heat on hip as I write helps me sleep ..well eventually!
        You will be coming used to seeing these deer .do you have to stay still even at the window?
        Tumuric …I’ve been hesitant ..I thought it would burn
        Oh yes it’s the same here with the ibuprofen and scripts

  18. Tonie, I’m sure FM will have stories to tell. Your weather sounds much nicer than ours here. Cold,rainy, and raw today. No walk for the pup. I wish I’d have been up to her walk yesterday. Too many sore parts. DH took her, though, so at least she got out then. Thank you for clarifying the baling work. I was envisioning old days. 😉

    Chris, I’m feeling better today, thanks. I agree with Sue. You may do well to put the PT off a bit and just do what you can at home. Build up to it gradually.

    Sue, good news about your scan. Onward. I do wish there was something more to be done with your eyes at least. You deal with so much. We all wish we could relieve some of your load. Gentle hugs.

    • Lyn, thanks for the hugs. I seem to need them so often. I am sorry to hear about your weather…and hope this is the last surge until spring. 44 today here and dry but warming up tomorrow then rain again the middle of the week. Life drips on…Love, Sue

  19. Chris, I had the same hesitations when reading about turmeric due to IBS but was careful to order one that was pure, without pepper in it. It is similar in composition to curry. I remember years ago I was on a med for my rheumatoid stuff that had both in it. It helped a lot and was a med made in India until they stopped exporting it. I’e been on Turmeric for almost a year now I guess. Just be careful and read all ingredients because of the pepper unless you don’t have a problem with pepper…I do. I love my heating pad. I think I have an unnatural passion for my times out on the heat. Relief. Sue

  20. Morning all:
    Chris, I take turmeric as well. Like Sue, I don’t really know if it is helping, but my philosophy is maybe it does. My am and pm pills have so many herbs and such to try to undo what the RX pills harm. My D3 was down a lot, so I had to double what I am taking. I take it everyday and have for years. Funny that.
    Lyn, today and tomorrow we have your weather, with a chance of snow showers on Thursday , then up to the 60’s again on Friday !! This is the strangest weather pattern I have ever seen here.
    Sue, I also have a love affair with my heating pad. All night, whenever I wake up, I click it back on and now I am on it as I write. On my couch I have a heated blanket that I sit on that helps me as well. My knee still likes the ice, it still swells, but all the rest of me likes heat !! I am hoping to get my hot tub up and running again this year. I sure do miss it. Just need to get a motor/heater combo fitted for it. A job for FM. Spoke with him at length yesterday. His great grandson is due any day now. And he will be on his way up here next week. Yes, butterflies of excitement ! He is not excited to stay, says it really has nothing to do with him, but must be polite. haha ! Men huh ? His grandchildren have two sets of grandparents in Fla, so he says they only remember him when they want money. Or this one does. The other one, is his favorite. They are pretty close and he is waiting for her to come home this weekend. She attends university at Alabama. So, another week of waiting which will be full of more work I need to do. My sister is having her other knee replaced next Tuesday, so I will be at the hospital for her that day. She will be in for three days and then she is going to stay with her friend. I don’t know how they will take care of her when they can hardly handle their problems. But she says her friend insists, and her husband says it will not be bad. She knows I will take care of her at home. But..
    So…must have breakfast and then off to swim. Cool and windy here today. Ugh !! I am ready for SPRING !
    Love to all

    • Tonie, so much news. I hope your overall health is better each day with the new meds. When do you propose to receive and start the new one, Embrel? I haven’t checked all the side effects on that drug, or I should say possible side effects. You will hopefully have none but it’s good to be informed without being paranoid.
      The whole weather situation back east is amazing and I know, frustrating. Hope this is the last hurrah for snow. Great that you got to talk to your special friend. It seems he does always have obligations with his family in FLA> It’s good to know family matters to him, though, don’t you think? I just want you to feel better for his time with you. Let’s hope things start to solidify in your relationship.
      We’re having sun today and yesterday. Supposed to hit 58 today…heat wave for us. Lovely out with blue skies. SO concerned for CA, my old home state right now with all the flooding and possible flooding.
      I cancelled an appt for tomorrow with rheumy in Portland. Tired of it all, doctors, testing, etc. Still have to do CT scan on Friday. Hate drinking that stuff and can never drink it all. Don’t much care for that split table you have to lie on for the scan but waiting for the drink to get into your system is sitting in a hard chair. Oh well, might as well stop complaining and just get it done when time comes. Not feeling well today and have to watch the negativity.
      I do pray for you and your friend have good weather for his visit. Thanks for the explanation about the baling again…job sounds hopeful. Love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        I thought you sounded like you don’t feel well. Can you take a cushion to sit on while you wait ? Even your heating pad. Most times there is an outlet nearby. Who cares what it looks like, if it helps ?
        Do you like the black letters now ? I got in touch with WordPress and found out how to change it. Does it need to be larger as well ?
        I am feeling better. Hope my face clears up some more. Can’t use makeup until it clears, swim day is always a good day. Makes me feel tired but better also. Hope you feel better.
        Prayers for all the people in Ca. That are in danger, or their homes as well.
        Love ya

  21. Sue
    I forgot to touch on the side effects of Enbrel. There are quite a few of potential ones. Largest being the risk of infections, which I will have to be more careful with. I have a bad habit of not using the wipes at the grocery stores, nor hand snaitizer when I need to. So, I will have to change those ways. Of course lots of others, but with good lab work and being more observant myself, I should be okay. And of course, first and foremost, faith . He worked it all out for me to get them free, so I must trust He will keep me safe

    • Tonie, Yeah. What a good friend you are. This darker print is more helpful and yes, maybe a squidge or two larger would be good. As I recall I usually compose my blog in New Roman 14. This looks much like it. Thanks so much.
      When I looked up Enbrel in my annual Nursing 2017 Drug Handbook only one possible side effect jumped out at me. Since you lived in AZ so long, have you had a test for Valley Fever before starting on this drug? It’s kind of on my mind because I have a lovely FB friend, Lois, who has two full size, gorgeous standard poodles. They have moved to AZ and think one of their dogs has developed VF. My sister had it years ago in one of her lobes of the lungs. Most doctors outside of CA and AZ aren’t familiar with it but it is one of the cocci’s worth looking into.
      I know what you mean about germs on surfaces. The first thing I do anymore when I get home from the store is wash my hands with soap and water. Just think of all the folks that handle all that food, etc. before we do.
      I hope your skin clears up in time for the famous visit. Don’t you think it will? Grands here, chat later, Love, Sue

  22. Just a quick note
    Tired ..been to coast for day
    Thinking of your old friend how are things
    Ill look into the tumeric when I next go to town it just mite be what I need DH as well .as he can’t take many meds with warfarin
    Terrible news on that Dam
    I’ve got a ct scan on Sunday for those lung nodules
    Hope your back is easier , good you cancelled that trip
    I cancelled my physio for 4 weeks
    Gonna try to sleep
    Garden being done tomorrow
    Exciting times ahead for you

    • Chris dear, hope you are resting quietly at this point of time…9:30 PM here. Had a late dinner because son called from LA while driving to a hotel for work tomorrow. He had just landed at the LA airport. He has a consult for work tomorrow in LA suburb then on to San Diego the next day. Always fun to get caught up on the grands going in so many differing directions in life. Apparently my grandson in nursing school is still really excited about every clinical experience. He’s a natural like my son.
      It will be exciting for you to have the deck done and it will give you more places for potted trees and plants. It will be so lovely. We had sun today and it was wonderful. More rain later in the week. Unfortunately, more rain for Calf. as well. It’s really serious down there. It’s a lovely area and so many towns and homes in danger. Pray the largest dam in the states holds and if they’re lucky the temp will drop and leave more snow in the mountains and not rain.
      Thank you for asking about my friend. She is still in hospital and doing poorly and very depressed but waiting for an MRI, etc. Tiny bit better probably from the antibiotics for the pneumonia. Emailing back and forth with her sweet daughter who is an RN. Prayers still appreciated and needed.
      Chris, I hope no change in your lung nodules. If you do try the Turmeric, it’s three times per day and be sure to check the other ingredients…no pepper if it bothers you in food. I buy mine on
      So glad you got to the coast today. My DD and kids to beach yesterday in spite of wind and buried kids half deep in the sand. They took their labrador retriever..such fun. Love ya, Sue

      • Well short note now before I go to sleep.hopefully
        Your son certainly travels Sue and must have such an interesting job.and the interest the grandson shows must all come from your genes
        Yes it was sunny here and dry so that was good for the decking being done ,a little rain forecast for tomorrow but I think it’ll be ok
        Your friend is lucky to have a daughter a nurse
        I haven’t heard news today on the dam but hopefully it’s held
        Ok up early with the alarm again tomorrow

  23. Still awake ….
    I forgot to say it does sound like fun for your DD family at the beach..
    Ive been out in my dressing gown looking at the decking base and picturing stuff on there.i like to move stuff around it gets new life I think
    So can’t wait till tomorrow I feel like I did at the shed ….energised is it ..I dunno.but I like it

    • Chris, Sure glad they aren’t out there right now. wind whipping along the side of the house, shaking us all. Hate this stuff. It could move your stuff around for you. I know you’re going to enjoy the deck so much. Sue

  24. Well, I am proud of my accomplishment today ! I have a light over the sink that has never worked. Today I took the switch apart and saw it had been wired in wrong. Now it works ! And , I painted around the window, and took down the blinds. I found some material in my box of quilt pieces that has bird houses on it. I “ran up” a pair of curtains for the window and it really looks different.
    My sister came by brought me a Pepperdine Farms coconut cake, of which I sent half home with her. A bowl of spaghetti, and some black raspberry ice cream ! Also a valentine and a little box of chocolate. Ever notice when you are not eating that stuff, someone will always give you some ? Sweet of her though. So pasta for supper with a side salad, little piece of cake and a cup of coffee ! Now I am stuffed !
    Oh well, back to Barnaby !

    • Tonie, so proud of you. You’re not only handy but clever as well. Your curtains sound cheerful and pretty. I’ve never heard of that brand of cake before but bet it is like Pepperidge Farm out here. Sweet Judy. Love, Sue

  25. Tonie, thank you for the change to black! I noticed it right away and find it so much easier myself, and I don’t have the problems Sue and others have with sight. Kudos for all the little projects you have completed – electrical to textile. 😉 I love that you are able to do so many jobs yourself. I fear the next generation will not be nearly as self sufficient. Although I must say, my son does enjoy being able to to many “guy” things. He can also do laundry and cook and clean. At least I can rest assured both my kids can manage on their own. Whew! Speaking of the boy, he is back home. He lost his job and now that he took the semester off due to migraines, he came back home and got a job at the same hotel he had been working at. They kept him on the books as seasonal status, so that was helpful. He will be working maintenance and a little front desk. He still has to pay for the apartment and will keep many of his things there so he can visit with his buddy on days off. Makes sense. Frankly, I’m not sure what we will do with the futon when it comes home. We have been using the office where it was located as a second music studio and moved 2 chairs and a stand in there. No room for all of that. Hm… I’ll need to start thinking up a plan. I hate to put much more in the basement. It is loaded with stuff – a lot of it belonging to the kids for when they move out on their own!

    Sue, I don’t blame you a bit for postponing that appt. I hope the respite at home has been helpful. By the way, if you ever suddenly feel a nice warm hug, it’s probably me. I think about you often and send them your way. 🙂 When you need one, think of me and you will have one.

    Chris, I hope you finally got to sleep. I hate when I can’t sleep!

    • Lyn
      No problem. Thank Sue for the change. She requested it. Now I have to see if I can increase the type size.
      I , too , taught my son how to cook and clean. Frankly, he is a clean freak now. He loves to cook and laughs because he uses so many of the ingredients he laughed at me for using growing up. He used to make fun of my omelets because I had so many veggies in them. He sent me a pic recently of his he was making because he said it looked like mine. They learned how to do laundry early on. I refused to go and dig through their rooms when I did laundry. If they couldn’t be that much responsible, I figured they could learn to use that wonderful machine for themselves. Lot;s of things kids learn by necessity. If they don’t have money for repairs, they may learn to do it themselves. YouTube is a wealth of knowledge. That is where I learned how to lay tile. Before that, I just asked those who knew how to do it. Or it was things my Daddy taught me early on. Things come easy to kids now, so they are not required to obtain these skills anymore. We had no money for extras so we learned how to cope. I remember my Daddy rotating the tires on the car (something I have done many times in my younger days), and even repairing the tractor tires because it cost to take it to the garage. We would help him break the tire loose and find the hole in the inner tube, patch it, put it back on and PUMP IT UP BY HAND !!! We had a bicycle pump ! Haha !! It took a long time to inflate that tractor tire !
      Consider a yard sale or consignment shop to get rid of some of the things in storage. I know, I saved and ut away things for my kids for many years. they came in handy. I had one shed in my back yard that was totally all things of and for my kids for about 15 years. It will empty out, but you can count on a few more years before that !
      Well, off to swim, check on my houses and get some groceries (ugh). DOes anyone else hate going to the grocery as much as I do ???
      Love to all of you

      • Tonie, hope your very busy day is sitting well with you now. Almost 9PM here and hope you’re in bed and resting by now back in VA. Our weather crazy as hard winds rock the house…somewhere in the 60 MPH category. Makes my heart race right along with it. We stayed in today so wet and stormy.
        Hope all is well for you at the houses you’re watching and hope your weather was good for being out on the road. I’m here on the bed writing you while Jim has fallen asleep in the movie he requested…the oldie Hunt For Red October. As so often happens I’m stuck watching it alone. He and I are on opposite ends of the clock. Not much happening this week except CT scan on Friday. Hate to drink the stuff they use and usually can’t drink all of it.
        My old nursing school friend is still in hospital in Montana but better. Thanks to all of you for your prayers for her. She is very dear to me.
        Won’t be long now Tonie until FM arrives. Still cleaning and planning I know. Special food planned? Sure hope your sis, Judy does well recuperating at her friends because of all the friend’s problems. At least she’s been through this surgery previously. Eyes cloudy here and tired. Stay well for your friend and your own well being. How is Ms. Alice’s daughter doing? Later dear, Love ya, Sue

    • Lyn dear, thanks for the warm hugs. I, like all of us, often need one. SB will always be okay I do believe. You have an industrious son and I am sorry he is still having those wretched headaches.
      Wow, the wind is shaking my bed as I write today. Miserable and I must pretend as if it doesn’t frighten me to put up a solid front for George. There is one particular old yellow rosebush on this side of the house, by our bedroom and the trellis holding that thing keeps whacking into the wall outside. I’ve never lived where there was as much wind as here. We are on a hill, on a corner and it sweeps through here so fiercely along with the rain. Have music playing on TV just to drown out the sound for me as well as George. Jim is downstairs reading and probably ignoring it.
      Yes, this whole tired eyes bit is aggravating me so much lately. Hate it. Drops, drops and more drops. Dinner time here so will close…again, thanks for being there for me as I pray I am for you. Love, Sue

  26. Yes Tonie I hate grocery shopping and putting it away
    And I agree with Lyn this print is so much better to read.
    Decking coming along will be finished by Friday nite .looking forward to putting all things on it
    Hope all ok
    Yep you were brought up to manage and deal with things Tonie it’s done you well too

  27. So funny, Tonie and Chris, grocery shopping is not my favorite, either. sometimes I put it off so much I am scrambling to throw a meal together, or making more short trips than necessary picking up odds and ends here and there. Adding insult to injury, the putting away when home. But sometimes I find such great deals and save enough $ that I am really proud of myself. Then it feels pretty good. I do enjoy a good sale. 😉 Speaking of which, yesterday morning I had a hair appointment. I arrived there about 10 minutes early only to realize I was actually an HOUR and 10 minutes early! My hairdresser wasn’t open yet, so I went to a shopping outlet nearby to waste some time. I’m usually not that excited about shopping, especially when I don’t have anything I’m really looking for, however, I managed to find a pair of really soft pants (I think they are a very thin and close cropped corduroy but you can’t see the lines) originally $65 or $69 on clearance and sale for only $15! I also found a black long sleeve tshirt style top on sale for $9 as well as a cute tunic top also remarkably sale priced! I love all 3 pieces, and the pants fit so well – very unusual. Oh, my haircut turned out great also. nothing new, just a root touch up and trim, but nice an relaxing. Too bad the rest of that day wasn’t as relaxing! Busier than I’d like. Today also. Tomorrow should be better. Best, all!

    • Lyn, I rarely, if ever, buy anything in the way of clothing for Jim or myself that is not on sale. Gifts are another thing…whatever is needed or wanted. Certain times of the year are better, of course. We pretty much wear all Eddie Bauer, LL Bean and Lands End. I NEVER go out walking in a store and shop for clothes. Only groceries and the drug store ever see me. Just not up to it.
      I also check prices of groceries and for instance, lately, have noticed the price of Ensure fluctuating online and off. Boy, now isn’t that exciting? As far as grocery shopping, since Jim professes to and actually doesn’t know anything about most vegies and fruit, we usually shop together and split the list with each of us with a cart…mine small, his large. Works out well and I usually end up going out to the car while he waits in line. You can see we live the high life.
      Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Spring is on its way. Hold on. Love, Sue

    • Lyn
      That’s the kind of shopping I like ! Well done on your sale items !! I will look for sweaters soon for next year as they go on clearance. I have only two sweaters, as all mine were so old I had to chuck them !
      Hope you feel better. Take an hour to rest

  28. Hello all
    Another cold windy day here on the mountain. We are having those high winds as well Sue. I hate those winds. Makes me feel terrible, achy. Never understood it, but as my old Rheumy used to say ” if it makes you feel that way it must be real’. But, tomorrow t is to start warming back up again. Feb is almost over so soon it will be warm for good, I hope.
    No big plans today, rest in between swims, work on the baby’s quilt. Yes, I do still have cleaning to do, but waiting til closer to his arrival time. Rugs washed, floors, dusting and all that. Usual stuff really. I always do that on Saturday. Should this week as well. Mondays are swim days, Tuesday Judy is having her surgery, so I will go to the hospital. Then Wednesday he should be on his way here.
    Chris, what does it mean when you say “Ta” ? Is that a way of saying thanks ? Some of those thatched roofs on the show have quite elaborate designs put into them. I am quite fascinated by them.
    Hope you all have a good day

    • Well ta is a kind of child’s greeting or slangy term for thanks
      Yes the thatchers put there own design in the rooves or whoever requested
      Also different reeds are used in different areas
      Well done Lyn on the sales front
      Sue hope those winds have died down
      Raining here but warm

    • Tonie, do hope those winds leave as ours did last night. When you mentioned how badly they make you feel..I assure you I agree. Next week certainly looks busy for you but in a good way. Hope Judy does well with her knee surgery and fully expect she will. Those knees are so tricky but the key seems to be the after care and the after PT. So important. Can’t slack off with a new knee in place.
      I know you’re getting excited and understand. Fresh love at any age is exciting.
      Not much to report here. CT scan tomorrow. Got another friend request today from a single middle aged guy for FB. That’s the third this week. I can’t believe or understand where these guys come from or why they are bothering an elderly, very married old gal like me. Gotta wonder about the internet sometimes. I always delete their requests but would like to understand where they’re getting the idea that FB is a dating service. Why don’t they go to the real online ones? Weird.
      I do hope you are feeling well. Is your sore knee better? Skin problems better? Later, Love ya, Sue

      • Sue
        It’s so funny with your own dating line there …it made me laugh..but really it could be so dangerous for youngsters I don’t understand like yourself. …why not go to an agency.
        Glad your gales have abated
        Decking and all done and tidied .nice day forecast for tomorrow so hopefully we are going to the coast
        GS just rang for a chat so gonna go to sleep now
        Drs visit for DH bp…..he’s given him another med as well as the one he’s on bp very high .
        So he was expecting to halve the dose! Dr spoke to him straight….so he has to take them
        I’m on an anti inflammatory for a few days just to take the edge off its as long as I can do it
        Nite all

  29. Chris, I know what you mean. Whatever you do, don’t put a photoshopped picture of yourself online for the world to see. It is kinda creepy. So pleased your deck is in. Is it completely finished now?
    Hope you get to the coast and have a great time, lots of good food, etc. Did your DD get the new job?
    Hope you remember to eat with the NSAID so you won’t have stomach problems and have to use any of those drying meds. I know that can be a vicious cycle. Hope hip better today.
    Winds gone now. More rain on the way. Love, Sue

  30. No she didn’t get that job..I’m a bit pleased in a way?.less time travelling in London …she was disappointed tho
    The deck is finished now….no more making three coffees 5 X a day and cakes….and there trips to bathroom .so celebrating with going out looks good.and less maintenance with the trees gone
    They cleared up,but there was so much wood dust
    It just needs things on it..I’ve got the table etc and pots..but it needs something more..ill no when I see it
    But the store I had the table from are going to change it for me as its under guarantee…so I’m having a different one.ill wait to see what it looks like before I add to,it (. It lost some surface on its legs)
    I’m taking the stomach protection meds as well with the anti imflams.have too from the start. It’s burning a bit at the moment..I do take them after food and only half the dose
    You watching midsommer?

    • Chris, I have always taken an acid inhibitor or a proton pump inhibitor, right now omeprazole with any NSAID’s too. I thought you were referring to the ones for stomach cramping that dry us out. Hope all goes well and you find the perfect addition to your new deck. Sue

    • Yes Chris
      Still got a few more seasons to go. I will be sad when it is over. The adults on here say Ta to each other. That’s why I asked.
      I have been making a quilt for my new great granddaughter. Almost finished the quilting then I have to put the backing on. Maybe I will finish it this weekend.
      Glad you got your deck finished. Workmen can be such messy men. Yes, you will find that special something .
      Hope the new meds help you and your dh .
      Have a good night

  31. Sue
    Well I have to take one for cramps which dries me out as they both give me ibs ..
    Will have to take one today as I’ve woke up with it…..ugh

    The term ta is used a lot
    The quilting ..for your ggdr is something that will be so precious .
    Off to take tabs now and peek at deck

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