You Know You Are A Chronic Pain Patient If …………

You can relate to the following, henceforth to be known as CPP’s. Let’s take a look at all the small, large and goofy areas of life many of us share in a life with chronic pain. Maybe we will each realize more than ever we are not alone in what we endure, feel and experience daily.

You know you’re a CPP if you’re still wearing your holey bathrobe at three in the afternoon.
You know you’re a CPP if your favorite footwear is slippers; both fuzzy, soiled and worn.
You know you’re a CPP if your underwear drawer is empty and your hamper overfloweth.
You know you’re a CPP if you no longer have “dressy” clothes in your closet.
You know you’re a CPP if you most likely need a haircut and a pedicure.
You know you’re a CPP if you realized only after having pain how hard it is to reach your toenails.
You know you’re a CPP if your kitchen floor is always sticky with a hint of past meals.
You know you’re a CPP if your forgot the last time you cleaned the kitchen floor.
You know you’re a CPP if you only mop your bathroom floor when it begins to stink.
You know you’re a CPP if you try to talk someone else into mopping for you.
You know you’re a CPP if you finally buy an automatic floor cleaner and vacuum.
You know you’re a CPP if you only wash towels after giving them the sniff test.
You know you’re a CPP if you can write messages in the dust on your furniture.
You know you’re a CPP if you find dusting the lowest priority in your life.
You know you’re a CPP if you wash the sheets only if you spilled coffee on them.
You know you’re a CPP if your best friend who comforts you has fur and barks.
You know you’re a CPP if you shower with a pet instead of bathing him or her in the tub.
You know you’re a CPP if you own a shower chair, a water-proof pillow and two canes.
You know you’re a CPP if you have a handicapped parking sticker swaying in your windshield.
You know you’re a CPP if you’ve ever been given the “green weenie” by some healthy person in the parking lot.
You know you’re a CPP if have ever been asked why you have a handicapped sign.
You know you’re a CPP if you’ve ever had to control your temper with said fool.
You know you’re a CPP with a bad back if you’ve been tempted to show them by dropping your trousers.
You know you’re a CPP if you always have meds in your purse or pocket.
You know you’re a CPP when you are less materialistic than you used to be.
You know you’re a CPP if you don’t buy anything that needs dusting, fixing or painting.
You know you’re a CPP if you break the above behavior to buy animals that give and need love.
You know you’re a CPP if you have more doctors in your address book than friends.
You know you’re a CPP if you’ve memorized the number of your primary care doctor.
You know you’re a CPP if you talk back to all office machines who tell you to call the ER and hit fourteen buttons before they will put you through to the medical office desk.
You know you’re a CPP if you think the pain scale is stupid.
You know you’re a CPP if you know the pain scale is subjective and depends on the individual.
You know you’re a CPP if you think the pain scale should read, “Got out of bed today, “Tolerable” and “Oh dear God.”
You know you’re a CPP if you’ve walked out on at least one “pill pusher” doctor.
You know you’re a CPP if you know more about your insurance than some office girls do.
You know you’re a CPP if you pay as much for meds each month as your house payment.
You know you’re a CPP if you fight to keep a good doctor when you find one.
You know you’re a CPP if you know the difference between the caring doctors and those not.
You know you’re a CPP if you have changed doctors many times looking for a perfect fit.
You know you’re a CPP if you stop talking when your doctor’s eyes glaze over.
You know you’re a CPP if you know the difference between condescension and sincerity.
You know you’re a CPP if you’re on a first name basis with the folks at the local laboratory.
You know you’re a CPP if you can actually pee directly into the specimen bottle…and you’re a woman.
You know you’re a CPP if you carry an e-reader or a book in the car or in your bag, always.
You know you’re a CPP if can fill out fifteen medical forms in 5 minutes.
You know you’re a CPP if you carry your meds list on your person.
You know you’re a CPP if you have worn out your insurance cards; or memorized them.
You know you’re a CPP if you have lost a few friends who thought you were a faker.
You know you’re a CPP if you have stopped short of strangling that friend when he or she said, “You just need to get out more”.
You know you’re a CPP if you have wondered about the medical care in prison.
You know you’re a CPP if you’ve had so much insurance trouble you have considered going to prison just for the medical care and three square meals a day you don’t have to cook.
You know you’re a CPP if you learned who you could complain to safely and not.
You know you’re a CPP if you know the difference between sympathy and empathy.
You know you’re a CPP if you feel like a stripper at the hospital or doctor’s office.
You know you’re a CPP if you have drastically changed your values.
You know you’re a CPP if you’re sick of hearing yourself complain.
You know you’re a CPP if you know whining won’t help but often have to do it anyway.
You know you’re a CPP if you only cry when the valve is sprung on your life and you’re certain you can’t take anymore.
You know you’re a CPP if you grow indignant more easily than you used to.
You know you’re a CPP if you suffer fools less than you once did.
You know you’re a CPP if you now recognize the fools in this world more readily.
You know you’re a CPP if your bottle of pain pills is the size of a jar of mayonnaise.
You know you’re a CPP if you know what it is to be nauseous from pain.
You know you’re a CPP if you’re on more than ten prescriptions.
You know you’re a CPP if you have windchime made out of old medication bottles.
You know you’re a CPP if you have physical therapy on speed dial.
You know you’re a CPP if you feel more empathy for both sick children and handicapped veterans than you used to.
You know you’re a CPP if you feel many parts of life far more deeply than ever.
You know you’re a CPP if all of your senses are more so; sunshine warmer, colors brighter.
You know you’re a CPP if you now love a bird in flight, a flower in bloom or rain on your face.
You know you’re a CPP if you are bitter toward God, always asking why or…
You know you’re a CPP if you’re more certain than ever God is on your side in this fight.

I would like to thank the comedian Jeff Foxworthy for this idea from his comedy sketches, “You Know You’re a Redneck If…”

52 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Chronic Pain Patient If …………

  1. So well done Sue. I go with so much if that . It did register so well and made me laugh.

    Glad you got out with your DD …regarding pots for plants…why don’t they put the holes in the pots before you buy them.such a nuisance ..but your plants will look lovely
    Yes I agree with you about the joints and sjogrens..why don’t they know more so they could inform us better instead of the other way around!!
    Gonna read the blog again …very welcome this morning when things are going difficult. And I expect we could all add stuff to the list

    • Chris, hope it brought a smile to your face this morning. How’s your weather in Britain? Hot, still? I don’t know why there is so little done on research for Sjogren’s. I think most of the research money goes to diseases that kill you faster, like most cancers. 25 years from now they will know more and we won’t care.
      I think the pots I bought are too cheap for them to bother with holes. The pottery ones aren’t usually made with holes either, the big ones and boy…are they expensive. I love the way they look but they stay where they are once potted unless you want to give your DH or mine a hernia. Well, need to get back to it. Rained again last night or was a heavy mist…either way it was wet earlier and now drying out. Enjoy your day sweet girl. Love, Sue

  2. Wonderful Sue. So many I relate to. I especially like the one about the pill bottles. I do have an address I will put on here where you can send all your empty bottles to. They use them in countries where they usually wrap their meds in a scrap of cloth. I always say I am going to use it and don’t. Like yesterday when I put 5 empty bottles in the trash after making my pills out for two weeks.
    And do you pick out pretty plastic pots instead of heavy ceramic ones now ?
    Like Chris, I have to read it again and get more ideas !! haha !! Hope everyone is well on this holiday weekend. And I hope everyone takes at least a moment to remember why we have this holiday. To remember the fallen heroes of our nation, our soldiers. God bless all their families.

    • Tonie, sure. Good idea about the medicine bottles and address to share them. Between Jim and I we have many. Yes, I’ve been using plastic or composite pots for a long time. I love the lovely composite ones that look like pottery but they’re usually so large they take tons of soil to fill to get to the planting. Our yard is pretty much every plant for itself. I planted so many over the years and they just need a bit of pruning sometimes. You helped me so much along the way when you told me years ago about the Scooba and Roomba vacs. Thinking of you and Judy today and your dear sick friend. Love, Sue

  3. Sue, good one. I could just hear the delivery in my head while reading. 🙂

    I really need to get up off the chair and complete some of the duties of Roomba and Scooba, but am still feeling sluggish. It’s been busy here. After family claimed items from my Grandparent’s house, I went through to see what my friend who redoes furniture in Cottage or Farmhouse style might want for her shop. We found a few items, a primitive box is already residing in the shop to help showcase items for sale, 3 pieces were furniture for redo. She had me keep them at our house and paint. I completed the last one today. She had 11 or furniture pieces sell in a week and was in need of more pieces, so I painted all 3 in short amount of time. I usually only do one or two a week. Whew. A beautiful sofa table sold before the shop officially opened for the day simply from her posting a picture on the shop’s FB page. A drum table is completed and in shop, and I delivered a wash stand today for her to sand, distress, and wax. I’m sure it will be in shop next week. Tonight I do need to do a little cleaning so I don’t have all of it to do tomorrow. DH is playing golf, leaving early and not getting home until around 3 and we have his parents, DD and her boyfriend coming for a cookout around 4. I have vacuuming, some wet mopping, a bit of straightening up, and a pasta salad to make before all arrive. I think I’d better at least start something this evening. Maybe a quick vacuum upstairs. The dog should get a walk, but it is supposed to rain and not clear until tomorrow afternoon. Not sure she will get one. I did give her a longer one today, though. I’d love to say I can take it easy Tuesday, but that is usually my busiest week day. Well, what gets done, gets done. Take care, all.

    • Lyn
      I love old furniture, better than new for me. Drum tables are very nice. The people I work for have one that belonged to his mother. It has leather inserts on top and a coffee table to match that is like a half moon. I also enjoy cleaning old furniture, giving them a drink of lemon oil. Plus it makes the room smell sweet.
      Speaking of which, I need to get the chairs out of Mother;s and finish them. They need sanding and refinishing. Plus some repairs and a new cushion made. The originals are okay, but I want them comfortable. I also have Grandma’s old ladder back chairs that had the woven seat. I had thought of weaving pieces of cloth for a new seat and reinforce it with wood underneath. But now I just think, wood and a nice bright cushion I can make from said cloth ! haha ! Easy way out ! I am not sure my hands will take all that weaving.
      Do have fun with your family and enjoy the day.

  4. Lyn, It sounds like a busy enough day today. Must ask first of all if you make the pasta salad with bell peppers, olives, onions and vinegar and oil dressing OR do you do the mayonnaise macaroni type. I love them both. I think it’s this summer weather that has fallen..along with the rain that make them all sound great.
    I hope you enjoy your day with family but am sorry to hear it is going to rain for you. We have had rain each night lately but lovely days. Feel so much like gardening…even my modified version. George likes to go out with me on a long line and bark at anyone, any dog, any leaf. He’s very bold until a loud motorcycle goes by then he runs up to me.
    It is a daily grind trying to keep out homes and yards, gardens as we wish them to be and doing it in a compromised condition all the time…total drag, but the clock keeps turning. Love ya gal, Sue

    • Sue, this time I am using orzo, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, banana pepper, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. Oh, and onion. The onion, tomato, and pepper are sauteed in garlic-infused olive oil. It can be thrown together and eaten warm (as the recipe intended), or chilled and eaten cold, which is how DH wants it for today. I usually make vinaigrette dressing pasta salads. My DH doesn’t like mayonnaise.
      We are to have rain showers this morning, then just a chance of a spotty shower later. I am hoping it will clear and remain shower free so we can eat outside, but will have the dining room ready just in case. I guess I should have some breakfast and consider getting that pasta made soon so it can be chilled down nicely for later.

      • Lyn, I love pasta salad but have never served it warm. That makes a lot of sense. I adore hot potato salad with vinegar and oil, potatoes, bacon and a bit of onion. Interesting about your DH. Mine doesn’t eat mayo either. He says it’s because the army “burnt” hi out on it as well as a few other things, including turkey. He will only eat it once a year. Everyone in my family have foods they don’t eat. It’s always so complicated putting together a family dinner.
        I hope you’re hanging in there and looking forward to spring and like most of us on here, bringing all your body aches along with you. Love, Sue

    • Brenda S. Thank you. It’s always good to hear from you. Let us know how your chronic pain is doing lately. Fondly, Sue

  5. Morning all
    Sue, I love all your potted plants and your lovely porch. Now that my porch is enclosed and soon to be part of the living room, I am in need of a NEW porch haha !! I have a small pot that needs a plant and also an old teapot of my Grandmas that I use for a planter that needs one. I may pick one up today. I have to go to Galax and deliver a baby blanket I have sold to Fran. She is going up north to bury her mother next to her father in New Jersey. Her sister buys these blankets from me for people she knows. Easy money, and she has another one she wants me to make as well.
    I also want to take my bike with me and see if I can ride a little while on the trail I pass on the way. Easy on and off and free parking. Most places now are owned by the State and require a parking fee for the day. They should make it free for residents of the area that walk on the trail. If you have a handicapped sticker you can park for free.
    Otherwise. Had to take some prednisone today. My hands and joints swelled up yesterday and today, hot and achy. Probably from stress.
    Everyone, please pray for my sister’s friend. She has MS already, but has now been told she has stomach cancer. It was so unexpected, and yet to be diagnosed as to what kind or how far along. I know that prayer is the key to it all. And we appreciate your prayers as well.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • Tonie, I fear it won’t be too long before you and your FM have extended your home all over that mountain. It’s wonderful that your handy work and the blankets are bringing in some change for you and how complementary for your talents.
      Tonie, you know I am already keeping your dear friend in my prayers. I know anytime we hear the word cancer it is frightening, but so much is being done now to keep cancer patients alive…far more than ever before in our history. We know her MS will complicate the treatment that’s why it’s so important to go where there are many good medical minds to collaborate. I have found so many of the specialists have very narrow vision and you need more than one doctor to get it right.
      Looks like dear Fran has another somewhat grim duty to perform, putting Ms Alice in her final resting place. I think there will be some healing for Fran in doing that though, don’t you?
      I am sad to hear you’re having additional pain. Is it connected to the days of the week and the methotrexate injection? I know mine most definitely is. I told Jim yesterday how whacko I feel having a few fairly decent days and then “Whoop de do”, the day after I take my methotrexate I’m in agony. I took mine on Sunday, yesterday rotten and hopefully today better. I’ve been gradually changing my day to let me feel better on Mon. which is the day I keep the grands. I’ve moved it gradually twelve hours and want to eventually get it to Sat…hopefully next week. What crazy lives so many of us lead. Love, Sue

      • Sue
        I think the weather, working and stressing over Mary, and not getting enough sleep. I take MTX on Fri and Enbrel on Tues. not sure if I can take them on the same day. Something to ask Rheumy next week.

  6. How awful prayers for this lady .she must be devastated
    The weather here is wet and rainy and dull.much cooler too
    I am in and out of bed with a vey sore throat and a virus. Achy all over but I am anyway but blocked up with a cold.. Still got the sore throat it’s not giving in.had it for a few days .i think the sjogrens is making it worse .also the peripheral neuropathy is worse and my skin is burning and prickling badly
    Hate a summer cold
    Not done much cut a bush down yesterday .and had a BBQ .but been in bed mostly today
    Hope all had a reasonable weekend

    • Chris
      I hope you feel better. Yes, I hate summer colds as well. I think we are sending you all our weather. Seems to leave here and go to you. We were cold last week. And rainy. Now it is partly sunny,and still a bit cool. But I am in the mountains so it is normal for now. I have been very busy today,got a lot done. Made a new kind of jam, rhubarb-pineapple. Oh boy is it a yum ! I have asked a young man to come and ride Sweetie. He came tonight and it appears he is the one who rode her first ! How strange things work out ! He is coming back tomorrow to ride her some. He is very good with them and I am anxious to see how she does. I am also anxious to ride her myself. I am so excited !
      Please drink a lot, rest and stay warm. Get better.
      Love ya

    • Chris, Oh dear. I do hate to hear how badly you are feeling. Yes, I believe the Sjogren’s often or should I say usually makes a sore throat worse. The membranes are so delicate and dry all the time in mine and I know it’s the same for you. I hope this virus passes quickly for you. Do hydrate every time you think of it. A lot of your fluids are depleted due to the cold, no doubt. Hydrating also helps keep the bladder washing out all the viruses. It’s bad enough for healthy folks to get a bug but for us…yuck. Everything gets stirred up. Is your burning skin also dry?
      I have been down the last two days with pain in literally every joint in my body..even my elbows. Wretched things these diseases. I had a few wonderful days last week when feeling better. Got several new pots planted with a variety of plants and they look so pretty. I can hardly wait for them to grow. The yard guy unearthed a few more pots out back that had become covered by crawling floral vinca vines. It was like a jungle in our small brick patio. The four hydrangeas have taken over out there. I had no idea when I planted them 18 years ago they would get so huge. Out front I had to clean around two Japanese maples we have in large pots and pound some Miracle Gro fertilizer stakes down into them. We have so many wild blackberry bushes in Oregon they get mixed in with the weeds and must be pulled out asap. It felt so good to work out there. Yes, I was in pain afterwards but it was worth it. It was the first time in three years I had done such a thorough job.
      Had my right shoulder injected now must get the knees and the left shoulder done, also. Gee, but I hate being so high maintenance. Well, time to go face the day. Shower first. I know you’re heading into your night over there and hope you sleep well as possible. Love and prayers for recovery, Sue

  7. Morning all:
    What a night ! Woke up at three am, couldn’t get back to sleep. Finally at 7:30ish I dozed off for an hour, enough to take the edge off. Boy what I would give for one solid week of good sleep ! I am sure there are lots of you who feel the same way.
    I had a call from the FM this morning. He says Macron is cutting 15,000 teaching jobs next year ! Can you imagine ? What are these people going to do ? He says there are some classes now who have 40 students in them. Not his country anymore, he says.
    Well. I hope you are doing better today Chris. Sue is probably under the weather as well. And Janet ? Where are you at ? Hope you are doing well . I forgot to wish BSL a Happy Birthday the other day. Sorry we missed it Laura.
    Have a wonderful day all.

    • Tonie, I feel so sad for all Frenchmen right now. So glad your FM will be coming to you soon. I can’t imagine the workload on those teachers with those kind of cuts. Later, Sue

    • Hi Tonie, I’m still here. Just very tired. Our weather keeps changing.which means the arthritis acts up. the cardiologist keeps messing with my meds which doesn’t help.
      Keeping your friend in my prayers. Love to you and all on the blog. Janet

      • Janet
        So sorry you are feeling bad. I can relate on the wether though. Same going on here. I think it is going to be warm from now in though. Looks like more rain coming in tonight ! Do take care of yourself.
        Love ya

      • Janet, good to get an update on you. Sure hope the cardiologist gets those meds straightened out soon. I know you must feel like the proverbial guinea pig with the changes but he will eventually get it right, surely. Won’t be long before TX will be dry and hot…hopefully helping your arthritis. Love, Sue

  8. Oh dear I wrote a long reply to everyone and it’s gone .havent got the heart to do it again
    Going to sleep hopefully…still feel like…..But getting better I think

  9. Thank you for this latest post, Sue. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one who struggles to keep living life in chronic pain.
    I’ve also shared with my family, just to remind them that this is my “normal”. It’s 11am, I’ve been in bed for an hour waiting for my pain meds to kick in; so I can finally start my day.
    Thanks again Sue 🌺

    • Hi New Sue, I am so sorry you also have to deal with chronic pain but am pleased you found my blogs. There are plenty more on his that you can find and if you run out of reading you can always google me at “suefalknerwood”. The quotes will keep you out of too many wood furniture companies, etc.
      Please feel free to join me on FB if you’re not already there, just send me a request. I would like to know more about your pain and your problems anytime you want to share because it benefits all who read here and on FB. Hang in there dear lady, indeed, you are not alone. Be sure to stay in touch and we all can help you. Empathetically, Sue

  10. Well hi to all and new Sue
    I’m still getting there so keep it short as eyes sore
    Did a bit more today like walked around the garden and hosed the plants down…not much but .oh dear wish this would just go
    Sunny day today and we had dinner outside ..just fish cooked in oven and potatoes and peas..all I felt like doing…oh and icecream after!
    DH has an inr test tomorrow hopefully we will go out for a sandwich and drink,..see how it all goes .

    • Chris, I’ve been on a baked potato kick the oven all oiled down on the skins, instead of the microwave. I also did fish last night but not Jim. He will only eat fish and chips. Did you get results form DH’s INR test today? Feel better soon, Love, Sue

      • I love baked pots done in oven with crispy skins.i love them with tuna mayo.
        DH results you get straight away his was 2.8 so it was ok. Can be a bind keeping it between 2 and 3

  11. Morning all
    And hello to the new Sue. Glad you found us, sorry for the reasons. Hope you will continue to post and let us know somewhat about you.
    Chris, dear one, I hope you are feeling better today and that you got to go out for lunch. I hate being sick when it is warm outside. It just isn’t right .
    I have been very busy, and another one of those days today. So short one. Just want you to know that the Dr did more tests on Judy;s friend. She only has cancer in the one polyp and no where else. Great news and thank you for all your prayers. Continue to pray as she still has surgery ahead of her.
    Thanks and love to all

    • Tonie, Good news for Judy’s good friend and prayers for a positive surgery outcome. Hope she feels relieved. Sue

  12. Wow that’s good news tonie…they can praps just get that one out fir judys friend
    I Still feel like…here
    But got out for sandwich and enjoyed it
    Oh dear it was…toasted bacon,cheese and onion…
    A nurse at inr clinic for DH said today there was a cold bug going that lasted three weeks not a very nice one……it fits
    Hope your not worn out at end of your day

    • Chris, you do sound better. Sure hope each day brings more relief from that virus you are fighting with. Sue

      • Yea I do,feel brighter…just this burning and dry cough
        Just hope DH doesn’t get it
        Maybe the flu vac would cover it for him

  13. Chris, good results for Dh’s lab. Jim has that done every couple of weeks, also. Hope your cough is better today and you’re on the mend. Are you going to look into the flu vac for him?
    So what is tuna mayo…just like it sounds, tuna and mayonnaise mixed together? Do you serve it on a hot potato? Love sharing recipes with friends like you from a different but not so different culture. Had trouble with my internet all day yesterday and night before. So frustrating.
    Love, Sue

  14. Yep it’s canned tuna and mayonnaise mixed together .i put it on a baked potato or in a sandwich .sometines it’s nice with a little sweet corn in it too
    Does your DH take warfarin as well to have an inr test regularly?
    My DH always has a flu vac and so did I till the one a few years ago with the swine flu separate ( pandemrex)went wrong on me.i was seen by a neurologist who told me not to have any vacs again ..
    My cold is still the same chest is sore with it antagonising the sjogrens…my thinking is a bit clearer.but my balance is still a bit weak when I’m out..this is the first week ,apparently two more to go! It’s my mind like its concussion I don’t like
    Yes I always like info of different recipes you use..I like reading about what you all do for celebrations ..lyn is always doing a lot as well
    I wonder why your internet is going odd..
    Spent the morning in bed and sat in garden this afternoon..had a BBQ ..well DH just cooked sausages on it and I baked some potatoes.picked some salad leaves from garden and no icecream I’ve eaten it all!
    Hope all ok
    Weather nice and sunny and warm here and Sunday to it says

    • Chris, yes, Jim is on it since he had the pulmonary embolus with pneumonia April 2016.
      We have the best tuna in the USA here in our area. It’s all white albacore and I have it frequently. I love it made into a salad with mayo, a dash of dill weed, onion powder, salt and lemon juice. I add a hard boiled egg if it’s for salad or leave it like that for sandwiches. I love it on toast or pita bread. My local GS loves tuna. We just bought some form the local cannery and the guy told us he can’t keep it in stock. We had to pre-order it. Sometimes fish markets have the canned but this brand is fabulous. We usually have fresh tuna and can get it in restaurants but they always leave it a bit too raw for my taste.
      Now, don’t take that nurses remarks as gospel truth. You might not have that virus that long. It already sounds like a secondary infection due to your Sjogren’s to me with all the chest involvement. Please be sure to watch for any fever or trouble breathing…okay?
      More heartbreaking news right now from London. Prayers for those injured. Horrible thing. Sue

      • Yes I do now remember that and him being in hospital and everything
        DH likes tuna mayo in a wrap
        Yes I will watch for any signes like that..i see the dr tomorrow about this lump ( wart/sun damage)on my hand ,I shall mention it then
        Yes it’s dreadful the news from London ,but such goodness from others shown

  15. Morning all
    Prayers for London and her people again today. Terrible thing . How evil people are to just want to invade and kill.
    Oh I love tuna as well. Mix it will sweet pickle, celery and onion with mayo. Great with cheese and crackers. I will usually eat the entire can ! Chris I will have to try it on a potato. I have fresh asparagus and baby potatoes I think I will fix for dinner today. I have some salmon but not sure if I want it.
    Yesterday was a terrible day. So sick from the MTX shot the night before. I haven’t felt that bad in a long time. Stayed in bed most of the day. Started feeling better last evening. I didn’t have ice cream either Chris.
    Got more bad news. My cousin’s little daughter in Fla was diagnosed with leukemia. She is undergoing chemo, please pray for her.
    Well, I must finish breakfast and get ready for church. Spent too much time petting the horses this morning. Have a wonderful day all.

    • So much bad news and little Fla as well ,prayers for her
      Is it the weather do u think with the extra pain and Mtx.
      Maybe petting the horses did u good
      Quiet day here today DD on way back from Cornwall .she went to some lovely tea places there …she’s got a thing for them to
      So I’m resting here..drs tomorrow for us both

    • Tonie, sure hope you’re better today. Glad you have horse therapy. Same problems for me this weekend with the methotrexate. Trying to figure out how to feel better next weekend with son and wife coming. Told Jim it looks like I’ll have to fake it and sit down a lot.
      Such sad news about your cousin’s child. Poor baby. What is her first name?
      I fell carrying my tray with dinner on it last night. Tripped up at the last stair and spread my dinner and me. Both knees very painful but nothing broken, just sore. Grands coming soon. Oh dear, sounds like Mama racoon was looking for those babies everywhere. I agree with CHris, that’s quite an adventure. Hope you get answers soon about them. Later, Love, Sue

      • Sue
        Her name is Jacqueline. She is in her third round of chemo. Second one went well, so praying this one will as well. I am thinking of moving my MTX back to Thursday’s. That seemed to work out better.
        I lucked out, the raccoons moved out ! I had hoped (prayed ) they would, usually the mamas will move the babies if they sense a human has been around.
        I hope you get through the weekend well, without being sick. And I thought I was the only one who could fall up the steps. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself any worse ! I have a fear of hurting my knees, falling, I am so sorry.
        I had a very busy day today, but got a lot accomplished.
        Take care of you

  16. Chris
    Yeah, could be weather as well. But, like Sue, usually the day after my shot I feel crappy. But Saturday was awful ! And yes, being with the horses always does me good. I worked with her some yesterday but there was a storm coming in and I didn’t put red out of the filed, so she was uppity and stubborn. So we did the things that she was okay with. Today it is raining again, but a soft gentle rain that is good for the gardens. Glad your DD had a good time in Cornwall. Hope all is well with your Dr apt,today.
    LAst night I went to shut up the chicken house. Ceasar went nuts around the old corn crib that I use for storage. I figured the ground hogs were back. But this time I could hear whimpering like puppies or something. Walked all around the outside, nothing. Then I realized it was coming from inside. Man.. I opened that door and it looked like an explosion had gone off in there. Even the drawers on the storage containers were partially opened. Finally I located the sounds from an old barrel in the back full of metal implements. Two little raccoons were in there, babies. Now, I have to figure a way to get them out and out of here. She tore that place up. I always heard they would wreck a place. Never had any dealings with raccoons, so must figure this one out. There are hunters around so maybe I can get them to tell me what to do.
    Well, one more coffee and then off to swim, and to the store. I need to get more fencing for my garden.
    Hope everyone is doing well this rainy Monday. Love to all

  17. Heavens tonie that all sounds awful,to deal with..but you will knowing you.what a lot of damage as well
    Went to dr..she said I had wheezing in both lungs and the sore mouth i was a wondering why,with the cold is infact thrush on the tongue. so got 500 mg amoxicillin caps 3x a day and a nystatin syrup for the mouth
    And for the sun damage on my hand some cream
    So that’s it for now my brain just isn’t in gear
    Hope all had a good weekend

    • Chris, I suspect the lung problems to be the Sjogren’s irritated by the infection, et al. Since we chatted via email earlier will cut this short. Bad day here. Later, Sue

  18. Hope all ok
    I see I got the little girls name me..and this wild virus..but think it’s just me!

  19. Chris
    My sister gets thrush in her mouth a lot. Did they give you any gentian violet to paint it with ? Usually goes along with the antibiotics.
    Like I told Sue, the raccoons moved out, thank God ! But I still have to clean up their mess. I really need to get rid of more stuff in there anyway.
    I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care

  20. Well, I finished my first Knitted knocked. But in my case, crocheted. I hope it is right for her. Very tired, long week. But productive. Waiting on news from my sister about Mary. More tests. I had a call from a lady today who wants to hire me. Turns out she is the mother of a schoolmate of mine. I was at her home quite often growing up (they had horses). She was very happy it was me. So Monday I will be going to help her.
    Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon

    • Tonie, saw the pic of the knitted knocker you made on FB and it looked great. How great to get a new job with someone you already know and have good memories of and she of you. Hope it’s not any of the kind of work that will hurt your back. Sounds so good.
      Hope Mary continues to get good care at the new oncologist and hope the news is hopeful. Poor lady has been through so much and so has Judy, helping her out. Hope Judy is healing well. Late here, Jim and I went out for an early dinner..working here on the new blog. Back to it. Love ya, Sue

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