Time For A Pity Ball

Oh, what the heck. I don’t always feel like little Ms. Sunshine and have my down times just like anyone with chronic pain. I can’t be the only one who gets fed up, disgusted, and totally exhausted with all this nonsense. Even cheerleaders get fatigued, especially the peppy ones. Today I don’t want to pep you up, mentally jump up and down or be positive. I know by the end of this rant I will be sick of myself, my body and the world but for now, let’s have a pity party, a moaning fest and inform the “regular” folks how lousy this way of life can be. The word pity party is a bit over used so let’s call it something new, not a pity party but a pity ball.

My husband, Jim has been out of town for the last five days and is thankfully, coming home tonight. I have been more ill than usual recovering from a bladder infection and a horrendous biopsy of my thyroid. It was hideous because I got stuck in the neck with a needle nineteen times, partially with lidocaine and partially as they dug around for samples from four sites ordered by the endocrinologist and the oncologist. Remind me later, Lord, to whine about that. I have far too many “ologists” in my life. Back to the biopsy, it was severely uncomfortable from the sticking, yes but also the position I had to be in for them to reach the gland. I had to have my neck and head far back onto two rolled towels. I don’t bend that way any longer. I haven’t been to a beauty shop in 25 years because of the bending back for the shampooing. I am always extremely dry mouthed due to the Sjogren’s syndrome and this procedure was in it’s second hour as they did it under guided imagery. Fortunately, a very kind pathologist was also in the room, checking the needle results onto slides as they were being drawn. I started to have trouble swallowing. I knew I had to and did what I could until I simply couldn’t. I had to stop the procedure sit up and had a such a punch to my chest and waved my arms and panicked. I mouthed “WATER” and they ran to fetch a paper cup. Everyone panicked, especially me as I fought and could finally swallow. Slowly, I felt the ability to swallow with the cold water. My overly dry esophagus has collapsed or the sides had met and I had what is called an esophageal spasm. Let me testify, they aren’t pretty.

The good news, thus far, is the pathologist in the procedure and made trips to the lab, said she saw no cancer cells. All she could find was a colloid substance which would be consistent with Sjogen’s disease and the other rheumatoid disease I have. Good news indeed, for now. At the end of three hours, I came home, collapsed as my neck looked like a large dog had attacked me. I was purple from my chin to my chest. Everything hurt to swallow and even the smallest pills took time, tears and courage. That all happened two weeks before Jim left. We all know bladder infections in older folks can be serious, I was still sore in the ribcage and neck but I was on an antibiotic and I was gaining strength each day. I wanted and needed my husband to go on this trip. We had been planning for him to represent both of us at our grandson’s wedding in Virginia. Jim had a new suit and the whole outfit including a rose tie I forced onto him. This five-day trip was a chance for him to see Washington DC for a couple of days before the wedding and to be with our daughter’s family who had gone ahead to DC. He would see all of our grands back there and get caught up, for both of us. I had never planned to go. I can’t travel any longer. He had doubts up until the morning he left but I was better, though weak. I had the phone number of a good friend who is also a physician. George and I would be fine. I knew the Lord would give me strength and safety. He has certainly done both of those, many times each day.

I must share with you how funny my husband can be. My sodium level has been dangerously low and my internist told me to stop drinking water for a couple of days and only drink Pedialyte or Gatorade. I hate them both. I practically live on seltzer water and love my Soda Stream machine. No seltzer? Well, being the good nursie I am, I behaved and started to drink the dreaded vitamin/electrolyte drinks. Jim went shopping to load me up, so to speak, while he was to be gone. He came home with 14 bottles of Pedialyte, mixed flavors and six, 8-paks of Gatorade. Apparently, there is more in the basement. I haven’t had to check. I am a small woman. I have a small bladder. Then he ran all over town getting me the juice I drink, any meds I needed, etc. He slept for 3 hours and left early the next day to catch a 7AM flight out of Portland that got cancelled and he sat at the airport until 9:45.

Apparently, all has gone well. He and my family who is with him have seen practically everything in DC and the wedding was beautiful even though the photographer didn’t show up and it rained. My sweet daughter called me during the reception and asked me if I wanted to talk to the groom, my grandson. I just couldn’t because even talking to her I was crying. Once again, disease and pain have robbed me of a huge part of my family life. I am already compiling some of his baby pictures for his new bride and am writing a long letter to them. I am and have been for a long time, the absent Nana. Tomorrow my life will go back to what it has been for many years, some sweet, some salty; much joy, much pain.

I know you understand this feeling. Some mornings when you awaken, this warm rush of disappointment comes over you. I know this because it’s always happening to me. I think it’s because, in our dreams, we can do all things. It’s like a bucket of ice water thrown at us when we realize it hurts to move but we really have to get to the bathroom. I know we each have our own routine. For me it’s a glass of seltzer water, my handful of morning pills which I have in a dispenser all counted out at the bedside for the whole week. They are followed by a chaser of Strawberry Ensure to pad the pills. Little George, my Yorkie gives me that starving wolf look which I’m sure you dog owners all recognize. I tell him I need the calcium but he is unmoved and gets to lick the cap. I limp into the bathroom, rinse off my face, try not to look at the wretched woman in the mirror and crawl back into the warm bed. Some days I cry but most days I lie there and watch the news and wait while the pills take effect. If I need a pain pill, I take it.
Since I know my husband is downstairs reading or watching the news, I know George will then go to his bed downstairs and nap. When ready, I carefully, cautiously glide down the stairs carefully clutching the rail and often grunting with each step. It’s definitely not the glide of Scarlett O’Hara with red velvet robe flowing.
I turn on the electric tea kettle or load our Keurig with a fresh pod of coffee. Tea or café latte with lots of hot milk and I get a reprieve as I decide what to do, checking any notes I’ve written to myself the night before and only hope I can read it as I wrote it, in the darkness. My husband and I chat over the news and I strive to be pleasant. The poor man deserves it.

It certainly feels like a war. We battle our aching bodies, our depressed minds, our changes in lifestyle just to survive each day. It often feels like my body is out to kill me. Something is definitely trying to take over “my territory.” Doesn’t that make it a war? Yet, I can’t believe it’s a war because the enemy is within. The same forces that have changed my body and my life co-exist in me beside the forces that will help me win today’s battle. You see? There are battles, there are victims, there is suffering; I guess that’s why it feels like a war.

At the pity ball we will bitch, groan, wallow, swear and throw things. You have to throw things because it feels so good. The rule is to remember you have to clean up the mess and replace any and all broken items. That kind of limits your choices. We could write our symptoms on a board and throw globs of mud, clay or jello at them. Would it help? Maybe not but it would be less dangerous than throwing them at the doctor. I suspect we all have our own way of letting loose with our emotions and discomfort. I curse a bit more than I used to and am definitely more outspoken. I know…shocker. Don’t you find you just don’t have time for the niceties? I really pity the solicitors who call. I can be very nasty to them. There’s this one credit card company who has been calling me for ten years telling me this is our last chance to lower our interest rate. It’s one of those annoying recorded calls. Some days I don’t even want to talk to a real person, least of all a recording! We now have new phones with a built-in blocker button. I love it. Okay, let’s see, what else is terribly annoying when you feel lousy? One that comes to mind is those free stickers everyone in the world sends you with your name and address on them. They can’t go through the shredder so that means cutting them up by hand. When your hands already hurt, this is not a good thing. They might go down the garbage disposal. I haven’t tried that.

It is often aggravating to go to the doctor. I have found mine seldom do anything life-changing for me and when they want you to fill out that blasted pain scale, well, watch out. It’s totally subjective, gives medical personnel a reason to save time and not really talk to you. It doesn’t really evaluate your pain yet when you try to explain what you are experiencing to some physicians, they get this bored expression on their faces and I find that a real turn-off. It’s so irritating you just want to say, “If I were to come over there and grab you in a vital extension of your body, would you listen to me then?” At least that doctor would gain a new perspective about pain. You’d probably have to check that one off the list as a “do not return to that particular doctor.”

You see, it pays to have a rich fantasy life when you go to some doctors. Oh my goodness, the things you can think; the images you can conger up. As long as we’re bitchin’, how about the doctors who are focused on the computer and not looking at you? I know, they get home to dinner sooner that way but it does little for the patient/doctor relationship? We could take a recorded message in and play it. There’s a thought…think I’ll record that irritating credit card company and play that for the next doctor I see who doesn’t see me. How about a cardboard cut out of myself, also?

You see what I mean? I can only go to the pity ball for a limited amount of time. I have a good time. I cry when I’m there. I dance through my problems as well as I can. I carry on something fierce but I become someone I don’t like very much. I guess, for most of us, it’s that way. A pity ball is a necessary and almost pleasurable place to visit but you can’t live there.

Too much partying can lead to real burn out. Too much of it robs our bodies, our lives and our souls of all those properties we need to make it through this tortured world we have been given. There are times when we have to cover our eyes, when life is like a violent scene in a movie and we must refuse to encourage the monster that lives within us. A pity ball is briefly enjoyable but it is only a release, an opening of a pressure valve to let off all that steam that accrues within us. I could not make it through this lifestyle without faith in a living God. I know, without doubt, there is a force of great love who watches over me but like any other human, I have my pity ball days.
Eventually we have to get back to the cleanup of life. We have to pick up the refuse of our lives, keep the helpful parts and throw out the rest. We have to rebuild daily because the war that’s not a war occurs every day.

A good sense of humor is a must; otherwise we are just too morose to stand ourselves. We have to remember pleasure is healing, laughter is wonderful medicine and beauty, oh my, it has miraculous powers. Beauty if all around us, in our homes, out the window, in the air, the trees…all around.
Another healing technique we often forget is the power of forgiveness. We have to forgive our illness for what it’s done to us. You can’t hold a grudge forever. Well, actually, you can but it does terrible things to you. It means your enemy, your disease wins. It makes you ugly. It gobbles up too much of your life force and that isn’t good.
We also have to forgive all those seemingly “normal” people walking around out there. We often get so wrapped up in our own battle we forget the physical pain battle is not the only one in this life. No one is normal. That young woman you see walking past your house is worried how she is going to pay her rent or wonders why her boyfriend hit her last night. The UPS guy who just dropped off a package has an autistic child. The repairman who is working on your washing machine has a wife who is fighting breast cancer. The doctor is worried about his/her practice with all the changes occurring in healthcare.
Okay, time to leave the ball and jump back into life. You and I are just one piece of this puzzle called life. Do remember, you don’t have to be at a ball to dance.

28 thoughts on “Time For A Pity Ball

  1. Sue
    Welll,I don’t know what to say because it was so compelling I had to race read it
    This was because I was concerned about you and at the same time it was my life too.not as serious as yours but it played similar
    How could I love reading it but I did .
    By now as you say Jim will be home ,and George will be wagging his tail….you too !
    Those bladder infections lay you so weak and the meds to clear it up as well
    With all that you’ve had too….
    Be that Cinderella and leave that crazy ball by midnight!
    Hope your feeling stronger soon and gain from Jim back home now
    Yes even those strangers out there all have their own sadnesses that we don’t know,that surprise us when we find out
    I think we could all partner each other to this ball ,maybe we could stay a little while and cause a little trouble ….

    • Chris, well, you little mischief maker you. Glad you saw the humor. In reading it today I fear it is a bit too much poor me. I try not to whine but just shoot straight from the hip (an old West USA expression.) It was a staggering week and so difficult but I am better today, no fever for 48 hours, took last antibiotic last night. I didn’t include a few things because that would have been overwhelming but one of them is that I developed oral thrush, even with taking probiotics each day. I swished a bit of hemp oil in my mouth, chewed another type of probiotics I had on hand and had to watch what I ate. Still tender but didn’t feel like driving myself to the doc so just did what I could. Poor Jim’s flight got delayed and he didn’t get into Portland until 2AM so called me and we agreed he’d best go to a hotel last night. Finally home today.
      He had a wonderful visit with our son and grands. My DD and DH got home at 11PM, they were on different flights from Jim and SIL is fighting a kidney stone so last night he spent in the Emergency room.
      I was simply too tired yesterday to answer everyone here after spending the morning writing the blog. I was going to skip but then felt the urge to write it. Hope your DH is better and you? Rain??? Love, Sue

  2. My poor dear friend. No words could adequately express how I feel for all your suffering and pain. The closest I could come would be to say “I hate the cards you have been dealt.” If anyone deserves a pleasant, smooth ride, it is you, my dear friend. But, we don’t always get what we want/need/deserve, as you well know. I don’t know what your life was like before the “pity ball,” but if the many prayers of friends and all the people who love you (myself included) hold sway with the Lord, the ambience will change to a happier, pain-free one, and it is then you will want to stay at the “pretty ball” which is just down the street from the pity ball. I love you, sweet Sue and will be there to welcome you! xoxo

    • Phyl, I do fear this blog was a bit too honest a reflection of what my last three weeks have been but the response has been very positive. I believe many folks need a voice, a chum, a confidante who truly knows what or comes close to knowing what they are living. So much suffering in this world of ours. I’ve always had a “big mouth” and sometimes it spews onto the computer…strange how that happens. I hope there is sunshine in your life and something wonderful happening to give you joy. Spring is right outside.
      My GS’s wedding was beautiful and like all interesting weddings, had a few problems like the photographer not showing. They hustled about and found a fill in, of course all the guests were taking pics. They had the wedding outside under a flowering trellis and it started to sprinkle just at the end. The reception was held in a big old converted Virginia barn and much fun was had by all. Jim and my DD and her family got to see many wonderful historic sites in DC the two days before the wedding. I was surprised at how much they got in. This groom is my GS who works in Congress so they already have an apartment there across the street from the Russian embassy. Her dog was one of the bridesmaids so I think they’re going to be alright. Love, Sue

      • Loved the blog, so right on. Also loved the dog as a bridesmaid. I would love your family. Positive thoughts and prayers as always. Love, Janet

  3. Dear Sue – this made me cry. First with compassion: and righteous anger at the forces destroying your body while only “nipping” at mine; Second with grief: for you having to be the missing Nana, while missing my own Mama who was such a beloved “Gramzelle” to her precious ones; and Third with raucous laughter: because I might just have used the same analogy you described (in a much more “graphic” way involving a vise grip) to a certain gynecologist who suggested for the umpteenth time that a pack of birth control pills might be the answer to the unknown source of pain eventually determined to be endometriosis, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts and multiple adhesions, one of which was from a “sub-acute” appendicitis. Some doctors really can be asses!
    Your courage amazes 😯 me, your wit 🤣 continuously pushes my bladder to it’s limits, and your willingness to share all these battles with us so vulnerably makes my ♥️ heart go thumpety-thump, in a really cool 😎 disco beat. Busting out the 💃🏻 dance moves in your honor,
    Princess 👸🏻 Crabby 🦀 Pants👖

    • Annie dear, well, do hold onto your bladder; I’ll be good. I am concerned about your adenomyosis. I had that many years ago along with a baseball sized adenoma. Do keep a close watch. Not laughable, that mess. Sometimes I think the gyno’s are the worst. I think they get vagina blindness causing profound sensitivity. I think we make it too easy for them to “get into our pants.” They should have to buy us a drink first, don’t you agree?
      It was so good to hear from you as I do far too seldom. You are always so full of news and fun. I hope you are hanging in there at your new school nurse job…not so new now, I know. Love to see your family outings on FB and adore all those precious dresses you sew for your nieces.
      You are truly one of a kind, so never change. Much love, Sue

  4. Sue
    My sweet friend, I know pity is not what you desire, so I will just tell you that I empathize with you and pray even more for you. Yes, all of us have our pain and sickness. Some more than others, some less. But it goes down every day, our strength and sometimes our happiness. Our lives have changed, are changing and , unfortunately, will change. God bless us and help us we pray.
    I know, for me, that although since retiring from my job, moving, and starting better drugs. I feel better than I did. I still don’t feel good. And I know it will continue Je to degrade my life, unless the good Lord heals me, or the invent a miracle cure. I have cried, fought, and will continue to fight. Have my pity party, disco ball and all. Ya’all help me so much having friends to talk to, ask questions , get help, give help. It is a wonderful gift that God has given you, your writing and sharing. As B says, your mastery and usage of words is remarkable. You paint a picture for me that I can envision. I pray you continue for many more years. God bless you my friend.

    • Tonie dear, I do hope you are feeling a bit better today. Did that sprinkling of rain in N. VA get down to you? It was a strange feeling to know my whole family was right there in your beautiful state.
      Did I ever tell you our family joke about disco balls? My SIL does an embarrassing John Travolta movement that he calls dancing. We all tease him about it, therefore one year I went online and got him a real disco ball, lights and all for his birthday. He was so shocked, pleased and laughed so hard. I still haven’t seen it up in their house though.
      I know and respect how very much of a fighter you are and love you all the more for it. As far as the future, we don’t know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future. Love those old hymns. Love you, too, Sue

      • Sue
        I remember when you bought him that disco ball ! We have been friends quite a while now haven’t we ? I saw some of the pics your dd shared online. Jim looks so handsome in his suit. STanding up tall with a manly loo on his face. You gs is very handsome and his new bride lovely. I love the pic of him dipping her inside what looks like the Lincoln Memorial. Glad they all made it back ok. Even more happy that you are feeling better. Answered prayers.
        Love ya

  5. Lovely to read such an honest post and so feel for you, especially having to stay home and miss such a special family occasion. I hope your husband gave you every little detail when he returned home, Im sure he did. I am well enough after my fall 18 months ago to be able to spend a little time at the garden centre and bring some sweat peas home to plant. Still having to be careful but when I plant them this afternoon I wil think of you.

    • Rosetint, I love that. Thanks for remembering what I’ve said about sweet peas. Now I want some, darn it. So good to dig in the dirt. I used to work with a sedate, quiet nurse who loved to garden. She told me when someone ticked her off or made her angry she would tell them what she thought about them in a note, tear it up and plant it in her garden. Made her feel better she said.
      Jim’s plane delayed, spent last night in Portland, two hours from home because he landed at 2 AM. Finally got home, we visited a bit and he’s been asleep ever since. These old guys can’t boogie like they used to. Poor dear.
      I am pleased you are feeling better. Keep going in that direction sweet girl. Fondly, Sue

      • That nurse sounds like a wise woman and quite a good idea. But for now I will just enjoy watching my sweet peas climb up their canes. Glad hes home and all went well. I have a new man in my life, well 2 yrs now, we are both 55 and Im trying to find ways of keeping him from snoozing!!! Alison x

  6. Sue..you hit the nail right on the head. I had a terrible day due to poor planning on my son and his wife. I am in a lot of pain some which was caused by the events of today. I am a person who is very giving and I know that I get taken advantage of sometimes. The good Lord gave me strength today, a lot of strength. Thank you, Jesus! As far as myself, I will sway in my corner at the ball but can’t talk because I will spew fireballs. Love you!

    • Anette, oh dear, hate days like that. If you speak up you’re a witch or non-caring. Sometimes we just have to stand up for ourselves and enjoy a bit of rest and self care. No one who does not live this life can possibly understand. Sometimes it occurs to me I expect them to understand when it’s impossible so we all have to take comfort from and with those who do “get it.” It’s kind of like explaining labor to a man…..

  7. Morning all
    Warming up here, but that darned air is still cold. Down in the 30’s last night with a little frost on the grass. But…..
    I need to work up my garden and tomato patches today. Get ready for more planting soon. I have all sorts of seedlings ready to go in the warm ground. Lots of seeds to plant, flowers as well. My hummingbirds are back and hungry. I now have a double batch of food cooling for the feeders. I have one out, but they are scarfing it down, so need to put out the second one. I so love watching them.
    B. is driving to Frankfurt on Monday to see what can be done with his green card. Prayers everyone please.
    Allison, kick him if he goes to sleep, lol ! Congrats on your new relationship.
    Anette, speak up for you. As Sue says, no one understands. They look at you and you “look” healthy. But you have to tell them, no. Sometimes it is hard. And sometimes we just suffer through because we want to be there at that moment. But the devil is in the details. Maybe let them know that next time you need to help the planning so you don’t get sick. And welcome to our group.’
    Have a wonderful day all

  8. What a picture you paint, Sue! I finally had time to read it. Been overdoing it and now paying the price. Surprise, surprise. I am so glad you convinced Jim to go to the wedding, happy he’s back now, too. Sorry to hear about SIL, though. No fun. More to say, but hands too sore to type. I may head up to bed early tonight, read a little, and fall asleep. We are finally getting Spring weather. It is to be nice again tomorrow, and I am hoping to get pup out for a nice walk. It probably won’t happen on Friday. Time to rest. You take care of yourself. You know you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers, as is everyone here. Don’t dance too much at the PIty Ball now. 😉

  9. Hi folks
    I remember you saying sue about the disco ball…
    And also didn’t your sil have kidney stones before
    Anyway I hope things are improving
    Also your cystitis ,how is it?
    Hope dh is rested now

    Hope an answer will be found on Monday for you both
    Hope you got your walk in and feeling better
    Me I fell over full down one side on the other hip
    I was fiddling with the blinds steped back to have a look and tripped over a stool backwards
    Tried to roll over and not let my back break on a coffee table
    Surprisingly I’m not too bad .ice of course on shoulder and hip
    Anyway they are coming to do the bedroom blinds tomorrow so resting today
    Dh had four crowns done at dentist and the new hearing aid mould was done wrong so had to do it again….that’s about right.! !
    Looks like nice weather here for a week to come

  10. Dear blog friends, Been having trouble with my eyes giving out on here and other problems but I promise, tomorrow I will catch up wiih any I owe. I think of each of you often my friends and know you understand. Love you…Sue

  11. Morning all
    Chris I hope your poor hip and shoulder is not too sore. And Sue, dear friend, prayers for you always. One thing down and another pops up. But we know Who is in charge and can help always.
    I worked with Mrs Blair yesterday in her flower gardens. Dug up a ton of garlic plants which I brought home and replanted. So my harvest will be even more this year. Also a ton of iris bulbs I a going to plant in spots near the fences and just let them naturalize. Still have much to do, but really took it easy and rested several times during the day. I do enjoy working outside with her. She can’t get out on her own and loves doing it.
    It has been really summer time here. And I am loving it. This weekend it is going to rain, and we need it. Even with all the rain we have had, the wind has dried it out so badly.
    Well, must get going and go to swim. Take care all

  12. I completely understand the eye problem
    My eyes with the sjogrens feel tired,bruised , ache and just don’t see well.
    Hope it’s easier soon sue ,but I think to rest them is all there is.
    I’m not too bad ..went for scone and waited for dh while he did photos for the history society
    Gives nice weather here for about a week
    Not long till Monday now for Fm,s meeting

    • Chris, oh dear, your poor man is so strong. He goes through so much constantly, much like some of us and keeps on clicking those cameras. Does anyone do things correctly anymore like his new hearing aids not fitting? I guess we all just have to hope it isn’t anything more serious. How lovely for you both to be able to enjoy your lovely covered terrace with good weather coming in and I’ll bet you buy a new flower of plant. I know I have that urge but still am not feeling up to it. Sure glad Jim is getting so good at shopping these days.
      I am always saved by prednisone drops even though a month’s supply is $42. Thankfully I don’t need them everyday because they do raise optic pressure but sure can help when the eyes burn so badly I can’t sleep. Sjogren’s is so complicated isn’t it? Much love and keep enjoy those tea shops. Sue

  13. Janet, Yes my friend, you would love my family of Texans. All had a good time except for a couple of glitches but doesn’t that happen at most weddings? No high heels on the barn floor where the reception was held so all the gals were warned and they had a basket of sandals just in case in all sizes I guess. J got to visit with one of our grandson’s who was on the same plane as J to Dallas from DC. Good for both of them as he’s our new surgical ICU nurse in the family so I know they had a lot to talk about. I hope you are as well as can be and finding joy. Love you much, Sue

  14. Alison, Sure wish I had the answer to keeping a man awake. Jim tries during a good movie and usually fails but he will stay awake until all hours playing on his gaming computer flying planes. We sort of live on different ends of the clock, he and I. He’s up early and I may love him a great deal but am not getting up at 6:30 for anybody. I’m so pleased you’re recovering and wish you the best in your relationship that it be filled with joy, compassion and that he cherish you. Fondly, Sue

  15. Tonie, Oh my. Mrs Blair that poor lady who I know appreciates you. Boy are you going to be smelling and tasting Italian festive at your house this next year. I see lots of pesto, canned pickled garlic and some great salsa from your garden. I know you are anxious about B’s getting back home to you and so are all of us. We’re all praying and I think you know that. Glad you got a chance to swim and hope you get that rain you need. Boy, that soil of yours sure does dry out quickly. We’re dry but rain middle of next week and wind this weekend.
    I hope to feel well enough to plant a few plants. Had our yard guy out this week and he cleaned it up so nicely. I had a clematis and a rose that were dragging down some plastic trellises and were able to get those replaced with metal ones. It’s late and have had another not so great day but so wanted to put a toe in here. Much love, Sue

  16. Lyn, So good to hear from you. I know you have had whacky weather and always such a schedule of concerts. How’s the teaching in your home going? Always good to get an update on your life. Love, Sue

  17. Sue
    I do so wish you could be better right now
    Yes dh taking more photos this morning for the local history society….with a scone!
    Went to coast last night saw sunset and had fish and chips….I gotta stop !
    But it was nice
    Yep this sjogrens is a bu..er

  18. Chris
    Hope you enjoyed your morning out, and your scone. We had bad storms and lots of rain last night. Today is beautiful but more rain I think. Too much I have done this past week. Hardly any sleep last night, so today is a rest in my jammies day. Watching movies, dozing off. Tomorrow I go to Roanoke for my RA checkup .. but it is not until 4.
    Sue, I so hope you are feeling better today, and from now on. Lyn, I know you are glad like me for the warm weather. But I think we right to summer, don’t you ?
    Take care all, have a good day

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